Friday, 20 January 2017

My adventure as a hawker part 1

Hi Everyone,My name is Jake.

I have a story to share with all of you.

I consider myself to be a really lucky chap, perhaps it’s because i’m easily contented.

I get happy really easily. I’m elated if the bus arrives right when i stepped into the bus stop, i’m over the moon if the train happens to pull up to the station when i’m there, and if i can get a seat, it was like striking the lottery for me.

Sometimes even an extra scoop of gravy over my rice or a stray piece of fish that happens to be stuck to a vegetable dish i ordered for lunch gets into my plate, it would fuel my mood for a good half a day.

I know you must be laughing at me by now but it’s ok.

I’m just a very simple person.

Average fare, a nice cup of coffee, a good bed to sleep in, that was it.

I’m happy.

Sometimes my friends say i’m lazy and too simple minded but i don’t think i am.

I’m just happy, there is nothing wrong with that.

Isn’t being happy the whole point of being alive ?

I mean as long as you are happy, the rest doesn’t matter.

My parents are hawkers, they sell wanton noodles in a coffee shop on the eastern part of Singapore. Although we are not rich, there was always food on the table.

Home is a nice 4 room flat a stone throw away from Tampines Interchange.

It’s a fantastic location, i could walk blindfolded to the MRT station. Everything i could possibly need is right within reach.

I’m the only child in the family, my parents did try to give me a sibling back then but having to juggle their noodle business and taking care of me made things a little challenging.

By the time i was 7, i kind of knew i would be the only child. They were disappointed when they could not give me a little sister or brother to play with but i told them it’s fine. Their company is all i needed.

They love me, that i could tell but they stop short of spoiling me. If i wanted something when i was young, they taught me to save up for it.

My first pager, my first phone, even game consoles.

Nothing was ever handed to me on a plate. They taught me the value of money and how hard it was to make a dollar.

It was one of the best life lessons i ever had.

Understanding the value of a dollar.

My parents did not like me to visit their place of work. It’s not because they’re embarrassed or ashamed or anything, but in their perspective, they want their son to work in a air conditioned office.

With a proper desk. Nothing oily and greasy.

They were afraid if i were to hang out at their stalls too often, i might end up working at their stalls for the rest of my life.

Jake : There is nothing wrong with being a hawker.

Dad : We all want what’s best for you Jake…. things your mum and i could never have… a good education, a good job….

We live prudently on average days, my parents chose to save up every extra dollar for my education and holidays.

Holidays for the family is a big deal. I’m really fortunate to be able to visit several southeast asian countries, this was before budget travel came into the picture. Each time we fly, it would eat into my parents’ retirement savings.

I’m ok with a road trip to malaysia but my parents wanted me to see the world.

Mum : It opens your eyes and broadens your horizon….. i read from newspaper one….haha.

My mum is one of the most amazing woman i ever knew. After a hard day’s work at the noodle stall, she still juggled with housework and taking care of the family.

Life is simple for us.

There were never really any ups and downs in my life.

I was never a top scorer, never a problem kid. It was always in the middle.

Average grade, average schools, average friends , even my looks i would say it’s just average.

I don’ think i look dashing, but it’s still presentable.

MY school years were a breeze, i just did what had to be done and got it over with.

My grades were always 70 ish. My dad always asked why i did not get 80 ish .

My mum would reply ;

Mum : What’s the difference ?? As long as he understands what’s going on, he can get 60 ish for all i care.

Dad : …………… what if next round he gets below 50 ??

Mum would just shrug her shoulders.

Mum : even if he gets a zero…… the sun still rises the next day….  

It was usually at this moment my mum would make a face at me and warned me not to get a zero before whispering softly behind my dad’s back.

Mum : It’s hard to get zero….. dont’ worry… you anyhow tikum also can get 1 or 2…

I would usually laugh it off.

There was never any pressure on my grades and exams. I just knew i had to at least pass the test. Perhaps seeing how tired my parents were every day they came back from work spurred me on.

I studied diligently not because i liked it, but because all i wanted was to give my parents a good life when they grow old.

Secondary school was ok, Junior college more fun since i was attached with a really horny girlfriend. I never knew orgasm inside a girl was so good and different from masturbation until she showed me.

Staying at the hall in NUS was one of the highlights of my young adulthood. I’m the quiet and meek guy with decent grades. I don’t spill secrets or tally the scores and perhaps it was because of this traits, i had quite a few close girl friends.

I fucked all of them.

Aside from my sexual exploits with innocent girls,I took the safest route possible. Something every parent would be proud of.

Yup, you guessed it.

I graduated with 2nd class, got into the civil service right after graduation.

I had a desk, with my own computer.

Then i had a bigger desk.

And then a corner desk.

8 years on i had my own office in the civil services.

Pay is decent, parents are happy. They bragged to relatives i’m working for the government. 

Iron rice bowl .

I always laughed secretly in my heart at such a term.

There is no such thing anymore.

Iron is just metal.

Metal can be melted.

Iron will rust.

At the 8th year mark, i’m turning 30.

My title read assistant director but i’m not happy.

Something seemed to be missing in my life.

For a good 30 years, i asked myself what have i done ?

I’m unhappy not with work or the environment, but more about life itself.

I could feel my heart getting restless.

It’s got nothing to do with sex or relationships, i dated, brought a few girls back but nothing worked out.

The iron in my rice bowl, had started to rust.

And i don’t like that metallic taste of metal in my mouth when i eat.

I tendered my resignation to my boss in November 2014. It shocked the whole department.

My boss fell ill.

My co workers were shocked.

One of the colleague i slept with got pregnant, by her husband that is and she blamed me.

Colleague : why are you leaving !!! Are you mad ?? see… because of you leaving i got pregnant !..

Jake : What has it got to do with me ??!!  

Colleague : I was too distracted to stop my husband from cumming inside me….

Jake : What rubbish… you’re already into your 2nd trimester !...

Colleague : haha… sorry…. but i just hate to see you leave Jake.

I left the office and my last day was in the middle of december.

I did not tell my parents what i did so when i came home with a suitcase of stuff i accumulated over the past 8 years, they freaked out.

Dad : WHAT!!! ARe you fired !!!!!

Mum : WHAT HAPPENED!!!! you are jobless ??!!!

Before i could tell them what i did, they jumped to conclusion and started blaming my boss.

My mum wanted to go talk to our MP.

My dad wanted to go speak at Hong Lim park.

He was so close to sending the prime minister a email as i looked blankly at the old TV screen.

Jake: I …. quit…. no one fired me …

It took a while for that to sink into their heads and i could see they were disappointed with my decision but they kept quiet.

My parents were already in their mid sixties.

They were already talking about their retirement, bringing up the topic a couple of times during meal times.

They can’t be cooking noodles forever.

22nd December 2014


My parents did not speak with me the entire weekend. They probably thought i’m out of my mind.

I can’t explain that feeling of lightness, the amazing smell of freedom.

There was this tingling excitement in my veins i cannot explain.

It was like my body was starting to come alive. I felt energised, well rested and ready to go.

The question is go where ?


It’s early in the morning, my parents usually leave home at 4am to start their day.

I walked around the old house and looked at old photo frames.

Pictures of my parents when they married.

Pictures of me drooling.

And the picture my parents took at their noodle stall on their first day at work decades ago.

A few more photos followed the first, i recognised some of the uncle and aunties, fellow hawkers at the small coffee shop.

They all grew old.

Streaks of white in their hair, some of their children had taken over the reins.

I looked at my dad, standing proudly in front of his wanton noodle stall.

That very stall brought me up, gave me an education and allowed me to see the world.

A smile broke out on my face as i touched the photo my parents took during the 7th month hungry ghost festival with all the prayer items.

It’s been awhile since i spoke to myself but on that morning, i did just that.

Jake : Ok. Wanton noodle……… i’ll do just that…

I showered, changed and took a cab down to the coffee shop in Joo chiat.

I had no visited the place in so many years that i got the street wrong. In the end i walked a little before coming up to that familiar street.

I looked at my parents from a distance away, smiling and chatting to customers.

Ah, i laughed as i recognised the scrawny kid that had grown up to be so huge arranging chicken at the chicken rice stall.

Even the uncle brewing coffee is the same, except he had grown so old. Wrinkles etched deeply into his forehead.

I slowly walked towards the coffee shop and i paused a distance away.

I paused.

I paused not because there was a passing car.

I stopped not because it was the red light at the junction.

I stopped because my breath was taken away that early Monday morning.

That girl had really fair skin.

She sat cross legged at a table with a stack of invoices in front of her.

Her hair flew gently in the morning breeze as she tallied each one and tapped away on a calculator.

She looked up and brushed her fringe behind her ears and i saw her full side view.

I watched her lift up her coffee and she blew on it gently, the way her lips pouted that teeny wee bit gave me an erection.

Time seemed to slow when i saw her put her lips to the cup as she sipped her coffee.

When the cup left her lips, i could see a slight red mark of her lipstick.

My mum walked out with a plate of noodle and soup in hand and set in it front of the girl.

I was barely 7 metres away.

My mum looked up and she had a shock seeing me across the small street.

Mum : What you doing here ??!!

My heart fluttered.

My dick tingled.

My throat went dry.

I crossed the road as the very girl i was looking at turned up and our eyes met.

SHe looked at my mum first before turning back to look at me.

Mum : Siao ah… you come here for what… ??

Jake : I… it’s been so long since i came here….. wanted to visit you all since i’m free…

My mum turned to the lady who was looking at us.

I don’t know why but my heart was thumping so fast.

I never felt that way before.

The lady stood up. She’s definitely younger than me, mid twenties i would say but she had an air of maturity surrounding her.

As if she was forced to grow up faster than others.

She extended her hand with the sweetest smile i ever saw on a girl.

The sun peeked out from behind the clouds and illuminated a portion of her lower cheeks. She is absolutely stunning.

I reached out my hand too.

Jake : Hi… hi…. i’m Jake..

I felt the soft smooth hands for this girl touched mine as she replied with a slight smile.

“ My name …. is Kate “



She said her name is Kate.

I had to force myself to pull my hand away from hers as my mum started chiding me for disturbing them at work.

Mum : You come down for what…. We very busy ok…. No time to entertain you….

I could see Kate looking at us and i was not too pleased at my mum’s attempt to make me appear as if i was still a kid.

There’s a pretty girl right in front of me.

Someone hot and sexy.

Someone i wanted to impress the moment i laid eyes on her.

I’m sure you understand the feeling.

The last thing you need when trying to impress a girl is your nagging mum.

Jake : i don;t need you to entertain me la…. Go… go… go… go and do your stuff…. I’ll go buy something to eat…

Mum : Later then i talk to you…

As soon as my mum walked away, Kate looked back down on her documents and her attention went to her noodles.

I don’t want to be left standing there like a block of wood so i walked away into the coffee shop.

I ordered a cup of coffee and found a table which gave me a good view of Kate.

It’s weird, i don’t know why but i’m mesmerised by her. It’s not just her looks, there’s something about her that just seemed to draw me close.

Was it the way she held her chopsticks ?

Maybe the way she sucked onto the ends for a few seconds before plunging it into the tangled bunch of springy noodles  ?

Maybe it was the way she crossed her legs and how one of her shoe had it’s laces undone.

She had a pen on one hand and she used it to tick off something on a piece of paper.

A few seconds went by and by the time I snapped myself out of my daze, Kate had adjusted her position. She uncrossed her legs and brought up her shoe with the laces undone.

Without taking her eyes off the documents, she quickly did an evenly spaced butterfly lace on her shoe.

Kate wore a pair of short grey shorts, with her legs lifted up, my eyes widened as I stared at her crotch area. The fabric of her shorts being tightly squeezed together as her well toned legs hovered in mid air for that few seconds sent blood rushing to my groin.

Her left hand went for her pen again, her other free hand had a spoonful of noodles suspended in the air between her plate and her petite mouth. Her lips had this sheen, of oil perhaps from the noodles. I felt my groin tingle as her lips parted slightly, opening just enough to deliver the spoonful of noodles into her mouth.

I looked away and blinked twice as I sipped my coffee.

Something must be wrong with me. The way I’m staring at her, anyone who happens to look my way would think I’m some fucking desperate virgin.

I directed my attention away from Kate and onto the plate of noodles.


That was my purpose of coming down to the coffee shop that day.

I came with the intention to learn the trade.

Kate made that plate of noodles looked so good that i could not resist ordering one from my parents even though I was not really hungry. I went to my parent’s stall and placed an order for a plate of noodles.

Jake : Ma. 1 noodle.

Mum : What noodle ?? 1 strand or noodle? soup or dry, chilli or no chilli….. What kind of noodles you want ??

She barked at me without even looking up.

My eyes widened a little as I looked at her talk to a auntie while she packed her order for her.

Jake : Wah you so rude to your customers one ah.

Mum : Quick la… order and stand aside… don’t block me…

Jake : I want the same as what Kate is having…

My mum did not even bother to acknowledge me and asked me for $3.

Jake : Need to pay ah ?

Mum : You think what ? Your father’s stall no need to pay ah…

Jake : but it is my father’s stall…… and my mother’s stall too..

Mum : Money come… money come…

She immediately took the order of the person behind me as i dug out a fifty dollar bill.

Mum : No small change la…. Give me smaller notes…

Jake : I don’t have… go back then pay you…

She waved me aside as if i’m a pest and started to attend to other customers.

Somehow I felt I wasn’t exactly on the priority list.

After a 10 minutes wait, my mum barked from across the coffee shop, asking me to pick up the noodles on my own as she pointed to the ‘self service’ sign on their stall.

What the hell man, how come she delivers it to Kate while i need to carry it on my own. I walked over the same time Kate was returning her tray and utensils.

It was a good opportunity to strike up a conversation.

I racked my brains to think of some smart ass lines and was secretly pleased with myself as i half grumbled out my complaint to my mum.

Jake : How come you bring the food to Kate while i need to collect it myself ah ?  Your self service sign don’t apply to her ah ?

My mum shot me an irritated look as I took the tray of noodles from her.

Kate looked a little bewildered but never said a thing as she thanked my mum and return her tray.

I took the opportunity to talk to her and made a joke of having to collect my own food despite it being my mum’s stall.

Jake : You’re so lucky…. My dad owns the stall and yet I have to collect my own noodles. … at least she brings you your food… haha… haha..

The laugh came off a little awkward and I immediately regretted my statement.

Kate’s eyes widened a little and she turned to my mum who raised her hand and smacked me on my shoulder.

Mum : Haiyah !!... go away la !!.... don’’t block here block there talk nonsense can or not….

Then she immediately turned to Kate.

Mum : He something wrong today…. Sorry ah… ignore him…

Now hearing my mum say something was wrong with me really riled me up.

There is nothing wrong with me.

I meant what is the problem ?

I was about to retort when my mum shot me a really angry look that made me turn and scurried away with my noodles.

Jake : You are the one with something wrong…chey…

I sat down and dug into my parent’s noodles. The moment I bit onto the springy noodles and tasted the fragrant chilli that my dad cooked, I was hit with a sense of nostalgia .

I could not remember the last time I ate what they cooked everyday.

It has been a while.

Years in fact.

I scooped up and drank all the gravy and sank my teeth into the wanton filled with savoury meat. The char siew though was just passable as they ordered from a supplier. 

Overall it was a decent plate of noodles. For the portion and the quality, $3 is really a steal.

I nodded my head as I thought about my decision to try and learn the trade.

This could work.

I mean, I could learn the trade. Get the recipe. Pay off some bloggers to write good things about it and viola.

It would set things in motion.

Before I know it, queues would form then the TV stations would come. Within a year a big F&B organisation would make an offer and pay me a million to buy my recipe.

Smack !

I slapped my thigh and snapped my fingers in the air as I finalised the plans in my head.

Jake : Easy peasy….

Piece of cake.


I had more coffee and loitered around the coffee shop for a few hours much to my mother’s annoyance.

Kate had gone behind the drinks stall and I could see her busy collecting money and helping to serve drinks to the other customers.

It’s weird, she definitely looked well educated and all. Why would she work at a drinks stall.

I was within earshot of the drinks stall, as such, I could clearly hear what everyone was saying.

Man : Kopi siu dai suar ( 2 coffee with milk less sugar ) , kopi O gao, ( Thick black coffee ) , Milo Si Kosong ( Milo with carnation milk, no sugar ) , diao heur ( Chinese Tea ) , Loti nerng dei, Kaya guyu ( 2 slices of bread, kaya and butter spread )

It was quite a mouthful even to repeat it but Kate calmly processed the order and repeated it to the uncle who was making the coffee and collected the money from him.

Without breaking a beat, she immediately took another complex order from the man behind.

Man 2 : Kopi Suar ( 2 coffee with milk ) , Teh O ( tea black ) , teh phuar sio ( Tea with milk, not too hot ) , kim boon tai, bao. ( Clementi take away )

Wait, what the fuck.

What is Kim boon tai ?

It’s a literal translation of a old housing estate in Singapore.


I watched with amazement as Kate took a can of ice lemon tea and packed it for the customer.

Damm, they can actually do this ? 

Ice lemon tea, clementi .

I was secretly amazed as I looked on.

15 minutes passed and I noticed another amazing skill Kate had.

You know when you pack your coffee and need it to be tied up. Kate skilfully poured the hot drink into the small plastic bag before twisting the string  around the neck with a graceful swirl, that very motion compacted the drink with the right amount of air within the bag, giving it a nice puffy and full volume.

And she did it while taking orders and collecting money too.

I got up and walked straight to my mother’s stall.

Mother : oei… oei… oei… what you want ?

Jake : Give me a plastic bag.

Before she could protest, I took one similar bag which they used to pack the soup and went straight to the toilet.

I filled it with water and did the same thing.
It was a disaster.

First I could not even get the amount of air and water ration right, then I had difficulty tying it together. Even if I did, my bag looked like a deflated dick, wrinkled and sad.

I kept trying. 5 times, 10 times, it doesn’t matter.

You keep trying till you get it right.

I was pretty pleased with myself after 15 minutes as I managed to work out the technique to this.

By the end of the 25th minute as I walked out of the toilet, I was trying hard not to smile.

It’s a piece of cake.

Estimate the liquid, leave a bit of a allowance, and tie the knot.

I must really be destined for this career change.

I chuckled as I thought of how long it took Kate to master that. Her slender fingers and her smooth hands did not look like they were meant for hard manual work like this.

I was trying to recall if there was a fragrance coming from her hands as I sat down in front of my parent’s stall. I was about to talk to my mum who was busy cutting spring onions on a chopping board when I saw Kate approached us.

The rusty fan in the coffee shop turned at that exact moment, messing up Kate’s silky soft hair and she smiled while brushing the strands back to where they were as she approached my dad.

Kate : Uncle. Usual, give me 2 packets.

The moment she said her order, I spring into action.

This was it.

It’s my moment.

I covered the short distance to my parent’s stall and immediately took the soup ladle.

You see, I know my parents would pack the soup and wonton separately for customers. They’ve got a few of those plastic mugs with opened bags at the ready. The soup and wanton would be poured in and tied up.

Jake : Pa, I do it..

Dad : Huh ??

I did not give anyone a chance to speak as I took the ladle, dropped 3 wantons into the bag and filled it with hot soup. Pulling up the bag, my muscle memory took over as I skilfully twisted and tied up the bag.

My dad’s eyes were widened as his hands were suspended in mid air with a bundle of noodles in them. I bet he too was surprised that his son could do this.

Why ? You think just because I sat in a office my whole life I can’t tie a bag of soup ?

I was trying hard not to smirk as I repeated the same for the other bag.

I told myself to be careful, don’t rush things.

I practised with cold water, this is hot soup. It’s a variable i need to be mindful off, thankfully , I tied up the 2nd one properly as well.

Jake : Thank you. $6 please…

I proceeded to bag the 2 soup and I reached over for the money that Kate was pulling out halfway from her purse.

Her eyes too, were widened and there was a slight gap in her lips as she stared at me.

Well, I wouldn’t blame her, it’s her first time seeing me and I bet she did not expect I know the trade to that extend.

Before I could bask in glory, my mum shriek from the table.

Mum : You siao ah !!! ( Are you mad ? )

Her spring onions half chopped, her chopper raised midway as she pointed them at me.

Jake : Huh ? Why ? What’s wrong ?

I could see Kate trying to stifle a smile as she turned away.

My dad was shaking his head as he started cooking the noodles that was suspended in stasis in his hands a moment  ago.

My mum shook the chopper at me as she rattled off in a shrieking voice.

She had to be really pissed by me to do that.

Mum : Noodle haven even cook, you pack for what !..

Jake : But… but you all always pack the soup and wonton separate what. !

Mum : Kate ordered noodles with soup…. Not dry one !!.

She sighed and turned back to her spring onions.

I panicked when I saw Kate biting her lips as she tried not to laugh.



I quickly removed the bags and tried to undo the knots I did.

That was when I realised the knots I tied wasn’t properly done. They were easy to tie yes, but hard to released.

Jake : Ouch… ouch… shit… ouch…

The hot soup was not making it easier too as I struggled with the stubborn knots.

My dad, probably sensing what I was up to wanted to give me a chance.

His noodles were cooked, now he held them aside as he looked at me without a word.

I was beginning to feel the pressure, the stress. I was about to curse out loud when I undid the 1st knot and spilled soup all over the counter.

Kate turned away immediately and I saw her hand went to her mouth.

Jake : Fuck.. ouch !..

The soup came out like water from a bursting dam while the 3 soggy wantons slid out like pale white goldfishes.

My dad shook his head and proceeded to bag the noodles for Kate on his own.

Dad : Aiyah… siam la siam la… ( stand aside, stand aside )

I was so fucking embarrassed that I wanted to crawl into a hole.

Kate turned around and I could see her trying hard not to laugh into my face as she passed me the money.

Kate : Nah…

Jake : Th… thanks…

My dad packed both packet of soup noodles and passed it to Kate.

Kate : Thanks uncle..

After that, she turned back to look at me.

She just looked at me.

My god, those big round eyes of hers, they pierced right into my soul. Her features are so sweet, so likable, she would melt the hearts of men with a snap of her finger.

Maybe just a smile would do.

3 seconds passed and she was still staring at me.

My throat felt dry, perhaps she wanted to say something.

Ask for my number ?

Ask me out ?

Teach me how to bag soup ? I don’t know.

I don’t care, as long as I can keep looking into her eyes, nothing matter.

Kate smiled a little, raised her eyebrow a little more and did a questioning look at me with a slight jiggle of her head.

Kate : My … change ??

It was then I realised I was holding onto the 10 dollar bill in my hand for a while.

Jake : Oh… oh… fuck… sorry…. Sorry…

I fumbled around and actually reached for my own wallet when my mum came over, grabbed the note from my hand and threw it into the drawer. She took Kate’s change and passed it to her, apologising for the embarrassing behaviour of her son.

Mum : Sorry ah Kate. I think he today never take his medication…

That was the last straw, how could my mum keep belittling me in front of Kate.

Jake : Hey… I’m not on medication ok…. I’m an assistant director in….

She cut me off before I could finish.

Mum : were… you were an assistant director… now you’re unemployed….

Kate burst out laughing at our exchange and I was determined to have the last word in this.

Jake : Well, my dad owns this stall, and since you guys keep saying you want to retire, I’ll take over from you guys…. I’ll buy over.

I turned back to Kate and reassured her my noodles would be a lot better.

Jake : Don’t worry, I’ll lend a modern twist to the recipe, confirm nice…. Are you still schooling ?? you look quite young…

Kate giggled as she kept the change in her purse, shaking her head at my question.

Jake : I meant it… i.. you know… I can recommend you some courses to take…. Skills upgrading… and stuff… short courses, diplomas… I’m considering taking some myself….even though it’s been a while since I got my degree and I think it would be challenging to head back to classes and all…

Kate laughed and thanked my parents before turning away.

