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Friday, 7 April 2017

April schedule and next full length work.


updates 04/12/17 : Collector's edition for MAAAH is up.

For those who are keen to get a copy, link is available at the bottom of the page.

The main story is the same as the one on the blog.

It comes bundled with the other 2 optional works for MAAAH.

You will get a total of 3 pdf files.


Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days.

Was caught up with work for a bit. 

It's finally Friday. 

Looking forward to write for a few hours later at night. 

Here's a tentative schedule for April. 

I'll try my best to keep to it.

It shouldn't deviate by more than a day or 2 since i won't be out of the country in April. 

I'm removing optional read number 3, Suwen and Terry, for MAAAH. 

I want to save that scene for the next full length work. 

I know, i know. I've been removing optional reads for the past 2 stories but i really felt the materials could be better used in another piece. 

Collector's edition for MAAAH will be out in middle of next week. Probably Wednesday. 

I will be bundling it up with the 2 optional reads so it's a package of sort. 

Don't worry, i know some of you guys have already gotten the 2 Optional read separately, i don't expect you to double pay for the same stuff.

The 2 page number at the end of each file will be a discount code for the collector's edition. 

For example, Optional read ,if, Tracy, Lucy and Huimin has 33 pages. Tiffany has 88 pages . 

"3388" will give you 70% off the collector's edition. 

The collectors' edition for MAAAH is the same as the one on the blog. So please don't get it unless you want to buy me a coffee .

There are no hidden chapters in this piece. No secret endings. 

I know there are rumors about additional chapters, but there is none. 

I hope this clears up the air.

Sushi on my wife's body will be out on 3rd week of April.

Next full length work will be in October.

I've started working on it.

James has evolved over the years. You've seen many sides of this character.

I'll be bringing back a James that is more aggressive, more assertive, a lot more ruthless that those in the past.

There is only so far you can go and so much you can do as a nice person.

I'm excited with the new piece.

It'll be a new adventure, something i've never done before. No offices, no triads, no sister in laws, and no good friend's wife either.

It's strategy, manipulation and a epic heist never before attempted on this blog. I'm excited thinking about the key scenes. I hope it can raise your heart rate the same way it did for me when i was writing out the drafts.

I'm targeting to complete this by end September and start the adventure in the middle of October.

This will be my main project for the next few months.

There'll still be regular updates to the blog, bite size reads, some short works here and there. In short, there will be something new every month till October.

Here's a summarised snapshot for the next 2 months.

April 2017

2nd week April - MAAAH - collector's edition - ( updated ) Get it here

3rd week April - Sushi on my wife's body

May 2017

1)  Manipulating my sister in law

2)  Hypnotizing a stranger - with picture illustration.



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  1. Bro ilock , thanks for all the great stories. Hope everything is well in yr new job. Awaiting for another fantastic story . Thanks again