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The facility i work at part 4

I remembered being helped off an office chair by a staff before being whisked to the facility’s sick bay for a body checkup. They took my blood pressure, blood samples , fuck I don’t even remember what else they did.

I only remembered asking for Meihui and Kathy.

Jude : The girls… Meihui… where is she…. Where is she ?? What about Kathy ???

The medical staff told to me to relax and calm down.

I was a little dehydrated according to them and was put on a drip.

They must have given me something, perhaps a shot, I don’t remember.

By the time I woke up, I was lying on a bed, feeling hungry and exhausted. There were no call button for me to get help, I looked around for my phone but I don’t know where is it.

I got off the bed and saw that my clothes were neatly folded by a table beside the attached bathroom. It must have been days since I last took a shower and that was the first order of the day.

I don’t remember how long I spent in the shower either, what I do know is when I got out with my towel wrapped around my waist, Joanna was sitting on the chair beside my bed.

Jude : Where is Meihui ? …

Joanna : Relax Jude…. You did well…. You need some time off everything…. Take as long as you want…. As long as you need…

Jude : Please answer my question…. Where is Meihui…

Joanna : She is fine… resting on level 5…. Kathy is fine too… I think

Jude : I want to see them… how are they doing ?

Joanna : Meihui yes… I think she’s fine….. not Kathy though…. Kathy was ovulating, there is a high chance that she will get pregnant…. And if she does… she is company’s property…..

Joanna helped herself to a glass of water by my bed.

Joanna : Meihui is fine…. Don’t worry… her menses started a few hours ago…. She should be safe….haha….

I was angry but I held it in.

Think of the big picture.

Think of the big picture.

I kept repeating that to myself although the thought of Kathy being forced to bear a child kept pushing it’s way into my head.

Joanna : I came here to tell you….. the management….and the major investors… they really like you Jude…. You put on a good show…. And we think you probably fathered a few kids in there too.

I kept quiet and waited for Joanna to go on.

Joanna : You will be rewarded…. for your good work…. Check your pay slip at the end of the month…. As for your role… within the facility itself…. The management had a quick meeting, they decided that …. You are not really suited for managing the facilities…. We have a wider scope for you…..

Jude : What is that ?

Joanna : I think you would do well managing the operational aspects of the facility…. What do you think ??

Jude : Is this a promotion ??

Joanna : You can put it that way, although I’ll be upfront…. There is no pay increment…. Not that you would be interested in any after the bonus we credit for doing well at the games…. Hahah… Let me put it this way Jude…. The bonus we give….. is good enough for you to not even consider any increment…. It has always been this way for the staff that works here….

Jude : What do I have to do ?

Joanna : We’ll take it slow…. For now…. Take the rest of the week off.... if you need to extend your leave…. Just drop HR a note….

Jude : Can I see Meihui ?

Joanna : Sure… she’s getting a checkup done…. Doctor wants to keep her in till tomorrow….just to be sure….

Jude ; Is she ok ??

Joanna : Physically or mentally ? hahahaha….

I gritted my teeth and said nothing.

Joanna : Relax…. Meihui is stronger than you think…. Hahah… let her rest….. you can go off on your dates…. Or a fuckcation at a hotel or something…. Hahaha…. But well done Jude… you made a lot of money for the company…. Well done….

With that, Joanna left.

A staff came in after that to remove the needle on my hand before saying I’m free to go. I exited the door and realised I was still in the basement. I could see the food zone in front of me, a few dozen cleaning crews were hard at work clearing the area.

I asked one of them what day and time it was and he said it was Sunday evening.

It was then I realised I have yet to see the light of day for a while.

Walking out into the open, I breathe in the humid air. I checked my phone with all the missed calls and messages. I tried Meihui’s phone but she did not pick up.

I called Kathy too , no luck either.

I tried Ella next and she answered after 2 rings. She was crying, almost hysterical in her reply.

Ella : What is going on !!!??? where is Kathy ?? Where is Meihui ??? oh my god…. I saw the footage of the games….what the fuck is wrong with these people ???!!!

I gave Ella a quick update base on what Joanna told me. She said she was afraid, and on the verge of freaking out. She was considering tendering her resignation on Monday.

Ella : I can’t…. I can’t do this any more…. I can’t live in fear every day…..i can’t.

Jude : Calm down Ella… calm down. …. Meihui should be out soon. She would probably call me tomorrow …. We’ll figure something out together….

13th March 2016



I ordered food in, stuffed myself silly and went to sleep.

My phone rang in the middle of the night at 3am.

14th March 2016



Meihui : It’s me…

Jude : Where are you ?? are you ok ?? are you out ??

Meihui : I’m back home… just got back…

Jude : I’ll be right over…

I drove to Meihui’s place and got there just before 4am.

She showered, her hair was still wet. She looked a little pale and didn’t seem like she was in the mood to talk.

I laid on her lap and she ran her fingers through my hair, neither of us saying anything.

Jude : I’m sorry….

Meihui : I watched the reruns of the games’ highlights….. I would have done the same…

We left it at that and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.


I dropped Ella a message to tell her Meihui is fine and not to worry about Kathy.

We will do what we can to save her.

Meihui and I took the next couple of days off work.

We did not fuck each other. I kid you not, after the games, I think I’m a little put off by sexual intercourse.

I’ve done enough shit to last me a while.

We cuddled up in her bed with snacks and drinks and watched rented DVDs.

Meihui and I hugged.

We faced each other on the bed and kissed.

I played with her breast , she closed her eyes and snuggled up to me. I had an erection as I smelled her hair, kissed her neck and nibbled on her ears. I rubbed my legs against her smooth calves and thighs, pressing my groin against the cotton panty she was wearing.

Still we left it at that.

Somehow we both knew we were not ready to fuck each other.

Meihui : You’re going up to level 5 Jude….. I heard from Joanna…. That they want you in operations….

Jude : Yeah… whatever that means….

Meihui : Oh… don’t you know ??? That meant you are tasked with every shit job that nobody wants to do… hahah

I laughed and wrapped my arms around Meihui’s waist as she made me a cup of coffee at the kitchen counter.

I enjoyed pressing myself against body, smelling her hair. It’s an intimate act. I like it when she turns around with her head and looked up into my eyes as I hugged her. It felt like one of those advertisement you see on TV.

A happy couple in some swanky new apartment.

Meihui sipped her coffee as I kept my hands around her waist, smelling her hair by the counter.

Meihui : What do you want Jude ??.... what do you really want ??

I replied without hesitation.

Jude : I want you…

Meihui laughed and tilt her head back to hit me on my chest playfully.

Meihui : Hahah… be serious…

Jude : I am serious…

Meihui just laughed and said she didn’t believe me.

Jude : Why not ? …. I like you Meihui… I think we…. I think we have a future together….

Meihui wriggled her way out of my embrace and turned to face me.

She looked sexy and appealing dressed only in her white boyshort panty and a singlet that stopped just above her belly button. I could see the peek of her light purple bra from beneath the thin fabric of her white singlet.

Meihui : You won’t like me anymore… once you get to level 5…

Jude : Why do you say that ??

Meihui laughed and looked at me as she sipped her coffee.

Meihui : Because I know………because all men…… lose their control when they go to level 5….

Jude : hahahah…. No way… that won’t happen.