Kate : bye Jake… haha

I smiled and waved her off as she turned the corner and disappeared.

My mum glared at me and shook her head.

Mum : She’s too good for you Jake… not within your league.

Jake : What do you mean ? I’m a towkay kia  ( boss’s son ) ok , my dad is a boss. Girls dig this kind of stuff… … Is Kate from Malaysia ?... how long has she been working here ? ….. why she don’t want to go and study ? … she looks quite young… how old is she ??

My mum ignored me and went back to her chores.

I mumbled to myself a little longer before turning to my parents.

Jake : But Dad, Mum, I mean it….. I’m interested in taking over… I’ll buy over the stall… just let me intern here for a few weeks .

My mum’s chopper paused in mid air again and she turned to me.

Mum : We don’t own the stall, we rent it…. You want to take over, proof you can do it first…. And we’ll sell you the recipe..

I was about to grumble about the recipe sale but I kept my mouth shut. My mind immediately weighed the pros and cons of taking this up. I came down with the intent to learn the trade and it’s just as well there’s a hot and pretty girl working at the same coffee shop.

I really think I can pull this off.

This might be really worth my while if I can get Kate too.

She looks so good in casual wear, I could not imagine her being formally dressed up in heels. She would fit right in the middle of Raffles place with a body hugging dress and a jacket.

Jake : Sure… I’ll start tomorrow…. How much is the rent? I’ll take care of it.

My mum sighed and turned to look at me.

Mum : for us, it’s a special price… since you want to take over… you go and ask Kate.

Jake : Kate ? Why Kate ? Is she the administrator for this place ?... should I approach her as your son or introduce myself as the new boss ?

My mum replied without looking up .

Mum : She owns this coffee shop…. And the other 2 further down the road.

I felt a lump appear in my throat and my mouth went dry in an instance.

Jake : Oh…..

It took a few hours before the reality settled into my head.

If I were to be really positive, talking to Kate about the rent might be a good idea to get a conversation going. My dumb idea of selling myself as a boss’s son is not going to work anymore anyway, I probably got to change tack and be a little more humble.

Kate seemed friendly enough.

We might hit it off and who knows, get into a relationship.

I bounce the idea around my head for a while and tried to think of a plan. Something long term. Even if I manage to get Kate to talk about the rent and start my internship at my parents stall, I would still need an excuse to talk to her frequently without being too obvious.

Nothing popped up as I sipped my drink in my room.

I tried to google and find Kate on social media but there were just so many Kate. It’s impossible to find her without much detail.

I paced about the room for a bit when an idea hit me.

Well, my parents operate only in the morning till the afternoon but other stalls remained opened.

I know for sure the seafood Tze char stall operates at night and so does the drink stall.

This meant Kate might still show up at the coffee shop.

I looked at my watch and it was coming to 7pm.


I grabbed my stuff, threw on a shirt and for the 2nd time that day, took a cab down to the coffee shop.


I alighted across the road and casually scanned the place. There were a few tables occupied with families having dinner. The drink stalls looked busy, the same uncle that was there in the morning was preparing drinks and I saw a beer auntie taking orders from the tables.

I tried a few position to get a clear line of sight but there was no sign of Kate.

A few units down the coffee shop, the neon lights of the pubs and bars were lit. Patrons gathered and smoked outside the pub.

Just another street down there are more KTVs and pubs. A few scantily clad babes prance by, getting ready for work that evening.

Suddenly something caught my eye.

This man.

His flowery shirt did not look like it belongs to this era. His top 2 buttons were undone and he was staring at the ceiling of the 5 foot way shop house with a cigarette in his mouth.

He hummed and sang a song as he swaggered with both hands in his pocket. He looked old, fifties perhaps but his body is pretty well maintained. His arms were sculpted, and he  had a shoulder that looked like he could lift a cow.

His hair, my god, is so old school. An image of a hong kong actor floated into my head as I watch him drag his loafers slowly towards the KTV closest to the coffee shop.

Yes.. Anthony Wong.

The classic gangster in Hong Kong drama. He looked just like him.

I watch him enter the KTV after snuffing out his cigarette outside the door.

My eyes went back to the coffee shop and I would have concentrated on searing for Kate if not for a peculiar sight that caught my eye.

Several pretty girls filed out of the KTV , at least 7 of them. They spoke in their own native language and scattered in different directions.

A couple went over to the coffee shop and ordered a drink.

I was ogling at the legs of one of the girls when my eyes lit up.

The very staircase beside the coffee shop had a surprise for me.

I knew it was her.

It was Kate.

She emerged from the staircase and my god she looked different.

No longer in shorts and t-shirt, Kate wore a white tube top with a black jacket. Her hair looked a little damp, probably just showered. She had on a pair of dark blue hip hugging denim jeans, as the pants tapered down her slim legs, it made her appear taller.

Her heels, fuck, her red heels stood out the most, propping her up by a good 2.5 inches at least.

My heart started beating faster as the sight of Kate reminded me how beautiful she is.

Kate did a brief look around before walking down the path to the same KTV.

That very one that the man went into.

No way.

She can’t possibly work there.

As Kate entered, I saw her turn the sign from ‘open’ to ‘closed’ on the tinted glass door.


I was about to cross the small road when a car pulled up in front of the KTV.

2 men alighted from the vehicle and they chatted for a moment by the front door before heading in as well.

One of them looked really familiar.

He looked like someone I played soccer with when we were kids at the back alley of the coffee shop. I can’t put a name to the face but I know we’ve met before.

I paced up and down for a minute as I thought about what to do next.

Well, it’s a KTV, and a pub and they serve beer.

I’m just going to walk right in and order myself a drink then.

I could always pretend I did not notice the closed sign.

As long as the door is unlocked, I can walk in.

Nothing wrong with that.

I crossed the road, angled my direction towards the KTV entrance.

I could feel the butterflies in my stomach churning. My curiosity needs to be satisfied. Maybe Kate is in some kind of a trouble or something. 

Without breaking step, I pulled back the tinted glass door and stepped into the pub.  

And the moment I set foot inside, I froze.

There were no music playing.

The lights were on, not those dim coloured lights, I meant like bloody white lights. It lit up the entire place.

The place was almost empty.


The bartender barked sharply at me.

Bartender : We’re closed brother !... read the sign. !

In the middle of the room, 3 chairs swivelled towards me at the same time.

On the left is the Anthony wong, followed by the other 2 who just alighted from the car.

Before I could speak, Kate emerged from one of the room with a few files in her hands.

Kate’s eyes widened and she asked me in a bewildered manner.

Kate : What are you doing here ??!!

Jake : I ….. I wanted to grab a beer…. I didn’t…. I didn’t know it’s closed…

The 3 men kept quiet as they looked at me.

Kate pointed to me and added.

Kate : Kor, Uncle and Auntie Teo’s son…. Jake…

One of the men immediately smiled and stood up, he approached me and shook my hand.

Gabriel : Hey Jake… remember me or not ? …. Gabe la…

Jake : Oh… oh… oh… Gabe… hey… how are you man !.... it’s been so long…

Some missing memories of my childhood came flashing back into my head as I chatted with Gabe. I didn’t know Gabriel had a sister, well, their age gap must be pretty big, i don’t remember seeing Kate at the coffee shop before as a kid.

We chatted for about 2 or 3 minutes when Gabe snapped his fingers at the bartender and ask him to bring me a drink.

Kate : Kor… our….. discussion ? we don’t have much time…

Gabriel ignored Kate and introduced me to the other 2 men around the table.

Gabriel : This is Andy….. and this is Uncle Ben…

I nodded with a slight smile at each other them.

Andy returned my nod while Uncle Ben just stared at me.

Gabriel casually asked about what I was doing and I told him that I quit my job and I planned to take over my parent’s business after I learn the trade.

I could see the twinkle in his eyes as he looked at Kate before turning to Uncle Ben and Andy.

Gabriel : Let me get his straight…you’re not working now… and you’ll be learning the trade…. At the coffee shop …

Jake : Err… that’s the plan…

Gabriel went on with his questions.

Gabriel : You’ll be at the coffee shop…. Everyday ?

Jake : I… guess so…. I mean… I need a while to pick up the skills and it’s not like I have anything to do at the moment… so…

Gabriel leaned forward and I could tell he was getting excited.

Gabriel  : Are you attached or married ??

Jake : No! of course not… i…

Uncle Ben cut in suddenly and asked.

Ben : You speak Chinese ? Hokkien ae hiao buay ? ( You understand Hokkien dialect )

Jake : I am Hokkien… of course I understand… but…

Andy jumped in this time round and peppered me with his questions.

Andy : Jake , stand up straight… how tall are you ? Do you take beef ?

What the fuck ?

Even my dietary preference ?  

Jake : Ermm… wait wait… I’m not following….. I’m just here to grab a beer…

Gabriel went over to Kate, pulled her over so she’s standing beside me and took a step back.

Andy stood up too and uncle Ben uncrossed his legs and sat up straight.

Kate : Gabriel !.... what are you doing ??!!!

Gabriel : Jake…look…. I can give you a very very good rental rate if you take over… much better than what your parents are getting…

Gabriel sat back and pointed his index finger at me, shaking it as if he’s pin pointing a location on a map.

Andy : Gabriel , maybe we….

Gabriel : He can do it… let him do it…

Jake : Ermm.. do what ??

Kate : NO!.... we don’t even know him….! I don’t even know him !

Gabriel : Exactly… they don’t too. ! … no one knows him.. and one thing for sure…. He’s not with them…

Andy turned and look at me while Uncle Ben nodded his head.

The 3 of them turned towards Kate at the same time and she shook her head.

Kate : NO!... no… .. it’s… it’s so weird… no !...

Jake : ERm… ok .. ok.. wait… i…. I’m a bit disoriented. .. what is going on ?

Gabriel : Who else are you going to find ?? within this short period of time ??

Gabriel pointed to me and added.

Gabriel : He’s not working… he’ll be at the coffee shop the whole day… and look at him…. He got no fucking clue what’s going on… Jake is like a block of wood …untouched. Ready to be sculpted  … we know his parents for decades !...

Jake : Errrr……

I’m not sure if that was meant to be a compliment and I slowly got onto my feet.

Something don’t smell right.

It’s as if they’re trying to con me into doing something illegal.

It’s time to bolt.

I got up and tried to excuse myself.

Jake : I think… I better make a move…

Gabriel : No… Jake… sit down… I have a proposition for you…

Jake : Er… no la… thank you… I think better not…. We catch up another time…

Andy : Jake… at least listen to what Gabriel has to say.

Something was definitely way off.

I could literally smell where this was headed.

“ Help me get this luggage to another airport “

Or maybe

“ Can you transfer money on my behalf ? “


“ Help me bring a few friends into Singapore ?  “

These are frequent online scams and shit I read on the news.

I held up my hands, palms facing out and tried to be as polite as possible.

Jake : Guys… sorry… I don’t think I will be interested in any proposition you have… I better…..

Gabriel cut me off and pulled his sister over in front of him.

He squared both his hands on Kate’s shoulder and his head hovered by the side of her cheeks.

Gabriel  : Jake !.....i need you…… to be Kate’s boyfriend…..for a while.

I stopped backing away from the group.

Kate’s arms were folded and she looked at me for a moment before turning away.

Ben : Wahaha… KNN….( fuck ) … Chee ko pek la ( Perverted guy ) this one…. Hear Kate already saliva almost going to drool .

Jake : wh… what ?

Andy : Gabriel …. I don’t know if there’s enough time to get him ready….

Gabriel : There is…. We’ll just have to make it work.

He turned to Kate and added.

Gabriel : Can you make this work ? … I know it’s not going to be easy… but it’s got to hold up at least until the vote.

Kate looked at me and nodded.

My heart was thumping.

This is like striking the lottery.

Pretending to be Kate’s boyfriend ?

Does that mean we get to hold hands ? Have sex ?

My mind was already churning up the possibilities as I tried not to look at Kate’s tight and shapely body.

Jake : are…. Are we doing anything illegal ?

Ben : Shheezee… chey !...

Uncle Ben gave a dismissing wave and turned to his beer.

Andy : Jake… don’t worry….nothing illegal… Just need to put on an act…. For… their grandmother…

Jake : Oh…

I looked over to Kate and I could see she was staring at me.

Gabriel  : It’ll be over in 2 months…. I really appreciate the help man….but it’s not going to be a walk in the park… we need to get you ready.

Jake : Ready for what ? I have been in a relationship before… I know what to do…

I said it almost with a glint in my eyes.

Jake : What do you need me to do ? I’m sure I can ermm… deliver… haha…

No one laughed at my little joke and it made me a little uncomfortable.

Gabriel : So I take this as a yes ?? definite yes ?

I nodded my head and Gabriel snapped his fingers.

Gabriel : Done !

He gestured to Andy that they need to get going.

Andy looked at me for 2 seconds, tapped me on my arm and added.

Andy : Good luck..

Gabriel and Andy left after giving me the thumbs up .

Uncle Ben stood up too and put a cigarette into his mouth without lighting it up.

Ben : Good luck Jake…  

Jake : oh…. Thanks…  

Uncle Ben lit up his cigarette with a matchstick and strolled towards the door.

Ben : I hope you are ready for an adventure Jake….or you’re going to be fucked. …

He pushed the tinted glass door and left the KTV.

I turned back to face Kate and for a brief moment, we just looked at each other in the eye.

We did not say anything.

For a good 20 seconds we just stared at each other.

At that moment, I was reminded of a famous saying.

If something is too good to be true, it probably is.


Kate turned away and went to the back of the KTV and the meeting was over.

She did not say anything else to me and I was left standing there in the middle of the empty room with the bartender staring at me.

I left the pub and went across the road back to my initial observation post. 10 minutes later, it was as if a trigger had been pulled and it sparked off a chain reaction. The girls that left the KTV earlier all started to go back in.

The bartender popped out and turned the sign to ‘open’ .

A few more staff appeared from out of nowhere and snuffed out their cigarettes before entering.

This is weird.

I went back home and after my shower, chanced upon my mum in the kitchen. It was a good time to reinforce my intention.

Jake : Ma…. I’m serious about learning how to cook…

Ma : Yah… I’ll believe you when I see it happen.

Jake : I mean it… I’ll join you guys tomorrow….

She gave me the doubtful look as she sipped her water.

Mum : Set your alarm at 3.30am and we’ll see.

I looked at the time and it was coming to 10.30pm . I quickly got myself into bed I could not sleep.

I can’t stop thinking about Kate and what I was supposed to do. Eventually I drifted off to sleep with my thoughts filled with images of Kate’s shapely legs.

23rd December 2014



My alarm went off and my head felt as if someone had threw a rock on it. I crawled out of my bed and quickly washed up.

I literally dragged myself into my parent’s car and knocked out again en route to the stall.

When we reached the stall at 4.15am, the lights were already on.

They immediately sprang into action, switching on lights, moving utensils out of the way to start preparing the soup broth.

Jake : What can I do… let me help.

Dad : Stay out of our way for now… just watch and observe.

I was about to take a seat when I saw Kate walk into the coffee shop.

I don’t know why but seeing Kate had this weird effect on me.

Picture this. I was about to sit down, and in my buttocks was about to hit the comfortable seat of the plastic stool but the moment I saw Kate walk into the coffee shop, I sprung back up again.

It was like a recruit seeing his officer for the first time and not knowing how to address him.

My eyes widened as I waited for her to acknowledge me.

She didn’t.

The drinks stall was already in full swing. Cab drivers and late owls queued for the coffee and half boiled eggs. Kate looked so fresh and well rested; it’s as if she slept for 12 hours straight before coming down.

I bugged my mum for something to do and she finally relented and took out a bowl of prepared wanton fillings from the fridge. She showed me how to wrap my 1st wanton with the skin and asked me to start doing it.

It took a while to get the hang of it but hey, it’s not that hard.

Scrap some meat, pressed it onto the skin, then just wrap it up.

I’m a natural at this.


My dad asked if I wanted a coffee and I said yes.

Jake : I go and order for you.

Dad : No need.

He whistled across the coffee shop like a commando signalling to his men. Kate and the coffee uncle looked up and all my dad did was raise 3 fingers before returning to his work.

My mouth gasped open in awe as I looked at this exchange.

This is military grade communication man. I shit you not.

Despite the queue at the drinks stall, Kate emerged within 30 seconds with 3 piping hot cups of coffee.

She carried 3 cups of coffee in 1 hand and walked over to my table.

The cups were filled to the brim and she did not even need to balance them. She set the drinks down in front of my wanton tray and walked back without a word.

Jake : Wah !.... can cut queue one ah… ?

I did not get a reply from her and I went back to my wanton wrappings.


The 1st plate of noodles was served and things started to get hectic. I did the only thing I can do without fucking up. Collecting money and giving change.

By 8.30am, my legs were aching from all the standing around. It may not sound like much but with our modern sedentary lifestyle, how many of us can claim we did much standing in a day of work ?

I took a step back and as I sucked in a breath of humid air in the coffee shop, I looked at my parents. Their forehead were peppered with sweat, their hair messy and matted. They did not even get a chance to grab a bite for breakfast since they stepped into the place.

The only drink they had was the coffee and lots of plain water.

The people kept coming, and they did their best to keep up with the orders.

Mum : Everyone rushing to go office, if we’re too slow they will be late ..

Post 9am, the kind of crowd changed.

A few towkays ( bosses ) , stay at home mums, the older folks, retirees came for their breakfast.


My dad took out a loaf of bread and offered me some. I took 2 slices and wolfed it down.

Without a word, they went back to work as I loitered about looking at the scene. This is a world we pass by almost everyday in our lives.

I’ve ate at countless coffee shops, and despite my parents being hawkers themselves, I have never really taken time to appreciate what goes on behind the scene just to get that delicious plate of food or drink onto my table.

It was something many of us take for granted.

It’s a small shop with a handful of stalls and yet the characters that filled it is so colourful. From the way they talk and banter, it feels like family.

The coffee making uncle, I heard people calling him Orh Pao ( Black leopard ) , he’s old but I could see the vigour in his step and every move he makes. Kate talks to him in a rather informal manner, it’s not an employer employee relationship, more of a friend.

Orh Pao has skin as dark as charcoal but he’s definitely Chinese from the way I see him speak and communicate. A thick gold chain went around his neck and when he walk pass me, I could hear the jingle of his amulets.

He had a jade ring on his little finger, pale in colour. Orh Pao would fiddle with it as he smoked his cigarette during his breaks. Orh Pao not only makes the coffee, he sometimes help to clean the tables too if the cleaner is not around.

The chicken rice seller, a huge hulk of a man. Ah Keong. I know Ah Keong.

We’re about the same age I guess, I remembered playing with him and Gabriel in the back alley when we were young. Marbles, hopscotch, soccer, you name it. It was only for a short period though, once my parents trust me enough to be home on my own, they did not want me to hang out at the coffee shop any longer.

Ah Keong’s mum use to helm the stall, but I briefly remembered her passing some years ago when my parents mentioned it. I guess he’s the 2nd generation taking over. 

Right after my parent’s noodle stall is this small booth manned by an old granny. 

Auntie Geok. 

She’s in her seventies and fit as a fiddle. She’s single and childless and gets by selling buns, pastries and kuehs. There is nothing special with her food as she orders them from a factory but she still gets a good crowd of people buying from her. 

Auntie Geok is motherly, grand-motherly in fact to everyone in the coffee shop. She refused to accept money for her Kuehs from the people in the coffee shop. In return my parents never charged her for the noodles too. 

Then there’s the Mee rebus stall by Uncle Salim. He’s semi-retired actually according to my parents, he has a son who is a doctor. There isn’t a big Muslim crowd from what I observe but Uncle Salim gets a steady stream of customers from non-muslims too.

He’s the earliest to pack up, usually finishing up by 10.30am. I reckon he only sells enough to cover the rent and probably a bit of his expenses and that’s it. 

There is this unspoken warmth that radiates from the people around me. This kampong sprit so to speak.

The corny jokes about difficult customers, the complains about the weather. Everything just felt so, grounded in a way. 

Simple folks, simple life. 

This was something that I can really get used to. 

No emails, no office politics, no long draggy meetings. Everything is just so simple. 

Not to forget there’s Kate. 

The warmth I was experiencing disappeared when I heard my dad shout. 

His voice pierced the tranquility of the coffee shop, sending customers scurrying away leaving their food behind. 

Dad : 凤飞飞 lai liao !!!!… Feng fei fei lai liao !!!! …. ( Parking warden is here , Feng fei fei is a singer that is known for her hats, a trait associated with how local parking warden’s dress up. ) …. 


It was a comical sight.

It’s as if I was witnessing fans rushing off to meet their idols. 

Several tables scattered, I watched the people dash off to their cars, waving to the parking warden. Engines revved and the street was cleared within seconds. 

Speed and efficiency is something we pride ourselves on. 

I was about to laugh at the sight when I saw Kate walking towards me. 

She gestured over to a table outside the coffee shop and I went over. 

We sat down and I could see Kate thinking of what to say to me. 

Kate : Jake…. This… this thing….that we’re doing… it’s serious…. I mean it…. It’s serious… 

I nodded my head. 

Jake : Sure sure…. Don’t worry… I’ll do it properly…. 

Inside my head I was thinking, you’re asking me to pretend to be your boyfriend, how serious can things get ? 

I mean come on. 

It’s probably to pacify some old folks for Chinese new year or some shit. 

Isn’t it ? 

It’s a couple of months to the new year and I guess they probably wanted to trick some relatives into thinking Kate’s attached. 

Drop in some Korean or Hong Kong drama story line and I could tell you straight away what the ending would be. 

Someone trying to force Kate to marry and some shit. Or maybe introduce someone to her and she’s trying to get out of it. 

It’s always the case. 

You know, Kate likes someone, he don’t like her…. Maybe some distant cousin likes her, she don’t and yadda,,,yadda, yadda…. Grandmother or grandfather wants to interfere, and so on. 

It’s always like this. 

Kate : Jake , are you listening ? 

Jake : Yes… I am… I’m listening…

Kate went on to say that she has a family gathering coming up. 

Kate : It’s a gathering and it’s also my grandmother’s 80th birthday…. So.. 

I tried my best to keep my smirk off my face as I pretended to pay attention. 

See ? 

What did I tell you ?

It’s for the old folks, grandmother in this case. They should just pay me to write their drama scripts. 

Kate : It’s not only a birthday, it’s a gathering of ermmmm… …elders so to speak. 

Jake : Hmmmm.. ok… ok… 

Kate looked away for a moment before adding that besides the birthday banquet, there would also be some announcement by her brother. 

Kate : It’s you know…. How do I put this to you … ermm… it’s like… ermmm… 

Jake : Yes ?? 

Kate tried to search for the correct words before saying that it was like the general election. 

Kate : You know… election… yes.. yes… an election . 

Jake : HUH!?? What election. ? 

Kate : Anyway, it’s a long story… I live upstairs, I’ll need to discuss this matter in depth with you later this afternoon….. can you come over about 3.30pm ? 

My heart immediately skipped a beat as I nodded my head eagerly. 

Kate’s inviting me to her house ? 

I could feel my bladder contract and I wanted to pee. Imagine the things I could do with her in her place. 

If we’re alone, just the 2 of us, so much can happen. 

I could feel an erection stirring when Kate stood up and left. 

Kate : See you later… 

Jake : Sure… see you in a while… 

I went back to my parents stall and help to wash up and wiped down the area. By 12.30 pm , I was exhausted, we swung by another coffee shop, had a quick lunch and went back home. 

My parents immediately took a shower and went to catch a quick nap, a routine I was familiar with. 

