Thursday, 27 April 2017

The facility i work at part 1

Gave me nightmares when i work on this. 


I thought it was just a job.

A job with a good pay, decent benefits and good career progression, I never expected the job to change my life.

I left my job with a contractor and joined a bio medical company as their facility manager. It’s a little different from the usual day to day stuff I do but after clarifying my exact role during the interview, I don’t think it’s much of a problem.

The person who interviewed me is Joanna. The HR director of the company. It was more of a chat than an interview, and it was conducted at the small café located within the building where I will be working in itself.

Joanna : Hi I’m Joanna.

Jude : Hi there…. I’m Jude… nice to meet you….

It was the usual from there on, a brief introduction, my employment history and why did I apply for the post.

There were no mention of pay or staff benefits during the chat, I did not think much of it because it’s pretty normal to get called up for a 2nd interview if the organisation finds you to be a good fit.

Perhaps then they would make me an offer or talk about remuneration.

Little did I expect to receive a call that very evening by Joanna herself.

She said she’s met with a few candidates and she would like me to join them. I was drawing a current pay of 3.5k. With the market in such a bleak condition, I would be happy to get a 3-400 dollar increase but Joanna made me an offer I cannot resist.

She offered me 5k over the phone.

5000 SGD a month ?!

That is a lot of money.

Jude : Wow !...errrrr….

Joanna : hahah… do you need time to consider ?

Jude : well… ermmm.. no… no …. I’ll…. I accept it of course…. It’s not a joke right ??

Joanna : No it’s not Jude….haha… I’ll get my girls to prepare the offer letter…. They’ll be in touch…. Can’t wait to have you on board….

Jude : Ok… thank you Joanna…

I had difficulty breathing after I hung up the phone.

Am I hearing it wrong ?

I had to pinch myself a little to make sure I was not dreaming.

I’m just 2 weeks shy of my 28th birthday, this has got to be the best present ever. I don’t even have a degree. My diploma was made up of just ‘C’ and ‘D’. When I started work back after my national service, I was just drawing 1.3k.

Only after 6 years at the construction firm did my pay go up to 3.5k . I was literally over the moon. The high eventually wore off as I shared the news with a couple of my good friends. They were happy for me of course but they all had the same comment.

It sounds too good to be true.

Maybe they don’t have much staff benefits.

Maybe they only give you like 5 days of annual leave a year

Maybe I need to work 7 days a week, 12 hours at a stretch .

Comments like this started to fill my head as I thought about the offer.

3 days after the offer, I received another call from a lady call Kathy. She is Joanna’s assistant and Kathy told me the offer letter was ready, and I can collect it anytime.

I snuck out during lunch and took a cab right down to the office.

Kathy showed me the offer letter and ran through it with me.

As I read through each line, I realised that everything seems to be in order.

The company is not a slave driver, I get 21 days leave a year compared to the current 14 I’m getting.

Medical benefits are rock solid and it includes dental care as well.

Working hours are from 9-6, nothing out of the ordinary but since my role is that of a facility manager, I was expected to be contactable 24/7 . If there is a need to, I have to return to the office even on weekends and public holidays.

Kathy : Any questions so far ?

Jude : No… all good. …

The next form I needed to sign made my jaw drop.

Kathy : This is for the company car…

What the fuck.

They are giving me a car ?

It’s nothing fancy, just a Korean car with the company decal on the windscreen but it’s for me to use. Petrol, cashcard, even parking is paid for by the company.

I quietly pinched myself again to make sure this was not a dream as I signed the form.

Kathy : This is the car plate number that will be assigned to you….. you can pick it up at the carpark on your first day of work…

Jude : Oh… ok…

With the forms out of the way, Kathy brought out a thick stack of papers. It’s the contract. It’s thick, probably about a inch or so.

Kathy : This is an agreement all staff have to sign. … you know… it’s a competitive industry and a lot of things here are confidential… can read it through…. But this document cannot leave this room…

I looked at that thick volume of clauses and legal terms and it gave me a headache even before I flip the first page.

Kathy laughed and told me it’s really nothing much, even the pantry auntie has to sign one.

Kathy : The gist of it is simple, don’t disclose company secrets, don’t bring anything out… if you get caught…. They will sue the shit out of you….. I’m serious Jude…. Don’t bring anything you are not allowed to out of the building.

Jude : Ok sure… I’m just doing the facility stuff…. I doubt I would even go near all the bio hazard stuff and all….

Kathy : Hello !... haha… what Bio hazard….. we’re not making zombies ok… haha…

I signed the contract and thanked Kathy for her time.

As I shook Kathy’s hand, she brushed back a stray fringe and gave me a shy smile. She’s quite pretty and from certain angles, she looked like our local actress Yvonne Lin. With heels on, she’s about the same height as me at 1.68m

A nice height to kiss and make out if she remove her heels. Her slender frame looked good in the sleeveless white blouse she chose for the day and the short grey skirt revealed a pair of creamy smooth legs that I would love to rub myself up against.

Kathy : Alright…. Ermmm… let me know when can you start…. I’ll make the arrangements..

Jude : Ok… sure….

I tendered my resignation that very afternoon.

3rd august 2015

My boss tried to convince me to stay with a 400 increment but I told him I had an offer I cannot refuse. A few colleagues was surprised I wanted to leave such a nice company given how well I fit in but I guess it’s just fate and maybe I’m lucky.

Would you have refused such an offer ?

I started reading up more about the company I was joining.

That was when I hit a sort of a road block.

There’s the website and all, the place where I got some basic background of what the company is doing for my interview session. I tried to find out more but there’s really not much information available online.

Other than an additional page on corporate governance and company values, I realised the webpage only provided enough information to get would be employees through the interview.

There were no news about the company as well.

Well, maybe it’s just a subsidiary of a bigger company, or a holding company or whatever.

As long as they pay me, what do I care right ?

I informed Kathy that I would be able to start work in the middle of September. That would give me a few days break after serving my 1 month notice with the current company.

12th September 2015

My first day of work.

Now with every first day in a new environment, you would get that jitter and excitement. I did too, my head was filled with anticipation of what to expect.


Kathy greeted me with a smile and she had a backpack with her with the company’s logo on it.

Kathy : Here’s your bag…. Everyone gets one on their first day…

Jude : Wah… like going army like that.. haha..

Kathy : haha… come… I’ll bring you to your office…

The building itself is huge. 7 storeys high with 2 levels of basement.

The carpark itself is a separate 2 storey building just by the side of the main block.

Kathy : your office is in the basement…. Hope you don’t mind ar…. Most of the facilities stuff are all located there.

Jude : No… not at all…

As we approached the office, I was expecting a simple maybe dingy office tucked in the corner. My role isn’t exactly a money making one for the company and there’s no reason to give me some superb spot.

The door opened and I was greeted by the receptionist / admin girl , Nina.

Kathy : She’s your admin, let her know if you need anything.

Jude : Hi Nina…

Nina : Hi Jude…

Nina looks young, probably fresh out of school. The way she dressed, my god, she’s like that hot malay chick with the tightly tucked in shirt I always see back in school. Her tight frame with her shirt pulled so tight that it leaves nothing to imagination what is beneath.

Her breast is full and bouncy. Something I can see with each step she takes.

Kathy : This is Uncle Lee…

Jude : Hello…

Uncle Lee was dressed in overalls and he had a toolbox in his hand. He’s like the resident handy man. When a request comes through, he would be activated for stuff like changing light tubes and fixing a faulty socket.

Then there’s Mrs Fong. A old lady in her late fifties seated just outside my office. She’s the one that will help me liaise and manage the money matters when we need to pay external contractors.

My office is simple and neat. Brightly lit with walls in white and cool grey and white furnitures, it’s a chic setup.

Cabinets, a sofa and a coffee table at the side.

I couldn’t possible ask for more.

Kathy gave me my log in ID and password for the computer and gave me my access card.

She produced a map of the entire facility.

Out of the 7 floors and 2 basement, I was only given the map of the 2 basement ,the main ground floor and level 2.  The rest of the area was blacked out. Nothing was shown.

Even the basements had large globs of space that were blacked out as well.

Kathy : ok… this is the areas we are allowed to access… the rest is out of bounds ok…. Your access cards will get you through the doors and gates….. any questions ?

Jude : ermm… no… I’m good…

Kathy : Ok… give me a ring if you need anything …

I shook her hand again and offered to buy her lunch for showing me around.

Kathy  : Sure… give me a call later…  haha

I smile and looked at Kathy’s backside as she walked out of my office.

I settled down, and spent an hour or so reading through some of the company rules and values before grabbing the map and the access card.

Time to go explore a little.

I’m the facility manage after all, I have to know the place I’m managing.

I opened the door to my office and saw Mrs Fong sleeping on the desk.

It was just 11am.

It was an awkward moment, she’s just sleeping and I don’t know if I should wake her up. It’s not professional and all but I decided to let it go. It’s my first day after all, I’ll wake her up when I get back if she’s still out.

Uncle Lee was nowhere to be found and walking by Nina, I saw her shopping online for lingerie with the screen splashed wide across her 21 inch screen.

My jaws literally dropped when she asked in a nonchalant manner where am I going.

Nina : Jude… you going out ?

Jude : err… Yah… I want to walk around and get to know the building…… sure you should be shopping at this time ?

Nina : yah… now got sale… you need anything ?

Jude : Errmmm… no thank you…

I shook my head and left the office. Ok, managing people might not be a walk in the park after all.

Following the map I had, I started to walk down the corridor. I tapped open doors to storerooms, mechanical access, even the fire command centre when I met 2 old security guards. I introduced myself and they waved to me with a smile as they sipped their coffee and looked at the grainy surveillance screen in front of them.

I was surprised to see that the building had it’s own central kitchen, a small one that is with staff preparing food and meals. I entered but was waved to head out since I was not properly attired.

Carparks, ground floor, cafes, meeting rooms, pantry, I went into each one and made some notes if I see things that needed to be fixed.

Within an hour or so, I finished all the areas I had access to.

I entered the lift and scanned my access card, I was about to hit basement 1 to return to my office when I thought maybe I could try the other floors. I tried 3 to 7. None of it lit up. I had no access to those floors.


You hire a facility manager only to block his access to more than half of your building.

I went back to the basement and I went to the loading unloading bay. There was something peculiar about the place. I orientated the map I was holding and spent some time looking at the place before I realised what was out of place.

They had split the loading and unloading bay into 2. That’s why the space seemed smaller than it is on the map. It was supposed to be a 3 bay loading area but I only see 2 in front of me.

One spot is missing.

I followed the walls and walked up the ramp to the exterior of the building. The entrance to the other bay was shuttered. Who would build something like this ? It does not make sense.

Along the wall that separated the 2 loading bays, I saw a door tucked beside a column. The card access light blinked lazily.

That door did not appear on the map given to me.

Jude : fuck it…

I took my access card and tapped the access.

The light blinked red followed by a short beeped. It remained locked.

I shrugged my shoulder and took 2 steps away when I heard footsteps approaching. It’s not walking footsteps but running.

Someone was running.

It got louder and nearer and I turned to see 2 man in dri fit t-shirt with company logo running towards me. They were about my age and they ran towards me without breaking a sweat.

Jude : woah… woah woah…. What’s happening ??

One of them immediately checked the door and made sure it’s locked. The other approached me and introduced himself.

Thomas : Hi Jude… I’m Thomas…

Jude : err… Hi… how you know my name ? ….

Thomas : We control the card access…. I know it’s your first day…

Jude : Oh… ok..

Without any expression, Thomas gave me a very subtle warning.

Thomas : Stick to the places you have access to….

There was an awkward pause for a couple of seconds before the continued.

Thomas : or things will get messy… ok ?

I nodded without a word.

They remained at their spot as I turned and walked off.

What the fuck is their problem.

5 minutes later I was back in my office and my desk phone rang.

It was Joanna.

Joanna : Hi Jude… Joanna here…

Jude : Joanna … hello…. i..

Without breaking a beat, Joanna said the same thing to me.

Joanna : Jude… you have to stick to the place you have access to ok…. I’m sure Kathy explained to you….. there’s a lot of confidential stuff and all…

Jude : Oh…ok… sure… sorry…

Joanna : We’ll grab lunch one of these days ok… ya… got to go.. see you…

I hung up the phone and I had this unsettling feeling in my stomach.

Something didn’t feel right.


I was making a copy of a document when I saw Uncle Lee came in, grab another 2 light tubes and left. Mrs Fong was doing some filing at the back while it was Nina’s turn to be sleeping on the table.

I put my things down and quietly stepped out of the office.

Uncle Lee was heading towards the loading and unloading bay.

I kept a distance and followed him from behind.

He left the platform and walked along the same wall I did a while ago.

I saw him reach for his access card, tapped at the reader and opened the door I had no access to.

The moment the door opened, I could hear voices.

Shouts. Screams. I don’t know.

It’s just noises.

You know when you’re in a basement carpark, the noises gets amplified, sometimes there’s echo and all. It’s the same back there.


I can’t make out what.

Like someone struggling, and angry.

Then the door closed with a thud and all was quiet again.

I went back to my office and sat down in the chair as my phone rang again.

It was Kathy

Kathy  :Hey Jude… you serious about buying me lunch ? haha…

Jude : Sure… of course…. Let’s go now ?

Kathy : Sure…

Something is definitely off about that place.

Very off.

I met Kathy at the lobby and she suggested heading to a coffee shop nearby.

Kathy : Take the car la.. weather so hot.. haha…

Jude ; Oh ya… I forgot I have one.. ahha…

I started the engine and Kathy was telling me how nice the soup at the coffee shop was at as we pulled up towards the exit of the building when we were hit by flashes of blue light. It was then I noticed there were 2 blue sirens at the exit of the carpark.

Kathy sat up immediately and looked around.

Jude : why… why.. why.. what’s happening ? got zombie outbreak ah !!!

Kathy : haha.. no la !... don’t be crazy…

As the sirens turned silently, I realised the roller shutters of the carpark coming down.

What the fuck man.

Kathy  : Hey Jude… I think we can’t go out for lunch today….got to eat in the café

Jude : Why ? what’s happening ?

Kathy : Probably something happening at the lab… I don’t know…

I turned and parked the car.

Kathy and I got out of the car and we were walking towards the lobby that connects the carpark back to the main building when a side door burst opened.

I froze.

I fucking kid you not I almost peed in my pants.

A lady in a white gown ran towards Kathy and i.

She’s not a ghost or a sprit, she was crying, her eyes were red as she ran towards us.

Kathy immediately clung onto me and both of us made way to the side of the corridor as the woman ran towards the carpark, crying and sobbing away.

Appearing out of nowhere, Thomas grabbed the woman by her waist, lifting her off the floor as she screamed and kicked. More men appeared and held onto her , dragging the kicking and screaming woman down the corridor.

I looked at Kathy, she was looking down at her phone, just messaging away.

Right before Thomas and his men dragged the lady into a opened door, my eyes and hers met.

That look.

That look of despair and desperation brunt right into my head as tears rolled down her eyes. As sudden as it began, it was over.

The door shut and the silent blue sirens stopped spinning.

It was over.

Kathy : Jude…. Joanna needs to speak with you …

Jude : Now ?

She nodded her head.

I had so many questions.

Jude : Did you see that ?? what the fuck was that man ??

Kathy chose to remain silent as she just smiled and played with her phone.

We got to the HR office and before she let me go on in, Kathy said something that chilled me to the bones.

Kathy : Jude…. The pay here… is really good…. So are the benefits…. So… just some advice…

She took a deep breath and added.

Kathy : Sometimes in life… you just need to turn a blind eye…. You get what I’m trying to say ??

I nodded and entered the office.

Joanna : Ahhh… Jude… I’m sorry about your first day… it seems there’s been a bit of incident…

Jude : Is everything ok ??

Joanna smiled and licked her lips before crossing her leg.

Joanna : Why don’t you answer that question Jude…. Is everything ok on your first day so far ?

We just looked at each other in the eye for a good 5 seconds before I slowly nodded.

Jude : all good so far…

Joanna : Excellent….  

She handed me a file and asked me to work on the business continuity planning for the department for now.

Right before I left, Joanna too gave me some advice.

Joanna : This is a nice place to work Jude…. Just know your place… and stay away from things that don’t bother you.

I nodded and left the office.

I grabbed a sandwich from the café and went back to my own office.

Uncle Lee : Jude… I’m on half day today ah…. Next time leave matters you check with Nina… she keeps the record…

Jude : Oh.. ok… sure…

I watched Uncle Lee remove his access card, dropped it into his drawer and locked it.

The key.

He hung it on a smiley face magnet right by his computer.


Ok calm down. I have to calm down. It’s important to be rational about this.

It’s my first day of work and I’m not about to do anything to jeopardise my career. I decided to just play dumb and keep quiet, at the same time, I would discreetly observed and try and see what the fuck is going on at my work place.

There must be a logical explanation for this . This is Singapore afterall, I don’t think this is some area 51 shit with biohazard zombies running about.

Those things only happen in movies. Perhaps it’s a joke they play on all newcomers, just to freak them out or something.

For the entire 1st month, I did what I was told and I observed and recorded everything the moment I left for home.

It’s pretty mind fucking the weird things that happens at my work place.

First let’s talk about my work.

Right, as a facility manager, aside from calling a few contractors for quotes to fix some of the maintenance issues, I pretty much had nothing to do. It’s not that the role had nothing to do, it just felt like I’m an intern of sort.

Everyone was watching me, seeing how I would fit into the organisation.

I was given minimal work.

Real minimal.

The building itself is pretty new, there were hardly any issues with it to begin with. I thought of conducting a fire drill but the moment I brought it up during my team’s weekly meeting, it was shot down by Uncle Lee.

Uncle Lee : No Jude…. Don’t do anything like this…. The management will decide if there needs to be one….. we recently did one already to comply with the authorities’ requirements.

Jude : Oh… ok…

I shit you not, I spent only about 2 hours clearing my email and work every day, the rest of the time I spent surfing the net on my phone and wandering around talking to people.

Talking to people is interesting.

It’s interesting because I could see them looking at me at the café, waiting to strike up a conversation. Aside from office going crowd, I saw staffs in lab coats as well. I’m not stupid, I know I’m being observed, so I played my role as expected of me.

The smiley, jovial and all too happy to get the job at the company earning my pay yet doing so little.

I hung out with Kathy pretty regularly, especially during tea break hour and lunch. I cannot help but feel Kathy was sort of assigned the role of keeping me in check.

I did not ask about what happened on my first day at work, Kathy did not bring it up too. However, during one of our coffee session, I tactfully asked Kathy why I was selected and not the other candidates.

Kathy : Because you strike Joanna as someone very obedient … hahaha…

As she laughed, I caught the hidden meaning in her statement.

I nodded and indicate to her I understand what she meant and she gave me a wink.

Everyday when I reach home, I would pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Immediately after I pinch myself I would have this sinking feeling that maybe after a month, they would reveal that this was all a joke. There was never any job offer and I would not get paid.

Maybe it’s some social experiment or something.

I was wrong.

My pay cheque did come in.

I spent some time staring at my bank account as my first pay cheque was credited into it. I’m getting paid well for doing so little.

Maybe I should just really play dumb and move on.

The blue siren came on regularly, about once a week but I never encountered anything like what I did on my first day. In fact I was beginning to feel as if perhaps it was a test in the first place . Maybe it was done just to fuck with my head or to see if I would spill the beans on what was going on.

I don’t know.

Uncle Lee’s routine is pretty standard. He leaves his access pass at the same spot, hangs his keys at the same place. If I wanted, I could easily take it after he leaves work, after all, everyone leaves work on the dot at 6pm.

Then again, I don’t have a good reason to stay late either, there’s just nothing for me to do.

With all that is going on, Uncle Lee might be just laying a trap as well, perhaps looking to see if I would take the bait.

I know. You must be thinking I’m thinking too much into this but ask yourself this question.

If you see and encounter the same stuff as I did, would you not question the same way I do now ?

22nd October 2015



I was done with my work for the day. When I opened my office door, I saw Nina painting her nails at her reception desk. I wanted to shake my head but I can’t. I wanted to ask her to do something but there is none for her to do.

Mrs Fong was loitering around the staff pantry while Uncle Lee reads his newspaper on the couch.

It feels weird not having anything to do.

I walked out of the office and went towards the café. Along the way I bumped into Thomas and Gary.

The same guys I saw grabbing the girl on my first day of work.

Thomas got a little friendlier, we started with just a nod acknowledging each other along the corridor, then the occasional hi. Nowadays, we get by with a ‘hello, going for coffee ?’

Something along the line of knowing you are co-workers yet not close enough to engage in a deeper conversation.

They look a little different that day. Their forehead were peppered with sweat and their shirt was drenched.

Jude : All ok ? 

Thomas : yeah.. yeah… all good…

Gary panted too as they jogged down the corridor and passes me by.

I waited for the lift to take me up to the café when I heard a bump at the service riser behind me.

The riser door where the M&E services ran was ajar.

There was tinkling in my spine as I turned and looked at it. It’s just a narrow cupboard space with services and ducts where cables run. I know the cleaner keeps some stuff in it but it’s usually closed. The space is small, barely 30cm deep but if you want, you can probably squeeze yourself inside the narrow space.

Curiosity got the better of me as I ignored the chime of the lift arriving behind me.

I walked towards the door but before I could reach it, it wooshed opened and I saw this girl charge at me with one of the broom the cleaner kept inside the riser.

Girl : AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!...AHH!!!!.. AH!!!

Jude : Woah .. woah !! woah!!... stop.. !!

She just screamed and swung the broom wildly at me, screaming in a hysterical manner.

Now unlike the girl I saw in a white gown on the first day, this was dressed in her homw clothes. Nothing fancy, just a grey shorts and a white singlet. Her hair was messy but I could tell she’s quite pretty.

Her eyes were red from crying I guessed but other than that, she seemed fine. Her legs were toned and her tummy was flat. Her skin looked tan and she definitely looked like someone who worked out a fair bit.

Jude : HEY!!... HEY!!!.. fuck !!!... hey !!

Girl : ARHHHH!!! ..FUCK you !!! fuck off !!! AHRHHHH

I kept skipping backwards trying to avoid the swing of her broom as she pushed me a good 8 to 10 metres away from the lift lobby with her swings.

Then she ran inside the lift and tried to get it to close.

The commotions attracted the attention of a few other co-workers. I saw a couple on lab coats texting away on their phone while one of the older security guard hurried back to the fire command centre. A Auntie who worked in the kitchen hurried away as well.

The lift door would not close.

You needed the access card to activate it.

I could hear her scream and she kept kicking and hammering the control panel in the lift.

Footsteps thundered down the corridor and I saw Thomas, Gary and 3 other guys coming towards the lift lobby. The girl could hear their voices and she dashed out of the lift, screaming and crying for help.

Girl : NO!!! NO!!... no!!... help !! PLEASE!!!,..fuck…. no!!! don’t do this !!! sob… sob…. NO!!!!

She was running towards me and I could see Thomas and guys barely 20 metres away.

Our eyes met, and I could see the same desperation I saw in the girl I met in white gown.

Jude : Here !... follow me. !!

I don’t know what I’m doing.

I really don’t but I knew I had to do it.

If I were to get to the bottom of this, I needed to do this.

Thomas : STOP!!! ..JUDE!!! ..

Jude : Hurry !!!

The girl wiped her tears with the back of her hand and followed me as I ran down the corridor with the rest of my colleagues hot behind our heels.

I reached for my access card and unlocked the door infront of me.

Jude : Quick !

The girl sobbed and dashed in the moment I saw Thomas and Gary appear around the corridor.

The moment she was in, I shut the door behind her, locking her inside the storeroom where the bathroom supplies were kept.

My heart was thumping, slamming against my ribcage as within seconds, I heard the hammering on the door.

The girl was screaming and cursing at me, vulgarities of all kinds were spewed as the entire door vibrated violently.

Thomas and Gary heaved a sigh of relieve, so did the rest of the men behind them.

They looked at me, unsure of what to say.

I must have looked a little shocked at what I did as well and Thomas muttered a nervous thank you.

Thomas : Err…. Tha… thanks Jude…

I was really shaken by this and I’m sure he could tell by the shaking in my voice.

Jude : I…. I’m going for my coffee… ..

I walked past the rest of the guys who nodded in appreciation.

I got to the lift lobby and I saw a couple of colleagues in lab coats walking down hurriedly towards the storeroom.

I entered the lift and went to the café.

Even after I ordered a coffee, my hand was still shaking.

What the fuck have I done ?

Is it right or wrong ?

I don’t know.

I went for lunch at 12.30pm with Kathy but I did not mention what happened to her either.

At 6pm that evening, I received a call from another colleague.

Dr Aaron : Hi Jude , this is Dr Aaron from level 4…. I just want to thank you for the help this morning…. With… with the incident…

Jude : Oh… ok….. Everything all good on your end ?

Dr Aaron : Sure… all good…. Let’s have coffee sometimes…

Jude : Ok… sure…

I hung up the phone with a colleague I have never even met and logged off the computer.

As I left my office for the carpark, I saw the cleaner uncle, Kenny pushing a trolley of shredded paper and fabrics towards the bin centre. There were 6 bags of different shape and sizes in all.

Kenny : Yo!! Jude…. Go home already !!

Jude : Yes Uncle…. You also going home ? Need a lift ?