Meihui : We’ll see… L5 has this ….. effect on men….

Jude : Come on….. it’s just another level….. I’ve seen 3, I’ve seen 4….. I think the rest are pretty much the same….

Meihui said nothing but kept up her smile.

Meihui : So… you’re saying you want to date me ??

Jude : Of course I want to….

Meihui just laughed and put down her cup.

Meihui : Remember this moment ok ?? ….haha… I’ll ask you the same question again on level 5….

Jude : sure… I’m in love Meihui…. I’m in love … I mean it…

Meihui just laughed and we cuddled up in bed for another movie marathon.

31st march 2016



I took the whole of that week off together with Meihui. The break really helped.

It gave us time to deal with the reality of what has happened. The facility is not for everyone. You want to work there, you suck it up, no matter what happens and you move on.

That was the way for everyone.

Uncle Lee has his employment extended with a new contract. The terms were pretty good and he was all smiles when he saw me back in office. He came in and hugged me, he broke down for a brief moment before telling me that his wife is getting the best possible medical attention money can buy.

Uncle Lee : Thank you for this Jude…. I don’t know how to thank you….

Jude ; It’s ok…it’s all over….

I could not visit Kathy nor get in touch with her because she was in Level 5 for the past 2 weeks but that is about to change.

Today is the day.

Thomas had swung by and gave me my new access card. It said L6


I was given Level 6 clearance once I agreed to take on the new role in operations.

My pay slip, well it came alright.

I had a bonus of a year’s salary. A year.

A fucking year.

Yet I knew it was peanuts compared to the millions the facility made from the games. Rumours put the figure at close to 12 although no one could verify.


Thomas was busy with his own stuff and he was unable to take me through Level 5. Aaron was out stationed that week too.

Meihui showed up at my office at 11.30am that day.

Meihui : Are you ready to go up to level 5 ?

Jude : Show me…

Meihui smirked and I fell in step beside her.

That anticipation I have inside my stomach felt like a couple of charging bulls. It knocked me around a little and I tried my best to put up a calm demeanour.

I was excited. Excited to be up on Level 5 but I don’t want to let it show.

Not in front of Meihui.

We stepped out of the lift and into a lobby. It felt like I was entering the hotel lobby of a modern chic hotel. Minimalist furniture, very zen and calming.

The receptionist stood up and extended her hand.

Elaine : Hi Jude…. I’m Elaine….

Jude : Oh.. hi… have we…. Met ??

Elaine : haha.. no… but trust me Jude…. There is not a single staff with level 3 clearance and above that doesn’t know you…. aha…

Jude : oh…. Okay…

Elaine had short trendy cropped hair with a endearing smile. She looks good, definitely hot. Before I had time to admire her curves, Meihui moved along and asked me to keep up.

We entered a door and I could see a map by the wall. A large map about 1m x 1m in size. It’s like a directory you see at a shopping mall with each of the rooms clearly documented.

Meihui : Here we go…

Coming up to the first room, I was immediately blown away by what I saw.

Jude : fuck !

I had trouble digesting and processing the image infront of me.

Looking through the large glass panel much like the way you do at the zoo at animals, I saw 3 rows of girls.

3 rows with 5 girls each.

It was a disgusting sight but I could feel an erection building up.

The girls were standing but their bodies were bent at a 45 degree angle, lying against a customised made stainless steel rack. Their wrist were shackles together with their neck onto the metal rack.

Their feet spread shoulder width apart with ankles shacked onto hooks on the floor.

They were naked. All of them

Their eyes were blindfolded and they each had a mouth gag .

The room looked sterile , like a food preparation kitchen. I saw a staff come along and started hooking up these machines. I recognised those machine, I used them once during a farm stay holiday.

It suddenly dawned on me what they were doing.

The staff attached the teat cup to the breast of the girls, that was when I saw the vaccum tube and the milk hose trailing down the machine.

They’re fucking milking the girls for their breast milk .

I gasped in horror as the staff attached the teat cups to the rows of girls and start up the machine. It was an erotic sight.

All 15 of them shuddered within the confines of their restraints, their head nodding front and back as the machine milked their tits for milk.

Meihui : These are all new moms…. They babies have been given to the clients who adopted them…. Some of them are surrogates…..even after giving birth, their bodies are still an asset to the company.

Meihui went on to say Clients are willing to pay top dollar for the breast milk the facility provides. It’s one of the big money spinners.

Meihui : a litre of cow milk cost probably about $3…. We charge 300 for a litre of breast milk.

Meihui grabbed a sample package from a trolley nearby and showed it to me. It was packaged just like any other milk you see in supermarket with a nice white label but with the drawing of a woman’s body.

“Milk from Singapore sluts”

Meihui : Clients dig that…. so the marketing department went along.

I turned back to look at the girls, the room is sound proof but you could tell a few were screaming. Imagine the strong suction of the teat cup squeezing your tits and areola for milk day in and out.

I saw another staff made his way down the row of girls with a dildo in hand. He applied lubricant onto the vagina of a girl being milked and inserted the dildo into her privates.

Jude : What are they doing ?? !!

Meihui : Making the girls cum….. it’s to improve the quality of the milk…. According to research….

My eyes were transfixed by what was happening in front of me that I found it hard to move.

Meihui : Come on Jude…. There’s still a lot of rooms to cover.

I left the viewing panel and fell in step beside Meihui. Only the 1st room and my cock was throbbing like crazy.


Fucking unbelievable.

Moving down the hall, Meihui brought me into a room. It looked and feel as if I was entering a KTV joint in town. Some clients were chilling with beer and wine. A few were just relaxing with their eyes closed alone at the lounge.

Meihui : This is a clubhouse for members…. Food and drinks are free….nothing fancy but it’s a nice place to chill…

She pointed to a door beside the bar counter.

Meihui : Clients call a number assigned to them. A staff will meet them at the carpark and bring them up through there…… the service corridor we came in from is out of bounds to clients….

Jude : Ok..

Meihui : Once they are in this lounge, they will be offered a new menu of services…

We walked down the row of rooms and towards the control centre at the end of the corridor.

We entered and a series of screens much like a security room greeted us.

Meihui : These rooms are for quick fucks and fantasies…. The budget option for level 4…. The clients don’t know there are cameras inside the room but it’s necessary….. for the safety of both the clients and the girls.

I looked at the screens and it was incredible.

The staff on duty is like having access to live porn shows every day.

Everything screen had something going on. Each different in their own way.

I saw a client smearing chocolate onto a struggling girl. She was tied down on a table and he kept smearing chocolate onto her privates and breast.

Another one was sucking onto the toes of a girl dressed up in office attire. Long sleeve blouse, waist high tight skirts and blood red high heels. She had her collar shackled to a metal pole with her wrists handcuffed above her head.

The client stopped sucking her toes and squeezed his head in between her thighs and moved up to smell her privates.

Moving on to another screen.

My god. There is really no limits to what you can do here.

2 girls were naked and restrained to the table with their wrist tied above their heads. There were 2 clients inside there and they appear to be chatting casually as they shaved the girls’ pubic hair.

Then I watch them rub their cocks on the smooth hairless armpits of the girls, rubbing and rubbing as the girls squirm.

The screen on the bottom showed a girl in anime costume being fucked by a bald headed man.

