Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Wrapping up 2016

2016 is finally ending.

It's been a interesting and challenging for many including me. Nothing short of a roller coaster ride could sum up this year for me. 

Paycut, seeing my colleagues getting retrenched, petty office politics and a change of job. Presidential elections, Brexit, and how to forget the number of celebrities 2016 took away from us. 

As i'm writing this, i'm watching news broadcast of Carrie Fisher's passing. 

Only a few more days before this nightmarish year ends and 2016 is still full of surprises. 

It's been a interesting year for sensualsingapore too. My love from the star vista brought a lot more visitors to the blog, so did my adventure in the office. As a result, i got more mails and submission of ideas for future works.

Please keep sending me ideas and suggestions, help keep this blog alive.

Automating the ebook sale made things a lot easier too. You no longer need to wait for me to check my mail to send you the ebook. It's all automated. I no longer receive that many angry mails from blog readers who are waiting for me to send them the pieces. 

I've been on a break of sort since November. In between jobs would be a better description haha. I'm definitely looking forward to starting work at my new workplace in January. It's a small office, there would not be any adventures there that's for sure.

It's pretty challenging to keep myself occupied for 2 months, the initial period took a bit of adjusting to. My family knew of the situation but not the extend of it. They were aware of the job change but not of the 2 months break, so November was pretty much spent trying to put up a front that all was normal. 

I just don't want them to worry for me. 

So, like a typical drama, i would dress up for work as usual, maybe head out a bit later on pretext of having a meeting before heading to a library or a cafe for a few hours of writing. What follows would be some light reading while i try to get in touch with friends i haven't caught up with for a while. 

I met many of them for lunch, some for dinner and drinks, it seems quite a few of them are affected by the state of the economy as well. Pay cut is the norm, many consider themselves lucky to even hold on to their jobs. A few unlucky ones took to driving to tide things through until a offer comes along.

Generally as a whole, although things may appear a little gloomy, it's not the end of the world.

Most of my classmates and army mates are still doing ok. We still have food on the table and a roof over our heads. Everyone is healthy, that's all that matters. 

We talked about the old carefree days in school, our dreams and laughed over a few beers in the coffeeshop. Beer, fingerfood and a few good friends to chat with, life's good when things are simple.

One particular friend, Terry, asked me what is my dream. 

I hesitated for quite a while as i thought about my answer. 

Terry : Need to think so long or not.... hahah... dream.... not wet dream..... 

James : Hahaha... got quite a few... 

Terry shook his finger at me and said just one. 

Terry : Dream.... that only one... the one you work towards.... what do you really want ?? 

He went on to give me a short lecture of working towards my dream. 

You would probably expect Terry to be some motivational speaker or educator but he's not. He's actually a plumber/electrician. His dad taught him the trade after poly, father and son then continued the 2 man company. 

They're making good money by the way. It's backbreaking and sweaty work but once you establish yourself in the trade, you only need to service a few contractors and designers and you're set.

So while thinking about my dream, i asked Terry the same question. 

What dream can a plumber have you say ? 

While the rest of our class spent the better of the decade working for others, Terry spent the same amount of time working for himself. He's stashed away a good amount of savings and built up a sizable portfolio of stocks.

Due to get married soon, Terry already has the financial muscle to pay off his HDB BTO in full if he wishes to with plenty to spare. He planned to take a 3 month break and travel with his wife after their wedding. He's been saving for this for a while and planning the exact route and itinerary took close to a year.

Is that his dream then ? To travel with his wife.

It is his dream, for now... according to him..... before he starts working towards the next one.

Terry : So which one are you working towards now ??

I would have love to tell him about this blog and my love for writing but i can't so i said i would love to travel too after much hesitation.

Seeing me hesitate, Terry added that actually it doesn't matter what dream it is.

As long as you wake up everyday and you work towards it.

Terry : Simple one lah..... imagine you trying to build something.... no matter how hard,.... as long as you put one brick everyday, eventually you will complete it...

James : you should go and become a motivational speaker..

Terry : hahah... am i wrong ? ....

We switched topics after than but what he said stuck with me for a few days. It really is as simple as it gets.

Wake up, do your stuff and at the end of that day, ask yourself one question.

Did i get 1 brick in or 1 step closer to my dream ?

A simple yes and no answer.

Yes ? Good.... you're getting there...

No ? Then do something about it.

Using this year as a benchmark, i think getting 2 full length work our a year seemed doable as long as i have the materials for it.

Aside from My hawker adventures, i shall work towards getting another piece up for the 2nd half of 2017.

Eventually, maybe in a decade or so, i may have enough works to publish a book ? haha. Imagine the day finally comes when our libraries has a real ' adult' section accessible by above '21s' .

Well, nothing's impossible.

I look forward to the day when i can write full time , not for a living but as a hobby.

A distant dream but i'm working towards it.

2016 is the year of the monkey, geomancers say it's a year of mischief and disruption, with the approaching 2017, i hope the arrival of the rooster would herald a new dawn for all of us.

Doesn't matter what 2016 has thrown at you, you're still here.

I wish all blog visitors a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

Keep calm and read.



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