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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Alternative methods of getting ebooks

Life is indeed full of surprises. 

I'm getting issues with paypal and the payhip platform lately. 

Just when i thought i could automate the process, i was pushed right back to the starting point. 

Nothing beats the convenience of getting the transaction done online and having the link delivered to download the ebook. 

For those who have been with this blog since the early days, you would know the agony of waiting for me to log in, check my mail and send you the ebook. 

Long story short. 

The journey with paypal and payhip has come to an end. 

I'm exploring other alternative payment and delivery methods for now.

***Apologies to those who read the post about the new platform. On 2nd thought, i would prefer to sit on it for a while and look at other alternatives for selling the ebooks.***

I've deleted all the links.

If you have any other good suggestions that protects both the seller and buyer's privacy, do drop me a mail. 

PS : In the meantime, i will be deleting all other published works from payhip. Please be patient while i decide on the platform as we move forward. 

Guys with promo codes tied to payhip, i'm sorry. Give me some time to fix this platform thing up, i will work out the new codes soon. Might just be able to import those over seamlessly. 



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