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My adventure as a hawker part 3

13th Feburary 2015 



I hardly slept. 

After the meeting at the coffeeshop, it was close to 1am. 

Johari set up a wasapp group to keep everyone in the loop what was happening. 

I was in a zombie like state when my parents woke me up to head down to the store. At moments like this, I would get hit with a barrage of thoughts. 

If I had stuck to an office job, I won’t need to wake up so early. 

Why can’t we start the day later ? Serve lunch instead of breakfast ? 

Before my mind could drift further, I shook myself away. I washed up and went out to the living room where my parents were waiting. 

We left the house, entered the lift and went down to the car without a word. 

It was a well-rehearsed routine. I realised that we hardly talked ever since I started my journey with them.

It’s weird isn’t it. 

I remembered I used to have more topics to talk about with my parents. I could go on non stop when I bring them out for dinner over the weekends or on holidays. I would bitch about my work, colleagues, the funny people I needed to deal with, but now that all 3 of us were working at the same place, it appears as if we had lesser to talk about. 

I’m not sure if they are aware of everything that was happening, the election, the power grab, even if they were aware, they seemed contented to turn a blind eye. Pretend everything was normal. 

Life goes on. 

We’re just normal people. Simple folks. 

The big boys can wage their wars and rattle their tails but the sun still rises every day. 

We still need to work, everyone still need to eat. 

6.30 am 

Uncle Ben walked into the coffeeshop, he was still wearing the same clothes I saw him in last night. Orh Pao served him a coffee and my Dad passed me a bowl of noodles, gesturing towards Ben’s table. 

Ben sat at the furthest corner with a view of the alley leading to the back road. 

I brought him his noodles and Ben gestured to me, asking me to join him. 

Ben : Sit Jake… sit… 

I turned and checked the stall, there was only one other customer waiting and I took a seat. 

Ben looked tired, and I don’t mean just physically. 

The look on his face spoke volumes as he took a sip of the hot soup and drank a mouthful of coffee. He looked mentally drained as well, disappointment mixed with disbelief. 

Ben : I can’t believe it has come to this…. Sighhhhh…. 

Ben took a mouthful of noodles before looking up at me. Correction, he was not just looking at me, he was appraising me. Ben looked me in the eye without a word as he chewed his noodles. 

For a good 20 seconds , neither of us spoke. 

Ben : Why Jake ? ….. why ? 

Jake ; Why what ? 

Ben : You had a good job…. Good career…. Why give it all up for this ?? 

He gestured to the coffee shop and waited for my reply. 

The words were right at the edge of my mouth but I could not bring myself to speak. 

It’s the usual you hear. 

To try something new. 

To strike it out. 

Embrace the entrepreneur sprit. 

Ben : Let me answer for you…. You’re bored….. you’re too comfortable…. And you have an itch you cannot scratch… 

I kept quiet and Ben continued. 

Ben : After a few stable years in the office, your pay increases, life gets better, you’re well within your comfort zone,…. It’s not about the money….but rather it’s that feeling of accomplishment…. Something is lacking but you can’t quite put your finger to it…. 

He laughed, took a few more mouth of noodles and continued. 

Ben : Or perhaps it’s the feeling of knowing if you continue down that path, you will spend your entire life….. working for someone… 

Jake : I was in the government services, I work for the country… 

Ben : Good luck selling that to yourself… 

Jake : There is nothing wrong with being an employee….

Ben : Yes… there isn’t….. and 40 years would have passed before you realised you are 65, with a bank full of money, CPF filled to the brim… 

Jake : Great…. Isn’t it ?

Ben lit up a cigarette and blew the smoke away from me. 

Ben : Only….. to realise you have squandered away…. Something that money cannot buy…. 

Ben : Your youth…. Your time…. 

I was about to reply Ben that I’m not some hippy shit who’s out to have fun and fool around. I’m serious about learning the trade from my parents, unlike him, and the rest of his ridiculous bunch of elders who just stirs shit, I would say I’m putting my time to good use. 

Jake : Look at all of you…. You have money, business, and the only problem with you people is you cannot get along…. It’s nothing compared to what some other unfortunate folks had to go through… 

I think that sparked of something inside me and I proceeded to give Ben a piece of my mind, using extracts from my conversation with Roland. 

Jake : And in today’s modern society, you are resorting to what ? a gang fight …. To protect something a old man leaves behind…. You people are mad…. Those days are over… 

I turned and made sure no one is near and I carried on. 

Jake : You people should just sit down and resolve your shit once and for all….. do away with all of this back stabbing crap…… fuck the election.…. just solve the fucking problem…

Ben held up his hand, sniggered at me as he shook his leg and inhaled his cigarette. 

When he spoke, it was as if everything I just said was not registered in his mind at all.

Ben : Why… do you keep using…. ‘ you people’, ‘you people’ … 

Jake : What’s wrong…. I was referring to you and the organisation… or family…. Or whatever the fuck you want to call it…. Gang ? 

Ben laughed and laughed so hard that he dropped his cigarette but he lit up another one. 

Ben : so you think you are above us all ? hahah… 

Jake : No… I happy with the way things are….everything can be simple. 

Ben pointed towards the noodle stall and asked me to look at my parents. 

Ben : Are your parents happy ? ….. 

Jake : I would think so … 

Ben : Have they expressively said they were happy you wanted to be a hawker… ? 

I could not think of a reply. 

Ben : Do they look happy to you Jake ? …. That their pride and joy gave up his nice cushy job to join them here… 

Jake : I’m old enough to make my own decisions, and I’m sure they won’t force me to do things that I don’t want to… 

Ben started revealing little bits of insights into our family’s lives that made the hair on the back of my neck stand. It gave me the chill and I could feel it creep into my spine. 

Ben : Where were you born Jake ? 

Jake : Singapore…

Ben : Which hospital ? 

This, was one of the greatest mystery for me. My parents never told me the answer and I did not bother to dig. Most of my friends were born in KK hospital, in fact, everyone in my class was except me. 

My birth certificate wrote Mount Elizabeth. 

Ben saw the look in my eyes and he smiled. 

Ben : Expensive hospital isn’t it…. Even back in the 80s, you think your parents could afford that ? …… your dad was just a hawker assistant then…. 

He tapped the side of his head, no doubt enjoying the look of pure confusion on my face.

Ben : A flat…. Right beside the MRT ?? ….Tampines.. ? ….. well…’s not as expensive as it is now but still….. have you ever heard your dad talking about housing loans ? …. Instalments ?? no ?? hahahahaha 

Ben shook his legs as I blinked twice , trying to make sure I was not dreaming. 

Ben : Your university fees… 

Jake ; I took a loan !!! 

I cried out desperately, trying to cling onto something in the darkness that Ben seemed to be enshrouding me in. 

Ben : Yes…. But the loan was fully paid off after you graduate….

Jake : I paid my parents back… those were their savings !... 

Ben : Hahaha…. Alright… if you say so… 

He pointed to his bowl of noodles. 

Ben : Do you know why…. Your parents never collects money from Gabriel and me ? 

Jake : You….. you , Gabriel gives them a good rent…. Below market rate I’m sure… what is a few bowl of noodles a month ? !... 

Ben looked truly amused. 

He raised his index finger and added. 

Ben : A thousand…. That’s the rent.. 

Jake ; Big deal ? … I can rent a stall to sell salted fish and provisions in a market for a couple of hundreds a month too….. Even if I go direct and bid for a stall selling cooked food, I can get one at less than 2k in the less popular markets and hawker… … 

Ben : A year.. 

Jake : What ? 

Ben : A year…. That’s what your parents pay….a year.. 

Jake : bullshit… 

Ben snubbed out his cigarette and asked about my graduation trip.

Ben : your graduation trip…. Started in London, ended in Russia, 2 months… you were in Europe….

Jake : I worked part time job !!! and I saved up for that!..

Ben : And….. your Dad’s friend…. Who owns a travel agency…….did the bookings for you… hotels… tickets… 

I stared at Ben in horror. 

Ben :You paid what… 3k ? …

Jake : It’s 3.5k 

Ben : You think that’s enough ? …. For the accommodations, the domestic flights, the rail passes ….. you’re not staying in hostels Jake… you’re staying in full service hotels….that friend is me by the way … haha… my cousin do own a travel agency though… 

I stood up from the table but Ben went on. 

Ben : Your parents are on our payroll even before you were born… they worked for Gabriel’s grandfather too… they draw a monthly pay… .. and in return…. They launder our money back then……from illegal horse betting , 4D, toto, …. But we moved on…. We’re decent businessmen now…

Ben : Actually it’s very hard to clean up large amounts before the casinos came along…. And hawkers don’t exactly make so much…. You know it actually took your parents 12 years to finish cleaning up the cash we have after we stopped taking illegal bets ?? … my god … that was long … 

He said it in such a nonchalant manner like some commentator on National geographic telling the audience that relative to the stars, earth takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds to make one rotation. 

Ben : So don’t come and , ‘ you people this, you people that ‘ … we’re all a family Jake….

Jake : Bullshit… pure… fucking bullshit…. My parents are just simple folks…. They sell fucking noodles…

Ben ignored me and went on. 

Ben : I’ll tell you the reason why your parents are unhappy…. 

Ben’s eyes looked towards the alley and he stood up, getting ready to go. 

Ben : They’re unhappy not because you wanted to be a hawker…. They’re unhappy because if you are here…. You would eventually get dragged into things you don’t want your kids to get into… … no ? hahah 

I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. 

Ben : Have you seen their bank statement ? their CPF statement ? 

Jake : Why the fuck would I go see their personal stuff ? …. 

Ben : hahahah…. Hahaha…haha.. 

It’s his chuckle, his laugh. It gets to me, right under my skin. 

Ben : We’re not bad people Jake…… and you know that… we’re all businessmen…. Sometimes… we just got to be a bit more creative…in the ways we do business… but the bottomline…. We take care of our family….. 

I saw Bill coming out from that alley, shuffling in a listless manner towards the coffee shop, no doubt here for his free meal. 

Ben : Get some rest Jake…. Exciting times are coming… 

Ben walked towards Bill and put his arms around his shoulder, turning him away and walking back down to the alley. 


I served Bill his noodles and I could see Ben trying to talk to him. 

Bill ignored him. 

Bill don’t give a fuck what Ben says. 


I should be smart. 

I should be like Bill. 

Don’t give a fuck. 

Ben : We need your help Bill….we really do… 

I quietly observe the pair and Bill just finished his noodles, drink his coffee and shuffled down the back alley, disappearing once more. 

I went over to Ben and made a snide remark. 

Jake : Why… need him to launder your money too ? 

Ben laughed and shook his leg before telling me something that almost made me piss in my pants. 

Ben : That’s Bill…. Lucy’s ex lover….. 

My jaws almost dropped as Ben said Bill was one of their best fighter. 

Ben : He was a mix martial arts trainer once…. He can stop people easily…. And most of the time inflicting the least amount of damage while doing so….. 

Ben sighed and got up. 

Ben : Ah Keong’s men…… they’re family too…. The last thing I want is to see all of us clobbering blindly at each other’s skull with sticks and rods…..but Bill… he won’t talk to anyone other than Lucy… now he helps to look after the coffee shop after hours and keeps an eye out for Kate in return for food and drinks.... 

Jake : What happened between them ? Lucy and Bill…. 

Ben : He loved someone he shouldn’t have… 

Jake : Then ask Lucy to talk to him !...

Ben : She’s not even voting for us brother…. Haha… why would she help ?? 

Ben turned around the corner and disappeared. 


Johari and Herman came down to the coffeeshop as we were packing up for the day. They ordered drinks and spoke softly among themselves. They don’t look like some Chao ah beng ( gangster ) to me. 

They’re polite, you can tell from the way they speak and behave. 

I stopped what I was doing and I approached the 2 of them. 

Johari : Oh…Jake right ?... 

I sat down and I went straight to the point. 

Jake ; Do you work for the family ? 

Herman and Johari looked a little surprised but they both smiled and shook their head. 

Jake : Why then ? … why are you doing this ? You could get hurt… 

Johari : Because we’re indebted to Ben and Gabriel… all of us…

Jake : You owe them money ? 

They laughed and said it’s not money they owe, but their lives. 

I found out that Ben used to make deliveries to Boys home back then. When he was there, some of the residents would help to unload the provisions and goods. 

Johari : Ben would sneak us some chocolates, and if you gum with him…. You can smoke on his lorry… wahhahahaahahahahahahaha… hahaha… 

He laughed such a hearty laugh as he recounted the days in his youth. 

Ben plucked many of them off the streets. Most were school dropouts, Ben managed to get quite a few of them readmitted back into schools. 

Johari : Ben paid for everything….. I was left with my grandmother…I don’t know where are my parents…. Schools, ITE, then to Poly…. Then my degree… everything… everything I had…. It’s Ben… 

Herman : I would probably be in jail by now if not for him…. 

Herman worked for Ben for a few years after dropping out of school. He hated school but Ben insisted he stayed until he was done with his Polytechnic diploma. Today Herman owns a small events company. 

Herman : He’s like a father we never had….. 

Johari : Rich daddy… ahahah.. haha

Herman : hahaha.. haha.. 

Both of them chuckled playfully at the table and they told me how they once switched Ben’s cigarettes with dried grass and got such a whooping from him. 

Herman then said Johari sawed the legs off Ben’s favourite chair before enlisting in the army before both of them laughed till tears came out of their eyes. 

Herman : Fuck…man… haha..hahha.. haha… and… and.. ahha…Ben could not wack him because Johari in Tekong for BMT… whaha… laugh until we all almost died.. ahhaha… 

Their playful chuckle and infectious laughter made me laugh too as I tried to imagine how funny that scene was. 

‘ honk honk ‘ 

We looked up towards the road and it was someone I saw from the gathering the day before too. 

Johari and Herman drained their drinks and waved goodbye before disappearing into the car. 

Johari : See you Jake…. We’re heading off for prayers… 

Jake : See you… 


I haven’t spoken with Kate for a while and I gave her a call to see how she was. 

Kate : I’m fine…. Trying to convince Ah Keong not to do anything stupid…. 


I saw my parents in the kitchen doing the laundry and I thought it’s better to get some stuff off my chest. 

Jake : Dad, mum….. do you have something……. Anything….. you want to tell me ?? … about…. About the stall…. The people that rents you the stall… 

It caught the both of them by surprise and they stared at me without a word. 

That was all I needed to know.

15th Feburary 2015 



It was hard for me to come to terms with myself that my parents were crooks. They laundered money. Close to 400 thousand over the span of 12 years. It’s not a big sum after you break it down, I bet Gabriel and Ben won’t bat an eyelid over 30k a year but it’s not just about the money. 

It’s the thought of your parents breaking the law. 

Thankfully getting to fuck Tiffany helped my mental well being. 

I tiptoed out of the hotel suite at Sentosa and i closed the door as softly as I could, catching a glimpse of Roland cuddling up with Tiffany in bed before the door shuts. 

It was brilliant. 

Fucking sick and brilliant idea. 

My dick started throbbing again as I recalled the sick act of switching out Roland and penetrating Tiffany. My god, the way she moaned, for a 18 year old, she’s sure out to please. 

I gave her my all, burying my cock deep inside her young vagina as Roland showered her with praises about how tight she was beside me. 

That feeling of tightness and warmth made up for the morning of torture I had to endure at Universal studio Singapore. She literally treated me like a man servant but it was worth it. 

Every inch of it. 


With the video clip in hand, I text Lucy to tell her about it. 

She wanted to meet that evening and I agreed. 


I got to her place and she welcomed me at the door. 

Lucy : Hi Darling… 

She gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek before holding my hand and leading me into the house. 

Lucy : Can’t fuck today though… I’m having my period…. Quite massive…. A lot of blood…. Unless you are into that …. 

Jake : Errr… thank you…. But no need… 

Lucy teased me playfully and asked if Tiffany was better and I shook my head. 

Lucy : Clever boy… 

She gave me a wink and we went to her study. She played the video, saw me and Roland doing what we did and she smiled before shutting it down. 

Lucy : Thanks Jake… you have no idea how important this insurance is to me… don’t worry… I’ll vote Gabriel….. you have my word… and….. I owe you a favour…. Big… big one…. You can use it as many times as you want…. Hur hur….as long as I’m not having my period of course…

Jake : I need something from you actually…

Lucy : Hmmm…. I masturbate for you ??? or a blowjob ?? or can you wait till my blood stopped flowing ? …. 

She sat down on my lap, held my hand and wrapped around her waist. 

Lucy : What do you need ? 

Jake : I need Bill’s help…. 

She froze. 

Lucy got up and walked a few steps away from before speaking over her shoulder. 

Lucy : Who told you that ? 

Jake : Ben…. 

Lucy : I can’t help you Jake…I’m sorry…

Jake : Why ? 

She could not give me a reply. 

Lucy : It’s just me…. being me…. 

Lucy turned around and said she cannot live her life like a caged bird, that the whole getting married, settle down kind of life Bill wants is not for her. 

Jake : You still love him…..

Lucy looked at me with a look I’ve never seen before, as if she was angry with me for voicing out her secret. 

Lucy : Yes…. I still do…. And I don’t want to hurt him by giving him false hope…. 

Lucy walked away from the study and into the kitchen. 

I sighed and got up. 

Silly me. 

Why the fuck should I even care. 

I went to say goodbye to Lucy in the kitchen and I saw her pouring herself a glass of wine. 

Jake : I’ll make a move first… 

Before I turned away , Lucy asked. 

Lucy : How is Bill ? 

Jake : He eats at the coffeeshop often… I don’t know much about him…

Lucy : He still….. is he still….. shuffling around in his…. Beggar garb ? ..

Jake : Yes…

I decided to fan the flames a little.

You never know until you try, emotions can be a good way to manipulate people .

Jake : He… lost weight…. From the first time I saw him I meant….

Lucy turned and look at me.

Jake : He used to finish his noodles and ask for more soup…. Nowadays sometimes he hardly finishes a bowl….

Fuck , if Lucy ever finds out I’m lying, I wonder what she would do to me. Bill sometimes finished 2 bowls back to back.

Jake : He was sneezing yesterday…. Coughing too…

Lucy : Oh alright…. Fuck you Jake… enough….

Lucy drained her wine and topped up the glass again before heading into the study.

She emerged 2 minutes later with a fan. A small black oriental fan that opens up with calligraphy written in gold. I looked carefully at it and it was Bill and Lucy’s initials.

Lucy : Give this to Bill….and ask him to take care of himself…. See a doctor if he’s sick…

Jake : Can you come with me ?

Lucy : I already said…. I don’t want to hurt him anymore …. Close the door on your way out will you….

With the fan in hand, I left Lucy’s place and called Ben but there was no reply.

Over the next few days, Bill was nowhere to be seen. That fan never left my side.

The first chance I get, I’m going to talk to him.

19th Feburary 2015



I saw Bill appear in the coffee shop but he went straight to the coffee stall. I wanted to go grab him but there were too many customers at the noodle stall. By the time I cleared the queue, he was gone again.

I saw Gabriel and Ben a couple of times that week at the coffee shop and I wonder if it was a good idea to tell them about my relationship with Lucy and how I got the fan. In the end I decided otherwise.

I would have to tell them a lot, right from the start.

21st Feburary 2015



Kate came over and asked if I was free later in the afternoon.

She wanted to pay a visit to King and have a chat with him.

Kate : Who knows…. If we can swing his vote…. We might stand a chance…

Jake : Sure…. What time ?

Kate : 3.30pm ? let’s meet here and head down together ?

Jake : ok.


I waited at the coffeeshop for Kate to come down when my phone rang.

I don’t recognised the number.

I picked it up and it was Johari.

Johari : Jake !.... where are you ?

Jake : At the coffee shop….why ?

Johari told me that his sources told him Ah Keong would be making a move that evening. They’re going to get the last vote even before the election.

Jake : What !.

Johari told me he say trouble gathering his people in such short notice. Gabriel is in KL for work and Ben is in Batam for the weekend.

Johari : We need as many of us as we can get…. Can you head over there now…

Jake : Oh… ok… ok… sure… sure…

He hung up and I could feel my heart thumping.

I’m not ready for this.

The election was supposed to be in March. Still a month to go yet it made absolute sense if I was Ah Keong .

Why wait ?

Why wait till the eve of the election to make your move ?

I decided to make a last ditch effort to find Bill.

Minutes later after the call, the group chat kept buzzing. I ran about a few streets and alleys, checking each corner for Bill as I scrolled through the text messages.

Fuck, based on the replies, only 7 of us would be there on Bukit Chandu.

Johari asked us to get there asap, Ah Keong would not make a move during the day and certainly not during operational hours of the museum.

I was about to give up looking for Bill when I saw a figure shuffling listlessly at the end of the alley, about to pee into a drain.

I immediately ran up to him.

Bill calmly turned around as I caught my breathe, I pulled the fan out of my bag and showed it to him.

I told him what Lucy said and added a shitload more.

Jake : Lucy asked you to go see a doctor if you are unwell, to drink more water…. Take your meals regularly….keep your personal hygiene in check…. And get a change of clothes…. To take care of yourself for the people you love…… to … to…

Bill stared at the fan in my hand and I heard him speak for the first time.

Bill : Fuck you Jake…. What do you want…

I passed him the fan and added.