Kenny : Ya… I going to throw these into the recycle bin then I going off…. No need lift la.. I take bus… very fast…

We walked along the same corridor and I held the door open for him.

The Bin centre is located right by the carpark exit, Kenny and I split paths as he continued up the ramp while I went to get my car.

Right when I was exiting the carpark, I saw Uncle Kenny trying to push the trolley up the steep ramp. He’s got to be at least 75 years old and he walks with a limp. It’s not easy to head up the slope with a trolley of stuff.

Jude : Uncle… come…

Kenny : Eh no need… no need…

Jude : Hai yah…. It’s ok la… all paper and cloths right ??

Kenny : Yah… mostly all paper… and some old towels…

I told him to load up into the boot, I’ll drive him out together.

Uncle Kenny looked at the 50m slope up and agreed to take a lift.

The bags were nothing, they were light, so I loaded them 3 at a time into the boot. Uncle Kenny folded up the trolley and put it in as well.

Within seconds, we were up ramp and by the bin centre.

I opened the boot and Kenny took out the trolley that was lying on top of the bags.

Jude : I pass to you…. Faster this way…

Kenny went up the steps and chained the trolley to a post by the bin centre while I pulled the bags out of the boot.

2 Bags at a time, I only needed to lift 3 times.

Kenny took the 1st 2 and walked towards the recycle bin 2 steps away.

I placed the next 2 on the platform for Kenny.

As I turned to grab the last 2, my eye caught something.

Something familiar.

A familiar colour that was peeking out from the mess of paper.

It was a grey, the same grey shorts I saw the girl wore that morning.

My heart started beating really fast as I stared at that piece of fabric. Most of the fabric were white and black, but that grey stood out.

I turned and look at Kenny, he was still trying to stuff the big bag into the small opening of the bin.

My heartrate increased as I struggled with the thought of opening that bag.

I looked around and made sure no one was looking.

Uncle Kenny was pretty slow, he was still stuffing in the 2nd bag.

I took a deep breath and opened that last bag of fabric. Uncle Kenny turned around and I pretended to get ready to pull out the last 2 bags.

The moment his bag was turned with the 2nd load, I opened up the bag and dug right into it. Not only did I grip onto the grey shorts, I realised there was a panty in it as well. A white pair of damp panty. I quickly stuff the shorts and panty aside and tied up the 2 bags and placed it on the platform the same time Uncle Kenny turned around for them.

Kenny : Ok… thank you ar Jude…

Jude : No problem… don’t mention it…

I closed the boot and my heart was thumping.

Where is that pair of shorts there ?

The singlet that girl wore must be within the bag as well.

I drove my car out of the compound and got home as fast as I could.

With trembling hands, I retrieved that pair of grey shorts and white panty and stuff it into my work bag.

I got back into my room, shut the door and took my stash out.

I unrolled the pair of cotton grey shorts. It was something casual, something girls would wear to bed. The material is smooth, it felt damp to the touch, there was a smell I could not really point my finger to.

I reached for the white panty. It felt damp to the touch and it was rolled up and entangled with itself. It seemed like it was taken off in a hurry.

The smell was stronger on the panty.

It took me a moment to realise it was the smell of pee.

I don’t know why I was getting an erection as I look at the clothes on my table.

I know I shouldn’t do it.

It’s not right but I could not resist.

That look of desperation on her eyes was engraved in my head.

I touched that damp fabric on my table and I slowly brought it to my face.

That smell.

Yes, there’s the smell of pee, of sweat, of her womanly scent but the most erotic scent my nose picked up and deciphered is not of those.

It’s not the saltiness in her sweat.

It’s not the scent of her body foam.

It’s not even the sweetness of her young nubile pussy.

She don’t look to be a day over 20.

The scent which aroused me the most, was something I could not explain.

Something primal.

I pressed the wet panty onto my nose and as I took a deep breath of filter air for the 2nd time, I finally realised what it was that turned me on.

It was the smell of fear.


I disposed the clothes that very evening, it’s like I too have this unspoken fear being instilled into me. The smell of the girl lingered in my brain when I don’t even know her name. What happened to her ?

What did they do that cause her to pee herself ?

By removing all her clothes , then what ? She’s resigned to wearing a white gown for the rest of her life ?

My curiosity is killing me.

I wanted to know badly what exactly is going on at my work place.

There has to be a logical explanation for everything that has happened so far.

Has to be.

23rd October 2015



I went to work as usual the next day and I was expecting a contractor to come in to fix some railings that were damaged by a vehicle a few days ago. It’s not any major works, he already took the measurements a few days ago.

All he has to do is come to site, do a one to one replacement and touch up the concrete footing a little and it’s done.

The weather was bright and sunny that day, the contractor turned up with 2 other worker and they started to get to work. I made sure the safety barricades and signage were up, and I nagged a little about the housekeeping rules the company has when I saw a worker throwing some debris into a nearby drain.

Just when I was about to make him clean up the drain, I saw an ambulance heading towards the private loading and unloading bay. It’s a private ambulance, there were no flashing sirens or anything, it just calmly rolled towards the entrance of the bay.

The roller shutters came up lazily and in it went.

10 minutes later, the ambulance left.

I chatted with the contractor about the drawings he needed to give me and i quietly observed something interesting.


A stream of Luxury continental car, 5 in all arrived one after another.

The roller shutter of the private loading and unloading bay opened and they all disappeared into the belly of the beast.

I could have gone back to my office to wait out the rest of the works but I chose not to. The contractors gave me a very good reason to remain outside in that position. I could see the guardpost from where I stood.

I kept myself busy, rolling up my sleeves and started to nick pick on the things the workers did.

I shifted cones around, commented about their work , I even took the measurement tape and pretended to check the dimensions but all these could only buy me that much time.

Within 30 minutes I was out of ideas.

I went to the café and quickly bought some drinks, together with some packet lunch.


I offered the food and drinks to the contractors and gestured to a shaded spot under a large tree. As I moved towards that spot, I could see from the corner of my eye Thomas staring at me from the guardhouse. He was not alone, they were just looking towards our direction as we went about our work.

I pretended not to notice and I dug into my food as I chatted with the contractors.

Lunch took another 30 minutes or so, I grabbed the contractor and brought him to a couple of spots where I told him I wanted a quote for some other minor works. I did everything out in the open and I’m sure anyone who was paying attention could see me.

The key is to look natural.


The cars had been inside for more than 2 hours.

The contractors got back to their work and I could see they’re almost done. Just some minor painting works.


The roller shutters opened and the stream of cars came back out one after another.

They stayed inside slightly more than 3 odd hours.

That was it.

After that day, I did not have a good reason to be hanging around the loading and unloading area for the next couple of months. One thing for sure, I know they’re dropping people off and picking people up from the building.

I would try to time my departure from work to coincide with Uncle Kenny to see if I would get lucky with the garbage but it did not happen again.

The blue silent sirens happened frequently until it no longer bothered me.

I also found out from the men’s washroom on level 2 gave me a view of the gate the cars used. Every Friday I could find an opportunity to go to that washroom, then around the same timing, the cars would come.

I made frequent trips to the bathroom on different days and I established something consistent. Rich folks are visiting my workplace almost on a day to day basis but only on Fridays did I see a stream of cars. The rest of the days only had sporadic visitors.

I wondered how the place is like on weekends.

Besides the mystery visitors, I was also bothered with another mystery I could not seem to find an answer to.

The central Kitchen.

What purpose did it serve ?  

I’ve seen the amount of food they were preparing, it’s a lot more than what the café needed. I could smell curry when I walk past the entrance but curry was not served that particular day at the café.

Trucks sending food were unloaded at the normal loading bay, I was there a couple of times and I could see baskets of fruits and vegetables being unloading on almost a daily basis. The café only serves a minimal crowd, most of the staff dines outside but the kitchen seemed to be working flat out everyday.

They look like they were feeding an invisible army.

They must be cooking for someone else, the question is who ?

Closer to home, my very own staff Nina seemed to be exhibiting some weird habits too.

Thursdays especially.

She’s always missing on Thursdays afternoon.

When I tried to question her about her whereabouts, she told me she’s need up on the 5th floor.

What the fuck.

My admin staff has access to a floor that I don’t ?

Nina : I’m working up for a few hours, need to help with some admin work…

That was all she said.

I’m not stupid. I did my own due diligence.

I followed her once and true enough, she entered the lift and it went up to the 5th floor.

I paid attention to her when she comes back from her disappearing act. She was perspiring. I could see beads of sweat on her forehead. The moment she comes into office, she would quickly take her bag and went to the toilet to touch up her makeup.

I’ve see how her lipstick smudge, how her straight and tidy blouse becomes crumpled. I swore I even saw weird wet stains on her tights and skirts before. I checked her cupboard once afternoon when no one is in the office.

There’re several bags of panty liners just sitting there. Sure, it does not mean a thing, all women need them during their period but Nina’s one was only used on Thursdays. I knew because I counted.

I counted how many was there, and it would go down by one or 2 every Thursday before she leaves for work.

That’s the panty liners. Not the sanitary pads. She keeps a bag of those in the cupboard as well, by counting the numbers over the period of a month, I roughly know when is her period as well.

On days when she’s having her period, Nina would appear freshly showered after disappearing for a few hours.

I cannot help but suspect she’s having an affair with someone in the building base on my observations.

Even at the cafes, if you keep your ears open, you can catch snippets of information from the casual chats of other employees. While queuing for a coffee one day after work, I heard the guy in lab coat bragging to his friend.

I had my headphones on but I had switched the music off but I pretended to tap my feet and shake to the beat as I queued up. Something I did pretty often try and pick up stray conversations in the building.

I only caught bits of information but enough to get me curious and excited.

Guy in lab coat : struggle…….so angry…. Hahaha…. But…. Helpless…..look in her eyes…..push all the way inside… .. unload…

His friend was a bit more cautious and warned him to lower his volume.

They both turned and looked at me as I continued shaking and tapping my feet.

I smiled and removed a earpiece.

Jude : Yes ?

Guy in lab coat : Oh you are the new guy right…

Jude : ok la… a couple of months already…

He smiled and went on with his order.

So many pieces of puzzles and you know they are all connected, but there’s no way of connecting them together yet. It’s like staring at a square block of jigsaw, and all you have are some of the random pieces in the middle.

The key pieces at the sides are all missing.

21st December 2015



Nina and Uncle Lee had gone on leave, leaving only Mrs Fong and I in office.

It’s the end of the year and with the holiday mood in the air, there was hardly any work being done. I could tell most of the administrative staff were out but the lab technicians seemed to be working as usual.

Kathy was working that day and she had text me early in the morning to say she has a new colleague coming in.

Kathy msg : I’ll be going on leave in a few days time, you can have lunch with her ok ?

Jude msg : Pretty girl or not ?? haha

Kathy msg : you see for yourself later when we meet lor. Haha…

Kathy and I got closer as colleagues over the past couple of months. In fact, she just handed me my confirmation letter a few days ago, a sign that my probation period with the office is now over.

I got a pay increment of 150. Just a token sum but I’m not complaining. Kathy reminded me about my meeting with Joanna that morning.  I was to meet Joanna at the café in 15 minutes time.

It was about my job scope and for a quick management review.


Joanna : Hey Jude… have a seat…

Jude : Hello….

Joanna went straight to the point and asked if everything was ok with work.

Jude : well… it’s all good…. I’m actually quite comfortable…thank you for the opportunity Joanna…

Joanna smiled and I could see her thinking of what to say next.

Joanna : Ok… Jude… let’s be honest with each other…..

She went on to say that she’s aware that I’ve seen some things, and she has no doubts that I have questions. Questions that I have been told not to ask or speak about.

Joanna : you have any problems with that ?

She crossed her legs and folded her arms, trying to get a read on me. I knew it would be pointless to lie, she wanted to see if I knew when is the time to be honest.

Jude : well… I do have questions…. But.. hmmm…. There must be a reason why I don’t have access to…. Ermm.. those answers….

Joanna nodded her head slowly and waited for me to go on.

Jude : From a professional standpoint, it’s not within my job scope, so…. There’s really no need for me to know more…. But…

Joanna : but what ??

Jude : The human side of me…. is curious… it’s only natural…

Joanna smiled and nodded her head again.

Jude : so… it’s a matter of balancing my professionalism and managing my own curiousity…

Joanna : you’re doing a pretty good job at that so far no ? hahah

Jude : haha.. I would think so…

Joanna took a deep breath and I saw her wet her lips with her tongue.

Joanna : Look Jude… we’re doing some very important work her…it’s for the greater good…. And… eventually, we will show you the whole facility….. you’ve just gotten your confirmation and….we’re in the midst of processing your upgrade to access other parts of the building.

Jude : Oh… ok…

Joanna : I have to warn you Jude… once you go down the rabbit hole…. There’s no coming back out … haha…

I laughed and replied.

Jude : I’ve been working for a while…. In terms of environment, remunerations and benefits, work life balance…. I don’t think I will ever find somewhere as good as what I have right now…. Haha

Joanna smiled knowingly.

Jude : I’m committed to the company…. And I hope to be able to contribute in more ways than what I’m currently doing…… if the company needs me to that it…

Joanna seemed pleased with my reply and she stood up, a signal that the meeting is over.

Joanna : alright… keep up the good work Jude….You should be getting your access to Level 3 approved in a couple of weeks.

Jude : Alright… thank you…

My heart was thumping by the end of the meeting.

What did she meant by going down the rabbit hole ?

She’s must be reading too much of Alice in wonderland and shit.

I got back into office and I saw a new mail arrive at my mailbox.

It was from Thomas. He wanted me to sign some forms so he can process my security clearance upgrade.

I did it and handed him the forms at the security guard post.

I was hit with a wave of warm air the moment I opened the door of the guard post.

Jude : Wow… why so stuffy in here ??

Thomas : The aircon spoilt, something is wrong with it…

Jude : Why didn’t you inform facilities ??

He seemed to be at lost for words. I could see Gary and another guy behind him covering the row of TV screens with some folders , trying to shield them from me.

Jude:  ok ok.. relax… I know my clearance is not as high as you all but you need to get this fixed…. So stuffy how to work ??

Thomas : Uncle Lee is on leave…

Jude : yah… there’s still me what…

I told them I would call a technician down to take a look.

Jude : you can cover the screen, have someone stationed inside here while he works, shouldn’t take long…

Thomas : Ok.. ok.. thanks Jude…

I passed him the forms and gave him a thumbs up.

I got back to office and made the call for the technician to drop by later that afternoon.


Kathy msg : We go for a late lunch can ? I need to brief the new colleague a bit of her stuff. I’ll text you again…

Jude msg : Ok sure…


The technician arrived and I directed him to the guard house while I remained in the office.

By 12.30pm, it was done, Thomas even gave me a call to thank me for the help.

Jude : No problem la brother… Singapore so hot…. No aircon… will melt one.. haha..

Thomas : haha.. thanks for the help… you’re getting Level 3 clearance soon ya….

Jude : Yah… I also donno what it’s suppose to mean… maybe more work haha…

Thomas laughed and said once that has been approved, I would be welcomed to hang out at the guard house anytime.

Jude : only if the aircon works… haha

Thomas : haha…


Kathy msg : Hey you busy ?? can we go for lunch now  ??

Jude msg : Sure… let’s go… bring along your new colleague yah … haha

Kathy msg : yah lah… ya lah…. Pervert…

I waited for the girls at the entrance to the carpark and when I saw the girl that Kathy was with, my breathe was taken away for a brief moment.

She’s hot.

She’s not some sweet young thing, more of a hot milf yet she does not look like she’s old enough to be a mother. She looked like the confident mid level executive you see along the financial centre.

Well dress in high heels, she carried herself well. Classy would be the way to describe her.

From a distance away, I started to look at her body.

She’s 1.6m, give or take. She’s not thin and scrawny, but not fleshy either. She has meat at the right place, bringing out the seductive curves of her body. Her breast is full and bouncy, I could literally see them jiggle a little behind that silk rose gold colour blouse she wore that day.

Her blouse was tucked into her waist high skirt, the jet black colour of the skirt matching her heels to a tee.

She had a little tummy I think, it’s not a beer belly or anything, I don’t like my girls to be too thin, but that little teeny budge. It’s a cute little tummy I would love to carass and play with . That little pocket of fat that would punch out after a full meal.

I felt a rise in my pants as I looked at her legs, her calves were toned and with minimal makeup on, that girl looked every bit like some celebrity from the TV station.

She’s definitely my cup of tea.

Kathy : hey !... see enough already or not… wah lau… hahah…from far away can see you drooling at her…

Jude : Hey !... don’t anyhow say ok … I’m not… I’m looking at you la…

Kathy : yah right !... hahah here…. Iet me make the introductions… This is Jude… from facilities… and here’s our latest team member in the finance department….

Jude : Hi, I’m Jude.

The girl gave me a wide smile and raised up her hand to meet mine.

Ella : Nice to meet you….. my name is Ella.


Ella is a nice name.

Her hand felt smooth and warm to the touch and there’s this scent of alluring fragrance coming from her body. Her eyes, they’re mesmerising, you could tell her eye lashes are naturally long and those sweet lush pink lips.

There’s a shine, or a glimmer on her skin that just made her look so good.

Kathy : Ok… let’s go for a long lunch , the bosses are all not in anyway…

As we walked to the carpark, Kathy casually asked about my chat with Joanna.

Kathy : Anything interesting ?

Jude : Oh… normal la… nothing much ..

Kathy : Any upgrade ??

I knew she meant my clearance level and I nodded.

Kathy : good… haha

Jude : what level are you by the way ?

Kathy : 2. Same as you….. I’ll never be able to go up to 3….

Ella : What are you guys talking about ? What level 2 and 3 ?

Kathy explained that access to the rest of the building depends on your security clearance.

Due to my job scope, I would eventually be accessing more levels of the building, whereas for the both of them, their primary job is still administrative and finance matters. Their clearance will remain at level 2 unless there is a good reason to upgrade them.

Ella : Oh… it seems the company takes privacy very seriously…

Kathy :Well… you signed the thick document too didn’t you ? haha..

Ella : Yah… haha.. that’s a bit overkill right…

We entered the carpark and the blue siren was flashing again.

Like a silent strobe light in a club, it turned lazily as we made our way to the car.

I started the engine and remained where we were.

Ella : Err…. Are we not moving ?

Jude : Hmm… long story… we got to wait for that to go away.

I pointed to the light and as soon as I did, it stopped.

Jude : Ok… we can go…

Ella looked puzzled and was about to ask why when Kathy said she would explain later.

We took a short drive out to Serangoon garden and had lunch at a café.

I could not take my eyes off Ella the entire time we’re eating.

She looks so sweet when she smiles.

She made the salad she was eating look so delicious as she carefully picked them up with her fork before bringing it gracefully into her mouth. Her lips, I felt a tingle in my pants as I watch her close around the sausages she ordered.

That squeeze of her lips, the cheese filling squirted out a wee bit as she giggled and reach for a napkin.

Fuck, my mind is straying just looking at her.

Ella is older than me by a couple of years by my estimate. She oozes class and confidence, while Kathy on the other hand is the more bubbly of the 2. Both of them are pretty in their own way but if I were to make a choice.

I would pick Ella.

We changed seats to a more comfortable spot with sofas and couches for our coffee after our meal.

Kathy was telling Ella which is the best bathroom to go to in the building, where you can take your time and hardly anyone heads over.

Kathy : Best place to smoke out for a while… hahaa…

I sipped my coffee and I looked at Ella.

She crossed her legs, the slit in her skirt revealing her calves just the right amount to draw some attention from the other men in the café. Her heel dangled off her feet and with her legs crossed, Ella spoke and laughed together with Kathy.

I picked up some small habits of hers as I looked at her. She like to put her palms beneath her firm butt as she rocked her body on the couch as she went on her banter with Kathy. She would brush the fringe behind her ears, then for no reason at all, change the way she crosses her legs , sandwiching her palms between them as she laughed.

Kathy suddenly stopped talking and looked at me.

Kathy : Jude…. Ella is attached already ok….

Jude : Oh…. I never asked about that ok…

Kathy : Please la… see your face I can read what’s on your mind already… hahah…

Ella smiled shyly.

Jude : Well of course…. She’s so pretty and elegant…. I’m not surprised she’s attached…

Kathy laughed and smacked the table.

Kathy : Kidding la… haha… I just checked with her earlier back in the office…. She’s officially still single…. But there’s a persistent guy pursuing her…. So you still have a chance la… haha…

I rolled my eyes and turned away as the girls laughed.

Jude : Where’s your old work place Ella ?

She told me she used to work in a production factory in Ang mo kio industrial estate, after that she took a short break before joining another finance company in town.

Kathy : Why you so kay po ?? ( busybody )

Jude : Just asking only what…

We chatted and finished our coffee before we made our way back to the car.

It’s the December syndrome, staff usually take a longer time to finish their lunch and before we knew it. It was coming to 3.15 pm that afternoon when we got back to work.

It’s really late but it’s not like anyone is looking for us.

Ella : Thanks for taking us out to lunch Jude…. Appreciate it…

Jude : No problem…let’s have lunch again soon…

I waved the girls goodbye and went back to office.

I sat done and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.

This might really be a good place to work afterall.

4th January 2016



It’s a brand new year and I was in the middle of a meeting with my small team about the things we needed to deal with that week when I was interrupted with a call.

It was from Thomas.

I was to meet him after I’m done with my meeting at the guardhouse.

Jude : Ok… gimme a while…. I’ll go look for you after I’m done…

I wrapped up the meeting by 10.15am and made my way to look for Thomas.

He saw me approach and exited the guardhouse.

Thomas : Hey Jude…

Jude : Yes brother… what can I do for you ? … the aircon died again ?

Thomas : haha.. no la… give me your staff pass…

Jude : Oh… what’s wrong ??

I took it out from my lanyard and Thomas gave me a new one. It did not look any different from my current one, it still has my picture on it. Upon closer inspection, I realised that there’s a holographic image of a number 3 as the side of my card.

Thomas : It’s going to be a big day….. grab an early lunch… Dr Aaron will be meeting you later at 12pm sharp…

Jude : Oh.. ok… what’s up… do you know ??

Thomas gave me a brief smile.

Thomas : You’re going up to level 3 .

I felt my heart skip a beat as I swallowed a lump of saliva.

Finally after acting dumb for a few months, I’m getting a bit closer to understanding how the company works.


Thomas : Dr Aaron would brief you about the level…. But please note that… everything has got to remain confidential…. 

Jude : Sure… of course… 

Thomas told me that other than Uncle Lee who has clearance to Level 3, the rest of my staff will not be privy to what is going on in that level. 

I wanted to ask about Nina’s access to level 5 but I quickly held back. 

I’ve grown to realise that the less I reveal about what I know, the better it is for me. 

Thomas : Alright… I’ll see you on Wednesday… 

Jude : Wednesday ? …. Today only Monday… you on leave tomorrow… 

Thomas : I’m not on leave…. Haha… You’ll be given a day off tomorrow…. 

Jude : What ?? Why ? 

Thomas laughed and tapped me on my shoulder, gesturing that I should be on my way. 

Thomas : You’ll see… 

I gestured to my card and asked what Thomas’s number is. 

He flashed me a smile and showed me a 6. 

Thomas : Worry about 3 first…. The rest will come even if you don’t want it. Haha… 

There seemed to be some hidden meaning in that but I just shrugged my shoulders and went back. 

I got back to my office and I looked at the card I was holding . 

I looked at the clock and was literally willing for time to past. 

Every minute and second ticked by slowly as I waited for the clock to strike 12. 

I was considering maybe I could just tap myself up to level 3 and explore it on my own but something tells me I better wait for Dr Aaron. 


Thomas entered my office together with Gary. 

Thomas : Ready Jude ? 

I nodded. 

Thomas : Leave your phone here… 

Jude : Ok.. 

We went out to the lift lobby and waited for the lift to arrive. Upon entering the lift , Thomas gestured to me to try out my card. 

I tapped it and hit the button 3. 

The door slid silently to a close and we ascended up, skipping all other floors. 

Thomas : This is how it’s programmed….. Someone taps their card from the lower floors, it will go straight to that level, skipping all the general floors…… to make sure you don’t accidentally bring anyone up to levels they are not allowed on, you are to enter the lift alone if you are heading up….. or with people holding similar clearance…. 

Gary chipped in and explained this was the reason why the building had more lifts than required. Now that he mentioned it, it just dawned on me why a simple 7 storey + 2 basements building need 8 passenger lifts. 

I bet there are more hidden within the blackout areas on the map which I’m not privy to. 

The door chimed and I stepped into a plush lobby. 

Jude : Wow… 

It’s really like a different world in here. 

Gone were the cold and boring carpets we get at the other floors. The floor finishes at the lobby are polished marbles. Chrome metal cladding with intricate wood carvings lined the walls of the lobby as Thomas walked me towards a reception of sort. 

Dark Oak timber panels lined the walls of the reception, I can smell a relaxing fragrance , like I stepped into an expensive spa. 

Vase and sculptures as tall as I am stood silently along the walls. 

The centre piece of the waiting area is a company of plush and comfortable sofa seats and couches, each with their own coffee table. 

A crystal chandelier sparkled and cast this mesmerising dance of lights in the opulent space. 

Thomas gestured me towards a man talking to the receptionist. 

