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Thursday, 25 May 2017

New work

Daily updating for new work has began.

"The facility i work at"

**If this is your first time here, please read My good friend's marriage, followed by My love from the star vista, then My adventure as a hawker before starting on the facility, it will really enhance the whole experience. Serious. Not kidding **

Hope you would like this piece.


Update calender :

09/05/17 : Updated
11/05/17 : Updated
12/05/17 : Updated
15/05/17 : Updated
16/05/17 : Updated
19/05/17 : Updated
22/05/17 : Updated
23/05/17 : Updated
29/05/17 : Updated ( end of season 1 )

Next update : 29/05/17 ( end of season 1 ) still needs a bit of work for season finale. check back next week.

Sorry for the push back again. i could have split it up into 3 and post it but i felt it would be better if it comes out as a whole for the season finale. It's almost 3 times as long as the regular updates, and i feel it could be better.

Will want to work on it a little longer.

Check back again on Monday night. It should be ready by then. I'll upload it earlier if i manage to finish it over the weekend.

** Apologies for the wait. I wanted to edit it further but i stopped myself, if not it would drag on forever, i'm halfway through the chapters for season 2. It'll be dark. Join me on Level 5 in a weeks' time. **

Season 2 begins on 8/6/17

Season 2 update calendar

26/06/17 ( The end )



Notes :

1) Optional works are best read at the point where the link appears in the main story.
2) They have no impact whatsoever on the main storyline. It's ok not to read them.

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