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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The end

This is it.

I hope you enjoyed the read.

My adventure as a hawker is a work of fiction.I have no gang affiliation by the way. Haha. I read, did a bit of research here and there, and i hope you liked it.

It may be a story, but it's a nice escape from reality from the grind of daily live no ?

We can't all be like Jake in real life, but there's no stopping our mind from indulging in the thought for a few hours as you read through this piece.


Everything was conjured up bit by bit, piece by piece and strung together over the course of about half a year or so.

Thank you for all the comments, coffee and mail.

I will be working on a few short works in the meantime.

Next full Length work will be in October.

I'll try to tidy up the grammar , spelling errors and spacing in the next few days. Will release a collector's edition of MAAAH for those who wish to get them.

It's the same as the one posted on the blog by the way.

Get it only if you wish to buy me a coffee, if  not, this piece will always be available online for all to read.



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