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New work

Daily updating for new work has began.

"The facility i work at"

**If this is your first time here, please read My good friend's marriage, followed by My love from the star vista, then My adventure as a hawker before starting on the facility, it will really enhance the whole experience. Serious. Not kidding **

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Next update : 29/05/17 ( end of season 1 ) still needs a bit of work for season finale. check back next week.

Sorry for the push back again. i could have split it up into 3 and post it but i felt it would be better if it comes out as a whole for the season finale. It's almost 3 times as long as the regular updates, and i feel it could be better.

Will want to work on it a little longer.

Check back again on Monday night. It should be ready by then. I'll upload it earlier if i manage to finish it over the weekend.

** Apologies for the wait. I wanted to edit it further but i stopped myself, if not it would drag on forever, i'm halfway through the chapters for season 2. It'll be dark. Join me on Level 5 in a weeks' time. **

Season 2 begins on 8/6/17

Season 2 update calendar

26/06/17 ( The end )



Notes :

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2) They have no impact whatsoever on the main storyline. It's ok not to read them.

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Testing out Gumroad platform

Hi guys,

Been playing around with this for a while. It seems to be the best alternative so far out of all the other platform i tried.

TFIWA - The auction 

TFIWA - Kevin sister in law

I've only listed up 2 works for now to evaluate the platform.

For those who would like to support my writing and get me a cup of coffee, feel try to get it from the above link.

I've done the checkout with my account , transaction process is a breeze and the ebook gets sent direct to email of your choice.

Will see how this turns out, if all is good, i will slowly upload all my other works onto the platform.

Thank you for the support all these while.



Alternative methods of getting ebooks

Life is indeed full of surprises. 

I'm getting issues with paypal and the payhip platform lately. 

Just when i thought i could automate the process, i was pushed right back to the starting point. 

Nothing beats the convenience of getting the transaction done online and having the link delivered to download the ebook. 

For those who have been with this blog since the early days, you would know the agony of waiting for me to log in, check my mail and send you the ebook. 

Long story short. 

The journey with paypal and payhip has come to an end. 

I'm exploring other alternative payment and delivery methods for now.

***Apologies to those who read the post about the new platform. On 2nd thought, i would prefer to sit on it for a while and look at other alternatives for selling the ebooks.***

I've deleted all the links.

If you have any other good suggestions that protects both the seller and buyer's privacy, do drop me a mail. 

PS : In the meantime, i will be deleting all other published works from payhip. Please be patient while i decide on the platform as we move forward. 

Guys with promo codes tied to payhip, i'm sorry. Give me some time to fix this platform thing up, i will work out the new codes soon. Might just be able to import those over seamlessly. 



Thursday, 18 May 2017

The facility i work at part 2

16th January 2016 



It’s a Saturday and although I was not needed back in office, I decided to head back. 

I got to the gate and through the intercom I could hear Gary’s voice. 

Gary : Jude… Saturday leh… how come you are back… 

I came back for a reason. 

The guy’s recreation menu and there was no point lying about it. I wanted to check it out in peace and the facility is not that crowded on a Saturday. 

Jude : I… just cleared my medical…. The… you know… the recreation menu… 

Gary’s voice cracked over the intercom and he buzzed open the gate for me. 

Not only did he opened up the gate, I saw him running towards my car with a grin on his face. 

He gestured to the passenger door and I unlocked it. 

Gary : Give me a lift… I also feel like heading there for a look….. heheee… hehehe…. You all pattern all the same one… 

Jude : Huh ? What pattern…? 

Gary laughed and said educated people like me like to pretend they are all decent and proper. 

Gary : Got pattern one… you all these type study too much one….. once cleared medical…. First thing is Saturday come back …..ahahaha… too shy to visit on weekday is it… 

I gave him an awkward smile as I parked the car. 

Gary : I know what you are thinking… that weekend won’t be that crowded and all ahhaha… it’s true in a way….but the pretty ones I think are booked already…. 

Jude : Actually i…. it’s not a must… but… but I thought I could just check it out you know…. And…ermm… ahah… 

Gary : Don’t be shy la fuck… wah lau…. Hahah… come come…. I bring you…haha.. it’s better than going geylang… 

We got out of the car and as we walked towards the lift lobby, I had a shock when I saw Meihui there too. 

She was just locking up her car as she walked towards the same lobby with her laptop. 

Gary :Eh… you first time… I teach you ahh… 

I nudged Gary on his arm to stop him from going further. 

Gary : What… what ?? 

Meihui came within earshot and looked at both of us. 

Gary : Hello Meihui !.... eh Jude… you shy ah ?? nothing to be shy about la…. Meihui got higher clearance than you ok !!!.... 

Meihui : Why are you guys here on Saturday …. 

Jude : Nothing… I just …. 

Before I could continue, Gary helped me with the answer. 

Gary : Jude want to have sex la… but he shy to do it on weekdays… so he secretly came on weekend… ahahaha….he’s heading to the recreation level…haha..

Nothing could describe that look of disgust on Meihui’s face as her eyes looked at me from the top to the toe before rolling her eyes and entering the lift. 

Jude : Fuck… Gary … come on !... 

Gary : What ? … am I wrong ?? …. Nothing wrong what… guys have needs right…. Hahaha….. 

We entered the lift as Gary too checked out Meihui’s body. 

I could see he was about to make a comment but Meihui beat him to it. 

Meihui : One more word from you Gary…. I will make sure your all you clearance disappear… aren’t you on duty !!... why are you here with Jude… 

Gary immediately backed off and did a cross with both his index finger in front of his lips. 

Gary : ohhh…. It’s my break time…. But I just remembered I needed to so something.

Gary hit the 1st floor and told me he’ll come look for me in a while as he scrambled to get out. 

Meihui was heading up to Level 2 , Gary had already hit the Level 3 button when we got in. 

Jude : Look Meihui… i… 

She held up a hand without looking at me. 

Meihui : No… don’t need to explain anything… I don’t care…. 

She walked out without turning back and disappeared around the corner.


What does something like this have to happen to me ? 

I got up to level 3 and the reception was empty. 

I buzzed myself into the restricted area and went to the room where the so call staff benefits would take place. 

A large 21 inch screen waited for me as I keyed in my employee ID and scanned my access card. 

It’s as if I’m ordering from a fast food menu. 

A list of girl profiles with their stats and collar number came up on the screen. Out of 7, 3 are already taken which leaves me with 4. 

They look decent, not exactly hot but I dare say no man in their right mind would refuse to fuck them when given a chance

Each profile had 2-3 pictures of the girl. One before they were processed into the facility and 2 after. It was tempting. All I needed to do was to tap the confirmed button and they would send the girl up. 

I could feel the rise in my cock. 

I looked around the empty room. 

Well, it’s a nice Saturday morning, and what better way to start it than to have sex. 

I just hope it’s not embarrassing when another staff comes along to use the same room. 

The room is pretty comfortable, I would say it’s about the size of a badminton court. In the room there were racks and steel structures which allows you to tie the girl in place. There’s also a bed at the corner, a couch, an armchair. 

This is how it works. 

Management level staffs will be able to use private rooms reserved on higher floors much like hotel rooms.

I’m considered a rank and file worker, and we will use that room like a pantry of sort. Out of courtesy , I heard Thomas mention to me before that usually other male staff would avoid the room while it’s in use. 

It’s understandable, I mean would you fucking walk into your co-workers room if he’s having sex ? 

The room will be shared if it’s a couple of staff that knows each other and they don’t mind fucking and talking about where to have lunch later in the day. That was what I was worried about. 

It’s my first time using that service and it would be weird if Gary walked in on me. 

I want to do it alone. 

I saw a girl that caught my eye, #107. 

A sweet girl that is only 19 years old. 

There isn’t background about her. Just basic stats like height, weight and breast size. 

She’s petite and had a full C-cup breast. My finger hovered over the button as I thought about confirming my request. 

My heart was thumping as I hit the confirmed button and a green tick flashed on the screen. 

The graphic change only got me more excited as I started pacing up and down the room. 

I suddenly felt like peeing, or worse, taking a dump. 

There’s an attached bathroom in the recreation room but it feels weird to shit right before I fuck. 

I don’t know what to do. 

Should I take off my shoes ? 

Should I stripped ? 

That last time I saw a co-worker in there he didn’t strip, probably only lowered his pants. 

Is it really a fuck and go ?

I waited for 10 minutes but the girl was not here yet. 

I hit the button again and the green tick flashed once more. 

It was another 10 minutes wait before the girl was brought to the room. 

I was scared. 

Really unsure of what to do. 

A colleague buzzed open the door and I saw the girl in tears. Her chest rose up and down as she struggled against her restrains. 

Her hands were cuffed behind her back and her ankles were chained up too. 

The door shut and it was just the 2 of us in the room. 

The order menu changed to another screen with 2 options. 

1) Call for assistance.
2) Forced Insemination completed. 

She looked at me with fearful eyes. 

#107 : No… no please… don’t…. please… I beg you… don’t… 

I was really in a bind. 


It’s weird. 

I didn’t fantasise about the part where she was talking to me, begging me. 

She just pressed herself against the door with her back, shaking her head. 

#107 : Please don’t do this….please… please just let me go… sob… sobzzz… sobzzz… 

My erection was hard. 

She looked helpless. 

Part of me wanted to help her. 

Another part of me just wanted to rape her. After what I had been through the past few days, I really needed a release. 

I need to feel the warmth of another woman’s body as I unload my cum. 

I looked at the bent metal rack at the corner of the room. #107 saw me eyeing the rack and she started sobbing. 

#107 : Please… please…. Don’t… I cannot take this any more… please….. 

My erection went down. 

She needs to stop talking. 

This wasn’t what I expected it to be. 

Perhaps processing Meihui gave me a scare. I held some reservation whether the next girl I fuck with will be some fucking director of another floor or some shit. 

I shook myself out of my day dream and decided to fuck it. 

Just get it over and done with. 

You want to fuck. Just do it. Fucking stick my cock inside her pussy and just fuck as fast as I could. 

It should be a piece of cake. 

I walked over and #107 screamed, trying to prevent me from grabbing her arm. 

I got a hold of her and started to drag her towards the rack. 

#107 : NO!!!... NO!! PLEASE… PLEASE !!!! no… no… wait… wait.. just wait a while.. please… listen to me… PLEASE !!!! sobzz.z.. sobzzz…. 

I felt bad. 

Really bad. 

Like some fucker forcing a girl but my erection. 

Why did I still have such a raging erection ? 

Our body has been engineered in such a way that a lot of what we do are driven by instincts. 

You eat when you are hungry. 

You sleep when you are tired. 

When you see a piece of rotten fruit, the smell and sight of it alone would deter you from eating it. 

If a man is not meant to do this to another woman, why am I still having such a hard erection ? 

If this is wrong, that the male species is not the dominant one, and we should not forcibly fertilise the female, why is my body reacting positively in a biological manner ? 

I could feel the throbbing in my cock. 

I could feel my boxers getting wet, I’m fucking leaking pre cum. 

#107 screamed as I anchored the shackles around her ankles to the hooks on the rack. Her naked soles looked nice and smooth. I could smell the shower foam on her legs.

I fastened the larger leather restrain that went around her waist, putting her in a forward bending angle. 

That smell. 

The same smell as the shower foam I used on Meihui. I pressed my nose against the white gown #107 was wearing and I was hit by how pleasant that smell was. Like a mixture of peach and the freshness of morning dew. 

I could feel how firm #107’s bottom was. That tightness of her bums, her unwillingness to spread her pussy lips. It only translate to how tight that entry would be and how much hidden pleasures I could get from her vagina . 

She sobbed openly as there was nothing she could do. I could hear and register everything she said but somehow the dark part of me chose to shut it out. 

Any Tom , Dick and Harry could tell you this is wrong, but does knowing it being wrong stop them from performing the act ? I doubt it.

I undid the cuffs and had a bit of difficultly securing both her hands to the metal racks, but once I did, she screams got louder and louder, she shook the entire rack with her struggles as she begged me not to do it. 

I looked around the room. 

It’s so weird. 

There in front of me was this struggling girl, crying and begging me not to fuck her when I was about to remove my pants. She was bent forward at the right angle. I only need to park myself in between her legs and my cock could easily reach her vagina entrance. 

Her cries and pleas, I don’t know what is happening but it had an effect on me. 

My erection was starting to go down the same time I removed my pants. I parked myself into the inversed ‘V’ created by her bent legs , the hair on my leg brushed against her hairless thighs as #107 screamed. 

I lifted up her white gown. 

As I hovered near her love hole, I could almost feel this heat radiating from her unwilling vagina. 

#107 kept trying to turn her head around, she wanted to see what I was doing as she pleaded with me.

#107 : No…. please… please… let me go…. No !!...sobszz… sobzz… 

I scratched my hair in frustration. 

Jude : Arghhgghghgh!!... this is so irritating… fuck… 

My erection was going down as she screamed in the room. 

Right about then, the door opened and Gary walked in with a smile. 


Gary : Brother…. Ahahah… nice…eh.. don’t mind ah… haha… I also got the urge…hahah 

I sighed and as much as I wanted to tell him I was uncomfortable with having another man around when I fuck, I was starting to lose the mood. 

Jude : well… i.. ermm… I don’t have the mood to do it anymore… you can have the room…. 

Gary : Eh… don’t shy la… is ok… you have the first go… I’ll fuck her after that… 

Jude : Huh ? You’re not getting your own girl ??? 

Gary smiled sheepishly and said those on active guard duty are not allowed to access the menu. It just happened he was on duty that day. 

Gary : … hehehe.. I was hoping to… leech off your account… hahaha.. after you’re done of course… ahah… I have another 4 more hours on call till I can call one…. But I already……ermmm you know… heheheh… I need it too… 

Jude : You got to be shitting me… 

Gary : Eh brother… don’t like that la… you can cum inside her first…. I don’t mind double dipping…..

I sighed and I told him I’m not in the mood to do it anymore. 

Gary : Then I’ll do it.. 

I could hear #107 screaming and begging for me to let her go, her voice turning hoarse from her pleas. 

Gary : Come on la… I’ll be fast… I’ll fuck her…. Then I log out for you….. no problem one…. 

Jude : Ahrhrhrh… whatever la… 

He gave me a thumbs up and rubbed his palms together in glee. 

The screams was giving me a headache and I wanted to quickly left the room and shut the door. 

Fuck. I did not realise I was that weak. 

Want to have sex, yet don’t have the balls to do it. 

Does this mean I still have a bit of decency left inside me ? 

I hesitated at the exit as I looked at Gary. 

He was almost mechanical , without emotions or empathy. I watch him drag a device that looked like a gym bench that is at a 35 degree angle. He dragged it in front of #107, blatantly ignoring her pleas and screams. 

Then Gary sniggered and asked me to watch and learn.

He laid down on the bench which was positioned properly so that his head was right in front of #107’s breast. 

His face was about 20cm away from her jiggling breast. 

Gary’s right hand held a remote. 

Gary : Jude !! Jude !!! watch this ah… watch this … ahahahah…. 

He depressed the remote and the bench moved up the same time I heard the hiss of a hydraulic lever, pressing Gary’s face into #107’s love pillows. 

#107 : ARghghghghg!!! NO!!!... ernghhh !!!..

Gary’s face was pressed so hard against her breast that it must really hurt. 

I could see Gary’s feet wriggling as he rubbed his face among the breast, I could even hear his muffled laughs, then he hit the lever again and the bench returned to it’s original position. 

Gary ;Whahahahaha… look Jude… amazing right… the things the company has.. hahaha… 

I could see Gary wiping away the tears that #107 was dripping onto his forehead as if it was nothing. 

It was sick but arousing nevertheless. 

Then Gary got back down and hit the lever non stop. 

Offf…..ooofff… off…ooooofff… ooffhh…. 

#107 : aeghhggh !!! stop..!1…stop please !!!aweghghghghg !!! erngnhhh!!!it hurts…!! Arhggghhg…sobzz…sobzz… 

The cries only spurred Gary on as he laughed. 

He must have fucking slammed his face into #107’s breast like 20 times within the span of a minute. 

Then Gary did the unthinkable. He adjusted the bench and pushed it under #107’s spread legs. 

#107 : NO!!!..NO!!!.. please NO!!!!aeghghghgh !!!! 

Gary laughed and positioned his head under her privates. 

He adjusted the control and when he depressed it I could see him stretch out his tongue. 

Gary : laruppp…. Laruppp.. laruppp…larryupppp… larupppp…..hahaha… I;m going to lick you… laruuppp laruppss… 

His tongue did the sick flicking motion as his head was pushed slowly towards #107’s vagina. 

#107 : Arhgghgh.. arhghghg nno… no… no!!! aergGHGHGHGGHHHHHH!!! 

I could see the tensing of #107’s legs and body as Gary’s face came into contact with her cunt. The hydraulic hissed angrily as Gary’s face rubbed all over #107’s most private region. 

The girl moaned, scream, begged, sobbed all at the same time as Gary’s tongue no doubt had violated every hole within reach. 

My cock was throbbing and I had the urge to fuck her again but seeing Gary’s saliva slobber all over her cunt really put me off. 

Hisss… hisss… hisss… hisss… squezkkk.. sekqexzzz…

Gary : hahaha.. whahaa…. Slurppzzz.. laruppsss.. hahahaa… 

He did the rapid remote pressing again, slamming his face into #107’s cunt and bottom that was already wet with Gary’s sweat and saliva, probably well mixed with her own juice. 

I cannot watch anymore of this. 

Jude : Fuck… Gary !... log out for me when you are done… 

Gary : HOOOKAY Brother… thank you ar…. I owe you one… larupp…larupp… slurpzzz.. slurpzzz… 

I got out and quickly shut the door behind me, blocking out the moans and screams of #107.

I was perspiring and my heart was beating really fast. 

Another mind fuck for my exhausted brain. 

I walked back to the lift lobby and thought of what to do next. 