Another one had a client trying to put on a pair of fishnet stocking on for his girl.

There was a screen with a guy fucking a girl dressed as a parking warden.

Meihui : This particular client…. He’s rich but weird….. he likes to drive around the island…look for hot parking spots and get summoned for not displaying parking coupons….He would pick a fight with the warden, cursing and swearing at her before coming here and doing one of the girls….

Jude : Wow….

Meihui : Yeah… rich people and their kinks….

Meihui pointed to another screen.

Meihui : This one…. Has the hots for his sister in law…. He comes in every now and then with his sister in law’s worn clothes, lingerie and all….. gets a girl to put it on and fuck her…..

Jude : wicked…..

Meihui shot me a look and I immediately kept quiet.

That pretty much wraps up the activity rooms and lounge.

We left the zone and came to a smaller zone, much like a clinic.

We entered via the service corridor directly into the control room.

I could see the waiting area. There was a couple sitting on the couch, they were holding hands. I could see the girl was nervous and the man was trying to reassure her.

Meihui : This is the couple clinic….

Jude : What do they do here…..

A profile of the couple was displayed and my god, the girl looks hot.

Meihui : This place is opened only to husband and wife…. Legally married….

Jude ; Oh …?

Meihui : One of the top taboo fantasies men have…… is to see their wife fuck another man or more….

Jude : No shit ?

Meihui : It’s always fully booked….

Meihui went on to explain that in that clinic, couples come to explore their fantasies in a safe and controlled environment.

They may start off with just touching. Perhaps a blowjob before moving on to a full fuck fest.

Meihui : I have seen women graduating from just giving a handjob to a staff to being gangbang raw by several…..

Jude : Wow. !....

Meihui pointed to the couple’s profile as more information of them were called up on the screen. Daily selfie shots, their wedding album, even their wedding reception photos.

Meihui : Sue Ping and Harold…. They were married last weekend…. Started attending the clinic when they were just dating…. Today…. Sue Ping is going to get gangbanged by 2 other staff….

My jaw literally dropped an inch and I could feel excitement coursing through my body.

Jude : Can we get to look ?

Meihui : If you like…. But we got other rooms to cover…..

Jude : Oh….

Meihui : Don’t be disappointed….

We left the control room and Meihui shut the door before folding her arms.

Meihui : Just so you know…. All male staff with L5 clearance…. Their profile will be uploaded for the couple to choose…

Jude : Really !!! ???

My eyes widened in excitement.

Meihui : Yeah… I’m the approving officer for the profiles… they go through me…

Jude ; Oh…

Meihui gave me a raised eyebrow look from the side of her face.

Meihui : So….. are you still interested to date me ??? If we are dating… I’m not approving your profile ok ….

I forced up a natural smile on the outside but actually inside my mind, I was squeezing my own testicles.

Not only squeezing it, I think I just dropped it into a blender.

Fuck the benefits for Level 5 sure is tempting. No wonder so many staff got swayed by temptations.

Meihui ; Just so you know…. We have celebrity couples…. Both local and overseas…. They come here too…. And if your name is in the list… I’m pretty sure you get to fuck all the pretty actress…. Think about it ok ??

That look.

That look that woman gives when you know she is about to string you up by your balls.

I could see it on Meihui’s face.


I will not fall for this shit.

Jude : Dear…~~~~ come on… you know I only have eyes for you….

Meihui : Don’t “Dear” me yet….. we’re not done with level 5…

Jude : Alright… come on… let’s go…. We’ll have dinner tonight eh…. Then we’ll head up to your place ??

I put my arm around Meihui but she shrugged it off in her usual cool demeanour. She continued down the corridor, her bottom swaying with each step she takes, stirring up the urge within me.

Her heels clicked and echoed down the service corridor and we came up to another room.

We entered and it was like walking into a pantry. A large pantry. It’s big and roomy, the layout is squarish, I would say about 10m deep and 15m across. All around us were girls with collars around their neck.

We were the only one standing. Almost all of them were crawling on the floor or sitting down.

Their eyes, they were always looking down.

I could hear some sobbing, some soft whisper, that was it. Guards and staff walked around and kept everyone in order.

The dozen or so girls were the more well behaved ones according to Meihui. Most are having their menses, or they are not ovulating, which meant they could not be used for breeding.

Meihui : This is a place where they could interact with each other for a bit….

I could see some board games, stacks of old newspaper and magazines. There was a old TV doing re-runs of TV drama from at least 5 years ago.

Meihui : They are allowed to mingle and walk around as long as they behave…

Jude : Oh… ok….

Cutting through the recreation room, Meihui pointed to a glass viewing panel into another room. 3 rows of bed were lined up, there are at least 20 beds in there by my estimate. Most of them had someone in it.

Meihui : Kathy is in there…. I don’t have access…. Medical staff only…. I pulled a few strings… she’s ok… not tested positive…. If her menses comes, they will let her go…

Jude : What about the rest ?

Meihui : All girls that have been inseminated will wait inside this room… until we confirm their pregnancy… we have 2 of these holding rooms, the other one slightly bigger further down the corridor.

Jude : Ok.. ok….

Meihui and I ventured deeper into level 5.

It’s amazing how much they can fit into a single level.

We got to a zone where it feels different from the rest of the Level. It was all glass walls with black aluminium frame. I could see right through into a place where it feels just like a hipster café.

3 girls were in, they were collared but dressed in their home clothes.

They sat alone, sipping coffee and tea as they read a book of their choice.

It’s literally café. There were cakes on display too together with tins of sweets and biscuits.

Meihui : You accumulate enough points for good behaviour….and making babies… you graduate to this…. The girls inside here have sort of accepted their fate …. They are well behaved, cooperative and gave no trouble to the staff….

She went on to tell me that the girls were barely 25 years old yet each of them has already given 3 babies each to the facility.

Meihui : We use girls like them to counsel the newer girls …. To get them to accept their fate….. eventually they would be able to enjoy a level of freedom that they have…. They can wander around…. But they cannot get out of level 5…. And the zones assigned to them…

Jude : Oh… they’re all….

Meihui : Pretty right ? ….of course… they get prettier the higher you go….

I pretended I did not hear that last bit as Meihui opened another door into a nicer recreation room. It’s done up tastefully , much like the posh lobby of a hotel lounge. A handful of collared girls were enjoying pastries and tea.

They lowered their voice and looked at us when we entered.

My god.

They’re all so hot.

So hot and pretty that I feel like fucking everyone of them . They looked like they were in their mid 20s to early 30s. Like the well dressed tai tai you see in hotels at weekday afternoons gossiping and talking to their friends.

Meihui : Here’s more of them… they’re one of the pioneer batches….the message is simple…. Produce for us…. Behave yourself…. And we treat you well…

If not for the collars around their neck, those girls would not look out of place in the middle of town.

Fuck. No wonder David got tempted.

I could feel my heart thumping.

Every pair of eyes that met mine, even for that brief second, it sent a jolt of electricity into my body. It’s like a hook.

An invisible hook tugging at my soul.

Meihui pointed to a narrow corridor and said that would be the girl’s sleeping quarters .

Meihui : Different room sizes for different category of girls…. Boring stuff.. you won’t be interested….

We skipped that portion because she says there’s nothing much to be seen there.