I was fighting hard to stay awake. My eyelids are heavy but I held on. I’m not about to fuck up my first date with Kate. For the first time, I truly felt the kind of fatigue my parents had to put up with for so many years to see me through school. 


I got to Kate’s place and she was waiting for me by the foot of the stairs that led up to the shophouse. 

She walked on in front of me and I glued my eyes to her backside as she took 2 steps at a time, stretching her already tight shorts to the limits. I could see Kate’s smooth and tight bottom, her butt cheeks, it was calling out to me. 

It’s calling out to me to grab them, to hold them in my hands. 

I shook my head a little, trying to get back to reality as Kate opened her gate and letting me into her house.

It’s pretty big and spacious. 

Nicely done up too. Besides the nice interior, there was a large sabre on display in the living room. It looked heavy and sharp, definitely maintained regularly. Right down the hallway, was a row of spears. 

You know the kind you see in Wushu schools and martial arts film . A row of 5 spears with the red hairy stuff hanging off the tip. I went over for a closer look and noticed behind the sabre, lies a oriental sword with intricate carvings. There was some words on it but I could not read it.

Kate : Here, let’s get started. 

She directed me to a table with 8 folders. 

Kate : You need to read through these and I’ll explain to you what this is about. 

I flipped open the 1st one and it’s Gabriel. 

It has detailed records of what business he owns and what he does. 

I opened the other one and it’s uncle Ben. 

This is weird. 

What kind of nonsense is this ? 

I looked at Kate and she started to explain. 

Kate : I’m going to give you a summarised version of this and you need to pick up the rest along the way. 

The 3rd folder I opened, it’s Andy. 

As Kate went on, I could almost visualised a 3D holographic projection similar to what Ironman would have in his room. 

Kate : The family or rather, the organisation …. Erm….. has 8…. Branches or Business so to speak. ….. It’s helmed by 8 members, or in a more respectful term, we call them elders. A practise we inherit from my grandfather. 

Kate’s grandfather started the first business in the early fifties and built the organisation up from scratch till this day. It was impossible to manage all aspects of it and he split it up in 8 portions, each managed by someone he groomed and trusted. 

The helm of which would be handed down to his or her descendants.

A flow chart materialised above my head before splitting into 8 portions below the main tab. 

As Kate went on, more questions popped up into my head but I could tell it was not the right time to ask them. 

Kate was serious. Dead serious. 

She would stopped once in a while to make sure I was following before going on. 

Her tone, her body language, and the strong words she used, it drove home the message that this whole affair would not be a walk in the park. 

Her eyes, they drilled right into mine as she delivered summaries of her family. The introduction was brief, I knew it barely touched the surface of what I was about to get into, I felt apprehensive for the first time. 

I was genuinely unsure about this when Kate asked if I would like a drink. 

Kate : You need a coffee ? 

I nodded my head as I looked at the 6th folder in front of me. 

The clock read 5pm. 

Without even realising it, I had spent 1.5 hours with Kate. 

Our first date. 

It was serious first date alright. 

When you get an opportunity to talk to someone, you would surely get a rough feel of their character. Before our meeting that afternoon, I barely had any chance to talk to her, now that I did, I began to see Kate differently. 

She was focused and very determined. 

All the corny jokes I had prepared beforehand just went down the drain. I knew better than to crack stupid jokes when your conversation partner is not in the mood for any. 

Kate appeared with 2 coffee and she set them down in front of me. 

Kate : You ok ? Is it too much ?? Do you want out ??? 

I looked at her in the eye and shook my head. 

She sat down and crossed her legs, her feet brushing against mine accidentally. There was nothing sexual about it and she mumbled a soft apology. I felt an erection stir and Kate continued with her summaries. 


Kate : Ok. This is it…. You ok ? 

I nodded my head again. 

Kate : You hardly spoke…. Any thoughts ? 

Kate leaned forward a little and her full breast pushed one of the folders, sending a jolt of electricity though my spine . 

Jake : I’m… ok I guess… 

Kate : You seemed a little shocked… 

I admitted I was. 

Jake : I… I didn’t think it would be this… serious….

Kate laughed and brushed a stray fringe behind her ear before adding. 

Kate : Nobody’s forcing you haha… you can always say no… 

I closed the 8th folder and pushed it aside. 

Jake : No… I’m in.. 

We were quiet for a moment before Kate looked away and nodded her head. 

Kate : ERmm… Gabriel… he mentioned that, it’s only right that we pay you for your time and effort… 

Jake : No no.. it’s fine… don’t need to. 

Kate : I insist… or I won’t use you… 

Jake : Didn’t he say he would give me a good price for the rent ? .. 

Kate smiled but she did not say a word when I mentioned about the rent. 

Instead she looked up into the ceiling for a moment before she continued. 

Kate : Rent is a separate matter…. Maybe when the day you officially take over, we can discuss that…. 

She opened up both her palms and leaned forward, asking as she did. 

Kate : So…. Tell me… what’s a good price…. For your time and effort ? 

Kate did not realise that she was leaning forward quite a little and her singlet was pretty loose. From when I sat, I had a good view of her cleavage and her bra. I tried to tear my eyes away but it was too late. 

Kate saw and she quickly sat back straight, pressing onto the middle of her singlet and pulling the back of it to cover her modesty. 

Jake : I’m… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… 

She looked a little irritated but did not let it show. 

Kate : We can pay you… in cash if you wished ….. 

Kate adjusted her bra strap, sending more blood down my groin as she added. I tried to calm myself down by reaching for the cold cup of coffee.

Kate : But…. I’m not sleeping with you in case you have that on your mind… 

My eyes widened as I quickly waved my hands frantically in front of her, but I waved my hands without realising I was about to grab onto the mug of coffee. Needless to say, I toppled the cup, spilling the leftovers onto the table. 

Jake : No…… i… shit… sorry… 

Kate saw my reaction and she laughed. 

Kate : I was just kidding…haha.. 

She left the mess alone and took 4 of the folders and disappeared into a room, she entered before popping out again and asked. 

Kate : I mean it, tell me how much you want…. We’ll pay you. 

I took some time to think about it and I put things in perspectives. 

After spending a couple of hours with Kate, my curiosity grew deeper. Not only do I want to have her, I had this insatiable thirst in my throat. It was nothing sexual, but it was a thirst to find out more about her family. 

It’s just so weird and bizarre. 

Seeing how serious Kate was taking this, I knew if I joke around and take this lightly, I would surely jeopardise my own chance to really get together with her. Instead, I would have to capitalise on this opportunity. 

If this was my ticket to impress her, I would take it. 

Kate : So how ? Any ideas ? or would you like me to propose… 

Jake : Oh… sure… you have a figure in mind ? 

Kate : Yup… hmmm… 

I could see she was considering the figure. No one shows their hand first during negotiation, The figure she gives would definitely be a fraction of what she was prepared to pay. 

Kate : 3000 ? And all expenses incurred will be reimbursed by us.. we don’t have much budget…and part of this is my own savings…and ermm… ya..i’m also doing this because I have no choice…I have friends who were willing to do it for a lot less… and.. you know… it‘s... good money for a couple of months of…. 

If she offered 3, I reckon her budget would be around 5, but this is not about money to me, it never was, so I made her an offer that would catch her off guard. 

Jake : I would take 1500, but I have a small request… 

Kate looked a little taken aback, surely she could not have expected me to ask for something lower than her offer. 

Kate : Oh… oh. 1.5 ? 

She blinked twice as she collected the rest of the folders, avoiding the small puddle of left over coffee. 

Kate : What request ? 

Jake : Would…. Would you…. Give me a chance to …. To… pursuit you properly after this is over ? 

I wanted it to come out smoothly but I can’t. The stammer sort of broke the surprise and it ended up being awkward. 

Kate was a little surprised as she hugged the folders in front of her chest with her mouth slightly opened. 

It was fucking embarrassing as she stared at me. I stood up immediately and tried to change the subject. 

Jake : I need a cloth for the spill…… do you have a cloth ? err… err… 

Kate’s eyes widened and she started giggling. 

Kate : you’re blushing… you’re joking right ? hahaha… 

Jake : Yah… it was a joke la.. 

Before I could make up more excuses, Kate hit me playfully with the folders in her arms, it reminded me of my ex-girlfriend back in school, of how she would playfully hit me with her books she cradled against her breast. 

Kate : haha… it didn’t feel like a joke to me…haha… 

I was about to excuse myself when Kate put her folders down and asked me to wait. 

Kate : Hold on. 

She walked into her room and barely a second later, she walked right out towards me. Kate brushed her fringe behind her ears and stretched out both her hands for mine. I froze for a moment before I held her hands, both of them. 

Kate : Since we’re going pretend to be in a relationship, we need to act the part. … My name is Kate, ………….Kate, Fang Wei Qi… . 

I was blushing. 

I knew it. 

And I was sure Kate could see it. She was tilting her head left and right, trying to see how red I was turning. 

Kate : Oh dear… you blush easily… we need to do something about this. Hey…. Hey…. Jake… look at me…look at me… 

I looked at Kate, and I was totally blown away by her smile. 

Kate : Calm down… 

Jake : I am calm.. 

Kate : Yes.. 

Jake : Yes what ? 

Kate : Your request…. My answer is yes… 

My eyes widened and I could not believe my luck. 

Jake : You’re fucking kidding me… you serious ? 

Kate nodded her head and added. 

Kate : After everything is over that is….. you wanted a chance right ?? I’ll gladly give you that chance… the rest is up to you...

I was so fucking elated that I could have an orgasm on the spot, sorry if it’s a bit exaggerating but that’s just me. I get easily contented remember ? 

The smallest things makes me happy. 

Kate raised an eyebrow at me and laughed before letting go of my hands. 

Kate : Alright, we still have a lot to go through… we…

In my excitement, I cut Kate off and asked her to hold on. 

Jake: wait.. wait wait !!! …. Let me properly introduce myself 

I literally skipped into the same room Kate went into before I did an about turn a second later and exited the room with a straight face. 

Kate saw what I did and burst out laughing. 

I walked over to Kate and reached out both of my hands for hers. 

She was sporting enough to take both my hands with a smile and I could see a playful streak in her eyes. 

This shit could actually be fun. 

With a straight face and the lowest voice I could muster, I introduced myself. 

I could see the look of anticipation on Kate’s face and expression. 

Jake : My name is Jake , Jake Teo . ( Jake Teo sounds the same as Hokkien dialect for a sprain ) 

Kate’s expression changed from one of anticipation to one of bewilderment. 

I did not let up and cleared my throat. 

I knew the moment was right. 

I let go of her hands and held up my right index finger and my thumb, displaying the figure of a mock gun, pretending I’m striking some secret agent pose. 

Jake : Teo,….. Jake Teo 

I was about to give a smirk like smile when Kate came over and slapped me lightly on my cheek. 

Smack !. 

Jake : Ouch… what was that for. 

Kate held both my shoulders and brought her face close to me. 

Kate : Promise me something Jake… 

Jake : What ? .. 

Kate : Don’t ……………fucking…..…ever…….. do ……………that ........ again….

I nodded with my eyes wide open and right at that moment, the door to the house opened. 

It was Gabriel and Uncle Ben. 

Gabriel : Wah… good to see you guys are on track…. How’s the progress?? 

Uncle Ben : too early for hanky panky … what’s going on ?? 

Kate let go of my shoulders and took a deep breathe, patting her chest several times in a bid to calm herself down. 

Jake : I’m sorry Kate ……. I didn’t think you would take it so badly… 

Gabriel : take what so badly ? 

Jake : This … 

I struck the pose again, perked up my butt as if I’m Stephen Chow in his movie and looked at Gabriel and Uncle Ben from the side of my eyes. 

Kate coughed and she patted her own chest again. 

Jake: My name is Jake…. Jake Teo…. 

Gabriel’s jaw dropped and he froze. 

Uncle Ben’s cigarette almost fell from his lips. 

Barely 2 seconds passed when I watch Uncle Ben walked right over to the Sabre on display and tried to lift it up. 

Jake : Fuck… fuck.. fuck… 

I scrambled towards the door as Kate quickly shouted after me to text her my email. 

I hopped into a cab and got back home. 


I text Kate my email address and she sent me a docket of files and more documents. 

The more I read, the harder it was for me to stop. 


Kate msg : Sleep early Jake… you’re going to need it. .. good night… 

Jake msg : Goodnight. 

I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes thinking of how this would unfold. 

One thing for sure, I can’t wait to meet the rest of her family. … 


I woke up in the wee hours of the morning again and the routine repeats.

It was as if everything had been choreographed. Hardly anything deviates from the routine.

From the route we take from Tampines to Joo chiat, to who switched on the lights, who turned on the tap, who emptied the loose change into the money container.

What my parents did every morning was the same, the order in which they did them too remained unchanged. Their individual roles clearly defined and they could go on without the need to even speak to one another.

For 2 whole weeks, I did exactly as what my parents did, taking on small roles. My responsibilities gradually grew by the end of the 10th day. I tried to make some changes to the work flow but was greeted with only angry stares and I gave up.

I did my role dutifully, asking questions and taking notes.

When my parents saw how serious I was, they slowly talked to me about the recipe. How do you prepare the chilli , which supplier to get your goods from, and to diversify your sources.

Mum : Your noodles, Char siew, everything, you cannot depend on one supplier.

Jake : Why not ?

Mum : What if something happens to one of them ? Where will you get your supplies ?

Jake : Won’t the quality be different ?

Mum : No. It’s the same, just that you need to play the game properly. If you always get goods from this supplier and not the other, in times of need, you won’t get what you want if your regular guy is unable to deliver.

She also added that if you don’t patronise other suppliers, there would be bad blood.

Jake : I never knew there’s politics in the coffee shop..

There were also some unspoken rules in the workplace that my parents slowly passed on to me.

I can take money from Kate but not Gabriel and Uncle Ben for the noodles. I have no fucking idea why.

Gabriel and Ben came a couple of times, they never offered to pay, neither did my parents ask them for money. Perhaps it was because of the special rent arrangement.

I also noticed something peculiar with our drinks bill.

No matter how many coffees or canned drinks we ordered, it was always $5. That was the amount Kate would take from my parents. We would rake up at least 6 coffee plus a couple of canned drinks in a day, not to mention the occasional half boiled eggs and toasted bread.

Once I tried to pay Kate more by giving her a 10 dollar bill and I left before she could give me the change. She walked over without a word and dropped the change into my parent’s money tin.

No one batted an eyelid.

Within the short period of time, I already got to know quite a few regular customers.

There’s a man, dressed in shabby dusty clothes , he looked like a construction worker but he’s not. According to my mum, he’s unemployed. 3-4 times a week, he would walk in, barely sober. He’s not old, in his early 40s I guess but he just bumps around. Sometimes I would hear him sing in the wee hours of the morning by the side road.

He would get a bag of coffee from the drinks stall and a packet of noodles from ours.

Not a word of thank you, he would not even acknowledge us with eye contact.

His name is Bill according to Kate. That was all I knew about him.

Then there’s the girls.

Working girls.

They would come early in the morning, 6am or so with their bosses, or rather men who booked them out for the night. You could tell they were freshly showered, the glow of sex was on their faces. Freshly fucked, freshly showered.

Most of them are lookers and they would joke playfully with my parents.

Girl 1 : Auntie… your son very handsome leh… haha..

Girl 2 : Yah lor… Got the Korean Oppa look leh… introduce to me leh… haha..

My dad would smile cheekily while checking out their skimpy clothings while I try to hide my erection. My mum on the other hand would shoo them away, asking them to stop their nonsense.

They’re big spenders, the bosses would sit down, probably feeling satisfied from the lightening of their testicles, they would chat quietly, usually passing a 50 dollar bill to the girl for the noodles.

For them, there is a special price too.

My dad would always give the proper change after taking the 50 dollar bill, the working girls would always cheekily stuff all the 10 and 5 dollar bills into my dad’s money container, bringing back only the coins and 2s.

I can’t be the only one that noticed this but no one said a word.

There were several old folks that could not afford to pay in full for their food too and my parents just accepted what they have.

Foreign workers, army boys, they get upsized noodles at no extra charge.

I asked my mum if that made business sense, she replied not everything in life is about money.

At the end of each day, I would go back for a quick shower and come right back to Kate’s place.

She did not ask me to but after the 1st couple of days, I just took it as part of the routine and she never rejected me. I would go up to her place, we would talk, she would answer my questions if I had any.

It was like visiting a tuition teacher.

The more I got to talk to Kate, the better I got to understand her.

How she thinks, what makes her tick.

Her likes and dislikes.

Sometimes I spent an hour, sometimes two.

There was once I fell asleep in her living room because I was exhausted. I woke up with a blanket on me.

7th Jan 2015


3.30 pm

I’ve been going on the theory part for about 2 weeks. Kate said something about moving on to the practical portion of my role the day before.

I gave up trying to decipher what she was up to after a while, there’s so much I don’t understand about her family structure and I guess the only way to find out would be to plunge myself in slowly.

I finally had a better idea of the election Kate mentioned when we first talked about this.

It’s a small one, there will be only 8 votes.

You guessed it.

The votes come from each of the so call elders within the organisation.

Gabriel has been at the helm for 5 years and it’s time to pass the baton.

Now comes the tricky part.

Ever since the beginning, the baton has only been passed between 2 families.

One would be Gabriel and Kate’s family, the other is Andy.

It made logical sense because Andy’s family has both an accounting/audit firm and a small law practice. Gabriel’s managing his family’s investment holding company. They would be the best to take up the post to lead the organisation.

The other elders held a mish mash of weird business that i wondered if they were actually making money.

Well, Uncle Ben is a rice distributor, I’m pretty sure he’s doing ok.

Let just say given a choice, I don’t think I want to venture down the route the other 5 did.

Simple math, 8 votes, you get more than 4, you win.

In the event of a tie, which everyone would do all they can to avoid because it opens up a can of worms. If 2 candidates are tied, Kate’s granduncle, who currently lives in Taiwan, would have to preside over the matter and decide who would lead the organisation.

If he deems both of them unfit, he has the right to take over. Given that he was cast aside by his brother, ( Kate’s grandfather ) , he held a bitter resentment for the family. If he gets a chance to do it, he would fuck everyone up.

You can vote for yourself, unless you are the current leader, which meant Gabriel’s vote would go to Andy since Gabriel wanted Andy to take over from him.

Together with Uncle Ben, our side has already secured 3 votes.

We need only 2 more.

Next comes the headache.

People are unhappy.

It’s the same everywhere, when the status quo remain unchanged for so many years, everyone gets restless. They start to question, would it not be better if they themselves take up the leadership of the organisation.

Kate told me that there had been rumours going around for a while.

The other elders no longer trust their families. They wanted someone else to represent them. They don’t know who yet but it would not be any of the 3 on our side.

Now, none of the elders can go around canvassing for votes or to poke their noses around asking who’s voting for who, which is where I come into the picture.


Out of the other 5 elders, one is a woman, the other 4 are men. It would not be convenient or nice for Kate to be talking to them. They don’t really respect the girls, but if Kate introduces me as her partner, it would give me an opportunity to poke around. 

Why would they trust me or even talk to me you say ? 

They won’t trust me for shit according to Kate unless they think I have information they might want. 

They’ll talk to me, meet me up alone even, perhaps arrange a secret meeting to ask me about what Kate and Gabriel were up to. 

Yeah, dagger and spy stuff I know but when the main motivation is money, you can be surprised what people are willing to do. 


A lot is at stake. 


I rang the doorbell to Kate’s place and was surprised that Andy was there as well. 

Andy : EH hi…. Come in come in… we’re short of time… 

I entered the place and realised all the curtains were drawn. 

It’s dark and the lights were not on. 

Jake : What’s happening ? 

Andy : Your first practical lesson on how to deal with each of the assholes you would be meeting… 

Jake : Oh… 

Andy leaned against the table and gave me a summary of what I already knew. The characters of each of the elders, what dirty tricks they have and how they would manipulate people. 

They had these information complied when Gabriel was poking around on behalf of his dad many years ago. 

Andy : Jake… look at me. 

Jake : Yah ? 

Andy : These….. are not nice people… they may seem nice on the surface…. But you should always know they have an agenda….these so call practical lessons won’t prepare you much but it would at least give you a taste of what these people would do or how far they were willing to go. 

I nodded my head and loosen my shoulders. 

I flexed my fingers too and looked around the house. 

I’ve seen this in the movies, a few guys would jump out, screaming and shouting , I would hit them, maybe they would hit me. Then they would tie me up or some shit, make me betray my friends and stuff. 

Finger tips. 

Andy : Here… 

He showed me a few letters and digits on his phone. 


There is no meaning to it. 

Andy : All you have to do is not reveal it. 

I rubbed my hands together and nodded. 

I’ve been through POW (prisoner of war ) training back in the army. They can dunk me in water a hundred times and I held on. Not even a hot cup of milo could tempt me to get out of the freezing water as I struggled to keep myself afloat. 

This will be a walk in the park. 

Andy : Alright…. This is for Lucy …. Just to give you a taste of what to expect from her… ….. good luck. 


The only female among the elders in the group. 

Lucy owns a chain of 4 massage parlours and a KTV. No prices for guessing the extra stuff she provides on the side. Lucy had a good stable of Malaysian girls through her connection with her aunt back in Malaysia.

Lucy is a vampire in my opinion. It’s like she doesn’t age. 

I’ve seen her pictures. She’s supposed to be nearing 40 but my god. 

She don’t look a day over 30. 

Her skin is fair and flawless. She looks good without makeup and even better with some. Lucy is snake according to the information I had read so far. 

She has a great figure, from the pictures of her in her social media account, I could tell her breast is a comfortable ‘C’ . A handful. Her cleavage would make a nice resting spot for your face . 

Depending on the way Lucy dressed, she can look like the hot career women you see in Raffles place, or maybe the up and rising banker at the financial district. Even in her casual wear, she looks like the hot your mother on her way to pick up her kids. 

Lucy is pretty, prettier than Kate if I were to be honest. She has that matured women charm that men of all ages would find it hard to resist. I bet my savings if you see her, you would be gay if you didn’t want to fuck her. 

She had taken over the spot of elder from her mum a few years ago and Lucy is a wild card. No one knows where her allegiance lies. 

I cheekily asked Kate what would happen if Lucy made me sleep with her that this was her reply. 

Kate : Technically we’re not really in a relationship , so I can’t do anything if you slept with her…. But you can kiss your chance goodbye after this is over. 

Andy : Go in when you are ready…..

I opened the door into Kate’s room, feeling a little amused as I closed it. 

These people sure are creative. 

I came face to face with Kate who was playing with her phone in her chair. 

Jake : Oh hi.. 

Kate looked up from her phone before putting it down. 

The aircon was on in the room, humming softly above my head. 

Kate wore a pair of light pink sleep shorts and a black singlet. I could see her bra strap on her shoulders and I felt a tinge of excitement. 

In fact my erection was already starting to stir. 

Kate walked towards me and I was so excited that my palms started to sweat. 

Before I could say a word, Kate held onto my waist and pressed herself against me, squeezing my erection against my body. 

Jake : Woah… woah…. So serious ah… hahah… 

I looked down at Kate but she was not smiling. 

You got to be really naïve if you think just being a little touchy feely would get me. This was the perfect chance for me. 

I held onto Kate’s shoulders and she did not reject me or push me away. 

This is it I told myself. 

Maybe she would have sex with me, in exchange for the information. 

I tried to be cheeky and bent down to try and kiss Kate but she turned away, visibly irritated. 

I tried not to laugh. 

I can be a pervert if I chose to. 

Kate’s fingers went under my shirt, tracing my stomach and finally settling on my nipples. 

Jake ; Erghh.aahh….

Her other hand joined the first and soon she was playing with my nipples under the shirt. 

I did the only natural thing every guy would do. 