Since I’m already at the facility, I went back up to check on Level 4. It’s empty and I just took a brief walk around. 

I remembered the blacked out areas and I wanted to take a look at what they are. 

It was then I realised even though I had level 4 access, some rooms were still not opened for me. The card reader did not even light up when I flash my card. It’s like the reader was deactivated altogether. 

The partitions and dry walls separating each room go all the way up to the ceiling. 

I was tempted to knock a hole through some of them to see where it leads but decided otherwise. Apparently someone is going to great length to keep the building’s secret.

I took the lift back down to the basement. 

I wanted to go back to office and reply some emails and approve some quotations from contractors. 

As I approached the office, I noticed the lights were on. 

That’s weird. No one is supposed to be back on a weekend. 

I opened the door and the lights were all on. Even the ones in my office. 

Jude : Hello ? 

Nina was not there. 

Uncle lee’s desk was empty. 
His key to the drawer was hanging there too. 

Mrs Fong’s desk still neat and impeccable like always.

Before I could walk 2 steps into the office, the door to my room opened and I saw Meihui stepping out. 

My jaw dropped 2 cm as I looked at her. 

She had a tablet on her and I could see her searching around for a reason what she was doing in my office. 

Jude : What the fuck ?? 

She was smart. She tried to turn it around on me. 

She showed me the tablet. 

Meihui : You’re logged on at Level 3 !!! What are you doing here??? Who’s with #107 !!! you know you are not supposed to leave her alone unattended !!! ….you are going to be in a lot of trouble JUDE !!... 

I stared at her without a word as she tried to act in a bossy manner. 

Meihui : do you know how many employee regulations you are violating by leaving a company asset unattended while she is out on loan ?? You are going to get so fucked…. You better hope she didn’t hurt herself…..

Meihui walked towards the exit but I stepped in front of her and blocked her way. 

Meihui : Get out of my way…. I’m busy… 

Jude : What the fuck are you doing in my office ?? 

Meihui : I have no time for this Jude… get out of my way…. 

She tried to push past me but I held onto her arm. 

Meihui : ARghgh g!! you’re hurting me … let go !!... 

I held her at an arm’s length and my eyes went to the emergency button on the wall near the reception by Nina’s desk. 

Every office had one, in fact along most corridor, you would see one. 

Meihui saw my eyes went to that button and she immediately changed tack. 

Meihui : Jude !! Jude !!! wait… wait…. No! look at me… look at me Jude !!! 

I don’t know what the fuck she was trying to pull off but put yourself in my shoes. 

Working in such a facility with so many secrets, you would be paranoid too if you were me. Fuck, someone messes around in your office when you are out, you tell me you won’t be upset about that ? 

What if she tries to frame me for some shit ? 

Or what if she steals something from me ? Although I’m not really sure what I have that Meihui would want but it’s still a possibility. 

Jude : You know what… I’m sick of all the cloak and dagger shit in this place…. 

I held onto Meihui and I moved towards the emergency button. 

Meihui : JUDE !!! WAIT !!! listen to me !!!.....aRGHHGGH…

She tried to break loose but I held onto her and dragged her towards the button. 

Then it suddenly dawned on me why should I be dragging her. 

She’s just a deadweight. 

I could just let her go and go for the emergency button. 

I let Meihui go and she fell backwards onto Nina’s desk. 

Meihui : Arhghghg… 

I walked with my palm outstretched towards the emergency button. 

Whatever she is up to, I’m going to get to the bottom of this. 

I was fed by a sudden surge of emotions and anger as my palm closed the distance between the button. 

I’m going to fucking knock down walls if I have to in order to know what lies beneath all those dumb blacked out spaces in each level. 

I’m going fit the entire puzzle together piece by piece no matter the cost.

If David could go to different floors with his clearance, it meant that I could to and the secret to his mobility probably lies in the files that I inherit from his network drive.

Meihui : JUDE !!!! STOP!!!... 

Meihui jumped onto me. She fucking jumped onto me like a monkey with rabies as she tried to pull me away from the emergency button. 

Meihui : JUDE !!! Listen to me !!! 

Jude : ARhghghghg…. 

I wirggled her off me, landing her onto the floor, I tried to go for the button again but Meihui clamoured onto my leg, tugging and pulling down my pants. 

Jude : arhghghg!! 

Meihui : STOP!!!! 

We were literally shouting at each other in the office , my legs were tangled by my pants and Meihui was holding onto them, I pulled my feet free and went for the button again. 

I’m not stopping. 

Fuck this shit. 

I can’t even get an erection now without thinking about how to do sick things to woman. 

This place has messed me up pretty bad. 

My palm touched the cold surface of the emergency button and I saw the blue siren light up the interior of my office. 

Meihui : aRHGHGHGHG!!! JUDE!!!!...fuck !!! 

I turned and looked at her as Meihui charged towards me.

I grabbed her in time and held her with a C-clamp I formed with my right hand around her neck. 

I spoke softly but I left her no doubt I meant business. 

Jude : Enough !!! …. I will uncover every shit piece of secret this place holds…. Then I’m going to blow this shit apart you hear me ?? !! 

Meihui : erhg.. cough…!! Cough!!!!... 

Meihui hit my wrist several times, her eyes glaring at me as I brought her closer to my face. 





I delivered my bombshell. 

Fuck they should make this into a movie or some shit. 

I let go of my grip and Meihui backed away 2 steps, sucking in precious gulps of air. 

Then she came at me. 

She came at me so fast I had no time to react. 

I thought she was going to hit me, or bite me, perhaps stab me with a hidden dagger but no. 

She was fast, she grabbed me by my shirt before I could react and pushed be against the wall, causing my back to hit the emergency button again. 

Meihui : Listen to me you fuck !!! 

I was about to push her back when Meihui blurted something out that caused my heart to drop to the ground as if I just plunge down a roller coaster ride. 

She stared right into my eyes and threw my bombshell to the bottom of a shithole. 

Meihui : I ….. want the same thing as you do !

Meihui : I…… leaked the video…. 

Meihui : I….. made the bid on myself !!! 

I could not even register what she said in time but I knew my mouth was wide open like a fish out of the water fighting for oxygen. I could hear footsteps running towards the office. 

The guardroom will surely know where the button was triggered. They would be here in no time. 

Within that split second my eyes stared at Meihui and the gaze she had in hers were intense. 

There was not a single sign of guilt. 

Something tells me she was not lying. 

There were barely seconds to spare as I heard the turning of the door handle. 

Meihui held my face in both her palms, and I could feel it happening before it did. 

She tiptoed, leaned her body against mine, pressing her bottom against my boxers and brought our lips together the same time the door burst open and 2 security personnel came running in. 

Time slowed to a crawl and I could hear one of them blurt out in shock. 

Security : Holy…………… fuck !...... 

It was a long kiss, lasting about 7-8 seconds before Meihui pulled herself away slowly and we turned and look at both the guards. 

They looked awkward and didn’t know what to do. 

Meihui : Sorry boys… we got carried away…. Everything is fine.. 

Meihui reached under her t-shirt and pretended to adjust her bra. After that she grabbed my staff pass that was hanging around my neck and tapped it on the emergency button. The blue siren stopped immediately. 

The 2 guards looked at me before looking back at Meihui. 

Meihui : You tell anyone….. I’ll kill both of you… and I’ll …..bury you in a level where no one will ever see you again !!... 

They nudged each other and scrambled out of the office. 

The moment the door was closed again, Meihui turned towards me, held my face in her palms again and asked me a question. 

Meihui : Do I have your attention now Jude ? 

I nodded with my mouth half open. 
Jude : yes...... yes.... you do……...

Jude : You have…………….………. my undivided attention… …… 

Meihui : Good. 


Meihui and I stared at each other for a couple more seconds before we broke away. 

My erection pushed my boxers in out in a weird angle, like a tent pole gone wrong. Meihui saw my erection and she backed away, choosing to turn and head to the small pantry and make herself a drink. 

I pulled my pants back on and went after Meihui. 

Jude : What you said…. 

She turned around and put a finger to her lips

Meihui : Enough… no more… not here…. 

I turned around the empty office but the look in her eyes told me what she wanted to say. 

Meihui : we’ll talk later… 

She walked out of my office with her cup of coffee and I went back into my room. 

Nothing seemed out of place. 

My files, documents, everything are right where they should be. 

I received a call on my mobile, it was a private number and I answered it. 

Jude : Hello ? 

Meihui : It’s me… .. I’ll see you tonight….for dinner…. At Serangoon garden…. 5pm… 

Then she hung up on me. 

Ok. Does this mean it’s a date ? 

I don’t know. 

I did a bit of work, checked my email and approved a few quotations. 


I received an email from the recreational club mailer. It was a automatic mail with the header. 

“ Thank you for playing a part in creating life “ 

There was a detailed log of how long I logged in till I logged off the system. Damm, Gary sure took his time. 


Gary came into my office right when I was packing up to go. 

Gary : Brother !!!... fuck!! 

Jude : What… what ?? …

Gary laughed and narrowed his eyes, giving me a snake like look. 

Gary : No wonder you so nervous la…..!!!! hahaha.. my guys told me they saw you… making out with Meihui…!!! WTF man!!.. hahaha….. no wonder your balls shrink when you saw her this morning… ahahah…

He laughed for a while longer before composing himself. 

Gary : I’m sorry. 

He apologised for spilling the beans on me that morning. 

Gary : If I know your girl is beside you…. I won’t say you are going to fuck another girl…. But… it’s already done… sorry ah…. 

I was totally speechless and I don’t know what to say. 

Gary : Don’t worry… your secret is safe with me !! hahaha…. You have some fucking balls man…..of all the girls… Meihui…. You are so going to get raped by her… hahaha… she’s going to slowly squeeze your testicles in her hands….hahah…

Then he had to bring up the incident of me finger fucking her. 

Gary : She fell in love with your finger brother… sorry for being blunt… hahaha.,… I think it’s been a while since she had an orgasm …. And your fingers… whooooo…. Just flick the right switch man…

Jude : Gary… god… fuck…….please… keep this to yourself… i… I cannot… 

Gary ; Don’t worry… your secret is safe with me… ahaha… thanks for the girl earlier ah…. I buy you a beer one of these days… ahhaa… 

With that, he gave me a thumbs up and left the room. 

I sighed and my shoulders slouched. 

It seems like Meihui’s threats to the other 2 guys didn’t really work. It was barely an hour and Gary knew about it.

I don’t know what it meant when Meihui said that to the guys. That we were just making out.

I would be naïve if I think just because of that, we’re in a relationship. It was just a reaction to get out of a situation. 


I went back home for a shower before heading down to Serangoon garden. Once I’m there, I wanted to call Meihui, or perhaps text her but I stopped myself from doing so. She used a private phone to call me, there must be a reason why. 

Paranoia perhaps but I’ll just wait a bit. She should call me when she’s there. 

I waited at the bus stop at the roundabout for a while before deciding to walk around. 

Heading over to the Prata shop, I walked down the row of shop houses leading to the country club. 

I casually strolled down the pavement, looking at the different shops when I heard footsteps behind me. Before I could turn, I heard Meihui call out for me. 

Meihui : Jude.. 

I turned around and I sucked in a breath of the warm evening air filled with the smell of cooked food from the nearby food centre. Meihui was wearing a white dress with yellow flowery prints. 

Her hair was not tied up but she had a hair clip that kept her fringe neat. 

She looked freshly showered and energetic. I could smell the shampoo and shower foam from her body too. 

She wore a pair of flip flops and only carried her phone and a small money pouch in her hand. 

Jude : You stay…. Around the corner ?? 

She pointed deeper into the private estate and gestured with her head towards café round the corner. 

Meihui : Over there… let’s grab a bite there… 

Meihui chose a seat in the corner which gave us the privacy we wanted and the staff brought us menu. 

I could not resist looking at Meihui as she flipped casually through the menu. There was nothing outstanding about her features, but she just looked pleasant to me. I can’t really pin point exactly what it was that attracts me to her but it just felt good to me. 

Her mouth, her lips, the smoothness of her skin. The way the veins around her neck tightened when she glares at me. That look of pure irritation, the sour plum look, yes, resting bitch look. 

Meihui had the resting bitch face. 

Above all, she had that attitude, and the looks to go with it. 

I only realised I was staring at her when she stopped flipping the menu and looked at me without lifting her head. 

Her eyelashes are not that long, but cute enough to frame her round eyes. I could almost see the twitch on her lips as she looked at me. 

Meihui : What’s your problem Jude… order your food …! 

Jude : Yeah.. yeah.. I will… 

A frown appeared on her forehead as she made her choice. 

We placed our orders and got a beer each. 

After we each took a sip, I sat forward and waited for Meihui to begin. 

Meihui :What ? 

Jude : Don’t you have something to tell me ? 

Meihui : What do you want me to say ?? 

Jude : You know… about the plan…. And all…. What do we do ?? ….what’s the next step…. 

Meihui looked around and took another sip of her drink. 

I could tell she was organising her thoughts so I waited. 

Meihui : Ok…. Here’s what’s going to happen…. 

She told me that within a week, news will spread. It always does. The entire facility will know about us. That we were caught making out in the facility office. 

There was nothing wrong with that, company does not have any staff dating policy but we would be at the centre of attention for a while. 

Meihui : Keep things professional…. Continue doing your job…..and we maintain the façade….

Jude : Oh… so it’s not real… 

Meihui gave me an incredulous look of disbelief. 

Meihui : Of course it’s not real…. Would you date someone like me ?? 

Jude : ERmm… I would… 

Perhaps it was the look of sincerity on my face or the way I answered Meihui so abruptly that she was caught in a jam too.

She was genuinely taken aback.

Her eyes were enlarged and her lips were 2cm apart as she stared at me in disbelief. 

Then her eyes went away, looking instead at the bottle of beer on my table. 

Meihui : Are you drunk already ? … 

Jude : No… 

Meihui : Anyway…. Ok… here’s the plan. 

She changed the subject totally and dove straight into what we met up to discuss. 

She told me she’s been with the company for a few years and the moment she was cleared for Level 3, she regretted joining the facility, but it was too late. She knows too much and back in the early days, she had seen girls who are too righteous get processed and disappear into the facility.

The only way to survive was to go along. 

Meihui worked her way up from a low level staff to get to where she was that day. She worked the reception, she worked within the rooms, small projects. She witness the processing, and when she was assigned to a particular nasty supervisor, he made all the girls with level 3 clearance act as evaluators for the processing portion. 

Yes, they had to use their own bodies, and evaluate how other men process the girls. Meihui looked visibly upset as she relates that to me. It lasted almost 5 months and she was violated in so many ways. 

Her fist clenched together so hard that her knuckles turned white. 

Not only was she used during the processing, she had to serve as a liaison to clients. 

Meihui : The things…. I had to do….. 

She paused, swallowed a gulp of saliva and went on. 

Meihui : I’m not proud of them…. But it’s necessary…. The only way to stop this…. Is from the inside…..and it’s a long way…. To get within the inner circle. … you don’t stop this from the bottom….. you knock it down from the top…. 

She knew if she don’t rise above the rest, she would be forward stuck within that level. Meihui put in extra effort to cultivate and build relationships with the clients. She was close to them in a professional way, she looked away when I asked if she ever had to sleep with them and avoided my question. 

Meihui : ….i did…… a lot of bad things Jude……I believe in Karma……one day… they will come back to haunt me…….. I’m past that phase now…...i’m trying to move up…. But there is also an invisible barrier that prevents me from going forward….. Level 5 is probably the furthest I can go.

Jude : What’s on Level 5 ? 

Meihui : you’ll see when you get there….

Jude : Are you working alone… 

Meihui : Yes…

Jude : You help all those girls who attempted to escape ?? helped David ? 

Meihui shook her head. 

Meihui : No…. I don’t trust anyone…. I would prefer to work alone…. Someone is helping those girls…. I don’t think it’s David…… I don’t know who…. or what his or her intention is…. 

Jude : Why did you leak the video….. and made the bid on yourself ? 

Meihui : I had access to the files. I could see the clip had been copied. It was not leaked onto the intranet yet but I know a few staff had seen them… even staff who were not part of the evaluation team…. It’s a matter to time before it’s leaked….. 

Meihui’s theory was that by leaking it onto the intranet, the management would take the necessary action to contain that leak and prevent it from going further. 

Meihui : There’s no telling where the clip might be now if I did not let it out…. Perhaps all over the internet…. 

Jude : What about the bid on yourself ? You have a client’s account ?? 

Meihui : I have my ways…. The bid was to stir up the nest a little….. I’m not very well liked in the facility…….. Some people would like to get me out of the way…… I have other plans for that bid…… this I would prefer not to reveal…. 

Jude : Then why are you sharing so much with me…..

Meihui answered without even blinking.

Meihui : Because you caught me in the act……. And I don’t understand how…..when you have a girl…. Tied up….. bent over…. Waiting for you to fuck her….and you can choose to walk away from that and instead come back to your office…… what the fuck were you thinking ? 

Jude : I…i……errrr…..i felt bad…..i didn’t want to go through with it…. 

Meihui : I really wanted to say you have some decency left in you Jude…. But base on what you did to me in Level 3…. I would reserve my judgement…..

She looked away and took a swig of her beer. 

Jude : Look… I’m sorry… i…. I don’t know….i was new…and…..and I just did as I was told…. I was curious…and….and….. I’m sorry man… I’m sorry…. I think I got carried away…. Sorry… 

Her stance soften a little seeing how apologetic I was, or perhaps it was the guilt I had on my face. I’m not putting up and act or anything, It was fucking embarrassing for me too.

Meihui put down her beer and turned towards me and she changed the subject again.

Meihui : How do you know I’m not lying Jude ? ……all this…. Maybe it’s all a lie ? …have you ever thought about that ?? 

I don’t know what to say to that and I just looked at Meihui. 

Jude : ERrr… you don’t look like you are lying….