Meihui : Last room… the biggest on level 5….

She walked on and continued with her explaination.

Meihui : These girls… they are……

Jude ; They are what ??

Meihui struggled to find the right word to use.

Meihui : They are special….

Jude : In what way ??

Meihui ; There are 8 of them…. And there will only be 8 of them…. No more… no less….someone comes in…. another will leave…. It will always be 8.

Jude : Why ??

Meihui explained that the 8 girls belong to one of their biggest client.

A Korean businessman staying in Singapore.

Meihui opened the door into the last zone and I thought I dislocated my jaw. I stepped into a dance studio with a long mirror. Track lights lined the ceiling, bottles of drinks and towels of various colours were hung on nearby chairs.

Fuck me.

I saw a man talking to 8 girls.

8 girls.

They were not wearing collars but they had something around their wrist.

I cannot even begin to describe their beauty.

There were not nicely dressed, all of them were wearing shoes.

Some wore shorts and a loose fit t-shirt. A few wore leggings and a singlet.
One had a pair of denim shorts and a casual t-shirt.

A few of them wore a cap.

Simple , homely dressing.

It’s exactly what your neighbour or wife or girlfriend would wear if they needed to run down to grab something from the grocery stall.

Their figures were proportionate and good. Everyone had long slim legs that I would love to grab onto.

No super big breast or super big bums.

It was all proportional.

This was indeed a golden collection of girls.

All of them had really sweet smile and their eyes.

Fuck me, that look in their eyes when they looked towards Meihui and me.

I felt as if someone had grabbed my cock and gave it a good shake.

That was the feeling I got when those amazing eyes looked my way.

And yes, that girl.

The mysterious girl I saw when I peeped out from the locker using the secret passage.

She was there.

She was right there, in the middle of the group.

The guy turned around, saw Meihui and gave her a wave before going back to the girls.

Jude : Who are they ?? ~~…

Meihui : Tempted ??

I could not even bring myself to answer Meihui as I looked a the girls smile, bicker and chat with each other.

Meihui : That guy is Krisna… he trains them…

Jude : Trains them for what ??

Krisna gestured for us to go closer and we did.

The girls giggled as they exchanged looks at each other before glancing at me.

The feeling is weird.

I don’t know why.

You know that silly smile you naturally do when you feel like blushing. I was fucking doing that.

The girls, they gave off this vibe that just made me want to smile. That youthful energy. They cannot be more than 25 years of age, everyone of them.

I’m smiling. I don’t know why but I just had a smile on my face as I went closer .

Krisna : Alright girls… you’re almost there…. We have guest…. Do a good one ok ???

The girls : Hookayyyy!! !~~~ hehehe…hehe…haha..hurhur…

Even the way they smile and laughed affects me, making me smile wider.

I could see Meihui looking at me but I couldn’t resist.

That sweetness I was feeling, it’s like meeting my first love for the first time.

The feeling of the first date.

The time you first held hands.

The first overseas trip as a couple.

I was flooded with emotions as the girls took their positions and Krisna started the music.

My god, I almost pissed in my pants when a familiar Korean song from a pop girl group started. I know the song. I’ve heard it many times before. I’ve even seen the music video.

Lionheart by girls generation. One of the popular Korean girl groups.


Following each beat, the girls smile and moved their body. Their moves were synchronised and casual. It was no rigid and it looked good.

In fact it looked so good I felt like I have my own personal girl group performing for me.

How I envy the Korean businessman.

My smile went from a bashful smile, to a wide mouthed, teeth showing grin.

As the girls danced along, they expertly changed their positions, brilliant footwork and seductive glances were thrown my way. I think i must be blushing like a swollen cunt as a few of them giggled as they looked at me.

And the girl I saw. I may not know her name but when our eyes met, I left like I’m an ice cube left on a BBQ grille.

I melted.

I think my heart melted.

It was embarrassing but I had to look away and cover my mouth , too bashful to even look at them in their eyes.

As the music drew to an end, Krisna clapped and gave them a thumbs up.

The music stopped and Meihui came over to my side.

Meihui : What did I tell you ?? Level 5… will change you…

I tried to wipe that smile off my face but I can’t.

I’m just a normal guy like everyone out there.

My smile was there to stay but I knew I had to reply Meihui in a diplomatic manner.

Jude : well… ermm… they’re sweet… but I think you are sweeter…

Meihui laughed and rolled her eyes at me.

Meihui : Oh please… the whole facility knows I’m the last person when it comes to being sweet…. Hahah…

I cleared my throat in a bid to reclaim my composure.

Jude : I’m serious… besides…. I don’t know them…. What can they possibly do that will melt my heart like you do ???

Right about then when I finished my sentence, Meihui folded her arms and levelled her eyes at me and I heard Krisna introduced me to the girls.

Krisna : Girls…. Meet Jude… he’s in charge of operations…..

It happened so fast .

I was still looking at Meihui when I heard their giggly sweet voice called out.

The girls : ~~~~Annyeong ~~OPPA ~~~~….

I tried to hold it in. I really did.

It was too hard.

I turned and looked at each of the smiling girls in their eyes and I couldn’t resist it any longer. I broke out into a all out bashful grin, covered my mouth, gave a slight bow before dashing out of the room as the girls broke out into laughter.

My heart.

It was beating so fast and I’m still smiling.

Still Smiling.

I leaned against the wall, tilt my head upwards for 2 second before breaking into a smile on my own. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me but I just could not help it.

Meihui opened the door can joined me in the service corridor.

Meihui : Happy ?

Jude : ermm hahah…errr… no… it’s just… hahahah.. it’s just… different haha….

Meihui : Oh please… unless you’re gay…. So far every single male staff we brought here behaved exactly the same way as you did….

I looked away and tried to change the topic but Meihui laid out a trap for me.

Meihui : So…. You still want to date me….

I hesitated.

Fuck I shouldn’t have hesitated.

It was for only that one second but I could see the change in expression on Meihui’s face.

She slapped me playfully.

Meihui : You’re a jerk !....

Jude : Hey.. hey… i… I just need some time to digest all these….

Meihui : Yes or no…. answer me….

I gritted my teeth, mentally squeezed my testicles, sucked in a deep breath and put on the most sincere look I could muster.

Jude : Of course…

Meihui did not say anything, she was holding back a grin as she nodded her head slowly as she kept her eyes on me.

After what seemed like 30 seconds, she unfolded her arms and replied.

Meihui : Okay… I’ll believe you … for now

I mentally heaved a sigh of relieve.

Jude: Where do we go now ??

Meihui went to open the door again.

Meihui : Come in…. we need to introduce you to the girls…. You need to talk to them…part of your job scope….

Jude : I can’t speak Korean !...

Meihui : Don’t be a dick…. They’re all locals… come on….

Jude : Oh Ok…..

Inside my heart, I was secretly getting hyped up and excited. Fuck, I must have done some good deeds in my past life to have this job.

Jude : What do I need to do….

Meihui kept her expression emotionless and turned to me.

Meihui : You need to get rid of one of them.

Jude : WHAT ! why ?!!

Meihui : To keep them on their toes…. It happens every 6 months… up on level 6… Clients always wants new blood….there must be motivation for the girls to perform their very best…..

I could not believe what Meihui has just told me.