He looked to be in his 50s. Streaks of grey peppered his hair and a neatly trimmed moustache sat above his lips. 

Dr Aaron : Hi Jude….I’m Aaron… 

Jude : Oh… Dr Aaron….

Aaron : Call me Aaron will do

We shook hands and Thomas asked Gary to remain in the lobby while the 2 of them will walk me through. 

Before we began the tour of level 3, I saw another lift chimed and the doors opened. 

My breath was taken away as I watch this really pretty and hot girl walk out from the lift. 

She looked a little unsure as she stared at a card she was holding and one of the reception staff immediately went over to attend to her. 

I heard her speak, definitely a Singaporean. It was then I noticed her clothes and the things she carried. 

Everything is branded. 

The Birkins bag she’s carrying has got to be worth at least half my annual salary. 

Woman : How long do I need to wait ?? 

Receptionist : We will be right with you shortly… can I get you a drink ? 

Woman : Coffee… black…. 2 cubes of sugar….. and I want a glass of water…. Warm please..... can you turn down the aircon… it’s a bit warm… 

Wow. The way she speaks, it’s as if the world owes her a living. 

She don’t look that old, in fact upon closer inspection, you can tell she’s actually just a little girl trying to act all grown up. 

She cannot be a day over 22 . 

She’s trying hard to put on an air but it failed terribly. 

She’s pretty alright, I give it to her but from her body language, I’m guessing she’s probably someone’s mistress or some shit waiting to get a plastic surgery done. 

Woman : Yes ??!! Why are you staring at me ? Is there a problem ?? 

Aaron tapped me on my shoulder and apologised .

Aaron : None at all… our staff will be with you shortly…. 

He just smiled and we went down a short corridor before he gestured to the access panel. I tapped the card and we stepped into this long corridor about 2.5m wide. On my left is a row of glass panels but the screens are frosted, you can’t see through. 

On my right is a solid concrete wall painted in white. 

The sterile look and feel is a stark contrast from the lush interiors and finishing in the lobby. 

Aaron : Ok Jude… what I’m about to show you…. Is ….. sensitive… you will be in a lot of trouble if you reveal what you are about to see…. 

Jude : I understand… don’t worry…. I like my job…. 

Aaron : hahah… we’ll see… 

I smiled as Aaron tapped his card on a access panel on the glass itself. 

Like a sleight of hand by a seasoned magician, the frosting on the glass disappeared, turning clear within a split second. 

The smile on my face was gone and my jaws literally dropped 2 inches. 

Thomas : It’s one way… they cannot see us… 

I cannot believe what I was seeing in front of me. 

It’s a room. Clean and white with nothing except a roll of specially built stainless steel tables. 

I’m looking not at the tables or how clean the room is. 

I’m looking at 2 men pulling a screaming and struggling girl towards one of the tables. 

Jude : What… what are they doing ??!! 

Aaron : Just watch… 

The girl was still in her school uniforms , she’s from one of the ITE ( institute of technical education ) . She was wearing a t-shirt with the school name and her school skirt. The 2 men grabbed her and literally throw the struggling and screaming girl on the table. 

She kicked and trashed about, fighting for her live as her hands and legs were restraint with leather cuffs fixed to the 4 corners of the steel table. 

Then without breaking the momentum, one of the men took a pair of scissors and he started to cut. I don’t fucking believe what I’m seeing. 

He’s cutting off her clothes. 

The girl cried and screamed, her head jerked and I could see the tightness in her veins around her neck as her skirt was cut off. Her panty too was cut and removed from her body. 

Next , off came her shirt and her bra. 

It was a sick sight but I’m getting an erection. 

The girl sobbed and cried helplessly as a hose was brought up. With her tied to the table, they hosed her down and started to apply soap to clean her up. 

They touched her. 

They touched all over her, grinning as they worked. The cries of the girl fell on deaf ears as I watch them play with her small but supple breast, teasing and pulling her nipple as she trashed about on the table. 

I was snapped out of my trance when Aaron spoke. 

Aaron : This is where we process them…. When they first enter the facility… 

I turned around and looked at Aaron : 

Jude : what do you mean by process ? 

Just then, the door inside the room opened and I saw another girl being brought in. She was being carried in by one of the security guys. 

Aaron : It depends on our luck…. Some are more obedient… some we manage to sedate them… some just passed out during the transfer…. It can be quite a traumatic experience… 

I watch as the girl from ITE gets hosed down a 2nd time by one of the guy while the other head over to the girl who was not moving.

The girl looked young as well, probably 18 , 19 at the most. He emptied her pockets of stuff, phone, coins, a pack of squashed cigarettes before removing her clothes easily. He did not even need to cut them. 

Jude : What are you doing with them ?? 

My erections pushed against my pants painfully as I watch the guy mumbled something as he played with the breast of the new girl. His friend responded by sticking his finger inside the trashing and sobbing girl from ITE. 

Aaron : They are our products … 

Jude : What ? 

Aaron : You see Jude…. We have a population crisis…. In this country…people are not having kids…. Not making babies…. 

He tapped his card again and the glass became frosted again. 

We walked further down the corridor and he continued. 

Aaron : Our facility wants to try and solve this problem … 

Jude : What do you mean ?? 

Aaron : You see… these girls…. They don’t deserve the life they have… the moment they step through that door, you have to stop treating them as humans….. they’re products…or maybe a better word would be livestock…. 

I could feel my heartrate shooting up as we stopped in front of another section. 

Aaron continued talking for a while longer before he tapped the 2nd panel. 

Aaron : The sole purpose of the female species… is to reproduce… that’s all there is…. They serve no other purpose in life…. Ok, perhaps to satisfy our sexual desires, but other than that…. Nothing… 

Aaron said it in an emotionless voice. 

Aaron : We only need them to bear the child , that’s all. 

He went on to say that a young healthy female of child bearing age, can safely deliver a child every 2 years without over taxing her body. 

Aaron : We feed them, and we fertilise their eggs during ovulation….and we watch the miracle of life begin. 

I was absolutely speechless by then as the panels in the 2nd area got defrosted. 

It was another room. 

I could see a girl hugging her self, sobbing on a sofa. She’s naked, totally naked. 

Aaron : don’t worry, temperature is 25 degrees, she’s not freezing. 

The girl looked scared and disoriented. 

Jude : What… what’s her name ?? 

Thomas : They don’t have names in here… they’re not people…not your friends or colleagues… we give them numbers… 

Aaron looked at a small tablet he was holding and said that the girl in the room used to be called Huiyi. An undergraduate at a local university. Now she’s just called #425 . 

Aaron answered my next question even before I asked. 

Aaron : Now, we are civilised people.... we don’t just kidnap girls off the street and bring them here….. 

Jude : How do they end up here then ? 

Aaron : #425….. is the step daughter of a rich businessman… he didn’t want her in his life with her mother…. And she’s been very rude and rebellious since he came into her life….so he… gives us a call… on the pretext of sending her overseas for education…. He sends her here… 

Jude : People will look for her… her friends… relatives… 

Aaron laughed. 

Aaron : That’s the easy part… we’ll come to that later……#425 is a healthy Chinese female in her prime child bearing age. …………..We just tested her luteinizing hormones ( LH ), they’re spiking… which in simple English….meant that she’s ovulating… 

I swallowed a gulp of saliva as the glass panel went white again, blocking off my view. 

Jude : Then what?? What happens when she ovulates ? 

Aaron raised an eyebrow and smiled. 

Aaron : You know the answer to that Jude…. But…..hahaha

He looked at Thomas before looking back at me. 

Aaron : I suspect your question is geared towards , who….. is the one to impregnate her ? am I right ?? 

The look on my face gave me away as I turned and walked further down the corridor. 

We came to the 3rd section and Aaron answered the question I had on my mind again. 

Aaron : All healthy men are eligible…..or should I say… all healthy….staff of the facility ? 

I almost felt my leg buckle as the contents of the 3rd room was revealed to me. 

I saw one of the security staff that was with Thomas inside the room. 

He was having sex with a girl. 

The girl was restraint on a rack, her face angled a 45 degrees on a cushion with a hole in the middle, similar to those you rest your head on when getting a massage. I could see tears rolling down her cheeks, her hands gripped onto the leather restraints she was cuffed on while her legs barely held her own body up. 

That staff just grunted and fuck himself into the girl. 

Aaron : There are different categories … we canter to different folks…. 

Aaron explained that you rich people might not want to carry their own child with their body. Instead, they would use surrogates that are available at the facility. 

There are also couples who have been trying for a child for so long, exhausting all the IVF subsidies the government gives, spending tens of thousands of dollars in treatment, all they ever wanted was a child.

Aaron : Here….. we make their dreams come true….. there are no limits to what we can do with these girls…. No one even know they are here…. We have husbands and wives coming along together to choose a healthy girl…. Then the wife watches as the husband impregnate the girl with his genes ….. well the wife can’t bear a child… so this is something they can consider…. 

Aaron added that usually couples adopt one of the child that comes out from the facility, they will take care of all the paper work and make everything a breeze. 

Aaron : there are different price categories ….for different babies… but we will come to that later…. It’s more for business development folks to take care of anyway…. 

Jude : but… all these… is against the girl’s will ?...

Aaron : It’s against their will of course but we don’t care…. They’re just life stocks to us….understand Jude ?? Women are nothing…. But a vessel to breed…. So we will breed them like they are meant to. …. 

He tapped me on my shoulder and say it would take a while for this to sink in but I need to remember not to treat them as equals. 

Aaron : livestocks….Jude… livestocks.. bitches and sluts…. That’s all they are…. A cum depository … haha

We watched for a couple more minutes as the thrusting intensified, the girl gritted her teeth and screamed as the staff unloaded his cum deep into her ovulating womb, millions of sperms swimming up her fallopian tube in an epic race to reach her egg. 

Aaron : After you unload inside her, we take care of the well beings of the girls too. 

The girl struggled and shook her head, I could see her shouting ‘no, no. no’ as she was dragged against her wish to another couch. She was restrained again on her back, both her legs were cuffed and raised. 

Aaron : helps the sperm a little…. We don’t want them all to leak out… 

Then I watched in horror as the staff took a large vibrating toy and apply it to the girls’ freshly fucked cunt. 

The couch and restrains shake violently as the staff forced the girl into an orgasm as more tears roll down her cheeks. I watch as she hit her head several times on the couch, sobbing away. 

Aaron : An orgasm is good for the mind and body… the contractions of the muscles in the vagina would help the sperm reach the egg too…. We’re not sure if that’s really the case but it’s been a practice here… so we continue doing it… 

The screen went off again as Thomas gestured for me towards another section of level 3. 

Thomas : We’re almost done…. 2 more sections to go. 

Aaron revealed a room with several beds. It’s like a hospital ward and all the girls are restrained . There’s a section with a room which we cannot see through. 

Jude : What’s that room. 

Aaron : Usually by the time the girls are forcibly impregnated a few times, most of them will have been broken down…. We treat them like animals…. In order to keep them in check…. But sometimes.. you will get a few stubborn ones… some that still believe they can get out of this place…. That room is for…. How do I put it…. Girls with discipline problem… haha… 

He explained that the girls are allowed to rest in that room after being fertilised, although I think the more appropriate word would be raped against their will. They also provide a comprehensive health check up prior to breeding to make sure the quality of the baby that comes out is of acceptable standard. 

The last room at the end of the corridor is the largest. I could see a nursery tucked at the corner, a newborn child sleeping soundly at inside the cot. 

Several pregnant woman were in the room. 

One was chained to a threadmill as she walked. 

Another had a collar around her neck as she was restrained on the bed. 

One was staring into black space as she touched her stomach, stroking the belly which another life was growing inside her. 

Jude : What happens to the baby ? 

Aaron : We have a long waiting list, usually by the time the girl has been impregnated , we would already have a couple on standby to take over… 

Jude : Just like that ? you can take the baby ?? 

Aaron laughed. 

Aaron : I have 2 kids… let me tell you how easy this is… There are only a handful of staff that will see the delivery… 4, 5 max. Baby gets delivered, a notification of live birth is signed. That’s all you need to register the baby. …. I have had couples who would lie low for whole 9 months…. Only to magically appear with a child to show their relatives… hahaha…same blood type too… 

Jude : What about the mother ?? 

Aaron : They rest, recuperate… and the process repeats… 

I felt my heart sink as the screen frosted up again in front of me.

Aaron : It’s a lot to swallow I know… which is why usually we give the staff the next day off once they get clearance to this level…. Give them some time to digest all these… 

Jude : Isn’t this cruel ? 

We walked back down the corridor and Aaron went on with his reasoning. 

Aaron : What is cruel ? To bring a child into this world and not having the means to provide for him or her ? Our clients are rich folks, they can give the best for the child, nurture him/her properly… 

He quoted me an example. 

Aaron : That girl… from ITE…Linda……. She’s been in girls home twice… shoplifted frequently…. And she pushed her grandmother off her wheel chair when she refused to give her money…… what use do the society have for someone like her ? ? …. She’s more useful here….really… 

As we got nearer to the entrance of the corridor, Aaron paused. 

Aaron : All the young girls these days…. They think just because they are young, have a good figure and looks, they all want to be some sugar babe…. Be a mistress to some rich man…. They think they are smarter than the others…. Why work so hard when you can just spread your legs ??? hahaha 

Aaron : They think they can play the men, that their sugar daddy is stupid….that they can twirl them around their fingers …. Well guess what… There is a reason… why these men can afford to be a sugar daddy or keep a mistress….and it’s not because they’re rich… It’s because they make rational decisions…. 

Aaron : When they get tired of the girl, it’s over. The smarter girls know when to leave, part amicably and don’t make a fuss. The dumb ones think they can have more… that they can demand more from these men…. Threaten their marriage…. Or to expose their relationships…. Hahaha…. That’s when our phone would ring…. 

Aaron reached for the door but he paused. 

Aaron : Tell me Jude…. After seeing all these… what are you feeling right now ? 

Jude : Fucked up….. 

Aaron laughed. 

Aaron : Good !.... that means you are being honest…. I can tell you’re pretty shell shocked too.. ahha but it’s normal…

Jude : I don’t know what is normal or not anymore… 

Aaron : haha… there’s one more thing…. 

Jude : What is it… 

Aaron : This… has to remain confidential… 

Jude : Of course… I mean…. Even if you tell anyone… who would believe ?? 

Aaron : ahaha… so… does that mean you are in with us on this ??? 

My heart was thumping really fast. 

I really don’t know what to think. 

It’s pretty fucked up but what can I say ? 

I can only say yes for now and think of something later. 

Jude : yes… yes I am.. 

Aaron : that is not good enough for me… ahha… proof it. 

Jude : Huh ? 

Aaron : Proof it … proof you are in all the way…. 

Jude: H…. How… 

Aaron flashed me his tablet and I saw the picture of the same stuck up girl I saw in the lobby earlier. 

Aaron : The sugarbabe who thinks she can play with the director of a listed company… 

Jude : Whh.. what about her ?? 

Thomas added in a cold voice. 

Thomas : Process her… 


I had to blink a few times before my brain actually acknowledges what Thomas had just said to me. 

To process a girl ? 

That same stuck up girl sitting in the lobby who asked why I was staring at her moments ago ? 

What does that mean ? 

Aaron : Are you up to it ?? 

Jude : whh….what do I have to do ?? 

Aaron : simple… you already saw what needs to be done no ? haha… 

I don’t know what was happening to my body. 

My mind knows this is wrong, something that is so wrong morally but why ? 

Why am I getting an erection ? 

Why the thought of doing that very act on that girl turns me on ? 

Aaron put his hand around my shoulder and he said to me in a very friendly and casual manner. 

Aaron : I know the struggle your mind must be going through right now…. It’s normal….but…. 

He turned around and held me on both my shoulder, looking right into my eyes. 

Aaron : Remember what I told you… those girls…. That come up here… don’t treat them as one of us… they’re just like livestock…. Ok ? …. they’re…. products… to help make money for the company…. To pay for your bonus…. They’re nothing…. Ok ? 

Aaron pulled up his tablet again to show me a camera view of the reception area. 

The girl sat there with her legs crossed, she supported the side of her head with her right hand while her left fiddled with her phone that was encrusted in shimmering and sparkling bling blings. 

She looked so close on screen that I could see the large diamond ring on her right hand. 

She wore a pale rose coloured dress that showed off her cleavage, her legs looked ok. Not as toned as Ella’s but not flabby and out of shape either. I doubt she worked out, after all, she only needed to spread her legs and open her mouth for money. 

Her right hand played with the ends of her silky smooth hair and I could see her casting impatient looks towards the receptionist. 

Her name is Melody. 

Melody Chen Kai Xin. 

Her bio data flashing right by the screen of the tablet. She’s only 20 years old, and is an undergraduate in a private university. She started her life as a kept woman since she was 18. 

Aaron : Look at that slut…. She deserves this…. You think she can contribute to this society ? har ? 

I don’t know what to say to that. 

Aaron : Look at her… just look at her…. Able bodied, decent looking…. Ok quite pretty I must say but too lazy to find a proper job….. I mean seriously…. Spreading your legs is fine… but threatening to mess up her sugar daddy’s family ?? … haha… you got to wonder how smart these girls really think they are…. 

Jude : I…. i… 

Aaron : Look at the bags she carries, the accessories she wears…. Her Lououtin shoes….. you think she worked hard for them ?? she deserves them ?.... oh what about charity… you think she would buy a packet of tissue from the old man who approach her ?? or would she just cast him a look and smirk at how low in the imaginary caste system she conjured up in her mind ? 

As Aaron went on, I could feel my decision getting swayed steadily. 

The words and scenarios her put inside my head made me feel compelled to put Melody in her rightful place. 

Words like , slut, cum dump , public toilet vagina, cheap fuck, home wrecker was fed into my head as I hovered near the exit to the waiting area. 

Aaron : I’ve said all I wanted to say Jude…. Remember…. They are here for a good cause…. Their body will serve a greater good…. By carrying the next generation for this country…. Isn’t that the most noble things these useless sluts can do for us ?? 

He tapped me on my arm a couple of times and unlocked the door back out to the waiting area. 

I could immediately see the girl I was about to process. 

We paused for a while at the corner of the waiting area. Aaron looked at Melody in a really condescending manner . His eyes, his body language, the way he looked at her from the top of her head to the end of her heels tells me one thing. 

That he really viewed her as a commodity. 

An object. 

A livestock to be used. 

Aaron whispered behind me as we closed the distance between us and the girl who was snapping at the receptionist. 

Aaron : Tell her it’s your first day… and you will be showing her into the office to meet the doctor. Haha… good luck… 

I could hear Melody from where I stood. 

She was asking how long does she have to wait for the Doctor to attend to her.

Melody : I made an appointment…!!!.... you know how precious my time is ?? … I want to speak to your manager…. Or whoever is in charge…. 

Receptionist : I’m sorry Mdm, I’ll check on the status right away…. Can I get you another drink in the meantime ?? 

Melody : I DON’T NEED ANOTHER DRINK….!.. just call whoever is in charge out here… 

I walked towards Melody who was standing up by then with her arms folded. 

She glared at me as I approached her. 

Melody : What do you want ?? ! 

Jude : Hi… I’m Jude… I’ll show you in to the doctor… 

The receptionist had the phone halfway up to her ears but we shared a looked and she gave me a nod before sitting down. I could tell she was glad I’ll be getting rid of her. 

Melody : You new or something ? just now you were still with your colleagues… 

Jude : Yes… it’s my first day… they were just walking me through some stuff… here… follow me… the doctor is ready for you… 

I could see the sneer in Melody’s eyes as she sighed and grabbed her bag off the couch. 

Aaron nodded towards the other door on the opposite side of where I just went for my tour and I directed Melody towards it. There were no card access to be tapped, the entrance was controlled at the reception. 

It buzzed open when I was 2 steps away and I held the door open for Melody. 

It opened to a small corridor, looking equally plush with carpets, mood lighting and music. 

A 2nd door sat 6 steps away and I noticed that the 2nd door only opened after the 1st one was shut. 

I was immediately greeted by the same cold and white corridor I saw earlier. 

One of the guys I saw processing the girl from earlier was waiting for me. 

He was still wearing the wet apron and he had a wide smile on his face. 

Luke : hi Jude…. I’m Luke… I’ll be helping you out today… 

Melody : Where is the doctor ? 

Luke : Here… right inside here… 

Luke opened the door and I entered the same room where I saw the girls being stripped and washed. 

The humidity of the room hit me so suddenly that I was a little taken aback. It’s got to be a comfortable 27-28 degrees inside the room. I looked at the glass panels lining the wall in front of me, barely an hour ago I was standing behind one of them. They’re all mirrors from the inside, I could see the reflection of the 3 of us in the large and empty room. 

2 of the tables were still wet from the previous round of processing. 

Luke : Over here please … 

Luke pointed to an empty and dry table. 

Melody : What is this ?? where’s the doctor ?? 

The door to the room was shut and I could see Melody’s eyes taking in the interior of the room. It was nowhere near where a consultation would be taking place. 

Luke : Help her with her bag and clothes Jude… 

I went over and tried to relieve Melody of her bag but she yanked it away from me, backing a few steps behind. 

Melody : NO!!... don’t you dare touch my things… you know who my boyfriend is ?? … I’ll sue you !!! … get the fuck away from me !!! 

Luke laughed as Melody went to the door and tried to open it but it would not budge. 

I could feel eyes staring at me from behind the mirror. 

There’s this quiet churn in my tummy. Like the rousing of a monster that had laid dormant for so long. I know I’m not a bad person. 

I’m not some villain or sick psychopath but at that moment, it just felt so ok to me. 

I walked towards Melody and tried to grab her Birkins bag again but she hit me on my head with it. 

Melody : FUCK OFF!!!... get away !!! AHHHH….

Luke laughed as I grabbed Melody’s hand and pulled her towards the cold stainless steel table. 

Melody : NO!!!.. NO.. NO!!!... STOPP… PLEASE… WHAT ARE YOU DOING >??!!!.. STOP !!.. NOOO…!! 

She struggled and kicked, screaming and hitting me on my arm and shoulder. 

I held tightly onto both her wrist and dragged her towards Luke, Melody leaned her body backwards, but the momentum I had kept her moving. She resisted and scream, shouting for help and pleading for us to stop. 

One of her heels fell off, causing her to lose balance, Melody staggered a step, falling onto me as her 2nd heel came off. 

She screamed again as her bare feet touched the cold and wet tiles in the processing room. 

Melody : NO !! stop… STOP… STOP PLEASE… WHAT ARE YOU DOING !! NO!!.... wait.. wait…wait… 

I could hear the desperation in her voice as Melody offered us money. 

Melody : I have money… my bag has money… how much you want ?? I have more… I can make a call and you can have any amount you want…. Wait…wait.. wait… 

Her eyes widened and she tried to smile in a composed manner, asking us to hold on why we negotiate. Her head kept nodding, saying that she has money. 

Melody : How much do you make a month ?? I’ll pay you… I’ll pay the both of you ok …ok… wait… wait please… just wait a while… please… no… no!!! 

We ignored her pleas and when Luke grabbed Melody’s leg and we lifted her up onto the table, she kicked off another round of trashing and screams. Curses flew and filled the room as vulgarities of all kinds were spewed and hurled at us. 

Luke : Quick… her wrists… 

Luke held Melody down with his body as I fastened the restrains around Melody’s wrist. 

Melody : NO!!!.. no!!! please…. No!!! … stop !!!.. fuck …. Fuck… stop !!! please !!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING !!! NO…!!! 

The screams. 

The desperation in Melody’s screams sent my hormones into a mad frenzy. My erection was harder than before. What is this that I’m experiencing ? 

This level of unwillingness in her is turning me on in a way I had never experienced before. 

Luke too care of Melody’s ankles and soon she was screaming and trashing helplessly on the table. 

Luke took a pair of scissors and passed it to me . 

Luke : Careful not to hurt her…. Cut from here…. And here… and there… 

He told me which parts to cut to make the removal of her dress easy. Melody screamed and tears began to flow as she pleaded with me to stop. I ran the scissors through the areas Luke told me to and I was surprised how easy it was to sever the dress cleanly. 

My cock pressed against my pants so painfully that I had to adjust my erection. 

Luke : hahah… it’s normal… go there Jude… change… or you will get wet… 

I watched as Luke pulled the dress off Melody easily, leaving only a strapless bra and a pair of lacy panty on her as she screamed and sobbed on the table. 

He threw her clothes into a recycle bin and went to prepared the hose and soap for the wash down while I changed. 

I grabbed a pair of clean overalls and pulled them on together with a new apron. I went over to Melody who by now has her makeup streaked all over her face. Her eyes were darkened with mascara while one of her false eyelid had fallen off. 

Melody : Please… please.. let me go… what are you doing ??!!! … sob… sob… 

Luke came over again and I watch him smile gleefully as he removed Melody’s strapless bra, undoing the clasp from the front. 

Melody : NO!!.. no!! sob… please… no!!! 

Luke : hahah… nice breast….hmmmm

My cock throbbed when I saw Luke press the bra onto his nose and took a deep whiff before licking the bra cups in front of Melody, as if he was determined to antagonise her further. 

Luke laughed and threw the bra aside as he touched and squeezed Melody’s breast. 

Luke ; Looks good… but too bad… it’s fake.. ahha.. 