I held onto Kate’s waist and slowly slid my hands up. 

I got close. 

My hands got closed, so closed to cupping Kate’s breast when she retreated and slapped me on my face. 

Smack ! 

Jake : Owww !... hey… 

I lost it at that moment and I tried to grab Kate’s wrist, within seconds I realised it was a fatal mistake. 

She jumped me. 

She fucking jumped me, and put me in a choke hold, catching me totally off guard. I was dragged backwards and I landed onto Kate on her queen size bed. 

I was gagging and choking, tapping furiously on her arm. 

Instead of letting up, Kate’s legs went around my body and she fucking tried to hyperextend my neck from my body. 

Jake : oei !!!.. oeareh!!... cough!!!.. aweogig!!!! 

I really thought I would black out for a moment and when Kate let go of me, I was sucking in precious gasp of air. 

Andy knocked on the door and asked. 

Andy : Everything ok ?? 

I was about to reach for the door when Kate pulled me by my hair back down onto the bed. 

Jake : arcgghghghghh!!!! Cut… cut… wait… stop… time out !! aRGHH!!!... are you mad ! 

Kate straddled me near my groin and I froze, breathing heavily on her bed as she asked me for the information. 

Kate : Tell me…. Lucy would surely seduce you with her body…. You already know what to expect…. Quick… tell me so we can end this… 

I shook my head. 

Part of me was stubborn and the other part a little upset she was so rough. 

Kate, while straddling my body, started to move on her knees. 

My breathing got faster, my heart thumping harder. 

Kate got close to my face as she balanced herself with her hands by my ears. As she got closer, her hands left the side of my face, eventually Kate’s knees were right beside my cheeks. 

I could not breathe. 

My erection was throbbing so hard, begging to be left free. 

Kate’s privates were so close to me I could smell them. 

I could detect the fragrance of the detergent she used for her clothes. I could see the opening of her shorts. Not only could I see the opening from the bottom, I could see the layer behind her. That purple lace panty she was wearing. 

Jake : Arhh.. aghhhhh…. 

Kate grabbed a handful of my hair and she bent down a little , whispering softly to me. 

Kate : I’ll give you a blowjob if you tell me… 

The mere mention of a blowjob shook my resolve but I gritted my teeth and ignored her. 

Kate continued whispering to me . 

Kate : You don’t want ? …. No ? really ? …. You don’t want me to suck your cock ?? huh ? …. Jake…. Look at me….. you really don’t ?? 

I was shaking so bad I knew I had to do something. 

My hands were free, I tried to grab Kate’s body and pull her off my but she was faster, Kate clamped her knees against the side of my head and ears, squeezing against my temples and I tapped her arms again for her to stop.

I also forgot about the tuff of hair she was holding on and was left nursing a sore patch above my head. 

Kate : I mean it Jake… I’ll give you a blow job… you don’t want ? … 

I knew it was a lie. She would say anything. 

Jake : huh….erghhhhh. !!! … 

My eyes widened as I gasped in a breathe of air. 

That feeling. 

The sensation. 

I looked at Kate and say her left hand had gone behind her body and she was reaching my my dick. 

I tried hard not to moan as Kate rubbed her fingers playfully against the swollen tip of my cock. 

She would graze them lightly before tracing the path of my zipper, pressing the cold metal down onto my erection. 

Kate : Last chance Jake… I mean it… you don’t want a blow job ?? 

Her rubbing of her fingers intensified and I was about to beg her to stop when I felt Kate reached for the top of my zipper. 

Within a split second, the zipper was off and I could feel my cock desperately straining to get out of my pants. My boxers had to be badly stretched by then. 

Kate was still facing me while her left hand gripped the tip of my cock. I could feel her going for the buttons on my boxers. She realised she could not do it with one hand so she used her right as well. 

By right that would give me a chance to push her off but I can’t

I was caught in a trance. 

Both of Kate’s hands made short work of the buttons and I could feel the cold air of the room hit my naked dick once Kate took it out. 

Her fingers. 

She smooth slender fingers touching and playing with my throbbing dick. 

Kate : You don’t want ? really ? blow job ?? 

I was losing it. 

I was really losing it when Kate let go of my cock and instead stood upright with her knees, positioning her bottom right about my face. 

Kate : Then how about you give me something to moan about ? 

Kate parted her soft cotton shorts and I could see her lace panty. 

I could even see the wet patch that was slowly growing. 

Kate : I’m….. I’m wet already Jake…. See… 

Kate’s finger went under her panty before emerging with sticky strand of her natural juice. It was in front of my face, right in front of me. 

That strand stretched and floated above my lips for a while before falling off, landing on my chin. 

Kate : I’m really wet already Jake….tell me… tell me and I’ll let you fuck me…. I’m already wet… 

Kate’s right index finger pressed onto the ridge of my nose. The same right finger that she had coated with her pussy nectar. She slowly traced the ridge of my nose down before wiping it down above my lips. 

I could smell Kate. 

I could smell her. 

That alluring scent of pheromones was driving me nuts. 

Kate whispered again. 

Kate : Last chance… the most we call it off and move on to the next practical… it’s fine with me… 

I was shaking, shivering and I watch Kate slowly pushed her index finger under her lace panty again before emerging once more, this time round her nectar seemed more thick, more viscous and Kate pressed it onto my lips. 

Kate : Tell me Jake… please….

Her finger dug into my mouth forcing me to taste her and I did, sucking and swallowing everything on her finger. 

Kate laughed and asked me again. 

She removed her singlet, leaving only her bra. 

Kate : Tell me Jake… quick… tell me and we’ll have time for a quick fuck before Andy knocks on the door again. 

I could not take this any longer. 

I can’t

I need to fuck her so bad. 

I nodded my head eagerly

Jake : I’ll tell you…. I’ll tell you… 

Kate smiled and unbuckled her bra causing me to groan for no reason. 

She lowered her body towards me and I could feel her bra cups rubbing against my nipples as Kate kissed me by my ears. 

Kate : Tell me…. what is it… 

Jake : X….. Xot19…

Kate kissed me again and she slowly lifted herself off me to buckle her bra back.

Jake : What… why are we stopping ?

Kate ignored my and started to put on her clothes.

I tried to get up when Kate grabbed a tuff of my hair and shook me hard a few times.

Jake : Arhhhh.. ahhhhhh. Arghhhhhh !!!

Andy started knocking on the door again.

Andy : Everything ok ??

Kate shouted back.

Kate : He said it…. Lasted barely half an hour…

Kate tidied her hair a little and opened the door for Andy.

Andy came in and saw my exposed cock.

Andy : Oh fuck…cover that please…

I regained my composure and sat back up to cover myself.

Andy : Ok… I doubt you will survive Lucy but anyway…. Next up…. Roland. … I got to go Kate… you brief Jake about Roland…




I remember Roland.

Just before he left Kate asked Andy to flash me the digits once more.

Kate : Andy… show him the digits..

He looked a little puzzled but did it anyway before leaving.

My eyes widened as Andy flashed me the same set of digits on his phone.


It’s the same set of number

As soon as he’s done, he left the room and Kate locked the door.


I immediately stood up on her bed as Kate started rummaging in a box before taking out a condom and a 6 inch dildo.

Roland….. is gay…

I looked at Kate who was waving both of it at me and shouted.

Jake : You got to be fucking kidding me ….!!..

I backed away and went for the door but it’s locked.

Jake : NO!!!.. no.. no… Xot19… I tell you now… I’ll tell you now…

Kate laughed and walked over to me.

Jake : Stay back… stay back….. xot19…. Xot19….take it… take it…. It’s the same… Andy showed me the same…….stop….. stay back…… I swear I will fucking punch you Kate !!.

Jake : I will fucking punch you !..

I pointed a finger in a threatening manner at her.

Kate ignored me and came over before sitting down on the bed.

She patted to her side , asking me to join her.

Kate : Come here Jake…don’t worry…

I hesitated for a moment before heading over and sat a distance away from Kate.

Kate laughed and added it’s not for me.

Kate : It’s not for you la !

Kate put it away and said it was a joke.

Roland is not into that.

Kate got up and switched off the air conditioner before drawing back all the curtains.

Kate : We’ll talk about Roland in the living room

Right before we left the room I asked Kate one question.

Jake : Just curious… do you use that ?

Kate turned, looked at the dildo before turning back to me.

Kate : Yeah… all the time… haha

I joined Kate at the table and the moment she opened her laptop, I knew the playful Kate was gone. She’s got her game face up again.

Gabriel, Andy, Ben, Lucy.

Kate : Ok….. Roland.


Kate tapped away on her laptop for a while before turning it over to face me.

Kate : Roland is smart. He’s probably the smartest of the lot. He’s well travelled, devours books for snacks and he’s an avid art collector….

Jake : Oh…

Kate : How good are you with Renaissance Arts ?

I had to stop my jaw from dropping as I replied.

Jake : I’m very very good at not knowing shit about them…. Who the fuck would know this ? …

I waved my hands around the room.

Jake : You pluck a guy off the streets and tell me if he knows about this !...

Kate rolled her eyes and ignore me.

Kate : Well, it’s ok, the worst you can do is pretend you know when you don’t. Roland knows his stuff and I would rather you be honest and say you don’t know what he’s talking about if he brings up a subject that you are not familiar with.

She pulled up a screen and showed me cutleries arrangements.

Jake: What is this ?

Kate : Roland would likely invite you for a meal, he likes to host and especially you’re a guy, I’m betting he would ask you over for dinner…

Jake : will you be going along ?

Kate : I would if he asked. ….

Kate went on to tell me that Roland was particular with table manners.

Kate : Use the wrong utensils for the wrong meat, he might just throw a fit…. The word out in the street was that he once stuck a dessert fork into someone’s car bonnet. That poor chap used it for his steak after cutting them up into small bite size chunks and dunking it in the gravy.

Jake : That’s anal man…

Kate : And don’t mention anal in front of him….. unless you are prepared to do it.

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and Kate went on.

Kate : He likes to drink too. What’s your poison ?

Jake : I’m ok with wine, beer and whiskey.

Kate : He loves his whiskey, you have any particular favourite ones ?

Jake : ERmmm… Chivas ?? Johnny walker ?? ….

Kate paused for a moment before suggesting a few others.

Kate : Hibiki ? Glenmorangie ? Glenfiddich ? …. Laphroaig ??

My eyes stared straight at Kate as she tried to elicit a response.

Kate : No ?

I sighed and replied.

Jake : As my general rule, I don’t drink anything I can’t pronounce ….

Kate : hahaha…

Jake : It’s not funny, I can’t order them if I can’t pronounce them… the fuck is wrong with the distillers these days… all these fancy names…

I raised up a few fingers and counted them off.

Jake : What does Roland like ? Tiger ? Anchor ? Carlsberg ? Guinness ?

Kate shook her head and ignored me.

Kate returned to the screen and asked me to be mindful when Roland raised his glass to mine.

Kate : He’s older than you, hold your glass lower than his and look at him in his eye. … do you smoke Jake ?

Jake : No I don’t…

Kate : Roland does, he’s a pretty heavy smoker so get ready for some 2nd hand smoke.

Kate went on and asked me to keep the conversation going.

Kate : He likes to talk… so keep talking to him. Don’t zone out and don’t fucking look at your phone and scroll through facebook or some shit.

Jake : okayyyy…..

This was starting to feel like a lecture.

Another 15 minutes passed and we wrapped up Roland’s discussion.


Kate : Are you tired ? Can you go through one more ?

I looked at Kate and the setting sun outside the window. This might actually be a good chance to have dinner with her.

Jake : Let’s do it all today… all of them..

Kate : What ? …

She looked at the time and pointed to the clock.

Kate : You don’t need to be at the stall tomorrow ? We’ll probably be done only at 10 or 11pm…

Jake : We could … have dinner and …. Ermm…. Go through them at the same time ?? haha..

Kate’s eyes narrowed, reading my thoughts immediately.

Jake : Come on… I’ll treat… I’ll go Dabao ( order take away ) from the other street or something…

Kate nodded her head and I wanted to pump my fist in the air.

A series of crazy thoughts ran through my head.

And I meant really crazy thought.

Maybe I should get her drunk ? Or drug her fried rice or something.

Kate was still wearing the same singlet and shorts, definitely the same lace panty.

The same one she wet herself in a few hours ago.

If only I could take those article off her piece by piece, I would die with no regrets.

I tried not to grin as I asked Kate what she wanted for dinner.

Kate : Anything… you ordering Tze char ? just get something to share ?

Jake : Fried rice, stir fried vegetables and…. Sweet sour fish ?

Kate : Sounds good… I’ll go get ready for the next one.

Jake : Who are we doing next ?

Kate replied without turning back.

Kate : King.

I let myself out of the door as Kate disappeared into the store room.

Jogging down the steps, I made my way across the road to the seafood stall and placed my order.

I leaned against a old pillar and waited for my order to be cooked.



Unique name I must say , Out of all the elders, he creeps me out the most. 

King has only 1 business, he deals with incense and joss paper. Not only is he one of the big distributor in the country, he also has his own walk in shop. I’ve seen the photos, it’s like a minimart, the shelves stocked with a variety of household items for the dead. 

Iphone , imac, bags, keyboards, cars, planes, houses, everything. 

If you can find it in the real world, King has one made for the afterlife. 

Some of the items were designed in house available uniquely for Singapore market, I’ve seen a picture of a COE ( certificate of entitlement ) and a IU ( In vehicle unit ) in one of his cars package. 

Talk about being creative. 

King is a man of few words. 

He hates it when people are superficial. He’s direct, very direct when he speaks, which is why he offends people most of the time. 

King is considered an outcast among the elders but he pulls his weight when it comes to money matters. 

Kate subtly hinted that if any elders needed some magic done with their money, King is the one to go to. 

No one can question why that paper house you are about to burn cost $13888, or why the 2 maids that comes with it cost $1888 each. 

Not even the tax man can ask you why you choose to spend a 100k on offerings to burn for the dead. The dead don’t talk. 

Neither does King. 

Dealing with paper products made King really good with paperwork. 

With Andy’s company doing his accounts and tax, you can be sure no one would ever bother him. 


I collected the food I bought and headed back to Kate’s place. 

As I walked up the stairs, I could smell something burning. 

Incense, perhaps candles, I’m not sure. 

I rang the bell and Kate opened the door a moment later. 

Jake : You got to be shitting me ….. 

Kate lit a couple of candles and joss sticks on the dining table. There is also a stack of incense paper beside it. 

Kate : I’m Christian actually so I’m not sure how this actually works but anyway…. These are something you should properly be familiar with. 

I set the food down on the table and I immediately jumped. 

Jake : Fuck !... what the fuck ! man…. What is that ?? ! 

I pointed to the paper figurine standing outside the storeroom. 

You know the figurine of the boy and girl you see at Taoist funerals, Kate has the boy leaning against the wall, on the verge of toppling over while the girl’s face was slightly crushed. 

Jake : What are you doing !! 

Kate replied nonchalantly and asked me what is wrong 

Kate : What’s wrong ? 

Jake : What’s wrong ?? I almost fucking pissed in my pants… why do you have that here ?? 

Kate looked genuinely unconcerned as she walked over and picked both of the figurines up and came over to me. 

I backed away immediately and started to pray to no one in particular. 

Jake : Sorry ah… sorry ah…. Brothers, sisters…. Uncles…. Aunties….. sorry…sorry…. Little kids don’t know anything… 

Kate : Don’t be silly Jake… come over here… 

Kate put the 2 figurines on 2 chairs at the dining table and went to her laptop. 

Jake : I’m not eating with the 2 of them there man… no way… 

Kate laughed and explained that it was Gabriel’s idea. He wanted to see if I would freak out over things like this. 

Kate : You have to deal with your fears man…. If not, you would not even get to speak with King. 

Jake : Can we skip King ? He’s very creepy… 

Kate : No… 

Kate dragged me over to her side and pointed to the photos on her screen. 

Kate : Now… it’s very easy to tell if Kings likes you or not…. 

She pointed to King’s place of business. His office, retail outlet and warehouse are all within the same industrial building. 

Kate : This…. Sells everything meant for the gods…..while this…. Sells everything meant for the dead…. 

Jake : So ? 

Kate : So… when you meet with him, see where he asks you to go. 

Jake : Oh fuck… this cannot be happening.. 

Kate : I’ve been to the shops, honestly the one for the dead looks more interesting…. 

I swivelled my eyes without moving my head towards Kate, looking at her sideways before shaking my head. 

Kate : Ok.. .. the key word here is respect… That’s what King is particular with. 

Kate raised up 3 fingers. 

Kate : Respect the gods, respect the dead, respect the living…. 

I nodded my head and asked if Kate can put away the figurines. 

Kate : HAiyah !!!.. you very sissy leh… 

She grabbed both of them up and shoved them right into my face. 

I reared back and started praying to no one again as she laughed before keeping them in the storeroom. 

Jake : that’s very rude Kate…. Some times… these things… must respect. 

Kate raised up her 3 fingers again. 

Kate : What did I say earlier. ?? 

Jake : Respect the gods….. the dead…. And the living…. 

She nodded her head and pointed to the storeroom

Kate : tell me which category those fall into ? Paper ?

I was speechless for a moment and Kate waved me off and began to set the table for dinner. 

We did not talk about the elders as we enjoyed a quiet dinner. We hardly talked in fact but it was not awkward at all. I just felt comfortable; hopefully Kate feels that way too. 


Kate made a pot of tea and we moved to the sofa. 

Instead of taking the seat opposite her, I tried my luck by taking the one beside. 

Kate did not react and instead opened up the next folder, putting one half on her lap and the other on mine. 

Next on the list ;


Matthew is also Ah Keong’s father.

Yup, the huge burly chicken rice seller.

Matthew is a contractor and he rakes in a healthy profit every year. He’s not well liked by the other elders too because he’s too power hungry. Truth be told, Matthew is the one that goes around stirring up everyone’s emotions.

He plays dirty, real dirty. His forte is driving a wedge between people.

One major discontentment he has is with his son. Ah Keong.

Not only is Ah Keong fiercely loyal to Gabriel, he also refused to touch his dad’s business. This caused a strain in the father and son relationship.

Kate : One thing I should let you know about Ah Keong…. He sort of likes me I think…

Jake: What ! ..

Kate shrugged her shoulders and went on.

Kate : He expressed his feelings for me a year ago but I told him I only see him as a brother…

Images of him wielding his chopper sent a shiver down my spine and I shook my head to get rid of the image.

Kate : You should look out for him Jake… be careful… don’t be easily swayed by his words…

Jake : Orh…

Kate brought up pictures of Matthew’s office and staff annual dinner.

Kate : Matthew has the most men among all the elders…

That picture of Matthew sitting in the middle with 3 rows of men standing behind him spoke volumes. It was taken in front of some builders association. Normally you would expect rows of indian workers but not for Matthew.

Mostly are locals and Malaysians with a few Thais and Chinese.

If the occasion calls for it, other elders go to Matthew for manpower if you get my drift.

When you can no longer solve problems in a law abiding manner, you have to get creative .

With employees looking like they belong in a Hong Kong triad film, I’m sure you can resolve all your conflicts.

It was close to 9pm when Kate closed the file on Matthew.

Kate : It’s late…. You better go back and rest.

Kate stretched on the sofa and the fullness of her breast got to me again.

I could feel my erection stirring once more.

Kate saw me looking at her and she stopped stretching.

Kate : What do you want ? … I’m not sleeping with you…

Jake : ERmm… earlier you mentioned a blowjob…

Kate shot me an evil stare and I looked away.

She came back out from the kitchen after clearing the cups and teapot and asked.

Kate : We’re down to the last one. ….Terry…... You want to finish it off ?

Jake : It’s late… ermm… can I stay over ? … I mean I just work downstairs…. And…

Kate’s folded arms and narrow eyes gave me the answer I seek and I stopped myself halfway.

Kate : It’s very….. weird Jake… if you stayed over… come on… don’t do this…

I gave a sheepish smile and said my goodbyes.

As I descended down the steps, I could feel my footsteps getting lighter.

I don’t know why but I felt happy.

I’m just glad I got to spend time with Kate.

Right when I was about to get to the bottom of the stairs, I heard a commotion.

I can hear several men shouting.

Suddenly a figure flashed past me before falling down onto his back.

Curses were tossed about and several men started shouting and cursing at each other. The pushing and shoving started within seconds and the first person I thought of was Kate.

I wanted to run back up, to warn her that some men were fighting below her place. It’s getting late and that area can get a rowdy at times when people had a glass too many to drink.

I could hear someone trying to break up the fight.

Man : Aiyah. Suar la… suar la… ( forget it, forget it ) … gia la.. ( let’s go )…. Lim jiu lim jiu, ( let’s go drink )

Everyone was trying to speak and it was utter chaos.

I remained where I was, unwilling to step out of the stairwell into the 5 foot way.

Another few seconds of pushing and cursing ensure before it stopped.

Not only did the commotion stop, it stopped really abruptly.

Like as if someone flicked a switched and hit the mute button.

I saw a couple of men turned to their back before gently nudging each other back down the direction where the pubs were.

Within seconds the scene cleared.

It was surreal and I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was not dreaming.

Peace returned to the 5 foot way.

I stepped out into the open and barely 2 metres from me stood this familiar figure.

My eyes widened.

Bill tipped his dirty cap at me and I returned a nod.

He lid up a cigarette, started to sing in Hokkien and settled onto the floor right in front of the staircase.

I looked down the alleyway and I could see the group of men a distance away, whispering and pointing at Bill.

I got into a cab and made my way back home.

I never expected life to be so interesting at a coffee shop.

Gabriel , Andy , Ben , Roland, Lucy, King, Matthew .

Last one up, Terry.

I spent the most time on Terry’s files, because he’s 65, has a 37 year old wife from China and a 17 year old daughter.

You see, I’m not a pervert but when you see the pictures of mother and daughter looking like siblings instead, it’s bound to catch your attention.

They’re hot.

I pictured the shot I saw of Terry’s wife and daughter in bikini and I chuckled.

I wouldn’t mind talking Renaissance Arts with them.

I could drink fancy whiskey too, those with names I can’t even pronounce.

Hell I might even consider a selfie with a paper figurine as I visually undressed the 2 of them in my head.


I was about to sleep when a picture message arrived on my phone.

I regretted it the moment I opened it as I cursed in my room.

Jake : Fuck ! .

Kate took a selfie with the paper figurine and sent me a picture of it, totally killing my mood.

I threw my phone aside and sighed before closing my eyes.

Weird people, estranged families and colourful characters, it would make a hell of a story if I decided one day to pen it down.


When I next met up with Kate to talk about Terry, she warned me about his manners and attitude. He’s loud, thinks he’s always right and would not hesitate to get into a fist fight if he thinks he has the upper hand.

Terry is another oddball with his own quirky habits. 

He’s in the gold and jewellery business and it’s been on a steady decline for a while. His designs are a dated and they cater more towards the older crowd. Terry’s usually at his small gold shop in Chinatown in the day and closer to the evening, he would head over to his workshop to keep an eye on things. 

Yup, he has his own workshop with 4 staff churning out the jewelries base on his sketches and designs. According to Kate, he isn’t exactly making money and she knows he’s been asking Gabriel for money pretty often. 

Terry also happens to be Kate’s grandmother’s nephew, and she suspects that he’s been asking money from Gabriel to keep up appearances and all. After an accident on a bike in his early 20s, Terry has been walking with a limp on his left leg. It gave him a phobia to get back on the road again and he never picked up driving. 

He’s probably the only one in the entire group that does not own a car or drive so he takes a cab everywhere he goes. 

Terry’s greatest conquest so to speak would be his young wife from China. 

He married her when she was only 20 and they had a daughter that very year. The wife, Suwen, does not work, and her only goal in life would be to spend Terry’s money. 