Jude : What… what happens to the girls who gets kicked out….

Meihui : She goes back down the hall…. Starts from the bottom… and produce babies….

This is fucked up.

My day just went from being high on cloud nine to this shit.

Meihui stepped into the room again and I went in behind her.

The girls were wiping their sweat at the rest area, chatting with each other.

We walked towards them and Meihui lowered her volume.

Meihui : Know this Jude….. everyone of them knows…. You will be the one to choose 3 out for review on level 6 for the elimination……..which means…. They would be willing to do anything……so you won’t choose them…. Krisna will brief you on the selection criteria.

Meihui paused, turned to face me and adjusted the collar of my shirt, brushing away a speck of dust from my shoulder.

Meihui : And since you want to date me…. don’t you dare fuck them…

Meihui gave me a menacing smile before turning around to face the girls.

Meihui : Girls…. Take care of Jude for me will you….


All I heard after Meihui spoke were their giggles.

Only giggles.



Some of you have been asking me about this. I'll put it here.

The previous update about the girls was inspired partly when i came across this clip of the girl group practicing their dance moves.

So if you needed some visuals, here it is.


Meihui left me with Krisna as she has something else to attend to.

Krisna asked the girls to go wash up before having lunch while he will show me around the rest of the rooms.

As soon as the girls are out of sight, Krisna gestured me to follow him and started talking.

Krisna : Pretty hot bunch eh ?

Jude : Yeah… it’s…. really top grade man…. I envy your job ….

Krisna : hahaha… don’t…. I’m just training them…. Envy the client…. Makes you wonder why didn’t you work harder back in school right ? hahahah… be a big shot businessman with loads of money…

Jude ; Hahah….

Krisna brought me around the rest of the zone where the girls reside in.

Krisna : See… there’s their shower and locker room…. Their sleeping quarters,…. They usually eat at the café down the hallway, it’s either that or they will be at the lounge if they are not training.

Jude ; Wow… they… just… train ?? the whole day ??

Krisna : In a way…. There is a strict workout routine they keep to…. Client wants all of them in good shape….. well… he’s paying top money…. of course he wants to fuck a girl in good shape… hahaha…

Jude : What do they do everyday ?

I was told on a typical day, they would wake up at 6am for a 90 min walk on the threadmill.

After that they get 40 minutes for breakfast.

Krisna : Then is off to dance practice….. all the way till lunch.

Jude : Wow… this is like the army man….

Krisna : hmmm… close enough…. But we have it worse…

Jude : How so ??

Krisna laughed and added.

Krisna : Because we get fucked for no reason sometimes by the sergeants and officers…. Haha they only have to fuck the client once or twice a month… hahaha…

Jude : Oh…

They get a short break at 4pm according to Krisna and at 5pm, they have to get ready for their daily ritual

Jude : What ritual ?

Krisna : Everyday , without fail, they have to masturbate themselves in front of a camera. .. that would be recorded and sent to the client…..

My eyes widened as Krisna went on.

Krisna : Here’s the thing…. They have to masturbate and get their heartrate and pulse up to a certain predetermined level….. this level is an average we derived from countless orgasm we gave the girls….

Jude : No shit….

Krisna : smart eh ?? .. hahaha… anyway… so for example….say Yuri…. She has an average resting heart rate of 60bpm….. out of a total of 20 orgasm we gave her, her heart rate averages about 120bpm when she has her orgasm….

Jude : Woah… this is science and shit man….

Krisna : It is…. Client is particular about these…. So we take 10% off…. Yuri has to masturbate herself and hit 108bpm before we consider she has completed her ritual….hahaha

Jude : I’m speechless man…. Why… why do this ??

Krisna told me that it was the client’s way to control them. He wanted all of his girls wet and at the brink of orgasm everyday, yet they are unable to complete the release. This builds up everyday until he comes and fuck the girls.

He wanted them to be left high and dry.

Jude : What is the girls lose control…. Or she did not hit her required bpm ??

Krisna : A demerit point of course… and the more you get… the higher your chance to get booted out…. It’s a cruel practise…. But… it’s fun to watch…. Haha…

I never knew there could be people this sick in this world.

Having the girls masturbate themselves everyday yet denying them the chance to complete the orgasm. This level of control.

It would drive anyone mad.

Put yourself in their shoes, stroking yourself everyday to the edge only to be told to stop.

I think I might just kill myself.

Jude : Wait… I have a question… you mentioned Yuri…. It’s a Korean name…

Krisna explained that the client is a big fan of the girl pop group, so he names each one of them according to the girls in the actual one.

Krisna : You will address them as such too….

Jude : They… don’t wear collars….

Krisna : No need… client gave them a wristlet that monitors their movement within the facility, their heartrate in case they decides to masturbate…. And if they misbehave, he could remotely send a electric shock to their wrist.

Jude : This is sick man…

Krisna : hahah… well.. who are we to judge… we just work here….After the ritual, they are allowed to eat…. Followed by another 90 minutes on the threadmill…. Then they’re free to do what they want….Sounds restrictive but they have it better than the other girls….

We got to the end of the zone and Krisna went on with the short tour.

Krisna : Anyway… moving on… the dance studio… you already saw… then we’re left with the suite.

The suite is where the girls would meet and entertain the client. It’s locked all the time and will only be opened when the client is in.

Krisna : Right outside the suite….. is the web link room.

Jude : Web link ?

Krisna : Yeah…. It’s the place where the girls communicate with the client… when he is overseas ….

We walked over and entered the narrow space.

There were 9 cubicles , much like the way old public telephones were set up. Instead of telephones, each of the cubicle had a laptop with it’s own webcam. A small control room much like the security guard booth at private residences sat at the back of the cubicles.

We entered the cubicles and from the one way mirror, we could see all 8 slots clearly.

Krisna : Sometimes when the client is free, he would want his girls to accompany him even though he is halfway around the world…. He would want them to sit in front of the camera for hours at a stretch to interact with him…

Krisna told me once the client made the girls all strip and touch themselves while he wanks himself off in Korea.

Krisna : We have to cater to his whims and fancies too…. Sometimes he wants us to collect all the worn sweaty clothes the girls wore for the dance practice… seal it up and courier it over to him…. It could be used towels, sports bra, socks…. Even panties….you name it….

I nodded. The client owns them totally.

From their body to the things they use.

Krisna : This is about it….. they are quiet well behaved… most of the time…. Which brings me to the thing you are here for…. The elimination up on level 6…

Jude : Oh… what is that about….

Krisna : ….. 3 girls with the most demerit points will be called up to level 6…. This is where the client would decide…which one would be replaced….. currently….Yuri, Taeyeon and Yoona are tied at the same spot..…..

Jude : Where do I come in ?

Krisna : well… the client watched your performance at the games… he liked you a lot… and he has requested that you….. hmmmm… what’s that word to use…. Play with 3 of them…. And pick one for elimination…..

That sucks.

I hate to do stuff like that.

Jude : But… but….

Krisna : I honestly don’t know the definition of his ‘ play ‘ but I think you can fuck them if you want to…. They are all on birth control… so go ahead and shoot all you like…. I’m pretty sure they would fuck you too if you tell them you can keep them in this place…..

Jude : It’s… it’s not that…. it’s such a cruel thing to do….i mean… how… who am I to judge which girl to get rid of ??