Jude : What ? 

Luke : Here… touch… try… 

I was shaking by then. 

Luke was literally treating Melody like a piece of meat he saw at the supermarket. He squeezed her left breast, pushed it up a little, squishing it as if he was checking for the freshness of a fruit he was about to buy. 

Luke : Here… look… the scar…. Here.. touch… try !... 

Luke grabbed my hand and put it on Melody’s breast as she sobbed for us to stop.

I think my cock must have started leaking precum as I squeezed Melody’s breast. They feel a little hard compared to the usual breast I’ve laid my hands on. Not hard as in rock hard but there is this artificial firmness that felt weird. 

The size and shape wise, they look good. 

Really good. 

I cupped bother her breast with my hand as Luke cut off Melody’s lacy panty. 

He dangled it near Melody’s face, teasing at her choice of lace. 

Luke : you like lacy panty ?? …. Such a slutty design… hahaah… 

Then he stuck out his tongue, he licked the part where Melody’s pussy would have been in contact with most of the time when she was wearing them. Luke licked and slowly sucked onto the panty as Melody screamed and trashed on the cold table, pleading for us to let her go. 

Luke : hahaha…. Very feisty…. I always like the feisty ones…haha… how about you Jude ?? … what kind do you like ?? ahah.. 

Jude : i…er…i… 

Luke laughed and told me to relax. 

Luke : You will get use to this after a while…

He rubbed his finger on Melody’s slit, commenting that they were a little dry as Melody sobbed and tried to squeeze her thighs together. 

Luke ; Why are you closing your legs… you spread them so eagerly for your boyfriend no ? hahah… 

Luke stuck a finger into Melody’s vagina, his middle finger. 

Melody screamed and squirmed as her vagina walls adapted to the foreign body entering her most private spot. 

Luke pulled out his finger and stuck it into his mouth. 

Luke : Hmmm… nice… haha… 

This was worst than the most extreme Japanese porn film I had seen. 

It’s so twisted yet so satisfying to watch. 

It’s so wrong yet I found myself enjoying it. 

I was enjoying every moment of it. 

Luke took a look at Melody’s nipple, he squeezed the left on, twirling it between his fingers, Melody just sobbed in a pitifully manner, begging us to let her go . 

Then Luke squeezed her right nipple in the same manner and Melody cried out in pain. 

Luke : See…. Sometimes surgery can cause lost of feelings in your nipples….. her left is not as sensitive…. What a pity… sigh… haha… 

Luke took the hose and a squirt of warm water came rushing out, drenching Melody’s naked body. 

She gagged and coughed when water got into her mouth. 

After a quick rinse, soap was applied and Luke tasked me to lather up Melody’s body from the waist up. 

It was an amazing feeling. 

Putting the foamy soap on a sobbing and crying girl was literally and out of body experience. 

I have bathed with my ex-girlfriends before but this is different. 

Very different. 

Melody’s eyes were red from her crying and she was pleading and sobbing at the same time. 

My fingers were slippery with soap, small cute bubbles formed as I ran my hand up her trimmed waist, sliding up her torso before I cupped my soapy hands around her breast. 

Not only did I soap her breast, I washed her armpits. I lather up her neck, her shoulders, her arms, her elbows. 

I filled every part of her body with soap. After I’m done, I started to shampoo her hair, working the slippery shampoo into her scalp. 

Melody’s eyes were pleading with me and I quickly looked away.

Luke was almost done with her bottom, I could see her did a small tuff of bubbles on top of Melody’s pubic hair. 

Luke : Oh… fuck… eeeee…. 

I went to check out what was Luke looking at , that was when I realised Melody had peed herself. I could smell the ammonia in the air as the warm stream of pee slipped under her body , the pungent smell of urine mixing with the fragrance of the soap. 

Luke : Dirty girl…. Haha… you are a dirty girl you know that ?? hahah… 

Luke applied more soap to Melody’s pussy and privates before asking me to stand back as he hosed her down. Melody screamed as the water hit her body. Her limbs struggled and trashed helplessly as jets of water washes her down.

After about a minute of hosing, the water was shut off and the room descended into silence. 

Only the sound of water dripping off the table and Melody’s sporadic coughing remained. 

Luke pointed to a rack of shelves at the corner and I grabbed 2 towels, throwing one over to him. 

We dried Melody up as much as we could as she begged for us to let her go. 

Melody : Is this a joke ?sob… sob…. Is this some reality TV show ?? sob… please stop…. Just let me go… please….

Luke came back with a collar and fastened it around Melody’s neck. It’s not those furry kinky sex toys we see in Jap porn. It’s real, leathery and rough and red in colour. 

Luke : Red…. Means she’s still the property of the owner….he will be paying for her upkeep… and he gets to use her in anyway he wants… 

Melody : What are you talking about !!>??? sob… sob… stop please… let me go… 

Luke : What a pity…. I would love to fuck her during my teabreak … haha… 

Melody trashed and kicked but she was only exhausting herself out. 

Luke : This is a wild cat I tell you… she will fight… I think she needs to be disciplined….. whip her into shape…. Ahhaa… but that’s not our call…. Wait for the client to give instructions…. Ok… grab that rod over there…. 

Luke pointed to 2 metal rod, about 1.2 m long with a sturdy ring the size of a large coin. 

He fastened a rod to the collar and handed it to me. 

Luke : She’s going to trash and behave like an animal… so we have to treat her that way… hold tight… I’m going to release her to transfer her to the next room…. 

I held onto the rod and it was exactly as Luke described. 

The moment Melody’s legs and wrist came loose, she started to fight and get off the table. 

She grabbed desperately at the collar but there was no way to unfasten it without the key. 

Melody screamed, trying to come towards me but the rod kept her at bay. 

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she made wild grabs in the air, cursing and screaming for us to release her. 

Luke just laughed and calmly attached the 2nd rod to her collar. 

With that, we pushed Melody towards the exit of the room. 

She tried to fight, to resist, to sit on the floor, grabbing onto everything she could but it was no use. There was no way she can overpower 2 grown man. We got her out of the room, naked and screaming. 

Melody was really treated like an animal as we shoved her unwilling body down the corridor towards the next room. 

Luke tapped his access card and opened the door to the next room. 

It was an empty room with couches and the walls were padded like in a mental institution.

We dragged Melody over to a couch. Luke held onto both rods and pointed me to a cupboard. 

Luke : Tap your access card to open. 

I did and I saw drawer of padded restraints. 

Luke : Grab 2 over.

I took 2 sets and as per Luke’s instruction, I secured Melody’s wrist to each of her ankles . 

She sobbed weakly as we left her lying on her tummy on the couch. 

Luke : Melody….. as of now… your name is no longer in use… you are just going to be referred to as #477…. Ok ? hhaha… your boyfriend will be with you soon I think… right after he finish work…. 

Luke gave me a nod and gestured towards the door. 

We closed the door shut behind us and we walked towards the exit together. 

Luke : That’s it for the day… not bad Jude… I’ve seen grown man puke on their first day… hahaha….

He whispered softly to me and made me promise to keep it to myself. 

Luke : Thomas and Gary puke for half a day after they’re done… hahaha… 

I gave a weak smile as we changed out of our overalls and went back out to the reception area. 

Aaron and Thomas were speaking among themselves and they stood up when I went over. 

Aaron : Good…. Not bad for your first day…. 

Jude : Wh… what now ? 

Aaron : You sure you are ready for more ? hahah ? 

Jude : What … what happens then ? to Melody ?? 

Aaron : HMMM??? What did you say again ?? 

He put up a hand to his ears in an exaggerated manner . 

Jude : I… I meant… I meant… what happens now ?? … to #477… 

Aaron laughed. 

Aaron : Good.. you are a fast learner… hahaha…. 

Aaron gestured to the lift and said we’ll break for lunch before coming back to follow through with the rest of the tour. 

As we entered the lift, Aaron added with a grin. 

Aaron : A tour of level 3 is never complete…… unless you see the discipline room….

The door of the lift shut silently and Aaron finished his sentence that gave me another throbbing erection. 

Aaron : and…. #477 needs a good dose of it…. As requested by her sugar daddy of course…..

The lift barely moved when it chimed again on level 2. 

A few staff entered including Kathy 

Kathy : Oh.. hey.. hi Jude… going out for lunch ? 

She added with a smile. 

I nodded and I caught something that sent a shiver up my spine. 

Aaron was looking at Kathy in the same manner he looked at Melody. 


Aaron held the door open for everyone before gesturing me towards the cafeteria. 

Aaron : We don’t have time for a long lunch Jude….

He checked his tablet and said that the client will be arriving in an hour’s time to take a look at our work. 

Aaron : It’s his first time using us, so he’s hoping to be impressed…. Even though he has heard raving reviews about us. 

We went into the cafeteria and there were plenty of seats. Most of the staff usually head out for their lunch anyway.

I offered to get them drinks and asked what they wanted since it’s a separate queue.

Jude : What drinks you all want… I’ll get them.. 

Thomas gave me a smile and waved me along, asking me to keep up.

We’re already in the cafeteria, but they’re kept up their pace. They walked right pass the seating area and the people in the queue. We got to the end of the serving stations and there were 2 doors. 

One of them opened and I could see kitchen staff cooking and preparing food inside. I could even see one of the 3 dumbwaiter arriving from the central kitchen below us. It finally dawned on me why there is a need for a central kitchen within the facility. 

It’s not only serving the café. 

It’s also to support the rest of the levels. They have got to feed the VIPs and the girls that were in the facility as well. No wonder there are food trucks arriving almost every other day for delivery.

Thomas buzzed the reader on the other door and we entered a large storeroom with metal racks on both sides. It’s about the size of a HDB living room, disposable wares and utensils filled the racks as we walked right by them. 

Another door waited for us at the opposite end of that storeroom. 

When that open, my breath was taken away once more and I came to another section of the building I was working in for the past few months. 

It’s like I stepped through some portal or something like that as we emerged into a windowless room. 

Wait a minute. 

I tried to recall the layout of the building that was given to me. On level 1, there were no black out space, I orientated myself using the café as a reference, this space where we were in is supposed to be part of the food preparation area but it’s not. 

A handful of staff ate in small groups in that small café. There may not be any windows but several large LED screens with changing wall papers of different cities around the world took it’s place. 

The current one that was on the screen was in Hong Kong. People walked by on the screen, and some misty fog floated pass as well as I took the panorama view the peak offered of the vibrant city. 

It created an illusion that you were dining in another part of the work altogether. 

Speakers overhead played ambient noises that ties in together with what the screen was showing. People laughing, speaking in Cantonese, if I closed my eyes, I might just believe I’m in Hong Kong.

The setup of the place is simple. Like a homely café. 

There were no queues, no stalls. Only a modest buffest spread of the day’s offering. 

An expensive coffee machine sat beside a soft drinks dispenser together with trays of chocolate snack bars.

A standing fridge with our local ‘Tiger’ beer decal stood proudly in a corner filled with bottles and cans of local brew. A label on the fridge says consumption is only allowed after office hours.

Aaron : You see… we treat our employees well eh… haha… 

Thomas handed me a plate and I was still reeling from shock the number of surprises hidden within that building. It’s really like entering a whole new world, discovering something new and peculiar around each corner.

The hidden café is not big. 

I would say it’s about the length 2 MRT cabin. It’s quite wide, comfortable enough to accommodate 2 tables side by side with comfortable walking space in between even with people sitting down on both ends. 

A sleek looking table held the trays of food. It’s nothing fancy but there’s 5 different dishes and the soup of the day. You are free to help yourself to as much as your stomach can accommodate. 

A small placard with the day’s Halal and vegetarian menu sat at the front of the table. 

Aaron : If you want vegetarian, just order… they cook fresh for you…. Halal food is available as well… there’s a small section within the central kitchen dedicated for Halal food preparation….. we have quite a few Arab clients as well….and visitors from the UAE…. 

We took our food , grabbed a drink and sat down.

Jude : I didn’t know this place exists… 

Aaron : It’s only for staff with access to Level 3 and up….. There’s one more on level 6…. But it’s not for us…. Clients only…. Or if you are lucky enough to be acquainted with a client that likes you…. He might just ask you for lunch… haha… 

Thomas : It’s free food… but the novelty wears out after a while actually…. it can get a little claustrophobic when you stay inside this building for too long….. most of our prefer to head out for some air… 

I nodded and could not help but agree with what Thomas just said. 

I cannot imagine if I needed to be on level 3 the entire day. Surely some fresh air would do anyone good. 

Jude : What’s up on the rest of the level ? 

I casually asked. 

Thomas and Aaron just smiled and said nothing. 

Jude : Ok…it’s ok…sorry…. I understand… 

We chatted casually like normal colleagues; no one mentioned anything about what happened earlier. In fact, I kept my ears open when I was in the room, no one talked about work or what they do. 

It’s like they were mindful of the other co-workers with lower clearance levels than theirs. I saw co workers with different holographic numbers on their staff pass me by as they chatted and have their lunch.

Some of them openly displayed their staff pass on their lanyard. 

There’s the ‘3’, some ‘4’, I did not see any ‘5’. 

I know Thomas holds a ‘6’ 

Aaron must be holding the highest, a ‘7’. 

Jude : Just curious… .. I don’t need to know details… but can I assume that the more senior you are… the higher your clearance goes… like you know… when you play RPG games… you level up or something ? … ahah 

Thomas laughed and said it’s job scope specific. 

Aaron : He’s right… if you have no business on that floor, it doesn’t matter if you are the head of department… you don’t get access…. 

I nodded. 

Thomas : We have a lot of female staff in HR and finance…. More in administrative posts as well… it’s all on a need to know basis…. They’re aware… that this is not your run of the mill company… but they’re paid well above market rate…. So they know to turn a blind eye…. Still… they must not know what is going on … 

Aaron chuckled and exclaimed that there’s a few pretty hot co-workers he don’t mind processing though. 

I smiled and returned to my food. 

Aaron chomped on his food and spoke at the same time. 

Aaron : one more thing Jude…. Fridays… Friday morning… stay away from the private loading bay…. The VIP… don’t want to be disturbed….we usually clear all staff and appointments for that one…. 

Jude : Woah.. must be a pretty big shot eh… important client eh… 

Aaron laughed and added. 

Aaron : Well…. You can call him a client…. But…. He’s the largest shareholder of this place…. 

Jude : Oh… the boss… 

Aaron : Not exactly either…. He’s not interested in the operational aspects of this place… but…. Anyway…. It’s beyond all our pay grade…. .. He goes right up to Level 7…. No one but him and the top management has access to that level… 

Thomas : Yeah… it’s a mystery even to us with Level 6 clearance… it’s staffed with his own team of people… they are scary…. They have teams on rotation I think… 

Aaron : Those fuckers are definitely better paid than us…. They come here and rotate an entire team every Friday… then they stay up there for a whole week…. God knows what they’re up to… 

Jude : Wah.. they don’t need to eat or anything ? 

Thomas : Have la… the kitchen sends up food using the dumbwaiter…. But they never meet the staff either….

Aaron hushed us with a stare as some other co-workers came and asked if they could share tables. 

It seemed even among the employees, talking about level 7 is a taboo. 

After we’re done with our meal, Aaron said there’s still a bit of time. We got a free cup of coffee from the machine and went back out to the main cafeteria and have a seat. 

Thomas : So Jude… how are you feeling ?? .. 

Jude : ermm.. ok I guess…. A little weird… a bit guilty… 

Aaron : Guilty about what ?? … you are helping a useless person become useful…. No ?? haha 

Thomas : Exactly… Her body is more precious that her vanity …. She would make a good breeding vessel…. Young… tight body…. But pity on the fucked up breast…sigh… we…

He suddenly stopped himself from going on as if he realised he was letting on more than he was allowed to. 

I pretend not to catch that abrupt pause, instead, I changed the subject and asked them softly about the discipline room. 

Jude : About the discipline room… 

Aaron grinned. 

I could tell he was eager to share with me what goes on in that room. 

Aaron : yes… yes… it’s one of my favourite room…. Ask me… ask me…. hehehehe…

Instead of asking what is in the room or what we would be doing to Melody, I asked Aaron what do we hope to achieve in that room. 

Jude: You said discipline… what is the end point for that ?? what do we hope to achieve… 

Aaron : We break them…. We want to first break them down…. Break them down far beyond the point of repair.. ..hahaha… 

Then he lowered his volume and leaned forward on the table. 

Aaron : you know what is the most cruel thing you can do to these bitches… ?? 

Jude : What is it ? 

Aaron : It’s not the pain you inflict on them….. not the humiliation and abuse you dish out…. Hell… I honestly think even raping them is a lot better…. The most cruel thing you can do to your subject is to give her hope… ahahahah…. 

Aaron : Give her hope that there is a chance to get out of here…. That if she is obedient… she would get to leave…. And we would create that illusion…. For all the girls…. It keeps them in check… 

Thomas : We have been up and running for about 5 years….. none of our livestock leaves here…. They’re still here… making money for the company… isn’t that wonderful ?? … zero attrition… haha.. 

Aaron :haha… they make sure our bonus is good as well.. ahhaa… 

Aaron snorted and asked me to finish up my drink. 

Aaron : We got to get ready for the client in a while… 

As we made our way back up to level 3, I could still feel the remnants of the earlier erection in my pants. That throbbing in my veins,that urge to strip and push myself into the tight pussy of Melody. 

I was feeling weird. 

I was never a bad person, yet some part of me actually enjoyed this, and this very fact made me guilty. 

I walked past the reception, and took a look at the couch where Melody was sitting at earlier. I thought I caught a whiff of her expensive fragrance as we entered the cold corridor once more. 

We entered the room and saw Melody had rolled herself onto the floor. 

She must have tried to escape or wriggle herself loose. 

Her wrist and ankles were chaffed red, her skin underneath the cuffs turned a bride shade of pink. 

Melody : Please… sob… sob… I’m sorry…. I’m sorry….. please… sob.. let me go… sob…. 

Aaron gestured for Thomas and me to lift Melody up off the ground. We delinked her cuffs from her ankles and sat her down on a chair before securing them again. 

My erection came so fast I actually looked down at my pants to make sure it was not that obvious. 

Melody’s naked body faced me directly. Her feet was suspended a couple of inches off the ground, held by her awkwardly position hands which was being pulled by the weight of her legs since they were fastened together. 

Tears rolled down her eyes as she sobbed and pleaded with us. 

Melody : Why ? … why are you doing this to me ?? … sob.. sob… what did I ever do to you ?? sob… please… I want to go home… sob… 

Aaron ignored her pleas and he checked his phone before excusing himself to make a call. 

Thomas went over to Melody and he too touched her naked breast. 

Thomas : Not real one… but still good to touch .. ahaha.. 

He pinched and played with Melody’s nipples as she squirmed and struggled on the chair. 

Thomas : You like this #477…. People playing with your breast…. 

Melody shook her head, begging Thomas to stop. 

Thomas : Why else would you enlarge your breast then ?? haha…. You just want people to see right ?? to wear seductive clothes ?? to show off your body ??? no ?? 

Melody shook her head, crying and sobbing. 

Thomas : Well… if you don’t want to be honest…. I can’t guarantee you would get out of here you know…. 

Melody immediately started nodding her head. 

Melody : Yes… yes yes !!! 

Thomas laughed. 

Thomas : See Jude… what did I tell you…. Woman like this ?? … it’s a disgrace to have her as my fellow countryman…. 

Thomas grabbed Melody’s cheeks with his right palm, he squeezed them together, turning her head left and right as if he was selecting a piece of meat from the supermarket. 

Thomas : Why did you get a breast job ?? huh ? 

Melody : I…..sob.. sob…. I want my breast to be bigger… so… so.. sob… sob… so I look better in clothes.. sob.. sob.. 

Thomas laughed and chuckled. 

Thomas : Did you enjoy the attention ?? … you like that feeling right ?... to have men look at you…. Right ??

Melody nodded as more tears rolled down her cheeks. 

Then Thomas did something unexpected. 

He put his finger at the entrance of Melody’s pussy. 

Melody : ERnghh… no !..erng

Thomas : Why no ?? hahah… you want attention no ? … you want men’s attention right ?/ all the expensive clothes… the makeup… that breast… all you wanted is what ?? … for men to look and lust after you….. just so you can give them that look that says you despise them for looking at you ?? 

Thomas pushed his finger into Melody pussy. 

Melody : eRNghhh.h.!!!!... 

It was not a gradual push. 

It looked rough and definitely painful for her. 

He grunted and stuck his middle finger all the way into her cunt before turning his hand around like her was washing the insides of a milk bottle with his finger as a makeshift brush. Melody’s body shook and shiver in pain as she cried for Thomas to stop. 

He pulled out his finger before pressing it onto Melody’s nose. 

Thomas : Smell it…. Smell yourself… nice ? haha..

Aaron came back and asked Thomas to stop fooling around. The door opened and Gary too stepped in to join us. 

Aaron : The client is arriving , he’s parking his car… bring her over to the discipline room.

I don’t know how that must have sounded to Melody but she immediately struggled and begged to be let go only to get a few slap on her pussy by Aaron . 

Smack smack smack !!! 

My cock throbbed so hard I was sure precum had leaked out onto my boxers. 

Melody screamed in pain as Aaron sniggered. 

He turned around and gave me a tip. 

Aaron : The vagina…. Is designed to withstand more than that ok ?? …. Slap them there… it will get their attention… like that… see… 

Aaron deliver another slap onto Melody’s pussy lips, causing her entire body to shake and jump in pain. 

Gary and Thomas unlinked her restrains and we dragged a sobbing and crying Melody into the discipline room. 

Aaron : Jude… we will go receive the client….. Thomas, Gary… bring her there…. We’ll have to break her in front of the client… shouldn’t take more than an hour…. 

Aaron and I walked back out to the reception area. 

Aaron : Melody should be ovulating this couple of days, base on information given by the client…. We’ll monitor and test her hormones too….

Jude : What does the client want to do with her ? 

Aaron : He wants to teach her a lesson… for trying to threaten him and his family…. Then he wants to impregnate her… make her bear his child… 

Jude : What happens after that ? 

Aaron laughed. 

Aaron :After that, he sells her to us…. We will owe her body….. I met staff would queue up to have a go at her…. And with a bit of rest, she would be useful again…. To produce another child…. And so on…. 

We barely waited for 3 minutes when the door chimed open and one of Thomas’s colleague directed the client over to Aaron and me. 

Aaron : Hi.. I’m Dr Aaron… this is my colleague Jude… we will be your host today… 

Hong : I’m Hong….

We shook hands and Aaron wasted no time in bringing the client into the facility. 

I let the both of them walk in front as Aaron went into a well-practised sales talk. The client looked to be in his late 40s, maybe early 50s at the most. He’s like your typical uncle, a bit of a pot belly, dark tanned skin, the shirt he was wearing didn’t really fit his frame. 

He’s not exactly good looking but well, Melody didn’t exactly choose him for his looks, that we all know. She only wanted his money. 

We entered the ward like room and I could see the client’s eyes lit up. The number of pretty woman, all pregnant and in various stages of bondage and undress was a sight to behold. 

Aaron : Mr Hong… over here please… 

We went to the unmarked room and it had a double door as well. The 2nd door only opened after the 1st was shut. The corridor between the doors were longer, about 7-8 metres, the moment the 2nd door opened, my eyes had to adjust to the dim lighting of the interior. 

It was a deep lush shade of red with dim orange lighting. The floors were bare concrete and it fucking looked like a dungeon from some sadist’s basement. 

It’s big, about the size of a basketball court. Machines, apparatus, water tanks, stuff I don’t even know what they were or how to describe them were lined up in the dark room. Hooks, chains and weird contraptions were hanging on display.

The only thing that looked out of place was a comfortable couch with a coffee table and Mr Hong took a seat over there. 

Melody’s eyes were blindfolded as she was wheeled on a wheelchair to Mr Hong. 

The blindfolds were kept on, she was shivering. I bet no words in her dictionary could describe the fear she was experiencing. Imagined being subjected to a treatment like that and now having your sense of sight taken away. 

Melody : Please… please… sob… sob… let me go…. I’m sorry… I’m sorry…. Let me go please… sobbb..

Mr Hong : Melody …

Melody’s body immediately reacted and she struggled against her restrains. 


Hong : You threatened me and my family…. You threatened to expose our relationship to my wife… 

Melody immediately apologised profusely , begging to be let go but I could see the coldness in Hong’s eyes. 

Hong : I gave you money… a place to stay… and just because I fucking refuse to buy you a car… you threaten to expose me to my wife !!! … you fucking slut.. !.. 

Melody : No.. no… please… I’m sorry… I’m really sorry… 

Hong : You think I don’t know about that boyfriend of yours ??.. har ?? … about you bringing him up to the place I got for you ?? …. You let that kid fuck you raw ??!!! …. And you insist I wear a condom??.... you fucking bitch !... 

Melody : I’m sorry… !!! I’m really sorry Dear… please… please …. It won’t happen again… 

Hong : You are right… it won’t happen again…. 

Hong gestured to Aaron to carry on as he crossed his legs and sat back on the couch. 

Brrrrzzzzzz!! … Brrrrzzzz !!!... 

The hair on my skin stood on it’s ends when I heard the sound of a drill. 

Yes those fucking wall drill you use to drill a hole. 

My bladder tightened. 