Their Daughter is in Junior college, no one had really interacted with her before so there was not much information. We only knew her name is Tiffany. 

No prize for guessing what was on her mother’s mind when she gave her that name. 

Most of the elders have a common problem with Terry. 

His foul mouth. 

He curses regularly and is said to be the most uncouth person in the organisation. He likes to antagonise people with rude and sarcastic comments, and he always likes to win an argument. He would raise his voice higher and louder until he shuts everyone out.

There is just a problem. 

Terry always loses his argument, but he made up for it with his loud voice so it appears as if he’s won. 

31st Jan 2015 


By the end of January, word has spread among my ex colleagues that I’m helping at my parent’s place and that I’m going to take over the noodle business. 

A few of my ex colleagues dropped by on weekends to support my parents stall and to catch up a little. Even my boss dropped by one day for a coffee. He kind of hinted that my position would still be available if I decide to head back but I was to give him an answer soon. 

Boss : I can’t keep that position open indefinitely… but don’t worry… let me know… I’ll see what I can do. 

Within that period of time, I had picked up almost all the things I needed to know at the stall with exception of the cooking part. 

I could fall into the mute mime like routine my parents did every morning. Which sauces to top up, which item goes where, where to put the necessary utensils and stuff. I know the rough timing which suppliers deliver their goods and where to put them. 

Small insignificant things that you would not even realise food stall owners had to do if you are not in the trade. Yet without all this behind the scenes preparations, it would not be possible to deliver that piping hot place of noodles you ordered. 

I no longer got in my parents’ way at the stall, knowing exactly where to stand, which spots to avoid. 

I also know some of the regulars by then, the good , the bad, the ugly. 

There’s an asshole who would always pay by coins. We are fine with coins, in fact I love them but this ass always tries to sneak in a few Malaysian coins with his payment. 

It was something that my parents caught on to and insists on counting his payment in front of him before giving him his noodles. I would collect the money from him in advance and spread it out in my hands while he gave me the dirty look. 

He would sneer at me with his eyes when it was all ok while if I happen to catch him using other currencies, he would make some nasty remarks that we don’t trust our regular customers, in future no one will patronise us. 

I always made sure he sees me rolling my eyes before dropping the coins into the money box. 

Then there are those who would turn up with extra large dollar bills. 

I mean come on people, how much loose change do you think a small food stall carries ? 

If the 1st couple of customers comes with a 50 dollar note, it would probably wipe out all their loose change. I saw it happen a couple of times and it made me remember why some stall owners gave me the dirty look when I paid for a $3 plate of chicken rice with a 50 dollar bill. 

Thankfully, the whole coffee shop functions like a community. Everyone helps each other out. 

Kate has a steady supply of loose change which she would gladly exchange with us. 

This brings me to the another issue about the stall. 


I know my math and after a couple of months at the stall, I’ve seen all the delivery invoices. 

I’ve never actually counted the daily takings but just seeing the number of large denomination bills would give you a rough idea how much you are grossing in a single day. 

It’s surprisingly little. 

I counted about 170 in 10s and 50s on a average day. Raw materials probably cost close to 80 a day. This doesn’t include the rent, the utilities and miscellaneous expenses. 

Something just doesn’t really add up. 

I don’t know how much they are paying for the rent but utilities alone for the stall is close to 500 a month base on the amount of water, gas and electricity they are using . 

Don’t forget there’s still the car. They need it to travel to and fro the stall. 

I asked my mum honestly one evening if they are making enough for themselves. 

Mum : Aiyah… enough to get by can already… 

She did not seem like she wants to go into detail so I did not probe further. 

My mum however, did notice Kate and I getting closer. We talked more, and at times when the busy peak hour is over at the coffee shop, the 2 of us would retreat to a corner to have a chat. 

Mum : Are you dating Kate ? 

Jake : Aiyah… you don’t ask so much la… anyway… I’m not heading down to the stall tomorrow… 

Mum : Tomorrow Sunday leh !.... very busy.. 

Jake : I have something on… 

Mum : What you have ?? You go no social life after leaving your job . 

Jake : Hey !... I have… things to do also ok… 

Mum : You going out with who ?? your girlfriend is it ? You going out with Kate ar ?? haha.. 

Jake : yah la… ya la… I’m going out with Kate tomorrow.. 

My mum’s eyes lit up and she gave me the thumbs up approval. 

Mum : don’t do anything stupid ok… use a condom… 

I ignored her and went back to my room. 

10 pm 

After several weeks of preparation and discussion, the big day is finally here. 

It was the eve of Kate’s grandmother’s 80th birthday. 

I was to be formally introduced to her as Kate’s boyfriend, not that it carries a lot of weight in the family but it would be the perfect place for me to get noticed. 

Gabriel said there were hardly any new faces at such gatherings for a while, everyone knew each other and being the only newcomer, I would be getting quite a bit of attention. 

Gabriel : Be careful, don’t take anything anyone said at face value. These people are snakes… 

That was the warning Gabriel gave me. 

Andy on the other hand was a bit more casual, he just asked me to be myself and that everything would be fine. 

Andy : Just stick to the plan of poking around for information and don’t get involved with other matters. 

I was excited. 

I felt as if I was going for a holiday or sort, exploring some foreign country I’ve never been before. All I had was a guide book, and even with the guide book, you can never be sure what surprises the new place would have for me. 

One thing for sure, everyone would want to talk to me, at least that’s what Gabriel told me. He has prepared for me a list of stuff to say as well. Information that I was to casually feed to the elders should they ask. 

I was not to reveal anything unless they asked and even if they do ask, I have to act nonchalant and uninterested. 

What manner to release the information will be decided by me base on the situation. 

Pretend to be drunk, slip of the tongue, or just plain trading of information if I think it’s worth it.


Kate dropped me a message to ask if I remembered to get her grandmother a present and I told her I did. 

She reminded me not to get anything expensive, just a token will do and that she would reimburse me for the present. 

Kate msg : Are you ready to meet the family ?? 

Jake msg : I hope so.. 

1st Feb 2015 



Kate would be busy with the preparations and I was to make my own way to the restaurant for lunch. 

I went to get a haircut, headed back for a quick shower before making my way down to Toa payoh 

The birthday banquet will be held at a old Teochew restaurant, one of grandma’s favourite spot. 

They had booked the entire restaurant for the birthday even though there would be less than 10 tables. 


I wanted to be early and I got there with plenty of time to spare. 

I was dressed casually, just collared t- shirt and pants. I tried to recall the information I had digested over the past few weeks, I was full of anticipation. 

There is something shady going on with Kate’s family that’s for sure but to what extend, I don’t know. 

Lunch was scheduled to start at 12 noon. 

The restaurant is on the 2nd floor, served by a old lift and a long flight of staircase. The restaurant had placed a sign to indicate that the place is closed for private function until 4pm. A staff was also stationed there to turn away walk in crowds 

I saw a few guys milling around the bottom of the restaurant. They looked like they’re there for the birthday celebration too.

I joined the crowd and tried to blend in. It was almost like heading for a wedding reception of a friend and you’re there early. Some of us exchanged looks, most of them just looked at their phone. A couple talked among themselves. 


King was the first to arrive and he looked exactly like the picture in the file. I saw him walked towards the restaurant with both of his hands in his pocket. He strolled casually, slowly. King is thin, really thin. He’s about 1.7m in height and his clothes hung off his body. His cheeks looked sunken. A few of his staff walked behind him, a couple of them wore the company t-shirt with the name of his paper product company printed in red. 

At one glance you might think he’s malnourished or something but he’s not, he’s just thin. 

King took a glance around, saw that he was early and he said something to his guys before walking away. 

Kate beckoned to me from the top of the restaurant and I went up to join her. 

Kate : They’re mostly here, Andy told me he saw their cars at the carpark. Everyone just waiting for one another to go up first. 

Jake : Is it very embarrassing to be punctual ? 

Kate : Don’t ask me…. I have no idea. … 

Jake : Where’s your brother and grandmother ? 

Kate : On their way, will be here any minute. 

Kate’s phone rang again and she left me alone, pointing to the tables inside the restaurant and asking me to make myself comfortable. 


By 11.45am , There were at least 30 guys loitering at the foot of the restaurant, they separated into groups and only talked among themselves. 

Nothing was happening and I got bored. 

I went in and found a seat in the corner of the restaurant. I made sure to avoid the tables with names of the elder’s companies on them. I don’t want to accidentally step on anyone’s toes. 

My spot gave me a good view of the entrance, I could quietly observe everyone that walks in


Gabriel, Kate and their grandmother arrived at the restaurant. 

Kate beckoned me over when she saw me. 

I was immediately introduced to the smiling old lady as Kate’s boyfriend. She gave me a really warm smile and tapped my hand a couple of times, asking me to take care of Kate. I liked her immediately. 

Grandma was showed to her table by Gabriel while Kate pulled me aside.

She whispered to me that we will be sitting at the same table as Grandma but only after everyone says their birthday wishes to her. 

Kate : You don’t want to be seated there like a block of wood when all the knives are flying around

Jake : What knives ? 

Kate : haha… words Jake… words…. You will be surprise how terrible these people can be. 

Kate took out her phone and started to unroll her headphones. 

Jake : What are you doing ? 

Kate : They’re very vulgar and uncouth…. I would prefer not to hear some of them speak… haha… just enjoy my music. 

She gave me a smile and plugged herself in. 

We stood a distance away from the main table, leaning against some chairs. Not too far that we can’t hear what is going on but not too near that we would be draw attention. 


There was some commotion at the door, people speaking loudly in various dialects. Someone just came up and was about to walk in through the door it seemed. 

I looked around the restaurant. It was not what I had imagined. I would have expected staff lining up at both sides of the entrance, and probably some music from god of gamblers plays in the background as the elders strolled in like they own the world but that was not the case. 

The servers were mostly old aunties and uncles, they looked tired and bored. 

I sat upright, anticipating the arrival of the characters I read and heard so much about. 

Uncle Ben walked in first. His hair slicked back with gel. His shirt had the top 2 buttons off and he strolled in with a swagger. A few of his staff followed close behind him and I recognised a couple of them. They usually followed him on his delivery round. 

Uncle Ben has 14 employees, 9 of which are male. Out of those 9, 7 of them are Malay. I don’t see any of them around since the restaurant don’t serve Halal food. I recognised one other Chinese driver that does the delivery and I gave him a friendly wave. 

He returned my wave and I felt a light smack on my arm.

Kate : Don’t anyhow wave to people. 

Jake : Orh… 

Uncle Ben’s staff went to the table with his company’s name written in gold on a red card and took their seats while he continued on towards Grandma. 

Ben : Ah Jee !... ( Sis ) Happy birthday !!! to youuuuuuu…. 

He spread his arms wide and sang in an overly dramatic manner before laughing heartily. 

Grandma laughed and spoke to Ben in Hokkien dialect. 

Grandma : Mai dee xiao xiao la… gui huay liao … ( Don’t do stupid things, you’re already so old ) 

Ben just laughed and gestured to one of his staff who brought up a box. 

I looked in intently as Ben slowly removed the covers. 

My jaw almost dropped when I saw Uncle Ben revealing a gold longevity peach. It’s intricately carved, not very big, probably the size of a large kiwi. 

Ben : 999 eh . .. swee bo !.. ( Pure gold , nice or not ) Happy birthday ah… hahaha… 

Gabriel thanked Ben on behalf and accepted the present and displaying it on a table with red cloth a few steps away. 

I looked down at the present I bought and felt a trickle of sweat fell from my forehead. 

Uncle Ben took his seat the moment Terry stepped into the restaurant. 

I saw the look they exchanged and I could immediately feel the tension in the air. 

Terry walked in with his wife by his side and I could see their daughter following closely behind along with a few old staff.

Before they even got close to grandma, I could heard the sharp exchanged of barbed words. 

Terry :  Aiyoh…. Ben….. so early… scare not enough rice to eat is it ?? Where’s your wife ?? Run away find back liao or not ? 

Before Ben could even react, Terry pointed to the surrounding and staff. 

Terry  : KNN , tak nee jiak ji dao….. jiak kao sian….. lang eh been kuar liao boon sian ( WTF, eat here every year…. So sick of the food, even the faces make me sick just by looking at them ) … 

I could not believe how rude this asshole is.

Ben ignored him and sipped his tea, Kate mentioned before that Ben’s wife left him some time ago and went overseas, it was a sore spot for him and he never talked about it. 

Terry went up to grandma and wished her happy birthday and he saw what Ben had given her. 

Terry  : KNN …. Buy gold never look for me…. Money let others earn also don’t want to let me earn…. CCB . Ben ah… really ah…

I turned and saw Kate give me a smile, her head bobbing slightly to her music. 

Now I finally understood what she meant .

Ben did his best to ignore Terry but he would not let up. 

Terry : Ah khor ah… (aunt ) … come come… happy birthday ah…. 

I watch as he presented grandma with solid gold branch about the size of a 15cm ruler.  On the branch is a small nest with several gold eggs inside. Standing at the side, is a gold canary. 

It’s about the same size at Ben’s peach. Both were arranged neatly in a glass encased box with the bird’s widespread wing almost touching the edge. 

Terry removed the glass to give grandma a better look at the workmanship and she nodded in approval. 

Fuck, everyone is giving gold and I felt the pressure pile on as I looked at my present again. 

Gabriel received the gold and put it beside Ben’s peaches on the same table. 

Terry turned and spoke to Ben again. 

Terry  : eh… si bei bo lei mao leh… ( so rude ) …. KNN… ( fuck ) …. Talk to you like talk to wall… 

Ben slammed down his tea cup when he finally could not take it any longer. 

Terry : Simi simi …. Sio par ah ? ( What what ? You trying to pick a fight ? ) 

I could see grandma shaking her head from the corner of my eye while Gabriel tried not to smile. 

Ben : Diam la … knn… ( shut up , you fuck ) ….. present give people your kuku jiao ( dialect for dick / bird ) 

Terry : Why ? jealous I got wife is it ?? you go find one la…. Find the one that ran away…. 

Ben laughed, sniffed and turned around, looking at the people in the restaurant that had all turned silent.

Even the servers backed away a little. 

Ben : Find wife ah…. Also don’t want to find like yours… eh you chee bye ( you cunt )… you marry wife…. Just marry her enough already… don’t her whole fucking family and kampung bring to Singapore understand or not….. har ? What father, mother… uncle… cousin… simi lan jiao also related also come over… .. you scare no one know you marry china wife ah … 

I could see Suwen getting visibly irritated as she turned away and folded her arms. 

Terry was about to retort but Ben cut him off again. 

Ben : You take MRT right ? … or take bus ?? har… your whole fucking china kampong all come and squeeze MRT… so wonder no space la.. … and you are the one always complain mrt no space… bus no space… tio bo ?? tio bo ?? 

Terry : CCB ! ( you smelly cunt ) .. what shit are you talking ? 

Terry slammed his table with his palm and glared at Ben. 

Ben : AH… I know you smell CCB every night… no wonder your mouth so foul … 

Ben : You ah… you ah… this kind of people… 

Ben pointed at Terry ‘s head with his index finger pointing down onto the floor as he tried to gather everyone attention. 

Ben : On one hand want to protest and complain say government bring so many people in, you on the other hand bring your wife whole family over donno for fuck . Your fucking gold shop hire so many people ah !.. ..

Terry : KNN…. You not happy with me is it…. We go outside and settle this la…!!! CCB!. 

Ben : Diu lei la.. ( Fuck you la ) …. You think you still small kid ah… what the fuck… 65 already still want to act like some young punk… at night also donno if your cock can stand. 

Terry  : My cock can stand and got place to go… your cock, even if stand also no place to put…  

Ben : don’t worry… I know where your wife goes for her spa… I can give her massage…and…

That was the last straw, both men stood up and they almost came to blows before Gabriel broke them off. 

Gabriel : Enough… enough…..Guys !... hello… please show some respect… It’s my grandmother’s birthday… 

Ben and Terry continued their glare at each other and took their seat. 

Terry  : You watch out ! .. 

Ben just flashed Terry his finger before using it to dig his nose. 

I saw Terry turn and looked at my direction and I quickly looked away. That was when my eyes met Tiffany. Tiffany looked as good as the photos I saw, she dressed stylishly in a figure hugging dress and has a pair of nice shapely leg. She glances back down at the phone after meeting my eye, looking away in a stuck up manner. 

Tiffany is fair and she looked like the typical JC girl you see over the weekend. She seemed disinterested in the exchange and just played with her phone. It was as if she could not wait for this to be over so she can get on with her life. 

It was not hard to tell she was forced to attend this lunch. 

It was a quick look but Terry saw it. 

He saw me look at Tiffany. 

He stood up and limped over to me. 

Kate pulled out her headphone immediately and was about to stand in front of me but I stopped her. 

Gabriel and Ben turned and look at me, waiting to see how I would react. 

Terry walked right up to me and asked if I have a problem.

Jake : No. no problem … 

Terry  : Then what are you staring at ??

I kept quiet and said nothing. 

Terry : Stop staring at my daughter I’m warning you .. 

Then the next thing he did caused me to snap. 

I don’t know why. 

I can’t explain it properly but it made me snap. 

It was as if a switch has been flicked inside my head as Terry spit a glob of saliva onto my shoe. 

Terry  : korrrrrrrrrsssss…. Pui !...  

I had to stop myself from shivering we I gripped tightly onto the table beside me as Terry gave me a look threatening me to react. I wanted to punch him so bad but it would look bad on my hitting a 65 year old man. 

It was clear he did it on purpose. 

A classic case of trying to draw attention away from himself and onto me. The restaurant fell silent, everyone and I meant everyone was staring at us.

Our eyes never left each other for 3 seconds as Terry slowly turned away and went back to his seat.

Terry started shaking his legs and demanded for drinks to be served. 

Terry : This is a fucking circus…. What the fuck… everyone is always late… why can’t anyone be on time… 

No one moved or reacted and I felt Kate tug my arm, asking if I’m ok. 

I told her I am and I excused myself to the bathroom. 

I had to stop myself from smashing the mirror as I cleaned up Terry’s spit. What a fucking asshole 

I took deep breathes trying to force myself to smile and when I finally did, I had a shock at how I looked in the mirror. 

Well, if I’m going to play this game, I’m going to have to stop being so nice and easy going. 

I’m going to make sure I fuck Tiffany and I’m going to send Terry a picture of me doing it. 

And when I’m at it, I’m probably going to fuck Suwen as well. 

I rinsed my face and was about to walk out of the bathroom when Gabriel came into the bathroom.

Gabriel : Jake you ok .. 

Jake : Yah. I’m fine… 

Gabriel checked to make sure the stalls of the cubicles are empty before pulling me aside. 

Gabriel  : I need you to do something for me. 

Jake : What is it ? 

Gabriel opened his hands and my eyes widened in shock .

Jake : what is this for ?? !!! 

Gabriel smiled and handed me the 4 golden eggs he swiped from the canary’s nest. It’s small, about the size of a M&M but I could feel it’s weight in gold. 

Gabriel  : time to stir some shit… .. 

Jake : What… what …..  do you want me to do ? 

Gabriel : Oh… just keep it… just keep it and don’t say a word. 

Gabriel gave me a wink and left the bathroom. 


I was visibly distressed when I left the bathroom shortly after Gabriel. Different scenarios ran through my head as I thought about what we had just done. I’m literally at the mercy of Gabriel. 

If he tells on me and informs Terry I swiped his gift, I would get in a whole load of shit in front of everyone in the restaurant, and anyone can tell after that confrontation, I have a beef with Terry. 

I tried my best to calm down and kept a straight face. 

I’m not going to be holding onto the stupid dumb eggs that’s for sure. 

Once I get an opportunity, I would dump it onto someone else. They can go pick up the mess after. 

I got out into the restaurant and saw some commotion at the doorway. 

The next to enter was King. 

His entry was a lot more muted and normal. Just like the average uncle walking into a restaurant. 

There was no fanfare of any sort and his guys knew exactly where to sit while King came up to say his birthday wishes. 

Ben gave King a nod and I saw Terry did the same. 

King acknowledges their nod with one of his own without a word and he continued walking towards grandma. 

I did a mental note of what I saw. 

So this 2 cannot get along, but they still respected King. 

I was worried King would get some nice gold ornament too but I saw his hands were empty. 

Good, at least there’s someone who came here empty handed. 

I was about to snigger when King reached into his pocket and pulled up a package wrapped in brown paper. That was when I almost chuckled. The paper was crumpled and untidy. It was not even taped up properly. 

I guess when you get to a certain age, presentation doesn’t really matter. 

That crumpled wrapper would make my present look better; mine had a colourful wrapping with birthday stamped all over it. 

3 seconds later the smile disappeared from my face when I saw King put 2 pieces of gold bar in front of grandmother. 100gm each. He did not even bother to wrap them up. 

King : Ah Jee ( sis ) … happy birthday ah… 

Grandma beamed brightly with a smile and tapped Kind’s hands. 

King retreated to his seat and I could feel my palms starting to sweat. 

Andy appeared out of nowhere from the back of the restaurant and I overhead him saying he was talking to the banquet manager and the chef. 

He whispered something to Gabriel before joining a table with his staff . 

Kate must have seen me drifting off and she removed her headphones and talked to me. 

Kate : You ok ? What are you thinking about ?? 

Jake : er… nothing… nothing… 

Kate : Tell me… what’s bothering you ?? 

I wanted to tell her about the golden eggs in my pocket but I stopped short of doing so.

I fumbled for an excuse as the entrance area got noisy again. 

Jake : Oh… nothing.. I was thinking the entrance wasn’t really grand … you know…. Like those HK triad shows, when the bosses walk in…. got wind… got music and all… 

Kate : You watch too much TV… 

I was about to laugh when Kate took out her headphone and offered one side to me.

Jake : What is this for ? 

Kate : Take it…. Maybe with this will have a little bit of mood. 

I plugged the earpiece into my ear and looked at the doorway at the same moment and my eyes widened. My mouth opened and gasped for air. The hair at the back of my neck stood on it’s ends as my head took in the beat the moment Lucy stepped into the door. 

Having some background music does make quite a bit of difference. 

If you want to get the full experience, plug yourself in and go to youtube. It’s a Cantonese rap by 24 herb called ‘do you know me’ . I don’t really understand Cantonese but the beat and rhythm and the entrance of the other 3 elders just fell into place together. 

Lucy’s entrance was a stark contrast to Uncle Ben’s swagger. She walked in with her head held high. I was immediately struck by how beautiful she looked in real life. Lucy bared her entire shoulder in a off shoulder blouse that displayed her ample cleavage. Her red blouse brought out the natural fairness of her smooth skin as it wraps around her tight and slim tummy. 

A string of black pearls went around her neck like a choker and her lips, my god. Lucy had lush red lips that I would love to have it wrapped around my dick. 
Paired with a pair of tight white pants and a pair of stylish boots low boots, Lucy looked as if she arrived at the restaurant on her horse. Her almost equestrian like dressing drew the stares of all the staff in the restaurant. 

The beat of the music in my ears seemed to slow down everything in front of me as I took in Lucy’s grace and beauty. 

Following close behind her is a company of 4 ladies. They’re presentable but I would not say they are hot. 2 more caught up at the back, slightly more presentable, more desirable I would say. Still, if I had to summarise, I would fuck all of them from a men’s point of view. 

Wind appeared from out of nowhere and lifted Lucy’s fringes from her face as she flashed a bright smile. 

I could feel my cock stir as I looked at her lush red lips. 

I tore my eyes away from Lucy when I saw Roland enter. 

It was like they timed their arrival together, one after another. 

He’s pretty good looking I have to admit. Roland is well built, with a boyish face that screams mischief no matter how you look at it. He came with a few other guys with you can tell they are in the same league. 