Jake : I need your help…… to protect a place….

Bill took the fan from me and opened it.

He just stared at it as I filled him in about Ah Keong going for the last vote.

Bill : I’m not interested in their silly games… and rules… how is Lucy ?

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and wonder what would Bill do to me if he knew I fucked the woman he loved.

Jake : She’s doing ok…. Happy I guess… she’s healthy, dresses well, eats well…. Ermm… ermm…

Bill closed the fan, signalling the end of our conversation and met my eyes in the narrow alley.

He did not speak for 2 seconds.

Bill : Save the best spot for me… see you at Bukit Chandu…

Bill turned and he no longer shuffled his feet.

His shoulders were no longer slouching.

He did not drag his feet.

Bill walked with purpose and disappeared around the corner.


Johari, Herman, me and 4 others were gathered at the heritage site.

There was no sign of Bill.


Johari pointed to the statues that we were gathered around. We remained within the grounds of the museum despite it being closed. The security company was a subsidiary of one of Gabriel’s company, making things a whole lot less complicated.
I stared at the cameras inside the small control room.

All was quiet.

Johari gathered all of us into the courtyard, he had bought drinks , coffee and some snacks.

His sources said Ah Keong’s men had left their staging area 5 minutes ago. We should all get ready.

As we sipped out drink quietly, Johari spoke.

Johari : These….. guys……... this is our heritage…. Our country’s history….

Johari said he was upset when he first learnt about what lies within the sculptures but what’s done is done.

Matthew’s company was the contractor that did most of the works around that area including the restoration works. It made perfect sense to hide something there with Ah Keong’s help.

Johari : Ah Keong’s guys…. They worked on this site before…. They know the terrain as well as we do…. Be careful….. if all else fail… we smash the sculptures….. no one should get the vote if it comes to that.

Jake : WHAT !! ? We’ll go to jail… how can we destroy something of historic significance??!!!

Herman added that Gabriel kept another set of the same sculptures as a backup. Identical ones.

They would be replaced if anything happens.

Herman : I hope it doesn’t come to that…

I looked at the plague as the foot of the sculpture and kept my ears opened as I looked around the dark forest. It was a cool night, crickets sang happily and the moon was up high.

The raw smell of the jungle reminded me of my outfield days back in the army.

I had a quiet moment to think about what was about to happen.

It made me upset and angry, with both sides, Ah Keong and Gabriel.

What the fuck do they think they’re doing man ?

Suddenly everyone tensed up and looked towards the stone steps leading up from the carpark below.

There was some rustling of leaves and a figure emerged. 

Instinctively we made a wall of bodies around the sculptures. 

When the figure came into the light, I almost could not recognise him. 

It’s Bill. 

He looked different. 

He shaved, had a hair cut. Dressed in slacks and a dryfit shirt, he looked like he was ready for some action.

Jake : It’s ok… it’s ok…. He’s with us…. Ben wanted him to help. 

Before I could go ahead with the introductions, there was a loud thud. 

It’s like someone dull slam on rusty metal. 

Within seconds, the lights of the compound went out. 

My heartbeat rose as I looked around nervously. 

Yeah, it’s not impossible, nothing out of the Hollywood movie either. The electrician who worked on the site would know how to do it but that was not all. The street lamps, the fucking street lamps started extinguishing one by one. 

Johari : Ohh… those… fuckers….. going all out… 

Well, all it takes is a pair of pliers and knowing which wire to cut, not rocket science. 

We crowded closer to the sculpture, everyone alert for any sign of movements. 

Bill shook his hands, and started stretching. 

I started to panic. 


I cannot believe I’m doing this. 

3 more street lamps remain within a 30m radius of the site. 

The furthest one went off. 

I exhaled and tried to calm down. 

The 2nd one went off within a matter of seconds and I took in a deep breath as I watch Bill walked and parked his body right in the middle of the steps leading up from the carpark. 

I cast one look at the old colonial building that housed a piece of Singapore’s history before I looked at the sculptures a few feet away. 

Fuck these people and their stupid organisation and their stupid family and elections. 

Seriously. Fuck them. 

I exhaled and prepped myself mentally as I watch the last street lamp extinguished itself, plunging the area into darkness. 

No one will touch the site that night. 

It’s a piece of history for the next generation. 

Something to remind us what our forefathers fought for. 

We can forgive the atrocities committed during the war, but we will not forget the lessons it teaches us. 

I could hear steps hammering up the cold concrete stairs in front of Bill. 

They’re coming. 

Johari : Steady…… 

I could hear voices… instructions being given….harsh and sharp whispers. 

Johari : Steady…… 

I walked right up and parked myself beside Bill and clenched my fist. 

Bill : Been in a fight before Jake ? ? 

Jake : Not like this… not like this…. 

Bill chuckled. 

Bill : Fuck Gabriel and Ah Keong….. you’re not fighting for them and their silly games…. You’re preserving a piece of history… tell yourself that… 

The first silhouette of Ah Keong’s men came into view and Bill took off towards him like a shadow dancing in the wind. 

The 2nd one appeared in front of me, towards the right, emerging out from the treeline. 

I sighed and muttered under my breath something I never thought I would ever say. 

Jake : The things…… I’m about to do…. For my country… 


I don’t remember what was going through my head as I rushed towards the silhouette of the man in front of me. I could already hear the grunts and shouts of the poor chap that had to deal with Bill. 

It sounded like a yelp before he groaned in pain.

I was lucky with mine. Being on high ground had its advantages. All it took was a clumsy bull like charge with my right shoulder as the guy was climbing up the leafy slope and he was gone. 

I could hear him curse and shout as he staggered back 2 steps after my body connected with his, he landed on his buttocks before tumbling back in a comical position and rolling 3 metres downhill onto a narrow trunk of a tree. 

Footsteps hammered up the stairs where Bill was and I quickly returned to my original spot, scanning the immediate surrounding for people. 

I caught a glimpse of Bill entangled with 3 guys at the stairs. 

Everyone was moving and punches rained so fast all over that everything was a blur. I would have imagined a scene like Yip Man, where punches were deflected, kicks avoided with graceful manoeuvre of the body but it was not. 

It was nothing like the movies or what I saw on Tv. 

It was brutal. 

If you’ve seen a fight before, you would know how brutal it is. 

Unlike in a ring, there are no rules, no referees and no tapping out. 

A punch landed squarely onto Bill’s cheeks, grazing the sides of his eyes as he threw one equally high one onto the unfortunate guy who fell sideways and stopped moving for a few seconds before groaning on the floor. 

I honestly thought Bill would be the one dealing all the blows but he was taking a lot more. It reminded me of the famous saying , it’s not how hard you hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and keep going. 

Bill grunted, grabbed the 2nd guy , tripped and threw him head first into a thick bush. 

The last remaining guy landed a good kick, causing Bill to stagger backwards but he bounced back and drove an elbow into the side of his stomach. The man bent over before kneeling down, 2 seconds later, I could hear him retched and puke. 

All these happened within a matter of seconds. 

There were no longer any commotions on our end. 

We took care of 4 men just like that. 

No fancy Hollywood style kicking and posture, just the raw sick sound of muscles against flesh.

I heard more shouts from the bottom of the steps and I could see one more guy running up towards Bill. As he came closer, I could tell he must be the driver, he still had the keys in his hands and he was trying to stuff them into his jeans as he charged up at Bill.

Johari grunted and shouted from behind and I turned to see him being hammered by 2 chaps from both sides. Bill gestured with his head towards Johari at me and I ran over. 

I tried my bull charge again at the man on the left but he saw me coming and he ducked. I tried to punch him but I guess I threw too wide a punch and he got so close to me that I could smell the stale cigarette breath from his mouth. 

Before I could do anything, I felt the left of my face go numb. There was a ringing in my ear as I fell to the hard ground. 

I remembered seeing Johari kicking that fellow so hard that he literally flew backwards by close to a metre before he lifted the remaining guy half way up into the air as he shouted and cursed. 

Johari sent the guy into the bushes, tumbling him down towards the bottom of the slope. 

I tried to get up but I can’t. The ringing in my ears didn’t stop. 

I forced myself to stand up but the moment I did, I staggered and fell back down, landing on my right knee, I tried again and I fucking vomited out the curry puff I ate barely 30 mintues ago. 

My balance was way off as I managed to roll away from my puke and lie by the side of the pathway leading into the museum. 

I could not believe how useless I was. One fucking hit and I was as good as dead.

On Tv and in the movies, even the most useless good guy could do more than I did. 

That level of disorientation I had totally threw me off. I never expected to get hit like that before. Herman was holding up pretty well , he rained several punches on a guy bigger than him and with a few kicks, he sent the man scurrying back into the darkness. 

Hairul, one of Herman’s close friend remained by the side of the sculptures.

His eyes sharp as a falcon scanning the desert. 

A couple of scuffle broke out near him, barely 2 metres away but he remained still. He calmly let his friends handle the attackers. 

One of Ah Keong’s man charged at him, head on but Hairul was firmly planted on his spot. 

Frankly speaking, if it was me, I would have panic and charged back. The most we will just collide head to head, but not Hairul. 

Hairul was calm, he stood there like a fucking wall of stone even though he’s less than 1.7m in height. He’s not well built either like Herman or Johari, Hairul is skinny, his eyes looked as if they were sunken into his skull. 

He was the only one besides me that didn’t smoke among the group of people that night in Bukit Chandu. I counted no less than 3 attempts to grab and pull Hairul away from his spot but none succeeded. 

Hairul barely had to lift a finger. I saw him clench his fist once as one of Ah Keong’s man got too close with a small hammer in hand but he was kicked off the pathway by Herman before being dragged and sent down the slope. 


There was this sick sound coming from the distance. 

This really sick sound of something hard being dragged on the cold uneven floor,

That raw unedited sound of hard metal being dragged on the tar road and eventually onto the paved courtyard. 

I tried to squint my eyes and make out what that was, with only the moonlight above us, my eyes still really haven adjusted fully to the dark. 

When I realised what that was, I cursed out loud and struggled to get onto my feet. 

Jake : Holy… Fuck…. 

I hugged onto a column and dragged my body off the ground. 
It was a man dragging a sledge hammer along the floor and he was heading straight for Hairul and the sculptures. 

His progress was slow and he looked too skinny to carry that properly. 

The bigger guys were all engaged in the fight, one of them managed to go past the initial defenders around Hairul . Hairul was knocked off his feet within seconds but he bounced back up and got tangled with that man immediately, pushing him back a few steps. 

That man charged again at Hairul, determined to get him out of the way.

Hairul’s movements were sleek and graceful. It was almost like a dance. There was this gentleness in his movements yet he struck with deadly precision and speed. He could have hit any part of the man’s body when he lashed out with the speed of a deadly cobra but he chose to drive both knuckles onto the man’s nipples, causing him to yelp out in pain. 

The excruciating pain was like a wake up call, breaking the silence of the night on the ridge. 

Man : AHHHHH !! 

Another guy Johari just threw onto the ground went over to his screaming friend , he had his shirt torn and badly stretched. His t-shirt by then had become like some off shoulder blouse, exposing a good portion of his left shoulder. 

He probably pulled his muscle or something too and he half strutted like some transvestite shaking his ass and shoulder over to his friend. I don’t know if I should laugh or feel pity for the 2 guys. 

They look so comical. The tranny lookalike’s hair was all messed up too as he helped his friend sit up, supporting him from the back, His friend just kept both of his palms on his nipples as he kept massaging them in circles.

Tranny lookalike : Bro… bro !!.. you ok bo ? are you ok ?? 

Breast man : My…. My….. my NEH… NEH… POK!!. ( nipples ) my neh neh pok…... very painful ..ahhh… ahh… 

His friend tried to pull and drag him off to the side, it reminded me of some saving private ryan war scene, where your comrades was trying to save you but that was so fucking funny that I could not help but burst out laughing. 

Breast man : My neh neh….ahhhhhh…. he hit my neh neh very hard….. KNN… 

His friend kept cursing at him as he dragged him from under his arms, his shirt got more and more loose, his off shoulder top dropping to the middle of his bicep before he fell backwards too, landing on his buttocks. 

Breast man finally turned around and look at his friend who just pulled him out of the fray and the first thing he said was ; 

Breast man : why you wear so sexy come pia zhui ?? ( fight ) 

Tranny : Fuck you la !.

My attention was drawn back to the action when I saw one more guy charged and lifted Hairul up and off his feet before both of them disappeared into the trees. 

The sledge hammer guy continued unchallenged towards the sculptures. I staggered towards the side of the security guard table and grabbed the only tool available to me. It was a delivery trolley that was left opened. 

Using it partly for balance, I pushed it directly towards the man with the hammer, shouting and swerving around Herman. 

Jake : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….. siam ah !!!! ( get out of my way )

The man saw me heading towards him, he tried to lift the hammer but it was too late, he could tell he did not have enough time to lift it up and he made the decision to jump. 

I get what he was trying to do as I charged towards him with the trolley. He wanted to jump onto the trolley platform and push me. I would fall backwards and he would land on top of me, I would have done the same too but he made a mistake. 

He tried to jump while holding onto the hammer. His body left the ground but with his hand holding onto the hammer, it dragged him back down, limiting the height he could propel himself forward.

Jake : AHHHH… 

Man : AHHHH!!... 

The jerk back caused by his hand gripping onto the hammer caused him to fall towards the trolley as I crashed onto him. 

Not only did he crash face first towards me, I fucking felt his lips hit my forehead as he planted a hard kiss onto me when we both went down. 

It was a hard kiss and by the time I pushed him off, I could see his mouth full of blood. He probably cut his lips or hit his teeth or some shit. 

He looked a little shocked as he spit out blood from his mouth.

Barely 3 minutes had passed since the attack began but I could see Ah Keong’s man pulling back, disappearing into the darkness. Those that could still walk grabbed their friends and left, half dragging and pulling them. 

I turned to check the breast man and tranny but they were gone too. 

Johari helped me onto my feet and I could feel a small cut on my forehead. 

Johari :You ok ? 

Jake : yah I’m fine. 

I saw Bill walking over, his left eye was already red and I could see the swell around his cheeks as well. 

Jake : You ok ? 

Bill just nodded and went for a bottle of water. 

Johari gathered everyone and asked if anyone needs medical attention. 

Aside from cuts and bruises, everyone was fine. 

Johari : I counted about 14 of them, … They might still have more people coming. .. 

I looked around the mess we made in less than 5 minutes. Bushes and shrubs were crushed, chairs were lying in the shallow pond. Bits of clothings strewn about and I counted at least 3 shoes lying alone in the dark after their owner fled. 

Johari : They’re probably regrouping and they will come with more men… if so… 

He grabbed the hammer and dragged it towards the sculpture. 

Johari : Hairul, smash if if they come close…. 

Hairul nodded. 

Hairul : Which one ?? 

Johari : All of them, smash it to bits, don’t take any chances..

Jake : They might not come back…. Let’s not do anything stupid until we’re sure. 

Herman ran towards the building and I saw him pull out the fire hose, dragging it towards the open courtyard and left it pointing at the spot where Ah Keong’s men had entered. He said something in Malay to another man who went to turn on the valve. 

Bill pulled out something from his pocket and started wrapping around his hand. He did it fast, going in between each finger once before going around his wrist. 

Jake : Why do you need to do that ? 

His answer was cold and direct 

Bill : It stabilises wrist and also protects your knuckles… 

I swallow a gulp of saliva and Johari whispered harshly at everyone to keep quiet and pay attention.

I could hear it again. 

The shouts. The whispers. 

Voices coming towards us, carried by the cold evening wind. 

It’s happening again. 

There was this eerie quietness in surrounding us. The insects stopped singing, the moon disappeared behind some clouds, we had minimum ambient light , by my best estimate, we could probably see only like 7-8 metres max in front of us. 

We slowly encircled the sculptures as the voices got louder. 

It was too dark. 

I could hear them, it was as if they were right in front of me but I can’t see them .

My heart was still slamming against my ribcage, the endorphins from the 1st wave was still bouncing around in my head. 

Voices : he tao…. He tao ( over there, over there ) guay lai…. Guay lai ( come over… come over ) 

Voices : Kay see tao …..gia lai…. Gia lai…. Kin… ( bring the tools, bring them…. Quick ) 

Voices : Toh qiu peng… toh qiu ( left hand side… left … ) 

Johari spoke to Herman in malay but Herman was hesitant to agree. He looked like he wanted to argue but the urgency in which Johari said it made it hard for Herman to say no. 

Herman and another guy ran off, disappearing towards the carpark at the bottom of the steps. 

Johari : They’re all there….gathering…. Right in front of us…. My guess is they know they can’t break through if they split up…. They’re all going to attack from a single point….. head on… 

Jake : Where is Herman going ?? 

Johari : He has some things we can use in his van …. Buy us some time… 

The voices never stopped and my palms started sweating. 

That feeling, it’s like you get to the top of some roller coaster ride and not knowing when the plunge would begin. That helpless feeling of knowing it will happen soon but you are deprived of knowing exactly when. 

I don’t know how much time has passed, probably 3-4 minutes max. The voices got softer before it eventually stopped. 

Johari : ok… it’s going to happen soon…. They probably finalised their plans…. 

Herman panted as he came up from behind us with 3 tubes in his hand. They were long, about 1.2m in length with a diameter of 70cm. I could not tell what they were in the dark but they looked like some PVC pipes. It looked like some home made bazooka cannon. 

Bill : What the fuck is that ? 

Herman : Confetti canon for my event company……. Uses pressurised air…. . made from youtube videos… hahaha….. remote controlled too…. Good for school and kids events…. Haha… 

The 3 canon were pointed towards the front , each held by a man while Herman held onto the remote. 

Bill : What the fuck can they do against them ? 

Johari : Buy us enough time to smash everything if we have to. 

Suddenly a voice rang out. 

Herman brought along a large torch too, those search light kind about the size of your kettle at home. 

Man : HOEI !!!.. JOHARI !!..... There’s no need to do this… !! Give us what we want… and everyone can go home… 

Herman switched on the torch towards the voice and I could see a sea of bodies lined up in front of us and I felt like laughing again. 

The person speaking was that Tranny look alike. 

Johari : Spencer…. We’re all a family… tell Ah Keong to stop this… 

With the light shining at him, he shielded his eyes with the back of his right hand, his elbow angled 45 degree upwards pointing to the skies, with his off shoulder top and the people standing behind him, I seriously think they were about to dance to the song ‘ Thriller’ 

Spencer : We will get what we want… by hook or by crook… 

Johari : I will fucking smash it….. if you come close… 

Spencer : you won’t…. 

Johari : Try me…

Johari waved to Herman and the light was off, returning the heritage site into a sea of darkness. 

I was right beside Herman. 

Hairul clutched onto the hammer and got into position. 

Everyone made space for Hairul so he has space to swing the hammer if it comes to that. 

I could not believe this was happening. 

We’re all going to go to jail. 

Destroying something of heritage value like this, what would that make us ?

The voices started again and I could tell they were advancing towards us. 

Johari : Hairul….

Hairul dragged the hammer and lifted it up, raising it above his shoulder. 

The voices got closer. 

Johari : Steady….. 

Bill coughed and spit out saliva mixed with blood onto the floor near my feet. 

I could hear Spencer asking his men to keep up, to hold the line. 

Spencer : go straight for the sculptures…. The ammo bag on the floor.. 

Hairul immediately shifted his position. 

I looked at the sculpture of the 3 man firing a mortar on the ground before Johari’s voice got louder. 

Johari : Steady……. Hold….. 

Spencer : gia… gia… gia…. ( let’s go, let’s go… let’s go… ) …. Cheong AH!!!!! ( Charge !!!! ) 

The peace of the dark night shattered into a thousand pieces of glass as voices were raised. I was shaking, honestly I was afraid but I did not want to let it show. 

I could see Herman’s hand shaking a little too as his fingers hovered above the button that fired the canon. 

Footsteps advanced onto out position and within seconds , I could see Spencer charging right into us. 

They were too fast, we couldn’t react in time. 

Bodies clashed into each other and I was knocked off my feet within seconds. 

I hammered a few blows, I don’t even know who I was hitting, I was kicked and hit several times too but Bill pulled them off me. 

Herman was pinned down and I could see Hairul being kicked by 3 other men and his hammer was taken from him. 

The cannon laid useless on the ground, being kicked around like some kid’s school project gone wrong. 

It was a fucking mass orgy. 

Johari tried to get back in command but he too was being pinned down by breast man and Spencer while a few other guys started kicking him. 

As if suddenly imbued with superhuman strength, Johari roared and lifted himself off the floor, throwing a few guys onto their buttocks. I charged towards the man who was sitting on top of Herman and punching him, the momentum sent me and him towards the shallow pond and we landed with a splash. 

I spit out a mouthful of water and pulled myself out of the water just in time to feel the skin on the back of my spine tingled as Spencer grabbed the hammer amidst the chaos. 

Bill sent a guy flying onto a bush with a kick and he too grabbed one of it. 

I saw one was within my reach and I grabbed it as well.

Within a split second, Johari shook off everyone who was on to him and grabbed the last canon the same time Spencer raised the hammer above his head, preparing to strike at the small sculpture in front of him. 

I tightened the grip on the PVC tube and pointed it at Spencer. 

Bill was the furthest away from Spencer and he charged towards him, pointing his tube forward. 