Fuck, they better not be killing her or doing some Quentin Tarantino Hostel shit. 

Then I saw what that drill was and what it was meant to do. 

It had a dildo attached to it. A small dildo, real small, probably only the diameter of a 20 cent coin. It had the shape of a dick head. 

Thomas held Melody down on the wheelchair as she screamed and begged for mercy. Her legs were already restrained to both of the customised leg rest. Her pussy is spread and there was nothing stopping Gary from fucking her with the drill. 

Brrzzz!!! Brrrrzzzzzzz!!!... 

It drill rotated and the sound of it near Melody caused her to scream with every ounce of her remaining energy. 

Melody : AHHHHH!!!! NO!!!.. NO!!!...aHH.. ahh… 

Without warning, Gary bend down, hit the drill, sending the dildo into a low speed spin and he pressed it onto Melody’s vagina. 

Melody : ERNGHH!!!!!!!!!.. ernghh!!! Erngh !!! NO.. no!!.. no!!! ernngngggggg…erngh !!! 

Brrrrzzzz… brrrzzzzzzzz….!!! It was a fucking erotic sight. 

Melody’s body went into spasm as the tease from the rotation brought her to the brink of an orgasm within minutes. 

Aaron : Stop… change to a bigger one… 

Melody : No… no!!!.. no!!! please no!!.. 

Gary replaced the attachment like changing a drill bit. A larger dildo with a uncircumcised dick head about the size of 2 knuckles turned angrily as Gary tested it out. 

He jammed it onto Melody’s pussy and hit the trigger, sending a mix of pleasure and pain into her body. 

Gary did not push it into her vagina, He kept it at the entrance, moving the rotating dick head up the clitoris and down to the entrance of the vagina. 

Melody :aHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!.. AHHH!!!.. eRNGHHH!!!... ernggg… ernghh … Ffc… fuck… fuck…. FCUKK… NO!!!.. STOP…E RGHH… ERNHHH!!!.. ERNGH !!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! 

The reaction from Melody’s body was violent. It was like she had undergone an exorcism as she scream and trashed on the wheelchair, the intensity of her orgasm shook the entire chair as she cried and soaked through her blindfold. 

Melody : eRnghh.. sob… sob.. ernghh… erghhh… please… 

The guys moved fast.

Really fast. 

Right after Melody’s orgasm, her pussy was still very sensitive. 

Too sensitive to even be touched. 

Gary put the drill aside and together with Thomas, they pushed a large tank over in front of Mr Hong. 

It’s made of glass supported with steel bracing structures. I can’t tell what is it’s purpose. There’s an opening on the top but it doesn’t look like anyone could go inside the tank. 

A switch was flicked and I gasped in surprised when is saw hundreds of fishes inside the tank. 

You know those fishes you see at fish spa and foot reflexology swimming about in a tank, and you stick your foot in so they come and nibble away at your dead skin. It was those fishes. 

Hundreds of them .

I felt my cock throbbed when I realised what the guys were trying to do. 

The opening was a customised hole. They grabbed Melody and sat her down into the opening with both her legs held up so they remain outside. 

Melody’s body was literally in a ‘V’ shape, or something 
close, only her bottom was submerged into the water. She was orientated in such a way that her pussy was facing Mr Hong on the couch. 

The moment her bottom was in, she was locked and fastened in place with cuffs on the steel bracing. 

Her screams pierced my ear drums as I have never heard a women shriek in such a high pitch voice before in my life. There was no escape. 

There was no reprieve. 

All Melody could do was scream as hundreds of fishes sucked and bit onto her sensitive pussy and swollen clitoris. That jabbing of mouths, desperate for some dead skin fought and jostle for Melody’s privates. 

They may be harmless fishes but faced with the raw nerves of a pussy that was just forced into an orgasm, these finishes might just as well be electric eels. Each attack of the fish’s hungry lips pinching that raw flesh of her clitoris pulsating with nerve endings sent volts of spasms into Melody’s bottom. 

Her head was nodding and shaking as if she was being electrocuted, when in fact she was just receiving pleasure that cannot be measured with the tools we have at our disposal today. 

I could see Melody’s eyes rolled back, revealing more white of her eyes as he mouth gasped open for air as her limbs and fingers tightened. 

Imagine hundreds of pin prick like bites and sucks of the fishes mouth jabbing endlessly at her sensitive pussy. I bet a few tried to wriggle into her cunt as well, lured by the warmth of her vagina. 

At that moment when she’s trying to relax her abused cunt, imagine endless wriggles of the slippery fishes fought to tease the walls of her vagina.

Water splashed and the tank shook as Melody cried, scream and begged for us to stop. 

The fishes suddenly parted for a moment as the water changed colour. 

Aaron : It’s pee Mr Hong… we added chemicals to the water… it reacts to urine… 

Hong laughed as he stood up and walked over to Melody. 

The moment the pee was done, the fishes flew back in and stared to attack Melody’s vagina again. 

Tears, snort and drool came down Melody’s chin, leaking down to her neck as her trashing became sporadic spasm before she was removed from the tank. Fishes jumped and a couple of them were still attached to her sensitive pussy after they pulled her out. 

Hong went over to touch Melody’s vagina and she moaned, trying to squeeze her thighs shut. 

Hong : So smooth…. Your pussy is so smooth you know…they got all of the dead skin,,,… hahaha.. hha…I’m going to fuck you raw you hear me…. you hear me ?? 

Hong slid his finger among the folds of Melody’s vagina as she fought back the urge to scream and moan. 

Melody just sobbed and cried. 

Aaron : Answer him #477… or do you want to go inside the tank again ?? 

Melody : No.. no please… no…

Aaron : Then answer him…. Mr Hong says he wants to cum inside you… what do you say to that ?? har ? 

Melody sobbed and lowered her head to the ground. Her cries filled the room as Hong laughed. 

Hong : Where’s the spiteful and feisty sugarbabe har? Hahah… fucking slut… where’s that haughty air of yours ?? always telling me that I had to wear a condom… har ? … you think I don’t know your disdain for me… that you close your eyes when I fuck you ? ? …. You only wanted my money… haha… 

Hong grabbed a handful of Melody’s hair. 

Hong : You need to know your place in this world….. or we will put you there… 

He dropped Melody and gestured for Aaron to carry on. 

Melody was strapped to the wheelchair again with her legs spread; they wheeled her to this terminal. It looked weird, like a gamer’s console or some work station where a trader monitors stock prices with multiple screens. 

There were 4 screens in all.

3 in a row with 1 additional on top of the middle panel. 

Melody was wheel to the screen and a series of button was pressed by Aaron. 

The middle screen lit up and I could see Melody on the screen. There seemed to be a camera pointing at her, sort of like a selfie view. 

Melody’s blindfolds were removed and as he eyes adjusted to the brightness of the screen, she sobbed and cried when she saw herself and the state she was reduced to. Her naked body displayed to all the men crowding around her.

That was not it. Melody’s sobs and pleas fell on death ears as Aaron typed something and the screen on the left lit up with the words ‘ I am a slut ‘ 

At the bottom of the words, there’s a counter with the number at 1000. 

Aaron : Say it… say the words on the screen. 

Melody shook her head and begged us to stop. 

Melody :Please… sob.. sob… I’m sorry… please stop… please… sob.. sob…

Gary had wheeled another device over the height of your typical office pedestal. I could see an arm sticking out and a dildo was at the end of the arm. 

Melody saw that and starting struggling. 

Melody : No… no!!! please.. no!! 

Gary squeezed a large glob of lubricant onto the dildo and pushed it right to Melody’s entrance. 

Aaron : Say it…. Quick !! 

Melody : I am a slut …..!! sob.. sob… 

The counter jumped and reduced by 1 with the count displaying 999. 

It does not matter that Melody has said the words, the machine has been activated and the arm slowly pushes that cock shape dildo into her vagina. 

It’s slow. Really slow. 

Like half a centimetre per second. 

I could see the cock pushing against Melody’s pussy entrance, making them part like the curtains of a grand stage to accommodate it’s entry. She wanted to back away but there was no place to go . 

Her unwilling cunt could only part aside slowly for the invasive advance of the dildo.

Melody : AHHH..AHHH..!! ernghh !!! nerghh h!!!!! 

I could see her gasp as the arm continued pushing and pushing as it extends. 

Then it slowly pulled itself out slowly, it seemed it was designed to let the victim feel every inch of it’s torture. 

Aaron : It will only stop after you finish saying everything on the screen you know… haha… hurry… 

Melody moaned in agony and pain as he vagina was abused slowly by the invasive dildo. 

Melody : I am a slut…. I am a SLUT……I AM A SLUT !!!! AAHHHH ERNGHH… I AM….SLUT…ERNGHHH…. sobzzz…. Soz.. sobzz…. 

The ticker clicked and reduced itself with each recital.

Her voice got higher and louder as the dildo fucks itself emotionlessly into her cunt, causing her to shake and shiver in the chair. 

Another screen was switched on with the words “ I want men to cum inside me “ with a similar ticker at 1000. 

Melody screamed but there was nothing she could do. 

Melody : I want men to cum inside me….. I am a slut… !!! .. sob.. sob.. ernghh… erngh.. ahhhhh… 

Aaron : good.. you see .. #477 learns fast.. hahaha… isn’t that the words you truly wanted to say huh ?? …. Everyday you wear your nice clothes, put on your thick makeup and strut around in your high heels…. These are actually the words you want to say right ?? …. To every single man that looked at you…. 

Hong laughed as Melody desperately recited the words on the screen. 

The 3rd was switched on with the words “ Please fuck me whenever you want “ with also the same ticker at 1000. 

Melody : erhghh!!.. ernghhh !!! I am a slut…. Please fuck me whenever you want…!!! ..e rghhh… ernghhh !! aHHH .. aHHHH …. I want men to cum inside me !!! erghhhh….. 

Melody’s blood curling scream echoed within the room as her voice got hoarse from the screams but there was nothing she could do but recite the degrading words forced upon her on the screen. 

It’s disgustingly weird. 

This level of humiliation, to degrade a woman in that manner, it kept my cock rock hard. I want to fuck Melody. I cannot help it. 

I’ve always respected woman my entire life but this. Why does this feel so good in front of my eyes ? 

To watch Melody suffer this fate, not only is it arousing, it’s deeply satisfying. 

Hong : Isn’t this perfect Aaron ? …. See… getting them to finally admit what they really want ?? 

I could see the glimmer of satisfaction in Hong’s eyes. 

Aaron : Of course….. it’s the way nature intended all along…. Imagine a world where men rule everything…. No marriages….and woman just serve their role as a vessel for reproduction… it would be such a perfect place…. 

Aaron : Gender equality… equal rights…. They are all bullshit…. This is where they should all belong… in that chair… haha

Hong laughed and stroked his stubble. 

Melody was struggling to say the words as tears continued rolling down her eyes. The camera on her amplified the state she was in. I wonder how she felt when she said those words while looking at the sad state she was in. 

Hong : Alright… let me know when she ovulates.. I’ll come and fuck her… haha… I want her to feel my seed inside her womb….

Aaron : of course…..She is your property Mr Hong… we have a room prepared for her….and when she’s ovulating in the next couple of days…. We will inform you… 

Hong : good…

Aaron : If you would please follow me… we need to get some admin work done…. 

All of us left the room and Aaron walked on ahead with Hong. 

Thomas , Gary and I hung back . 

The moment Aaron and the client were out of the place, I asked Thomas what happens to #477 after that .

Jude : Why are you making her say those words ?? Does it really stop after 1000 times ? 

Thomas : haha… it’s all being recorded…. Once she’s done, we will replay it to her everyday in her room…… so she can see herself who she truly is. …. She’ll be comfortable… much better than the others…. At least until she bears the client’s child… 

Thomas checked some of the settings on the terminal and we started to walk away from Melody who was struggling to speak as she moans. I could hear the dildo start to vibrate, I turned and I saw the dildo start to rotate as well as it worms it’s way into Melody’s pussy. 

I felt sorry for her, but I would be lying if I said I was not enjoying the spectacle. 

we stepped back out into the reception area and Thomas said he needed to be somewhere else. 

Thomas : It’s still early… we’ll come check on #477 later…. I doubt she would last an hour… haha… The agony of being fucked by that machine is pure torture, she’ll probably cum herself dry once it speeds up. Hahah… 


I went back to Level 3 on my own and took a walk around on my own. I entered the discipline room and I could see Melody sobbing on the wheelchair. She was not done with the task, she’s just crying and sobbing. 

The machine has been stopped. 

I went over and take a look, she had wet the entire seat, probably squirted several times too. 

Gary was reading a magazine on the couch. 

Gary : Aaron says to bring her to the private room in a bit after she calms down… She came 9 times…. Ahahha.. fucking slut… the last time she could not longer move, just screaming like a cunt as she cries…. It’s really funny… ahha… 

Jude : Oh …. 


Gary and I pushed Melody into a private room, much like a padded cell and Melody was left naked on the floor as she sobbed quietly curled into a ball. 

Gary explained that she will only get fed once a day initially since they won’t be in the mood to eat anything as their body adjust to the daily routine of humiliation.


I was getting another coffee at the cafeteria when I saw Aaron sitting at the far corner alone. 

The blue siren came on again as I walked towards him but I didn’t think much about it. 

His phone rang when I was about 5 steps away. 

His expression changed, his eyes looked up and he stood up so fast that it knocked his chair over. 

Aaron : Get everyone…..everyone….i fucking meant everyone you can grab…..stop him….NOW!!! 

Aaron gestured me towards the lift and we broke into a run. 

Jude : What’s wrong.. what happened ??!!! 

We took the stairs by the lift and ran down to the basement where the loading and unloading bay is. 

Aaron was breathless as we ran. 

I could see security staff running towards the loading bay as well. Everyone was headed in the same direction, the private loading bay. 

The door was buzzed open and everyone squeezed and filed into the area. 

I saw Thomas standing in front of the lift.

The button of the lift indicated 4 but it’s coming down. 

Everyone ran towards the lift and we formed a protective circle around the lobby. 

There is no way anyone was getting out of the place with at least 7 grown man there. 

It flashed to 3. 

My throat felt dry. 

The number 2 lit up and I could see Thomas getting ready. 

It flashed a couple more times before the basement 2 sign lit up. 

The door opened but it was empty. 

Aaron : FUCK !!!!! FUCK!!!!... check the carpark!! .. 

Before anyone could react, Aaron’s phone rang. 

He saw who it was on the line and quickly answered. 


Everyone just looked at Aaron as he waited for a reply on the other end. 

8 seconds later, Aaron’s shoulder slouched and his eyes closed before walking slowly away from the group of men towards a corner of the loading bay. His right hand held onto the phone while his left went to his forehead as he spoke. 

Everyone looked around for a couple of seconds before parting ways. 

Thomas leaned against the wall and lit up a cigarette. 

When it was just the 2 of us, I asked him what the fuck happened. 

Thomas : David… is the facility manager for level 4… 

Jude : You need a separate facility manager for Level 4 ?? 

Thomas : you’ll understand when you get that clearance… 

Jude : What did he do…?? 

Thomas blew out a cloud of smoke and said I should never get my feelings involved with the girls in that facility. David did, he said it was under control but it turned out otherwise. 

Thomas : He ran off with one of the girls…. 

Jude : No shit… 

Thomas : he knew this place like the back of his hand….he literally designed level 4…. If anyone could do this… it would be him…

Jude : ok… 

Thomas looked at me and sniggered. 

Thomas : What a day har ? .. hahah… 

Jude : Yeah… 

Thomas : Don’t worry… you have tomorrow off…. Try to get your mind off things… 

Aaron hung up and walked back towards Thomas and me. 

Aaron : Jude !... 

Jude : Yah… ? 

Aaron : Tell me you don’t need the day off tomorrow….. and that you won’t snap or go mad on me… say it…. Tell me… 

It’s a little puzzling to hear that from Aaron but I did as I was told. 

Jude : Oh… ok… I’m ok… I don’t need the day off tomorrow…. 

Aaron : Good… you’ve just got promoted. 

Jude : What ? … 

Aaron : Level 4 needs a new manager… 


I had to blink a few times to register what Aaron just said but he had already walked pass me towards Thomas. He seemed a little flustered. 

Aaron : I need a few men, I’m going to go look for David and the girl….. you guys will need to look after this place for a few days… 

Aaron turned over to me and said he’ll be meeting up with management later in the evening. 

Aaron : There’s an emergency meeting, I’ll be tabling the proposal to get you to take over David’s work on Level 4…… we have some important events that has to happen on schedule… nothing can go wrong…. 

Aaron turned to Thomas and told him that once the management gives the green light for me to take over, he was to upgrade my access immediately. 

Aaron : Bring him up… there’s no time for orientation and a tour….. get him to work immediately on the crazy Kevin’s project… 

Thomas : oh… his sister in law thingy ? 

Aaron :Yes… that sick fuck pays well…. Make sure that is built up…. 

Thomas nodded. 

Aaron took out his tablet and spoke openly with Thomas about the rest of the projects that is happening on Level 4. The names alones filled me with intrigue and curiosity, one thing for sure, that floor was one of the top money making floors for the facility. 

They take it very seriously. 

Aaron : The ‘Dinner’ . What about the dinner ? 

Thomas : The ‘dinner’ is more or less done……Mr Yegor will be here next week…..he was disappointed previously from those available from the stable…… he can’t find someone he likes….. says they’re all too used….. he’s picky … 

Aaron : That sick fuck….. he didn’t like any of our recommendations ? … 

Thomas shook his head. 

Thomas : but He… 

Thomas paused, as if suddenly wary that I was around. 

They shared a look and Aaron took a deep breath. 

Aaron :Alright… take the backup…. Go ahead… 

Thomas looked a little unsure. 

Thomas : You sure ?? 

Aaron : I had spoken to management a month ago…. They’re agreeable if it comes to that… Mr Yegor pays well too… we have to accommodate… 

Thomas nodded. 

Thomas : Then the ‘Dinner’ is only lacking some finishes, should be on schedule….will sort out the rest. 

Aaron : What about the outdoor scene that Mr Kim wanted ?? 

Thomas : It’s under construction, but I think it should finish on time too… 

Aaron checked off a few other names before coming to the last one. 

Aaron : And the one I hated the most…. When is that fucking tour group from China coming again ?? 

Thomas checked his phone and said in 3 weeks time. 

Aaron : Fuck…. I hate them but they pay cash…. Alright… they have a habit of spoiling stuff… so do your best…. Sell them as much as you can.. .. those rough ruck businessmen…. Sigh… I really hate them…. 

Aaron added that he might need to head up to Penang where David is from. 

Aaron : There’s a high chance that he brought her back into Malaysia, it’s going to take a while to find him I think…. He knows what he’s doing… 

Turning back to me, Aaron asked me to head back for a good rest. 

Aaron : It’s going to be a busy week for us all … 

Jude : Ok… 


I got back home and after a shower, I just laid on my bed. 

I could not sleep. 

My mind was filled with the images of Melody being subjected to that level of torture. 

I want to hug her petite frame. To hold her in my arms, maybe stroke her hair. I want to smell her neck and nuzzle my nose into her fake breast. Maybe I could lick her nipples too. 

Thoughts like that floated into my head endlessly. Before my imaginary scenario of me licking Melody’s pussy while I play with her breast ends, I was immediately hit with another of me licking the bottom of her feet, pushing my tongue in between her toes. 

Then for no reason at all it would change to a scene of her with a thick dildo in her cunt while she sucks my cock. 

Every one of the image I conceived in my head was sick and despicable. Perhaps the worst I could come up with was to tell her that I can get her out. 

I put myself in David’s shoe, maybe act like a hero of sort, save the damsel in distress so she will be grateful to me. Then right when she thinks we’re out of the facility, I would tie her up again and rape her. 

Yes, I would make her wear her expensive clothes and branded heels, let her carry her expensive dumb bag and act like a bimbo while I slide my cock in and out of her wet pussy. That amount of satisfaction that fantasy gave me cause a smile to spread on my lips. 

I shuddered for a moment and shook the thoughts out of my head. 

It’s been a long day. 

I needed to grab some sleep. 

That entire night, I drifted in and out of sleep. I woke up a couple of times with no warning. My heart would be racing, my body drenched with sweat as the screams of the girls echoed in my head. 

I finally understood why the next day would usually be a rest day for employees after their first introduction to level 3. 

It was too much for the mind to bear. 

5th January 2016 



Aaron dropped me a long mail at 2am in the morning after his meeting. 

It had a list of stuff he needed me to help Thomas with while he’s gone. 

Mostly to deal with the things on Level 3 and to show a couple of prospective clients around.

I saw that we would be expecting 2 new girls that week and they needed to be processed. 

My cock rose in my pants as the thought of doing that to a helpless struggling girl turned me on in a way I cannot describe.

The management had some disagreement about upgrading my clearance to Level 4 so soon. They felt that it was too abrupt. Even though Aaron reassured them that I was taking Level 3 in stride, they wanted to play it safe and keep me under observations for a while longer. 

Aaron wrote in the mail that people would be looking at my performance that week. 

He gave me a few tip in the mail.

“Be ruthless, don’t show much emotions….. and play with the girls like they’re nothing…. The more emotions you display… the harder it would be to go pass Level 3…. They’re not the same as us…. They don’t deserve the respect ….

Play with their body. Show that you enjoy that sadistic act of humiliating them. You can have sex with the girls you are processing as well but you have to wear a condom but pelase remember that if that girl is marked with a red collar, she’s off limits. Go on ahead for the rest. 

Thomas will be tasked to bring one of the senior management to observe you during work. Don’t worry, we will give you the heads up then so you know they’re watching, but still, do it properly even when no one is with you. The walls here have eyes and ears. “ 

I checked the date and the next girl to be processed would be in tomorrow. 

The docket with her information was sent to me as well. She does not belong to any owner which meant she’s literally a free for all but is that really the case ? That I can use these girls to satisfy my desires and cravings ?

I have my needs and what I have seen so far greatly amplified my desires for intimacy. 

I touched my erected cock. 

I’m horny and a bit embarrassed to admit. I’m desperate. It’s got to a point where I know even if I wank myself off, I would not be easily satisfied. 

Turning my attention back to the girl that I would be processing tomorrow, I checked out the background that was put together by the screening department. 

Her name is Meihui. 

I opened her profile and she looked decent in her picture. It’s a full body picture, probably taken from her social media account. It appears she has been cheating some people online too, she claimed she’s an air crew and she flies frequently. With that, she started taking orders for branded bags, but after collecting the money, she would stop contacting the buyer. 

Like a slippery eel, she managed to remain off the hook for a while using something close to a Ponzi scheme. Whenever a police report was lodge , she would return the money in full, claiming that she was uncontactable because she was flying. Snide remarks about not being able to wait for her long layover were freely written in her replies to the buyers. 

The money she put together to return those came from new suckers who bought into her scheme. 

I shook my head and glanced though the rest of the report about this girl. Her age, her address, her likes and dislikes. 

She looked quite petite, like your typical neighbour’s daughter you see on your way to work. 

Her breast didn’t look quite big but they’re probably real. 

My erection got harder and harder as I read the profile. 

The girl seemed normal enough in terms of appearance. Definitely not some super model grade but I’m aroused. 

I’m excited. 

I think I know why. 

It’s because of my confidence. I’m really not confident of pulling this off if I meet a girl that is too beautiful or pretty. What if she flirts with me ? What if I fall for her ? Fear creep through my heart as I took in a few deep breathes, trying to calm myself down. 

I even spoke to myself in my office in a bid to calm my nerves. 

Jude : Ok Jude… you can do this…. It’s just a job… ok… it’s just a job with perks…. 

I looked at Meihui’s profile and did a google search about her. I saw her social media profile and there were more pictures. She’s sweet looking alright but not pretty enough to make me fall head over heels with her. 

This should work. 

It has too. 


I received a call on my desk phone and it was Ella 

Ella : Hey Jude…. Want to go for lunch ? Kathy’s on course … will only be back on Friday… 

My eyes lit up and I immediately agreed. 

I met Ella at the carpark and my eyes immediately drifted to the tight pair of pants she was wearing for the day. It was literally hugging onto her shapely thighs, I could see the fabric stretch as she walked. My cock got harder again as I looked at how gracefully she walked in her high heels, she tossed her head in a bid to brush back some stray fringe and flashed me a bright smile.

Ella : Any nice place to intro for lunch ? 

Jude : Of course… ! 

I brought Ella to Toa payoh where there is no lack of coffee shops and hawker centres. We ate at a hawker center at Lorong one before grabbing an ice cream at a shop nearby. I was forcing myself to look away from Ella’s cleavage as she bent down to lick a stray bit of ice cream that had gone over the side of the cup. 

Her tongue, that hooking motion before she laughed as she licked up that stray bit of chocolate chip made me want to touch her in the café. 

Not rape her or anything. 

I just want to touch Ella, to feel how soft her hands are. To run my palm along her tight pants, feeling my way up to her bottom. I could not see and visible panty line, which probably meant she was wearing G-string or not wearing anything. 

Her breast looked so good, there’s a healthy bounce in them as she walked, I bet the feel a hundred times better that Melody’s fake boobs. 

Ella : So… I heard from Kathy you were up in Level 3…. Anything interesting ?? 

She asked me in a curious manner. 

I just smiled and shook my head. 