Krisna : Well… I’m just thankful it’s not me doing the judging… hahha… they’re all so sweet… anyway… good luck to you….

Krisna passed me a document with the girl’s details.

Krisna : Don’t take this too seriously though…. That’s my advice to you…. I mean… even if you lie to all 3 just to fuck them…. No one would blame you…. definitely no the client… end of the day…. This is just entertainment….

I nodded with a forced smile. 


It might be entertainment to us. 

For the girls, I think it’s a matter of life and death. I cannot imagine them, having worked so hard only to end up being thrown back to square 1. 

I’m sure the girls themselves are not stupid. It’s better to get fucked by 1 client, then subject yourself to the whims of many. At least they don’t get pregnant here. 

We completed the tour and come a full circle to back to the dance studio. 

Krisna : Now… the girls are aware of where they stand in terms of their points…. So I be honest with you… they know why you are here….my guess is Yuri, Yoona and Taeyeon would do their best to please you….and perhaps stab each other in the back or something…. End of the day… you make the pick… and give us your recommendation…. 

Krisna told me that the client would very much love to know how I make my choice and since there were no cameras following me around, he would like a detail report, of what I did. 

Did I manipulate them ? Did I lie to them ? 

Did I turn them against each other ? 

Details. He wanted details in the report. 

Krisna : so… this is it…. I don’t know what you are going to do… but we need a name when we get to level 6….that task is yours… 

Krisna checked to make sure no one was around before saying that he knows Meihui and I have a thing and that he would tell no one if I fucked the girls.

Krisna : I won’t tell Meihui…. Hehee..hee…. It’s a man’s honour thing…. Hahaha….

Jude : right …..~~ That’s helpful…. This is her level…. She could pop by any moment… 

Krisna : well… you got to be resourceful…. Your call….come back during dinner… we can all eat together….and you can interact with the girls…. 

Jude : Ok…. Hmmmm … have you like… ermm.. you know…. 

Krisna sniggered and shook his head. 

Krisna : No no…. I didn’t fuck any of them…. Haha… I stopped at handjobs and blowjobs…. God….. seeing them on their knees and looking up with those big eyes…..arghhhh… you’ll blow your load in no time….hahah…

Jude ; Oh…. Ok… 

A moment of silence followed and right after that, Krisna changed his body language and tone so suddenly that it gave me a shock. 

Krisna : I’m warning you Jude…. Their lips… can be sweet…. Many man has succumbed to their words….look at David…. He made off with one of them….and I’m not even going to bring up the other attempts by other staff members…. 

Jude : Are the girls punished ?? for trying to run…. 

Krisna : hahaha… no… … 

Jude : Why not ? 

Krisna : What further punishment can you give the girls than the state they are already in ?? hahah…. Don’t try it though Jude…. You don’t want to know what they do to male staff who were caught…. 

Before I could ask, I saw 2 girls with their arms linked walking by. They had just showered, their hair still wet and I could see the outline of the bra they were wearing from the thin material of the shirt. 

Both of them smiled shyly at me before walking back to their rooms. 

Krisna : Calm down Jude…. You’ll have time with them later…. Come by in the evening….

Jude : Ok…


I went up to meet Krisna and I saw him heading towards the web link room. I quicken my pace, eager to take a look at exactly what he meant by the ritual. 

The girls were already there in front of their cubicles. Some of them looked away, almost shy and embarrassed that I would be there to watch the ritual. The laptops were all on, one was playing with her hair, the other looking at her nails. 

A couple of others were chatting as if they were queuing up to get tickets to the movies. 

There was a casual and aloof mood to it. 

I stepped into the control room with Krisna and felt relieved immediately. 

The one way mirror putting a barrier between me and the gaze of the girl’s eyes. 

Krisna tapped a few buttons and told me the client happens to be free that day and he wants to watch the ritual live. 

My heart was thumping really fast. It’s like heading to watch some erotic show in a different country. The feeling cannot be easily described. 

The girls were all dressed casually. In fact, they would not look out of place in a university if they had a couple of books or laptop in hand. 

Krisna spoke into a mike like the seargent major conducting a live firing exercise. 

Krisna : Alright girls… boss is coming online…. Get ready. 

The moment Krisna sat back on his chair, I felt an immediate rush of blood to my groin as I watched all the girls starting to strip. 

They removed their tops, their singlets, their bras. Then they slipped down their pants, their shorts and their colourful panties. I had to hold onto the wall for support as bundle of clothes were piled outside the cubicle as they stepped in. 

Krisna : Alright… starting from the left there….. That’s Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun…..

Jude : There’s one spare cubicle…. 

Krisna : That belonged to Jessica…. How ironic….. she left the girl group….i meant the real one…. And she was the one David ran away with…… so that’s left empty…

Jude : Oh… is the client looking for a replacement ?? 

Krisna : Not that I know off…. Here they go.. there they go… 

That scene happening in front of me was so vile that I thought I would cum on the spot. My cock was pushing so hard against my pants that I had to adjust my erection at least 3 times. 

The screen came on and even though I was watching all their back view, it was enough to make my boxers wet with precum. Their bodies, all so toned and well shaped, their buttocks, they are so firm that if you slap them, I’m sure it would give a little jiggle before returning to it’s original structure. 


There was structure integrity when it comes to the shape of all their buttocks. 

The girls were touching themselves in front of the laptop.

Fuck. A few did a half squat and started to rub and finger fuck themselves. I could hear moans. The moans got louder. 

The smattering of voices and groans made it hard for me to differentiate who is moaning the loudest.

One thing I know is there were all trying their best to pleasure themselves. 

An indicator linked to the control room showed their heart rate. 

All were rising, slowly but steadily. 

Not only were they rubbing their own cunt, some were playing with their own nipples. Fuck me it was an amazing sight to behold. 

8 hot and definitely fuckable girls pleasuring themselves together. 

The ritual is as cruel as it gets. Heart rate started to go beyond 100 for almost all of them. 

Yes, they were high, they were horny, they were definitely aroused, probably not just by their own moans, but by the collective moans of all the girls around them. 

I could see how wet their fingers were. Long stands of sticky juices fell from in between their privates, staining the floor beneath them. 

Green light lit up for 3 girls and they immediately stopped their own fingering, panting and holding onto the divider for support. Their legs slowly gave way as they forced themselves to hold back their orgasm. 

Yes, they were not allowed to cum. 

I wonder how they feel. Right at the edge, so close yet knowing if they let themselves go, they would live to regret it. This is modern day slavery at it’s best. 

Seohyun : erGHHH!!! erGHH!!NO!!..NO!! erNGHH!!!! 

The light at her cubicle went from green to yellow then to red and I watched in amazement as her legs buckled before she sank to the floor as her heart rate went from 105 to 137 immediately. 

She shivered and went into a short spasm before groaning as she accidentally gave herself an orgasm. 

Krisna : Oopss…. An accident there…. 

That accident served as a wake up call to the others who were on the brink of exploding. 

Moans got louder as they tried their best to hit the minimum bpm before they stopped. 

Yoona shriek as her lights turned green and she immediately crossed her legs, squeezing her body tight as she slowly squatted down. 

I could see her bpm increasing.





Then it stayed there together with the yellow light before it went back down to green. 