Time slowed. 

Everything moved in slow motion. 

I could see shirts being ripped. 

Shoes thrown about. 

Bushes and shrubs shook angrily as twigs and branches were broken. 

I saw that beautiful moment when Herman got up and grabbed the remote control and his eyes met Johari’s. 

Herman smiled. 

Johari’s shout ripped through the forest, shattering the serenity of the world war 2 heritage site once more and I felt the hair on my wet skin rise to attention as I fought back a shiver. 

Johari : TEMBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Fire ) 

Compress air rushed out of all 3 tubes, sending confetti towards Spencer the same time he smashed the hammer towards the ground. It distracted him. 

His aim was off. 

Instead of a direct hit, he went towards the side, smashing the moulded pouch on the side. 

Men shouted and Spencer cursed. 

I watched in horror as I saw the hammer fall beside the damaged sculpture. 

He fucking did it. He really smashed it. 

Bodies collided again as everyone converged towards the hammer and Spencer. 

No one paid me any attention. 

No one. 

No one cared about the split wooden box that somehow cracked into 2 and landed right in front of me. There was a pen , a old pen wrapped in some leather like skin, partially exposed.

If it had land a metre away, I probably would have missed it but it was right there. 

Right in front of me. 

I looked up, made sure no one was looking and I slipped the cracked box the size of a large packet of cigarette into my back pocket. 

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and wondered what ripples my action would send down the stream. 

I have the 9th vote. 


I was dripping wet as I crawled out of the pond. I froze where I was, too afraid to join back into the fight. 

It looked like a terrible mess, bodies piled on top on one another, everyone grunting and cursing.

I was afraid someone would discover what I had done, or perhaps the box and the pen would just drop out of my pocket during the scuffle. 

We were making too much noise, there’s a residential estate barely a one hundred metres away. I saw another 2 men running up the stone steps, a look of urgency on their faces. I was about to run over to engage them but they were faster. 

They charged right into the orgy and pulled Spencer out. 

It appears as if they were not there to fight. They spoke to Spencer, pulling him back by his shirt which by then looked like a tube top. He could not be bothered, still determined to charge back into the fight. 

Like a rugby team, Spencer’s men suddenly managed to build up a wall of bodies and like a sweeping broom, they swept, pushed and kicked Johari and his men away from the sculptures. 

It happened so fast and all I could do was stare in horror. 

Spencer lifted the hammer and with three smooth strokes, smashed the remaining sculptures and finished off with the ammo pouch. 

Slam !..... Slam !!... Slam !!! …. Slam !! 

The sound of the demolition silenced the entire compound as if a spell had been cast. 

Everyone stared in shock at the damaged sculptures scattered all over the floor. Everyone’s eyes was searching the pieces and no one moved. 

Spencer went to kick away a few pieces before bending down to examine each piece before standing back up. He looked at Johari and he just shrugged his shoulder. 

One of the 2 guys that ran up tugged Spencer again. 

Man : The road block will not hold much longer, we need to go now…. The police are on their way up…. Someone made a complaint. 

Spencer did one last check on the pieces on the floor before gesturing to his men to leave. Like smoke dissipating in the wind, Spencer and his guys scattered into the night and we never heard from them again. 

Johari’s phone rang and he answered, speaking briefly before hanging up. 

Johari : Ok, we got to go… … I’ll try to get Gabriel… there’s nothing in the sculptures..…. 

I saw Bill leaning against the side of a pillar and I hurried over. He had a deep cut on his left forearm, blood was flowing freely and his face was badly bruised. 

Jake : Oh fuck… fuck… 

Bill : Don’t make a big fuss… I’m fine… 

Jake : You don’t look fine to me…. 

He unwrapped his fist and we used that to apply pressure on the wound. He would definitely need a few stitches to fix that. 

Bill turned and walked away slowly and I kept up with him. We went onto one of the trails that will lead us down the hill to the Hort park. He kept asking me to leave him alone but I couldn’t bring myself to. 

Jake : You’re squirting blood…. How you expect me to leave you ?? 

By the time we got to the Hort park, Bill was walking a lot slower. We attracted some stares from joggers and a few offered to help. 

Jake : It’s ok… it’s ok… he fell, I’m bringing him to the doctor… 

I don’t know how many times I repeated that answer as I racked my brains for a solution. 

Bill saw a bench and he sat down, saying that he needed a break. 

I reached for my phone and I was thinking who I could call. Gabriel and Ben , they’re both not in town. 

I scrolled down the list and the only logical choice was Lucy. 

I dialled her number and she picked up on the fourth ring, answering in her usual flirty manner, but her attitude changed totally when I told her what happened. 

Jake : We can’t take a cab, he’s got blood all over…do you all have some triad clinic or something you all go to? To get patched up or something ? 

Lucy just kept quiet over the phone for a couple of seconds before saying she will come get us. 

Bill asked me to go but I told him I have help coming. 

Bill : Who ? 

Jake : ERrr… my parents… I asked them to pick us up…. We’ll send you to a clinic or something… 

Bill : No need… just drop me off back in Joo chiat. 

It was a 45 minutes wait and I brought some water for Bill as we sat in the park. 

I tried really hard not to touch the box in my pocket as I talked to Bill about Lucy . 

What was their relationship like ? 

Why did they break up ? 

How was Lucy like ? 

I peppered Bill with questions but I got no answer from him. It was either a smile, a giggle or just plain shaking of his head. 

Bill : I just fell for someone I shouldn’t have.. that’s all there is .. 

We were silent for a while, both our eyes were looking down towards the pavement. A pair of legs appeared, a beautiful fair pair of legs with running shoes. 

I was the first to look up at the owner of the pair of legs. 

Lucy had on a casual pair of shorts and a plain grey t-shirt. 

She walked slowly towards us. She never even looked at me. 

I look at Bill, he was shocked beyond words as Lucy walked towards him with trembling lips. 

Bill tried to cover his arm and wipe off the blood stains before standing up. 

By then Lucy had gotten right in front of us. Her eyes looked a little watery as she glared at Bill before looking at me. 

Jake : Lucy….i …

Smack !... 

I slap hit me before I could say anything more. 

Lucy : HOW DARE YOU !!... You said it was just to protect a place !!! 

Bill : Lucy…. 

Lucy gave Bill a glare and he knew better than to try and speak again. 

I’ve never seen Lucy so angry before. 

That raw emotion on her face was the most real and unpretentious expression I have seen on Lucy. 

That mix of pain and anguish as she looked at Bill. 

Lucy punched Bill lightly on his chest as a tear rolled down her cheek. 

Lucy : You think you’re still young ?? … do you ?? 

Bill kept still, his eyes refused to meet Lucy 

Lucy hit him again, a little harder this time with another punch . 

Lucy : Answer me …. You think you’re still some hot shot in the organisation ?? do you ?? 

Lucy’s lips shook and I saw both her cheeks streaked with her tears as she hit Bill for the 3rd time. 

Lucy : Answer me…..You think you’re still the young fighter you were 10 years ago ?? sobzz… answer me… sobzz… 

Bill answered Lucy alright. 

He answered her. 

Bill : I am still that man Lucy….. I am still that man….. 

Lucy’s teeth were clenched and I could see tears dripping off her chin and the bottom of her cheeks. 

Bill : I’m not the young man….. I’m not the hot shot….. I’m not the fighter…… but I’m still the same man that loves you… 

Holy fuck. 

I almost shed a tear as I staggered a step backwards. 

Lucy’s shoulder slouched, her stance softened, the tough exterior she had on all along melted away . For that brief moment, Lucy was that little girl again. 

I knew it was the right moment then for me to walk away. 

And I did. 

I turned and walked off as Lucy leaned forward and into Bill’s arms. 

As fast as my legs could carry, I got out of the Hort park and hailed myself a cab. 

I reached home, showered and got into my bed at 1.30am

22nd Feburary 2015



I carefully lifted the box and look at the pen inside, looking at the intricate details and wordings carved into the body of the pen. 

I wrapped it up properly and kept it away. 

That would surely come in useful one day. 


I was back at the noodle stall and my muscles ached , I think I had a visible bruise on my face and Kate came over to ask me what happened and where did I go the day before. 

There was no point lying to her about it and I came clean. 

Her eyes widened and she hit me several times, cursing at me for not telling her about it. 

Kate : HOW could you !!!! How could you not tell me !!!!

She stormed off and ignored me for the rest of the day. 


Johari sent a picture of the sculptures at Bukit Chandu to the group chat. Everything had been replaced and touched up. With a few construction cones and signage indicating restoration works, there was no trouble at all getting the replacement done. 

Gabriel was both puzzled and upset that his grandfather’s legacy was not found at the site. 

He says he would get to the bottom of the matter and he thanked everyone for our help. 

23 Feburary 2015



I thought I would try my luck getting in touch with Lucy to ask about Bill but there was no reply from her. 

I have yet to see Bill around the coffee shop that couple of days too, probably resting at home, wherever that may be. 

Kate came over right before I left the coffee shop with my parents. 

Kate : I manage to get another chance to talk to King… you interested ? 

Jake : Yes.. yes… of course… 

Kate : See you later at 4pm… we’ll meet straight at his shop.


Kate was 15 minutes late.

4.30 pm 

I dropped Kate a couple of messages before I tried dialling her phone but it was switched off. 

This is weird. 

Kate was seldom late when she meets up with me and going uncontactable like this was virtually unheard off. It’s not like I knew her for the longest time but she’s not someone who would just go off the grid like this. 

By 4.45pm, I was starting to get worried. 

I decided to go on ahead to King’s shop. 

King’s shop is separated into 2 as mentioned earlier , one sells everything for the living, and the other sells everything for the dead. I asked the staff where King was and he gave me a suspicious look before saying he’s in the office. 

Jake : He’s expecting me…. I mean us… actually there’s one more… but I don’t know where is she… 

The staff just pointed down the rows of shelves at the back of the shop. 

I knew it. 

I knew King would do this to us. 

As I walked down the shelves stocked with offerings for the deceased , I felt as if there were several pairs of eyes on me. That weird creepy feeling of someone watching you. 

I walked pass neatly arranged rows of paper iphone and Ipads, laptops, hardisk. Even paper VR googles. Anything you would possibly find in the world of the living, chances are King has one version for the dead. 

I reached the old timber door with a large square glass panel in the middle and I knocked on the door. 

Jake : Hello ? … hello ? 

I could hear voices inside the room. 

I tried the door knob but it was locked. 

I knocked on the door again. 

Jake : King…. Hello… King ? 

The voices got a little louder. 

It sounded like people wrapping up their conversation. 

There was some shuffling, chairs being shifted and when the bolt for the lock snapped opened, I jumped backwards a little. 

The sudden snap gave me a shock, being in such a creepy shop did not help either. 

The door opened and when I laid eyes on the people inside King’s office, I realised the shock from the lock was nothing. 

It was nothing compared to seeing Ah Keong, Suwen and King staring at me. 

Ah Keong : What are you doing here ? 

I paused. 

I was about to say I came together with Kate when I saw something familiar on King’s table. 

It was Kate’s phone. 

King : What are you doing here Jake ? …. You need something ?? 

My heart started thumping and I tried to think of an excuse. 

Jake : I… I needed to get something for a army friend who just passed away…. 

The 3 of them kept their eyes on me, no doubt unconvinced about what I just said. 

Jake : I just thought maybe I could get a discount you know…. Since we sort of know each other …. ?? 

5 seconds passed and we remained staring at each other. 

It was such a bad lie that I was sure they saw right through me. 

Kate’s phone was right there on the fucking table. 

Yet she was nowhere in the room. 

I never expected Suwen to speak first ahead of King and Ah Keong. 

And when she did, I turned on my heels and I ran. 

Suwen : Get him !.... get him !... 

I tore up the concrete floor as I sprinted as fast as I could towards the exit and into the staircase. I jumped 3, 4 steps at a time, desperate to get out of the compound. 

I literally flew towards the nearest bus stop and hopped onto the 1st bus to arrive, panting and catching my breathe as I looked out the window, trying to see if they caught up with me. 

Not good. 

This is not good. 

The bus barely went forward one bus stop when my phone rang. 

It was a number I don’t recognised. 

Jake : Hello ? 

Suwen : Jake… it’s me… Suwen… 

Her voice was a stark contrast from before. It sounded gentle and sweet. 

Suwen : We are all reasonable people…so let’s talk things through. 

There was a short pause before she went on again. 

Suwen : Kate is not even your real girlfriend… 

Another pause followed. 

Suwen : Why are you wasting your time on her ?? 

It was obvious she was taking instructions from someone else. It had to be either Ah Keong or King. 

Suwen : I mean it Jake… we can pay you… just look the other way….pretend you never see anything… 

Jake : Let her go.. 

Suwen : I can’t… 

Suwen was pretty insistent that we should talk things through. 

Jake : You grabbed Kate… what assurance do I have you wouldn’t do the same to me… 

Suwen : Don’t be crazy… why would we do that… we didn’t grab Kate… we just need her as a guest for a while… 

After some deliberation, I agreed to meet with Suwen but only if I get to speak with Kate.

King got on the line and repeated what Suwen had already told me. 

King : Stay out of this Jake.. It’s for your own good. 

Jake : I want to speak with Kate… 

He hung up on me. 

I alighted a few stops later and my phone rang again. 

Jake ; Hello ? 

Kate : JAKE!!.. JAKE!!.. TELL Gab….ahhh

Jake : Kate… Kate !!..

There was some commotion on the other end of the line before Suwen came back on. 

Suwen : 5k…Jake… we’ll pay you 5k… cash… just walk away… from all of this… 

I tried to calm myself down. 

The logical thing to do would be to tell Gabriel or Ben and their game would be over. Let them handle it among themselves. 

I would have done exactly that . That would have been Jake’s decision but I could not bring myself to do it. Somehow over the course of that few weeks, something changed inside me. 

Suwen : Jake… 8k… our final offer…. Take it… I mean it… take it… we’ll pay you cash…. Just walk away…. 

Jake : let her go … 

Suwen : What ? 12k ? …. Do we have a deal ? …. Ok… ok… I’ll see you in a bit. Thanks for agreeing to our offer Jake… I see you in a while… 

I could hear Kate screaming in the background as Suwen pretended as if we had a deal.

Suwen : we’ll go get the money and pass it to you .... we'll arrange a time and place.... ok.... thanks... 

Jake : WHAT… what ?? hey… hey !!! 

Then she hung up on me. 

What a fucking bitch. 

What the fuck was she thinking ? 

She must be thinking she could keep the money for herself while pushing the blame on me. Keong and King would think I took the money. She’s fucking pinning it all on me. 

What would Kate think when she hears that I accepted the deal ? 

I’ll quickly get in touch with Gabriel, tell him everything, that would prove my innocence.

I hit Gabriel’s number and right before I hit dial, I realised perhaps there was another way. 

Another easier way. 

I simply sent Suwen the message. 

‘I know about you and Matthew’ 

30 seconds later, Suwen sent me her reply. 

Suwen msg : Let’s meet in private… 


Block 85 market at Bedok. 

I sat near the NTUC and ate my noodles as I waited. 


Suwen appeared. 

She had changed into something casual from the dress I saw her in earlier. She looked just like the hot mother that had just put her kids to bed. 

Her legs, looked similar to Tiffany except that her skin lack that radiant youthful shine Tiffany had. 

Smooth and hairless, it reminded me of the time I ran my tongue up Tiffany’s legs and hearing her moan sensually thinking it was Roland. 

I wonder how Suwen’s moans would sound like. 

Suwen wore a pale pink bra with white singlet, the holes on her denim shorts looked as if it was specially made for the side of her shapely and firm bottom. It’s not too tight, there just that little bit of gap such that when she walked, you can see the bounce of her butt cheeks. 

At late thirties, with a figure like that, she is the ultimate milf fantasy anyone could wish for. 

Seeing Suwen up close sent some raw emotions down my groin as I watch her sit down in front of me and crossed her legs. Several uncles drinking beer a couple of tables away were looking at her too. 

Suwen don’t look her age, she maintained and kept herself well, if you asked me, I would say she could easily pass off as someone in her early thirties, perhaps late twenties with her make up on. 

She put her phone and purse on the table and I could see she was very nervous.

Suwen : How did you know about Matthew and me ? 

I did not answer her question. 

Jake : Help me get Kate out.. 

Suwen : I can’t… Ah Keong and King has her…. I’m just at the wrong place at the wrong time… 

Jake : What were you doing there then ? 

Suwen admitted she went there to borrow money from King. 

She wanted to get out of her marriage with Terry. 

Kate turned up to meet King and Ah Keong happened to be there. They didn’t know I would be joining them

Suwen : Kate was quarrelling with them, then it just happened. They didn’t plan this… they just decided to grab her

Jake : Where is Kate ? … 

Suwen : I don’t know… I really don’t know.. 

Suwen was more interested in how I got to know about her and Matthew rather than where Kate was. 

Suwen : How did you know ? who told you ?? ! 

Jake : I saw the videos…. Those in the hotels… from way back… 

Suwen : NO… no way… it’s not possible… 

I redirected the conversation, it’s important for me to be in control where we were headed. 

Jake : It’s there… imagine what Ah Keong would do…. Or perhaps… 

I threw a wild guess into the wind. 

Jake : What Tiffany would do if she knew Terry was not her father ?? … 

Suwen : She is Terry’s daughter !! 

She insisted quite strongly but I still threw in some doubt. 

Jake : Are you that sure ?? … sure enough to take a test ?? 

That silenced Suwen up completely. 

So I might be right after all. 

Suwen : I really don’t know where Kate is… 

Jake : Then you’re going to help me find out… 

Suwen : how ?? 

Jake : I’m sure you have your ways… 

She looked away into the distance and kept quiet as she wet her lips with the tongue before brushing back her thick and silky hair.

Jake : Ask Terry…. He could go talk to King… it’s that simple… 

Suwen hesitated for a couple of seconds before answering me. 

Suwen : It’s never that simple when you ask Terry for something…. Why do you think I’m getting out of this marriage !... 

I sipped on the soup of my noodles as I watch Suwen rest her cheek on her palm , sighing and thinking of a way to get out of this mess. 

Then she said something that perk my ears. 

Suwen : I know King is a little interested in me…. he once peeped at me changing at our house warming once… 

My cock stirred and a smile slowly appeared on my face. 

Jake : There…… there…. That’s an idea… 

Suwen : It’s not an idea ….. what do you expect me to do… go change in front of him ?? 

Jake : haha… maybe you give him something more to…. Look at ?? 

Suwen hit the table a little hard and drew the attention of the few tables nearby as she glared at me. 

Jake : It’s your choice….my suggestion… have sex with Terry…. Or something… then accidentally let King peep…. Get him aroused…. He’s a old man… it’s not hard to satisfy him… you know the rest… 

Suwen ; Who do you take me for !! 

Jake : I just want to get Kate out.. 

Suwen : I’m not having sex with Terry…. We’ve not been intimate for years !!! 

Suwen whispered that harshly to me and I could feel my erection pushing against my boxers. 

I don’t know what was going through my mind. 

It had to be from the noodles I had as I offered her another suggestion. 

I don’t know why I said it. 

I really don’t 

It just came out of my mouth. 

Jake : Perhaps ….. I can pretend to be Terry ….

Suwen : You.. 

Suwen paused mid sentence and stopped talking. 

We just looked at each other without a word at the hawker centre. 

She was thinking. 


She needed that extra push. 

Jake : And… you can keep that 12k you said over the phone… 

I watched Suwen swallow a gulp of saliva and with that ever slight gentle movement of her head in a unsure manner. 

She nodded. 


I never expected Suwen to agree so readily to what I proposed. 

Right after she nodded she stammered a little trying to organise her thoughts and put them into words. She’s been in the country for so long that you can hardly tell she’s not local. When she speaks, there’s the usual Singlish expression locals used, the occasional mix of dialect as well. 

Suwen : But… wait…. I still don’t know where Kate is…. i… I really don’t know… 

She looked around our table and lowered her voice considerably that I got to bend forward to listen to her speak. Suwen’s bent body exposed her deep valley like cleavage that I would love to snuggle my face into. 

Suwen : And…. And how are you going to let King…let King…. You know… see… even if he did….. what makes you think he would tell me where Kate is ?? 

Suwen looked nervous but I could tell she was determined. 

She wanted to go through with this, partly because of money. 

Suwen : What if…. What if King knows I’m tricking him…. He won’t give me the money he said he…. 

Suwen quickly stopped talking, realising that she had let on a little too much details. 

Jake : So he’s giving you money too…. Aside from the money that was supposed to be mine… ? 

Sensing that she was caught red handed, Suwen came clean and said she asked to borrow about 35k from King. She would slowly pay him back in instalment. Terry’s cash flow has always been a thorn in the flesh issue for the both of them. 

It seems what Terry is giving Suwen every month is not enough to upkeep her lifestyle. 

For the first time, I felt sorry for Terry. 

I looked at Suwen’s branded purse and shimmering phone case on the latest iphone. 

She might looked like any one of the patrons at the hawker centre that evening but look just a bit closer and you begin to pick up details. Small minute details that would give away a lot. 

She wore a diamond ring, not on her wedding finger, it looked awfully similar to the signature setting I saw from the Jewellery shop that had the same name as her Daughter. Perhaps that was what she was thinking about when she named her. 