Jude : Nothing much… just work… 

Ella squint her eyes and lowered her volume. 

Ella : So secretive eh…. Pssst !!... 

She nudged me on my elbow and gave me a mischievous suggestion. 

Ella : You think you can…. Sneak me up for a look ? 

My mouth gasp opened for a second before Ella laughed and said she’s just joking. 

Ella : Kidding la… haha… wait we both lose our jobs…. Haha… 

We got back to work after lunch and parted ways. 

Ella : ok.. see you… 

Jude : Yeah… bye… 

I got a mail from HR to inform me that as part of the security upgrade, I was to head to a company approved doctor for a comprehensive health checkup. I looked at the forms given to me and I saw I needed to give my semen specimen as well. 

It got me excited. 

That must be part of the procedure to clear me for the impregnation program. That if I’m all ok, I get to cum raw inside these girls. 

I went up to Level 3 again to take a look around. Heading to the same room I saw a staff member fuck a girl , I saw Gary in there that afternoon. 

He saw me enter and waved hi. 

Gary : You haven clear your medical Jude…. You can only watch….. hahaha… after that then you can shoot raw…. Fucking shoik I tell you… hahaa

Jude : I’m just looking around…. Am I disturbing you ?? 

Gary : No.. of course not… this is like a pantry of sort… haha….come in… take a seat….

Jude : You waiting for someone ?? 

Right then the door opened and Thomas came in with a girl on a wheelchair. 

She had the tag #337 on her neck and the wheeled her over to Gary. 

Thomas : Jude… I need your help in the next room … 

Gary rubbed his hands in glee as she girl sobbed and shook her head. 

#377 : No…. please… no… I don’t want….. I don’t want…. Please… sob… sob….no!!... 

The sound of her cries faded off as I left the room with Thomas. 

Thomas : That’s Gary’s favourite girl…

Jude : #377 ? …. Why ? 

Thomas shrugged his shoulder. 

Thomas : No idea why… hahah.. just preference I guess… 

We entered the ward like room with the pregnant girls milling around. As we venture deeper, all of them looked away from us, none of them dared to make eye contact. It’s like we were gods walking among them. 

Thomas brought me over to a wall panel. 

Thomas : Look.. the medical gas points here are a bit faulty…. Uncle Lee might be able to do something about it…. But I can’t get him today… he’s busy in the kitchen with a faulty pipe… can you handle it ? 

Jude : Sure… I’ll talk to him… 

As we walked out of the ward, Thomas gave me more information about the girls there. 

Thomas : These are considered well behaved….they don’t try to kill themselves…. Or cause too much trouble….#477 on the other hand…. Is refusing to eat… in cases like this, we have to force feed them… 

Jude : How ? 

Thomas : Feeding tubes, put them on a drip if needed…. We have a medical team in the building…. 

I saw a few emergency buttons along the walls and thought it was a good time to bring it up. 

Jude : The blue sirens….it happens when the girls try to run right…. 

Thomas : Yes….

Thomas explained that most of the time, the attempt happens during the transfers from the loading bay. One they are up in the Levels, it’s very hard for them to get back down. 

I recalled seeing a girl in white gown on my first day at work. 

Jude : I… I saw one… on my first day at work… 

Thomas : Yes… I know…. 

Jude : She got pretty far …. I meant… down the elevators and all

Thomas turned behind to make sure we’re alone before replying me. 

Thomas : There can only be one explanation….

Jude : What is that ? 

Thomas : She had help…. 

Jude : But who ?? 

Thomas shrugged his shoulders, he added that some staff is sympathetic to the girls and after working at that place for a while, your resolved will get shaken. This was one of the reasons why access to the higher floors were not easily given out. 

Thomas : Everyone needs to prove their worth to the management…..and even then…. You will never know who you can trust fully…..look at David…. He fell in love didn’t he ? 

Thomas : There’re spies among us Jude…. Spies…. Commercial…. I donno… but one thing we know for sure…. Someone is working very hard to take up down… 

Jude : The authorities ? 

Thomas shook his head 

Thomas : No… someone private…we don’t know who… but we know they have people on the inside in this building…. Be careful who you trust… you hear me ? 

I nodded and Thomas told me to take the processing of the girl the nest day as a practise. 

Thomas : It’ll be only you tomorrow….i’ll make sure no one will disturb you…. Take your time… play with her… gain some confidence….. for the 2nd girl… you will be observed by management….

Jude : Ok…. i… ermm.. 

Thomas : I mean it Jude… use the girl tomorrow to build up your confidence…. There’s a lot of work up on level 4 waiting for you…. You have to get past this… 

I nodded my head and we parted ways. 

I went back to the room Gary was in and I could see him with his favourite girl. 

#377 had both her wrist tied up above her head in a standing doggy position as Gary fucked her.

Her naked body rubbed against the wall and her breast bounced against the wall painfully as Gary rammed his cock inside her pussy. 

#377 : sob… sob….. please… sob…. I want to go home… sob… please…. Sob…..sob….

Gary :Arghh… ernghy….arghh… you are so wet…. So wet… arnghh… arnghh… I’m going to cum inside you…. I’m cumming already…. 

#377 : No !!... no!!.. please… don’t!!!.. don’t!!...eernghhh… ernghh… ernghhh….!! 

I shut the door and the sound stopped as well. 

Heading back down to the 1st storey, I was surprised to see so many co-workers dressed in their gym clothes. 


It was an amazing sight. 

Almost all of them were girls. 

All the female and administrative staff.

The cafeteria had been cleared of seats and tables in the centre and I could see some fitness instructors on a makeshift stage. 

I grabbed a girl and asked what’s happening 

Jude : Hi.. what’s happening ? 

Co-worker : Oh… some new healthy living initiative….once a month got free kick boxing class… 

Jude : I see… 

I retreated to the back as the girls jostled for a spot in the floor. 

I could see a few male staff looking at the bodies of their co-workers, openly admiring their curves. Their lanyard read ‘3’ as well so I’m sure they had the same thing on their mind as they looked a the right yoga pants, the colourful sports bra and the short ankle socks disappearing into their workout shoes. 

Ella : Hey ! 

That familiar voice. 

I turned and I saw Ella and the moment I did, I had my breath taken away. 

Ella had a loose white singlet on. I could see the black sports bra with pink trimmings beneath and she was wearing a pair of grey FBT shorts. Her legs tapered and went into a pair of neon yellow ankle socks and a black pair of nike trainers. 

Ella : Here to work out too ? 

Jude : Oh… no … happen to pass by… 

Ella : Not bad ah this company… got healthy living initiatives…. Hahah… 

She pushed passed a couple of colleagues and went to the front. 

I went back to do some work, check through some drawings and at 6pm, I left office to grab another cup of coffee. 

As I entered the cafeteria, I could smell the sweat in the air. Perspiration glisten off the bodies of my co-workers and I could hear them panting beside me as I queued for a cup of coffee. 

The workout session was coming to an end and with the final burst of the music, the girls cheered and punched the air before clapping. 

I took my coffee and decided to head back up to level 3. 

I wanted to take a look at the processing room again to prepare myself for the next day. 

When the door opened, I could hear some people talking at the reception. 

I turned and was surprised to see Mr Hong talking to the receptionist. 

Jude : Mr Hong !.... what are you doing here ?? 

Hong : waiting for them to finish force feeding my girl…….hey…. Jude… come.. come… look… 

I went over to the receptionist, a sweet looking lady in her late 30s. We were not formally introduced but I know she’s call Carmen. 

Jude : Hi Carmen…. 

Carmen : Hi Jude… 

I looked at what they were looking at and all colours left my face. 

Blood drained away so fast that I don’t know how to react. 

On the tablet in front of Carmen was the workout that was happening earlier in the cafeteria. It was already over and many of the participants had left but the camera was still focusing on a few girls. 

Hong : This one… this one….zoom… zoom… 

I felt my body stiffen as the camera zoomed in on Ella. 

She was laughing as she lifted up one of her toned legs and wiped her sweat with her towels as she chatted with another colleague. Then she lifted up her armpits and wiped her sweat too. 

I felt excited looking at Ella in such a voyeuristic manner. To be able to observe her every move without her knowledge excites me. The way she dabbed her towel to suck up her fresh sweat. 

Her FBT shorts were wet with her sweat too. 

I can see the fabric sticking to the sides of her thighs.

Then Ella sat down on the floor with another girl and started to remove her shoes. My cock throbbed as I looked at Ella pull out her damp ankle socks, no doubt infused with a healthy dose of her womanly hormones. 

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva as I listened to Hong’s conversation with Carmen. 

Hong : This one pretty leh… hahaah… 

Carmen : all available…. For the right price of course… haha.. 

I could not believe what I was hearing. 

How far would the company go to make money ? 

Even at the expense of their own staff ? 

Hong : Yah.. yah… Aaron told me before… I saw the price list…. Too expensive… hahaha… I am poor business man…hahaha… 

Carmen smiled politely as she adjusted the camera and stopped at Ella. 

Ella brushed back her hair, flashing a radiant smile despite having her hair matted on her sweaty forehead. 

For a brief moment, Ella looked directly at the camera , her eyes lingered at the screen and it felt as if she was staring at me. 

Then she looked away, causing Hong to salivate at her demeanour. 

I swallowed a gulp of saliva as Hong grinned at Carmen . 

Hong : I think I got to start saving up man… hahaha… 

Hong could see me staring as well and he tapped me on my arm. 

Hong : Jude !... share ai mai ?? … half half… ahhaha… 200k

Jude : Whh.. what ?? 

Hong : I’m just kidding la… hahaha…. 

Carmen’s phone rang and she informed Hong that #477 is not ready for him. 

She brought him into the inner rooms and I continued staring at the screen. 

What the fuck is this . 

For a 200k, the company is willing to give up one of their employee ? 

I looked at the screen as Ella got up and stretched, extending her slender frame and pushing out the fullness of her breast. 

It was a confusing moment. 

I like Ella. She’s pretty and sweet. I want to date her, to hang out with her but if she was to be taken, it would also mean I can process her. 

I slapped myself lightly on my cheeks. 

My head is getting messed up. 

I cannot stand by and allow this to happen. 

I have to warn Ella to lay low. 

The question is how. 

Carmen’s tablet had control or the cafeteria’s cameras, 5 in all on a split screen and the one that was enlarged was the one that focused on Ella. 

I tapped it and it minimised into a smaller screen. 

I looked at the tablet and I thought I caught something peculiar. 

Something out of place. 

Maybe it was just me thinking too much but Ella. 

Ella walked casually around the cafeteria, talking to colleagues, waving bye. 

If I were to be right there on the ground with her, I would think she look every bit the normal employee about to head home after a workout but I’m not on the ground. 

I’m looking at a screen. 

A screen whose images were projected by cameras. 

All 5 of them. 

A humanly chill creeped up my spine as I watch Ella looked directly at each of the 5 cameras while talking to different colleagues as she made a round around the cafeteria.

I know she's not looking at me. 

There's no way she knows i'm spying on her. 

From what i can see, i can only conclude one thing. 

Ella is interested in the positions of the cameras.


How do I warn someone of something that I cannot breath a word about ?

Maybe I can ask Ella to not put on makeup to work ?

Or perhaps I can ask her to dress up in a shabby manner, make herself unappealing?

Eat in a messy way, leave bits of food and vegetables on her teeth, or better still, chug down loads of garlic or something.

The fact is I can’t.

There’s no way of warning Ella she was on Hong’s radar without telling her what is going on a level above her.

What about the fact that I saw her looking at the cameras ?

It was obvious.

Something I cannot ignore.

I meant if I was not looking at the screen, I could easily brush it off as Ella looking away for a brief moment but that was not the case.

As she looked at each one, she was indirectly looking right at me.

Why would Ella be interested in the cameras in the cafeteria anyway ?

I decided to brush it off as a coincidence.

Maybe it’s just me getting a little paranoid.

6th January 2016



I woke up early because I could hardly sleep.

In a few hours time I would meet Meihui.

I wonder how she would be like in real life. I don’t know if I should gag her while I work, I don’t think I can concentrate if she squeal like a little kitten as I play with her.


I spoke with Uncle Lee about the medical gas valve issue and he said he will take care of it.

I drank a strong cup of coffee and went up to Level 3.

It’s my big day.

I will be processing Meihui in a few minutes time.

It would be the perfect time for me to practice.

I bumped into Ella in the lift on the ground floor, she was headed up to Level 2.

Ella : Going up to 3 ?

I smiled and said nothing.

Ella : Can I take a peek ?

She asked and bent her body closer to me in a mischievous manner.

Jude : you don’t want to do that… there’s nothing interesting…

She laughed and asked me to join her for lunch again.

Ella : I’m kidding la…. Got so much work to do….. ….Lunch later ?

Jude : Sure… I’ll give you a buzz when I’m done.

I watched as Ella’s tight body disappeared around the corner on Level 2 before I went up to L3 on my own.

Walking towards Carmen, she added without looking up.

Carmen : Big day today Jude eh … haha

Jude : Yeah… hope it all goes well…

Carmen : Don’t worry…. They gave you a easy one…..

Jude : What makes you say that ?

Carmen : It’s your first solo…. They always give the easy ones… haha..

I gave her a wink and entered the processing area.

Luke was there munching on a bread.

Luke : Morning…

Jude : Morning…

Luke : She’s coming up…. Gary is bringing her…

Jude : Ok… will she be conscious ??

Luke explained that as much as possible, they would like to avoid knocking the girl out. They would try to get them to come up on their own free will, it’s better that way for everyone. They avoid unnecessary injuries that would otherwise affect the values of their bodies. Luke said they had an instance where a girl tried to smash her face at a door as she attempted to get away.

I nodded as I took a look at the surroundings.

Luke : Relax… it’s easy… you already did it once before…

Luke will just be there to help me strap her in and he’ll leave.

Luke : No one will disturb you.... even the observation area is out of bounds…. I will add in a additional restraint around her waist….. that should make things easy…. If needed, just grab more for her knees. ….

Jude : Ok.

He pressed a button on the panel and the one way mirror in front of us clear up, revealing the empty corridor.

Luke : Take your time…. Play with her…. Get your confidence level up…. Ok ?? ….think of this as your practise…. Before the exams… Level 4 is fun… haha…

I looked at Luke’s lanyard and noticed it was a ‘3’

He saw me looking and he sniggered.

Luke : I was up there once…. But… well… they caught me misbehaving… so I’m back down here… hahaha…. It’s hard to be a good boy up there you know… hhahaha…

Jude : Ok…. Ok…

I nodded.

Luke gestured to the empty corridor and pointed to a particular spot. He said on the day of the evaluation, the management will be behind that mirror, usually a few chairs will be placed there for them to sit while they observe.

Luke: That spot, right by the 2nd column, It’s always there…. It gives them the widest view angle and it’s not directly under the fucking air con duct. It can get quite cold..

Jude : Oh.. ok… does it matter if I’m blocking them or anything ??

Luke : Fuck them… just do your stuff… you can’t see them anyway… it’ll be mirrored up…

Luke : There’s no telling how long they will stay… If they are confident you are capable to do it… they could be done in like 5-10 minutes…. If not, they might stay till the entire processing is complete…. Maybe there’ll be an interview or something… I don’t know… it varies from individual…

Jude : How do they judge ?.... base on what benchmark….

Luke : I don’t know…. But among us guys, I know the more perverted ones usually finish off pretty fast, best is if you could demonstrate how emotionless you can be…. Treat their bodies like meat…. Hahaha… that’s all there is to this… don’t appear shy…. Don’t show that you are awkward…. Be confident….

Luke did a motion of fucking his finger into an imaginary girl’s cunt.

Luke : Play with their pussy… they like it… just too shy to admit you know…. Ahahahah….

Barely 2 minutes later, Gary entered the room with Meihui. She was in a pair of skinny jeans and a white spag top. I could see the pink bra straps that rest on her shoulders. She was clutching her bag close to her body.

Meihui : What is this ? … I thought you are bringing me to the warehouse where you were keeping the bags??? Hello ??

Gary ignored her and went to take out the restrains from the cupboard.

Meihui : Hey… hello!... I’m paying good money for the Chanel bag replica you said you have…. Where is it….. if you don’t have it… I’m going to leave…. !...

Meihui : Hey bitch !... I’m talking to you….. I got your contact from Melvin…. Do you have the replica or not !!!

Luke and I went over to Meihui and she backed away immediately.

Meihui : What are you doing !!... go away !!... no!!! ARGHHH!!! ARGH!!! … don’t touch me !!!

Gary set up the restrains on a stainless steel table while Luke and I dragged and carried a screaming Meihui over. She was slammed onto the table as the leather cuffs were fastened onto her wrists and ankles. Her Head was held down as a collar was fastened around her neck.


Meihui : NO!!!.. NO!!!>. what are you doing !!!..s top… stop !!! I’m calling the police !!! …NO!!!... let me go !!!! what is going on !!

My heart started beating faster and faster. I picked up Meihui’s beg from the floor and put it aside.

Gary and Luke talked about getting coffee after that and after we were done with the restrains, they gave me a wave and told me to press the button on the wall after I was done.

Gary : Enjoy yourself Jude… .. see you later… haha…

The 2 of them walked out of the processing room and the door slammed with a heavy thud.

Meihui : What the fuck man !! What is this ?? is this a joke ?? fuck… let me go !!!

I turned and look at Meihui who was struggling to crane her neck up from the table to look at me.

Meihui : Who are you ?? har ?? …. Who are you… what do you want ?? .. let me go!!!.... now!!! Or I’m calling the police…. !!! HEY!!!...

I was nervous. My erection was throbbing hard.

I don’t want to show how nervous or inexperienced I was. I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and walked over to the changing area. Then I started to strip and change.

Meihui : HEY !!.. HEY!!!! I’m talking to you ..!!! ANSwer me !!!! fuck !!!.. HEY YOU!!!!....let me go !!!!

Meihui struggled and jerk against the restrains like a mad woman but they held fast.

It was impossible to break loose.

After I was changed, I took the pair of scissors from the drawer. Meihui’s eyes widened when she sees me approach her

Meihui : What are you doing !.... go away. !! stay back !!! no!!!...

It’s really weird.

I meant it.

I’ve never had feelings and emotions like this before.

My cock in my pants was going wild, blood pumping in and deflating and getting hard again.

I’ve had sex before.

I’ve had a few girlfriends who were adventurous with trying out kinky stuff, but never like this.

Meihui’s toes looked nice, manicured and neat with a seductive shade of red.

Her Melissas were on the floor, Gary had pull them off when he strapped her ankles down.

Meihui’s eyes glared at me as she no doubt must be wondering what am I up to.

I bent down and took up her flats.

Her sweet shoes that she was wearing only moments ago. It’s fucking sick.

The most perverted thing I have ever done in my life up to that point.

I’ve always wanted to do something like that.

I’ve smelled my colleague’s heels and shoes before, but never like this.

Never in front of their face.

I took that shoe and I sniffed it.

I fucking put it to my nose and I looked Meihui in her eyes.

Then I took a deep whiff.

There were no words in the English dictionary to describe that incredulous look of disgust she had. That disdain in her eyes was evident but I don’t care.

It was arousing for me.

That fucking high was better than the one I had in Koh samui when the café choke my omelette full of magic mushroom.

It’s an amazing mind fuck as I looked at Meihui.

It smells so good, there’s this musty smell of her fragrance. Perhaps it was her body wash. I don’t know.

I looked into her eyes and I did it again. She screamed and jerked at the restrains with all her might. Even her collar around her neck was not spared as she shook and went into an all out struggle on the cold steel table. Her toes curled up, as if subconsciously she wanted to protect her toes from my nose.

She looked at me as if I’m mad.

I could tell she was disturbed by my actions, but the very fact that she was afraid, disturbed by what I did turned me on.

You might think I’m sick but put yourself in my shoes.

Think about the pretty babe you were eyeing on the train.

How about the one queuing up in front of you during lunch ?

Did your eyes not wander and check her out from top to bottom, following the curves of her body down to her feet. Have you not wonder how her body would smell ?

What kind of erotic fragrance would linger around her soles of this beautiful woman ?

I put her shoe down as Meihui looked at me. She saw the raging erection I had.

It was pushing against my overalls.

I did something crazy and dumb.

I actually hung Meihui’s flats on my cock and I laughed when it hung there.

Meihui : AHHHH!!!! … AHH!!!!.. LET me go !!!!.. fuck !!! let me go!!!! Stop !!!

I took off the shoe and threw it aside.

Meihui : Please… let me go… I don’t know you….. please… stop… whatever you are doing….

I hovered near her feet, she tried to look at what I was doing.

My fingers touched the fabric of her jeans, she screamed and started kicking, trying to get my hands away from her.

I laughed for no reason at all. My body just moved on it’s own as I pressed my face at Meihui’s groin, kissing and smelling her through her jeans.

Meihui : AHHHH!!!!.. NO!!! AHRGH!!!!

I laughed and I wiped away a sliver of drool that fell from my lips.

Then I positioned the scissors at the leg of the jeans and I looked at Meihui.

I looked at her in the eyes.

I could see the fear as I made the first cut.

Meihui : NO!!!.. no!! please… !!! NO!!!... what are you doing !!! no!!!

I depressed the blades, but it’s not cutting properly.

The denim material is tough, not easy to cut through. Have you tried cutting denims before ??

I tried again, adjusting the blade properly and I manage to land a clean cut as Meihui screams filled the room.

My eardrums were pierced by her cries but it sounded like music to my ears.

Snip…. Snip… snip….

3 smooth cuts and I was up to Meihui’s knee. The sharp blade slicing through the denim like the scalpel of a surgeon.

Meihui’s eyes started to turn a little red. She was holding back her tears.

I looked at her as I did the next few cuts.

It felt so good to see how helpless she was.

Snip…. Snip… snip….

Meihui : NO!!!.. NO!!!!... STOP!!! Please !!!!! STOP!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

I laughed as I got to the top of her thighs. I could see the peach coloured boyshort panty she was wearing. I made sure to avoid cutting that and I slice the jeans through all the way to the top.

Meihui’s right leg was not exposed and I took the time to slowly admire her smooth legs.

It was ok, not the best I’ve seen. There’re some light scars, but other than that, still good enough. I touched her thigh with my naked palm and she screamed, thrashing about on the table.

I proceed to cut the jeans on her left, snipping and slicing my way up .

Meihui : NO!!!.. STOP!!! Please!!!AHHH… Stop… stop… what are you doing ?? !! sobzz… sobzz… stop please…

She finally started to cry when I finished the cut.

I gave a few yanks and tugs, pulling the jeans away from the table, leaving Meihui’s bottom exposed with only her panty on her.

She’s not shaven; I could see the dark of her pubic hair beneath the peach coloured panty. Her vagina lips, they were puffy, fleshy and cute.

My fingers hovered for a moment above her privates as Meihui screamed.

Then I touched her.

I touched her privates with my entire hand. I poked my finger around, trying to find the depression where the entrance of her love hole was.

Meihui : NO!!!!!.. sTOP!!!! STOP!!! Please. !!!

I kept probing and I found it.

I looked at Meihui as I slid my finger up and down her slit , pressing her panty against that slit. She kept shaking her head and I pulled back the panty near the crotch to take a look as her pussy.

Excitement course through my veins as I caught a whiff of her womanly scent.

I put her panty back and my face hovered near her bottom.

Meihui was openly sobbing by now begging for me to stop.

Pressing my face onto her privates, I took in a deep whiff and was rewarded by her screams of fear.

I think I’m probably going to drive myself mad if I don’t hurry up.

I cut off her panty with a few snips then I started on her spag top. I worked through her bra too, removing it with a couple of cuts.

I could not resist sticking my finger into her inviting cunt, and as I did, I saw Meihui’s eyes widened and she screamed and squirmed, begging me to pull my finger out.

From 1 finger, it became 2.

Nothing could describe the look on Meihui’s eyes as she felt the forceful dig of my finger in her cunt. I rotated and pressed and rubbed all I could, seeing how each of my movement trigger different reactions.

Then I pulled out my fingers and I put them into my mouth as Meihui sobbed and screamed on the table.

After I licked my fingers clean, I put them back into Meihui’s vagina again, with 2 fingers inside her, my thumb started to play with her clitoris.

I rubbed, squeezed and shake my hand as if my body has a current going through, my crab like grip worked like a vice, clamping down on a fleshy spot inside Meihui’s vagina while the thumb anchored itself on her clit.

I shook in the same speed I would it I was masturbating myself as the screams that filled the room was incredible.


Squich……… Squich……… Squich……… Squich……… Squich………

Weird wet and watery sound punctuated my rubbing as I laughed at Meihui’s reaction to my tease.

I felt a sudden tension and squeeze on my fingers and I torrent of wet liquid forces it’s way out of Meihui’s wet pussy. 

Meihui : NO!!!.. NO!!>.AHHH…ERNGHHHH,, erNGHHH!!!!!!!!!!! 

She squirted a generous amount as her body went into spasm with squirts of female ejaculation bursting out of her love hole.

I pulled out my fingers which was wrinkled by then and sucked on them eagerly. 

I’ve never felt more sick and perverted in my life. 

Well, at least I pleasured the girl before I fuck her. 

I held the soft bra cups on my hand and relished the texture of the cups with my eyes closed. 

Meihui shook at the restrains every 30 seconds or so, crying as she slammed her head against the table, praying she would wake up from this nightmare. 

