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Monday, 24 April 2017

Something new

While working on the next full length piece, i accidentally chanced upon a weird story that gave me an idea for another piece of work.

It's pretty twisted. 

I've been thinking about it for the past few days and it's been developing pretty nicely in my head. 

Wrote a first cut last night and while writing that, i was hit with more ideas how to develop it further.

It's not enough to be a full length piece but more of a short read. 

There's potential to develop it further, maybe into a weekly thing on top of the usual stuff. 

I'll get a first background up this couple of days and put it in a separate page on the column on the right. Yet to decide on the title for now but it's going to be some twisted read. You will get a pretty good idea where to continue after reading the intro. 



Updates : 25/04/17

Working on this gave me nightmares. I'm not exaggerating. Even when i sleep and dream, how twisted this piece is still bothers me. It's got to the point this accidental discovery has started to cannibalise the very essence and concept of my next full length work.

Key scenes which i have been working on just crumbled and got sucked into my nightmare.

Most of the hate mail i receive asked me to seek professional psychiatric help for writing stories like those on the blog.

Perhaps after this, i really just might.

The concept i did for the full length work at the end of the year has been absorbed into my current work. I'm putting other releases on hold as i work on this.

I think i might end up fucking my own mind with this if i don't get it out.

Introduction up by this week.

Target to start regular daily updates in 1st week of May.



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