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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Setting the stage

Updates 25/03/17 : Sorry. i'm still editing the banquet . I want to get it right. I've already read it like 30 times but i still think it needs a bit more work. It's one of the scene which i think of everyday, when i eat, when i work, when i get on the train.

Whenever i could afford to daydream, i would think of this.

Check back again on Monday afternoon. It should be up by then. I'll give myself a deadline so i'll stop refining it.

Updates 28/3/2017 :

2nd last update to the end.

This is another important chapter, i want to get it right too. It's about the same length as banquet.

It's done but i'm still refining it.

Please check back again on Thursday afternoon.

It should be up by then.

Thank you for the comments and mail, and to those who bought me a coffee, i really appreciate the kind gesture.



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