Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Interesting mails and questions

Every once in a while, i get some interesting mails and questions.

Will share them for light reading when you poo poo in the toilet or while you wait for the train.


Question :

James, in lieu of the upcoming 30% rise in water prices in Singapore, will you be dropping your ebook pricing ? I can cut down on water and drink more beer, but it would be good for all if you can lower all your ebook pricing by 30%.

Answer :

You got to be kidding. Most of the ebooks cost less than your average meal after the payment merchant takes their cut.

Can i mark it up by 40% before giving you a discount code for 30% ?

Actually i might just issue currypuff vouchers and grants to offset the cost. This seems to be the trend these days.

Jokes aside, there are discount codes available time to time. Do use them.

There're codes hidden within ebooks and the blog too

You find them, it's yours. Sorry, no hints. :p

Having said that, water is a precious, finite resource. It's something everyone cannot do without.

We need it.

To ease the pain of expensive water, try reading some erotic literature.

Use code ' savewaterdrinkbeer' for 15% off all listed items valid till end of Feburary.

Question :

Can you add a update timer ? Something like a countdown ticker to the next update ?

Answer :

I don't know how to do it.

And i have a full time job, maintaining the blog is a hobby. I'm very dedicated to it, but i'm still juggling time between my normal life and the alternate reality of living as James/Jake.

I'm doing my best. No kidding.

Question :

Can i pay a one off lifetime subscription fee ? Then you just send me all your paid works to my email.

Answer : I will take your money and i will run away to Zimbabwe.

Question :

Are you looking for investors to the blog ? I think this might be a viable business. I can even finance the cost of hiring actual models or actors to play out certain scenes.

Answer :

Wah ? You meant shooting a porn video in SG ?

Maybe in another 20 years when the country matures a little more.

I don't foresee genre like these being approve for production anytime soon.

Yes you can invest in this blog at a 10% return per month.

Minimum investment is 10k.

Email to .

Question :

I am a Nigerian prince and i have USD 50 million worth of funds that i need to ............................................xxxxxx.....

Are you interested ? .... Can you assist to move the funds ?

Answer :


I am the last surviving heir of the Tongkat Ali tribe, native to Singapore.

All hail his grace, James of house Tongkat and Ali, first of his name, King of the Andals and the first men, Lord of the seven kingdoms and protector of the Realm.

My name is James.

What can't i do ?

send me the money.

Question :

You always never reply my mail. I want to buy over your blog. Name your price. I can pay cash.

Answer :

I replied a couple of times, but you always send me very funny mail that don't make sense at all.
Last week you asked me how to force your sister in law to sleep with you, the week before you wanted an idea to bed a bride to be.

Then you sent me a mail where to buy a live duck ?

A live duck ??

I'm not a magician.

The blog is not worth anything.

It's the content.

They're priceless.

Anything la, i name my price. 10k . i'll start another blog after i sell you.

Question :

Have you considered doing this as a living ? I'm willing to pay a regular subscription..Netflix already cost me more than 10 a month, I would not think twice about paying the same for your works.

Answer :

I wish i could too.

You are the 4th person to suggest this. I have filed your mail into a separate folder together with theirs.

I have less than 1% of the content netflix holds though.

Once i consolidate 250 similar mails willing to pay 10 a month , i will consider writing full time. haha.

I think finding 1250 subscribers paying $2 each will be easier though. Base on my projection, i should be able to achieve that in 16.5 years at the rate i'm going.

My only concern is in 16.5 years, water will cost 200% more and a cup of coffee black at a coffee shop will cost 3 times as much.

Question :

Which political party do you support ?

Answer :

The party that can lower Singapore's temperature by 5 degrees.

Question :

Is anyone secretly paying you to write and update this blog ?

Answer :

Yes .

Spies from North Korea.

They believe one day James will take over the world.

And when he does, i will type a special code, something like this .


It will hypnotize whoever that reads this and bend them to my will.

 You've been warned.

Now go surf some health websites instead.

Question :

When is the next update for Hawker adventure ? I can't wait for the climax . Is it cumming soon ?

Answer :

Updates tonight.

Not only will you cum, it will blow your mind.

ilock out.

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