Her nipples are perky and pink. 

I touched her right nipple, pressing it between my thumb and index finger and she screamed, trying to shake me loose. I rolled her nipple around my fingers as she cursed at me, I pulled it, higher and higher as she screamed in pain and begged me to stop. 

I cupped her right breast first, trying to feel it in my palm, to feel how that erected nipple would brush against the surface of my hand. I cupped both her breasts and her eyes were squeeze shut . She don’t want to look at me. 

I depressed her breast hard and she shudders in pain, screaming and trashing on the table. 

I laughed, feeling amused that I would get to play with a girl in that manner. 

Hovering my face close to hers, I took in her features in great detail. The small mole behind her ear, the healing scar of a recent pimple, the unevenness of that minor bit of foundation she applied. 

Meihui sobbed and begged me to let her go. 

Meihui : Please… I won’t tell anyone…. I won’t go to the police…. 

Her ears looked delicious in a unexplained manner. I brushed aside the hair and pressed her head onto the table. 

Meihui : What are you doing !!!.. no!!1 no!!! please… no!!!! no!!! sobbzz… sobzzz… 

I kissed Meihui on her ear and I stuck my tongue into her earhole as she screamed and trashed about on the table. 

Her struggle hit me on my nose ridge, snapping me out of my trance for a brief moment. 

I stepped back and looked at the crying struggling girl. 

That hit knocked me up a little as I massaged the pain on my nose. 

This is not who I am. 

I’m not a monster. 

I could still feel my heart thumping as Meihui sobbed and tried to convince me to let her go. She started offering me money as well. 

Ignoring her pleas, I took the hose and wet her body and hair, causing her to choke and gag. 

I lathered up her body with the sweet smelling soap, sticking my hand into every crevice to scrub her clean. Meihui shivered as she cried to the point there was almost no sound coming from her as I carried on my work. 

I shampooed her hair and even scrubbed in between her toes. 

After I’m done, I took the hose and started to hose Meihui down, rinsing away all the soap. 

I took a towel and dried Meihui up a little. 

The smell of the soap, and a freshly showered naked body was too much to bear for me.

I needed a release. 

My fingers prised open Meihui’s pussy lips as she squirmed helplessly. It looked moist and pink, tight too. 

I looked around the room. There was no one looking. The corridor was clear as well, I would be doing myself a great injustice if I were to pass on this. 

I went to the cabinets and started looking for condoms. 
I found a box of them and I grabbed one. 

Meihui heard the tearing of the wrapper and she started to struggle. 

Meihui : NO!!!!!! no!!! please !!! NO!!!! LET ME GO !!!!!LET ME GO!!! SOBZZZ…. Please… please… sobzz… let me go..!!!

She trashed really hard, harder than before, hitting her head against the metal table as she did so. I was worried she might hurt herself and I recalled a trick I learnt the other day. 

Hardening my palm, I aimed for Meihui’s pussy and hit it with the same manner of strength I would hit a volleyball. 

Meihui : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!sobzzz… sozbbb… 

Meihui went into a 2 second spasm as she cried out in pain. 

I held her thighs down and smacked her pussy again, causing her to gag and cry out in pain again as she begged for me to stop. 

Jude : Stop… screaming… you hear me…. it’s very irritating… haha… 

She nodded weakly as I massaged her vagina, trying to sooth the pain I had just delivered on her. 

I spread her soft pussy lips with my fingers to revel the folds of pink and wet flesh. 

Meihui : Please…. Let me go…. Sobbzz.. sobzzz… please… sobzz… 

I aimed for her clitoris and flicked it with my finger, as if I’m hitting a carrom piece across the board. 

Meihui gritted her teeth and shook in pain. 

Meihui : Fuck !!! …. Arghhhhh FUCK!!!... sobzz.z… Fuck… …sobzzz…. That hurts….sobzz.. sobzz… ok enough…. Stop.. 

I felt bad immediately after that, I never knew I was capable of doing things like that. 

I removed my overalls and took out my throbbing cock. 

I capped myself and straddled Meihui on the cold metal table. 

Her head was turned away as she sobbed softly, unwilling to meet my eyes. 

Right when I was about to penetrate her, there was a loud buzz overhead. 

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! .. 

A voice rang out and I looked around in shock, trying to find out the source of the noise. 

Voice : Alright Jude… that’s quite enough… 

Jude : What the fuck… ? 

I looked around , puzzled and unsure of what was happening. 

Gary and Luke came back in, sniggering as they saw me straddled over Meihui. 

They gestured for me to get off her and I did.

Jude : What’s happening ?? 

Gary laughed and said I passed the test. 

Jude : What test ? 

Luke : It was a lie all along Jude… there’s no practise round… it’s either you can do it or you can’t… the management is pretty pleased with your performance…. 

I felt my face flushed red as I looked around the room. 

There were no visible cameras. 

Jude : How ?? …

Gary said there were hidden cameras in the room. 

Gary : Don’t take this the wrong way ah…. It’s the only effective way to weed out those who can’t handle this job…. The 1st time…. Will be the most natural…. If we allowed practises, the 2nd round will just be an act….

I was still reeling in shock as I staggered backwards and leaned my body against another table. 

Luke : You did good… don’t worry… 

Another 2 men came in and wheeled Meihui out of the room. 

Gary : Ok… Thomas needs to see you right away…. There’s a lot of administrative work that you need to clear before you can go up to Level 4…. It’s a shit storm up there right now…. 

I quickly changed out of my overalls and went to look for Thomas. 

We spent 30 minutes going through some stuff, filled in some forms, changing of my staff pass and to upgrade my clearance. 

By the time it was all done and I could see the holographic image of the number ‘4’ on my tag, it was close to 1pm 

I walked back to my office and my phone rang. 

It was Ella 

Ella : Jude…. Still free to go for lunch ? …. 

Jude: Sure… I’m starving…. 

Ella : Ok… let’s eat at the cafeteria….i need to rush some work later… 

I agreed and I went up to the café and found a seat. 

I got myself a coffee and was surfing on my phone when I heard the pull of the chair beside me. 

Ella : Jude…. Don’t mind ah…….. I asked another colleague to join us…. She just returned from an attachment overseas…

I had a mouthful of coffee in me as I looked up at Ella. 

Then I froze. My eyes widened and my heart stopped beating. 

I froze when I saw the colleague beside Ella. 

I swallowed the mouthful of coffee as I stared at Meihui who looked coldly at me as she took the seat directly opposite me. 

She looked different, more matured, confident and well dressed. She had applied fresh makeup, and she wore a sleeveless white dress. Her feet disappeared into a pair of chic grey heels and she carried a black clutch bag.

Meihui looked good with her makeup done properly and it was a total makeover from the timid girl I was processing in the morning. 

She folded her arms, and crossed her legs the same time I caught the glimpse of her lanyard with her staff pass on her with the number ‘ 5 ’ beside her face. 

Ella : Jude… this is…. my

Meihui : It’s ok Ella…. 

Meihui spoke coldly as she stared straight into my eyes. 

Meihui : We’ve already met… 

I did the only thing I could muster my body to do at that point in time. 

I mouth a swear word I’ve already heard multiple times that day

Jude : Fuck… 


Ella : Ohh… ermmm.. okay…. I’m going to get chicken rice… you guys ok to share ?? I can order half a chicken or something… maybe with vegetables and all…. 

Ella paused for a couple of seconds as she looked at me with my mouth half opened staring at Meihui. She alternated her eyes between the 2 of us, expecting a reply. 

Meihui : Sure… let’s share… you ok Jude ? 

I nodded my head at twice the usual speed when you would normally do it at Ella as she gave me a puzzled look. 

Ella : Okaayyyyyy… I’ll ……go…… get …… 

I waited for Ella to be out of earshot and I looked around to make sure no one was near us. 

Jude : I…. am… SO… SO…. Sorry…… I mean…. I’m really sorry… I didn’t know….

Meihui took a deep breath and looked over her shoulders too, I saw her closed her eyes in an attempt to calm herself down before delivering her first statement at me. 

Meihui : Which part…… of the processing process are you not clear about Jude !!! did you read the fucking manual !! 

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and wet my lips. No one told me shit about a manual. 

Meihui : You are only supposed !!!! … to clean the girl….wash her up… that’s all!!!! …. Which part do you not understand ??!!! 

Meihui whispered harshly at me before taking another deep breath and tapping her own chest to calm down. 

Jude : I’m…. I’m really sorry…. The guys…. The guys told me… 

Meihui : I don’t give a fuck what the guys told you !!.....

I immediately shut up as I gave her an awkward smile. 

Jude : Ok.. ok… I’m sorry… are you… ermm…. Okay ?? ….. are you hurt in anyway ??

Meihui hit the table with her palms and clenched her fist and I backed away 2 steps from the table. 

Ella was walking back towards us and she looked at the 2 of us suspiciously. 

She laid down the sauces and condiments for the chicken rice, Ella also distributed the utensils too. 

Ella : Ohhhhhkay…… I can sense the hostility…… I’m going to go get the cheeee kennnn …. Rice…. 

She quickly removed the tray and backed off from the table. 

Meihui : We can turn a blind eye to perhaps… some touching…..we understand that men have needs…. But not like this !!! … you can take care of your needs when you clear your medical !!!... 

Meihui puffed up her cheeks and blew out some air and tapped her chest again. 

Meihui : You know what…. Fuck it… forget it…. I’m not ever going to talk about that again….. but…. But ….. make no mistakes…. I will make recommendations to management to tighten up the procedures for this segment …. Anyone that passes through that room…. Is an asset to the company…. They make money…. for the company… do you understand. ?? money that pays you your salary…. Your bonus …

Jude : Ok ok …. I understand…… sorry… i..ermm… I’m really sorry…. For…ermm… 

Meihui shot me a look from the corner of her eye and I shut up immediately. 

A couple of minutes later, Ella came back with the food. 

Ella : Alright…. Lunch is here…. And…. No one is helping me with the rest of the rice…. 

Jude : Oh.. oh… sorry… was a bit ermm….i meant I was day dreaming…. 

I immediately got up and went to pick up the rest of the rice and soup waiting at the counter. 

The trio of us sat back down for lunch and Ella did most of the talking. 

I found out from the conversation that Meihui sits beside Ella in the office. She had been gone for half a year, attached to another office in Hong Kong. Meihui was there to help oversee some of the operations. She’s the head of her own section , aside from that, Meihui does a bit of client servicing as well. 

Ella : Nice.... got so much good food in Hong Kong !!... I love that city… in fact I visit it every year !... 

Meihui : it’s not bad… but working there feels different from a holiday…. 

Ella : How is it like working over there ? …. Are the trains really packed in the morning as well ?? …. I heard getting groped on packed trains is quite common over there …. 

Meihui picked up a couple of chicken breast and put it on her plate as she replied in a nonchalant manner. 

Meihui : It’s packed during peak hours…. Groping wise is not that bad I think…. I only got it like less than 3 times during my stay there… 

Ella : Wow !... that’s sick man…. 

Meihui : It can get really crowded during morning peak…. You don’t even know who’s touching you…

Ella : That’s disgusting.. !... what if it’s some china farmer…. Ewwww… 

Meihui : It’s not that bad…. Just a grope… not as if he’s finger fucking you… 

Jude : Bluewwwww!!... cough… cough!!.. 

I choke on my rice and blew out a mouthful of it as Meihui picked up some vegetables without a change in her facial reaction. 

Ella was shock at that comment too but pretended as if she didn’t catch it.

Ella : Wah… what’s wrong with you ? …

Jude : cough… cough!!.. nothing..cough… nothing… cough… choke on the chilli… cough… ahem …. 

I cleared my throat and drank some soup, avoiding Meihui’s eyes. I scooped up the food fast, desperate to finish my meal and get out of there. 

Ella : Meihui ….ask you something…. Do you like… you know…. Feel there’s something weird going on around … you know…. It’s a little hard to explain… everyone’s so secretive…. I don’t know… you’re here for a while…. Maybe it’s just me being new and all….

I looked at Ella and tried to give her a look but she was not looking at me. She was just babbling away. I wanted her to shut up, I haven got the chance to warn her about being on Hong’s radar yet. 

Meihui did not even look at as she replied Ella after swallowing a mouthful of rice. 

Meihui : Well…. The company is dealing with vaccines and stuff…… medical research and all…. It’s very classified… there’s a lot of competition…. So it’s natural to be secretive…. Anyway we’re all paid well above market rate no ?? 

Before Ella could ask another questions, Meihui added further to her reply. 

Meihui : Anyway… one of the main rule as an employee is not to stick your nose…. Tongue… or finger at places where you are not supposed to….. you understand ? 

I almost choke again, for a moment I thought I had a grain of rice going up my nostril.

Meihui looked at Ella with a smile while I double the speed at which I’m scooping rice into my mouth. 

Meihui : Bad things happen to people who like to poke where they are not supposed to in this company…. 

Ella : errr…. Okay…. 

I became like a hamster. 

Both my cheeks stuffed full of rice as I was desperate to get going. 

Ella : Jude… are you ok ? … you hardly touched the chicken…. Just eating plain rice ?? 

I nodded and gave Ella the thumbs up, indicating I’m ok. 

Jude : I’m ok…. I’m ok… 

I finished up within 3 minutes and offered to pay Ella for lunch. 

Ella : No need la ….sheeshhh… next time you treat me…. 

Jude : Ok… ok… ermmm… sorry ladies… I got to go rush some work …. i… ermm… see you around yah…. Bye !... 

Ella : eh… eh… slow down la… why so rush ?? 

I got up and disappeared as fast as I could back to my office. 


Why didn’t Luke and Gary warned me ? They fucking helped me strap her down, they could have winked, or do some crooked twitching action with their mouth or some shit.

I decided to go up and look for them. 

Heading to level 3, I saw Luke cleaning up the processing area. 

Jude : Luke !... why didn’t you tell me Meihui was one of us ?? 

Luke : ahhaah.. I can’t… I’m not supposed to !... which part of it being a test do you not understand ? hahaha…

Jude : Fuck… the things I did… i… I’m really fucked man… 

Luke laughed and tapped me on my shoulders.

Luke : Honestly…. I thought you would notice how much more gentle we were treating Meihui….. … hahah… 

Jude : It’s not funny !.... not when you are in my position… 

Luke : Did you see Gary and I touching her ?? no right ?? haha….Did you see us teasing her ?? .. shouldn’t that be a big hint already…. . if it were any other girl, all the vulgarities and shit would be flying off our mouths.. ahahha.

Jude : What kind of fucking hint is that ?? ! 

Luke just laughed and he hung up the hose to dry. 

Jude : Did she test you too ??! as in evaluate you ? 

Luke shook his head and said he got someone a lot nicer. 

Luke : Honestly…. I’m one of the lousier ones at the test…. I think I scored record low…. Had to do it again before they let me pass back then…. I was too soft… Hell I don’t even dare to scrub her pussy properly….. after washing her, she still had soap in her cunt… 

Jude : You got to be shitting me… 

Luke : I’m not…. I don’t even dare to rub her breast too hard during my first attempt….anyway… Meihui is already beyond taking up the testing role…. She did that initially but has now moved on to management roles…. She’s a high flyer…and most important of all, she’s cosy with all the big clients…..excellent PR skills…. The original girl you were supposed to get is nice too…. But she came down with chicken pox… oh well…

Luke changed tone and gave me a warning.

Luke : Don’t step on her toes Jude…. She’s not to be trifle with… ahhaa.. 

Jude : Right….. you tell me this after I humiliated her this morning…. 

He tapped my shoulders and gave me the thumbs up. 

Luke : It took us a couple of years before we had the balls to do the things we did to the girls…. But you…. You are the man !.. 

Jude : Fuck but you all kept telling me to just do it, show that I’m confident….. to handle them like…. Like a piece of meat and all……

Luke : Yah… we don’t know how you are going to fare ….we had to encourage you…. But hahaha… it seems you are a natural… you don’t need any of the pep talk… 

He sniggered and asked me not to worry too much about it. 

Luke : You passed… it’s all that matters…. There’s work to be done up there on Level 4….. it’ll be fun… 

I sighed and left the room. I bumped into Thomas at the reception and saw him talking to Carmen . He ran over to me in an excited manner. 

Thomas : CCB !!! JUDE !!!!.... what the fuck man !!.. ahahahahha… he laughed and checked over his shoulder. 

Carmen sniggered as she looked at me. 

Thomas : KNN, you fucking finger fuck Meihui till she cums ???!!!! why didn’t you tell me just now when I was doing your access card ???!!! 

Jude : I….. I …. But… but I saw you put your finger inside …. Inside… #477

Thomas laughed and rebutted me. 

Thomas : Brother !!!... I fucking put 1 finger insider to tease….. I never finger the girl till she squirt and cum ok!!!! Hahahaha… 

He laughed so hard together with Carmen that my entire face flushed red. 

Carmen : He put his tongue into Meihui’s ears too I heard !!... 

Thomas : KNN BROTHER !!!...I salute you…! 

Thomas stood to attention and did a mock salute as I slouched onto the sofa.

Thomas : Of all the girls you can fuck with….. you had to fuck with the one everyone stays away from…. Good luck to you brother…hahahaha…

Carmen : hahah …. Word has started to spread Jude…. About your… hahaha. Eagerness….

Jude : Fuck… this isn’t exactly good news right… 

Thomas laughed so hard he was clutching the sides of his stomach. 

Thomas : You slapped her pussy ? did you ?? and I also heard you flicked her clit ??? hahaha… what the fuck man brother… you are right up there in the perverse department. Hahah… 

I massaged my forehead and said I needed to go grab a coffee. 

I went back down to my office and rest my head on the table for a good 15 minutes. 

My desk phone rang and I picked it up. 

It was Thomas 

Thomas : … you need to start working on some stuff on Level 4 already… haha….haha… I’ll meet you at Level 1 in 30 mintues ok… same thing.. leave your phone… 

Jude : Ok… 


I got to the lift lobby at Level 1 and waited for Thomas. 

He arrived with a folder and a clipboard with a smug smile on his face. I noticed a few co workers with lab coats walked past me and gave me a 2nd look before whispering to themselves. 

Jude : Ok… calm down Jude… calm down…. 

I told myself it’s all good. 

It’s not that bad. 

I’ve already apologised. 

We’re all adults, we have to be professional about this. 

Thomas : We have to wait for Meihui… she’ll be showing you around … 

Jude : oh…. Ok… 

As we waited, I casually asked Thomas about Meihui. 

Jude : Is… ermm… she someone who is very…… you know… petty ?? …. 

Thomas gave me a smile and did not answer my question. 

Right at that moment, Meihui came out from nowhere, walking with her head held high towards us. 

I gave her a smile but she looked away. 

A lift chimed at Level 1, the door opened, carrying staff who is coming up from the basement. They were talking, and chatting but they just stopped when they saw Meihui in front of them. 

All 4 of them stopped moving as Meihui waited at the lift entrance. 

Meihui : I’m going up to Level 4…. Get out… 

The people in the lift scurried out like mice who just got spooked by a cat, squirming their bodies around Meihui before disappearing in different directions. 

She stepped in and Thomas entered, choosing to stand behind her and out of her line of sight. 

Meihui :You need an invitation Jude ?? 

Jude : I…err…

Meihui : Get in the fucking lift… 

I entered and we buzzed our way up to level 4. 

The excitement I thought I would have was not there. 

It’s just not the same as me going up to Level 3. 

It was fucking embarrassing to be in the same lift as Meihui. My eyes lingered on her body and I could not help but look at her bottom, sliding my eyes up to her breast. 

I’m so embarrassed. 

It did not help with Thomas trying to stifle his laugh at the same time. 

If I could dig a hole in the lift, I would bury my head in it. 

The door opened and we stepped out into a mid size lobby. It was nowhere as grand as Level 3, it looked like any other corporate office lobby. A good looking lady sat at the reception, she spoke with an accent and I could tell she was from China. 

Meihui : This is Dawn…. Dawn… Jude… 

Dawn : Hi Jude… 

Meihui walked on forward and I could see Thomas and Dawn making eyes at each other. 

It was as if Dawn was trying to subtly ask Thomas if I was the dumb fuck that fingered Meihui and Thomas was nodding his head trying not to laugh. 

Dawn gave me a smile before breaking into a snigger. 

Behind Dawn was a long horizontal wall that stretched at least 10 metres on each side. 

It’s huge but with only a single glass door. 

We buzzed our way in and I saw a series of doors in the corridor. A handful of staff were talking along the corridor, about 6-7 of them. As Meihui stepped in, the conversation stopped and all of them disappeared into different rooms. 

Oh god.

Exactly how much power and influence does this woman possess within this company ? 

I tried to concentrate on the task at hand and looked around me.

It’s like stepping into the entrance of a maze. 

I counted 9 doors in front of me. 8 were closed, 1 was open and I could hear voices coming from them. 

The one that was open is right at the end of the corridor.

Meihui walked on ahead as I looked at the names on the door. 

There were no proper signage, just hand scribbles across duct tapes but there were intriguing to read. 

The first one read ‘ Classroom, ( tour group )’

A few steps down I saw ‘Gym’ 

The names got weirder as I went along, each one piqued my curiosity further. 

Swimming pool , camping , restaurant , outdoor , tomb , MRT cabin

Whatever is inside those rooms, it’s making the company a lot of money. 

The last room was opened so I could not see what was written on the door but the moment I turned the corner, I gasped for air in surprised. There’s a sudden change in headroom, from the usual low 2.7m ceiling, I walked into a space that looked like a large hall. The ceiling is at least 5m high, modelled like a warehouse, I could see a few contractors working on some carpentry work at the side. 

They had visitors pass on them and each of them had their own escort watching their every move. The hall is big, like a stage set and right in front of me was a series of tall panels. 

Several co-workers stopped what they were doing and stepped aside as Meihui walked on. They nodded their head at her in acknowledgment as she passes them by. One thing for sure, they respected her. 

We came to the front of this dry wall partition with a door. 

Thomas opened the door for Meihui and we stepped into this familiar looking space. 

The door closed behind me and I felt as if I had been teleported to another place. 

The door behind me has the decal of your typical lift door design you see in every HDB. It’s like we just stepped out of a lift.

Looking at the ground where I was standing, it was the same grey concrete screed at every HDB corridor. Right in front of me were 2 metal gates leading into 2 different units. 

Potted plants lined the corridors, slippers and shoe racks were placed outside the door too.

The gate was not locked and Thomas opened one of the gates before pushing the door open. 

I was totally mind fucked when I saw the interior of that modelled HDB apartment. 

It was so fucking real I would think I just stepped into the house of an actual family living inside there. 

Thomas : Ok… this is it Jude… 

Meihui : I’ve been following this project since I was back in Hong Kong…. It belongs to one of our most important client….Kevin. …. We’ve spent a lot of money on this already…. I’m done approving budget overruns for this…

Thomas : Meihui manages the operations and financial part of building up Level 4 for all our clients.. 

Thomas went on to give me a brief overview of the Level. 

Basically the rich go there to play out their wildest fantasies, and the company would go to all lengths to make sure it was as real as it gets. No expenses would be spare when it comes to details. 

Thomas : We can build anything… anything… as long as they pay… we will do it…. Stage sets, props, actors, and of course, the girls for them to do anything they want.

Thomas said they sky is the limit and nothing is too challenging for the team so far. 

Thomas : David did a good job… he’s the architect of this entire floor… his attention to detail is impeccable…. 

Meihui : So is his attraction to useless whores… 

Thomas kept quiet at the cold comment Meihui made. 

Meihui took over the explanation. 

Meihui : There is too much to go into detail for the entire level, we will brief you along the way…. 

She pointed to the HDB unit and went on. 

Meihui : There are a few typical structures which stays up most of the time….. simply because it’s the most requested ones….. given that these are temporary structures… they don’t last very long….. we need to maintain them…. Paints will peel… drywalls will crack, and sometimes we have very rough clients… get the drift. 

Meihui went on to explain that we also need to be mindful of the contractors we engage, there are only a couple we work with and even so, what goes on behind these doors shall remain strictly confidential.

Meihui : David has left some work hanging, I thought it was weird when he stopped replying my mail 1.5 weeks ago…. I never expected him to do this…. I hope you won’t repeat that mistake… 

I shook my head. 

Jude : I won’t… 

Meihui : We’ll see… 

Thomas : Come…. This is your typical layout of a 4 room HDB flat. 

We took off our shoes and I felt my cock rise when I saw Meihui slipped off her heels. 

I quickly look away and stuck close to Thomas as he gave me a brief overview of Kevin’s requirement. 

The windows were fitted with LED screens that displayed the typical neighbourhood the flat would be located at. It’s a live wall paper of sorts. I can see kids playing at the playground below, retirees walking about, even a cleaner pickup up trash. It was so real. 

The furnitures, from the couch to the coffee table. They were not brand new, they looked like they had been use for a while. The dining table had small insignificant details like a few coins, a wallet, keys, the small white plastic bag you get from clinics with your medicines in it. Bottles of vitamins were stacked at the corner, a stray coaster with coffee stains. 

Old mugs, Chinese new year decorations. Biscuits tins half filled with cookies. Nail clippers in a accessories box. 

Fuck it looked so homely. 


There were pictures on the walls, framed family pictures of parents and child. 