I’m pretty sure girls will find him attractive. I caught Kate’s gaze lingering a little too long on Roland before turning away. Even Tiffany was staring at Roland as he caught up to Lucy and they both hugged before kissing each other on the cheek.

Roland’s arms are sculpted; he works out that’s for sure and I can tell he even trims his eyebrows. He looks clean, presentable and definitely has the air of someone that is successful and confident. 

Terry : Pok pok kay… pok pok kay… ( mimicking the sound of chicken, trying to imply they’re whores ) 

It was directed at Lucy but no one paid any attention to him as Terry laughed to himself when Lucy and her girls walked passed. 

Then he did a childish act of covering his mouth and coughing when Roland and his men walked passed. 

Terry : cough… ah gua….cough …. ah gua … ( ah gua = sissy ) 

I shook my head, really. How can people like Terry exist in this world. I looked at Terry with disdain and he really seemed to be enjoying himself. 

Zero EQ. 

Roland looked around the room while waiting for Lucy to greet grandma and saw me standing beside Kate. Our eyes met for a couple of seconds before he gave me a smile and a nod. 

I returned it politely. 

It was like he could pick out the new face inside the room immediately or perhaps it was because I was standing beside Kate and sharing a earpiece. 

Lucy presented grandma with a gold sailboat the size of a small modem. 

Lucy : Auntie , happy birthday to you… 

She bent down a little to kiss grandma on her cheek and I could see her cleavage sucking me in. I noticed that Gabriel moved a little further away from Lucy when she came closed. Lucy looked at Gabriel for a couple of seconds before he acknowledged her and they smiled and shook hands awkwardly. 

I can tell this 2 have a history. 

Roland brought up his present and it was a pair of golden peaches sitting on a branch. 

Terry saw that and made a comment. 

Terry : hahaha… that’s where his lan par jee( testicles ) went la… haha 

It was pretty loud.

A few guys sniggered and if I was Roland, I would be offended but instead he just smiled.

He smiled as if it was beneath him to even talk to Terry. 

Roland kissed grandma too and helped pass the present to Gabriel before doing a fist bump with him. 

Roland : All good Gabe ? 

Gabriel nodded with a smile. 

Bringing up the rear, Matthew. 

Matthew arrived with Ah Keong by his side together with the rest of the men they brought along. They took up the biggest space, occupying 3 tables. 

Terry : Herh !... eat free food bring so many people… cheapskate.. .. site canteen the food not nice I think… haha… 

Matthew is as well built as his son Ah Keong. He’s the only one that has tattoos visible running up the length of his arm right to the right side of his neck. A thick gold chain sat around his neck and he came in, stopped and looked around the restaurant before continuing towards grandma. 

He seemed satisfied that he was the last to arrive and that everyone was waiting for him. 

Matthew came up to grandma and said his birthday wishes before presenting her a gold figurine of a deity that symbolise longevity. 

Matthew wore a permanent smile on his face, and you can tell it’s not a friendly one. It came with a visual warning if you could pick it up. 

Loosely translated, it could pretty much summarise ‘ Don’t fuck with me “ 

He nodded at each of the elders at their respective table before heading back to his seat. 

The door to the restaurant was closed and Kate nudged me over to her grandma. 

I whispered to Kate that maybe I should give my present later on but she said it’s fine. 

Kate : Just get it over and done with.. 

Kate : Ah ma… Jake also has something for you. 

I could feel all the eyes in the restaurant staring at me and I was trying hard not to tremble. 

Lucy craned her neck as she unfolded a small oriental fan, fanning herself as she smiled at me in a vixen like manner. 

Roland stood up as I lifted the box I carried onto the table. 

Matthew folded his arms and walked 2 steps closer. 

Among all the boxes, mine is the largest. 

Terry : KNN… your box so big…. Ostrich egg si bo ?? 

Kate looked away and I could see her trying to stop herself from talking back to Terry. 

Matthew : who is he ?? 

Kate : He’s my boyfriend, Jake. 

I could see the facial expression on Ah Keong’s face change a little when Kate said that. Over back at the coffee shop, I chatted quite a few times with Ah Keong but never once did I mention that Kate and I were in a relationship. 

He had a look I could not describe. I can’t say it was disappointment or anything but perhaps it was anger. 

Terry : Quickly open la !!! KNN… everyone is hungry… you want the whole world to wait for you to open your present is it.. 

Terry stood up and walked over, limping with a swagger as he came closed in an attempt to intimate me. Ben stood up and cut him off. 

Ben : Why ? People box bigger than yours you not happy is it ? 

Terry : No one’s talking to you … 

Ben : People box big also not happy…. His lan par ( dick ) also bigger than yours.. 

Uncle Ben sniggered as Terry directed his anger towards me. 

Terry : Show la…. Lai… show everyone your cock !... 

Roland : Yeah…. Please do… hahaha… 

Terry : Yah… yah…. Show Roland…. He loves cock… hahaa… 

I turned and look at Roland who has a nonchalant look on his face as he replied Terry. 

Roland : Yeah…. This is the very reason I can never love you Terry…. Hur… hur…. 

His table of guys laughed and Kate held back a snigger. 

Terry looked like he was fuming and he came over in a huff. 

Jake : Auntie. … happy birthday.. 

Before I could do anything, Terry pushed me away and tore at the wrapper like a mad men. 

I’ve never seen someone so fucking rude. He ripped off the wrapping and opened the box, pulling out bubble wrap and a figurine. 

Terry started laughing very loudly as my clay figurine I got from precious moments joined the rest of their presents at the table. 

Terry : KNN…. People buy gold…. You buy ang kong ( cartoon characters ) ?? hahaha…. Kate… don’t find a cheapskate boyfriend la…. Wait people think he after your money…. Haha… 

I could see Kate sucking in a deep breath and she was about to hit back when Gabriel took the present from me and thanked me. 

Gabriel : Thanks Jake…. Don’t bother about him…. It’s the thought that counts… 

Grandma thanked me for the present too and Gabriel told the kitchen to start serving lunch. 

I took my seat at the table and I could immediately feel a few pairs of eyes on me. 

Matthew, Roland, Lucy , all 3 of them glanced over while the 1st dish was served. It made me feel uneasy, and with the golden eggs in my pocket, it was like adding tinder to the flames. 

As lunch was served, I saw a few guys walked over and wished grandma happy birthday too, some went to look at the gold presents on display. My heart thumped with every passing second. 

Any moment now someone would probably notice the missing eggs from Terry’s next, maybe it would be one of his guys that noticed it. 

I looked around and racked my head for an idea. I need to fucking get rid of it. 

Then I noticed Suwen’s bag. Terry’s wife, yes, her bag that was hanging behind her chair. It was slightly opened. I could walk pass and drop it into the bag . 

I just needed to make sure no one sees me doing it. 

I looked around the other tables and saw Lucy smiling at me and I returned it awkwardly. Her table of girls had more bags of different sizes hanging and just sitting around. If I choose that table, I might stand a better chance. 

Kate : Jake … you ok ? eat leh… 

Jake : yah.. yah… I’m fine… 

The food started piling up on my table as I checked out Roland’s group. No way, if I approach that table, I would surely draw their attention. I was about to consider Matthew and I saw him flex his arm to reach the food in the middle. The tattoo of the centipede seemed to come alive as it wriggled it’s legs and I quickly looked away. 

Then an idea struck me. 

The perfect idea. 

I could just fucking drop the eggs back. 

Walk over, pretend to look at the presents and with my back blocking the view of others, I’ll replaced it. 

Jake : I need to go to the bathroom… 

Kate : Orh.. 

I got up and calculated the number of steps to the table. Most of the people are busy eating and talking. I could pretend to adjust the presents and quickly return it. 

I took the eggs in my palm and my heart almost stopped beating.

Matthew : Lai lai lai…… lim ah ! ( toast ) 

The commotion was my chance, it must be my lucky day. 

As the crowd raised their glasses, my hand reached forward towards the next. 

My hand got closer and closer, I was barely 30cm away. 

My left hand touched the clear glass cover and I removed it smoothly while my right quickly went for the kill. 

Right at that moment, I almost pissed in my pants when I saw Lucy coming out from the bathroom. My heart started slamming against my ribcage but it was too late. 

Our eyes met for half a second before she saw me deposit the golden eggs and replacing the covers. Lucy kept her expression unchanged as she got closer and glanced at the present before meeting my eye again. 

I pretended to adjust my gift a little in case anyone saw me near the table. 

As we walked pass each other, her eyes looked towards the side and cast me a glance. Her eyes, is like the sickle of the grim reaper. I could feel it tug at my soul as they look at me. I wonder how many man had died in her hands with those look of hers. 

I walked briskly into the bathroom before I dared to breathe. 

Jake : Fuck… fuck… 

I washed my face and dried my hands before heading out. 

I stepped out into a restaurant that was eerily quiet. 

One moment ago they were toasting, now it’s just silence. 

I got closer and saw everyone staring at me. 

Stay calm Jake. 

Stay calm. 

I’ve already returned it. I’ll just fucking deny anything, even if Lucy says she saw me drop it back. 

It’s my word against hers. 

I saw Tiffany at the gift table and she too was looking at me. 

Terry : YOU!!... FUCKER…. Did you take something that don’t belong to you !!!! 

Jake : What are you talking about ?!!!! 

Terry pointed to his gift. 

Terry : Did you….. or did you not take the eggs ? !!!! 

I froze and I knew everyone is looking at me. If I directed my eyes anywhere, it would cast the attention over to the other. I can’t risk looking at Gabriel, and I don’t want to implicate Lucy as well, so I kept my gaze straight at Terry. 

Jake : I don’t give a fuck about your eggs… why would I want them. ?? 

Tiffany : You’re the last person to walk pass this table earlier…. 

I walked towards the gift table and pointed to his gift. 

Jake : Isn’t the eggs there ?? What the fuck are you talking about ?? 

Terry slammed on the table and shouted. 

Terry : You fucking thief !!! 

I kept a straight face and warned him to mind his words. 

Jake : You’re fucking eggs are still here… open your eyes and see !! 

I took an extra glance just to be sure. They’re right fucking there in the stupid nest. 

Terry : Yah… I know….. 

He limped towards me and added. 

Terry :But one is missing…… 

I could feel a lump in my throat as I tried to calm down. 

I was pretty sure Gabriel gave me 4. 

It was all I had. 

Terry glared at me before turning to Kate. 

Terry : Your taste…. In boyfriend….. is as bad as your father’s taste in his wife !.... 

With his back turned towards me, I looked at Gabriel who had a crooked smile on his lips. 

I could see it in his eyes. 

He was the one holding onto the last egg. 

His eyes met mine calmly as he lifted his tea cup. When he brought it up to his lips for a sip, he gave me a wink. 


Jake : I did not take your stupid egg… go look for it yourself… 

Terry : young man….. I don’t care about the money….1 small egg like that less than 100, it’s respect…. Do you fucking know who you are talking to ?? 

Kate : Jake wouldn’t do something like this… !! 

Terry : I know he won’t…. but he’s just not happy with me…buay song right ?? har ! 

Lucy : Why don’t we check the cameras ?? 

Lucy broke the silence and everyone turned to look at her. 

Lucy : There’s so many around the restaurant, I’m sure we can see who was the culprit. 

She said it with a smile as she crossed her legs and gave me a flirty look. 

Gabriel stood up and asked everyone to go back to lunch. 

Gabriel : Enough… !... let’s not blow this matter up…. 

He addressed the crowd and said as long as the gift is returned by the end of lunch, no one will pursue the matter further. 

Terry turned and glared at me. 

Terry : Don’t let me fucking see you near the table. !! 

He gestured to Gabriel, Kate and everyone on our table. 

Terry : All of you people…. Cannot be trusted… 

I sat back down and I don’t know if I was fuming with anger or seething with the injustice I just suffered. 

When the dish Peking duck was served, Gabriel did something funny. He started to wrap for everyone. 

He wrapped me one and passed it to me on my plate. The moment he set it down, I could hear a metallic clonk. 

I turned and look at him in disbelief. 

I opened up the skin and saw the last remained egg coated with the sauce sitting beside a piece of duck skin. 

Kate saw too and her eyes widened before turning to her brother. 

I quickly wrapped it up again. 

Jake : What the fuck man… 

Gabriel : Actually I wanted to make sure everyone sees and know your presence…. It seems it went better than I expected… 

Jake : Then now how ?? 

Gabriel : I can’t return it… it’ll be too obvious… … I still need to address the group later…

He shrugged his shoulder and ate his food. 

I don’t fucking believe this. 

I turned and I saw Terry constantly glaring at me. 

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and my soul left my body. 

Then I was hit with the strong smell of perfume. An alluring and intoxicating womanly smell. 

Lucy’s fingers squeezed my shoulders as she extended her hand to shake mine. 

Lucy : Hi Jake…. My name is Lucy… 

Jake : Hi… hi….I’m Jake… 

She gave me a sly smile before glancing at Gabriel and Kate. 

Then she said something that doesn’t make sense at all. 

Lucy bent low and my eyes caught her cleavage again as she whispered soft enough for only Kate and me to hear. 

Lucy : I like it ….. when people owe me favours Jake…. Consider this your debt to me ya ? 

Lucy held my hand, she fucking held my right hand which is holding the chopsticks. 

Then she guided me to the piece of Peking duck on my place, took it up and put it into her mouth slowly before using my napkin to wipe off the excess sauce at the corner of her mouth while I stared with my mouth half opened in shock. 

Lucy : delicious.. … 


For a moment I thought Lucy was going to swallow the egg and maybe pass it back out or something but as I thought about it, it would not make sense if she did. She turned to Gabriel who was trying very hard to mind his own business wrapping more Peking duck.

Lucy : Gabriel oh Gabriel….. still the same old you…. Don’t want to get your hands dirty…

He did not reply her and Lucy continued speaking into thin air.

Lucy : You cannot delegate out everything you know…. Sometimes,…. somethings… you just have to do it yourself…. If you get my drift… haha…

Gabriel continued to ignore her and Lucy moved on to Kate.

Lucy : And Kate… you should talk to your brother …. Talk some sense into him…. No point clinging onto something he can’t hold….. oh that reminds me

Lucy touched my shoulder again and I felt as if she had cast a spell on me.

She’s friendly, really friendly and chatty in a way that guys would like. You know that classmate of yours that’s sweet, talks well and get a bit touchy when they’re excited and happy, Lucy strikes me as someone exactly like that.

There is nothing sexual in the way she touched you, yet as a guy, somehow you would enjoy talking to her, even if it’s a light bump of her arms, or a playful smack on your back, there’s this craving for this short physical interaction.

Lucy : It’s a bit dry….. the duck…. Jake… can I have a sip of your tea ??

It’s a weird request I must say.

Who in the world would go to another table and ask for a drink from someone else’s cup ?

I mean would you do that ?

Lucy’s hand stretched out halfway, she could have taken my cup on her own but she didn’t. She deliberately stopped halfway and waited for me to offer her my cup. Kate was staring at me but I was in a trance.

It’s like she knew I would do as she ordered.

I was already caught in her net as my subconscious took the cup and passed it over to Lucy.

Lucy smiled and took a small sip of my tea, leaving a nice red imprint of her lips at the edge of my glass.

I felt my erection stir.

Something was definitely wrong with me.

Why am I getting excited over that lipstick stain ?

Lucy chose to place the cup in front of me instead of back into my hands. What sort of devilish games is she playing ?

Lucy touched my shoulder again and thanked me for the tea.

Lucy : Thanks Jake…. You’re such a darling… give me your phone.. … unlock it please… thank you…

I passed it to her as if I was hypnotised and I watched Lucy keyed in her own number and gave herself a miss call.

With that she walked off to the bathroom , leaving me spellbound staring at the cup.

I could feel more and more blood rushing to my groin. I can’t explain why. Kate broke the silence and hit the nail on the head with her comment.

Kate : I know you desperately want to drink from that cup Jake…. You want to drink it from the same spot where Lucy left her lipstick marks don’t you ??

That shook me awake from my thoughts and I desperately tried to deny that accusation even though it’s true.

Jake : No…. no… of course not…. i…. i…

Kate gave me an irritated look and warned me about Lucy again.

Kate : She has a way with men Jake….. be careful of her… I mean it…

She sure does I must admit. Just spending half a day alone with her I think would be enough to get me eating out of her hands. Lucy gave off this really desirable aura, it’s like a magnet.

It just made me feel like getting close to her.

I’ve seen and met girls that I really want to fuck but Lucy, Lucy is in a league of her own.

If I were to be really honest with my feelings, I don’t want to fuck her….. I want to get fucked by her.

Kate : Jake… Jake !... you listening ?

Jake : Yah… yah… she’s…. ermm… yah… she’s a bit… scary…

I asked for a new cup of tea from the server.

It’s true, Lucy is someone I got to be wary off.

A couple of minutes later I saw Lucy walk out of the bathroom, she slowed down naturally in front of her table of gifts before stopping totally.

The mere presence of her near the table drew quite a bit of attention, eyes started to trail her every move and I could see Terry putting down his chopsticks and sitting back on his chair, staring at Lucy.

Lucy stopped to look at her boat for a few seconds before opening the cover. She reached into the middle of the deck and like a magician, pulled out the last remaining egg and held it up high in full view of everyone looking at her.

Terry stood up and pointed his finger at Lucy .

Terry : YOU!...

Lucy spoke first before Terry could.

Lucy : Don’t be crazy….

She pointed to her golden boat which is the biggest among all the presents.

Lucy : Mine is probably the most expensive one on this table…. and it was made by your company !!... why the hell would I want your stupid egg….

That caught Terry for a while and he turned and glared at me.

Lucy put the egg back into the original nest and said in a nonchalant manner.

Lucy : Well, I think the whole thing is just a gross misunderstanding….let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill…. Besides…. I’m the only one that came to this table …. I guess someone must have meddled with it and it got switched or something…

No one said a thing as Lucy calmly arranged the presents.

She opened up her palms and addressed the whole restaurant.

Lucy : Anyone wishes to add on anything ???

No one spoke .

Lucy smiled, place the cover back on her sailboat and went back to her table without even looking over.

I heaved a sigh of relief, glad that this was finally over.

I noticed however that Roland was smiling as he wagged his index finger at Lucy who maintained a haughty face before turning away.

We got to the last dish of the banquet without much fanfare and when the Yam paste was served, the area where I sat got darker. A hulking shadow covered up the lights and when I looked up, I saw Matthew standing beside me,

He spoke directly to Kate.

Matthew : Kate…. Is my Ah Keong not good enough for you ?? har ??

He said it pretty loud and within seconds Ah Keong came over and tried to pull his dad away.

Ah Keong : Stop it…. Now .! ..

Matthew shrugged his son away.

Matthew : What is the matter with you har ?? You like someone…. Yet you don’t have the balls to go after her ??? you think what ?? just being nice to someone, they will like you back ?? They will magically fall in love with you ?? Is it >?!!!!

Ah Keong : You’re drunk… stop it …

Matthew : Don’t touch me !.... I’m not drunk…

Matthew took a deep breath and sighed, I could smell the alcohol from his body.

Matthew : You…. Look down on my boy why ? Because he sells chicken rice?? Is that it ?? 

Kate kept quiet and looked at Ah Keong who was desperately trying to get his Dad to shut up. 

Matthew shrugged him off and continued. 

Matthew : I’m telling you… Ah Keong… can afford not to lift his finger and live like a king…. .. for the rest of his life ….. burpppp….. you know he has 3 properties ??? do you ??? along Bukit Timah ?? har >!! 

Gabriel cut in at that point and I could see Matthew getting a little more agitated. 

Gabriel : Matthew…. My Sister Kate….. She too can afford not to work for the rest of her life if she chooses to…. And yes… we know about Ah Keong’s properties… …. I was the one who ask him to buy it…

Matthew : You shut up !... I’m not talking to you…. Young punks these days….. you all have no respect for the elders….

Ah Keong : Enough !.. I’m sorry guys…. Pa… let’s go !...

Matthew : Let me finish !... 

Matthew pointed a finger at Kate, accusing her of tying Ah Keong down at the coffee shop. 

Matthew: You chose to stay at that coffee shop…. That is the reason why…. Ah Keong chose to stay there….If not for you…. We would have built an empire…. Just us father and Son… burp… 

Ah Keong signalled to a couple of his guys and they came over. Together with much difficulty, they dragged Matthew away back to his table. 

The next few minutes became a little awkward and we each pretend our dessert was the most interesting thing ever. 


Gabriel took the stage and addressed the gathering in the restaurant. 

He started off with a brief summary, of what has happened the past year. Gabriel congratulated the elders that has started new business or opened a new branch. He updated the group about a fund which each elder contributes to each month, the returns it has made and how he plans to grow it for the future. 

Terry made a snide remark as he shook his leg and picked off pieces of meat from his teeth. 

Terry : KNN…. Every month I pay CPF still not enough… still must pay this one… 

Ben : Then you don’t pay lor…. Got people put a gun to your head ask you to pay or not…. 

Terry : Fuck off la… I got wife and kids to feed you know…. Unlike you… every month here I bite, there one chunk…. I eating grass at the end of the month… 

Ben : You’re contributing the least to the fund, …. Still want to talk so much… 

Terry slammed his palm on the table and stood up again. 

Ben : What ? Am I wrong ??? ….. you ae sai ( can make it ) … pay more la… ! … yours is a dying trade…. Nowadays still got people want your obiang ( dated ) gold design meh ?>? 

Lucy decided to step in and she added. 

Lucy : Ben ah Ben….. I commissioned Terry to build me a ship leh…. Are you saying I’m dated too ?? 

Ben laughed heartily and replied. 

Ben : Aiyoh…. Of course not…. Who dare to say you are dated ?? …. Haha 

Lucy laughed too and asked Gabriel to please continue. 

Gabriel went on a little more on some boring housekeeping matters before coming to the highlight of the birthday lunch. 

Grandma’s birthday song of course. 

A cake was brought out and a smiling grandma sat in the middle while a half-hearted happy birthday was sung before everyone clapped, no doubt glad that it was over. 

I stood beside Kate and asked why Gabriel and Andy did not get Grandma a present. 

Kate : We did. We pooled together and got her something, it was delivered to her place last week. 

Jake : Gold too ? Your grandma really likes gold is it ? 

Kate laughed and said actually she doesn’t. 

Kate : It started some time back when each other the elder wanted to show off who’s doing better than the other…. And being the uncles they are, they decided to see who brought the biggest… 

Jake : That’s really dumb… 

Kate : Keep your comments to yourself…

The cake was cut and distributed, not everyone ate it. 

Terry : Eh Gabriel… hurry up la…. You think what ? You hosting national day rally ah….

I could see Gabriel trying to hold it in as he took the mike again, this time round he went straight to the point. 

Gabriel : I won’t beat about the bush…. My term as the head of the organisation is up…. I’ll be stepping down and we would need to elect a new leader… 

There was a sudden drop in the noise level and everyone went back to their seats. 

Gabriel : It’s been an honour to serve…. 

Terry : KNN la… you think you minister ah …. 

King : Terry ….. 

King opened his mouth finally and Terry shrugged it off and sipped his tea. 

Gabriel : With immediate effect… I’ll be stepping down and we’ll be nominating the next leader… 

He paused and continued after looking at each of the elders at their respective tables. 

Gabriel : I’ll be nominating Andy…. To take over… and as for the rest… you know the drill…

Kate whispered and explained to me that anyone can put themselves up to be a candidate for the nomination as long as he has at least one elder supporting him openly. 

Gabriel just declared his support for Andy, effectively making him a nominee regardless if the rest supports him or not. 

Gabriel skipped Andy and called out Ben’s name to the floor. 

Gabriel : Ben …. Anyone ? 