Krisna : Ohh… close one there… hahaha.. hahha.. 

This is torture. 

But the time the girls were done with the ritual, Krisna spoke into the mike again , informing them that it’s all over. 

Krisna : Ok… good… it’s over… go wash up for dinner… 

As all of them turned around, that look of exhaustion on their faces made me want to grab out my cock and start masturbating. 

Krisna : It’s been 2 weeks since they get to fuck or cum…. And know this… they can only cum….. if the client is here and he says so….. 

Pointing to Tiffany, Krisna added that she has not had an orgasm for close to 2 months.

Krisna : Client is starving her out…. Hahah… poor girl… 

Jude : Oh my god… this is sick…. 

Krisna : Well….. this is the facility….things like these are supposed to be normal… hahah… 

Krisna checked to make sure all the files are properly documented before shutting down the controls. 

Krisna : come.. let’s get ready for dinner after the walk……. Threadmill time is cut down to 30mins today…. We need some time to speak with Jude….

7.00 pm 

Dinner arrived via the dumb waiter from the kitchen in basement. It was served like airline food. All prepacked and arranged nicely on trays. 

Krisna and I unloaded the delivery onto a trolley and pushed it out. 

Krisna : There is a shortage of staff at the moment… so this is something that we do personally… serving the girls the meals…. Not that I mind… hahaha…. They treat me well… hee.. heeeee..hee…. 

The meal trays were properly labelled. 

I could see 8 green trays and 2 orange. Colour coded so we know which meal belonged to who. 

The girls were already at the café and we served them their meal. 

I tried to crack a joke and they giggled happily. 

Jude ; Would you like the chicken ? … or the fish ?? 

Yuri : hahah.. the green tray please…. 

Jude : Would you like a drink…. Coffee perhaps ??? 

Yoona : Yuri!... he is so flirting with you…. 

Sunny : hahah…. I want your orange tray can ?? 

The atmosphere. 

Oh my god. 

I felt like I’m in heaven. 

We settled down for our dinner and when I saw what was on their plate, I felt sorry for them. 

They had vegetables, loads and loads of vegetables and fruits. A Yogurt and half a banana. 

That was it. 

Krisna and I had rack of lamb complete with mint sauce and fries. There was even a side of onion rings and mac and cheese. We each had a can of ice cold beer while the girls had a bottle of water. 

Tiffany : Awwww…. So nice… your dinner… Oppaaaaaa…. ~~ can we share ?? 

That flirty look and the pleading eyes, it was impossible to resist.

Fuck man. I want to just cut up the lamb and start feeding them but Krisna stopped me. 

He shook her head and said no firmly. 

Krisna : you know you are not supposed to girls…

Half of them pouted and looked at me while the other half slouch their shoulders and started poking at their vegetables. 

My heart fucking broke. 

Krisna ; Ignore them Jude… they’re just fucking with you…

Sooyoung : No we’re not !! 

Hyoyeon : Yeah… we’re not like that… I’m sure you can feel we are sincere right Oppaaaa~~~~ ?? 

Ahhh… that drag of that ‘ paaaaaa’ It felt so satisfying. 

Why are we wired this way ? 

I nodded my head and smile. 

Krisna : no.. no. no… cut the bullshit.. and let’s eat…. After this…. You all get some time to talk to Jude… and then he needs to talk to 3 of you…. you know who you are… 

The girls said nothing and ate quietly. 

Krisna’s phone rang and he said it was his wife. 

Krisna ; Ok.. I got to take this…. Eat up… 

The moment Krisna was out of the café, all 8 pairs of eyes looked at my plate of food. 

I could see them salivating at the food. 

Yoona : It’s been…. I don’t know… so long… since we had something like this… 

Sunny : Just a teeny bite ??? pleasesssssssss ??? 

I turned and looked around, Krisna was probably down the hallway. 

That eagerness in their eyes, craving for something so simple. 

Something we take for granted everyday. 


I nodded my head and there was an explosion of hushed whispers. 

Yoona touched me on my thigh, stroking me with her palm as she asked for a bit of the lamb. 

A few girls left their seat. 

Someone came onto my left. 

Fuck, someone sat on my lap. 

Another was hugging me from behind. 

I did what I could to cut up the lamb and the girls were just picking food off my plate. 

Jude : Hey.. hey.. hey… calm down.. calm down… 

I could see the satisfaction in their eyes, Hyoyeon looked like she was about to cry as she savoured that piece of lamb with her eyes shut. 

I turned and checked behind my back. 

Jude : Ok… ok… enough… he’s coming back… quick… 

The girls giggled and grabbed a few more bits before returning to their seats. 

Sooyoung : I’m in love with you Jude…. Please don’t leave us… 

I bit my lips and didn’t know what to say as the rest of the girls started with their praises . They were touching me too. Rubbing my back, nudging my arm, stroking my thigh. Someone ran her hand through my hair. 

Fuck I don’t think I ever want to get back to the other levels. 

I just want to stay on level 5. 

Krisna came back and I could see the girls returning to their food. 

Krisna : You sure eat fast Jude… you really hungry ??? 

He gave me a suspicious look as I nodded my head with my mouth full of fries. 

He did not press on further and we wrapped up dinner with some light conversation. 


Fruit juices were served for the girls while I had a 2nd can of beer. Krisna is heading home and he says I can spend 30 mins with all of them for a chat……after which I will need to talk to Yuri, Taeyeon and Yoona.

Krisna : Jude…. If you want to fuck them…. Do it in the shower area…. Hee hehe… I get my blowjobs in there too…. Hahah…. Keep this to yourself yeah…. 

I nodded. 

Krisna : there’s still time…. Tonight is just a quick chat… you will have a day with each of them next week….. after that…. give us the name… don’t stress yourself out.. there’s plenty of girls to take their spot…. 

Jude : Oh… ok… 


Time really flies when I’m with the girls. 

It’s like I’m being bewitched, a spell was being cast on me and I was sinking right into it. 

I was sitting in the middle of the couch.

Taeyeon sat herself on my lap, pulling my arms around her waist. Yuri sat on my left, Yoona on my right, while the rest pulled a few stools and ottoman , forming a circle. 

I don’t even remember what we talked about. 

There were so much laughs and giggles. I told them everything they asked. 

Fuck I think I even told them my NRIC number together with my Singpass password. 

I smell amazing even after such a long day at work. 

The fragrance of their body rubbed onto mine. 


The rest of the girls left, leaving only the 3 selected girls with me. 

They got a bit more touchy. 

My ears were nibbled; someone kissed me on my neck. 

A hand went inside my shirt to play with my nipples. 

Someone was rubbing my cock through my pants. 


This was indeed heaven. 

Yoona : Jude… how’s your day ?? 

Yuri : You want a massage ?? 

Taeyeon : Come… lie down…. 

Life cannot get better than this. 

Suddenly all their hands left my body and I could feel their body stiffened. 

They stood up slowly and I turned around to see Meihui with her arms folded looking at us. 

Meihui : Enjoying yourself Jude ?? 

Jude : erh… I can explain… 

Meihui : No need… I know… you are just doing your job….. 

Jude : Meihui wait…. 

Meihui : Go ahead… I just came to tell you that the bid on me has been confirmed….