Her ear studs, diamonds as well. 

Ok, her husband is a goldsmith, perhaps he got them cheap. 

Around her neck was a thin silver chain with a pearl that looked like a droplet of tear. It had to be the tear from Terry’s eyes when he realised despite paying Suwen money every month, he still didn’t get to fuck her. 

According to Suwen, Terry has been cutting her allowance for the past few years. 

Suwen : It’s so hard to survive in Singapore…. And he keeps reducing the amount he give me… how to live like that ??? you tell me… 

Jake : How much did he cut ? 

Suwen : He cut more than 50% !!!.... 

I was about to ask what is the actual figure when Suwen volunteered the information. The moment I heard that figure, I wanted to roll my eyes. 

Suwen : I’m left with 4k a month now….. you tell me…. how to live off this in your country ??? What about my facial ??? my spa packages….??? ….. make up ?? all this no need money ?? and my bags ?? ….. you keep bringing the same bags out…. People will laugh at you … ! 

At that very moment, I knew I would be doing mankind a great disservice if I did not fuck this money hungry whore. She hasn’t worked a single day since she married Terry, and now she’s turning her back on the man that’s been supporting her for so long. 

I pitied Terry, I really did. 

I suddenly understood why he has such a bad attitude. 

If I was him paying so much for a so call wife you can’t fuck or touch each month, that frustration would build up eventually. 

Jake : Oh… ok… 

Suwen : You see the situation I’m in ??? … if you’re me… won’t you do the same thing ?? !! 

Jake : Oh… yeah… I’m sure I would… 

Suwen : I just want to live the life I deserve…. A good life… I sacrificed so much for this family…. 

I cut her off immediately. I’m not interested in her fucking sad story. It made me feel like I want to puke. 

Jake : Ok… ok… I get it… 

Suwen : No you don’t…. you don’t understand….

Suwen said it in such a sad voice that I almost believed how bad it was for her. She told me before she had Tiffany, a good facial package is about 1k odd, now to get one good one, be prepared to pay 5 to 6 k. 

Suwen : You think it’s easy to maintain myself ?? if not for the fact I look the way I am… you… you think King would be interested in me ? 

She said it with a hint of proudness and I just nodded my head. 

Jake : ok, please… let get back to Kate…. 

Suwen : I don’t know where she is… I really don’t… 

Jake : Let’s be rationale about this….. they grab her when she’s at King’s shop… 

Suwen : Yes… 

Jake : Where did they take her ? 

Suwen : Outside the office…. After that King and Ah Keong came back in….

Jake : How long did they take ? 

Suwen : A couple of minutes… ? 

Jake : Good… that means she might still be at the compound…

Suwen pipped in and cut me off. 

Suwen : They might have moved her already … it’s been a few hours… 

Jake : It’s not easy moving a screaming and kicking person around…. If I were them, I would rather keep Kate in that industrial park… it’s quiet at night and King has loads of space there… 

Suwen’s eyes widened and she said King had a small area at one shop converted into a illegal dormitory for his workers when they need to work late or overnight sometimes.

Suwen : It’s like a mini hostel, sometimes they need to deliver stuff late at night or early in the morning…. The staff will rest there… 

Jake : Ok… there’s a good chance Kate might be there… 

I stood up and was about to leave when Suwen pulled my arm and dragged me down. 

Suwen : NO wait….

Jake : What ? 

Suwen : If you go now… then what about my money ?? 

I wanted to strangle her right there and then. 

Suwen got up and insisted I go through with the deal and take the money from King and Keong before we go to Kate. 

Jake : Are you out of your mind ?? Kate might be starving… hurt… or scared out of her wits and you’re thinking about money?? 

Suwen : You are the one that is out of your mind…. You are the one that proposed I keep the money…. I don’t care…. Either you pay me… or Keong and King would… 

I was fuming mad but I held it in and I asked her to call them. 

Jake : Tell them… I want the money… now… if not I would spill the beans and tell Gabriel … 

Suwen immediately lit up and dialled King’s number. 

Right in front of me, she cooked up another story, about how she spent so much time talking and convincing me. That I made things very difficult for her. 

Suwen : Yah… he’s very difficult…. It took me so long to talk to him…. And… and… sigh…. 

It’s not even a video call but when Suwen acts, she made sure to go the whole full mile. She massaged her forehead and said there was another problem. 

Suwen : He wanted more money…. He wanted 18k… 

I could hear raised voices on the other side of the phone. I tried to grab the phone from Suwen but she jumped out of my reach, gesturing me to stay away. 

Fuck. And I wondered how the daughter turned out the way she did. 

My am I glad I got to fuck Tiffany good. 

Not only did I get to fuck her daughter, I got to treat her like a dog.

A slave. 

I made her do things so despicable that it could not be mentioned even in erotic novels involving billionaires . 

I made Tiffany cum till she had tears in her eyes screaming for Roland’s name thinking I was him. I tamed her like I would tame a beast from the wilderness. I whipped her into submission. Hearing her cries and moans elevated me to a height I’ve never been before. 

I was never into that shit but Tiffany. 

Tiffany made me into that monster. 

She deserved it. 

And now that she’s been tamed, I made her crave for it. 

I would do the same to Suwen too if I have the chance but I doubt it. 

Time is a luxury I do not have.

I needed things to move fast. 

To get Kate out as soon as possible. 

Suwen : I know…. And he wants it tonight…. I don’t know what else to do…. It’s your decision…. 

I could see her eyes brightened up and she forced herself to keep up the tired voice she was using. 

Suwen : Ok… ok… I’ll talk to him… I’ll ask him to wait a while longer… ok… sure…

When she hangs up, Suwen told me that King would arrange for the money to be ready. 

Suwen : Give him a couple of hours the most… 

Jake : What the fuck was that…. You just asked him for more money… 

Suwen : Why not… he’s rich… why not ?? 

Jake : Let’s go to his office… we wait there… 

Suwen : No !!...he’ll know that you realised Kate is there…. 

Jake : Look… the whole aim of this… is to get Kate… 

I turned and walked away but Suwen caught up with me. 

Suwen : You go there then what ? you just going to walk in and take Kate away…. You can’t…. you still need me… 

I paused and thought about what she said and my head wrapped around our original plan of me pretending to be Terry. 

Suwen : Let me get the money first…. 

Jake : Then what… 

Suwen : i… I have an idea…. But we’ll need to head off to my place first…. I need to get some of Terry’s clothes…. And… and you dress up as him… you’re about the same build…

Suwen turned me around and said from the back, I could pass off as Terry if I dressed properly. 

Jake : So I walk in to face King backwards ?? 

Suwen : Of course not…. You can wait in the cab…. Or something ?? 

Jake : does that make sense ?? … for Terry to go all the way there and not even say hi to King ?? 

Suwen thought about it for a moment and nodded. 

I thought we were stuck but with money as motivation, it seems Suwen’s brain could think and react pretty fast. 

Suwen : How about we do this ?? 

Suwen : We’ll not meet at King’s place for the transaction…. Instead… let’s meet at a hotel…. Maybe the hotel lobby or something……… I’ll say it’s your preferred place to transact…. 

Suwen reasoned that it would be inappropriate for her to meet me there as a women so naturally, she asked Terry along. Terry would be in the bathroom when King arrives and I would be late as well. 

She will spend some time with King while pretending to call me. 

Suwen : King is so old, his eyesight is bad, I will remove his glasses….. Pretend to clean them….you will come out of the bathroom as Terry…. He can’t tell one…. Just waved to him… walk a bit… limp and walk like my husband…. I will reinforce to him that you’re coming out….. but after that you just u-turn and walk back into the bathroom…. 

I stared at her in amazement. 

Suwen : That way, Terry would be physically there from King’s perspective…. He just has a bad tummy and needed to be in the toilet… 

From then on, I would appear back as Jake for the transaction. 

Instead of a simple pass the cash and fuck off transaction, I would insist on counting the full sum. 

Now, no one in the right mind would allow me to walk off unaccompanied with the money. King would want to make sure I count it in front of him. 

At that point, Suwen will say we can’t count that in the lobby, it will look suspicious. I will offer my room, which is a suite that Suwen will be booking. 

Suwen : Get a big room … I’ll pay since I’m getting the money… haha.… those luxurious kind…. Not those cheezy cheap geylang hotel….actually I quite like Pan pacific…their suites is quite nice… 

Jake : Whatever….go on… quick… then what ?? 

Suwen tells me that we will all head up to the room together, and they will not let the money out of their sight. If I want to count, count it in front of them. 

I would agree and head up to the room to wait for them since Terry is still in the bathroom. 

I would need to get back into Terry’s role , repeat the same motion of coming out and u-turning back in. Suwen would make the decision to head up with King first since it doesn’t seem like he’ll be done anytime soon.

Suwen would drag the time. Go to a different floor or something and make sure I have enough time to get back into the room before they arrive.

Once inside the room with King, she would try to tempt him while I count the money. 

Suwen : don’t worry about that…. I am good with things like that… ahhaa.. I won’t make it so obvious…

She laughed and she touched her own breast, rubbing her bra where her nipples would be resting against as she gave me a flirty look.

Once the counting was verified, I would leave and hand Suwen the room key, ask them to check out, give and impression that I have taken the money and I’m going to fuck off. She would be the one checking in so she can check out too. 

Suwen : Now I won’t be able to leave…. Since my husband…. Is still stuck in the bathroom at the lobby… so I would wait with King…. In the room…. 

Suwen almost chuckled as she covered her lips 

Suwen : With King in the room….. you can head down to his place and get Kate…. Perfect plan… 

I stared at Suwen in amazement. 

She was beaming proudly at her scheme but there were still a few variables. 

Jake : There’s still some loose ends…. What if there are people guarding Kate ?? What if King doesn’t take the bait ?? What if he know’s I’m not Terry…. ?? 

Suwen only answered one question. 

She pulled her singlet lowered a little in front of me, showing off the curves and cups of her pale pink bra as she ran her finger across her cleavage. 

Suwen : You think he won’t take the bait ?? …. You sure ?? 


Simply amazing. 

I could not hold it back any longer and I spoke out. 

Jake : I really wonder what did Terry see in you… 

Suwen laughed with a snigger. 

Suwen : He won’t see beyond my looks and body…. What does it matter… ?? Men are all the same… they just want to fuck…. Put their cock inside your pussy…. Will they look beyond looks and figure ?? no !... 

Suwen added onto her earlier statement. 

Suwen : You Singaporean men are the dumbest….and the most insecure… you look at Terry…. You see he like that… does he stand a chance with local girls … does he have balls to go after them ??? No… he doesn’t.. 

Suwen laughed and jabbed me on my chest. 

Suwen : You guys don’t have the balls to go after your own girls…. And you blame it on them being materialistic…. Then you go after girls from other country thinking what ?? we’re more simple…? …. We’re easier to get ??? we’re more homely ?? … you cannot be more dumb than that…. 

I took a deep breath and I exhaled slowly. 

I wanted to slap her but it would ruin my chance of getting Kate. 

Suwen : We all want the same thing… just that we are better at acting than the dumb Singaporean women….you see…. I have Terry eating out of my hands for so long… haha… everything he said he hated about local women, he still does it for me… you just need to know which button to press. 

Suwen : Buy bags ? Let me life like a tai tai ? facial ? high tea ? you name it… I did it all…. Did I say I want this right from the start ??? or course not… ahha…

Suwen did a sweep of the area behind her and added.

Suwen : This is the only reason why you Singaporean men got to marry foreign wives…. Admit it….it all boils down to this….. you men have no balls and confidence…. And your women don’t know how to play dumb when needed… 

That explains a lot. 

Even the part why she was sleeping with Matthew. 

Suwen : True love ?? go and watch the Korean drama….i can’t wait to get my hands on the house and Terry’s CPF…. Just look at him…. Just look at him…. You think any women in their right mind would want to sleep with him ?? Are you fucking kidding ?? 

I stepped back a few steps and started to walk away. 

Suwen : Jake !... let’s not talk about all this… let’s get on with the plan….

I shrugged away her hand and continued walking. 

Suwen : Jake !... Jake !!... stop… you fuck !... 

I continued walking, she can go fuck herself for all I care. 

Suwen caught up and asked what the fuck was my problem. 

Jake : Have you met and spoken to every Singaporean men and women ? don't lump everyone together in your analysis 

Suwen : your point is ?? 

Jake : Fuck off…

Suwen ran, caught up with me and grabbed me by my shirt near my neck. I was about to throw a punch when she slapped me lightly on my cheek. 

Both my fist were clenched. 

We were right outside the police station opposite the hawker centre. 

Suwen giggled and laugh. 

Suwen : But you’re not one of those I described right Jake ?? You’re different… you’re smart…. you’re confident…. You want to get Kate out….. and if you look at the big picture….you should know to work together with me…. 

This fucking slut just walked me right into her trap. 

There I was thinking she was some innocent wife ready to be taken. There’s a Chinese saying, pretend to be a pig to devour a tiger. 

Suwen : So what do you think ?? Let’s do it ? 

Time seemed to slow down as I ran over the plan Suwen just proposed. I visually recreated the scene in my head and ran it through from the start till it ends. 

It seems doable. 

With King out of the way, I might stand a chance in getting Kate out. 

Sure, he might still have people there but at least it’s one less than what I would be dealing with if King was not preoccupied with Suwen. 

Yes, my cup is always half full. 

There is just one problem. 

If I went ahead with this, I would not be able to fuck Suwen. 

I wouldn’t have mind not fucking her initially, it would be a bonus if I could but seeing how disgustingly fuck up she was. Perhaps she needed the same treatment I gave her daughter. To walk her on a leash around her neck as she crawl on the ground with her cunt dripping with my semen. 

Suwen : How Jake ?? 

She bumped me with the side of her buttocks. 

Suwen : Do it for your so call girlfriend ?? haha… let’s work together… ? 

Jake : Ok… sure… 

Suwen : Alright… let’s proceed as planned. 

Jake : Let’s proceed as planned. 

She snapped her fingers and walked off in front of me, sashaying away, showing off her firm buttocks to the men that were staring at her. 

Let’s proceed as plan alright. 

Not your plan though. 

My plan. 

I texted Roland for a favour. 

I asked him for King’s number. 

I left Suwen to do the room booking on her phone and excused myself to the bathroom. 

Roland sent me the number within a couple of minutes. 

I dialled King’s number. 

Jake : I want to make a deal… 

King : It’s already a lot of money… ! 

Jake : I don’t want the money… that’s not me…. 

After 5 minutes on the phone, I asked King the only question I had on my mind. 

Jake : Do we have a deal ? 

There was no hesitation on King’s end. 

King : Look forward to work together with you Jake…. You’re born for our world…. Haha… 

He hung up after that and I went back to Suwen. 

King was wrong. 

I’m not born for this world of theirs.

Never was. 

Charles Darwin once said, it is not the most intellectual of the species; nor is it the strongest that survives; it’s the one that is able to adapt to and adjust best to the changing environment which it finds itself in. 

I’m not a bad person. 

I’m just Jake. 

And I’m just adapting. 

Suwen : You need to run through the plan again ? 

I smiled and visually undressed Suwen in my head. 

Jake : Sure… 


It’s like doing business. 

We align both our interests, and work out the best solution. Preferably a solution favoured by both parties. 

There is really nothing complex about it. 

You’re hungry, you order a bowl of noodles from me. 

I cook the noodles for you and I earn your money. 

It’s as simple as that. 

In this particular situation , King and I have a common interest. 


Besides having something in common, we have a difference in opinion with another matter. 

You guess it. 

Kate . 

Now the challenge is how do we compromise? 

We both want Suwen but I want Kate as well. 

King on the other hand, don’t want Kate, but he’s not going to let her go. 

My proposal is simple. 

I offer King a solution to both. 

I give him Suwen, and I don’t need him to let Kate go. I simply give him someone to blame, for Kate being taken away against his consent. That way, Ah Keong would not have anything to hold against King. 

He can remain the innocent party, get to fuck Suwen and still play the good guy above all. 

Suwen happily ran through her plan with me from start till the end. An expanded version of what she had earlier proposed, with more details this time round. She told me how Terry behaved, how he walked, how he waved. Anything that she could fill me in, she did. 

We took a taxi to her place and I waited at the void deck while she went up to get Terry’s clothes. I loitered around the familiar void deck, my mind thinking of the day I picked up her daughter together with Roland. 

That fresh comfortable feeling of entering Tiffany returned to my loins as I looked forward to fucking Suwen in a few hours time. 
What an amazing pair or mother and daughter. 

I waited for close to 15 minutes before Suwen appeared with a bag and waved me towards the main road. 

We hopped onto a cab and she immediately directed the taxi towards the hotel. The cab driver barely pulled into gear and she was already trying to get King on the phone. 

Suwen : King…. Yes… it’s me… yah…. I set up the meeting already…. Yes…. Jake… at the hotel…Pan pacific…. Yes… marina square that one… 

There was a short pause before she went on. 

Suwen ; Yes correct…. We’ll see you there in a while…. Ok… see you… 


It was 11pm by the time we arrived at the hotel. 

The lobby was quiet and empty. 

Besides a couple of tourist queuing at the check in, it was just Suwen and me. 

There’s this weird feeling coursing through my veins. 

Standing in line and checking into a hotel with a pretty babe I would love to fuck. 

A babe that I would get to fuck if things play out according to my plan. 

I was standing behind Suwen as she meddled with her phone. 

Suwen is not very tall, about the same height as Tiffany. 

From her back, with her hair tied up, she looked like a girlfriend I use to have back in my university days. 

She tied her hair up in a high bun, but it was not done in a tidy manner. It did not look messy too but the stray strands of hair just flowed down her smooth neck so naturally. It’s like a thin veil, blocking your eyes from looking directly at her hairless back. 

Suwen’s back is blemish free. 

I could see the areas not covered by her singlet. 

She had no moles, no scars, not a blemish in sight. I would love to run my tongue across her back and feel for myself how smooth her back really is. 

We moved forward a step, closing up the gap in the check in queue. 

My eyes went to Suwen’s bra straps. 

Very often we just see bra straps as 2 elastic pieces of string, holding up the bra cups. We don’t pay enough attention to the details. 

My dick throbbed as I looked at the pink bra straps that was peeking out from Suwen’s singlet. 

It’s not your usual strap, not those thin, flat and boring ones that you usually see. 

There’s this texture and volume to it. The strap puffs up in the middle, like a really fat grain of rice. As the strap slides down south, it splits into 2 smaller ones. The pink itself, is a healthy shade of pastel pink. 

I can’t describe it but it made me want to touch it. 

It’s a girly colour that appealed to the masculine streak within me. 

The strap that went around Suwen’s back showed up prominently through her thin singlet. 

Instead of a normal clasp, I could see some criss cross tie, much like how a shoe lace would finish up towards the end. At the end of the small tie is 2 small knobs which looked like a small pearl. 

There’s no way that could hold up a bra for day to day wear, it had to be a fake detail. 

I figured there’s probably a hidden clasp in the front of the bra or something. 

The staff at the front desk smiled and welcomed us towards them as Suwen showed them the email confirmation she got from doing the booking online. 

They asked for identifications and we produced ours. 

The check in process was smooth and we received the room key within minutes. 


Suwen and I settled at the lounge area while we wait for King. 

I pretended to browse through my phone when in fact I was keeping in contact with King. 

Suwen too was messaging King and even followed up with a phone call. 

Suwen : Hi King… yes…. Yes… Terry and i…. we’re here already… waiting for Jake…are you on your way ?? ….. ok… ok…. See you… 

Suwen : King is on a cab now, he should be reaching in 10 to 15 minutes time. 

We shifted to level 2 and found some seats near a bathroom. 

It’s about 7-8 metres from the bathroom entrance. 

Just the right distance to pull off Suwen’s proposed stunt. 

Unknown to Suwen, King is already in the vicinity. He’s comfortably sipping a beer at a hotel just a short walk away. 

I went into the bathroom and put on Terry’s clothes. It’s just a dated flowery button down shirt and black pants. Suwen also included a cap that Terry wore occasionally. She spared no effort on the details, even adding in a pair of Terry’s sandals. 

I did as I was told and changed. 


After I’m done, I walked out of the bathroom, limping as I did and Suwen chuckled and laugh in amusement. 

Suwen : Oh wow…. You look like him… hahaa…. You are about the same built too… but you’re a lot more handsome Jake… haha…. 

She pointed to a few spots and I walked over. 

Suwen tried out several chairs, trying to determined which on King should sit on so it gave him a decent angle of the Terry when he waves.

It should be clear enough to him that it’s Terry that was waving to him but not too close. Enough for a passing glance. 

Suwen : Ok… don’t come out so fast ok…. I need to get his glasses first…. I will think of some excuse…. Help him wipe or something… then I’ll text you…. 

She kept reminding me that the moment I got the text I should quickly come out, there’s only so long she can clean his glasses without him getting suspicious. 

Jake : Ok… ok.. 

I had told King about this part, he had agreed to play along, letting Suwen take his glasses. There was nothing to worry about. 


Suwen told me that King has arrived and I was to head into the bathroom immediately. 

I tried to stifle a smile and I headed in. 

Less than 10 minutes later, I received the text from Suwen. 