Meihui : Looks…. Can be deceiving…… you thought I was a real girl coming in back on Level 3 didn’t you ? …. 

The staff of the café brought out food and we stopped talking for a while.

Meihui : Your pasta looks good…. My chicken looks a bit dry though… 

Jude : Oh… you want to switch?? 

Meihui looked at me as if I said something ridiculous. 

Meihui : No…. I made the decision to order chicken…. I’ll stick with it. 

Jude : You don’t need to be so stubborn in life you know….

She looked at me with the knife in her hand and I decided to concentrate on my pasta. 

Meihui : I don’t even know if I can trust you but I have no choice…. 

Jude : …you can trust me…. don’t worry…. 

Meihui : ….. it’s not just about trust….if you are serious…. About going down this path…. You need to do a lot more…. A lot more than you already have… 

Jude : What then ? 

Meihui explained that the company trusts men more over women. It’s easier for a man to climb up the hierarchy. The higher you go, the better it is. They believe they can exercise more control over the men, with the pussies they provide. 

Meihui : You don’t go up just because of how hard you work too….. You go up because of the things you are willing to do….. how dirty you are willing to get your hands…. How sick you are willing to go….. how aligned are you with the company’s vision for the facility…. 

Jude : you’re saying I need to be….. more perverse… and…. Psyco ….. make more money for the company…. Along that line ?....

Meihui : Yes… the manner you treat woman….. it has to reflect the company’s vision…. That we are nothing but sows ….. to breed….that we are nothing but toys…. To play with…. For entertainment…. 

Jude : Wow…. I didn’t think you would say that…and you did so with a straight face…. 

Meihui : How do you think I got up to Level 5….. 

Jude : What… do I have to do… ? 

Meihui told me that to bring the facility down, we cannot do it alone.

Meihui : We would need help, both internal and external… but first thing first… we need to talk about level 4…. 

As Meihui went on, I could almost see a holographic projection of the level beside my plate of pasta. 

Level 4 is a labyrinth of temporary structures. Each space built upon the previous over and over again. There are rooms filled with furniture and details from previous client’s fantasy that were just hoarded up and build over due to time constraint. 

Repeat this over many years, no one knows exactly how Level 4 is like now and no one has an accurate floor plan of that level. 

David uses 2 contractor companies for every project. 

One to come in and demolish and set up the dry walls for a new project. 

The 2nd one would come in for the details, and by the time the 2nd one comes in, they would be working within a space pre-determined by David without ever knowing what lies behind those walls. 

If this was the outside world, a hacking crew with sledge hammers could clear a path in a couple of days, take everything down and with Level 4 strip down to it’s core, we will be able to see all the secrets it holds but not within the facility. 

Meihui : We may have access to Level 4, but if you notice. Certain areas, the access cards don’t even work. …. The controls are not even powered….. renovation works are monitored by staff from other levels…… With higher clearance. 

When you work say for example, in the gym room, there are a set of parameters, pre-determined rules and boundaries that you are not allowed to cross. You cannot decide to expand that space and just reduce the footprint for the next room, say the classroom. 

Meihui : David must have discovered something with Level 4…. And if the rumours are true… there are ways to go to other levels…. And the secret lies within that labyrinth of rooms.

Jude : Wow…. No shit….

Meihui : I went to your office to look for the drawings…. I thought with the documents handed over to you…. You might have them… perhaps David left clues…I don’t know.

Jude : I tried to look at the drawings…. Level 4 doesn’t make much sense….

Meihui : It doesn’t….David made sure of it…at least on the surface…... But if the current layout allows David to access the different levels and help his girl escape…. It can only mean one thing… there are hidden rooms and doors within Level 4…. And you have to find it…

I slurped a mouthful of pasta as Meihui poked at her dry chicken and looked at me.

Jude : You want to try…? It’s not bad…

I took a spoonful of pasta and twirled it around my fork. Without even thinking it through, I held it forward in front of Meihui’s mouth.

She hesitated for a moment before opening her mouth and ate it.

Jude : Nice right ?

She nodded as she chewed.

Meihui : I’ll order that next time….

Jude : Ok… so… I have to find out Level 4’s secrets….

Meihui : Not just that…. we need more people on our side….. Ella…. She’s been poking around… asking questions….

Jude : Yeah… I noticed that too…

Meihui : She’s getting a little too inquisitive for her own good….. Charging around like a blind bull…. She’s going to get into trouble….

Jude : What should we do…

Meihui shrugged her shoulder.

Meihui : I tried to warn her subtly… but it seems she’s not getting the drift… anyway… let’s keep an eye on her….we don’t know if she is on our side….

Jude : Who else…. In the facility… you think is…. You know… aligned with us….

Meihui shook her head.

Meihui : I don’t know…. But what is important… is for us to continue acting as if we are supportive of what the facility is doing. …. And you…. You must gain access…. At least to level 6…. I will think of ways to get you there…..

Jude : ok….

Meihui : Back to the dating part….

I immediately sat up in attention.

She looked at me and looked away again before going on.

Meihui : We…..we…..we will continue…. To maintain that…. that story…..half the facility would think you are mad to date me……the other half would think you are stupid…

Jude : Why ?

Meihui : ermm….it’s very hard to explain…

Jude : Try me…

Meihui : because….. I don’t really have a good reputation communicating with men at work… because I hate them…. I shout at them…. I torture them….

Jude : errrrrrrrrrrr…..But… but that’s not you right… it’s the mask you put on at work ??

Meihui stared at me with her mouth opened as she pulled her head back and looked at me.

Meihui : You’re weird Jude… stop…stop analysing me….anyway…. we will date… then we will breakup…

Jude : What ??!!

Meihui : It’s important that we breakup ….

Jude : Why ? ….

Meihui : So I can push you up to Level 6….

She explained that with a eventual breakup, I could use that as a pivot or a springboard. She would make life hell for me at work, something that everyone could see, then I would vent my frustration openly.

Meihui : Show them how sick, jaded and how much you hate woman….. show them how much you hate me…. because I hurt you…

It was my turn to have my mouth open as I pulled my head backwards and look at Meihui.

Jude : You’re not … really going to hurt me right… ?

Meihui switched back to her cold and unsmiling self before she replied.

Meihui : Don’t fall for me Jude…. Don’t fall for me and you won’t get hurt….

Jude : Ouch…

Meihui burst out laughing and helped herself to the pasta on my plate.

We spent the next couple of hours drinking and talking, but not about work. Just casual chat as colleagues.

Her smile, Meihui’s smile, there is this charm to it that melts my heart.

The way she touched her neck when she stretched, how she leaned back her body, crossed her legs and leaned forward again, balancing herself expertly on her bottom.

We enjoyed each other’s company. It’s as simple as that and I liked her.

I really do.


I walked Meihui back home, down the street deep into the private estate in Serangoon garden.

We stopped a few houses down from her place and Meihui told me she would walk the rest of the way on her own.

The night was cooling, the street was quiet. The hustle and vibrancy of the area a good 300 metres away.

I turned towards Meihui who had her arms folded with her phone and money pouch dangling off her left hand.

She looked away but I felt the moment was right.

I could not resist myself.

I walked forward and my right hand went to Meihui’s waist, I touched her with my body going closer and closer until her folded arms dropped to her side and stayed there, still she did not look at me, choosing to settle her gaze on a dustbin nearby.

My right hand went from her waist and I slide it upwards, higher and higher until I could touch and feel the outline of her strapless bra.

Meihui : Don’t Jude…. Don’t… this won’t end well….

I leaned my face close , Meihui still refused to look at me.

My lips got closer and closer, half expecting a slap from her anytime soon.

I saw Meihui swallowed a gulp of saliva but still she did not move, and she did not want to meet my eyes with hers.

I leaned forward, angled my face and planted a kiss on her cheek.

Jude : Goodnight Meihui…

She finally mustered up enough courage to look at me.

Meihui : This won’t end well Jude…. We agreed it was to be an act….

Jude : I didn’t….. so let me act the way I want……I won’t hold you responsible if it doesn’t end well….

Meihui : It won’t Jude… don’t be silly….

Jude : indulge me…..we’re going to break up anyway….

Her eyes closed and she gave me a slight nod.

Meihui : goodnight…..

18th January 2016



The first day was not that bad.

I saw a few more stares coming my way as I walked around the facility but other than that, it seemed the secret was pretty contained.

I had lunch together with Ella, Kathy and Meihui that day and all was good.

I asked Meihui out for dinner after work and I was surprised she agreed. We went back to the same café, sat at the same spot and we ordered the same pasta.

Nothing happened. Just dinner.

21th January 2016



It was exactly like what Meihui had said.

By Thursday, I drew stares from co-workers everywhere I went.

Thomas saluted me on Thursday.

Thomas : You are the man brother !!! ….haha… good luck…. Hahaha…

Even Nina gave me a smile and shook her head at me, almost in a pitiful state.

I wanted to tell everyone of them they were wrong about Meihui.

She is not like this. That the side of her they see is not the real her but why bother. No one would believe me.

I did not realised the extent of how seriously people took the news of us being together until the lift incident.

I was at Level 4 that day and about to head back down.

Meihui just came down from 5 and I hesitated outside the lift before stepping in.


Just the 2 of us. 

That was the first time both of us were alone together in the facility after the news had spread like wild fire. 

We didn’t speak in the lift, it was a little awkward. Meihui had her arms folded, looking forward with that resting bitch face of her while my body was angled towards her. 

The lift chimed and the door opened at Level 2. 

It was fucking lunch time. 

At least 6 staff were talking and laughing as the door opened but they went mute the moment they saw us in the lift. 

No one stepped in, they all pretended to look away until the door closed. 

Meihui : See…. This is what happens… when you date the bitch at work… 

Jude : Well…. I’m enjoying every moment of it…. 

I went over and kissed Meihui on her forehead without warning and she yelped in surprised. 

Meihui : AHH!!.. 

The door opened at Level 1 and I quickly got out just in time when Meihui shouted at me 

Meihui : JUDE !!!! 

I scurried away and co-workers rushed to make space for me when they saw Meihui fuming behind my back. 

It was funny in a way. 

The rest of the week went on as usual, I did the things I have to do. I processed another girl, and I attended meetings to craft another fantasy room for another rich client. It was awkward to eat with my lunch groupie, Kathy and Ella were literally grilling me with questions about Meihui.

Needless to say Meihui chose to excuse herself from our lunch group, saying that she had work to do. There was a lot of back end work that needs to be done before the tour group arrives. 

Even Joanna seemed surprised at I was dating Meihui. 

Joanna : Well… well…. Life is indeed full of surprises… Jude ? …. Hahaha….. treat my girl well ya…. She’s one of my best lieutenant… 

I don’t know whether is it because of coincidence or was it part of Meihui’s plan to act like a crazy bitch. Her temperament was especially bad that week. 

I saw her throw files and documents at vendors. 

She shouted at security staff when they messed up some of her instructions. 

She almost strangled Thomas when he gave her the wrong staffing arrangement for a particular week. 

She chased Gary out of Level 3, I don’t know why. 

Then she gave me a piece of her mind in front of a bunch of other co-workers when I messed up on a project on Level 4 and needed more funds to rectify the mistake. 

Meihui : Focus Jude…. Focus !! … 

She looked down on her tablet while another co-worker tried to mouth a silent advice to me. 

“fuck her…. You need to fuck her “…. He added with a silent snigger but Meihui caught that. 

Meihui : Jorge…. Believe me…. you don’t want to fuck with me right now…. 

Jorge immediately looked down and pretended to take more notes. 

Well, she’s mean and firm at work. 

What about after work you say ? 

I would do the same thing I do everyday. The same café, grab a dinner and walk her back. 

Was she different ? 

You bet she was. 

She’s not lovely dovey and baring her breast to me but honestly, she is much more pleasant. I’m sure everyone would enjoy her company. 

22th January 2016 



It was barely a week but I could feel myself getting more attached and attracted to Meihui. She maintains that it was an act but there are some emotions and feelings you just cannot fake. 

She’s not fucking head over heels with me , that I know, but does she enjoy my company, it’s a definite yes. 

That Friday was a important day. 

Gwen had sent out an email the day before, asking all staff involved with the group tour to report to Level 4 by 11am. 

I went up at 10.45am

I could see staff pushing, wheeling and dragging the girls in their school uniforms into the classroom. 

All of them were crying. 

All of them. 

I felt uneasy as I stepped into the room and was asked to get change. 

Desheng and Edmund were already there and I said hi to them. They were changed, and settled into their seats. I stepped into the back where the changing area was. 

Gwen was there too with a tablet and some documents on hand. 

Gwen : Hi Jude… excited ?? 

Jude : hi…. A little… 

Gwen : well… there’s nothing to be… it’s just disgusting… anyway… we’re just making money… see you in a bit… 

Gwen wore a white blouse and a grey skirt with red frame glasses. She had a pair of black heels on and with her hair neatly pinned up, she looked just like my physics lecturer back in school.

A cubicle door opened and Meihui stepped out of the stall. My heart stopped and skip a beat for a brief moment. 

She tied up her hair, and she too had changed into the school uniforms. Her white blouse straight and pressed, she had a button undone near the top of her blouse, I could see the glaring pink of her lacy bra from outside the white top. 

Jude : Are you mad ?? … you know you’ll be wearing white and you wore a pink bra ?? 

I added that comment with a frown on my head.

Meihui : I forgot….

I looked at the length of her skirt and it was at least 3 inches above her knees. 

Jude : That’s a little too short isn’t it ?? 

Meihui : Someone fucked up the girl’s clothes… this was not supposed to be mine !

I looked at her smooth hairless legs, the tease of her baby blue ankle socks and her multi coloured running shoes. My cock started to rise as Meihui adjusted her uniforms in front of the mirror. 

I got changed and I saw that she was waiting for me when I came out.

She had a small money pouch the size of a A4 notebook with her. 

She looked nervous.

Jude : You ok ? 

Meihui : ye…yeahh.. yeah… 

Gwen came into the back and updated us on the status. 

Gwen : They’re here…. At the carpark…. Get ready… 

I went into the classroom and took my assigned seat. 

There was this sorrowful atmosphere in the air as the girls sobbed and cried non stop. 

They begged, and pleaded. 

#522 : Please… I don’t want…. I don’t want to do this… 

#532 : Not the Chinese… they are very rough… please… sob… sob… please… they are very dirty….please…!! 

The pleas cast a heavy cloud of emotions onto my heart as I tried to block out the cries. 
I could hear some commotions. Loud laughes, rough and uncouth curses from the room next to us. I could hear the tour groups getting changed. 

They were going to get changed into the same uniforms as us. 

It was their fantasy. 

To fuck school girls during class, against their will. 

Suddenly Gwen received a call and she went back out for a minute. 

When she came back in, she looked a little uneasy. 

Edmund : Gwen… what’s the holdup ? 

Gwen : They don’t want other men in the class… only them… 

Desheng : No way…. It’s against protocol…. What about the assets ??.... you know how they behave…. 

Gwen went out again and I could see her making phone calls after phone calls. 

10 minutes later, she came back in.

Gwen : There’s going to be a change of plan… 

Gwen explained that they will split the class into 2 instead. 

Gwen : Management double the asking price… and they’re willing to take the risk…. Split the class into 2……… 4 in here… 3 in the other… 

Gwen said that she, Meihui and I would take the room with 3 clients, together with 3 girls. We will be able to handle them. 

Desheng and Edmund will take the room with 4 clients and 4 girls. 

Gwen : They wanted restrains off….

Edmund : What ? The girls will run….!... 

Gwen : The room will be locked…. They wanted the thrill of the hunt….

Desheng : Sick fucks….sighhhzzz…. 

Gwen gave instructions to the support staff and everyone got to work. 

I went with Meihui to the next room and 3 girls were brought in. 

#802 , #804, #806 . 

They remained chained and restrained to each other as they sobbed. 

I refused to look at them in their eyes. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. 

Gwen was running around like a mad women, shouting instructions, giving orders, obviously irritated with the last minute changes. Meihui tried to compose her emotions by taking a seat at a corner. 

Suddenly I saw the clients. They came out of the changing areas. Middle age PRC men in their 40s laughing and giggling as they teased at each other in the ill-fitting uniforms, they spoke their native tongue, a couple used heavily accented English. 

Gwen shouted to them to split up into 2 groups and they laughed and giggled as they did as they were told. 

The screams from the girls got louder when they saw the men that were about to fuck them raw. Tears rolled down their eyes, their bodies shuddered and shivered uncontrollably, their feet stomping the floor in resentment and helplessness. 

There was nothing they could do. 

The men pushed each other at the entrance, whistling and laughing at the girls. They could only catch a glimpse of them through the small opening, but it was enough to get them excited. 

Gwen shouted for them to stay back as we were not ready. 

Gwen : Jude…. Come out and maintain order !! get them back !! 

I got out of the classroom and ushered the men back as they jeered at me. 

They looked disgusting. 

Pot bellied, teeth stained yellow with years of heavy smoking. A stark contrast from the pure and clean girls waiting to be defiled. 

Gwen shouted to the support staff to remove the restrains. 

Gwen : Remove them !!...take them off !... 

I could feel the frenzy in the air. 

The screams got louder, more terrifying. 

It happened so fast. 

The moment the restrains were off in the 1st room, the fucking PRC men charged into the classroom like sex craved monster. I could see Edmund and Desheng trying to hold onto the 4 girls.

The screams pierced my ears and almost burst my eardrums as Gwen hurried and padlocked the door, preventing the girls from coming out. 

Gwen : Fucking cunts… worse than animals….

My heart was thumping. Fast

Real fast. 

I looked at the 3 disgusting men in front of me, eager to charge into our classroom. 

I heard some shouts and screams as one of the support staff behind me told me the restrains were off the girls in my classroom. 

The chaos started immediately as the freed girls tried to run. 

It’s human instinct. 

No one would want to suffer this. 

They screamed and tried to make for the door but the support staff and Meihui was trying to stop them. The staff held onto 2 of them while Meihui was trying to pull one back into the classroom. 