Terry : HAH!.... maybe the ghost la…hahah… 

Ben ignored him and shook his leg, digging his nose with his left pinky. 

Gabriel : Terry ? … anyone ? 

Terry : I vote myself can ? hiak… hiak… hiak… 

Ben : Diam la ( shut up ) ….. you can’t even speak properly or type a email… want to be the head…. Dick head more situable… 

Gabriel : Moving on… King? 

King smile and waved his hands gently, gently refusing the offer. 

Gabriel hesitated before calling out Matthew’s name. 

Gabriel : Matthew …. 

Terry : ME!!... I support brother Matthew !!! 

Kate whispered to me that they’ve already expected this to happen and that Matthew would most likely put up a good fight. He has the resources and power to influence the other elders. 

Matthew stood up and was about to speak when he covered his own mouth and retched. 

He waved wildly and Ah Keong guided him to the bathroom. 

Gabriel : Let’s wait for him to be back… 

Jake : I have a question. 

Kate : What ? 

Jake : So what if you become the head ? What’s so special about that ? 

Kate : Your word would be the law. And… every elder is obligated to follow your instructions… 

Kate gestured to the gathering of men in the room and gave me a little more insight into her grandfather’s history. 

Kate’s grandfather helped each and every one of them before, one way or the other. It was a debt they swore to repay. 

Jake : So there’s no contract binding them to this ?? It’s all base on what ? Trust ? 

Kate : King’s warehouse was burnt down in an accident… my grandfather gave him the capital to start over…. Terry was in a lot of trouble because his partner cheated him of his money,a substantial sum, he would have folded and gone into debt if not for my grandpa. 

Andy’s parents operated rent free for years when they started their business in a shophouse along beach road. Ben took over the reins of the rice distribution business set up by her grandfather. 

Roland is an orphan and his education was paid for by Kate’s grandfather while Lucy’s mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she was on the verge of being sold into prostitution since her mum worked as a mummy in KTV clubs but thankfully she was rescued in time. 

Matthew was on the verge of suicide after losing his girlfriend to someone better educated and well to do, Kate’s grandfather was the one who introduced his wife to him and they had Ah Keong. He also chipped in the capital for Matthew’s construction business.

Kate : So yeah… that’s pretty much it… they’ll all stand by their word since they swore to my grandfather…

I raised an eyebrow and gave Kate a look of disbelief. 

Jake : So drama mama one ah ??? You sure or not… A bit hard to believe. 

Kate thought about it for a while before turning back to check on Gabriel. He was standing a distance away and she lowered her voice to a whisper.

Her grandfather did help everyone but they were stuck together because they were forced to. 

Jake : What do you mean ? 

Kate : Grandpa believed that everyone would be able to achieve greater heights if they all worked together, he helped and groomed some of these people, he knows their potential…. But he also knows eventually the day will come when he’s no long around…. And everyone wants to go their own ways…. So he took insurance.

Jake : What insurance.. ? 

Kate : The dirt. The dirt on each and everyone in this room. 

She explained that her grandfather was a cautious man, and he kept a detailed record of the things everyone did. You don’t become successful by running a honest business, you do so by running a creative business. 

Kate : Grandpa wanted to make sure the key to all these dirt were rotated regularly among all the elders, so they do it with a vote. In case his descendants cannot make it, he will be voted out and someone more worthy will be holding the key. 

His ultimate aim was for all of them to work together, to help each other. If you can reach for the skies, good for you but if you are sinking and needed help, the others are supposed to chip in, this will make sure no one gets left behind. 

You sink, everyone will sink together. 

Kate : And of course the money la… the boss holds the purse string… simple as that. 

Jake : wait… wait… wait … wait….

Kate : What ? 

Jake : But what if say Gabriel is holding the key…. And Terry’s start sinking…. He can always refuse to help and nothing will happen to him right ? ? I mean….. Since Gabriel is holding the dirt… 

Kate broke out into a smile and turned to check on her brother again. 

Kate : Grandpa is too careful to let that happen. … you cannot let someone have too much power in his hands too… 

Matthew’s laughter broke out into the restaurant as he walked towards the gathering. 

Kate : Each of the elder…. Holds the dirt…. On one other….

My eyes widened and I turned to look at Kate. 

Kate : The thing is no one knows…. Who’s holding on to whose…. 

Matthew appeared out from the bathroom and started chuckling and laughing loudly.

Matthew : Sorry…. Sorry… wahahahaha.. haha.. sorry…. This is what happen when you drink in the afternoon… whaha.. haha… 

Matthew thanked Terry for the nomination and said he gladly accepted it. 

Gabriel called out the remaining names and with no other replies, a 3 way fight was ruled out. 

Gabriel : Ok, with this……the election will be held next month…. On Sunday, the 22nd of March…. Nominees will be Andy and Matthew…. 

The moment the date was announce, it was as if a trigger has been pulled, or rather it signalled the end of the lunch. 

Matthew, Terry and King all stood up at the same time. One after the other they filed out of the restaurant without even saying their goodbyes. Ah Keong stayed behind and went over to Gabriel’s side. 

Jake : So rude… everyone’s just leaving like that ?? 

Kate turned and left my side too, immediately heading over to Andy. They spoke in soft whispers while I sat down and continued to sip my tea. 

Roland went over to Ben and they spoke briefly before parting ways. 

There was no pattern, nothing that I could make out of. 

Everyone just dispersed. 

Everyone except Lucy. 

She remained at her table staring at her phone. 

Gabriel asked Andy to get the car and they’ll be sending grandma back. Ben and his guys started to load up the gifts.

Kate came over and told me we can go. 

Kate : Thanks for the help today Jake… I need to talk with my brother and Andy later… we’ll work something out and let you know yah… 

I nodded as Kate joined Ben with the packing of the gifts and they slowly made their way to the exit. 

Seeing that I’m left alone, Lucy smiled and got up from her table. 

My heart started thumping again. 

I don’t know why she has this effect on me. 

Lucy came over, dragged a chair in front of me and sat down. 

Kate saw me with Lucy and she shot me a look, probably asking me to be careful. 

Lucy : You owe me a favour Jake… 

Jake : ermm…yah… what do you want ? 

Lucy leaned forward, resting her elbow on her right knee which was crossed over her left. She supported her chin with her palm and just stared at me. 

Jake : What ? 

Lucy : Do you want to fuck Kate ? 

I almost choked on my saliva as my eyes widened in shock. 

Jake : WHAT!!!>>?? 

Lucy continued smiling and asked me for my answer. 

Jake : Are you out of your mind ?? 

Lucy : Answer me… do you ?? 

I looked around the restaurant, except the servers clearing up, only Lucy’s table of girls remained. 

I nodded my head, a little wary and unsure. 

Lucy : What about me ?? do you want to fuck me too ? haha… 

I looked away and stood up but Lucy grabbed my hand, tugging me to sit back down. 

Her eyes stared right into mine, making me uncomfortable yet I could not tear myself away from her gaze. 

The smell of her perfume assaulted my nose and I was so tempted to reach over and touch her. 

Lucy : Answer me Jake… do you ? 

I nodded my head too as Lucy laughed. 

Lucy flashed a row of pearly white teeth and added. 

Lucy : Then I have a win - win proposal for the both of us .

Jake : What…. What is that ? 

Lucy : Just help me pass along a message to your friends Gabriel and Ben.

Jake : what message… 

Lucy laughed and continued. 

Lucy : But please promise not to lie Jake… because I would know exactly what to expect from both of them when you tell them this….do this…. And… I’ll let you have what you want…. 

Jake : And…. And… what exactly is that ?? 

Lucy stood up turned away and looked over her shoulder with a smile. 

Lucy : Kate ??.... me ?? … haha… 

Lucy shrugged her shoulders and laughed before she left me sitting at the chair and a minute later I received a message with her home address and an accompanying message. 

Lucy msg : Tell Gabriel… I’ll be voting for Andy….. but tell Ben….. I’m going to vote for Matthew…


It was too much for me. 

The events of that day alone overloaded my senses and affected my ability to process information properly. 

I headed back home, took a long shower and went straight to bed. 

2nd Feb 2015 



I was busy topping up the sauces at the noodle stalls when Kate brought over our usual order of coffee. She looked tired and unlike her usual self. 

I managed to talk to her for a bit and found out that Ah Keong was unhappy with the arrangement of me pretending to be her boyfriend but he agreed to keep it from his father. As far as all the elders are concerned, I am Kate’s boyfriend. 

Ah Keong is agreeable to Andy being the head of the organisation but it was something he could not openly support.

Kate : He’s just not happy with it… a little upset.

I really don’t know how to reply to that. I only hope it would not be awkward for us when we meet in the coffee shop that day. 

Jake : Are you ok ?? 

Kate told me she’s fine and that she was thinking about some other stuff. 

I was considering whether to tell Kate about Lucy when my mum asked me back to the stall to help her bring some heavy stuff down from the shelves. 

The morning peak hour arrived and I forgot all about the lunch I had the day before. I happily packed my noodles, delivered the soup to the table, collected the money and gave back the change. 

Everything settled into a comfortable pace. 

No Gabriel, no Ben, no Lucy. 

No horrible thoughts of old men fighting for power. 


I looked up from my notebook after scratching off the order for a table and saw this man. 

This good looking and well-built man. 

I don’t know him but I have seen him before. 

Our eyes met and he smiled. 

Man : 5 packets, noodle soup. 

He looked really familiar, I’ve seen him somewhere. As I collected the money from him, I remembered seeing him at Roland’s table. 

I was about to exclaim when he said Roland would like to invite me over to his place for dinner on Wednesday evening. 

Man : Will you be available ? Say at 7pm ? 

I was caught unprepared for a moment and I looked over to the coffee stall. Kate was busy but she saw the man too and she immediately made her way over. 

Kate : What is this about ? 

Jake : Roland wants to ask us over for dinner… 

Kate : Am I invited too ? 

Man : Sure. ………you said you’re a couple right ??? 

He smiled a sly smile at the both of us. It’s like as if he saw right through us but chose to kept quiet about it. 

Kate : Yes we are…. We’re dating…. Were you paying attention yesterday during lunch ? 

The man laughed and bowed politely and apologised although I’m not sure what that was for. 

Man : Can I take this as a yes ? …. To the dinner invite ? 

I looked towards Kate and she nodded. 

Kate : We’ll see Roland on Wednesday. 

Man : Perfect. 

He took his noodles and left after it’s ready. 

The moment he left, my mum started peppering us with questions. 

Mum : Who is he ? Quite handsome leh… 

Jake : Aiyah… nothing la… Kate’s friend.. 

I spent the next couple of hours thinking about it and right before we packed up the stall that morning, I told Kate about Lucy. 

Kate : WHAT > ? She said that !!?? 

Jake : Yah… so I need to talk to Gabriel and Ben…. At least I pass the message along… 

Kate says she’ll call them up on my behalf. 

She was about to hit dial when she turned towards me and asked. 

Kate : Is that all ? She never said anything else ?? offered anything at all ?? 

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and shook my head. 

I mean come on, how do you expect me to tell Kate she offered herself to me ? Or even better, she offered Kate to me. I would probably get a slap. 

Kate : Be careful of Lucy Jake, especially when she offers something to you… 

I nodded and tried to keep my expression neutral. 


When my parents packed up the stall for the day, I asked them to head back on their own as I have some matters to attend to. 

I waited at the coffee shop for Gabriel and he arrived at 1pm. 

Kate immediately told Gabriel about what Lucy had told me. 

Kate : What is she trying to do ? 

Gabriel : Stir shit…. That’s what she’s good at…

He turned to me and asked me not to read too much into it. 

Gabriel : The best thing to do would be not to react. Don’t do a thing and don’t even acknowledge her….. ignore her Jake… 

I nodded. 

Gabriel was more interested in the dinner with Roland on Wednesday and he reminded me several times that if possible, try to get a hint from Roland where his loyalty lies. 

Gabriel : He’s not fond of Matthew , but Andy was pretty harsh when he crucified Roland on the way he does his books as well, so for Roland, it’s a matter of voting for the person he dislikes less. 

Gabriel left 5 minutes later and we waited a while more for Uncle Ben to arrive. 


I told Uncle Ben what Lucy asked me to say and he immediately started cursing her. 

Ben : That bitch…. No no… that witch…. I tell you…. She’s a vampire….no… I think a witch is a better description for her….. trying to stir shit… ignore her ! … 

Uncle Ben then went on to say how she gave Gabriel a hard time many years ago when Gabriel was helping his dad snoop around and talk to the elders. 

Ben : Be careful of her Jake….. she will mess with your head….stay away from her….. and never fucking go to her place… you hear me !!! 

As of to reinforce his point, Ben grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me towards him. 

Ben : I meant it Jake…. Don’t you dare go to her place alone…. She’ll eat you… you hear me ?? she’s a vampire… you know ?? you got watch the 林正英 vampire show ??? she will suck your blood !.. 

Jake : ok… ok… I know. 

Just saying I know is not enough apparently. 

Ben took it upon himself to call Lucy right there and then. 

Ben : HELLO!!! … OEI!!!.... LUCY……. KNN…. Don’t come and play this kind of shit stirring crap…. I don’t give a fuck who you vote for…..but if you can bring yourself to vote for Matthew and sleep at night…. Go ahead…. 

He paused, apparently waiting for Lucy to reply him. 

Ben : ANGRY ??? I’m ANGRY ??? Angry gi lan ah…. Why would I get angry with you !!... not worth it….. don’t disturb Jake… he’s a fucking block of wood I tell you… leave him alone .. 

Another short pause followed and Ben sounded more calm.

Ben : Yah la… yah la… don’t every time come and sweet talk me…. don’t work on me one…. I’m old uncle already…. 

I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. 

By Ben’s 4th reply, he was laughing away and sipping on his coffee. 

Ben : Yes… yes… you are the sweetest I know….. always send me sweet things…. I’ll get diabetes I tell you… hahaha… 

Ben saw me staring at him and she switched tack again. 

Ben : Okay okay… don’t change topic…. Leave Jake alone ok… he’s just an innocent boy ….. pubic hair also don’t know grow out already or not… 

Jake : Uncle Ben… I’m past 30…. 

He gave me an irritated look and waved me off while I looked at Kate. 

Kate shrugged his shoulders and looked at my groin. 

Jake : I have pubic hair…. In case you are wondering… but they’re well maintained and trimmed regularly … how about you ?? 

Kate laughed and said she prefers waxing. 

I felt my cock stir once more as I imagined the baby smooth vagina that would be waiting for me when I finally get to have Kate. 

Ben : Yah yah… yah… next time when I’m free la… ok… ok… byee !!.. 

Ben hung up the phone and told me Lucy would not be bothering me anymore. 

Ben : I warned her already… don’t worry…. She disturb you… you come to me… 

He lit up a cigarette, finished his coffee and left. 

Kate tapped me on my shoulder and asked me to get myself ready for Roland’s dinner. 

I left the coffee shop to grab a cab back home. 


Lucy dropped me a message 

Lucy msg : What are you doing tonight Jake ? …

It was followed by a sweet emoji of a smiling face and a kiss. 

My heart started thumping. I should not reply her. 

I can’t. 

Everyone warned me about her. 

I should have deleted her contact, block her from calling me but I can’t. 

It’s just the man inside me that’s stopping me from doing it. 

Lucy’s 2nd message arrived shortly, weakening my resolve further. 

Lucy msg : I have no plans tonight…. Want to come over my place ?? We can have dinner, and chat over some wine ?? 

My hands started sweating. 

I don’t know why just the messages alone is giving me an erection. 

Would you have replied her ? 

Ask yourself this question honestly, would you ? 

I was fighting the terrible dilemma when my phone rang. It was Lucy. 

This must be her way of messing with my head and not giving me enough time to think. 

I answered the phone but I kept quiet. 

Lucy : Hey Jake…. Why are you not replying my messages… hahaa… please don’t tell me you are afraid of me ok ?? … ahah… 

Her voice. 

Lucy’s voice purred like the soothing call of a siren. She sounded so friendly while she attacked my sense of insecurity at the same time. 

Lucy : You’re a guy Jake… I should be the one that’s afraid of you right…. You’re stronger… bigger….haha… don’t listen to those groundless rumours about me ok…

She sounded a little hurt when she said the rumours affected her personally. 

Lucy : What do those people know about me anyway…. They’re all so judgemental… 

She paused for a moment before asking if I would like to head over. 

Lucy : It’s just for dinner Jake… nothing more… I just want to have a chat with you… 

Jake : Just a chat ?? 

Lucy : Of course… haha… just a chat… 

I hesitated for a couple of seconds and Lucy knew she had me. 

Lucy : So I’ll see you at 6pm ? Is that too early for dinner ? 

Jake : No… not at all… I’ll see you at 6pm. 

Lucy : You’re so sweet…. See you in a while… 

As I hung up, I had the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I don’t know why but it’s like a first date. 

Like I’m meeting someone new for the first time. 

Or rather, it’s like heading to a date where I know I’m going to fuck her. 

I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down. 

I showered and spoke to myself in the mirror. 

Jake : It’s ok…. It’s ok… she’s just a girl…. There’s nothing she can do… the most I’m just going to rape her, hold her down and give her a good humping until she screams and begs me to stop. 


I showered twice. 

I don’t know why. I made sure I was well groomed and I picked a nice pair of casual pants and t-shirt. 

Lucy text me again at 5.15pm to remind me of our date. 


I arrived at Lucy’s place.

Lucy stays in a landed property in pasir ris right beside the Api Api river. It’s just a short taxi ride away from my place. 

The exterior looked just like any other of the semi-detached houses in the area. 

I rang the intercom and the magnetic catch of the gate released itself. 

My heart started beating really fast again. 

The short 7 meter walk to the front door from the gate seemed to take forever. 

Right when I got to the door, I heard the opening of a latch and the main door opened. 

I felt a gust of cold air hit me as Lucy greeted me with a smile. 

She’s dressed up for the dinner. 

Lucy wore a figure hugging teal coloured dress that revealed most of her legs. The dress is short, it reached well above her knees and she was wearing heels in her house. 

4 inch high grey felt covered heels that shimmered with the glittery bits. 

Her dress wrapped around her body like a tight bandage, Lucy did not show her cleavage but there was no hiding how well endowed her breast is. She wore a pair of pearl earrings and she had a cardigan draped over her arms. 

Lucy : Hi Jake… 

Lucy’s smile melted away the last bit of resistance in my as she linked arms with me and let me into her house with my shoes still on. 

The interior of Lucy’s house is done up in an opulent and sensual manner. It’s like stepping into a upgraded version of scarlet hotel. The colours she used are deep, rich and sensual. 

Everything is so lush and the cushions felt so soft. 

The dark Persian carpet I was walking on extended all the way from the door to her living area before giving way to another larger dark brown carpet with fur so soft, I felt like pressing my body down onto it and just roll around like a baby who just started learning how to crawl. 

Her dining table has been set for two . There was even a candle stand but they were not lit yet. Wine was set to breath in the decanter and I could see the chicken rotating lazily in the oven through the open kitchen. 

Instead of heading to the dining table, Lucy led me towards the stairs. 

Jake : where are we going ? 

Lucy : Well, the food is not ready yet… 

I started to panic and for a moment I really worried if the part about Lucy being a vampire was true. 

Jake : erm… where…. Where are we going ?? 

Lucy laughed and slapped my arm playfully. 

Lucy : You very scare of me is it ? haha… please la… I’m just a weak little girl… if you choose to force yourself on me… I don’t think I can fight you off… 

Lucy tightened her link of my arms as she giggled and led me to the 2nd floor of her house. 

Jake : I’m… I’m not like that… don’t worry… 

Lucy smiled and turned to face me. 

Lucy : But… what if I want you to be ? … would you ? 

She turned her head slightly sideways, showing me the left of her face with her mesmerizing gaze and I was trying hard not to shiver. 

Lucy : haha… I wouldn’t fight you Jake…. If you chose to…. But….

She leaned closed and whispered by my ears even though we were the only one along the corridor. 

Lucy : You have to use a condom… hur hur….

She giggled at how shocked I look before saying in a normal conversational volume. 

Lucy : Unless you want to hear me beg….. for you not to cum inside me ?? 

My erection was straining so hard against my pants that I was at the brink of turning into a monster. 

I’ve never felt so evil before. 

I really want to rip her dress off and press her against the wall. 

It’s her tease. Her tease that was messing with my brain. 

Lucy : Dinner will be ready soon…. But before that I have some domestic matters to attend to…. And….i really need someone neutral to be the judge. 

I was about to ask Lucy what she meant when she opened the door to the first bedroom and I was blown away by what was in front of me. 

I looked at Lucy in disbelief before turning to the 2 girls that was kneeling on the floor. Both of them were sobbing. 

I recognised them. They were at the lunch the other day too. 

They did not speak, just sobbed quietly as Lucy introduced them to me. 

Lucy : That’s Jane on the left and Huimin on the right… 

Jake : What is going on ? 

Lucy : Oh… they stole from me… 

Lucy dragged me over to the sofa in the room and make me sit down beside her. 

She continued to link my arms and she speaks as if she was asking me which channel I want to watch on the TV. 

Lucy : I hate it … when people steal from me Jake…. So I have to teach them a lesson …. It’ll be a good example…to the rest …. So they know what not to do.. 

I stared on in disbelief as the 2 girls continued looking on the floor. 

Lucy : Both of them still owe their agent fees, so if I send them back… they would be in debt and you know the rest of the story don’t you…. 

Huimin : Lucy sorry… please… don’t send us back… 

Jane : Lucy please… please…. We’re sorry… it won’t happen again… 

Lucy ignored them and turned towards me. 

Lucy : Jake will decide… Jake…. I want to send one of them back…. But I can’t make up my mind…. Can you help me ?? 

Jake : I… I really don’t want to get involve in this…i… 

Lucy laughed and asked me to relax. 

Lucy : Relax Jake… I’m not asking you to rape them or anything…they’re … freelancing on the side so to speak so even if I ask them to fuck you… it would not make a difference ….

Huimin : Lucy please…. I’ll do anything… I’ll pay you back… 

Jane : Please Lucy… we’re really sorry… sob… 

Lucy was ignoring them totally and she was just swooning all over me. Her fingers caressed my arm, her shoulders nudged against mine. Even her legs, she crossed them in such a way that they’re rubbing against my legs, her heels rested and rubbed against my calves and knees when she moved and talked. 

My erection was bursting my boxers and I found it hard to breathe. Not to mention the room was cold. 

Extremely cold. 

In fact Lucy’s house felt like a fridge. 

Too cold for comfort. 

Lucy : Come on Jake… help me decide… 

Jake : I think I shouldn’t get involved…. 

Lucy smiled and continued. 

Lucy : Help me decide… or I’ll send both of them back… 

The 2 girls immediately came over to me and started tugging at my pants, my arms and my shirt, begging me to save them. 

Huimin : Please Jake… please… I would do anything…. Please… 

Jane : Jake… please… I have a mother back home that needs medication… please… 

Lucy laughed and waited for me to response but I don’t know what to do. 

I really don’t know. 

Then Lucy’s fingers went for my groin and she gripped the top of my erected cock and squeezed it gently.

Lucy : Oooh.. you’re having an erection already… you want to cum ?? I ask them to make you cum ??? you want ?? haha.. 

The girls took that as a cue and started to strip. 

Huimin was dressed in casual shorts and t-shirt, it seemed like her day off or something. She removed her t-shirt and revealed a pair of white colour bra and panty. Jane too started to remove her singlet and denim skirt, she was wearing mismatched lingerie. A black lace g-string and a pink coloured strapless bra. 

Both of them clamored towards me while Lucy laughed. 

I tried to stop them, I pushed away their hands and for a good 30 seconds, I kept saying no. 

Jake : No.. no.. no stop… please stop…. No !!.. 