I took a deep breath, limped out of the bathroom and right in front of me, I could see Suwen pandering up to King. 

Suwen : Yah… I think maybe something got onto it when you were eating earlier…. 

King : Oh really ? 

Suwen cleaned King’s glasses with her singlet, pulling out the bottom a little to wipe down the lens. As she did, she exposed quite a bit of her cleavage from what I could see and King was happily staring down at her breast. 

Suwen : Oh there… Terry is there… always stomach problem…. Haizzz… 

I stood by the half open bathroom door as Suwen waved to me. 

King hesitated for a moment and I could see him squint. Suwen was literally praying for him not to pay too much attention to me. 

King hesitated for a second or two before waving back and calling out. 

King : Terry… you ok ?? 

I smiled and turned back into the bathroom as planned. 

I could already hear Suwen telling King not to bother about me. 

She’s probably selling him the story of Terry having a bad tummy after dinner. 

I changed out of Terry’s clothes and back into mine. 

Then I waited for the next message from Suwen. 

She was to distract King while I slip out from the bathroom, not that it matters anymore since King and I were working together. 
My phone buzzed and I stepped out of the bathroom, quickly heading in the opposite direction as planned. I could almost see the nod of approval from Suwen’s head as I made a U-turn and approached the 2 of them as Jake. 

I went up to the table and Suwen’s facial expression changed to one of a serious demeanour. 

She crossed her legs and looked at her nails, she did not even meet my eyes as she handed the conversation over to King. 

Suwen : Ok…. He’s here…. You all go ahead and settle this ok…

Jake : Hi King… 

King : You’re asking for a lot of money Jake… 

Jake : I needed them… 

King took out a brown envelope from his back pocket and passed it to me. 

It felt pretty full and heavy. 

I could see Suwen’s eyes lit up as she looked at that bundle in my hand. 

Jake : I want to count it… 

King : GO ahead… 

Jake : Not here… back in my room… 

Suwen cut in at that moment and said there’s no way they would let the money out of their sight. 

Suwen : We cannot trust him…..

King nodded at Suwen and said they would follow me up to the room. 

King : Oh wait… let’s sit here for a while… wait for Terry… 

King was about to sit back down and Suwen jumped in right on que. 

Suwen : Ignore him… he’s probably going to take a while… let’s just get this sorted out… 

King thought about it for a moment and nodded. 

That smirk on Suwen’s face is priceless. 

Everything was going according to her plan. 

So far that is. 

The 3 of us went up to the suite and entered the room. 

We settled down at the living area and I emptied the contents of the envelope onto the table. I think Suwen just had an orgasm seeing the bundles of cold hard cash tumble out onto each other. 

It was a mix of 50s and 100s. It did not take long for me to go through the bills because halfway through, Suwen offered to help. She simply could not resist the feeling of the crisp notes in her hands. 

Jake : Ok… done… 

I kept everything inside the envelope. 

Now, if we were to proceed according to Suwen’s plan, I would then head to the bathroom first, hide the money and leave. 

Suwen technically still need to wait for Terry who is in the bathroom on the 2nd floor. 

Since she would be alone in the room with King, she will use her charms to hold him off as long as she could, dragging and stalling for time, buying me every precious second to rescue Kate. 

There was no telling how long that would be. 

She could always turn around and take the money, let King leave within 5 minutes or some shit. 

I got up and gave King a look. 

We have been through this before on the phone. 

King stopped me from leaving the room.

King : Wait a minute… 

Suwen cast a look towards King, I could see her tense up for a moment. 

Suwen : Whhh… why ? … what’s wrong ?? I thought the deal is done ?? 

King slowly stood up he looked suspiciously at me without a word. 

I could see Suwen panicking from the corner of my eye. 

She quickly got up and link arms with King. 

Suwen : What is wrong ?? everything ok ?? 

Seeing that Suwen came up to touch him, King pretended to lose interest in me for a while, choosing to smile at Suwen. 

King : What’s wrong with you today ?? … hee… hee… you’re a little different…. 

Suwen coddle up to King, flirting like a little slut. 

Suwen : I don’t know…. Maybe I had a little to drink earlier… you know… a little tipsy… haha

King : My my…. What they say about you…. Hee. Hee… but… but your husband is just downstairs… 

Suwen gestured at me with her head, asking me to scram but King caught that and turned towards me again. 

Suwen : Aiyah…. He’s a nobody… just some money hungry asshole… ignore him la… 

Suwen smiled in a slut like manner at King, pressing her breast against his arm. King cast her a lecher like smile. Suwen gave me an eye contact and I turned and made my way towards the door without first hiding the money as agreed. 

Suwen : Hey hey hey !!... 

Her sudden outburst made both King and I turn to look at her. 

She froze, unsure as to what to say. 

I knew she would do that. 

There was no way she would let the money out of her sight. Not when she was so close to having them. I know she didn’t trust me with the money on my own. 

During that moment of uncertainty, King reacted right on time. 

King : I don’t feel comfortable about this… 

He walked over, took the money from my hand and said he’ll go down to look for Terry. 

King : I want Terry to be here… I’ll go get him up… 

Suwen by then was literally shaking where she stood. 

Her game would be over soon if she doesn’t react. 

Suwen : Wait.. wait !!.. wait… 

King : What ? 

Suwen : I’ll…. I’ll…. I’ll call Terry ….. I’ll check on him…. Got something call a phone right… don’t need to go down…. 

I could see King stifling a laugh as Suwen reached for her phone. 

King : Ok… I’ll call him…

Suwen ; NO!!.. no!!!.. NO>> 

King paused and asked why did she have such a big reaction 

Suwen : Nothing.. nothing.. just that he don’t like to be disturbed when taking a dump… I’ll call him instead… sit King… sit… here…. Relax… I’ll check on him for you… 

Suwen carried out her theatrics, making a fake call and talking to herself over the phone . 

Suwen : Dear ah.. you ok ?? how’s your stomach ?? 

King : Ask him to come up…. Give him the room number… … 

Suwen nodded, her eyes filled with uncertainty. 

She hung up the phone shortly and I could see her mind racing for a solution. 

Suwen : he… he cannot come up without the key card…someone need to go down to get him…

King stood up again.

King : exactly… that is why I said I go get him what ??? chey…. King gestured for the key card and Suwen handed it over to him in a daze.

King : Jake you wait here… I want another elder as a witness you took the money… 

Suwen : but… but King… I can be a witness… 

King ‘s voice boomed out, a little loud despite his age. 

King : This is men’s business… you stay out of it.. 

Suwen cowered a little and retreated. 

King unlocked the door and shut it behind him. 

The moment he was gone, Suwen started throwing a fit. 

Suwen : It’s all your fault.. !!! SEEE!!! You should have left when you had the chance !!!! 

Suwen walked right up to me and started jabbing me on my chest. 

Suwen : YOU are SOOO STUPID !!!!... simple things also cannot get right !! .. you stupid and dumb Singaporean men ….. STUPID !!!! you’re ruining all my plans !!.. 

I tried to keep a neutral expression and I replied Suwen. 

Jake : Look… if you didn’t call me back, I would have already left the room … 

Suwen :But you didn’t stash the money !... that was the plan… !! 

Jake : Hello !... we need to improvise… not everything will go according to plan… 

Suwen paced about a couple of times, stomping her feet on the carpeted floor a couple of times as she frowned like a spoiled teenager. 

Jake : Relax… all is not lost… 

Suwen : Then how !!.. 

I told her It’s simple. Leave Terry’s shoes out in the room, put his clothes on the bed and turn the shower on in the masterbath. 

Jake : Terry followed another guest up… that’s why King missed him at the 2nd floor… 

Suwen’s eyes lit up again and nodded eagerly. 

Suwen : Then ?? Then… what’s next… 

Jake : Terry would be in the shower and bathroom. King would be able to see his clothes and shit… he would think he’s inside.. 

Suwen snapped her fingers. 

Suwen : Ok good.. then I’ll seduce him…distract him…. I can do that…. But… but… what about the transaction ?? how will we deal ?? how to transact ?? 

Jake : Relax… I’ll come to that later…. 

I told Suwen to think about what she will do with King while I go get ready the clothes in the room.

Jake : Go pour a drink… King likes to drink right… you should know what to do… 

Suwen nodded and went to the minibar.

I left her in the living area and I entered the sleeping area. I closed the dividing partition partially and got to work.

Instead of taking out Terry’s clothes from my bag and arranging them, I dumped the bag aside. I bundled up Terry’s clothes into a pile and put them neatly on the floor. 

I started to strip. 

I removed my top and threw it in the floor. 

I removed my pants and hung it on the side table. 

I removed my boxers, letting my already erected cock out into the cold air of the room. 

I messed up the bed. 

I tore apart 2 condoms and threw the wrapper on the floor. 

I quickly dropped King a message, giving him the signal. 

Heading to the bathroom, I turned on the shower and wet myself a little before wrapping my bottom with a towel. 

Right at that moment, I heard Suwen come into the sleeping area. 


I shrugged my shoulders and just walked to the bed and got into it. 

Suwen screamed at me in the room. 

Suwen : JAKE!!!!... WHAT are you doing !!!!! Are you mad !!!!??? 

I ignored her and played with my phone naked on the bed. 

Suwen : JAKE!!!.. you PIECE OF SHIT !!!!... WHAT IS THIS !! 

I heard the buzz of the room and got ready. 

Suwen screamed at me and I never expected her to jump onto the bed. She tried to slap me and pull my hair but I held onto her wrists as she struggled. Seeing her breast bounce and move about made me feel like raping her. 

It was then King’s voice boomed out loudly in the room. 

It gave Suwen a shock and she jumped. 

King stood tall and imposing. His eyes widened and his pointed 2 fingers at us in the room. 

King : SO… you 2 planned this together !!! 


I just shrugged my shoulder and kept quiet. 

Suwen glared at me with anger and hatred and screamed. 

Suwen : What are you doing !!! this is not the plan !!! 

King shouted again. 

King : SEE… you still dare to deny !!.. you planned this !!!... where is Terry… !!! 

Jake : Terry was never here… just now it was me pretending to be him …

King : WHAT!!!... what the fuck !! 

Suwen : NOOO!!... Suwen charged at me like a mad women, trying to silence me but I pushed her back onto the bed. 

Jake : ENOUGH !!.. it’s over !!! the plan didn’t work !!! …. 

I pointed my finger angrily at Suwen. 

Jake : You were supposed to buy me time…. For me to rescue Kate… but it didn’t work… I don’t want to waste time here…. It’s over… 

Suwen : NO!!!.. no!!.. no!!! It’s not supposed to be like this… !!!.. JAKE!!!.. you piece of shit… 

I shouted back at Suwen. 

Jake : Enough !!.. I already did what you wanted… I already slept with you earlier… 

I pointed to the mess in the room. 

Jake : What more do you want ? 

Suwen laughed and showed me the middle finger. 

Suwen : Oh please… don’t flatter yourself…. I didn’t sleep with you….no one would believe you …. It’s bullshit…. Hahaha… 

Suwen laughed for a while before she stopped when she realised King was not laughing. 

He was not even smiling.

King : You… how could you do this to Terry ??

Suwen : NO… you cannot be serious… how could you believe him !!... you cannot believe him !!!! it’s not true !!!

Jake : Look Suwen… I understand … Terry …. Is a turn off…. No one would want to sleep with him….

I turned back to King again and pointed to Terry’s clothes on the floor.

Jake : King… look … she wanted me to put on the clothes again… Terry’s clothes… she wanted me to pretend to be him again… in this room…. I don’t understand her rationale but….

Suwen charged towards me again, screaming and trying to scratch me but I grabbed her and pushed her towards the bed again.

Jake : Stop it already… it’s over…

I turned to King who was trying really hard not to laugh.

Jake : She wanted the money… she made me do this… I was hoping she can help me get Kate…. But see… now it’s all gone to shit…

Suwen : NO… NO… NO… NO!!!!!!!!!!... this is all bullshit… KING !!!... don’t tell me you believe what he says !!!

I acted in a nonchalant manner and started to put on my clothes.

Jake : I don’t care what you all believe… it’s none of my business….

King looked at Suwen for a few seconds before reaching for his phone.

King : I’m calling Terry… this is getting out of hand….

Suwen :NO!!!.. NO!!.. please… NO!!!...

She went over to Terry, grabbing his hands and begging him not to call her husband.

Suwen : Please… please… please King… wait… wait… I’m sorry… I’m sorry… wait…

King : So now what ?? you admit to this.. ? what Jake said is true ??

Suwen shook her head again, screaming as she turned towards me.

Suwen : NO!!!... he’s lying… !!

King : Then why are you apologising ??? let me call Terry …

Suwen : NO!!! please….

King followed up quickly with his questions.

King : SO what is it !!!.. who’s telling the truth ??

Suwen cried and sobbed as she sank to her knees. She was on the verge of a breakdown.

Jake : Just call her husband… this kind of things… cannot hide forever…. Just come clean and get it over with…. The condoms are on the floor… get them tested if you like…. I didn’t cum… but I entered her… it’s all there…

Suwen could no longer speak as she buried her face in her palms and sobbed, begging King not to call Terry.

Suwen : Please… please… don’t call Terry… please…he’ll…. He’ll kill… he’ll kill me… .. my daughter… my daughter will hate me…

King knelt down beside Suwen and said he just want to get the story straight.

King : I’m just confused…. Help me understand… so were you working with Jake on this ??

Suwen sobbed and nodded her head.

King sighed loudly, expressing his disappointment as he gave me a wink.

King : Sighh….. so you really made Jake fucked you har ??

Suwen just sobbed louder but she did not reply King.

King : It’s ok… I understand…. He’s a young man after all and you… you’re still in your late thirties…. I understand…. Everyone has needs….

Suwen just sobbed uncontrollably on the ground.

King then dropped the bomb on Suwen, causing her to break down completely.

King : but I still have to tell Terry…. He’s my friend… he’s also an elder of the organisation….

Suwen crawled towards King , tears streaked down her face as she hugged onto King’s leg, sobbing and begging him not to call Terry.

King : You’re putting me in a difficult position…. Sigh…..

King bent down and helped Suwen onto her feet.

He wiped the tears off her face with his wrinkled hands and gave her a toothless smile.

King : But I’m sure…. We can work something out….

I saw the slouch in Suwen’s shoulders as she resigned to her fate and her eyes closed.

King’s palms cupped onto Suwen’s breast and there was no protest from her.

He grinned and walked Suwen slowly towards the bed.

King laid Suwen down and tried to remove her singlet but Suwen shook her head and tried to push King away.

Suwen ; No… no.. please… sob… no… sob…. Please….

Jake : Well… I’ll be making my move then…

I could see the hatred in Suwen’s eyes as she glared at me for putting her in that position.

King : Wait a minute… well… look… I’m already old…and… I can’t perform as well as I want to….

King gestured to me and spoke directly to Suwen.

King : I’ll need some stimulation…. To get my dick up… go…. Go ahead…

Suwen sobbed harder and shook her head, covering her own body with her arms .

King : Go on.. you all already did it once…. What’s the difference if you did it again….

Suwen screamed and kicked the mattress in frustration.

Suwen : aEHHHHH… ahhhhhhhhhhhh….

She was really on the verge of breaking down.

King : Well.. if I can’t get my cock up…. I can’t cum… then I don’t think this deal is working….

He went back to his phone and started to dial.

Suwen : NOO.. no… sob… no… sob… no…… I’ll do it… sob… I’ll do it…sob… sobzzz… sobz…

King gave me another wink and I walked over to Suwen .

I grabbed onto her singlet, lifted it up and off her tight body and threw it onto the floor, exposing her bra.

Her bra.

Her pink bra.

Her pink bra on her white and toned body.

No amount of words in my limited vocabulary could describe the hatred I saw in her eyes.

That level of unwillingness.

That amount of grievances.


Somehow, it turned me on.

I lowered my face slowly towards Suwen.

She glared at me angrily but I smiled gently at her.

I went down close, so close I could smell her perfume and the shampoo on her hair.

I whispered softly by her ears before I kissed her on her cheeks.

Jake : I’ll show you a side…. ……Of Singaporean men…… …’ve never seen before… …


Suwen tried to push me away but I held onto both her wrist and pin them down on the soft king size bed. 

She tried to squirm but her movements were limited as I was lying partially on her. 

I don’t know what I was feeling. 

There’s something primal to this. 

To what I’m doing. 

It’s as if I had gone back tens of thousands of years. Back to the time when species mate purely by instinct. There were no such things as courtship; nothing called marriage either, no baby bonus, nothing. 

You mate with the strongest. 

You’re only choice is only whether you are a willing party or not. 

I could see King stripping himself of his clothes as he eyed Suwen’s body eagerly. 

His wrinkled skin looked like a freshly unearthed mummy’s skin. Without his clothes on, King looked like a character right out of resident evil. Suwen turned and saw the sight and immediately turned her head away. 

I breathed onto Suwen’s face as more tears rolled down the side of her cheeks. 

I traced my eyes along the length of her arms before kissing her near the back of her elbow. 

My mouth moved lower, placing each kiss closer and closer to her armpit. 

Suwen : ERghhhnnn… nooooo…. Please… no… 

Not only am I planting kisses on Suwen’s arm, I’m sniffing every inch of them as well. I could smell the scent she put on herself. The sweet nectar like scent of a expensive perfume. Peel away the layer of perfume and you could smell her sweat. 

The faint musky smell of her perspiration. 

I kissed the part of her underarms, trying to picture how Suwen would spend the day rubbing and scrubbing her arm pits after I’m done. 

Suwen : No…

I kissed her directly on her pits, my lips pouted and I sucked onto the smooth hairless skin.

Jake : Zhoootttttzzzz… zhootzz.z.. 

Suwen ; NO…. ernghh… no… 

She tried to squirm but I pinned her hands down tighter, exposing her vulnerable and beautiful underarms to me. 

I licked her arm pit from her bottom up, drawing and scribbling a bow like curve with my tongue before I slurped up all the excess saliva that had drooled onto Suwen’s body. 

King was definitely aroused by what he saw and he came forward. 

His skin hung onto his skeletal frame. The pigmentation on his skin had a variety of colours, black, brown and some dark greenish spots peppered his body. King grabbed Suwen’s hand and placed it on his cock. 

His tool was barely erected but he still made Suwen hold onto it. He clasped her hand with his and started to wank himself. 

Suwen groaned and sobbed as I kissed my way up towards her bra. 

I could peel back the cups but I didn’t. 

Not yet.

I wanted her to beg me. 

Why ? 

Why would she beg me if she was unwilling to sleep with me in the first place ? 

She hates you Jake . 

Why would she beg you other than for you to let her go ? 

I kissed Suwen on her chin before plating my lips against her lips. She clamped them shut of course, shutting access to her tongue. 

King snorted and grunted as he stroked his wrinkled cock with Suwen’s hand. 

He look liked he was possessed, laughing and grunting in the room with his eyes shut. To him it had to be like a fantasy come true. 

Imagine ogling at your friend’s wife for so many years, to see her turn from a sweet young adult when she was twenty to the women she is today. King must have lusted after her for years before that evening finally arrive. 

Suwen may be a flirt, get touchy at times but there was no way she would ever fuck King. 

Let him touch ? 


Give him a handjob at the most but in her current situation, there was nothing she could say no to. 

Her smooth hand and skin, well maintained by her strict beauty regime is being abused by the rough uncut skin of King’s long cock. 

I kissed Suwen by the side of her cheeks and whispered softly so only she can hear me. 

I want to give her a glimmer of hope. 

Something to cling onto in that abyss of darkness. 

That ray of light that would save her from insanity. 

My right hands cupped and knead her left bra cup slowly, I could feel the bra cup rubbing against my palm, the softness of the padding made me envious for that brief second. Why only women get such soft materials. 

I lowered my voice so low that had Suwen not stopped sobbing , she would not be able to hear me. 

Jake : I’ll…. Save you…. You want that ?? do you ?? 

Suwen’s eyes opened, the desperation was obvious as her retinas darted around, searching for something to focus on. 

Jake : I’ll save you from King….do you want that ?? 

King : ARGHHHHH!!!!....hahahah… arghhhhh…

Suwen : ERnghhh… aHHH…. 

King made Suwen’s hand go down to his testicles and he made her play with his sagging balls. His untrimmed bush was disgusting to even look at and Suwen’s hand is all tangled up within that mess. 

King : Touch me… yes… yes…. Ahhhh.. fuck…. Arhhh.. you slut…. Yes… haha… yes…. Touch my balls….. ahhh…. 

King was ecstatic as he felt his tool erect and contract 

Suwen squeezed her eyes shut, shaking her head and I continued to play with her breast.

Jake : You see…. You don’t have much choice…. It’s either you fuck me….. or you fuck King….

Suwen sobbed and her shoulder shook uncontrollably. 

King’s tummy had this extra flap, it’s like he lost too much weight over the years and the excess skin remained while the fats dissolved away.

Suwen shuddered as she turned and her eyes saw the state King’s body was in. 

King’s nipples had hair growing out of them, white silvery and unkempt hair. He had a faded tattoo of a ship’s anchor on his upper left thigh the size of a credit card. As King shifted his weight, all the flab on his body moved together with him. 

King brought Suwen’s hand to the tip of his cock, rubbing against his pee hole eagerly as he chuckled at how smooth Suwen’s hands are. 