The fucking PRC men in front of me were shoving and pushing, eager to get started. 

It was utter chaos. 

There were so many things happening at the same time. 

There was a loud shout, and I saw the support staff falling backwards. 

A girl ran out ! 

She made it out of the classroom. She fucking stepped on the support staff and shot right past us. 

I was caught off guard for a minute and I turned to look at the escapee. 

Without warning, the PRC men pushed me aside and charged towards the classroom. They shouted and pushed their way in the same time the girls were trying to push their way out. 

There was a big shove and the girls all fell backwards. 

My heart sank. 

It’s like someone dropped a rock onto me from great heights as I watch Meihui fell backwards into the classroom, pushed by the fucking clients. The support staff, panicking and disoriented, slammed the door shut and threw the padlock over. 



I shouted for him to open the door. 

Jude : Open the fucking door now !!! 

My eyes caught sight of something and I felt the equivalent of someone stabbing a dagger straight into my heart. 

The collars. 

All the collars of the girls were on the ground. 

That fucking staff took too literally about Gwen’s removal of all restrains. 

The next scream that punctuates the air sent a jolt of ice like stab into my spine. 

I watched it happen almost in slow motion. 

The 1st PRC men grabbed the first girl and literally pushed her against the blackboard, immediately reaching under the skirt, snorting like a pig in heat.

Meihui’s eyes widened as she staggered backwards on the ground, pushing herself up and away from the 2nd girl on the ground as she was grabbed by her ankles and pulled towards the horny man. 

Meihui backed away from the frenzy , the 2nd girl was being attacked by 2 of them men. They were helping each other to get her up and onto her feet as she screamed for help. When she was finally subdued and pressed onto a desk, the 3rd man turned towards Meihui, flashing her a grin from his tar stained teeth. 

I grabbed the support staff from the ground and shouted into his face. 


Staff :…… I ….. I can’t….. Gwen has the key…. 

Jude : GWEN !!!... GWEN !!!! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU !!! … 

Someone shouted over to me above the din that was being made from the 2 rooms. 

“She went after the running girl! “ 


Fuck !...

I saw Meihui scream and threw a chair towards the 3rd man in the room, trying to tell him she is not one of the girls but it fell on deaf ears. 

He was literally drooling at Meihui as he advanced slowly like a beast about to pounce. 

Fuck, everything happened so fast, within a matter of seconds. There was hardly any time to react. 

There was a buzzing in my ears from all the screams. 

I watched as the 1st girl in my classroom had her bra ripped off her body. The client laughed as he fondled her breast roughly, squeezing them hard as if he was out to bruise them. He stuffed the bra roughly into his own mouth, sucking and filling that padded bra with his saliva.

I watched helplessly as the 2nd girl cried as her light yellow panty was being forcibly pulled down to her knees by the PRC client, He lifted up her skirt and pressed his face onto her smooth backside, sticking his disgusting face into her butt crack while holding both her hands down by her waist.

A 2nd chair flew towards the 3rd client but he dodged it easily, smiling wider than before. 

I hammered the louvered windows with my bare fist, trying to break them down. 

Wham… wham… wham….!!!! 

The angry aluminium panels creaked and bent, stained with blood from my fist. 

The dumb fuck staff grabbed a fire extinguisher and dashed towards me and started smashing the louvres beside me. 

The 3rd client charged towards Meihui but she managed to duck and run towards me by the window. He made a grab for Meihui and managed to squeeze her breast with his large hand but she still broke free.

I could see the desperation in her eyes. 

She was so close I could almost touch her. 

Her fingers reached out and gripped onto mine on the windows the same time the blue sirens came on throughout the level. 

I heard her gasp the same time I saw the client hugged onto Meihui from behind her. 

He laughed as he cupped both his hands onto Meihui’s breast, squeezing onto them as she screamed in pain. When her hands went to pull the client’s hands away,he reached down and grab onto Meihui’s vagina, pressing and violating them through her school skirt.

Meihui screamed . 

I was so close. Right in front of her and the only thing that separated us was that fucking louvered window.

Meihui’s eyes looked right into mine and she managed to mutter her last words before being yank forcibly away from the window as I brought 3 of the aluminium panels down to the floor with a forceful slam of my bloodied fist accompanied with an angry shout.

That look of despair on Meihui’s face could not be described, as she muttered something that raised all the hair on my neck before being thrown onto table as the client’s hand reached under her skirt, pulling her white cotton panty down to the middle of her knees. 

Meihui : Look away…. 


I could see Meihui kicking and struggling on the table as the man managed to yank the panty out from under her. She landed a kick on the man’s face, sending him staggering backwards 2 steps as he cursed loudly.

Not only was he cursing, he was laughing in a delirious manner, his right hand holding onto Meihui’s panty, flailing and swinging it in the air.

Meihui’s school skirt had been reared up so much that I could see her privates. 

I knocked off another window panel and I hoisted myself up the parapet wall of the classroom. The staff beside me too managed to clear all the panels with the fire extinguisher and pulled himself up. 

Before we could enter the classroom, Meihui’s attacker turned and saw us trying to enter.He shouted to his friends that we’re entering to compete for the girls with them while laughing hysterically.

I barely got my body through the window frame when one of the clients closest to the window laughed and pulled his cock out of the girl and came running towards me. His pot belly and his bushy cock flailing left and right as he ran and shove the staff beside me , sending him flying backwards and landing on his back. 

I quickly jumped into the classroom but the naked client had grabbed onto me, laughing as if it was all a game to him. His breath stank, a torrid mix of alcohol and cigarette breath. I caught a whiff of another smell. Something unmistakeable and unique from his stench. 

I recognised it because I had tried it before many years ago in Thailand.


He had been smoking weed as well. 

The client was larger and bigger build than me, he easily shove me onto the floor of the classroom with hardly any effort. As sudden as he intervened, he laughed and ran back to his girl who was desperately hammering at the door, trying to cover her privates and hold onto the torn white blouse that was covering her breast. 

Meihui’s attacker strip off his clothes, revealing a long curved cock of at least 7 inches in length. She backed away and circled around the back of the classroom to help me off the floor. 

Jude : I’ll hold him off…. You get out through the window…. 

The client sniffed Meihui’s panty, holding It up with one hand before using his other to orientate the panty that Meihui was wearing moments ago, trying to locate the part where it had the most smell. 

His tongue came out and licked the part where Meihui’s pussy would have been in contact with eagerly as he laughed and asked his friends to help him out. 

The one that shove me was already in a world of his own. He held onto the girl by the door, pushed her against it and was trying to stuff his cock back into her cunt. He was having a bit of difficulty due to the angle and her continued resistance. 

The other one which was happily thrusting into his girl actually stopped and pulled his cock out of the screaming girl. He licked her face before telling his friend to have his girl first but his friend rejected his offer. 

He wanted Meihui. 

By then several staff had came to the classroom and they were all trying to climb through the window frame. Both the clients charged towards the window, knocking my colleagues backwards easily as if they were defending a siege against a castle keep. 

They laughed as they threw punches and shoves, sending the staff toppling onto one another. 

With Gwen nowhere in sight, they were our best hope of getting out of this. 

I left Meihui where she was at the back of the classroom and tried to top the 2 clients at the window to clear the way for the others to come in. 

It was a fucking mass orgy as men shove and cursed.

The 3rd client finally snapped out of his fucking trance and came over to help. 

I don’t remember wha happened, just a lot of shouting, punches were thrown but we were at a disadvantage. My colleagues could not balance on the parapet wall, and once they got up, they had to squeeze their body through the narrow frame, making them perfect target for a shove. 

I traded blows with someone, I don’t even know who when I suddenly heard Meihui scream. 

The 2 girls 

The 2 girls, screaming and sobbing we grabbing onto Meihui. 

They were trying to strip her. 

Anger, frustration and their helplessness all manifest at the same time, boiling down into a concentrate of mindless behaviour centred around revenge. It’s senseless violence and behaviour. 

They wanted Meihui to suffer the same fate as they did.

#802 pulled Meihui’s hair and yank her head back down on the table while #804 grabbed her legs and lifted her up. They were screaming at Meihui, obviously putting the blame on her for their ordeal. 

The girls rained each other with slaps and blows but Meihui was no match for the both of them at the same time, especially not with #802 causing her so much pain with the tight grip on her hair.

#802 yanked on Meihui’s blouse upwards towards her head with her left hand while her right arm tried to keep Meihui’s arms from hitting #804.

There was a loud commotion and I saw one of the client grab a chair and tried to swing it at the window but he hit the guy I was in a tussle with behind the head, sending him tumbling onto me. 

His body fell towards me, bringing me down onto the floor, crushing my body beneath his. 

Jude : arghhghg… fuck… get the fuck of mee…fuck… arghhh.. 

The client on top of me was out cold. 

His breath made me want to puke as he just groaned and mumbled gibberish with his eyes closed. I tried to wriggle myself out but I was pinned under his massive body.

He’s got to be at least a 100kg. He’s heavy but I can pull myself out, and I started pushing and wriggling immediately.

Then the screams from the girls got louder and when I craned my neck to look at Meihui, I was shocked to see her blouse being pulled up, her bra exposed to the world while her skirt was bunched up around her waist.

#804 was shouting at the clients in mandarin, asking them to come and fuck Meihui. #802 held onto Meihui’s hair with both hands, while Meihui’s fingers were closed around #802’s wrist, trying to get herself loose.

#804 was trying to hold down Meihui’s kicking legs. 

My heart dropped when I saw #804 got a grip of both of Meihui’s ankles while she stood near the side of her waist. 

Meihui screamed as #804 lifted up her ankles, pulling them backwards, drawing her knees close to her chest, exposing her pussy at the edge of the table she was being pinned down on. 

Meihui’s vagina was totally exposed with her legs being pulled upwards.

#804’s screams caught the attention of one of the fattest and disgusting client. His face filled with pock marks and he had an ugly mole near his chin. Grey strands of hair sprouted out of the mole and I could see a pimple filled with pus on his forehead. 

He abandoned his friend at the window and ran towards Meihui, laughing and snorting in delight, he kept asking his friends to join him as he wobbled towards his target, oblivious to the fact that one of them was already on the ground

I was almost out from under the knocked out client, but the angle from which my legs were pinned is causing me precious seconds as I wriggled myself loose. Everything happened within such a short span of barely a minute but it seemed to drag on forever.

With only one client at the window fending off the facility staff, I could see progress being made as a security staff managed to wriggle and get into the classroom.

He did not get to land properly and took a bad hit to his head from the sole defender and ended up groaning in pain on the ground. 

I freed my left leg and I was using it to kick the fucking client off my but I could see #804 spreading Meihui’s ankles apart, shouting for the disgusting client to fuck her. 

His cock was up, throbbing and wet from his earlier conquest of #802. 

Meihui’s shouted and screamed as #804 spreads her legs apart wider, trying to allow the client easier access to her vagina. 

It was a really sick sight as both #802 and #804 screamed in agony and frustration at what the facility had made them do. Nothing could describe the tone of despair I heard in their sobs and screams as the client pushed #804 aside and grabbed both of Meihui’s calves. 

His massive hands gripped onto her tender legs, spreading them apart as he parked his huge body in the middle of Meihui’s legs, by the time he let go of her and Meihui tried to clamp her legs shut, she could only wrap it around the client’s body. 

There was not enough space for her to move and avoid the clients’s cock. 

I could see the client laughing as his dick brushed the insides of Meihui’s thigh, sliding closer towards her love hole.

He grunted and laughed the exact moment I got myself loose.

I charged towards him, he was barely 3 metres away. 

I could see it happen as I moved forward. 

It seems to be happening in slow motion as I forced my body to close the fucking gap between him and me. 

He grabbed his cock with his right hand and I saw him pushed it against the entrance of Meihui’s love hole. 

Meihui yelp and tightened her body, screaming and resisting the push of his invasive cock. The foreign organ of a man she has never met. The client tried to spread Meihui’s pussy lips with his left hand and his tried to ram his cock into her pussy when I was barely a feet away from him. 

I saw him pushed his body against Meihui’s vagina, his cock connected with her privates like the tip of a battering ram. Meihui’s body shuddered and she scream, she resisted the 2nd entry but I could see her vagina lips part slightly. 

The client, even though he was resisted entry into her love hole for the 2nd time, rubbed his disgusting manhood along the exterior slit of Meihui’s privates, trying to wet it enough to push himself in.

The girls that were holding onto Meihui were trying to keep her still, they pressed on her arms, grab onto her wrist, basically anything they could do to keep her from moving. 

Before a 3rd attempt was made, I bulldozed myself against the client and sent him collapsing onto a mess of tables and chairs. I went to #802 and tried to pull her away from Meihui but she slapped me and pulled my hair. 

I snapped and I shoved her, retaliating with a hard back handed slap the same time 2 of the security staff managed to jump into the classroom. 

#802 : AHhhhhaHH!!!! 

It was not just a slap. I don’t know what went into me. Perhaps it was the shock of what was happening. #802 tried to punch me after the slap but I grabbed onto her hair, I yank them towards me and I looked into her eyes. 

I wanted to shout at her, but I lost my balance, tripping onto the legs of a fallen chair, it resulted in me staggering backwards for a few steps with my hand still holding onto #802’s hair. 

By the end of the few steps backwards, I had dragged #802 off balance, slamming her face first onto a table.

Wham !

I had a shock myself. 

I didn’t know I caused her to fall that hard. 

#802 stopped moving for a few seconds before turning over and collapsing onto the floor. 

#804 had a shock and she staggered back, sank to her knees and wept like a bawling baby. 

The client that I had bulldozed recovered by then and the made another attempt to fuck Meihui. He grabbed her from behind, plastering his body against her back as his hands squeezed and fondled Meihui’s breast, laughing by her ears as Meihui fought to get loose. 

The client seemed determined to fuck his cock into Meihui. 

More security staff had jumped into the room by then and I could see Gwen unlocking the door, charging in as her mouth spewed an endless stream of vulgarities.

Together with the security staff, we separated the client and Meihui.
Another security staff came in with Dawn beside him, Dawn had a long trench coat for Meihui and she bundled her up before leading her out and away from the classroom without a word, everyone moved out of the way as the 2 girls disappeared down the corridor. 

The remaining clients were literally dragged like animals laughing and screeching like banshee out of the area too. The escapee, #806 was brought back into the classroom and she huddled into a corner, sobbing and begging not to be punished.

Her school uniforms were crumpled and untidy from her struggles. 

Only me and 3 other staff remained in the classroom. 

It was an awkward moment. 

I could almost feel their judgemental eyes on me as they looked at #802.

I don’t remember hitting a woman that way ever but her fall was an accident.

I felt like shit. 

In fact, I felt worse than shit. That feeling, of hitting a woman, it was a raw and unfamiliar emotion. Something I never felt. 

It’s not just any woman, it was a slave. One kept against her will in a facility that men pays to have fun.

When #802 was helped up off the ground, her lips were red and swollen, her cheek puffed up, a thin line of blood was visible from her lip leaking down her chin and onto her shoes, the only article of clothing that remained of her school uniform. 

Her head was not bleeding but I could see a large bruise forming.

Even Gwen looked at me, a tinge of fear in her eyes when she saw what I did. 

I could tell she wanted to say something but she did not. 

I wanted to say it was an accident, but it was too chaotic. 

No one saw exactly what happened. 

What everyone saw was how hard I had slap #802.

By then, Thomas had arrived. He was given an update of what happened and he came and asked me to calm down. He led me out of the level and we went straight to the secret café on level 1. 

He went straight to the fridge and took out 2 cans of beer, opening one and asked me to drink it and cool down. 

Thomas : Brother…. You ok or not ??... don’t…. don’t need to hit so heavy…they…..ermmm… 

I told Thomas I was not myself for a moment. 

Thomas nodded but said nothing. 

He called to check on Meihui and told me she’s fine. The doctor gave her something to calm her down and help her sleep. We’ll go check on her in a while.

Thomas : Jude…. i… err… I’ll be upfront with you ok….. you see…..

I could see him searching for the right words and it made me feel even worse. 

Thomas: I’m not saying what we do here is right….. I too… play with the girls…. You know…. Dildo…. Some pussy slap, maybe a pinch of their nipples…… I mean…. Yeah… you know… I’m saying I’m a fucker… ok…. To keep it short…. I’m an asshole and a fucker….. I fuck them against their will….. but…. But… 

He lowered his voice and said no one hits the girls in that manner in the facility. 

Thomas : Yes … we shout at them… we threaten them…. Jerk them around a little… but…. But what you did…. Was a bit… know.... too harsh… 

Jude: I… I’m sorry….. I lost it for a moment….but it was an accident…. 

Thomas : Jude… everybody saw you hit #802 so hard that she fucking flew man…..calm down……sigh…. 

I wasn’t really in the mood to explain myself further so I just kept quiet. 

I don’t deny slapping her, but slamming her onto the table was an accident.

The next couple of hours happened in a daze. 

I remembered talking to Gwen who asked me to quickly get contractors to fix up the damaged classroom. I could not believe they were still going ahead with the rest of the program. 

Gwen : It’s all planned and book. Get it done…. 

Management has been notified about what happened and they decided to keep all restrains on the girls at all times for the rest of the tour group. 

I visited Meihui in the staff rest area on Level 4 and saw that she was sleeping. Dawn was playing with her phone beside her. 

Jude : Is she ok ? 

Dawn : she’s fine… don’t worry… she’s a tough nut…. She’ll sleep it out…. 


Time past really slow that day and I could not help but feel more eyes on me as they day dragged on.

I’m sure by then news had spread that Jude is a fucking woman beater. 

Yeah, I’m being judged by people who keeps and fucks women against their will in the facility. 


I received a call from Joanna on my mobile. 

She wanted to see me at her office on Level 2. 


Joanna : Hi Jude…. Take a seat…. You want something to drink ??? 