I opened the shoe cabinet and was surprised to see it filled to the brim with heels, shoes and slippers of all sorts. It’s not neatly arranged like some walk in wardrobe, there’s a bit of a mess, some bit of dust, a stray piece of sock sticking out from the shoe. 

Worn clothes in the laundry basket, toothbrushes in the bathroom, even the smell. 

If I closed my eyes, I would really think I’m at a colleague’s house or something. 

Thomas’s explanation started to flow into my ears as we stepped into bedroom. 

Thomas : This is the room where the client wants to do it…. He’s given us a lot of details base on his memory and sketches…. Now we’re just missing the carpentry works for the bedframe…. 

Thomas explained that they can’t read drawings for shit and there was no way of knowing if the contractors did according to what David wanted. 

Thomas : You need to look after this till completion. 

Jude : Sure… what…. What happens after it’s done… ? 

Meihui : There’re still other areas that needed fixing up, some of it were not cost into the project budget….. you need to make sure everything gels, everything works….

Jude : How much budget do I have to work with ? …. 

Thomas shot his eyes towards Meihui as she turned towards me. 

Meihui : Anything to do with money… you come to me…. because I will be the one to approve them….anything on Level 4 that is…. 

I swallowed a gulp of saliva at the thought of asking Meihui for money.

She pointed to the tap in the bathroom and asked me to get the water flowing. 

Meihui : Water’s not up… get it done… 

She pointed out a couple of details and told me I have only 2 days to get it done. 

Meihui : It’s already Wednesday…..Kevin wants this to happen on Friday evening.

Jude : Oh… ok… 

Meihui : Don’t touch anything…. You are not supposed to… 

Jude : I wouldn’t… 

In the same cold manner in which she first greeted me, Meihui turned and went to put on her heels. 

Meihui ; Thomas… keep an eye on him .

Thomas : Ok… 

We waited for the sound of her heels to be gone before speaking. 

Thomas : She’s cold man…. She’s really cold…. You’re so fucked…. 

Jude : Isn’t she always like this ? 

Thomas: Of course not… she’s stern… but not that hostile …. Haha… the staff can usually read her mood and stay out of her way…. Haha… 

I shook my head and Thomas introduced me to the contractors. 

7th January 2016 



We made pretty good progress and by Thursday night, it was all done. Kevin’s HDB fantasy with his sister in law is good to go.

That had to be one of the rare occasions I got to stay so late within the facility. 

Each of the rooms were self contained, the only way I can go to other themed rooms was via the corridor I entered but I was told to stick to the room I’m working in. I was tempted to explore a little but seeing the amount of trouble I’m already in, I put that thought on hold. 

8th January 2016 



Meihui wanted to take a look at the mock up HDB room and we went in together. 

Meihui : Is everything ok ? 

Jude : Yeap… as per Kevin’s requirements…. I check through the list already… 

Meihui walked about the whole place, she was wearing a black dress that day. It’s not really figure hugging, not that she has some hour glass figure anyway but it looked good on her. She has this air about her, as if she was untouchable. 

He folded her arms and inspected the house for a good 15 minutes before nodding her head. 

Meihui : Ok… this is going to happen tonight…. I need you to be here… 

Jude : With the client ?

Meihui : yes… it’s part of company policy….. Regardless of which fantasy or how much they pay, we need to have our staff with them. It’s for the girl’s safety and theirs as well…. 

Jude : Oh ok… will you be here as well ? 

Meihui : Yes… Kevin is one of the nicer clients….he has weird requests but still a nice guy …. We’ll walk Kevin though the room and stay out of the way while he has his fun… This should be a walk in the park…. Kevin is a pervert but he’s not dangerous

Jude : You mean we have dangerous clients ? 

Meihui : Things can get out of hand sometimes….. 

We shut the door to the HDB room and walked down the corridor. 

Jude : Is there an example where the situation got a bit out of control ?? 

Meihui : usually when clients get rough… we need to step in.. 

Jude : Oh…. Ok… 

Meihui : Come…. Let’s go to the next room

Meihui stopped outside the room marked gym. 

Jude : I guess this is a gym setting… for clients with fantasies of making out in the gym….. 

Meihui : Wrong. 

Jude : No ? 

She opened the door to reveal a large open area with a square glass structure in the middle of the floor. It’s about 10m wide on each side and it looked like some clubhouse in a private condo. 

Inside the structure are gym equipment. Surrounding the structure is a running track. 

Tuck in another corner was a few rows of chairs and a large TV screen. A small stage with a rostrum was erected at a corner and I could see multiple camera screens being shown on the large screen. 

Jude : It’s a gym what…. No meh ? 

Meihui : It’s not just a gym… it’s an auction site. … 

Jude : What are they buying ? the girls in the stable…. ?? 

Meihui : No… those are not for sale…. They are available for rent though….. 

Jude : Oh… then what’s for sale ? 

Meihui brought me to the seats and hit a few buttons on the terminal. 

The screens showing the cameras disappeared and instead a series of pictures came on. 

Pictures of girls. 

Not just any girls. 

I recognised some of the girls. 

I looked at Meihui in horror. 

They are our staff, our co-workers. 

I stepped back in shock as the different faces came up one after another. 

Even Nina’s face was on the screen. 

I saw Kathy as well, even Ella’s as it flashes through. 

I don’t believe what was being shown on the screen. 

I looked at her in disbelief. 

Meihui : There’s a reserve price….. a price set by the management…. It’s sky high… and it’s very rare that clients would bid for a member of the staff …. They can easily get 5 girls from the stables… unless the reserve price has been triggered, staff don’t appear on the auction list during bidding.…. 

Meihui asked me to check out the auction later, and that I would be able to learn a bit more from seeing it with my own eyes. 

Then I caught something that made me turn back to look at Meihui. 

Her face was up there too. 

Meihui : Everyone…… is for sale…. In this facility…… everyone…. 

I looked at the picture on screen and back at Meihui again. 

Meihui : yes yes…. My picture is up there too…. I know…. Big deal… it’s been there for years…. 

I shook my head and I pointed to the screen but Meihui was looking towards the gym, commenting that we need to check that room before the auction later. 

Meihui : come Jude… 

Jude : Meihui… wait…. 

Meihui : WHAT !!!... 

She replied in an irritated voice.

She turned and looked at where I was pointing and she froze. 

I could see the slouch on her shoulders as she gasped and her hand went to her mouth.

Right beside her face and flashing in red were the words “ Reserve price triggered “ 

As Meihui’s hands slowly left her mouth to return to the side of her body, I heard her mutter the same words I did when I first saw her at the café beside Ella 

Meihui : Fuck… 


Meihui took a couple of seconds to react before she ran towards the terminal and started typing some stuff into it. I could see a mix of panic and bewilderment in her expression as she tried to find out who triggered the reserve price for her. 

The door to the gym room burst open and I saw Thomas running towards us with his tablet held up high. He was searching for Meihui around the gym.

Thomas : Meihui !....the… 

He paused when he saw the giant screen flashing with Meihui’s picture on it. 

Meihui : yes… I know… what is going on ? who made that bid ?? is there a mistake…. System error ?? 

Thomas walked quickly over and showed Meihui something on his tablet the same time he gave me a look. 

The same kind of look that say’s I’m fucked big time. 

I saw Meihui’s eyes slowly transferred from that tablet to meet mine with an angry glare. 

She looked like she wants to stab me. 

Jude : What ? … what did I do ?? 

Thomas : Someone leaked the video into the intranet….. the video of you processing Meihui…. It… it generated quite a bit of interest among the clients… especially the way she…. Squirted and cum… 

Meihui smacked Thomas on his arm and tried to yank a tuff of his hair. 

Thomas : Owww…. 

Jude : It was leaked onto the internet ?? !! 

Thomas : No… intranet !!... it’s only accessible by the clients who are members. 

I raise up both my hands and proclaimed my innocence. 

Jude : It’s not me… I didn’t leak anything… 

Thomas : We know it’s not you…. You don’t even have the access to the files… !... 

I could see Meihui’s eyes searching around for a solution as she exhaled and rest her hands on her waist. 

Meihui : Ok… it’s just the trigger of the reserve price…. No big deal…. Whoever bid it might change their mind….until the money is in, nothing is sealed….

Thomas looked at Meihui in an unsure manner. He did not look convince with Meihui’s statement. 

The door burst opened again and 2 more men walked in. I’ve seen them before at the cafeteria but I don’t know their names. 

They were professional, and that is the part which makes it the more scary. 

Samuel : Hi Meihui… I’m Samuel….. from Level 6… It is my duty to inform you that a bid has been triggered. Since you are a member of the management staff, you are free to leave the facility but you are to hand over your passport for immediate safe keeping…. 

I looked at that guy in disbelief before turning back to Meihui who calmly said that she will turn it in later that afternoon. 

Samuel : Thank you for your cooperation and your professionalism. .. 

He gave each of us a nod before leaving the gym. 

I saw Meihui turning to glare at me again, I could feel those eyes of hers pinning the blame on me. 

Jude : I’m… I’m sorry…. I didn’t know… 

She could not hold that glare for more than 30 seconds before her true emotions took over. 

Meihui : Fuck…. 

Her eyes closed and she took a deep breath. 

Thomas : it has to be him…or her… 

Jude : Who ? 

Thomas : we know someone isn’t clean within the facility. He or she has been testing all our weakness recently…. We have a feeling something big is going to happen soon. 

Jude : Can’t you check who it was who leaked it ?? 

Thomas : There’s about a dozen of people with access to those files…. And to get to that level…. You’re one of the few trusted people in the organisation…..everyone has a lot to lose if this goes down…. 

Meihui : Alright…. Relax… let’s concentrate on the task at hand for now… 

I could not help but blurt out my next question. 

Jude : Does the bidder get to fuck you raw ??? even though you are an employee ?? 

Meihui immediately reached for a heel and tried to throw it at me. 

Meihui : AHHHH!!!!! 

I put another 5 metres between us and apologised again. I don’t know what was wrong with me but the question just came out.

Meihui was really panting hard as she tried to fan herself with her wrist, her eyes looking up into the ceiling to calm down. 

She turned towards me and added. 

Meihui : first thing first…..Jude… tonight…7.00pm…. here… level 4… we need to host Kevin for the evening… 

Jude : Ok… 

Meihui ; Thomas… try to find out who made that bid…. If it’s someone I know… maybe I can sort it out with them…. Maybe it’s just some clients trying to be funny… rich people have a weird sense of humour.

Thomas : Ok… what about the auction later… it’s happening in 30 minutes…. 

Meihui : Proceed as usual…. Get the girls out and start making us some money… 

Jude : There’re more things to bid for ?? besides staff members ?? 

Thomas : Staff members are not even the star of the show…. They’re just like desserts… or more of an optional dessert…. 

Meihui started walking towards the exit before turning around and added in a cold voice. 

Meihui : Watch and learn Jude…… watch and learn… 

She left the room in a huff and I turned to Thomas. 

He told me to grab a seat as the auction begins within the hour. 

Jude : What else are they bidding for ? …. 

Thomas grinned and said it cannot be explained through words. 

Thomas : You can only see and experience it for yourself. There are so many ways to make money these days……. Ahaha… and it’s all for the greater good…. 

Jude : What do you mean ?? 

Thomas : see for yourself…. There’s more urgent matters we need to attend to for now..…...

As Thomas walked towards the gym exit,I quickened my pace to keep up with him. He explained that every individual client is unique. 

They are aroused and turned on by different things, different girls, and different scenarios but in real life, some of these can be hard to come by. Rich people, businessmen, they have no time for games and petty dating thrills. 

They want a condensed version of it. 

To speed the process up. 

Get the high and arousal in the shortest time to get them in the mood to mate. No one has time to wait for romance to bloom.

That was the ultimate aim. 

For them to fuck the girls and make more babies. 

Thomas : This was why the auction was created…. It was to fill that gap…. To create arousal out of everyday things….. insignificant things that you might not even take a 2nd look at. 

Jude : Is it…. Very … sort after ?? … I meant the auction… 

Thomas : Hahha.. 100% sold out every session…. And we are not bragging but we have more than 95% rate of getting the girls fertilised at these auctions. … 

Thomas told me Aaron has a theory that the more aroused the men are when they were fucking the girls, the stronger the sperms would be. More relentless in a way. 

Thomas : Imagine your darkest fetish……. No matter what that may be happening right in front of you while you prepare to ejaculate inside that love hole…. Don’t you think you would shoot a lot further as well ? hahaha.. 

Jude : Well…. It makes sense… what happens to the babies ?? 

Thomas : Most get adopted by clients who cannot have a child of their own…. Some of the clients might just decide to keep the baby they made…. Depends on their mood…. Money is not an issue for them….. their helpers or mistress might be the one raising the kids anyway…. They just need to provide the money….. 

Thomas picked up his phone and made a call.

While waiting for it to connect, he tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to just hang back and enjoy the auction. 

Thomas : It might motivate you to work harder so one day…. You can be one of the bidders… ahahha….. you can even write in your secret fantasies…. We will make them come true…haha..… 

The call was connected and Thomas stepped out of the gym leaving me alone in the large empty space. 


I really thought my cock would harden, perhaps turn black and drop off. 

Never in my life did I have such a sustained erection for so long before. 

It started at the beginning of the auction and lasted till we wave goodbye to Kevin in the loading and unloading bay. It was mind boggling. 

The moment Kevin’s car got out of sight, Meihui walked away without a word. 

I had enough of her for a day and I made my way to the hidden staff cafeteria and got myself a hot coffee. 

It was empty, the screens on the fake windows were showing an evening view of the bund in Shanghai. Boats went past the screen and courting couples held hands as they walked about taking pictures. 

Everything is just so weird. It felt almost like a dream. 

The door to the café opened and Meihui walked in. She saw me sitting there with my coffee but she walked right past without acknowledging my presence. 

She made herself one and helped herself to some of the late night pastries the kitchen staff prepared. Meihui took a table on her own away from me and ate quietly as she looked at her phone. 

My eyes went to her body again. She had already changed out from her work clothes and she’s clad in a casual short pants and a t-shirt. Her flipflops dangled off her feet as she bit into the pastry. 

There is this homely feel about her. I don’t know why I felt that way. She’s cold on the outside but I can tell she is putting on a mask. A mask that is essential in order for her to survive in the facility as a women. 

I’m pretty sure she is warm and friendly on the inside. At least I know how warm her privates are. 

She looked up and saw me staring at her. 

Meihui : WHAT !? … 

I looked away immediately. 

After a few more seconds, I took my coffee and went over to Meihui’s table. 

She looked at me as I pulled the chair opposite her and sat down. 

Jude : Meihui… ermm… look… I’m really sorry…..i ermm… 

Meihui : Don’t ever bring that up again !!... I will kill you if you do…

Jude : Ok… ok… what I’m trying to say is… ermm…. If there is anything I can do…. You know… to help you…..ermmmm… in any way…… just…. Just say it…. I’ll do it…

Meihui : Sure… do you have a million you can lend me ? 

Jude : Ermm no…. I have about 20k though…. 

She rolled her eyes and looked away. 

She looked cute when she does that and I could feel the erection in my pants as I looked at her. She’s not exactly hot but there’s just something about her that makes me like her. 

Jude : What….what happens….i mean…. In the worst case scenario…. 

Perhaps it was the guilt I have in my tone, Meihui finished her pastry and took a sip of coffee to wash it down before replying me. 

Meihui : The bid is honoured…. And I have to do what the client wants… 

Jude : As a staff…. Is there any difference…. I mean… the way you will be treated ?? ….. 

Meihui : It depends on how cooperative you are…. And who the client is…. Some sick ones might just want to put a collar on you …. 

Jude : How… how long…. Will you be…. I mean… if they win the bid…. 

Meihui : For management ….staff it’s not permanent…. We’re valuable to the company in other ways besides having a vagina…. The arrangement last a week….

Jude : oh… but what if you…. Get….pregnant ? 

Meihui : They will time it such that you will be ovulating…. There’s a high chance you will be…. For management staff… you have an option…. To keep it or remove it… 

She looked away and drained her coffee. 

Meihui : Go home and rest Jude….someone is out to fuck this facility… exciting times are coming…. 

Jude : you really think so ?? 

Meihui went on to tell me that it all started about 6 months ago. There was an increase incidents within the facility. More escapees, more rebellious girls. Some of which had been there for years. 

Each time, they made it further and further. 

Meihui : I have been following all the incidents when I was in Hong Kong…. They can’t possibly do it without help….. 

Jude : It must be David then….. he ran off with one… 

Meihui laughed. 

Meihui : If it’s David…. He would have emptied the facility…. He knows this place like the back of his hand…. 

Jude : But I thought he’s only in charge of Level 4. 

Meihui : Yes he is…. But before that… he was the one who oversaw the entire fitting out from basement 2 all the way to Level 6. 

Meihui got up to get another coffee, she turned around, folded her arms while waiting for it to be prepared. The way she leaned against the table and crossed one leg in front of the other stirred up some weird feelings within me. 

It made me want to hug her. To hold her. 

Meihui : David only holds Level 4 clerance…. But he has ways to get all the way up to L6…. Without anyone even knowing… 

Jude : How ? 

Meihui shrugged her shoulders

Meihui : Rumours…. Small talks here and there…. Thomas saw him on L5 before…. He kept mum before David is a nice guy who’s always helpful…. I heard some other say David was seen on Level 6 as well… it’s always someone who heard someone who heard someone else…. Very hard to verify. 

Jude : I see.. 

Meihui : Go home Jude…. Your mind can’t too much of these… you will burn out… goodnight… 

She left the café with her drink and I was left alone again. 

Instead of heading back, I decided to head back to my office. 

Thomas had given me access to the files on the network drive that belonged to David. 


I started exploring the drives and the files that it held. I checked which were the most recently accessed files and found a few drawings. 

The 1st was the typical set of plans that they give to all staff for the common areas. I got one set just like that too. 

Then I saw a plan for Level 3. There were some black out areas as well, I tried to recall the way that level was done, I don’t remember seeing anything at those areas. 

I opened up a file marked Level 4. 

It’s like playing a game. I could see the plans for the entire floor, how the rooms and corridors were done, like viewing a maze from high above. It also had large chunks of black out areas. 

Going through other folders, I saw pictures, material brochures, some excel files.

I jumped when my desk phone rang but it was almost midnight. 

I answered it and realised it was from the guardhouse. 

They could see that the lights were still on in my department and wanted to check if everything was ok. 

Jude : Yah… I’m fine…. I’m just packing up…. 

I hung up and got ready to head back. 

That was the first time I stayed so late in the facility. 

9th January 2016 



I took a long cold shower as I tried to come to terms with the things that were happening within the facility. Sick would be an understatement. Within the span of a few hours, I experienced first hand how low humans would go for money and to satisfy their sexual desires. 

The level of depravity was out of this world. 

With enough resources, men would do anything to satisfy their sexual desires. 

Not only did I see the girls being treated like pets and merchandise, anything they could squeeze out of them for sale, they would do it. Herded out in groups like animals, groups of men watch them squirm and cry, forcing them to do things against their will. 

If these were to ever surface on the news, it would dominate the headlines for weeks. 

. Yet as much as I condemned what was happening, I could not resist looking. 

I still wanted to watch. 

To see the girls screaming and crying in the ring. I leaked so much pre cum that I had stained my boxers. If not for the fact that I was needed in office, I would gladly stay till the end of the auction. 

I could almost picture the clients who won the bid, leading their girls by their leash into private rooms. There was no need for condoms; they could cum raw into them as many times as they wished to. 

The ultimate goal was to impregnate them with their seed and while they are doing so, they will have as much fun as they could with their body.

I fell asleep dreaming I was sitting on the bidding chair.

15th January 2016



A lot happened within that week. I cleared my medical and was given the access to the staff recreation menu.

It was a sick menu but I could see how having such a thing kept attrition rate to an almost zero.

It’s just like booking your dental appointment.

I was given a menu of girls that would be available that day. If I wanted to fuck, I could just make a booking at a specific time and that was it. I will then be able to go pick up a girl and fuck her raw on level 3.

As much as I was tempted to try, I was kept busy with work.

There’s still the dinner fantasy for Mr Yegor. A Russian oligarch. The room setup was ready but it kept getting pushed back because there wasn’t a girl to his liking.

Whenever there was a new girl, her profile would be sent to Mr Yegor but he would reject them, saying it was not perfect.

He wanted it to be perfect.

Then there is that Chinese tour group that will be arriving next week.

Meihui had been busy trying to tie down the itinerary and making arrangements for their fantasy. Group fantasies are the hardest to pull off according to her and they wanted one that was extremely challenging.


I received a call from Meihui to meet her at Level 4 for a fitting out.

Jude : What fitting out ?

Meihui : Come up now…

Then she hung up on me.

I shook my head and wondered how is it possible that she is in my lunch group together with Ella and Kathy who are so much more pleasant to be with.

I got up to Level 4 and Dawn told me to head to the classroom.

Jude : Ok.

I opened the door and stepped into a large hall similar to the rest. A single structure stood in the middle and I walked towards it. At least 5 security staff were milling around as I walk towards the door.

When I opened it, my breath was taken away once more as I found myself standing along a typical school corridor. Classrooms with louvered windows and rows of tables and chairs facing the chalkboard.

I heard cries and screams.

Girls pleading and saying no from a few steps down the corridor, at the next classrooms.

There were shrieks and screams.

‘no… no…. no… I don’t want…. I don’t want…no please….’

I quicken my pace and when my eyes saw what was in that classroom, my heart beat at twice the speed.

7 girls with collars were dressed in school uniforms. Some of them sobbed as they tugged at the chains that held them to the seats.

That neat and crisp white blouse with the blue inner collar stirred up memories of my 1st girlfriend back in JC. That dark blue skirt deliberately altered to be short and above the knees.

Some of the girls had their hair plaid, some in pony tails. All of them wore short ankle socks and a variety of sports shoes. They had different school bags . I saw a 2 other security staff in school uniforms as well, the male version of it.

Then one more student stepped into the door and my cock almost squirted out it’s load.

Meihui walked into the classroom dressed exactly the same way as the girls. Her blouse fitted her to a T. I could see her the outline of her white bra and the way her short skirt sashayed as she walked made me want to rape her in the classroom.

The only difference Meihui had from the rest of the girls was that she did not have a collar around her neck.

I was staring so hard , probably with my eyes wide open that I did not realised Meihui was walking towards me.

Her eyes met mind and I saw her suddenly look down at my pants before glaring back up at me angrily.

That was when I realised I had a raging hardon pushing against my work pants.

Meihui grabbed a file from a desk and tried to smack my groin with it.

Meihui : What are you looking at !!!

I managed to jump back and avoided the hit.

Jude : Nothing… nothing….

Meihui : Go get fitted out… !

I went to a back room and was fitted out with similar school uniforms and shoes by another staff.

I got back to the classroom of squirming girls and Meihui gestured to a seat.

There were a total of 5 columns with 4 seats in each column facing the blackboard.

Meihui, me and the 2 other security staff took the seat on the extreme left column right by the exit.

The 7 girls were placed on the extreme right columns, leaving the seats in the middle unoccupied.

Another staff stepped in, she introduced herself as Gwen.

Gwen : Alright class…. We will be expecting some visitors…. This is what’s going to happen…

Gwen looked to be in her mid 30s, she’s decent looking with a well maintained figure. I found out from Meihui later that Gwen had the best language skills in the facility and she had worked in Mainland Chinese for a while.

She would not only play the role of a teacher, she would also assist on the translation.

Gwen gave an outline of what would happen on the actual day.

Gwen : it’s very simple for you girls… you just pretend to be students…. And disgusting mainland Chinese men would come and fuck you…. They’re rich… but uncouth…. Probably spit a lot too… but they pay good money….

I could see a couple of girls break down in tears as they struggled in their school uniforms.

Gwen : Staff members…. You shall help to provide security and maintain order…. Meihui … stay well away from the orgy… things can get out of hand…. You’ll help to tally up the tab and collect money together with me…. these fuckers carry bags of cash around…. We will bill them on the spot….

Gwen told the 2 security staff, Desheng and Edmund to be alert.

Gwen : If they are too rough… stop them… the girls are our assets. … some of these fuckers like to bite….

Gwen turned back to me and asked me to help keep an eye on things too.

Gwen : Jude… help to keep an eye on things but that’s not your main role….. these Chinese clients are rough… they tend to spoil a lot of things…. We have 2 classrooms… but there’s 3 tour groups back to back….you need to find a quick fix for whatever’s damaged in this room on the 1st day and get contractors to patch it up quick…. If possible…. Get them in, tell them what needs to be done and do it over night If possible….

I nodded.

Gwen : Alright… this is the rough plan…. Everyone’s fitted out… we’ll see you here in a few days….

The security staff from outside the classrooms came in and started to remove the sobbing and crying girls .

Some of them openly wept and begged to be let go.

I turned to Meihui who was still sitting at her desk.

She looked a little nervous.

Jude : You ok… ?

She nodded.

Meihui : I hate these tour groups….

I looked around the small space and noted the padlocks on the outside of the classroom doors.

I have a bad feeling about this.

The rough PRC fuckers who wants to fulfill their fantasy of fucking a class full of Singapore student girls, the small confined space, the soon to be padlocked doors, and Meihui wearing the same uniforms as the girls.

So many things could go wrong with this.

So many.


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