King : So smooth…. Your skin… it’s baby smooth…. Wow…. How did you maintain it ? …. So smooth…. 

King probably managed to coax up some precum and he laughed as he looked at Suwen’s hand.

He even used his index finger to touch the wet surface of Suwen’s stained palm before rubbing it between his own fingers.

King chuckled happily again and I could see Suwen trying to pull her wrist away from him. She kept trying to clench her fist, to remove her hand from King’s grip but King held on.

Suwen :No… no… sob… sob… eeeeww… no… 

King finally let go after a few more seconds, panting a little from his shortness of breathe.

He walked off quickly to the bathroom to clean up. I could hear the tap running for a bit before he came out with a box of tissue. He wiped his hands dry before wiping down his cock.

Yes, King had this peculiar habit. 

Something I noticed from the file Kate gave me a long time ago. 

King , is particular about cleanliness. 

He likes everything to be spick and span. 

He could not stand stains; it gets to him in a funny way. He did not specifically spell it out during our discussion but he wanted first dips on Suwen. 

King wanted to fuck Suwen first. 

Yes, he wanted her clean. 


Then he would slowly defile her bit by bit. 

King told me I could have any parts of Suwen that I wanted but I was to keep her pussy untouched. It was his. 

That was why I have yet to undress Suwen fully.

In return for this deal, King would give me information that would help me do what I want. 

King did not want to play a direct part in Kate’s release. 

It would be too obvious he let her go.

Kate was still in his shop, tucked away at a corner like what Suwen described. A makeshift hostel. King only had one staff, a caretaker that stays over almost every night because he was lazy to make the journey home across the causeway. 

King told me that chances are he would be sound asleep. 

King : Still, don’t expect to just walk in and leave with Kate…. It’s impossible… 

The illegal hostel is about the size of your average HDB master bedroom subdivided into 2. There are 2 single beds in each of the divided rooms with their individual door and access. No soundproofing is available and King’s staff is a very light sleeper. 

King : The only window you have is when he wakes up and goes out to grab his breakfast…. 

King’s staff, Ah Lam, wakes up at 5.30am every morning. 

The short walk across the road takes less than 2 minutes. Depending on what Ah Lam orders, whether there is a queue, my window of opportunity varies.

King : I will make a phone call and ask him to get food for me when he goes to the coffee shop across the road. … you will have 8, maybe 13 minutes the most…. I’ll order noodles, there’s usually a short queue in the morning…. Probably 2 or 3 at the most…. This is all I have to say. 

That would be enough. 

All I need to do was to go and unbolt the door for her, there’s no lock. Just a simple latch bolt screwed up in a haste. Kate was tied up as well by Ah Keong to the bedframe so I would need something to cut off the rope too. 

Suwen tried to push me off again and I adjusted my body a little, pinning her down. 

Suwen : Let me go… please… please Jake.. let me go 

I kissed Suwen on her cheek again, licking her face up to her ears as I turned her towards King. I pressed her face against the bed and whispered into her ears again while my hand slipped under her bra cup. 

Suwen : ERngghhhh….e rnghh….. 

Jake : Look…. Look at him…. You want to put that cock…. In your mouth ??? or do you want to put that in your vagina ?? … 

Suwen screamed and fought to turn away from King. 

King came over and he wanted to touch Suwen’s breast too. 

As he came closer, his disgusting wrinkled tool hovered close to Suwen’s face and she squirmed, grabbing onto me and she pulled me towards her. 

Suwen sobbed, shaking as she pleaded with me. 

Suwen : Please… please….. no…. Jake… no… 

King : Let me touch her breast…. I want to touch her breast…. 

I pulled my hands out and King roughly unclasped Suwen’s bra from the front, releasing her bouncy C cup tits from the cups. 

Her love pillows sprung loose, free from the restraints. I could see the red marks made by the bra. King grabbed and filled his rough hands with Suwen’s breast, kneading them like dough as he laughed. 

King : So firm…. So firm…. So bouncy…. My god… Terry is so lucky…. Fuck… feels so good….Suwen…. you have very nice breast….hahaha…. 

Suwen screamed and held onto King’s wrist as I backed away from the bed. King kept squeezing. 

Suwen’s legs kicked and trashed on the bed as her weak hands did nothing helpful to save her breast from King’s abuse. 

After a minute of playing with her tits, King stopped and started to stroke himself again. His dick had gone soft once more. 

King : Jake… go go… quick…. I want to see you play with her…. Show me some live porn… … I want her to suck my cock once I get it up….aarrhhhhhhgghhh…. 

King stroke himself so fast and vigorous that I was worried he might get a heart attack. 

I straddled Suwen and she clung onto my like a koala bear. 

She literally hugged onto me and begged me to save her. 

Suwen : Please… please…. Save me Jake… I’ll do anything… anything…. I’ll do anything…. 

A smile broke out on my face as I hugged onto Suwen, feeling the softness of her firm breast rubbing against my naked chest. 

Jake : Don’t regret your decision… 

Suwen : I won’t…. I won’t please… please…. Sobzz.. sobzz… I don’t want to touch his dick… 

King : artghhh.. arghh.. it’s standing… it’s standing already….. 

I straddled Suwen and pinned her hand onto the bed. Using my knees, I spread her legs and I pressed my groin onto her denim shorts.

I grind my bottom against her, dry humping her with her shorts one as I suck on her nipples. 

They smell and taste so good. 

Suwen kept wanting to pull me up, to talk to me. To whisper in my ears but I kept my head on her breast. 

I needed to rub my cheeks with her nipples. I want to run my tongue around the rim of her areola. The pores around Suwen’s nipples are small and fine, her nipples itself are like juicy and plump rasins. I flicked them with my tongue and Suwen moaned sensually. 

Suwen : ERnnngnghhhhhhh…… 

Her hand came onto my hair and tried to pull me away but all it took was another rapid tongue slap of her nipples before she let go. 

Suwen : ERnfgghhhhhhhhhh…e rngh…. 

I used my other hand to play with her left breast, my fingers mimicked the action of playing carom, flicking and hitting her free nipple. Suwen moaned so loud that it drowned out King’s grunt. 

I sucked onto her nipple, pulling them upwards into the vacuum I created in my mouth.

Suwen :erererghhhh…. Ernghhhhh… ernghhh!!!! 

With her nipple being pulled towards me, I shook my head side to side as if I had an electric shock, pulling and tugging at her sensitive tits. 

Suwen : argghhhahh… ernghhhh… arnghghgh… ernghh…. Fuck… fuck…er rnrerghhhhhhhhhh…. 

King : Wah !!! … grunt.. grunt.. grunt… lai liao….lai liao…. My erection is here….. I’m almost ready…. Hahaa… 

I stopped what I was doing and reached up towards Suwen’s head once more. 

She grabbed me and kissed me on my lips, taking me by surprise. 

She panted, a little breathless but she did not forget to ask me to save her. 

Suwen : Please Jake… please…. Save me…. I don’t want to fuck King… I’ll… I’ll do it with you…. Please… anything you want me to do… I’ll do it… 

I smiled and I whispered in her ears. 

Jake : Pee…. Now… 

Suwen’s eyes widened in shock as she stared at me in disbelief. 

She shook her head, unable to digest what she just heard. 

Jake : Do it…. 

I kissed her on her neck and King announced he was ready. 

King : Come here Suwen.. come… suck me… suck for me…. quick !!.. before it goes down again… quick… 

Suwen : No… no… 

She kept shaking her head at me, unsure if I was making a joke or that I meant what I said. 

I grabbed her breast and kissed her again. 

Jake : It’s your choice…. 

I stepped back and made room for King. 

He wobbled , a little unsteady as he held onto his erected long cock. 

Stray bits of unkempt pubic hair sprung out near the tip of his cock like some barb wire fence running out of control. 

Suwen sobbed and tried to back away but King grabbed onto her hair. 

Suwen : NO … no…please… NOOO… ernn… ormmpp… ooooo…rrr… ormpphhhhhhh…mmhhh…. 

I watch and felt my own precum start to flow as King pushed and forced his dick into Suwen’s unwilling mouth. 

Suwen gagged and coughed as King tried to mouth fuck her . 

Suwen : cough… cough…. Orrhmm… prhhmhmpp.. ormph….cough… gag…… 

King : Suck me… suck …. Suck onto me… I cannot feel the pressure… 

Tears rolled down Suwen’s cheeks and I saw her squeeze her eyes shut. 

Her fingers clenched and closed around the bedsheets beneath her. 

I saw her body tensed up before relaxing. 

Her bottom was shaking a little. 

Then there was that huge shiver. 

That shiver you get sometimes when you pee. 

It’s that shiver. 

Suwen’s shiver and spasm lasted a second or two before her shoulders dropped and more tears rolled from her cheeks the same time I saw a wet patch forming around the bed. 

It was an erotic sight. 

Fresh pee flowed down the insides of Suwen’s thigh, soiling the bed beneath her. 

I could smell it from where I stood. 

A dark wet patch slowly appeared and became more prominent as her panty and denim shorts got soaked with her own pee. 

Jake ; King… king… stop… stop… 

King : Why… why ??? What ?? 

Jake : Stop for a while…. 

I pointed to the mess and told King what happened. 

Jake ; She peed herself…. 

King stepped back and pulled his cock out of Suwen’s mouth.

King : What the fuck…. 

Suwen collapsed onto the bed, crying and screaming into the bedsheets. 

The humiliation had to be unbearable for her. 

A grown women peeing in her own clothes. 

King :… oh fuck… that’s disgusting…. Fuck… 

I could see King’s cock slowly shrinking back down and I told him I would get her cleaned up first in the bathroom. 

King was angry, it was obvious. It was written all over his face. 

I don’t blame him . It’s not easy to get it up at his age. 

He’s in his early seventies. 

I grabbed Suwen from the bed and half carried and drag her across the room and into the bathroom. 

I shut the door and Suwen sobbed and collapsed onto the floor, burying her face in her palms. 

Jake : see… I said I would save you…. 

Suwen did not reply me. 

Jake : Take off your clothes… 

She did not move until I told her if she doesn’t follow my instructions, I might not be able to save her from King the next time round. 

Jake : Hurry up… it’s almost 1.20am…. everyone’s tired… the faster we get this over with… the faster we can all go…. 

Suwen grabbed and held onto the vanity top, pulling herself up off the ground. 

I unbuttoned her denim shorts, my erected cock hovering right in front of her pants. Suwen looked away, ashamed and embarrassed. 

That exotic smell in the bathroom is intoxicating. 

A potent mix of sweat, fear and ammonia. 

My hands reached into Suwen’s pants and I touched her wet and soiled panty. 

Suwen ; ERngghhh !.. 

She squirmed, jumped a little but I kept my hand inside , in between her denim shorts and panty. 

I dug upwards, pushing her wet panty into her vagina. 

Suwen : ernghh… ergh… no… no.. what are you doing ? ghh… no… 

I dug upwards, rubbing and rubbing her wet slit. 

Jake : I’m making you wet…. 

Suwen held onto my wrist with both her hands, trying to pull me out. 

Jake : Look…. King… has this thing about cleanliness… and he wants you to be clean… 

Suwen stopped resisting and started listening to me. 

Jake : I need you to be wet… 

Suwen : wwhh… why ? … 

Jake : So I can go inside you… 

I continued rubbing her pussy and Suwen gasped a little, her legs spread wider as she tried to balance herself on the bathroom floor while supporting her weight on the vanity top. 

Jake : I’ll cum inside you…. Make it so sticky and wet that King would not be able to do it… doesn’t that make sense??? Har ?? 

Suwen moaned as I rubbed faster, I could feel her getting wet. The moisture around her wet panty started to feel a little different. 

A little thicker, smoother. 

Jake : I’ll fill you up with all my semen, then you will be leaking for the next few days… 

Suwen : ernghh… ernghhh… ernghhhhh……e ernfhhh… 

Suwen panted and moaned in the bathroom. 

Jake : Yes ?? 

Her eyes were shut, there was no answer from her. 

Jake ; Answer me…. 

Suwen nodded her head. 

Suwen : yes… 

Jake ; Yes what ?? 

My finger pushed into her vagina, breaching the entrance of her love hole together with her pee stained panty. 

Suwen : ERnfggghhhh… erhgghhh… ernghhh….. 

Suwen : Yes… yes…. Fill me up…. Fill me up with your cum… ernghhhhhh…e rnghhhhh….. 

I finger fucked Suwen for a few more seconds and asked her to tell me if she’s wet enough .

Jake ; Are you wet enough ?? are you ?? 

Suwen nodded her head. 

I asked her again until she gave me a verbal reply. 

Suwen : Yes… YES!!!...e rnghh.h.. fuck….ergnhh… I’m wet enough…. Sob… sobzz… 

I stopped my movements and pulled down both her shorts and panty at the same time. 

I dragged Suwen into the shower. 

The bathroom door opened. 

King : What’s taking so long !!... 

Suwen immediately tried to hide behind me. 

Jake : almost done… wait a while more… 

King closed the door and I turned on the shower. 

Suwen automatically got onto her knees and started to wash my cock with the soap. She peeled back my foreskin , washing every inch of my penis properly. Then without needing me to ask her, she started to suck for me. 

Jake : aRghh… arfgghhh… arghh… 

Her mouth, her forceful suck and the thickness of her lips. They were made exactly for this. 

She’s smart. 

Very smart. 

She probably figured the faster she can make me cum, the faster I can deposit my load inside her. 

That would save her from King. 

If King could not stand the smell of pee, there’s no way he would fuck her with cum dripping out from her vagina. 

Jake ; ARhghgh… arghhh..a rghhh…. 

I stopped Suwen halfway and we washed up quickly. I could see she was anxious. 

She was anxious to feel my cock inside her. 

Probably wanting to get it over before King enters the bathroom again. 

Suwen kept the shower on. 

The hot water mist up the mirror. 

A thin wispy veil of smoke floated lazily all around us. 

After drying herself, she bent over readily over the vanity top, spreading her legs for my entry from the rear. 

I kissed her on her shoulder and I slid my finger down her ass crack and towards her vagina. 

I touched her pussy lips, they were soft, tender and moist. 

I slid within them with on resistance. 

A thick smooth and wet opening awaits, ready for my cock to enter her. 

I rubbed my finger on her slit, spreading her natural lubricant all over her freshly washed vagina. 

Jake : what were you saying about Singaporean men earlier ?? 

Suwen moaned and begged me to fuck her. 

Suwen : I’m sorry Jake… I’m sorry… ernfggh…e rnghh… ernggg… I didn’t mean it… ernghhh/… sorry… please… please come inside me… ernghh… 

I continued rubbing Suwen, coaxing more and more natural lube to come out from her love hole. 

Jake : No.. no no.. it’s ok… it’s fine… just tell me honestly…. What you think… 

Suwen : Eerghnhnn.. ernghh… ernghh…errghhnnn …

She was literally shaking and begging for me to enter her. 

Thomp thomp thomp !! 

King hammered on the door. 

King : Hurry up la !!! 

Suwen : You’re nice !!! ernghhh… you’re all very nice ernghh… ernghh… ernghh… Singaporean men are the nicest in the world … er ghhh… ernghhh… ernghhhh !!!... please Jake… you’re all very nice…errgnnhhhh….. 

I stopped rubbing her cunt as Suwen panted and moaned, trying to catch her own breath. 

I turned Suwen over to face me and I kissed her gently on her lips.

Jake : Excellent answer…. 

Suwen broke out a tired smile as she hugged onto me. 

Jake : There’s just a problem… 

Suwen looked at me with a bewildered look. 

Jake : I’m not one of the nice ones. 

Before she could wrap her head around my answer, I opened the bathroom door. 

King was standing a few steps away, he had Suwen’s bra in his hands cupped over his mouth and nose. He was stroking a rock hard erection. 

Suwen :NO.. NO … NO!!!no JAKE !!! please !!! NO>>> FUCK…FUCKKK you piece of sHIT .. JAKE !!!! NOOOO.. NOOO… 

I hugged onto Suwen from behind, using her body as a shield like a hostage taker. 

I kissed Suwen’s neck as she struggled to break free. 

Suwen : NOO… please… please… NOOOO!!... 

King put aside the bra and he feasted his eyes on Suwen’s naked body.

Right before I push Suwen towards King, I whispered into her ears while I pretended to kiss her around her neck and the side of her face. 

I played with her tits as well, kneading them like a master baker playing with his dough. 

Jake : Listen……. Very…. Very….. carefully…… To what I have to say… 

Suwen sobbed and she looked at King’s grotesque cock. 

Her chest puffed up and down rapidly as she breathed in the cold air in the hotel suite. 

King pointed to the sofa in the living area instead of the soiled bed. 

I finished what I wanted to say and I slowly released Suwen from my grip. 

It was like watching a movie. 

Everything happened at half it’s original speed in almost a lazy manner. 

It got slower and slower until it appears as if someone had hit the pause button. 

King grinned at Suwen. 

Suwen fingers tightened around my forearm which she gripped from below similar to someone doing an underarm pull up. I could imagine her eyes switching her focus from King to the sofa.

My lips went closer and closer to Suwen’s ear before they finally touched. 

I sent Suwen off with one final kiss on her left ear. 

Jake : Go. 


I did not whisper any magic words or spell into Suwen’s ears.

Merely reasons.

I told her to wise up, to look at King. How long does she think he can last if she masturbated for him ?

He’s a old man, gets excited easily and he should blow his load in no time.

Suwen caught my drift and I left it to her to figure out the rest of the reasons why she should bite the bullet and do the minimal.

She don’t want to get fucked by King, choosing between that and using her mouth, she would choose her mouth.

What about between using her hands and mouth ? She would surely choose the hand.

It’s simple logic.

Suwen staggered towards King and got onto her knees.

King laughed, happy for obvious reasons. He wanted to push his wrinkled old erection into Suwen’s mouth but Suwen was faster, she gripped onto his dick and started to stroke King earnestly.

King : Ohh…. Oihhh…. Ohhh… nice… nice ohh…

Her left hand went to his testicles while her right stroked King forcefully, coaxing out groans from King as he asked her to slow down.

King : Slow down…. Slow down…. Wait….arghhh..a rghhhh…

Sensing that she’s heading in the right direction, Suwen not only stroked King, her thumb started playing with his pee hole.

King : ARngngngngngn… arnfgghnhnhnhh….

I saw Suwen’s mouth went close but she did not let it touch the dick.

Instead she spit a gold of her saliva onto King’s dick and she started to massage and rubbed it all over King’s shaft. He increased the intensity of her stroking and King was asking her to stop.

King : Stop… stop… ok… ok… stop… awerghh.. aergghhh…

Suwen refused to.

She spit again onto King’s cock , using that as a lubricant, she brought King to the edge of his orgasm and he started begging Suwen to stop.

King : ok.. ok… stop… stop… please…. My heart cannot take it… stop…e rghhh.. erghghhh.. eaeweghhhhh !!

I watched in amazement as barely 3 minutes of Suwen’s stroking wet by and King was already begging for mercy. He held his breath for pretty long, his hand tapped several times on Suwen’s head.

Then it just happened.

King’s climax was hardly a climax but he still shot out a good stream of cum.

King : ARnghh… arghh… arnghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….come out liao… come out liao… arnghhh…

The warm stream of cum hit Suwen’s face and hair, she quickly turned her face away but a good portion of it still hit her nose and bits of it dribbled down her lips.

Both her hands were tangled with the sticky white goo as King groaned and staggered backwards before collapsing on the chair.

King groaned for no reason, stretching and sinking himself onto the couch, laughing and smiling in a satisfied manner.

King : That felt so fucking good… hahah… haha… go good… haha…

Suwen got up slowly, her lips were tightly squeezed together. She was unwilling to let any of it get into her mouth. She slowly balanced the dripping cum before she dashed into the bathroom much to King’s amusement.

King gestured to me to join him on the couch and I went over even though it felt really weird to be sitting beside another naked man.

King nodded towards the direction of the bathroom and added.

King : Amazing girl isn’t she ?? .. hahaha.. Terry is so fucking lucky…. Yet he doesn’t treasure her at all….hahaha.. what an idoit…

Jake : What makes you say that ??

King started to talk a little into the history to Terry and Suwen, giving me an insight to this dysfunctional couple.

King : They used to be quite happy together…. But they stopped having sex for a long time. ….

That was something I already knew from Suwen so I probed a little.

Jake : Well… Terry is also not getting any younger… where as Suwen is still pretty hot… and…

King laughed and shook his fingers at me.

King : No… no… no… no… it’s not that… there’s something else to them….. something deeper…. Darker… ahhahaah….

Jake : What is it ?

King took his time, enjoying the feeling of keeping me in suspense.

King : Terry… has a weird…. Fetish… so to speak…

Jake ; What kind of weird fetish…

King lowered his voice a little, whispering the secret to me like a naughty school kid.

King : Terry…. Likes to play those you know….. wife sharing thing… haha… I think they have a term for it…

Jake : Woah… swinging ??

King chuckled and slapped his thigh.

King : Swinging, swimming, whatever la…. I don’t know…. But … but this I know….

He grinned his toothless grin and said Terry gets extremely aroused when he sees Suwen fuck another man.

I was speechless for a moment while King went on.