Jude : No… I’m fine… what can I do for you ?? 

Joanna was direct and went straight to the point. 

Joanna : I understand that….. an incident had happened this afternoon…. On Level 4….An asset ….. has been…. Injured….

Jude : Look… Joanna… I can explain…

She smiled and said I don’t need to. 

Joanna : Don’t explain Jude… it’s fine… she’ll heal…. I wanted to talk to you about something else…. 

Jude : What is it… ?

Joanna turned her monitor towards me and I could see the classroom I was in earlier. 2 cameras covered the area and as Joanna played back the video, all it captured was me slapping #802.

Then when she retaliated, I grabbed her, and slammed her onto the ground.

With several fallen tables and chairs, including the client on the floor, it totally block off the chair that caused me to trip and lost my balance. From the angle which the video was taken, it did not look like I was about to fall either.

All I saw on screen was a fucker yanking the hair of a girl and throwing her to the ground.

Jude : I…. I tripped….. it was an accident…

Joanna : Jude… relax…. I’m not blaming you or anything….hahaha….. chill man… haha…

Joanna just followed with a short conversation about staff should protect company assets.

Joanna : They make money for us….. remember that… ok …

I nodded my head slowly as I looked at the file she was fingering on the desk.

She took it and put it directly in front of me.

Joanna : Ok… moving on…. We have more important things to talk about…. We need to move pass this….

She opened the file and passed it to me.

My eyes widened when I saw it was bid offers. Offers that were made for Meihui.

Joanna : I’m telling you this because there are rumours that you are dating Meihui…. So I want to know that you will be absolutely professional about this….. she may be your girlfriend… or perhaps fuck buddy or whatever… but there are a lot of interested bids on her lately.

I looked at the list as I scrolled down.

This is wrong.

It doesn’t make sense.

Meihui said she was the one that made the bid.

Why are there so many more ?

Jude : You mean… all these people… made a bid for her ???

Joanna : Yes…. 16 of our clients….

Jude : What…

Joanna : Here’s the thing though….

Joanna told me that she thinks it’s a bit weird that out of the 16 clients, 15 of them bid below the reserve price while the 1st bid was made to trigger to reserve and put her onto the market.

Joanna : Don’t you think this a bit funny ??

I looked at Joanna and I didn’t know what to say.

Joanna : I put it simply Jude….. we have a lot of clients…. Well profiled….well heeled and all but if 15 of them….. don’t think Meihui is worth the reserve price……I’m very curious to know who……. thinks that she does….

My heart was thumping by then as I looked at Joanna, her eyes bore right though mine as she smiled.

Joanna : I know it’s not you Jude…. You probably get to fuck her for free… so no need pay…. But I hope you can remain professional…. When we close this deal with the client.

Jude : close the deal as in ?? isn’t there a bidding process or something ?? doesn’t the client need to pay first ? a deposit ??

Joanna laughed and asked me to clam down.

Joanna : Why…. You so worried about other people fucking your girlfriend ah… hahahaa…..

I looked away and back at the file in front of me.

Joanna : The current reserve price for Meihui is 350k… the management is going to bid against the client for her… this particular client…. Hmmmm….has only been to the facility once…. No one really knows much about him…..

Jude: Oh.. you mean you want to save her ?? …as in so she would not need to serve the client ?

My heart heaved a sigh of relief.

Seems like the company does treat their staff well. At least they would do what it takes to protect one of their own.

Joanna : Of course not Jude… hahaha… we’re doing business …..


Jude : What ??? 

Joanna replied without emotions and tapped on her keyboard. 

Joanna : Math Jude… math…. You add things up…. 

Jude : What ?? .. what are you talking about ?? 

Joanna turned her screen towards me again and I finally got what she meant. 

The sum of what 15 other clients are willing to pay for Meihui, far exceeds the reserve bid which Meihui made on herself. 

Joanna : We have reached out to all 15 of them…. Well as you know… not all of them like to share… but we managed to get 8 of them who does…. And their combined bid…. Still exceeds the 350k the 1st client made… haha… 

I looked at Joanna in disbelief. 

Joanna : Don’t look at me this way Jude… haha… this is nothing personal….. just business…and…. Because I like you…. I’m telling you in advance…. So you can… perhaps… take a short holiday with Meihui… you know… have some alone time…. Fuck her…. And all…

Jude : You cannot be serious…. 

Joanna : Jude…. Don’t take staff relationships in this facility seriously ….. these things happen…. 

She turned her screen away and said that’s all she has to say. 

Joanna : If you promise to be professional…… I’ll still let you handle the facilities requirements for this…. We’ll be using the tomb and restaurant….. 

Jude : You cannot use the restaurant… Mr Yegor booked that out… it’s been done to his specification…. 

Joanna : Relax… he’s one of the bidders… that is willing to share… haha…

I sat back on the chair as Joanna gave me a smile and gestured towards the door of her office, telling me the conversation is over. 

Joanna ; Hey… by the way… #806 was the cause of all the trouble this afternoon…she shouldn’t have run….. teach her a lesson Jude…. It’ll be a good time to vent it all out…. I’ll have her sent to the discipline room on level 3… 

I was struggling to breathe by the time I got out of Joanna’s office. 

Ella saw me and gave me a wide smile. 

Ella ; are you ok ?? 

Jude : yeah… I’m fine…

Kathy walked by as i stepped out into the lift lobby. 

Kathy : You look terrible Jude…. Get some rest.. 

Jude : Yeah… sure… 

I took the lift up to level 4 and I went straight to look for Meihui. 

She was up, sitting alone in the staff area in her office clothes with a hot cup of tea in her hand. 

I immediately went over to Meihui and told her I need to talk to her, in private. 

Jude : it’s urgent…. 

Meihui : Not here….

Meihui said she would go gather her stuff and leave work early. 

Jude : I need to stay…. The contractors will be coming to fix up the classrooms later in the evening…. I really need to talk to you…. 

Meihui : let’s meet tomorrow….we can spend the weekend together….

My phone rang , it was Luke. 

Luke : Jude….. #806 is in the discipline room…. Joanna says you will be here to take care of it…. 

Jude : Ok… I’ll be right there…. 

I turned to Meihui and she told me she’s fine.

Meihui : go …. I’ll be ok…. 

Heading back down to level 3, I wasn’t really thinking much about it. 

Perhaps just torture #806 for show a little, make her squirm, make Joanna happy and shit. Teach her a lesson. I don’t care, I don’t give a fuck.

All I could think of was Meihui and how to get her out of the bid. 

Gary was waiting for me at Level 3 reception and he was talking to Carmen. 

Gary : Yo… Jude… nah… here’s the file on #806…. 

I took the file and glanced through the details. 

#806, her name is Gina. 

She cheated on her fiancé with his bestman and was sent here a few weeks ago. I shook my head and flipped through the remaining pages. 

I entered the discipline room and Luke had set it up for me. 

I could hear #806 sobbing at a corner. 

She was standing up, her wrist handcuffed behind her. Her collar was on her neck and her ankles were shackled to the ground. She looks quite pretty too, hell, almost all of the girls in the facility are pretty and fuckable.

Luke : All yours ….. I’m going on leave next week…. You need to help me process a couple of new girls… I’ll send you the details… your mail. ……

Jude : Ok sure… 

Luke : Joanna says to teach her a lesson…. Make sure she won’t do it again…. She’s being taken off the booking system until this is done… so… take your time… fuck her nicely.. hahaha….once you’re done…. Put her back into the system…. I don’t mind fucking her..hahah…

Luke remained in the room, topping up some drawers with supplies from one of his boxes, whistling as he did so. 

#806 started apologising. 

#806 : I’m sorry…. I’m sorry…. I’m so sorry….. please… please…. I won’t do it again…. Please…. Sobzz.. sobzz… 

I looked around the room and was thinking of using the same fucking machine we used on Hong’s sugarbabe but as I walked closer to #806, I realised something. 

Her build, her height. 

I got closer and I could see her shaking and shivering. 

#806 looks about the same height and built as Meihui. 

I circled her, looking at her naked body as she sobbed. 

Her breast size is a bit bigger. I touched her tits, natural and soft just like Meihui’s

Brushing back #806’s hair, I could see her face streaked with tears, her eyes red with the constant crying. 

She begged me to let her go. 

I went around her a couple of times, her hair was a bit longer but that is not a big problem. 

This could work. 

I could make this work. 

If it came to that, I could use #806. 

Luke : Alright… have fun Jude. 

As the door closed with a thud, #806 sobbed harder , pleading with me not to torture her.

Jude : hey… Gina…. 

#806 looked at me in surprised and she stopped sobbing. 

I had to be one of the first to call her by her name in the facility. 

Gina : How did you know me name ? 

I looked around the discipline room and made sure the door was closed. I tried to recall the name of the bestman she was cheating with. Perry. The bestmen’s name is Perry. 

Jude: Perry is my friend…. 

Gina’s eyes widened and I could see her breaking down into tears as she sank to the ground. 

I unshackled her restraints and handcuffs, I helped Gina over to the couch and I made her a hot drink from the small pantry reserved for the client. 

She sobbed and cried for a good 10 minutes before composing herself . 

Gina : what is this place… I want to leave this place…..sobz… sobzz… 

Jude : Of course…. I’m here to help you…. It’s not going to be easy… but…. Together.. we can do it…. 

Gina nodded at me as more tears streaked down her cheeks. 

Jude : has anyone….fuck you yet ?? 

Gina’s face scrunched up but she stopped herself from crying as she shook her head. 

Gina : I was having my menses, then I fell sick for a while….sobzz.. sobzz… 

Jude : Ok.. good….. I need you to trust me ok….. do exactly as I say… 

She looked a little unsure as she held the hot drink tightly in her hand. 

Jude : I need you to trust me…. I’m trying to help Perry…. 

I had to stop myself from vomiting as I blurted out those disgusting words. 

Gina nodded her head. 

Gina : Anything to get out of here… 

Jude : don’t worry…. I’ve helped a few girls get out before this…..tell no one about this… one…. 

Gina nodded her head eagerly. 

Jude : We still need to put on an act ….. some things still must be done…. In order to convince the others… it’s necessary… I hope you understand. 

Gina sobbed and nodded her head again. 

Gina ; Please… I’ll do anything… anything….. just get me out of this place…. 

Jude : good…. 


Gina seemed a little cautious as she looked at me. It didn’t take long for her to ask me about what I just said. 

Gina : How… how did you know… Perry…. Are you all close ?? I never hear him mention about you before….. you’re…. Jude… right ?? …. How is Perry ? … does he know I’m here….

I don’t have any details about that and I have to make it up. The safest way to lie about knowing another Singaporean male would be via the army. There is a higher percentage of you getting it right since all of us serve. 

Most of us anyway. 

Jude : We’re not close…. But we went to Tekong together….. after that everyone got posted out…. But we kept in touch….

Gina sipped her drink and nodded her head and I added in a bit more details to give more credibility. 

Jude : We still meet once or twice a year…..our entire group… someone would organise…. And we would take the chance to catch up…. … Perry has been asking around since you stopped replying his calls and he lost contact…. He’s been asking around…. And he turned up this company’s name from his research…. and realised I worked here… 

I sighed and said Perry called me and asked me to do him a favour and check on your name. 

Jude : I did a check and saw you were in the list…. .. I haven even got the chance to inform Perry….. and I was about to go look for you…. When I saw you appear in school uniforms at Level 4…. 

Gina nodded and I quickly changed the topic. 

I had this perverse sense of satisfaction building up within my body. 

I’m lying to this girl. 

I’m lying to her while staring at her in her eye. 

It’s nothing sexual but somehow, doing it gave me a weird sense of satisfaction. Perhaps it was knowing how helpless she really was and that she was prepared to cling onto my every word. 

Jude : You are aware right… it was your Fiance…. who sent you here…. When he caught you cheating with Perry….. 

Gina shuddered and before she could give a reply, I quickly piled her with more information. 

Jude : Anyway… that’s not important now…. We have to focus on how to get out…… I’ve been doing this for a while… helping girls leave…. 

Gina’s eyes lit up immediately and I could see the shift in her body language as she angled herself towards me. 

Gina ; How ? how do we get out of here….??!!! 

I sighed and I told her it’s not a one or two day process.

Jude : It’s not easy… but it’s doable….. The fastest I did was about 2 weeks…. The longest probably 3 months….. but I still got the girls out … 

Gina gasped. 

Gina : So long….~~ 

Jude : But the important thing is…. The girls got out…. They’re free…. Or would you rather stay here….and be made to do the things you do…. 

GIna : NO!!... no… please… get me out…. I’ll do anything… 

Jude : How long…. Have you been here ?? 

GIna hesitated for a moment before shaking her head. 

Gina : I don’t know….a couple of weeks… ? perhaps… why are you working in a place like this !!! 

I told Gina that I had no choice. I took the scholarship of the company back when I was studying and that I was saddled with debts. 

Jude : I thought they were just a biomedical company…..i had a contract with them…if I break it… I need to pay a lot of money….. 

Gina : oh… 

Jude ; Anyway… I’m been here for a while… I’m almost done with my contract….they promise they would post me out to a normal company soon… 

Gina : How soon ? please…. Get me out first before you leave !!! 

Jude : Don’t worry… I’ll do my best….

Lies. I was spinning so much lies on the spot that I surprised myself. 

What’s my plan you ask ? 

I don’t know. 

I wanted to use Gina as a replacement for Meihui. 

How ? I have no idea. 

What I do know is first I would need to get Gina on my side. 

I needed her to trust me. 

When the time comes for her to be useful, I would use her appropriately. 

I checked the time and told Gina that it’s not all going to be pleasant and smooth sailing. 

Jude : You know why you are in this room ? 

Gina : ye…yess…. They… they said it’s the discipline room…. To… to punish me…

Jude : Yes… i….ermm… 

I pretended to be a little bashful and embarrassed and I could see Gina looking away. 

Jude : I’m going to go straight to the point…. No point beating around the bush…. I… I might have to touch you…. To strip you…

Gina looked at me, she was totally at a loss of what to say. 

Jude : We have to go through….. some of these…. But don’t worry… This room can deliver pleasure…. Instead of pain…… I know what I’m doing…. 

Gina : I….can ………we don’t….. … I mean…. Is there another way ?? 

I shook my head and said I need to provide evidence that the discipline was carried out, the staff doing the cleaning up would verify. This is management’s way to prevent staff from having a relationship with the girl. 

Jude : I also need recordings….reports from the machines…… If they ever suspected that I did not do my job properly….. they would send in a replacement…. I’m pretty sure they would enjoy playing with you… 

Gina : but… but…. 

Jude : I’m doing all I can Gina…. The faster we can do this… the faster we can get it over and done with…. What I can promise you is this….. that no other man will touch you…. You just keep coming to this discipline room…. We do a bit of ….. activity… that’s it. We’ll buy a bit of time till I can get you out…. 

Gina ; How…. How do we get out ? 

Jude : I’m working on a plan… one step at a time… ok….

Gina had a frown on her forehead as she cast a look at me. It was sexually arousing to see her look at me from head to toe, thinking whether she could trust me, but what choices did she have ? 

I got up and I pointed to the chair in front of the screen. 

Jude : Quick…. In case someone comes along… I need…. To restraint you to that chair. 

Gina nodded and cooperated as I felt my cock rise in my pants. The feeling is different. 
So different. 

It’s a different kind of arousal. Something less vulgar. 

Strangely, it felt more satisfying to me than if I had to drag her screaming and crying to the chair. 

Gina walked over and saw down, looking all over the surrounding.

Gina was still wearing the school uniforms on her. There were some dust stains on her blouse and skirt but she still look alluring and pretty in that JC uniform. 

Her ankle socks had sunk down the side of her shoes, it looked almost like she was not wearing any. I got her to sit down on the chair and I shackled her legs to the side. She was shaking and I could see her looking at me in fear. 

I applied the restraints on her wrists as well, immobilising her completely.

Jude : It’s ok… relax…. It’s ok…. Once it starts.…. It will be recording ok…. So you have to stop talking and addressing me…. pretend you don’t know me…. 

Gina nodded with apprehension. 

Jude: I mean it … don’t look at me…. if they suspect anything. It’s ok….

I pointed to the screen with the camera in front of her.

Gina : What… what does this do ?? 

Jude : words will appear on the screen… you need to speak them… and clock a few hundred times…. 

Gina : Ok…ok… that’s all… 

I shook my head as I wheeled the fucking machine over. 

Gina : What is that !... what is that!! … 

I attached a dildo to the arm and pushed it towards Gina’s privates.

Gina : No.. no no!!.. no…. wait… stop… what is that ??

Jude : It will vibrate… and turn… I need to put this against your privates….. it was suppose to go all the way inside…. But you are wearing a skirt…. The camera won’t be able to see…. We just need to rest it against your vagina.

Gina : What !! 

I continued setting up the machine and I explained what it does to Gina again seeing the shocked expression on her face. 

Jude : I’m actually supposed to strip you….. let it fuck all the way inside your privates but I’m not going to do that ok…. I’m just going rest it outside, the camera won’t capture the bottom, but it needs to see the machine in front of your privates… 

Gina started breathing fast, she was nervous and I was excited. 

Excited that she was gullible. 

Gina : No.. wait.. wait… that…that… can you choose a smaller one ?? 

I looked at the dildo, it was average size, probably 5 inches, about an inch in diameter.

Jude : Ok… I’ll choose the smallest.

I picked the smallest, I think it’s about 3 inches, and so thin, like 1.5cm in diameter. 

I don’t even know what I was thinking as I pushed the secured dildo closer and closer to Gina. 

The head of the dildo disappeared under her skirt but I did not stop pushing. Gina looked away until I felt the wall of her privates stop the wheels of the machine from going forward.

Gina : gasp …. Stop stop…. It’s… it’s there already…. 

Jude : Ok… is it touching ?? there are sensors…. If not it won’t register…. We’ll have to do it again… 

Gina : YES! It’s touching !! 