It got to the point that Lucy was so amused that she asked them to stop and they did immediately. 

Lucy : Jake doesn’t want to cum…. 

Lucy leaned against the arm of her sofa and proceeded to lift up both her legs, resting them on my lap. She deliberately sandwiched my erection in between her legs and turned to the girls. 

Lucy : Since Jake doesn’t want to cum…. Shall we show him how you girls cum instead?? 

Jake : What ? 

Lucy waved her fingers at Huimin and Jane and asked them to make each other cum. 

Lucy : The first one to reach orgasm gets to stay… is that fair Jake ?? 

Lucy pulled back one of her legs against my thigh and in that fluid motion, removed one of her heel, dislodging it from her feet. 

Lucy : It’s quite painful to be in heels all the time…. Can you be a dear Jake… help me massage my feet ?? 

I can’t breathe. 

I was struggling to breathe. 

Lucy turned back to the girls and asked what were they waiting for before placing one of her feet near my groin. 

With a pained look on her face, Lucy added. 

Lucy : I wore these new heels for you Jake… see… I can feel a blister coming…. 

I was shaking. 

I really was. 

Imagine yourself in my position, would you not be shaking too ? 

My hands moved on their own. 

At the very moment I touched Lucy’s feet with both my hands, I felt pre cum starting to flow on my dick as Jane and Huimin suddenly started to wrestle each other. 

They struggled for a few seconds before hugging onto each other and I was greeted with the most fucking erotic sight I’ve ever seen in my life. 

Jane reached for Huimin’s pussy and started to rub her through her panty. 

Huimin on the other hand managed to grab her hand inside Jane’s panty. 

They were groaning initially and within seconds, they settled into what I assumed was their competitive position. 

They were rubbing each other’s pussy in front of me. 

Their eyes were closed and I could see them biting their lips trying not to moan. 

Jane lowered her head and tried to lick Huimin’s nipples but Huimin was faster and she started flicking and playing with Jane’s nipple. 

My dick was throbbing. 

My heart rate went up. 

My palms were sweaty. 

Lucy looked at me with her doleful innocent eyes as if nothing was happening and directed me to a particular spot on her feet. 

Lucy : Yes that spot Jake… that spot… 

I depressed the part near Lucy’s little toe and started massaging her feet. 

Lucy’s eyes closed and her other leg used my thigh to dislodge her other heel too. 

Lucy : ERnghhhh… ernghh…. Yes… that spot…ernghh…. Yes… 

This is not happening. 

This cannot be happening. 

Huimin and Jane started moaning as well.

Right when I thought I was going to get a heart attack, I heard a loud chime coming from downstairs before a buzzer went off. 

Lucy : Oh…ernghhhh… the chicken must be ready… ergnhhh….so good erngghh… 


I stopped massaging Lucy’s feet when I saw Huimin wrestle Jane onto the floor. 

Lucy chuckled and laughed as Huimin pinned Jane down with her body while her fingers rubbed Jane’s pussy in a relentless manner. It’s brutally entertaining. I’ve never seen something like this before. 

Two girls going at it trying desperately to reach each other’s privates. They were screaming, shouting at each other while Lucy chuckled in amusement. It was an all out cat fight on a different level altogether. 

Jane : ERnghhh… ernghh…. Erngh… no!!... stop… stop please… ernghh…. 

Jane was helpless as her hands were unable to get to Huimin. Huimin peeled back Jane’s bra cups and cupped her mouth over her small pink nipples, sucking onto them as she let out a yelp. 

Jane : ERnghh…. Noooooo…. 

I could hear Huimin sucking and slurping on Jane’s breast as she groaned helplessly while being pinned down on the floor. 

Jane trashed her body about, her left hand held onto Huimin’s right wrist as she desperately tried to stop her from rubbing her wet cunt any longer but Huimin held on. 

Humin tried to pull down Jane’s g-string and managed to pull it down to her knees, stretching it so much that I doubt it would return to it’s original shape. 

Jane had a brief moment of reprieve and she managed to wriggle herself free. It was Jane’s turn to attack Huimin’s pussy. Instead of pulling Huimin’s panty downwards, she yanked it up in the reverse direction. She tugged and tugged as Huimin wrestled her to the floor. 

I could not believe what I was seeing as my cock throbbed in excitement. 

As Jane tugged and pulled Huimin’s panty, it caused a wedgie , the repeat action reduced the coverage area of Huimin’s panty to just a thin slit that rubs against her wet vagina. 

Jane kept yanking the stretched panty, letting the cotton fabric rub against Huimin’s pussy and doing the work for her. Huimin tried to counter the movement and turned onto her back and I was rewarded with a view of her neatly trimmed privates with her swollen and fleshy clit exposed and parted by her panty. 

With Huimin on the floor, Jane broke free and quickly attempted to gain the upper hand. 

Jane spit a blog of saliva onto her fingers and Huimin screamed as she plastered her fingers onto her slit and tried to penetrate her love hole after roughly pushing aside Huimin’s panty. 

Huimin : NO!... stop!!!... 

Huim tried to push Jane away but Jane still managed to push her fingers into Huimin’s cunt. 

Huimin : ERgnhhh… painful….e rnghh… ernghhhh… 

I let out an uncontrolled shiver on the sofa and Lucy giggled at me. She reached out her long slender hands and hugged me around my neck, pulling herself upwards. As Lucy sat up, she maneuverer herself onto my thigh while keeping her arms around my neck. 

My movements were restricted and I could feel the pain of my erection as by then not only was it pushing against my boxers and pants, it was also pushing against’ Lucy’s bottom. 

Out of sheer luck, Jane got the upper hand as she got onto her knees while keeping her index and middle finger inside a squirming Huimin. She dug in deeper and I could see Huimin’s body had a couple of second of spasm as she pleaded with Jane to let go of her. 

Huimin : Stop… stop… ernggg… ernghhhhhhh… 

They struggled and both bodies managed to break off each other for a few seconds before the hugged onto each other. 

They literally went all out kamikaze style. There was no longer any attempt to block each other. It’s like they just wanted to trash it out via pure endurance. 

Their shoulders touched while they embraced face to face and plastered their cheeks against each other, their respective hand reached down for the other’s private. 

Jane pushed her fingers into Huimin and I saw the frown on her face as she gasp. Huimin on the other hand pinched and rubbed Jane’s clitoris, swiping her wet pussy left to right, coating her entire privates with her own lubricant. 

Jane ; ERnghhh…. Ernghhh… 

Huimin : ERngghh… stop… ernghhg… stop…ernggg…. 

Both their faces were frowning as their lungs grasped desperately for air in the cold room. 

Huimin’s eyes were tightly squeezed together, while Jane kept taking deep breath as she practiced some breathing technique. 

Lucy chuckled at her girls and she planted a kiss on my cheek. 

I was in a trance. I must be staring at them with my mouth half opened. 

Jane’s fingers entered Huimin again and I heard her cursed. 

Huimin : Fuck…. Ernghh… ergnhhhh….. 

Huimin let out a blood curling scream as Lucy got up and pulled me to my feet. 

Lucy : Come over here for a better view Jake… 

I followed Lucy who tip toed barefoot towards the fray. 

I saw Jane’s thumb pressing onto Huimin’s clit as Lucy pushed for me to sit down right beside them. With her index and middle finger inserted into Huimin’s pussy, I could imagine her gripping onto Huimin’s g-spot and rubbing her clit in a claw like manner. 

Huimin screamed and moaned as Jane shook her hands vigorously, trying to bring Huimin to her orgasm. 

Humin on the other hand cupped her palm onto Jane’s wet pussy. Jane’s a lot wetter and I could see copious amount of liquid dripping from Huimin’s fingers and onto the floor. Even as Huimin rubbed and shaked , little dew like droplets of Jane’s cunt juice sprayed and squirted all over. 

My erection felt like it was going to explode. 

The hardness in my cock was getting beyond the point of arousal to just plain agony. 

Lucy clung onto my like a drunken koala and her fingers inter-crossed with mine. 

Lucy : Interesting isn’t it ?? hahah… are you aroused ?? 

I could not even bring myself to answer Lucy as I tried to picture myself in each other the girl’s shoes. 

Lucy : You want to lend them a hand Jake ?? hahah…. Help one side to win ?? 

I shook my head as Lucy urged me to touch them . 

Lucy : Touch their breast…. Play with their nipples…. They’ll cum faster….. then we can have our dinner. … you’re hungry aren’t you ?? ….. or are you horny instead ?? hahahah

Lucy grabbed my hand and pulled them towards Huimin’s breast but I fought and shrunk back. 

Jake : No… no… ! 

Lucy laughed and commented I was so tensed. 

Lucy : Relax… or do you want to touch mine instead??? 

I turned and look at Lucy as she caressed my cheeks, exclaiming how youthful my skin was. 

Lucy : If I am a vampire… I would enjoy feasting on you Jake… haha… 

I tried to stand up but Lucy pulled me back down. 

She got onto my lap again, pressing against my erection as I groaned.

Lucy : keep your boy down Jake…. It’s my dessert after dinner… haha…

She held my hand and pulled it around her waist and leaned back onto me as I take in deep breath of Lucy’s perfume. It was an intoxicating smell.

There was this sweetness in the deep fragrance that stirred up feelings I could not describe. This exotic scent probably extracted from some rare flowers deep in the tropical forest or probably conjured up in a chemist lab. That scent that sent a primal urge into my body.

I wanted to plaster my nose onto Lucy’s neck and lick my tongue along her fair skin.

Huimin : ARHHHHHHa…. aHHHHH.. aHHHHHHH… no… no… no…

Huimin’s eyes widened as she lost all rhythm on her attempt to make Jane cum.

Her body started to slouch and she frowned, moaning like a mating cat in the cold room.

Huimin : ERghnnn.. erngh….. ergnnhh….. stop… stop.. stop… ernghh… senhhh… I can’t… I can’t…. ernghHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ernghhh !!!

Huimin pushed Jane back and tried to lie down on her back but Jane held on, collapsing onto Huimin while keeping her fingers inside her vagina.

Huimin : AHHHHH… AHHHHHHHHHHHHH… NO!!!!... NO!!!!!!!!! ernghh!!!!!!!!!!!! Ernhhhh.. ernghhh.. ernghh !!!!

Huimin’s hands gripped onto Jane’s but there was no way she was pulling them out.

Jane peeled back Huimin’s bra cup and sucked down on her nipples.

Jane : Slurpzzzzz…. Zhoooootttzzz… sluprzzz…

Huimin : ERGNHNHNHNHNHN… ERNGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO!!!!!

I sucked in so much air that I thought my lungs were going to explode as Huimin’s bottom reared up almost 30cm into the air before slamming down onto the floor as she screamed, thrashing and kicking at Jane.

A large squirt of water squeezed and forced itself out of her abused love hole but Jane held on, fucking her 2 fingers rapidly into Huimin.

Huimin :arGHHHHH.. ahHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… AHHHHHHHHHH… erngh !!!!!!!!!!!.. erngh !!!!!!!!!!!!!NO NO NO… erngh !!!

The wet slapping sound of Jane’s fingers in Huimin’s vagina almost made me pass out .

Huimin turned onto her side and managed to kick Jane off as she groaned and laughed on the floor, cursing and screaming like a mad woman.

Huimin : ARHHHH… ergngngngn… ahhaha… hahah.. stop… ahaha.. erngggg… stop…haha…

Jane too collapsed onto the floor, laughing uncontrollably.

I was speechless.

Absolutely speechless.

I turned to look at Lucy who looked a little irritated.

She kicked both of them lightly and scolded them for being unprofessional.

What the fuck is this ?

What was the comment about them being unprofessional about ?

The 2 girls did not reply. Instead, they continued laughing uncontrollably on the floor much to Lucy’s irritation.

Jake : What… what is going on ??

Lucy pouted and got up onto her feet.

Lucy : CHey…. Not fun one… go go. Go…. Go away… don’t disturb my dinner.

I stared in shock as Huimin and Jane chuckled and laughed at me.

Jane made a playful grab at my erection as I literally jumped backwards.

Jane : Oh my god… did you see the look on his face… ahhaah…

Huimin : Classic look man… hahaha… Lucy… he won’t last 30 minutes I tell you… hahaha…

I staggered backwards, unable to believe what was happening.

Lucy waved them off and asked her girls to go wash up.

Lucy : Haiyah… you all spoil the mood already…. Go.. go.. go wash up…. So dirty..

The girls giggled and picked themselves up.

Huimin pinched my backside as she left while Jane asked me to enjoy my dinner.

Jane : Good luck to you Jake… hahaha…

I don’t know what to feel as the girls disappeared down the corridor into another room.

Lucy held onto me for support and slipped on her heels.

Lucy : Ok.. ok… back to serious matter…. Let’s have our dinner shall we ?

Jake : Was that all an act ??

I asked as I had trouble digesting what just happened

Lucy : Haiyah… just a joke la… so serious for what… come come… let’s have dinner.

Lucy linked arms with me again as we descended down the steps to the dining area.

For a brief moment, I realised why everyone warned me about not coming to Lucy’s place alone.

Lucy distracted my attention by asking me to help her tie up her apron.

I don’t know if she had deliberately chose the attire to wear with her apron. Once I tied them around her waist, if I were to stare straight at Lucy, she looked like she was not wearing anything underneath.

Just apron and her high heels.

She is fucking with my brain on so many levels that I was beginning to get a little disorientated.

Lucy disappeared into the kitchen for a few minutes before emerging with our dinner. It was a simple meal of chicken and salad on the side. Wine flowed freely as Lucy took the seat beside me.

Her legs were crossed and as usual, she was making sure there were multiple body contacts as we spoke and ate at the same time.

Lucy would nudged me with her elbow as she cut her chicken, asking me if it’s well marinated.

She would giggle at everything I said even though most was a reply to her questions. Lucy would paused, touched me on my arm and laughed before returning to her food.

Her every move was calculated.


It was like she’s casting a spell.

Her eyes would look right into mine as we engaged in a discussion about the direction the country is heading. One moment she’s all serious and professional, then she would get flirty and she would rub my calves with her heels.

That had to be the first time in my life I sat through a dinner with a constant erection.

We finished the wine and Lucy offered another bottle but I declined.

She cleared the dishes and made coffee.

Lucy : Let’s talk serious matters Jake..

Lucy brought the coffee to the patio and I was surprised to see that the floor was wet.

Apparently it had been raining for a while and there’s still a light drizzle.

A cool comfortable breeze greeted us as we settled down on the couch by a narrow walkway of lush greenery.

Lucy : Ok Jake…. I’m going to go straight to the point…

Jake : Orh…

Lucy : I know Gabriel wants my vote… but so does Matthew… 

Lucy started to tell me how tightly weaved everyone’s relationship were among the organisation. 

Gabriel is the landlord of several business owned by Lucy, but so is Matthew. 

Lucy : I have my interest to protect…. And business being business… I cannot afford to offend anyone…..

Lucy took a sip of her coffee and smiled before going on. 

Lucy : I don’t know how much you know of the family but l’m going to assume you barely scratched the surface….. so I’m going to fill you in on some stuff….. which….. I think… your so call girlfriend….. may have missed out… 

I just kept quiet and Lucy went on. 

Lucy went on to tell me something I already knew. 

That each elder had the dirt of another. 

Lucy : no one knows who’s dirt the other has…. That’s the rule….and in our case… it’s the law… 

I nodded and sipped my coffee. 

Lucy : If everyone keeps their mouth shut and work together…. There is a balance…. Checks and balance….. but what if…. What if ….. let’s assume…. That someone talks…someone reveals who’s dirt they are holding…… and most importantly…. Who’s they are willing to trade it for…. ..

Lucy sat forward and crossed her fingers together. 

Lucy : Wouldn’t you agree…. That this information is valuable ?? 

Jake : No one would talk…. It’s the only card that they hold…. Why would they show it ?? It doesn’t make sense…. 

Lucy smiled and rest her chin on the back of both hands, she tilted her head sideways and look at me in a dream like manner. 

Then when she spoke, I felt a chill run up my spine the same time a lightning streaked across the crimson sky. 

Lucy : I’ll tell you mine… 

Jake : No… no way…. You would just be lying to me… there’s no way I would know whether it’s true or not…. 

Lucy chuckled . 

Lucy : I’ll show you……. See it with your own eyes…but…. 

Lucy paused and waited for me to ask her the question she wanted 

Jake : But what ?? 

Lucy : I want something in return…. 

Jake : I don’t have anything you want….. I don’t know who’s holding on to whose’s dirt .

Lucy laughed and said she didn’t need that information. 

Lucy : There’s something else I need you to do… 

She asked me to finish my coffee and we went back into her house. 

I felt the cold blast of air hit me again inside the house. It’s cold. Way too cold. 

I looked at the thermostat on her air-conditioning and the temperature was set to 16. 


16 degrees on a rainy evening. 

Lucy might really be a vampire. 

Lucy poured two more glasses of wine despite me refusing to have more and led me to her study. 

She sat me down in front of a 19 inch computer screen and passed me my wine. 

Lucy : hold on… 

She helped me put on a expensive looking headphone and it immediately cancelled out all the ambient noise. 

Lucy kept one hand on my shoulder as she sipped her wine and opened a folder and clicked play. 

Within seconds my eyes widened in shock. 

My hand trembled and I spilled my wine. 

I was about to gasp but Lucy by then had hugged onto my neck from behind as she placed her face on my left, her right cheek touching mine. 

She stopped the video after 30 seconds and removed the headphone before turning back to me. 

I don’t fucking believe this but it was right in front of me. 

In front of my very eyes. 

In that video, I could clearly see Matthew…… and not only Matthew…. 

I saw Suwen….. Terry’s wife. 

It was a vid of Matthew and Suwen in a hotel room together. The rest need no further explainations.

The ramifications of what I just saw started falling into place as my heart started beating faster. 

Lucy : Now …. Do you realise how valuable this is ……. Say…….. to Gabriel ?? 

Jake : Why…… why did you show me this ?? 

Lucy offered me some napkins and said no one would ever believe me anyway. 

Lucy : Who would ? hahahah …. Who would believe you Jake ?? …. 

I was speechless for a good 30 seconds and Lucy just smiled at me. 

Lucy : Work for me Jake…. I’ll pay you well….and you don’t need to tell anyone about it either…. I’m a good employer you know… hahaha… 

I just kept quiet and look at her. 

She folded her arms and looked at me with a grin. 

Lucy : So… do you want what I have ?? 

I looked back up at Lucy and nodded my head. 

Jake : What do you want for it ?? 

Lucy smiled and added. 

Lucy : I want a lot of things for it…. But well…. I’ll tell you later…. Your clothes are dirty…. Take it off… I’ll wash them… 

Jake : No it’s ok… it’s fine… 

Lucy ignored my protest and pulled up my shirt. 

Lucy : I insist… 

Lucy : Pants too… see… dirty already… 

Jake : No… no… wait… wait… 

Lucy laughed again in an amused manner. 

Lucy : Why ? Are you afraid I would rape you ?? hahah… 

Jake : No… i… it’s not very nice… i… 

Lucy knelt down and removed my pants, leaving me with only my boxers. 

The hair on my skin stood on it’s ends in the cold house as Lucy disappeared into the kitchen. 

She came back out after a few minutes and said it should take probably a couple of hours for the wash and dry cycle to complete. 

Lucy : Are you cold ??? would you like something to wear ?? my clothes perhaps ?? … hahaa hur… hur…. 

Lucy went on to say that she has some nice winter tights and furry clothes that would keep me warm. 

She fucking did that on purpose. 

I don’t know why but I started getting erection again. 

Lucy laughed and asked if I had a fetish for woman’s clothes. 

Lucy : It’s ok… most men do…. They just don’t want to admit it…. Hur… hur… 

She linked arms with me and escorted me up to her bedroom. 

Jake : Where are we going ? wait.. wait… 

Lucy brought me to her bedroom and when the door opened, I saw Jane and Huimin lounging inside on the couch, flipping through a magazine. 

Jane : Oooh…. Lucy…. So fast strip him already ah… hahaha….

The girls teased me as Lucy brought me to her bed. 

Lucy : Ignore them ok…. 

She sat me down on her bed and took the seat beside me. 

Lucy : Jake.. 

Jake : Yah…. 

Lucy gestured to Huimin who came over with a black silk scarf. 

Jake : What are you doing ?... what are you all doing ??? 

Huimin proceeded to blindfold me and I was plunged into darkness in a matter of seconds. 

Jake : Wait… wait… let’s talk about this…. i… I don’t mind having sex…. And all but… 

Jane laughed at my comment. 

Jane : You’re very funny Jake… I like you… haha… 

Huimin : Relax Jake… relax…. 

They made sure I was deprived of my sense of sight before guiding me to the center of the bed. 

I was shivering in the cold and they covered me with the thick and heavy comforter. 

The warmth was incredible. 

I could not see but I could still feel. 

I can still hear. 

Lucy’s voice came up the same time I felt someone approach me on both sides of the bed. 

My heart was thumping. 

My erection was throbbing away. 

Lucy : Men…. Are all visual creatures….but there is so much more… us…. Then just looking pretty Jake…. 

Jake : What… what are you trying to say. … what are you doing…. 

I could hear Huimin and Jane by my side and they each took one of my arms and straddled it, putting their bottom on my forearm and pinning it onto the bed with their body. 

Jake : What is this…. What are you doing Lucy ?? …. What’s going on…. 

Lucy : Don’t worry Jake… don’t worry…. Consider this….. as part of your employment benefits…. 

Jake : Wait.. wait…. i…. 

There was no waiting. 

There was no negotiating. 

Everything just happened. 

3rd Feburary 2015 



I struggled to get on my feet. 

I walked into this house and I’m going to walk out. 

My hands supported my body on the dresser table as I lifted myself off the bed. 

Jane was curled up on the floor by the foot of the bed. 

Huimin collapsed face down on the couch. 


Lucy was completely caked in dried sweat as she laid on her side, panting and breathing through her mouth as she smiled weakly at me. 

I almost fell as I staggered towards the door and Lucy managed to call out after me. 

Lucy : Don’t forget …. Our deal ……… Jake…. 

I strained every bit of my muscle as I made my way to the kitchen and removed my clothes from the washer and dryer. 

I struggled to pull them on and called myself a cab. 

I forgot the entire journey home. I don’t even remember paying the cab driver. 


My head was spinning as my mum tried to wake me up. 

Mum : Jake… oei… time to head down to the stall… 

I was totally drained, exhausted. 

Jake : Ma… i…. I need to take urgent leave today…. I’m very tired… 

My mum smiled and I caught what she said before I drifted off again in guilt and shame. 

Mum : As a Hawker….. we have no leave… no MC, no CPF….. no bonus… 

She tapped me lightly on my arm and pulled the blanket to my chest and left me to rest. 

Mum : You stop working…. You stop eating… 


I was jolted awake by the notification of a message on my phone and I literally jumped. 

My body and muscles I never knew existed ached. 

I laid in my bed and stared at the ceiling as I remembered what Lucy wanted in exchange for the dirt on Matthew. 

It was impossible I said.

To which Lucy replied. 

Lucy : Nothing ….. Nothing is impossible Jake…. 

Lucy : Now… go fuck Tiffany…. And make sure you get it on tape…. 

I got out of bed and into the shower. 

As the cold shower pelted my body, I summarised the information I have so far. 

Lucy has Matthew’s dirt, while she’s aware that Terry has her’s. She was not willing to share how she came to that conclusion. 

So all I have to do was to get leverage on Terry through her daughter, and in return, she can make sure Matthew never wins the election by trading with Gabriel. 

Excellent plan I must say although a better one just hit me when I stopped the shower. 

What would it mean then, if I become the one who owns all the dirt on the 8 elders ? 


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