King : You see…. It doesn’t mean Suwen can go around fucking anyone and all…. Terry wants to choose who she gets to fuck…. And he wants to see it…. He wants to see it happen…. And he wants to record it… hee.. hee… hiak.. hiak…. What a naughty and dirty old man…. Worst than me don’t you think ??? hahaha..

I just stared at King without a word before I mustered up enough strength to ask him a question.

Jake : Suwen … Suwen… she’s ok with this ??

King ; Of course not !!.... it’s the primary source of their tension….i mean… after Terry revealed that to her… she was pretty put off by it….

Jake ; Then .. then ??

King : Terry kept bugging her of course…none stop in fact…

King revealed that after they had Tiffany, it somehow strengthened the urge for Terry.

King : It made him crave for it…. So much so that he did everything…. Everything… he could… to convince Suwen to do it…

My eyes widened and I could feel my cock rise again.

Jake : And then ?? and then ?? …..

King : It almost ruin their marriage…. Terry tried to limit Suwen’s days to go out, even cutting down her trips back to China to visit her parents…. Her even cut her allowance…. Anything… anything he could do to get a hold on her… he did it…

King crossed his legs and leaned back on the couch.

King : Eventually….

Jake ; Eventually what ?

King : Eventually Suwen agreed of course… haha…fuck it was so hot…

I felt my heart skip a beat for a moment and I quickly asked was he the one who fucked Suwen ?

King ; Me ?? No.. no.. of course not…. Haha.. it’s….

Suddenly King paused.

He stopped so abruptly that it was obvious he had revealed a little too much that he should have.

Jake : You knew…. You knew because you have seen the video…. Didn’t you…

King cleared his throat and sat up straight.

King : Don’t be ridiculous…. It’s all hear say…

I stared at King in his eye and I finally closed the circle and drew the conclusion, and when the words left my mouth, King’s expression confirmed my suspicions.

Jake ; You’re…. you’re holding onto Terry’s dirt…

King’s expression looked grave and he could not think of a suitable reply. He must be regretting letting his mouth loose after a satisfying orgasm.

King pointed a finger at me and gave me a warning which had no bite at all.

King : You tell anyone that….. I’ll destroy you….

I wanted King to calm down and I did what I could to distract him.

Jake : Relax… I’m not interested in your election and stuff…. I’m just a passer by… but… but… I heard… a rumour… 

King ; What rumour… 

Jake : That… that Suwen was cheating on Terry… 

King’s grin returned to his face and he chipped in to add on. 

King : It’s true… I think it’s true at least….. after Terry forced Suwen to sleep with other men…. Their relationship became a little enstranged….and I think that pushed Suwen to cheat…. 

King added that people tried to dig around but no one knew who Suwen was seeing. 

King : She covered her tracks well it seems…. But the signs were all there…. 

I nodded and smiled as I tried my luck asking King about his video. 

Jake ; I don’t suppose…. I can see the videos ?? haha

King shooed me away with his hand. 

King : CHey… crazy… why should I show you ?? 

I smiled and casually asked King another question. 

Jake : Just asking… anyway… if those are tapes… make sure you keep them well….. if it gets mouldy… over…haha… 

King : You live in what era…. Still tapes… it’s …. 

King paused and thought about what I just said for a moment. 

King : Your tape… you mean those VCR tape ?? 

Jake : Those older cam corder also use those smaller tapes what…. Today is all digital…. 

King sat up and asked me if those will turn mouldy. 

I have no fucking idea but if you asked me what is the best way to lie to a uncle in his seventies, I would tell you anything IT related and shit is the best way to go. 

Jake : Of couse… all tapes get mouldy… 

I pointed to the room. 

Jake : There’s all these fungus pores everywhere…. You don’t store them properly..sure gone fuck…. Singapore is so humid… 

King looked at me, unsure of what to say. 

Jake : Ok… relax… make sure you keep them in a dry place…. Put them properly… not too hot… not too cold…. And make a copy of them la… covert to digital copies… put in hardisk or CD… can last decades… 

King ; Really ? 

Jake : I bluff you for what….. you don’t believe you go to any computer shop ask…. But please ah…. Don’t take your porn tapes and ask those people to convert….next day sure on news… 

King ; Then how ?? What do I do ?? 

Jake : I can do it for you …. 

I said it with a smile. 

King : You fucking son of a bitch…. 

Jake ; hey… I won’t take them… I can do it in front of you… take a chair… sit beside me…. all I get to do is just see them once and that’s it…. Besides… what can I do it it ?? I’m not voting in your crazy election… 

Suwen came out of the shower at that moment and he ogled at her body which was by then wrapped with a towel. 

Suwen : I… I have no clothes to wear…they’re all dirty… 

King : We stay here tonight… wait for the clothes to dry… heee.. heee… 

Suwen ignored King and she turned to me, half expecting me to give her a solution. 

Jake : What ?? 

She glared at me with a dirty look before stomping off back into the bathroom to wash her soiled clothes. 

King : how long does the conversion take…?? To.. you know… put from the tape… into the computer those thing… 

Jake : A couple of hours…give and take… come on…. You have to do it sooner or later… better get it done before it’s all gone…

King : You sure will get mouldy ?? I keep in a very safe place… I think it’s impossible to get mouldy…. 

I pointed to the streets outside the window. 

Jake : 10 years ago if I tell you orchard road will flood when it rain….you’ll say I’m crazy.. 

King thought about what I just said for a while before he laughed and replied. 

King : You chee bye… it’s not flooding…. It’s ponding la… ahhaha… 

Jake : Hahaha…. So…. Give me a call when you’re ready ….?? 

King nodded with a smile. 

King : You will fucking blow your load I tell you Jake… you will fucking cum.. 

Jake: Is the video any good ?? 

King : Just imagine seeing Suwen’s unwilling face…. Getting angry and pissed while she gets fucked by someone she doesn’t know…. And Terry ?? .. Terry’s filming… and trying to coax his wife to play along….. you tell me is that good ?? hahaha.. .

Suwen came out with her washed clothes and lingerie, hanging them out to dry in the room. 

Suwen : I booked this room… I want you all to leave now… 

I checked the time

It was coming to 3am 

I got up and put on my clothes as Suwen glared at me with her folded arms. 

King remained seated on the couch, sneering at Suwen

Suwen : You too King… get out !... 

King ignored her as I pulled on my top and went to slip on my shoes. 

King : I’m not done yet… 

Suwen ; yes you are.. !!... 

King : I’m not… ahahhahaha…. Not yet… 

King took out a blue pill from his trousers and he popped it into his mouth, swallowing it without water. 

Suwen : No… no !! I’m not doing it… 

She turned and looked at me 

Suwen : Jake… JAKE!!!... don’t go… JAKE!!! Stay please… JAKE !!!!! 

I was about to open the door when Suwen ran towards me. King got up and intercepted her, grabbing Suwen by her waist as she screamed and kicked. King may looked frail but he’s stronger than he looks. 

Suwen ; NO!!!.JAKE!!JAKE…please … JAKE !!!!.... wait …wait… no !!! JAKE don’t go… JAKE !!!

I stepped out of the suite and closed the door behind me, shutting out Suwen’s screams as I walked towards the lift lobby. 

I too a cab back home and bumped into my parents right when they are about to leave for the stall. 

Mum : You always taking urgent leave…. How to be hawker… 

I gave her a sheepish smile and told her I’m going on a date with Kate. 

Mum : Yah right… 

Jake : You don’t believe… you see if she’s at the stall later…. I’m meeting her in a while 

Mum : Where are you going ? 

Jake : An adventure I hope… 

They shut the door behind them and I made myself a thick cup of coffee.

I gathered up some tools that I think I will need. 

Screwdriver, scissors, a cutter, gloves. I just dropped them into my bag. 

I opened up google map and looked at the map of King’s shop in Tai seng. 

I tried to remember the roads and immediate alleyways. 

In case someone comes after us, I need to know where we can run.

I left home at 4am, taking a cab down to Tai seng and settled myself near the train station for the wait.


King sent me a short 5 second video of Suwen on the bed. Dollar bills were strewn all over the bedsheets. 

Suwen’s body were covered in sweat and cum, King was rubbing his excess cum on Suwen’s buttocks as she gathered up the notes in front of her. I could even see several pieces of 50 dollar bills stuck on her body by King’s semen. 

I shook my head and kept my phone. 


I repositioned myself across the road from King’s shop and waited. I checked to make sure I was in the shadows, well away from his’s staff’s line of sight when he leaves to get breakfast. 


I got a message from King . 

King msg : good luck.. I’m on my way back to the office….. Ah Keong is on his way too…. He’s moving Kate to his house… he prepared a guest room… 

I kept my phone and stared at the roller shutter of King’s shop. 


A small door beside the shutter opened up and I saw King’ staff stepped outside the shop. He lit up a cigarette and pressed some concealed button to raise up the main shutters.

After he was done, he started shifting some shelves with goods out. 


King msg : I just hopped onto a cab…… Keong left bukit timah 10 minutes ago. 

My heart started pounding as the staff took his time bringing out more stuff including a paper model the size of your bicycle. He looked up into the sky and checked the skies before dusting his hands and crossing the road to the hawker centre. 

No one would dare to steal offerings meant for the dead. 

The moment he was across the road, I dashed into King’s shop. 

Using my phone as a source of light, I went right to the back of the shop, calling out for Kate as I did. 

Jake : Kate … KATE !!... you there ?? Kate ?? 

I called out several times but there was no reply. 

I found the door to the make shift sleeping quarters and I opened it. 

Jake : Kate …KATE!! You there ?? 

Kate : Jake … JAKE !! is that you… JAKE!!! Let me out !!

Jake : Hold on … 

I unlatched the bolt and opened the door. 

Kate was on the bed, her wrist were tied up using several cable ties. 

Her black leggings were torn on her left calves and as I approached her I could smell pee. 

Jake ; Oh god… did you do what I think you did ?? 

Kate : Shut up Jake… I’ll kill you if you dare tell anyone about this….i had to go to the bathroom really bad… and I was being ignored the whole time… I’m starving too… 

I cut through all the cable ties and Kate took a couple of mins to get mobile. Her legs and arms were all numb, the pins and needles took a while to go away. 

Jake : We need to go now…. King and Ah Keong are on their way over … 

Kate : How did you find me ?? how did you know they’re coming…. ?? 

Jake : Long story…. Quick… follow me… 

Kate and I crept out of the quarters and into the shop. 

The moment we were out, I cursed under my breathe. 

I could see King’s staff heading back already. 

He was right outside the shop, sipping his coffee from his bag. 

Jake : Fuck… 

Kate : What do we do ? 

As if that was not bad enough, he compounded the problem by hanging his coffee on the shelf and he entered the shop. 

I was holding onto Kate’s hand and I could feel her squeezing mine. 

I looked around King’s shop and I saw something that would save us. 

It might save us. 

It’s a chance we have to take. 

Over by the corner, there’s like a dozen of those paper figurines, standing as tall as a average adult. 

I dragged Kate over and we squeezed ourselves into it’s ranks. 

The lights in the shop were not on. 

This might just work. 

Both of us just froze as the staff shuffled his feet and walked right pass us. We saw him enter the quarters and immediately took to our feet and ran, knocking down several figurines along the way. 

Jake ; Fuck… fuck… 

We burst out into the morning skies to see a MPV pull up . 

Kate and I locked eyes with a shocked Ah Keong behind the wheels. 

Jake : Shit… shit.. 

It took 2 seconds before anyone of us manage to react. 

Kate and I sprinted and ran, as fast as our feet could carry us. 

I turned back to check and I could see King’s staff running out of the shop while Ah Keong was already on his phone. 

We turned a corner, hailed a cab, panting and coughing away. 

Jake : Uncle Tampines…. Pant.. pant.. pant… 

Kate turned and looked behind us as the cab pulled off from the industrial estate. 

We did not speak along the way. 


Jake : Welcome to my humble abode…I hope you don’t mind…. I was thinking the coffee shop would be the first place Ah Keong would go to and you stay just above…. 

Kate : it’s ok… I’m just so tired and hungry… 

I went to my room and grabbed a fresh towel for Kate. 

I forgot totally about the clothes. I don’t have anything for her. 

I showered in my parents soon and when I came out, I saw Kate with her hair dripping wet, my towel around her body as she ransacked my wardrobe for clothes to wear. 

I could feel an erection stirring as well as I looked at Kate’s body. 

Memories of me penetrating her came back , sending warm waves of emotions down my groin. 

I could feel my dick harden but it went away after a while. 

I’m just too tired. 

I’ve been up the whole night. 

Kate pulled out one of my grey work shirt. 

Kate : Lend me this can ?? 

I nodded. 

Too tired to even try to crack a corny joke. 

Kate came out of the bathroom dressed only in my shirt, and I could see the bundle of her soiled clothes in her hands. 

Kate : I’ll need a bag later too…. 

I made instant noodles for both of us and we ate without a word. After draining the hot and spicy soup, Kate’s eyes could barely open. 

Jake : Here… take my bed… I’ll sleep in the living room… 

Kate : You didn’t sleep the whole night too ?? 

Jake : Yah… long story… 

I switched on the air conditioner for Kate and watch her crawl into my bed and put her tired head down on my pillow. It’s a queen size bed actually, so there’s room for the both of us. 

I pulled the covers up to her chin and I could see her eyes struggling to stay open. 

Kate : Thanks…. For everything Jake… 

Jake : You’re welcomed.. 

I could not resist the pull of my own soft bed and I crawled onto it as well but I lay down above the covers. 

Then we just drifted off. 

I don’t know how long we slept but I jumped a little when I felt some movements beside me. 

It was Kate, she was trying to pull the covers over me. 

Perhaps we were both just tired, we went right back to sleep. 

The next time I woke up, it was because Kate’s hair was tickling my nose and it was then I realised that I was literally plastered against her back. 

Kate was cuddled up by my chest. 

We were both out for a long time , it was 4pm when we woke up. 

My phone had almost 50 missed calls.

Kate called Gabriel and told him what happened.


Gabriel came by together with Andy to pick Kate up.

Kate : Jake… thanks… for the top…. I’ll.. wash and return it to you another day….

They drove off and I did not see Kate again for an entire week.

It was a weird and surreal week.

It’s like nothing happened.

My life went back to normal at the noodle stall.

Kate text me her new number and told me she’s fine , she’ll be keeping a low profile until the election.

15th March 2015


A week before the election.
Kate finally showed up at the coffee shop.

Jake : Hey… want to eat noodles or not….

Kate : Yah… maybe later… I need a favour from you Jake…

Jake ; Yah ??

Kate : We are not finished with visiting all the elders. …

Jake : What ? …. You cannot be serious…

Kate : we have to try…

Jake : Who else is left ??

Kate : Terry….

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and Kate looked at me eagerly.

Kate : I …. I really don’t want to meet him on my own… so… I was thinking if we can drop by his gold shop together… and…. Have a chat… or something…

I nodded and agreed.

Kate smiled and passed me a brown envelope.

Kate : Thanks !... here..

I opened it to see it filled with money. There had to be like several thousand dollars inside there.

Jake : You meant if I had said no…you… you wouldn't pay me ??

Kate : Yeah… I probably wouldn’t have given you the money… hahha…

Jake : Fuck…

Kate : TSK !... don’t curse at me …

Kate picked a time and I agreed.



Kate was right on time and both of us stood barely 20 metres from the entrance of Terry’s gold shop.

We just stared at the entrance, waiting for the other to make the first move.

Kate : Oh boy… I really hate him…. I really hate talking to him…. You too right… I’m sure…

I took in a deep breath as I looked at Suwen and Tiffany who were in a corner of the shop as well, trying on the jewelleries and taking selfies of themselves.

Kate : Jake … hey… stop looking at Suwen and Tiffany !... I know they’re hot…

I laughed and turned to look at Kate who was wearing a white sleeveless dress that day.

Jake : Not as hot as you. ..

Kate laughed.

She held up her hand, I offered up my arm, linking both our bodies together.

We took the first step towards the shop and I added.

Jake : You know the story of us being together is already blown right….

Kate : Yeah… I know…

Terry’s eyes locked onto us as we stepped into his gold shop.

Tiffany looked our way too, so did Suwen.

Kate : No rule to say friends can’t link arms right ?

I smiled and took a deep breath as Terry walked right up in front of me, staring me down as if he wanted to pick a fight.

Terry : What….. the fuck….. do you want ??

Kate : Can we have a chat Terry ?

Terry : Still the same… need women to speak up for you…. Hah !...

I ignored Terry’s comment.

The 3 of us stood there for a few seconds before Terry barked to his staff , saying that he would be back in a few minutes.

Terry walked towards a café , Kate and I followed behind him.

We sat down, Terry ordered 3 coffee without even asking what we wanted.

Terry : I go straight to the point… I know what the fuck you all want…

Kate : Ok… name your price then… say it…

Terry sniggered and looked at Kate with disdain, checking out her whole body before turning back to me.

Terry : How long more are you going to put up this fake boyfriend girlfriend act… it’s getting boring….

Kate : How much ?? just say it…

Terry pointed finger at Kate.

Terry : You know what I hate about people like you….. you think just because you have money…. You can buy anyone you wished…. Pui !!

He sipped his coffee in a cocky manner and looked at Kate.

Kate : I thought you want to go straight to the point… so just say it.. how much ?

Terry : You cannot afford me…

Kate : Try me…

Terry laughed.

Terry : 300k….. and …… I want to fuck you…. In front of your so call boyfriend… ahhaa..

I hit the table so hard with a smack that coffee spilled out of the cups as I stood up

Terry shook his legs in a cocky manner.

Terry : Why …. Why ??? What’s the problem…. You don’t have the chips… then don’t negotiate. .. haha…

Kate took a deep breathe, sipped her coffee and wiped her lips with a napkin.

She stood up without a word and we left Terry at the café.

When were got far enough from them I asked Kate the question that was burning in my head.

Jake : please tell me you are not entertaining that thought….

Kate took a while to reply me and when she did , she did it in a light hearted manner.

Kate : would you get jealous ??

Jake : Tsk … don’t be an ass…

Kate : hahaha…

We stepped into the train and right before the doors hissed to a close, Kate added softly under her breathe.

Kate : Let's hope it doesn’t come to that then…



It’s something we’re all familiar with in Singapore. 

The excitement that filled the air. 

You could feel it all around you. 

There’s this tingling in my bones that I cannot describe. 

21st march 2015 


It was the eve of the election and the preparations are in full swing.

There’s no rally speech, no TV broadcast with candidates speaking. 

You don’t get feeds and meme on your social media account but you could feel the vibe. 

That energy that flows through every corner of the coffee shop. 

It’s like a campaign headquarters but no one is really campaigning. 

It’s more of preparing. 

8.00 am 

There were a lot of things happening at the coffee shop. Instead of helping at my parents’ stall like i was used to, i was given a mountain of wanton fillings and sent to a corner of the coffee shop. 

I found out on that day that come every election, my parents would sponsor close to a thousand fried wantons served with mayonnaise. No prize for guessing who’s making them that year. 

As i wrapped wanton after wanton , i started to pay a little more attention to the rest of the hawker in the coffee shop. I felt a chill run down my spine when i realised every one of them were preparing in their own way for the big event tomorrow. 

It had to be something significant on their calander. 

I mean weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, to hawkers is very precious. It’s one of the days when they get bigger crowds, families would come out for breakfast together and all. It’s a day that would affect their takings for the entire week. 

Yet on that Particular Saturday, more emphasis was being placed on the preparation rather than their business. 

Auntie Geok was talking loudly to her kueh supplier that morning while serving the morning crowd. The man was going through the orders with her as she worked. 

She kept reminding him about the timing to make the delivery the next day.

We’re talking about hundreds of kuehs and otahs. 

Much more than her usual orders. 

Auntie Geok : don’t you dare be late …. i’ll kill you ahhh… 

Delivery man : Auntie …. i know… i know…. not my first year doing it…. don’t worry. 

Uncle Salim too had several huge bags of ingredients at his stall. 

They filled his usually empty store front. 

He even borrowed a few of those huge pots you see caterers use to cook for large volumes of guest during weddings and festivities. He had to be preparing to serve a few hundred servings of mee rebus the next day at least. 

No one openly said anything about the election in the coffee shop, but it was obvious they were all preparing for it. Not only were they sponsoring food , I found out that all the stalls would be closed the next day. 

Everyone would be at the election venue. 

Orh pao and Kate were trying to juggle the coffee stall with the Saturday crowd and at the same time trying to manage all the calls that were coming through.

I overhead Kate telling her drinks supplier to send the orders directly to the address she gave him. 

Kate : Not the coffee shop yah….. don’t come to the coffee shop with this order… 

Even the tze char store that usually operates at night in the corner came down in the morning that Sunday.

They will be frying bee hoon and noodles for the next day, i could see the chefs busy cutting up vegetables and other ingredients. 

I don’t know their level of involvement with the organisation but one thing for sure, i know none of them were charging for the food. 

I was surprised beyond words when I saw a nice gentlemen arrive at the coffee shop and I was told he’s Uncle Salim’s son. 

Remember i mentioned in the beginning of the story that his son is a doctor ? 

Yeah, Uncle Salim’s son came down to the coffee shop 10 minutes before Andy and Gabriel arrived. 

I was introduced to him by Uncle Salim who proudly announced that his son is a doctor. 