Gina snapped as she panted and tried to adjust her body. 

Jude : Ok….. words are going to appear on the screen ok….i will set it to the lowest number of reps but you need to say the words out in order to complete the session…. 

Gina nodded and I put a hand to my lip and pointed to the camera in front of her. 

The screen came on and I started the auto fucking machine. 

I turned the vibration to the highest and the brrrrrrrrrrrr of that setting shook the very machine itself as Gina immediately screamed

Gina : Arghhhghghghg!!!!! ERGHH!!!!!AGHHh…!!!

Her eyes widened as she looked at me. 

Gina : NO!!!.. no… no!!!.. stop.. stop… wait….it’s rotating… it’s turning… IT’S turning !!! arhhh.. enghh !!!! 

I pointed to the screen in front of her as words appeared on them. 

“ I am a slut “ 

“put your cock inside my dirty cunt “ 

“pump me full with your cum “ 

“I want to get gangbang “ 

I mouthed to Gina, asking her to say the words. 

Gina : erhhhnnggg.. ernghh!!!.. ernghh !!!! it’s turning!!! .. ernghhhh!!! aHHHH.. erngh !!!! 

Gina’s eyes widened in horror .

What is her problem ? 

The dildo is so small and it’s pushing against her panty. The most it can do is just push against her privates and vibrate. 

Why is she whining like a bitch? 

Gina kept looking at me with her eyes, pleading with me to stop but I just kept pointing to the camera in front of her. That look of agony on her face was priceless . I could hear how strong the vibration was. 

Gina’s mouth gasped open as the vibrating dildo under her school skirt sent waves after waves of electricity into her. Gina tried to clench her teeth but she lasted barely a minute before her eyes widened and I could see the panic in her eyes as she scream and shook on the chair. 

Gina ; No.. no… no… ahhh.. hhhh..ahhh.. aahhh.. fuck.. fuck… aahhhhhhstop… aahhh.. I’m going to cumm… ahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,.. ergnnghh!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!! 

Gina’s scream turned to a screech as she shouted helplessly in the chair. 

Jude : Look to the screen !!... say the words!!!.. say it or it wouldn’t stop ….!! 

Gina just screamed and screamed like a school girl on drugs, her high pitch screeching reminded me of a particularly irritating classmate who likes to speak in a whiny voice. 

She kept shaking her head. 

Jude : Say the words on screen !... 

Gina : I can’t… ahhhhh.. erngghhhh… I can’t!!! ..e rnghhh… stop… stop… erngnhnhhhh!!!!!!!! I’m going to cum again…. HHHHAHHH…..erngnnhh!!! I’m going to cum again !!! erngnnnnnn!!!! AHHHHHHHHH 

Another round of spasm shook the chair as Gina trashed about, sweat and perspiration soaked through her white blouse as tears rolled down her eyes. 

What the fuck is this girl’s problem ? 

She just came and barely a minute later she fucking screams that she’s cumming again. 

With what ? A pencil thin dildo pushing at her panty ? 

And that fucking whiny voice, the high pitch screeching, it was giving me a headache. 

I stopped the machine but Gina continued panting and cursing. 

Gina : aHHHH… fuck…. Fuck…. Fuck…sob.zzz… sobzzz…. aHHHHH… fuck…. Stop.. stop… i…. I cannot take that… I can’t…. 

Jude : What’s the matter ? … oh no… I stopped it halfway… it’s going to appear on the log report… 

Gina looked at me with that aching frown on her face as perspiration rolled down her face. 

Gina : The… the dildo …. Went inside me… 

Jude : You are not wearing a panty ?? 

Gina : I WAS WEARING A G-STRING !!! FUCK !!...gasp… gasp… 

Jude : Why didn’t you say so ?? 

Gina looked at me , absolutely speechless as I tried not to laugh. 

I went to the machine and tried to fiddle with it but Gina scream, exclaiming that the dildo was still inside her. 

Jude ; I’ll pull it out… 

Gina : EERnghh !.... 

As I backed the machine out, I could see the dildo totally wet and shining with Gina’s vagina juice. She looked away as I pulled out the dildo and put it aside. 

Gina : What are you doing ?? ..

Jude : We need to do it again… 

Gina : I…. I can’t …. I can’t…. !!! 

Jude : You have to…. 

I held onto her face and helped her wipe away her perspiration. 

Jude : Gina…. Look at me…. if I cannot get a good report of you going through this….. you can kiss our plan goodbye ok !!!??? We will both be in trouble…!!! 

The panic and desperation in Gina’s eyes was almost too funny that it almost made me burst into laughter. 

Gina : Sorry… sorry… fuck… I can’t… I can’t take the vibration… I would keep cumming….is there something else… something else we can do ?? 

Jude : try it again….i think that dildo was too small… that’s why the vibration was so strong….i’ll get another one.. 

Gina : What ! … are you sure ?? 

Jude : Trust me… I’ve been doing this for a while…. 

I attached a longer dildo, 7 inches in length with a 1.5inch diameter onto the fucking machine. 

Gina : Don’t on the rotation…. Don’t rotate…. It would drill right into me….just make it vibrate would do…. 

I looked at the setting behind the machine. I could stop the rotation, so I did it, but I hit the button for the thrusting and tried to keep myself from laughing. There was a setting for the vibration and I kept it at low. 

Jude : Take our your panty. 

Gina : WHAT !... 

Jude : I need it… to show you wet yourself….

Gina could not believe what I was saying as she just stared at me as if I said something ridiculous. 

I pointed to the 1st dildo. 

Jude : Look… all these…. I need to show all these ok….its part of the report…. 

Gina’s shoulder slouched and she looked away as I unshackled both her ankles. 

My cock throbbed hard in my pants as I looked at her tone legs. I had to maintain a professional façade. Reaching under Gina’s skirt, I could feel the warmth radiating from her privates. 

Her thighs were wet, sweaty and the insides of her thighs were slippery with her cunt juice. My fingers found the lace of her g-string and Gina lifted up her bottom to allow me to take it off her. 

I could not believe my luck. 

Seconds later, I was holding onto a tangled and wet brown g-string with intricate lace pattern. Gina pressed her eyes shut as I put the panty aside. The smell that was around me was out of this world. 

Sweat from Gina’s body. 

The sweet scent of her womanly juice. 

The stickiness between my fingers. 

I was so tempted to put my finger into my mouth as I played with her. I put the shackles back on her ankles, locking her into position. 

I pushed the dildo under Gina’s skirt again, moving deeper and deeper. 

Gina : stop.. stop.. stop…. Don’t push anymore… ernghhhhh!!.. it’s pushing against my lips already…e rnggg !! … move it back a little !! 

Jude : I can’t !.... look !... 

I showed her the screen that was facing her. 

I explained that the camera needed to see the machine within the frame.

Jude : need to push a bit more… 

Gina : enough … enough !!!...ahhhh..e rnghhh.. it’s spreading my lips already…e rnghhh !! 

Jude : don’t worry… I disable the rotating function…. Only the vibration… should be ok one…. 

Gina nodded and she was already getting breathless. 

Jude : Quickly say the words on the screen…. The lowest setting is 100 reps…. Just get it over … 

Gina nodded and I could see her trying to breathe properly with the dildo pushing at the entrance of her vagina lips. Her expression was so funny I was on the verge of exploding in laughter.

I hit the start button of the machine and Gina immediately started screamed the words on the screen. 

Gina : I am a slut !!!! I am a slut!!!! I am a slut !!!!...... put your cock inside my dirty cunt !!! 

The vibration was not as strong. I could see Gina holding it in. 

Suddenly without warning, Gina’s eyes widened and she moaned so loud that I thought I could cum in my pants. 

Gina : eRNGHH!H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...e rngnhhhh !!! arGHH!!!! Erngh !!!!nernnhhh !!!!! 

Gina shook her head vigorously and I had to clench my teeth to maintain a straight face. 

I could hear the hydraulics working as the machine fuck the dildo into her pussy. 

Gina screamed and struggled on the chair as the 7 in dildo disappeared into her vagina bit by bit. 

Gina : ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Ernghh !! .. erngh !!! NO!!!..ernghh.. it’s…. it’s inside me… it’s fucking me…. it’s fucking me !!! erGNNHNHH..!!! OHHH.. OHHH… no… no… too deep…. Too deep!!!!! AHHHH.. 

Gina’s perspiration soaked through her white school uniform blouse, exposing her laced apricot coloured bra beneath. 

Gina : it’s too deep !!.. it’s too deep !!! arHHH..e rnghh !!! AHHHH 

Gina looked at me and I ran out of words to describe the look on her face. 

Gina : It’s all the way in !!! all the way into me !!! aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Erngh hh!!! Fuck !!! 

Gina burst into another round of spasm as she screamed and cried out in the room. 

The hydraulics cranked up it’s speed, fucking the dildo into her helpless vagina. 

Gina : ERGNN!!!!!.. erGNHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …sTOP!!!! ..ernghHHHH!!! sTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hit the stop button again and the machines powered down with a dull groan. 

Even after the machine had stopped, Gina was still experiencing the effects of the orgasm.

She moaned and groaned as I asked her what’s wrong. 

Jude : Are you ok ?? What’s wrong !?? .. how are we going to finish this way ??? 

Gina could not even speak by then as she looked at me with a lost look on her face. 

Gina struggled to speak but could only manage to drool as she kept looking down at her skirt . 

Jude : Oh… I’ll take it out. 

I almost chuckled as I pulled the machine out slowly, unveiling the long well used dildo that was inside Gina. 

Gina : oh… oh… oh my god… my god…. Oh… oh… oh… ernghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! AHHHH 

I took out the dildo and saw that not only was it drenched, it had those whitish substance around it too. 

Jude : sigh…. What do we do now…. We’ve already stopped the machine twice….I think let’s forget it… you don’t look like you can take anymore….. I guess it’s fated then… I can’t help you Gina….. I’m sorry…. 

Gina : NO.. no!! please wait… wait…please…. Try something else…. Can we please try something else…. 

I looked around the other machines and apparatus in the discipline room. 


No one gave me an orientation of the other equipment but I don’t want to appear as if I don’t know shit as well. 

Jude : sigh…. Let’s try once more… hold on… 

I left Gina panting at the chair as I searched for other machines. 

I saw one that looked like those machine you use to perm your hair in a salon on wheels. Attached to it were dozens of clothes pegs each connected by a wire of sort. 

I wheeled it around, trying to look for instructions but there were none. The clothes peg looked as if they had some sensor located at the clamp area. I clamped one onto my thumb and a indicator lit up on the machine. 

I tried 2 more and the indicator went up by 2 more notch. 


Now what do you do with these pegs. 

Well I watched Jap porn and clamps usually go onto the nipples, but that machine had like 30 pegs. This machine was probably built for a few cows but fuck. This is the perfect time for me to try all these out. 

I wheeled it over to Gina and she asked me what that was. 

Jude : It’s nothing… designed to give it a scary visual impact….. It’s just clothes peg…. 

Gina ; What are you doing !!? 

Jude ; These goes onto your nipples …. 

Gina : No… no… no !! please… no!!...don’t…. 

I looked at the digital clock on the wall and told Gina that we have less than 30 minutes left. We’ll both have some explaining to do if I don’t get any results. 

Gina : Something else… can you find something else ?? use something else please….

Jude : Look.. this is one of the most mild machine already……

I sighed loudly and told Gina to just give it up. 

Jude : Forget it……… we’ll both get into trouble at this rate… 

Gina : No!!.. no!!! no!!.. okay !!.. okay… do it… fuck.. do it… FUCK !... do it… do it…

Gina panted and took a few breaths before leaning her head back and squeezing her eyes tightly shut. 

I unbuttoned Gina’s blouse and exposed her bra.

My dick was begging to be released. In fact, I was awfully tempted to fuck Gina by then as I unbuckled her bra. 

Lifting her bra cups up, I was about to clip the peg onto Gina’s nipples when the door to the room opened. 

I had a shock and I jumped. 

Gina gasped and I told her to shut up and pretend to sob. 

Aaron walked in with a file in hand. 

Aaron : Oh… hi Jude… yeah I’m back…. Sorry to disturb…. I’m just grabbing a file here… 

He walked over to a cabinet and took a folder. 

Aaron : Carry on….go ahead…. 

I was about to clamp the peg again when Aaron turned and exclaimed. 
Aaron : Jude…. Wrong….it’s not for the nipples… its for the clitoris and the vagina walls… here… let me show you… 

Gina’s eyes widened so big I thought they were going to pop out. 

Gina ;!!! NO!!! please ernghhhhh!! NO!!!.. 

Aaron : Hold her properly Jude… yes.. see… push her skirt up…. Somemore… somemore… yes…. Like that…. 

Gina trashed on the seat but her movements was restricted. 

With a fluid motion, Aaron’s left thumb and index finger spread Gina’s vagina lips and found the swollen fleshly clit that had just cummed 3 times. 

Gina : NO!!!..NO!! erGHHHH.. ernghh.. ernghh.. erngh !!! 

Gina’s mouth gasped apart and when she screamed, no sound came out as Aaron attached 2 of the clothes peg to her clitoris. 

Aaron : Put some around her pussy lips too… here… and here… 

I did as I was told and tried to keep a straight face. 

Aaron : Alright… I’ll leave you to experiment on your own…. Press the red button after you’re down with the clip. 

Jude : What red button ? 

Aaron pointed to the bottom of the machine where a red pedal sat beside the base with wheels. 

Aaron :That red button…. 

Jude : What does it do ?? 

Gina screamed as well. 


Aaron looked a little puzzled and taken aback as he looked at Gina. 

Aaron : Woah…. She’s a feisty one har….. well…. Good luck…. 

Aaron walked slowly towards the exit while he browses his files at the same time. 

Gina looked at me, giving me the dagger eye stare about the pegs on her vagina as she kept gesturing towards her privates with her head. 

I whispered softly to Gina. 

Jude : Shhh… don’t worry… we’ll take it off when he leaves…. 

Right before Aaron left the room, Aaron paused. 

I stood back up straight. 

There’s no way he could have heard that. 

Gina froze. 

None of us moved. 

Aaron slowly turned around and looked at me. 

Aaron : Why haven you pressed it yet ? 

Jude : Press what ? 

Aaron : that…. press it… 

Jude : Now ? ..

Aaron : errrr…. Is there a particular time you are waiting for ??

Jude : I….. I just want to wait a while longer….

Aaron gave me a disgusted look which left me even more puzzled.

Aaron : You are sick Jude….really sick…

Jude : Why do you say that… ??

Aaron closed his file and said something that made me froze but no matter how bad the impact it had on me, it had to be a 100 times worst for Gina when she heard it.

Aaron : That device starts charging to fire off with the 1st peg application…. The longer you leave it on… the longer it charges….the red button is to fire it early…. So it’s not that unbearable…

Gina : WHAT !!!! …

Aaron : Wah this one… #806… you’re very loud ah…. Wait till you feel this… ahahaha… Aaron looked at the indicator and nudged me towards the machine.

Aaron : press it now Jude… press it… it’s getting too much.

Gina : NO!! NO!!.. don’t press it… don’t press it !!!

Aaron : Press it ! now !!

Gina : NO!!!please.. please… oh god… no !!! don’t !!!

Aaron : You’re going to really sent her to heaven with that much charge Jude…. Hit it HIT it NOW!!!

Gina : NO!!!!!... don’t Please NO!!!!!

I walked over, held onto the machine and looked at the various wires running down onto the pegs. Gina’s vagina had at least 8 on them with 2 on her clitoris. She was panting nervously. Her eyes pleaded with me not to do it.

Aaron : DO IT JUDE!!... do it !! hahahaha

I took a deep breath, put my foot to the red pedal and depressed it, sending a loud audible click echoing throughout the discipline room.


Gina screamed and shook while Aaron laughed and laughed so hard that he was clutching onto the sides of his stomach.

Gina stopped screaming after 5 seconds when she realised nothing happened.

Aaron : hahaha.. hahaha.. fuck… this works every time man… ahahah…hahah…. My god… this is so funny….

Jude : wHat…. What happened…. ?

Gina looked down and check on her privates, nothing happened. The pegs were still there but nothing.

Gina burst into tears and slumped back onto the chair in relieve.

Aaron chuckled laughed and laughed.

I could not help but heave a sigh of relieve for Gina when I felt Aaron’s hands on my shoulders.

He turned me around to face the pegs and wires.

The thin wires glowed green.

Gina was still sobbing, unaware of the lit wires.

Then it became yellow.

The glow of the wires caught her attention and she looked at it.

Gina : What is this… what is this…. What is happening now !!! no!!.. sobzz.. sobzz…

The wires turned a bride shade of red and Gina panicked and screamed.

Aaron : here comes the waterworks….

I heard Gina suck in a deep breathe as her entire body tensed up so hard I could see the veins bulge up by the side of neck.

Then without warning, she went into a screaming spasm as she shook as if she was on an electric chair, moaning and slamming her bottom onto the chair as a squirt of thick liquid shot out of her vagina before a warm stream of urine came loose too, soiling the entire seat and the floor beneath.

She came harder than her previous orgasms. Gina scream, moaned, drooled, had snot came out of her nose as she kept screaming she’s cumming.

Gina : I’m cumming !!! I’m cumming !!! I’m cumming !!!fuck !!! FUCK!!! aHHHHHHH.. I can’t stop cumming !!! aegnhnhnh.. ernghh !!! ernghh !!! I’m still cumming…. FUCK!!!arhggghh… I’m going to die !!!! ernghhhh… I’m cumming again… I can’t stop cumming…aahh!!!!!!

Aaron went over and hit the red pedal.

All the lights went off and Gina stopped shaking, collapsing into a heap on the chair as she panted for air.

Jude : holy….Fuck …!

Aaron walked by me, tapped me twice on my shoulder and added.

Aaron : Enjoy your weekend Jude… I see you on Monday…



Aaron whistled as he walked out of the discipline room.

The moment the door was shut,I immediately rushed over to Gina who was hardly moving in her own bodily fluids. The pegs were still attached to her privates. Her face was drenched with tears and she scrunched up her face when she saw me approach her.

Her expression was similar to the silent mime that toddlers make right before they burst into tears. 

The frowns, her twisted lips and eyes as her expression went into 2 seconds of stasis before sobbing out loudly in the room. 

Gina : AHHHHH!!!!!...sob… sobzz… sob… AHHHHH.. sobzzz…aHHHH….

Jude : ok… ok… shit… how do I clean this up… 

Gina : You said you knew what you were doing !!... look what happened ! … sobzz… sobzz… aHHHHH!!! …

Jude : I used the machine before… but… but not like this…. I didn’t know there was this option. 

I told Gina that usually I just did a few clamps on the breast area for the camera. It looked fierce and had a good visual impact. No one ever questioned the method once they saw the girl with pegs all over her breast.

Jude: They put the red pedal down there…. I never noticed it until today…

Gina sobbed as she looked at her abused privates. 

Jude: How are you feeling ?? 

I touched one of the wires connected to the peg and tried to remove it but Gina screamed. 

Gina : AHHHH!!!! NOOO!!..don’t !!.. don’t !! don’t touch me… it’s…. it’s still sensitive… ! sobzz.. sobzz… ernghhh….

Jude: I need to remove it from you… what if it fires up again ??!! 

Gina looked at me in horror and burst into tears once more. 

I grabbed the peg surrounding her vagina and started to remove them one by one. With each one I released, Gina would curse and scream as a short burst of spasm pierced through her body. 

The very act of pressing onto the back of the pegs to release the grip would send a jolt of vibration my way by Gina’s body. Her pussy lips were moist and wet, her clitoris glimmered and shine like a freshly shucked oyster. 

There was a pool of liquid, about the size of 3 fifty cent coins clustered together. I don’t know if it was her womanly nectar or her pee, perhaps it was a mixture of both. 

I continued to remove the pegs one after another and Gina moaned . Her fist was clenched to tight her knuckles turned white. She was holding it in, or trying very hard to. 

Gina : ernghhh !... ernghhh!! Erngghhh!! 

When I was done with all except the 2 at her clitoris, I paused and told her it’s almost done except the ones on her clit.

Jude : i… I don’t know how this might feel… but…. Just… just endure it…. Left the last 2. 

Gina panted as if she was going to deliver a baby as she craned her neck to look at my fingers approaching her privates. 

The moment I touched the peg, it sent a vibration into Gina’s sensitive clit and she screamed again, cursing as she slammed her bottom onto the chair, asking me not to touch her. As she moved, the peg shook, wriggling angrily, shaking her lump of sensitive flesh as she groaned in a mix of agony and pleasure. 

Gina: It’s…. it’s still too sensitive… !!... wait… wait.. wait a while… 

Jude: Just pull it out !.... you wait any longer it’s going to be worst. 

Gina : No no!!! NO!!! Jude wait !!!!AHHHH don’t pull it out !!... 

Jude : It’s better to get it done fast 

I took the 1st peg that was clamped over Gina’s clitoris and pulled it off her. 

Gina : ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Fuck!!!fuck!!..,ernghhhh!!! Ernghhh !!!... Gina’s pussy lips gasped open and I saw another glob of fluid joined the bottom of the chair as her body vibrated. 

Another stream of tears came down her cheeks and I thought it was another of her crying spell again but instead Gina choked back her tears and started to laugh. 

Gina : AHHHH..ahaha!!!.. H!HHHHahaha!!!... it’s too sensitive already….!!!AHHHHahaha…ERNGHHHH!!!fuck!!... fuck!!! Oh my god… I feel like I’m going to pee…ernghhhh….

She shook her head several times as if she was high on drugs, moaning for a good 5 seconds before sucking in a deep breathe as she looked up into the ceiling trying to hold back her tears. 

I didn’t do anything else but it seemed Gina was already on her way to another big ‘O’

Her eyes widened again and she started shaking her legs, it started with one, then two then without warning, she started to curse. I don’t know what she was thinking. 

You still have a peg on you, and you shake your leg ? 

The peg jerked her lump of flesh up and down , catching onto the momentum of her movements, sending electrical signals into her brain and body once again. 

Gina : No… no… !! oh… oh no!!.. oh no!!... fuck.. fuck… not again.. aRHGHGGHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!f…FUCK!!!! ernghhhh!!! Oh my god !!!! sobzz.. sobzz… fuck… no again.. aHHHHHHHHHHHfUCK!!!! 

Her seizure like orgasm lasted another 15 seconds or so before she got totally out of breath. 

Gina : Don’t touch me !!!! .. fuck !!aHHHHHH… dON’T TOUCH ME PLEASE…. ARGHHH !!!

I gave Gina the nonchalant look and ignored her pleas.

Jude: Last one… get it over and done with… 

Before she could protest, I yanked it off her sensitive clit. 

I yanked. 

Not removed. She was moving about so violently, how was I supposed to do it gently ? , besides, I was a little curious how sensitive she was. 

I did not depressed the peg to release the hold, I yanked it off just to see her reaction and it was explosive. 


The entire chair shook as Gina cried and cursed at me before her body started shaking again. The shaking went on for 30 seconds or so. 

I could hear Gina exclaiming as she allowed her saliva to drool onto her exposed thighs. 

Gina : Oh my god…. Oh my god…ernghhhhhhhhh……how can I cum like this … can I cum like this…. Oh my god……aennn.. ernghhhhh…. Ergnhhhh !!! FUcK!!!.. I cannot keep cumming like this !!!erNGHHH!!! 

The way Gina squeeze her body and shake her bound fists and ankles, there was no way to fake anything like this. It’s strangely arousing to see her getting orgasm after orgasm.

I got back up and let Gina calm down for a couple of minutes. 

I pushed the machine aside and removed Gina from the chair. 

She could barely stand. 

When she did, her bodily fluids flowed down the sides of her thighs, thick and sticky streaks of her cunt juice rolled down all the way, seeping into the socks that were hidden by her shoes. 

By flow, I really meant it flowed. 

Thick sticky strands of her bodily secretions cascaded down her thighs.

She wobbled and staggered, clinging onto me as I helped her onto the floor. 

Gina just collapsed onto the ground like a dead body. 

Gina : Oh my god…. I … I don’t believe this is happening….erghhhhhh !

Gina spent another 10 minutes clutching onto her stomach on the floor and I left her there.

After she managed to pull herself up, I told Gina it was time to head back to her room. 

I helped Gina get dressed in her soiled uniforms and told her that I would be in touch. She’s a real wreck , and the smell of fresh sweat was coming off really strong from her.

Jude : There are more china tourist coming tomorrow…. 

Gina : No please.. no… please don’t make me go there again… 

Jude : Relax…. I’ll include in my report you are not ready…. As in you have yet to be punished properly….. they’ll leave you out… 

I told Gina to keep a low profile, and to act as if she was in agony after heading back. 

Jude : Tell everyone you just went to hell and back or something…. 

Gina : No shit… Hell probably smells a lot like me right now…. 

I looked at Gina and she was in quite a miserable state. 

Blouse drenched with sweat, hair matted all over her face and her bottom was soiled with various bodily fluids. 

I called Carmen and told her I’m done with #806, and because I don’t know what the procedure was after that, I needed someone to help bring Gina back. 

I even asked Carmen over the phone if I needed to clean her up and she said no. 

Carmen said she would send someone down in a bit. 

I took the chance to talk to Gina for a little. She did not know what level she lives in. She don’t even know the way back to the room. I knew they used the freight elevators when transporting girls in between floors for clients most of the time. They would be blindfolded when they were sent between floors, it was either that or they were made to kneel and look down at a corner.

Gina described the rooms and conditions in which they were kept and it sent a chill into my bones.

Gina : There were no windows in the room…. Just bunk beds… and there are 6 of us in each room….

Gina told me that other than the fact that their freedom was restricted and they were treated like goods, no one hit them. They were fierce, stern and very generous with degrading comments but at least they did not hit them. 

They were not allowed out of the beds once the lights were off, not even to the bathrooms, the staff made them wear adult diapers before they go to bed.

Gina : Everyone is scared. ….. They did not need much to keep everyone in order…. As long as you were cooperative… you’re pretty much fine until they select you to do whatever it is they want…

She touched the collar around her neck for a while before looking back up at me. 

Gina : But some girls… they were not wearing collars …. 

Jude : Those are staff la… 

Gina : NO!!.. they’re not… they’re girls just like us…..but no collars… 

Jude : Impossible…. 

Gina : It’s true…. They are very pretty…. Elegant….very classy and sweet…. I think they are the prettiest on that floor…. 

Jude : you must be mistaken….

Gina : It’s true…. We envy them sometimes…. They each wore a device on their wrist, like a watch…. But no collars…. They were also not made to kneel…. Or To do degrading things like eating off the floor… 

Jude : You mean you eat off the floor ?? ! 

Gina nodded. 

She told me they were usually given oatmeal and water in dishes resembling what you give your dogs at home. 

Gina : Those that were well behaved had their own dish…. If not… you need to eat from the trough. …. With… with other girls…. 

Jude : Wow…. 

Gina : sometimes…. Sometimes the guards…. They would touch us….and we cannot resist…. If we do, we would be punished…. 

Jude : what do you mean ? 

Gina : If the guard touches my breast or rubs my privates, we were told to smile and let him do what he wants….. I know they are not allowed to fuck us….

She said all the girls were groped everyday, they all hated it but they had to smile and act as if they enjoyed the touching. 

Gina : you can be queuing for your turn to read the newspapers….and a guard would come and touch your privates….. he would massage your vagina area,…. Or rub your breast and play with your nipples…..and we are not allowed to even moan or whimper….. 

Jude : you get to read newspapers ?? 

Gina : old newspapers….it’s at least a year old…..but they like to act as if it were recent…. And talk to us about what was on the news….. 

It made senses, they don’t want the girls to know what day and date it was in real life. 

Gina lowers her voice a notch and said some of the girls willingly give blowjobs in exchange for favours. 

Jude : What kind of favours…?? 

Gina : Extra food….sweets…. the usual…. 

Gina : Don’t you know all these??? 

Jude : Well… different departments….. in a way…. We don’t meddle with others…. 

Gina said she would drool when she sees the girls without collars munching on snacks, like chocolate. 

Gina : Why is it they get to roam freely on that level ?? and there was no need for any collars… ??? and they don’t seemed to get picked for all these stupid stuff…. Putting on uniforms and shit…. 

What Gina said really pique my curiosity. 

If that was true, it would mean there exists another category of girls. 

Girls that was free to wander within the level. 

Jude : What else can you tell me about them ?? 

Gina : They stay together in the same room…. I think it has a television… maybe they’re pretty… very pretty… with good figures too….

Jude : You don’t look too bad yourself either…. 

Gina appeared a little surprised but said nothing. 

Gina : They seemed happy to be here…on the surface at least…. But as a woman…. I can tell when the other is just putting on an act…. They’re all putting on an act…. Pretending to be happy…. 

I kept quiet and waited for her to go on. 

Gina : The person who owns them must be very rich….. that’s why they get all the special treatment I guess…. 

Jude : You never talked to them ? 

Gina : No… we’re not allowed to… we can only watch from a distance when they are out….it’s as if they are parading them just to show us what we can get if we are obedient…. I heard rumours that if you clock enough points base on behaviour and other stuff…. You can get to their level…. And that was just one tier off earning your freedom…. 

Jude : Tell me more….

I was curious about everything Gina had said. 

From the way she described, it doesn’t seem like anything I’ve seen or experienced on level 3 and 4. 

Level 5 had to be a whole new world altogether. 

Jude : What else…. What else is there ? 

Gina : There are many rooms….. we passed by some corridors on our way to the bathroom but we don’t know what is in them…. We saw men entering and leaving… that was it… 

The door to the discipline room opened and I immediately kept quiet while Gina just looked away. The staff was playing on his phone and I quickly whispered to Gina that I would be in touch.

Jude : Don’t worry…. I got everything under control… 

Gina gave me a look which basically says she was not convinced but she had no choice. 

A security staff attached a leash to Gina’s collar and led her away without a word. 

Gina turned and looked back at me for a brief moment before turning away. I wanted to talk to her again. I had a lot of questions to ask her, my chance encounter with her only left me with more questions about the facility than ever. 

I got back to my office and checked my phone.

Meihui left me a message, saying that she would make her way back on her own. 

Meihui msg : I’m heading back…. See you at the café near my place at 2pm tomorrow…. We can talk then… 

Jude msg : Ok … I really need to talk to you about something… 


The contractors came and we went up to level 4. I checked the records for the room and I called the same guys David had used for the renovation. 

We evaluated the damages and they would try to fix what they could. We had some spare materials and window panes in the store. I left them to their work while a security staff kept watch on their progress. 

I took the opportunity to walk around the area to check out the space. 

Every partition wall was solid; there were no secret doorways or entrances. I tried touching books, display trophies and even spinned the a model of the globe. No secret entrances opened up. 

I pressed buttons, moved furniture, pulled out books from shelves, I even turned a display vase expecting a secret doorway to open in the middle of nowhere.


Most of my time was spent talking to the staff and foreman as the workers carried out their work. I tried to probe about David’s working style from the contractors but they said he was just normal. A nice and pleasant person.

I excused myself to head to the washroom. 

I shut the cubicle and sat down, preparing to take a dump. 

Now what do you usually do when you take a dump in this day and age ? 

You whip out your phone, rest your elbow on your thighs and fiddle with it. 

That was exactly what I did, but before I could start surfing through my social media feeds, I noticed something interesting on the ground. 

It was a shadow. 

Not mine. 

The shadow of the person in the next cubicle. 

Now, picture this. 

Inside each cubicle where you shit, there is usually a light on top of you where the ceiling panels were. 

Simple logic. 

Light above you, your body below, a shadow gets cast onto the ground. 

Now what I was seeing was not only the shadow of me bending over the WC. 

I could clearly see the shadow of the person in the next cubicle bending over and cleaning his ass. It spilled at an angle, elongating his body and casting it in a 45 degree angle onto the floor in front of me. 

It’s funny to look at, yeah, someone trying to clean up after his shit but that was not what caught my attention. 

If the light was pointing directly onto the guy, the shadow would be cast onto the floor beneath him or just slightly in front. 

Definitely not at this angle where I could see his actions.

I immediately looked up into the ceiling and towards the ceiling panel. 

The light in my neighbouring cubicle was deliberately angled. It was something that no one would bother taking a 2nd look in our day to day lives.

I felt a jolt of excitement in my body. 

So much so I lost the mood to take a dump. 

I waited a while longer for the neighbouring cubicle to be done.

The flush came on and I could hear him cough and exit the toilet after he washed up. 

I immediately came out of my cubicle and went into the one beside me. 

Yes, I confirmed my suspicion. The entire right side of the bathroom wall was not lit properly, leaving it in a dark shadow but as a whole, the cubicle is still bright enough for use. 

I tapped the wall, trying to see if I could find a clue or something.


I yanked a few pieces of toilet paper from the holder but nothing happened too. I pressed and nudged the toilet roll holder but there was nothing.

I was about to brushed it off as my imagination when I noticed some unevenness with the tiles on the wall. Using both hands, I gave it a hard push and I felt it give way a little. 

I gave it a harder shove and realised there was a magnetic catch of sort and it gave way with a click.

My heart skipped a beat when one side of it turned, swivelling 90 degree, revealing a narrow passageway. 

I quickly shut the cubicle door behind me and pressed my palm against my mouth. 


This cannot be true. 

There was no complex mechanism , I looked at the door, it was a normal door but heavier. Probably a fire rated door but instead of laminate, it had wall tiles stuck onto it so it blends in with the rest of the wall. 

I stepped into the passageway and 3 steps away was a staircase. 

A rough metal spiral staircase that led up to level 5. 

This is it. 

This was how David got from Level 4 to 5. 

Nothing could explain the excitement in my veins and I touched the cold metal railing and looked up to Level 5. 

It was dark, I could not see anything beyond the first few steps of the stairs.

There were no light at all within the passageway. 

The only light was the spill over from the light in the bathroom. 

I quickly shut the hidden door and got out of the cubicle with my heart slamming against my chest.

I made sure there were no one around in the bathroom .

Then I observed the hidden door again from the outside. 

It was well made, almost flawless. 

I stepped out of the cubicle and went to wash my hands, casually throwing a glance at the cubicle. 

Other than looking a little dim on the side, it looked just like any other cubicle. 

I can’t risk it getting discovered if I snoop around now. 

There was still staff milling around, anyone of them might walk in any moment.

No one would think of pushing a tiled wall, when they entered the cubicle, they would probably want to make sure there were toilet roll in the holder. It was a brilliant idea. 

I headed back to the classroom, excited that I now had another piece of information to the puzzle. 

I was really tempted to head up to Level 5 but not that day. 

I need to make sure I’m alone when I explore it. 

Initially I wanted to call and tell Meihui about my discovery but I thought better of it. 

You don’t reveal all your cards at once. 

Her primary concern now should be the bids on her. 

The hidden access can wait.

23th January 2016 



As agreed, I went to the same café and met up with Meihui that afternoon. 

As I made my way down to Serangoon garden, I was trying to structure what I wanted to tell her. 

The top of my priority would be the piece of news I heard from Joanna. Meihui has to hear about that first. Not only would it affect her planning, it would also put her in harms way if the bid was made. 

Meihui had a price tag of 350k on her. That was the price she bid on herself using a client’s account in order to trigger the reserve price.

If it came to a bidding war, I wondered how much would be enough to secure a victory. 

If what Joanna said was true, with 8 clients who are willing to share Meihui, each of them would be paying about 50k each for a go with her. That’s almost like what I make in a year. 

I turned into the carpark and waited for a while to get a lot. 

I barely got out of the car when Meihui called to say she was already at the café. 