Uncle Salim : Eh… eh Jake… Jake… my son… my son…. Doctor Rizwan leh… hahaha… don’t play play…. 

Jake : Haha…. Hello…. Nice to meet you… 

Rizwan wanted to shake my hand but i was wrapping the wantons halfway through, i signalled awkwardly with my dirty hands and he laughed, saying it’s ok.

I stood up and was about to go washed when he stopped me.

Jake : Paiseh… paiseh…. is… is meat la…. let me go wash up first…

Rizwan : It’s ok… it’s ok…. later… later… never mind… 

Rizwan tapped me on the side of my arm and say we’ll grab a coffee later, he’ll go help his dad first. 

Jake : Sure… sure… 

He struck me as a very humble guy, all smiles and cheerful. He’s definitely one of those top students in class, teacher’s pet and then a good Junior college before going to med school.

Rizwan had a very calming effect on people when he talked. It’s like when shit is about to hit the roof but the moment he opens his mouth, he’ll solve half the problem or something.

It’s that kind of gentle voice, yet you could still feel the authoritative vide in them. Good news or bad, if you had to receive it from a doctor, Rizwan’s voice would be the ideal choice. 

That was the first time I saw him and I liked him immediately. 

Then i saw him remove his shirt at the back of the coffee shop to change into a plain t-shirt to serve the customers, he had a tattoo behind his back on his shoulders. A dagger with 2 wings at the side. 

A familiar logo for many of us. 

The text below the tattoo was broken by a scar. The spacing were too wide , the scar had to be there before the tattoo went up. 

A half inch thick of pale raw skin ran down close to 30 cm diagonally from the right of his lower shoulder blade down to his left Kidney. You could see the centipede like legs of the scar the stitches left behind. They stood out like another tattoo of it’s own against Rizwan’s dark skin. 

The text ‘For honour and glory’ was tattooed above and over the scar.

The word ‘glory’ was spaced far away from the ‘and’ because of the scar, it was done on purpose. 

Rizwan happened to turn, and it was his turn to look a little embarrassed. 

Jake : wah… 

I gave him a thumb up with my eyes wide open.

There were several more scars across his chest as he sheepishly pulled on his t-shirt. 

Rizwan : Aiyah… we were all young and stupid once… haha…. old days la…

Rizwan settled comfortably into the role of a hawker, helping his dad pack food and serve the customers.

Gabriel and Andy arrived around 11am and they started thanking the hawkers for helping with the big day tomorrow.

Gabriel : Rizwan…. thanks for coming….

Rizwan : Gabe…. don’t mention it… it’s the least i could do… 

Gabriel : No… no… I really appreciate… all the help you’ve given us…. 

Rizwan : nah… nah…. Without your grandfather…. I won’t even be where I am today… 

They were only at the next table and i could hear Gabriel opening thanking him for the help after the evening at Bukit Chandu. 

Gabriel : That night… Chandu…. all the bill and stuff….send to me… 

Rizwan : aiyah…. small thing la…. don’t worry about it… but Herman….. 

A truck rumbled past the coffee shop and i could only make out small bits of the conversations. 

Rizwan : stiches i can do…..then…….. bo bian…. x ray …… they set it 
back….will recover… 

Gabriel listened intently and told Rizwan that he visited Herman the next day but the rest of their conversation was cut off when they turned and walked towards the drinks stall to grab some coffee.

They returned to the table next to me and I caught more snippets of their conversation. 

Gabriel : Bill…..heard he…..there too…….how……bad ? 

Rizwan : Stubborn….very stubborn…. … 

I strained my ears and tried to block out the background noises in the coffee shop. 

RIzwan : Bill ah……Lucy…..fuck….. jia lat … jia lat…. ..

Gabriel : hahah… then how ?? 

Rizwan : In the end…….go over……Lucy place…. .. settle on the spot… 

Gabriel’s phone rang and he said he got to go. 

Rizwan : Go ahead… go ahead…. I see you around…

They shook hands before Gabriel turned to leave. 

Before Rizwan could get back to the stall, Andy came over and they sat back down again. 

Andy and Rizwan chatted like old friends too, talking about a couple of common friends they had. Their conversation volume is a lot louder, with more laughs in between. 

Rizwan : So you’re up this year ah… haha.. 

Andy : Sigh…. What to do…. It’s a thankless job… but someone’s got to do it… 

RIzwan turned and looked around his shoulders before chuckling to Andy 

Rizwan : Ask Terry to do it la… hahaa.. 

Andy laughed. 


Uncle Ben arrived, together with Johari and gang as well. 

Everyone exchanged greetings, crowding in the coffee shop. Drinks were served before they broke up into separate groups. 

I was not included in any of their meeting but i could tell they were discussing security related matters. 

Johari and his men were tasked with managing the guest that day. 

Only the 8 elders and the invited guest were allowed into the voting area. 

Gabriel was worried things would get rowdy especially with Ah Keong’s men.

Matthew had the habit of bringing his entire army for the elections as a show of power to the guests. There’s no reason why his son would not do the same. 


My parents packed up the stall and they helped with the wantons before we finished up at close to 1pm. 

They stall would be closed the next day. We would only be coming down to deep fry the wantons and send them to the election premise

Kate came over right before we left and I asked her how is she. 

Kate : I’m ok… 

Jake : Did Ah Keong ?? 

Kate : No… don’t worry…. 

Jake : What’s the situation now ?? 

Kate : Gabriel knows about it…. Everybody does… but no one wants to speak up at the moment…. 

Jake : That’s shit man…Gabriel’s going to just let it rest ?? 

Kate : There’re bigger issues at stake at the moment…. This has got to wait… 

She told to me get a good rest, the next day will be an interesting day. 

Kate : We’ll be expecting guest from overseas as well, Gabriel and Andy are busy with the logistics. 

Jake : Who’s coming ? 

Kate told me that her granduncle will be one of the VIPs that would be present. 

In the event of a tie, he would have the final say, that includes the option of him taking over the helm. 

Kate : We wouldn’t want that… 

Kate’s granduncle has been in Taiwan for the longest time. He set up his own offshoot of the organisation that is related to the local triads. On the surface, everyone is friendly but her granduncle is looking to gain a foothold in Singapore. 

And come every election, he would pray for a chance. A chance to get back into the local scene to restore the family to it’s formal glory. 

Kate : Fungye, that’s that everyone calls him. Grandpa wind. He’s fast, he was fast, base on the stories my grandfather told me. He could strike you before you even realised what was happening. 

Kate recalled fondly of sitting by her grandfather’s bedside while he tells her stories of Singapore back during the Hock Lee bus workers strike that sparked off a riot. 

Kate : It was chaos. … the rioting spread, my grandfather was just staying at the next street…… he could hear the shouts, see the skies turn crimson with the fires that were started by the clash of the unions……..but Fungye and my grandpa, they stood at the entrance of the courtyard that led to their house as the clash spilled closer and closer. 

I sat upright, listened intently. 

Kate : My grandpa and Fungye each held a 9 inch Parang, they stood steadfast and unmoving. A couple of students tried to drag them into the conflict and to get into the house compound but they soon realised it was a mistake… 

My eyes widened and I asked her a critical question. 

Jake : Your granduncle is Fung(Wind) , is your grandpa Yun ( cloud ) ? !!!! 

I did a martial arts stance and spoke a little too loudly. 

Jake : FUNG….. YUN….. !!! 

Several heads turned and Kate rolled her eyes at me. 

Kate : Don’t be lame Jake… 

Jake : Sorry… it just came into my head… so what is his name ?? 

Kate : Make a guess ? 

Jake : Leigong !! ( thunder god ) ?? Qinglong !! ( green dragon ) , Jin Mao shi wang ( golden hair lion king ) , qing yi fu wang ?? ( green wing bat king ), bai mei ying wang !!! ( white brow eagle king ) !!! 

Kate : You watch too many TV serial…. 

Kate stood up and before she turned her back she told me what her grandpa was called. 

Kate : My grandpa was a combination of a snake and a dragon. … he has a tattoo of them on his….. 


Kate ‘s eyes reduced to a slit before she put up a palm at me, sucked in a deep breath and turned away. 

Jake : Kate… kate… wait… hey… don’t like that la…. I was just trying to lighten up the atmosphere…. 

Kate : go and die la… 

Jake : Sorry… sorry…. So what do they call him ?? 

Uncle Ben came by then and answered on behalf of Kate. 

Ben : We call him boss…. because he is the boss… and he doesn’t like those cheesy names… 

Jake : Fungye and boss …. Has a nice ring to it… 

Kate : Yah… better than your Jake tio ( sprain ) 

Ben laughed and before returning to his table with his men. 

I went home and tried to get my parents to talk about the organisation. They were reluctant to reveal what they know or what they’ve seen over the years. 

Mum : Why don’t you go back to your old job…. Aircon…. Not oily and smelly…. No need work weekends… 

Dad : It’s been a few months…. Play also play enough already…. Time to go back to your old job… 

I tried to prod further but they would not budge. 

They kept telling me to stay away . 

Mum : If one day you have family, you would also tell your kids the same thing…. Stay away… nothing good comes out of being associated with them… 

Jake : Then what about you guys ?? 

Dad : We had no choice…. We didn’t get to study…. To go to school…. There’s not much things we can do….. unlike you….. Jake.. you have a good education…you should make use of it… 

I could see what the conversation was going so I cut it short and I went back to my room. 

22nd March 2015 

Election day .

We woke up later than usual since the stall would not be open that day. 

My parents woke me up at 6am and we got to the stall by 7am. 

We fried the wantons and laid them out on several big trays. 

Uncle Salim and Rizwan were already stirring big pots of gravy when we got there. Kate was nowhere to be seen and only Orh pao manned the counter. He turned away all the customers that came, saying that the stall is closed. 

It took us close to 3 hours to finish frying all the wantons. 

My mum stayed to clean up and my Dad delivered the food together with me to the election site. 

The place where the election was to be held is a private house along Thiam Siew Avenue. Just a stone throw away from Katong Shopping centre. 

A simple none descript house that sat in the middle of a large plot of land. Trees and palms filled the boundary behind the red brick walls, obscuring the views from the outside. Tents were set up on the courtyard. It’s a huge space. 

I’m talking like 2 basketball courts side by side upon entering the main gate. In land scarce Singapore, this is a luxurious amount of space to be left empty. Tall tents with headroom of about 3 metres were set up, fans, air coolers were placed at regular intervals. 

My dad dropped off the food and says he will go back to pick my mother up. 


The election will start at 1.30pm 

There’s still a bit of time. 

Johari and his men were hovering near the front gate. No cars were allowed to enter the compound. Vehicles came, people alighted and they were directed to park somewhere else. 

Not even the elders’ cars were allowed within the compound. 

Kate showed up out of nowhere with a Bluetooth earpiece on her left ear.

Kate : hey…

Jake ; Hey…

Kate : Excited ?? ….

Jake : Why ? … I’m not the one in the election…

Kate : Haha… but it’s your first time seeing something like this happening no ? …

I nodded my head and Kate took it upon herself to orientate me around.

Kate : follow me…

She explained as we went about the compound.

The round tables in the middle of the tent were meant for the men and staff of the elders. Since they were not allowed to enter the voting area, that would be where they wait. The rectangle tables surrounding the sides, those were meant for food and refreshments.

Jake : Errr….. ok…. I can tell…. I mean the food is all there…

Kate : Keep quiet…. And listen…

It’s been known that things would get rowdy during elections. Fights do break out at times and with so many people around, there were instances food caterers were injured as a result.

Kate : So…. If anything happens… stay on the rectangle tables… it’s a unspoken rule….

Jake : Orh… so those around round tables can wack… rectangle ones leave alone…

Kate : Something like that….

We entered the house and I could see 3 tables set up in the middle of the living area.

A table of 8 right up front and 2 tables of 10 flanking each side.

On the table of 8 for the elders, there were 2 tokens in the shape of a octagon coin. One in silver, the other in bronze.

Kate told me that Silver is for Ah Keong while Andy is bronze.

Kate : There’s nothing significance to the materials, it was drawn via a toss of a coin.

A red box stood on a dragon pillar about 1.2m tall.

Kate : That’s the voting box. … you cast your votes in there….

Inside the box, there will be 2 compartments for you to drop your vote. You go up, drop the token of the candidate you want and you keep the other.

Jake : Who reads the vote ?

Kate : A neutral observer from overseas…. Usually one of the VIP…

Kate then pointed to this imaginary boundary that started from a 1.5m tall white vase with blue crane paintings to the other side of the living room where a similar vase stood.

Kate : This is the line…. No one crosses this line the moment the elders are all seated….

Jake : Where will you be ?

Kate pointed to a spot at the corner just behind the line.

Kate : There… you can still see the action from there….

Jake : Can I stay with you ??

Kate : Of course… you’re my boyfriend right.. hahaa..

I laughed and we heard some commotion at the entrance.

Someone has arrived.

Umbrellas were out and about, at least 6 black umbrellas went up, sheltering the guest from the sun as he or she was led into the house.

I could hear people speaking in dialect and Chinese and as they got closer, Kate told me that was her granduncle. Fungye.

Kate : Always the first…. Always the earliest.

Fungye had to be in his mid to late seventies by now. He walked with the help of a walking stick and he had several aides by his side.

His skin is tanned and wrinkled. His eyebrow were almost white, with random strands of black. Fungye had a permanent grin on his face. A sinister grin if you read more into it.

He took his seat at the VIP spot together with 2 of his men and the rest went outside.

Gabriel arrived and ran into the hall, immediately heading forward to greet his granduncle, he gestured to Kate to join him and she did. They spoke for less than a minute and all I saw Fungye do was nod his head and smile.

His smile creeps me out.


King arrived with 6 of his staff. He entered and greeted Fungye warmly.


Terry came together with Suwen. He’s the only one that had little to nil manpower under his charge. With a struggling sunset business, a blood sucking wife, it’s a wonder he managed to remain a elder for so long.


There was more commotion at the gate.

I went out to take a look and I saw 3 cars pulling up one after another. The occupants stepped out together with their aides and more black umbrellas went up into the air.

When the 1st guest stepped into the house, I literally had the air knock out of my lungs.

She is so fucking beautiful.

She had to be at least 1.7m tall and when she smiled, I could see all the men in the room turn. There was this sweetness to her that reminded me of some pretty female lead in Taiwan dramas.

Those with the sweet squeaky voice but when she spoke, you can tell she meant business. Gabriel walked briskly towards this lady and shook hands with her. I heard Gabriel call her Tracy.

Tracy : 几时来台湾玩 ? ( When are you coming to Taiwan to have fun ? )

Gabriel shook Tracy’s hands and from his body language alone, you could tell he accorded Tracy a lot of respect despite being at least a decade older than her.

He told her once he frees up some time, he will head over and buy her a meal.

Tracy wore a power pant suit and every gesture she made, every move, every turn, she oozes confidence and charisma. It’s like she could move the entire stock market if she wished.

Tracy was surrounded by no less than 6 men, mean looking young chaps with no expressions on their faces.

Right behind Tracy’s entrance, 2 more guys entered. They spoke with each other softly and they looked to be about my age as well. In fact, they looked like one of the young executives you see in town.

The only difference is the number of people that they have by their side catering to their every whim and fancy.

Gabriel went forward too to shake their hands.

Gabriel : Ollie….. hi…. Leonard…. Long time no see…

They shook hands with a smile and Gabriel ushered them to their seats.

Tracy, Leonard and Ollie sat at the table on the right, while Fungye sat on the table to the left.

Gabriel gestured to Kate and she went over.

I could hear Gabriel introducing Kate as his sister from where I stood.

Gabriel : My sister Kate… . she hasn’t had a chance to meet you guys yet….

My jaws almost dropped when I heard him do the introductions to Kate.

Gabriel : Tracy from 竹聯 ( United Bamboo ) ,Ollie from 四海 ( 4 seas ) , and Leonard from 天道 ( Heaven way alliance ) ….

You got to be seriously shitting me.

Kate shook hands with them and made some small talks.

More commotions at the gate and when I turned, I could see Ah Keong coming with his men. True enough, he turned up with close to 30 men as they crowded the entrance, staring down Johari and his men.

You could feel the hostility in the air.

Neighbours from across and opposite sides of the roads gathered, curious as to what was happening in the usually quiet house.

Uncle Ben came into the hall and Andy arrived shortly as well.

12.45 pm.

Lucy arrived with her entourage of girls, inviting wolf whistles and stares from the gathering of men.

Huimin and Jane were there too and they eyed me with a cheeky stare before giving me a wink.

Kate was standing right beside me and she immediately asked.

Kate : You explain that Jake ok…. You explain that….. if the say comes you really becomes my boyfriend….

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and I pretended not to hear her.

Lucy entered with Bill behind her, looking every graceful and pretty.

Roland brought up the rear with 3 of his guys and the gate was closed.

For a good 20 minutes, all the elders and the guest mingled in the hallway, much like the reception before a wedding banquet.

Introductions were made, small talks a plenty. I tried to listen in to as much of the conversation as I could.

The invisible boundary was not being observed at the moment. It was the perfect time for me to snoop around.

I saw my parents desperately waving at me from the entrance, gesturing for me to get out of the hall but I ignored them. 

I picked up short snippets from Roland talking to Ollie about business. 

I heard Lucy and Tracy talked about beauty products. 

I heard Andy talking to Leonard about stocks and oil prices. 

Suwen was trying desperately to avoid eye contact with King and me. 


There was a jingle of a bell, much like the dinner bell and people started heading back to their seats. 

The moment the elders started taking their seat, Johari and Herman gestured and pushed the crowd back behind the invisible boundary. 

An old man who looked like he just crawled out of his grave came from the back of the house and I assumed he’s the one chairing the election. 

Terry : UNCLE PO !!!... helloe !!!.. ahaha… 

The old man waved weakly as he wobbled to the front of the pillar where the box was. 

I tried to recall the current tally as my fingers fought hard not to tremble . 

Gabriel, Andy, Ben, and if Lucy kept her promise, we have secured 4 votes for Andy on this end. 

Terry, King and Ah Keong is definitely on the same side. 

Which leaves us Roland. 

He’s a wild card. 

Base on our past conversation, he would likely vote for Ah Keong, which meant the election would turn up to be a tie. 

If that happens, Fungye would have the last laugh. 

I did something very stupid that day. 

Very very stupid. 

Uncle Po : Alright…. You all know the drill…. Let’s not waste time… 

Terry : SWEE LA….. don’t waste time… let’s do it… ! 

Uncle Po held onto the red cloth covering the box and pulled it off signalling the start of the election. 

Gabriel was the first to stand up. 

He cast his vote under the watchful eyes of the guest and fellow elders, dropping the token into a small slit at the top of the box. 

Terry walked towards the box with a swagger and dropped his in too. 

King got up the same time as Ben but Ben gestured and allowed King to go on ahead. 

Ah Keong went next followed by Andy. 

Roland and Lucy eyed each other for a brief moment before Roland gestured with his hand, allowing Lucy to cast her vote first. 

Lucy got up and made her vote as she gave me a look from across the hall. 

Kate caught that too. 

Kate : Add that to the list of explanations… and don’t pretend you never hear me… 

I swallow another mouthful of saliva. 

My heart started to race and my palms were starting to sweat. 

Uncle Po got up, sealed the box with his red cloth. 

Uncle Po : And now…. For the results… 

I was trying really hard not to shake. 

It’s not because I was nervous or anything, I’m not the one running in the election. 

I fingered the 9th vote in my pocket as Uncle Po invited Tracy up to tally the votes. 

My heart was slamming against my ribcage as I prayed that Roland or perhaps King or anyone, anyone would change their mind and vote for Andy. 

Tracy walked up gracefully towards Uncle Po and he gestured her towards the box. 

It’s 8 votes. 

8 tokens. 

8 pieces of token in a box the size of your regular cake box.

You don’t need a long time to count. 

In fact, you don’t even need to count. 

Tracy went up, she was smiling initially but as she removed the cover of the box and the moment her eyes saw the votes at the bottom of the box, her smile was gone. 

This cannot be good. 

I reached into my pocket and fingered the 9th vote, praying and praying for a miracle. 

Tracy’s eyes looked up from the box and all eyes were on her. 

The hall fell so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. 

Terry broke the silence first. 

Terry : Hurry up la !!.. just declare Ah Keong the winner… ahaha 

Ben : Diam la… haven even count the vote you think you sure win ah… 

Tracy’s men, sensing something was wrong began to stand up from their seat but she gestured for them to sit back down. 

Ah Keong’s fist were clenched. 

Gabriel looked nervous. 

Then Tracy’s eyes met Fungye’s line of sight and he started laughing. 

He laughed and he laughed and he laughed. 

Fungye : hahah..hahahahaha…whahahahahahah….. ahahahahahahahaha …. 

Ah Keong stood up from the table and demanded to know who won. 

Ah Keong : Tell us … NOW!!! … who won !!!!! 

Terry : YAH.. WHO !! …?? WHO won ?? 

Tracy replied in a voice as cold as the freezing touch of death itself as she reached in and retrieved all the tokens at once. 

Tracy : Everybody lose… 

The hall fell silent and the only sound that came was from Fungye. 

A low growling laugh, like the wheezing of a hyena. 

He laughed. 

And he laughed. 

And he laughed… ..


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