Jude : ok…. I just got a lot… I’m on my way over. 

Meihui : Ok… see you in a while. 

I entered the café and was surprised Meihui was not seated at our usual seat. 

The cozy corner for 2 tucked at the end that we preferred.

She had taken a table meant for 4. I walked over to her and I was about to take the seat opposite her when she asked me to take the one by her side.

She looked really casual that day in a denim shorts with frayed ends with a plain grey tank top. Her flip flops were dangling off her foot as she waved to me.

Meihui : Jude… here… sit beside me… 

Jude : are we expecting anyone to join us ? 

Meihui did not say anything and went on to flip open the menu. 

Ok, well, maybe she’s in the lovely dovey mood. 

Who knows, maybe she wants to hold my hand or something, or perhaps put her head on my shoulder after what happened to her yesterday. You know, after girls experienced some trauma, they need to feel protected and all. 

Maybe it was my lucky day, perhaps she would invite me over to her place after lunch. 

Who knows, maybe I might finally get to fuck Meihui. I read somewhere on a sex forum that some women find the feeling of having a dick buried them comforting. If that was the case with Meihui, I would definitely do all I can to comfort her. 

She handed me a menu without looking up.

After we placed our order, we spoke at the same time. 

Jude : I need to tell you something.. 

Meihui : I need to tell you something… 

We laughed and I asked Meihui to go ahead. 

Meihui : No… no… you first… yours seemed more urgent… you wanted to take about it since yesterday….. 

Jude : Ok… ok…. I have some bad news…. This is not good. 

I told Meihui about my conversation with Joanna, I was half expecting Meihui to jump or slam her fist in anger but she did not. 

She looked pretty calm, in fact, too calm. So much so that even before I was done with breaking the news, I knew I was not about to get your typical reaction. 

Meihui nodded for a few seconds, deep in thought before turning her body towards me, her leg grazed against mine and I could feel the drag of her slipper on my calves. 

Meihui : Oops.. sorry… 

Before I could analyse if there were any secret meaning to that, Meihui fired off her first question. 

Meihui : Hmmm…. It does sounds bad… I wasn’t expecting that to happen….but don’t you think it’s weird ? 

Jude : why is it weird ??? …………what do we do now ? what’s our next move…. We can’t possibly let the group of people outbid you….and where the hell are you going to get that much money to even do all these…. ?? 

Meihui touched her chin for a moment as I looked at her. 

Jude : Are you ok ?? are you in shock ? 

I considered telling Meihui about using Gina as a replacement but she hardly had any reaction to the news I broke. Instead she started to question me further.

Meihui : What do you think was on Joanna’s mind when she told you the news. 

Jude : What ? errr… how would I know ?? 

Meihui : ? why ? … I mean why ? … why did she tell you ? of all the people in the world… why you ?? 

Jude : Because…you and me……….we are…. In a relationship ? ? 

Meihui rolled her eyes at me before coming back to the conversation. 

Meihui : don’t you think it’s weird…. That she would tell you that knowing we are in a relationship ?? 

Jude : She says she likes me….and thinks we should have some time together before the bid was done and you need to ermmm….. you know… with the clients….. anyway… she’s just a concerned colleague..

Meihui took a sip of her drink but said nothing. 

Jude : Don’t worry… I’m sure we can work something out… 

Meihui : Jude…. Things are not as simple as they are… 

No shit. 

Nothing has been simple since I started work at the facility. 

Meihui went on to deliver a rebuttal which really set my mind thinking. 

Meihui : We are humans…. And we rarely do things without reason …. 

There is always a reason or agenda for the things we do and say. 

There is always something that powers or drives our every decision. 

It happens all the time, all around us. 

Why did your colleague grumble loudly that his bonus was not good this year ? Loud enough of people around him to pick up . 

Was it really a grumble or he wanted to see if anyone shares his sentiments ? Or perhaps to get a conversation going ? 

Why do you eat ? 

Why do we rest ?

Why did a stranger come up to you and ask if the seat beside you was taken ? 

Jude : What are you trying to say ? 

Meihui : No one does things without a reason Jude…. 

Behind everything we do, we have good reasons for doing it. 

Jude : Yeah… I know….Joanna is just trying to warn us about what was about to happen….

Meihui : No… it’s not that simple… Joanna is not that simple… 

Jude : errr….. are you reading too much into it…. People are doing a lot of things without reasons these days…. Just look to the internet…. There’re people creating funny memes and writing fake news all for entertainment sake.

Meihui : don’t be naïve Jude…. Nothing is free …. Fake news are nothing but click baits… 

Jude : you read too much spy novels I think… 

Meihui : This is an age old trick….. simply by manipulating the words we use and say, you can literally control people’s behaviour

Meihui took the salt and pepper shaker on the table and place them in front of me. 

She put the pepper in front of me and said. 

Meihui : Rude PRC man pushes my son at traffic junction, causing him to fall and scrape his face………help me share and shame him…… will you read this news if you see it ? 

Jude : Fuck… of course… I want to see how that fucker looks like. !! I might just see him at the facility…. Maybe I will torture him or something… 

Meihui put the salt in front of me next and added. 

Meihui : Thankful for man who pushed my son out of way of drunk driver. ….. this ? would you read this ??

Jude : Ermm…. Maybe…. I already know the ending…. Man saves the boy… boy is fine…. 

Meihui took a napkin and pushed it forward. 

Meihui : Man saved my son today …… would you read this ? 

Jude : No……. who cares if someone saves his son ?? … I don’t even know any of them……what has this got to do with Joanna anyway...??

Meihui : The 3 story is the same…..isn’t it ?? ….. in all 3 instances, you don’t know the man, the boy or his father, or the driver…… no ? 

Jude : Oh…. 

Meihui : Then why are you interested in only the 1st one ? … it’s because it bites into you when you read it isn’t it ? ….it’s crafted in such a way that would draw you in….. just so that you would click it…… it…. Do something about it …. 

Meihui took the pepper and brought it over to her. 

Meihui : Joanna told you something….. in the same manner……with only one aim in mind….. to get you interested…… get you to tell me… 

Jude : You can’t be serious about this… she’s…..just… I don’t know…. A concerned colleague ? 

Meihui laughed. 

Meihui : What if Joanna told you in another way….say…..there are other clients interested in bidding for me ….. but none of them are offering higher than the reserve price ? 

Jude : err…. Okay….. 

Meihui : What if she had said……none of the clients think I’m worth my reserve price…. Or that…… after asking so many of them…. she was lucky to find a few who don’t mind sharing…. So they would each pay a little lesser…..

Jude : Ok.. that does sound a little pathetic….

Meihui : The words she chose were specially designed for you to take the bait…… in the same manner how news media chooses to write their headlines….

Meihui crossed her arms and leaned back on her chair. 

Meihui :…. She told you …………knowing exactly that you would come running to me with the news….. 

I was quiet for a few seconds , part of me still unwilling to believe what Meihui had just said. 

Jude : Errr…. But…. Even…So ? There’s nothing surprising about it with me telling you…. I’m your boyfriend….. so to speak… 

Meihui : oh that witch….. she’s smart….. real smart….. I have to hand it to her…. 

She snapped her fingers and sat up right as if something suddenly dawned on her. 

Meihui explained that by making that move, Joanna would be able to achieve a few things at once. 

There will only be one winner if a bidding war ensures, and that is the company. 

Meihui added that she may be a high flyer of sort in the company but many at the top thinks she needs to be taught a lesson, make her more humble, this would be the perfect opportunity to teach Meihui some manners. 

Everyone who is actively managing the facility knows about the mole, the leak in the facility.

Joanna has been trying to find out about the hidden mole in the company for the longest time. With something this big, it should trigger some reaction from the mole. It’s going to be a high profile bidding match, all the big players will be there, there were endless possibilities on what you can do. The mole might regard Meihui as a threat as well, who knows he or she might use it as an opportunity to get rid of her. 

Jude : So you’re saying Joanna did this exactly to see what you would do ? 

Meihui : Yes…. Both me… and the mole. 

Jude : what interests does Joanna have in you ?.... besides the fact that a lot of them thinks you need to be put in your place…. 

Meihui : she hates my guts……. Something about women between women at workplace…. It’s hard to explain…

Jude : so what are you going to do ?? you better start raising money !... or you are going to get fucking raped by 8 men for a couple of weeks… 

Meihui : Don’t worry about the money Jude… 

Jude : … you speak as if you are printing them…. you might have 350k to make the 1st bid but those clients have more combined…..

Meihui : Wrong…. I don’t have 350k 

Jude : What ? then how did you make the bid ? 

Meihui : I said I have access to a client’s account didn’t I ?? 

Jude : you hacked an account ? 

Meihui : of course not….. it’s a real client…. But we have…. You can say… aligned interest…. 

Meihui reassured me that there is no way the group of clients would pay for her if the bid goes up to a certain level. She said those people are stingy in their own peculiar way. Sure, they maybe millionaire, but they had a certain tolerance when it comes to sharing. 

Meihui :I only have that many holes…. I mean how many of them can I take at the same time ?? 

My jaw dropped when I saw how casually Meihui referred to her orifices.

Meihui : what ?? you put your finger inside me too didn’t you ?? 

Jude : SHHHH…. Can you lower your volume ! ? We’re in a café….

Meihui : Anyway… look…. To sum it up….Joanna wants to see what I would do…. She wants to see what the mole would do…..and she has probably guessed what you would do as well…. 

I laughed. 

Jude : There is no fucking way she would know what I planned to do……

I was about to rub my chin and consider showing off my trump card but thought better of it. 

Right about then I saw Meihui’s eyes dart towards the entrance of the café. 

A man had just walked in. 

He looked decent, probably in his mid 30s, dressed on casual slacks and loafers. He wore shades and I could see him holding a brown envelope in his hand. Before I could observe him further, he took a seat opposite Meihui.

Jude : Who the fuck are you ? 

Meihui : Watch your language Jude…. He’s the client whose’account I am using… 

Jude : Oh…

I looked at him and felt a tinge of jealousy. 

Jude : So… what are you going to do if Meihui wins the bid…. You going to go down and take her ?? 

The man looked at me in a disinterested manner before turning to Meihui and asked if I was her boyfriend. 

Meihui : On the surface yes…. There has been a incident… oh right… I forgot to make the introductions. 

Meihui : Jude…. Meet James……. James… this is Jude… he is the facility manager…..for up to L4 ….. we expect him to be getting access to L5 soon… 

James : Ok… can I know when ? 

Jude : How would I know ?? 

James removed his shades and we stared at each other for a brief moment without a word. 

He looked like he had a lot on his mind but she did not strike me as someone who is very rich. 

James : Meihui… can you bring me up to date ?? … 

Meihui spent the next 15 minutes briefing James about what happened recently at the facility after she made the bid on herself. It seemed as if she had discussed her plans with him in detail. 

James listed without a word and once Meihui was done, pushed over the envelope he was holding, saying that those were the deposit required for the bidding. 

Meihui : With the latest development…. I’m afraid we would require more funds to secure the winning bid…..

James : Are you sure that I would get to enter the facility if we win the bid. 

Meihui : yes…. As the capacity of a client…. 

She went on to explain that his access will be limited but he would be granted access nevertheless for the period in which she would be in his company. 

James : 2 weeks is not a lot of time… 

Meihui : but it’s what we have to work with….. 

Jude : Wait wait wait… what are you all talking about ?? 

Meihui filled me up on the missing pieces after assuring James that I’m good. 

She had an agreement with James , he was to finance her attempt to bring the facility down, in return, she would get him access to the facility. 

Jude : What are you so interested in the facility ? …. You have a girlfriend in there or something ?? 

James : I’m not interested in the girls in that place…..i’m interested in a particular level.

I turned to look at Meihui who answered my question without the need of me asking. 

Meihui : Level 7….. James is interested in level 7… 

I sniggered and sat back on my chair. 

Jude : Right…… a level no one has even stepped foot in…. 

Meihui : You inherited David’s files…. There should be some information that would be helpful to us in them…. You have to pour through them… find the hidden access into the rooms… 

I kept quiet and tried to keep my poker face. Sure. I found the access from L4 to L5, but there’s no telling where the others were or if they even exists. 

I looked at James who was staring at me. 

Meihui : We can stop this Jude… together… 

Jude : What is your business with Level 7… ? 

James : That is none of your concern….. we can finance the operation…. Money is not a problem…. As much as you need…. 

I laughed and waved in a disinterested manner at James before turning to Meihui. 

Jude : are you hearing this ?? …. As much as you need …..haha

Meihui nudged me with her elbow and looked like she was about to punch me. 

I had it with the money. Everyday, everywhere I turn, it was always someone privilege doing something with money that common folks like us can’t, and now there is this cocky chap in front of me telling me not to worry about money. 

Can you fucking believe this ? 

Jude : Look brother…. Not everything can be settled with money…. so what if you win the bid and get access to the facility….. ? you can’t possibly save all the girls that are in there… 

James replied in a cold and expressionless manner. 

James : I never said I was saving the girls…. I was only interested in one particular level…. 

I paused for a moment and turned to Meihui who hurried to explain. 

Meihui : aligned…..interests…..not totally the same…. It’s not going to be easy for him to break into Level 7…. But if he does… the fallout would be tremendous…. It would be chaos at the facility…they might shut it down….. people will run…. It will be all over the news…. 

Jude : You got to be shitting me….

Meihui : I’m not… !... you want to take that place down… you aim for the head…. That’s up on level 7…. 

I looked at Meihui with my mouth partly open, unsure of what to say. 

It took me a few moments to compose myself before I went on.

Jude : Ok… look… look…. That place….. is a castle… cannot just fucking walk in and wave your money around…. And expecting everyone to bend over…. 

James : I know… we’ve tried… it’s near impossible to bribe anyone in there….

Jude : Well… give me 350k…. bribe me… 

It was meant as a sarcastic remark but James did not give a shit. 

His reply was direct and straight to the point. 

James : Well… if you can get me to Level 7…. I’ll give you 350k…. 

That shut me up pretty good. 

Right about then my attention was drawn to this pretty and classy lady entering the café. 

She’s not young, there is this air of maturity and class about her. She wore a sleeveless white blouse and navy blue pleated pants that flowed like water down her long legs. She is really fair, and she has a nice smile. 

Walking into the café, this lady turned heads. Almost every table from the entrance to the serving counter, if there was a man on the table, his attention would be drawn to this lady. 

I took a deep breath and brought my attention back to the table.

Jude : It’s not just about the money…. that place is locked down tight….. there are guards… there are doors… there are things call gates….. locks…. Keys… there are men inside there that would guard that place with their lives….. as if their cocks… depend on it…. 

Literally anyway. 

Jude : you should probably call Brad pitt… or George Cloony…. Ask them to fucking pull a ocean’s eleven on that place… 

James : I would if I could…. But we can’t…

Jude : Fuck.. you are not getting my point…. 

James : No fuck…. I get your point…. You are telling me the problem….. what I need….. is a solution…. 

Jude : You want a solution ?? .... here’s your solution…. 

I pushed the bottle of salt over to James. 

Jude : Option 1…. Call Brad Pitt and George Cloony…. 

Next, I pushed the pepper over to him. 

Jude : Option 2…. Knock down every wall and door from level 3 up all the way to level 7….you should probably call Tony Jaa for this… 

Meihui : I would prefer if we stick to a more subtle approach….

James sat forward and asked me a question and he did not look like he was joking. 

James : Assuming Brad, George and Tony is not answering my call…. How many men you think would it take….. to get me to level 7 ? 

Jude : Hahaha… I like your sense of humour…. 

James : humour me… 

I took a deep breath and thought about what I know so far with regards to the layout of the facility. 

Jude : Yeah… well….. 50 should do…. 

James : 50 ? ! 

Jude : Yeah… 50…. Best if they are wielding sticks and parang ok….. maybe chant a few gang cheer along the way….sheeeeshhhh… 

I waved James off and rolled my eyes. 

This guy is a joke. 

Before I could sip my drink, the pretty looking lady took a seat beside James. 

No shit. 

These people sure are full of surprises. 

Jude : And you are ?? ….. 

James : She is my employer…. 

The lady smiled and I felt my heart melt with the sweetness of her greeting. She offered her hand and I shook it, introducing myself, unaware of the sudden change in my attitude. 

Jude : I’m Jude. 

Ruhui : I’m Ruhui…. 

Jude : Nice to meet you…. 

She asked about what I just said. 

Ruhui : I heard you say…. You need…. What ? … 50 men … shouting gang cheers with parangs ?? do you really need that to get us to Level 7 ?? 

Jude : haha.. oh.. no… no… it was just a joke…. 

Ruhui smiled and added. 

Ruhui : don’t joke Jude…. Be serious… please…this is very important to me…

As if her smile and her gorgeous good looks were not enough to melt my heart, I totally submitted myself to her after her last statement especially the way she said it. It was almost like a plea but it was not.

Jude : haha.. hhaa..ermm..ermm.. well… …I think…ermm… maybe 30 should be more than enough I guess… hahaha….. but it’s still a castle you know… that place…. You’ll really need the cavalry if you want to head up there by force.

Ruhui smiled and instead of leaning back onto her seat, she sat forward, took the drink I was drinking from in front of me and she took a sip.

I watched in slow motion as her red lush lips closed around the edge of my beer and she took a small sip, staining the rims of my glass.

Ruhui savoured the sip of my beer and spoke as if she was thinking out loud.

Ruhui : Hmmm…. Where can I get 50 men who are willing to fight their way up a building….Hmmmmm….

From the manner if which Ruhui speaks, I don’t know if she was joking.

Ruhui : I guess…. I’ll have to call a friend……………..

With that, she drained my glass and turned to Meihui.

Ruhui : Let James know how much you need… He’ll make the arrangements…

Ruhui turned to me next and added with a confident look on her face.

Ruhui : Find us the way up to Level 7 Jude….….. I’ll get you the cavalry ….