I excused myself from the girls and went over to Meihui. 

Jude : The bid ?? James won ?? 

She nodded. 

Now she need to submit her menstrual dates for the next few months to the company, form there they will chart a list of dates when she would most likely be ovulating. The client can choose when he would like to have her company. 

Meihui : all these Jude… 

Meihui nodded towards the girls with her chin. 

Meihui ; These are just distractions…. There are bigger things at stake here… I hope you remember that…. 

Jude : Of course…. 

The truth however, I was beginning to feel the facility is starting to win me over. 

My moral scale has been tip in favour of the facility. 

That feeling of power and control I have over the girls, it’s addictive. 

Like a drug. 

Meihui said she will make her way back on her own. 

Meihui : go have fun Jude….. before all these starts crumbling down…. 

Jude : Let me send you back… 

Meihui : No need… I’m fine… go… 

She turned and walked down the hallway. 

I felt a pair of hands sliding around my neck before the body plastered against mine from behind. 

Yuri : come one Jude… we still have a lot to talk about…. 

Yoona grabbed both my hands, leading me towards the couch. 

She pushed me down and I felt a pair of warm thighs ready to receive my head. 

Taeyeon looked down at me as I laid on her lap, her fingers running through my hair. 

I feel like I want to surrender myself to the girls. I can finally understand why David did what he did, and so many other staff tried to do the same. 

Yoona sat on the floor and rest her head on body, looking at me with those big doeful eyes. 

Yoona : Are you… thinking of us?? Hee he… haha… 

I smiled as Yuri’s hands came onto my chest, tracing the outline of my nipple through my shirt. 

A spine chilling though ran through my head. 

A selfish thought. 

What if. 

I’m just saying what if… 

What if……….I no longer want to see all this to crumble ? 

Put yourself in my shoes. 

Would you ? 


I left level 5 that night with more questions than ever.

The 3 girls left such an impression on me that I relay felt I was addicted to them. I want to see them, to smell them, to hold them in my arms.

We didn’t do anything. Really. It was all talk.

I wanted to go further, I could tell they wanted too but it was all about playing your cards right.

I could tell the girls are smart.

Very smart in fact.

You don’t get to rise up to their level if you were just the run of the mill baby producing sow.

I brought up the question of the selection.

All 3 of them just smiled, gave me the dreamy look and did not say anything.

No one tried to convince me they were better off staying within the group.

No one tried to use their body and promises of sexual favours to aid their cause.

They were too good for that.

If it was #064, I bet she would be on her knees sucking my cock right away.

Not Yuri, Not Yoona, Not Taeyeon.

I asked Yuri what was her real name.

She smiled and asked me to call her ‘dearie’ instead if I wanted.

I asked Taeyeon who she thinks should be chosen


She replied that as long as it was my choice, she would accept my decision even if it was her before resting her head on my chest, interlocking her fingers with mine.

I asked Yoona what would she do if she was chosen, she giggled and said she would hug onto my leg and never let go.

Yoona : I would be very sad…. Because it would mean I can’t belong to you …

My god.

These girls.

They know how to behave and say things that men like to hear, and they did it in a classy way. Not like some cheap slut looking to get laid.

It was a 100% girlfriend feel.

Men dig this shit.

We chatted till about 11pm when their bracelets buzzed at the same time.

It was a reminder that it was time for bed.

Yuri left first and brought me a laptop.

Yuri : Boss wants to talk to your privately….

Taeyeon : Say nice things about us ok ??? hee… hee…

The girls each gave me a light peck on my lip.

Lip, not cheek.

A very light touch of the lips before their mesmerising eyes twinkle and smiled at me.

I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming.

The lingering smell of their moisturiser told me it was real, I could smell them all over me.

The moment they were gone, I opened the only program available on the laptop .

It connected me to the client , I could see his chair and a glass of whiskey but he was not within the camera field.

I waited for close to 10 minutes before he appeared, putting down the phone and apologising for the wait.

Jong: Good evening … nice to meet you Jude…

Jude : Hi Mr Jong….

Jong : Just call me Jong…. I really like your performance at the games…. It was excellent…. Well played…

After the introduction, he cut to the chase and said he would be over in Singapore at the end of the month.

Jong : I’m looking forward to see you up at level 6…. I was hoping you can help me make a decision…

Jude : ermmm… yeah… about that….

Jong immediately knew what I was about to say and he reassure me that he is fine with letting any of them go.

Jong : I’ve fucked all of them many times over… please don’t be overly concerned… I need new blood….plain and simple….. And Jude… please… if you want to fuck them… go ahead… enjoy yourself…

Jude : Thank you Mr Jong… that is very kind of you….

Jong : They are just girls …… a commodity…. To be traded and used… don’t you agree ?

Jude : ERmm.. yeah… I … yeah… I think so too..

Jong: Alright… .. I’ll leave you to decide….and if you could…. Try to so something like you did in the games…. Make it… interesting …

Jong told me that he would like me to manipulate the girls against each other if possible.

Jong : play with them Jude… play with them…

Jong told me that the girls generally pretend that they are all close and sisterly , but they would not pass up a chance to stab each other in the back if it could be done discreetly.

Jong : I’ll give you a hint Jude……because I like you…..They are not as close and nice as you think……. Yes… they smile… very sweet… but I know them…. they are all survivors…. They will play whatever part or role you give them in order to survive… I hope you keep that in mind.

Jude : Ermm… ok…

Jong : so can I trust you…. to make the right decision ?

Jude : No problem…. I’ll do my best…

Jong ended the video call asking me to enjoy myself.

The moment I shut down the laptop my senses were all primed.

Something is wrong.

I could feel it. It’s like having worked at the facility for a while, I developed this acute sense for smelling shit.

The way and manner in which Jong spoke to me, it was formal.

Way too formal.

It did not feel like a client out to have fun, it felt more like someone giving me instructions.

I’ve dealt with naughty , excited and horny clients before. I know that look , that twinkle in their eyes when you see them getting excited with the girls, Jong had none of that.

He was calm and composed.

It was like he did not give a fuck.

Nevertheless, I could be wrong. Perhaps it was just me overthinking.

I decided to take things one step at a time and see how to play this one out.

1st April 2016



The facility is not for everyone.

To work and pursue a career in that building itself is a test of your morals and your resolve. For the men, I guess it’s simpler, you control your urges and emotions, you will definitely go far.

The thing is how many of us could hold on to that urge.

For the women, it’s a whole new ball game altogether.

You are never safe I guess.

You never know when it would be your turn to get selected either for the games or if some client decides to spend his money to fuck you.

Meihui was busy that afternoon trying to secure the release of Kathy so I had lunch alone with Ella.

Ella tendered her resignation that Friday morning.

I immediately asked if it was a April fool joke but she said it was not.

She cannot bear the thought of working in that place for another day longer.

It was a solemn affair and she was no longer the cheerful bubbly self when I first met her.

Ella : Its me…. It’s all me…. It was because I’m stupid…

Jude : What are you talking about ?

Ella pushed aside her lunch and broke down into a controlled sob, trying her best not to go into a complete meltdown in the middle of the café we were in.


She admitted that she thought the pay package offer was too good to be true. Ella had asked around her friends within the industry, one of them warned that working here would not be the same as your other regular company. 

She said that friend of hers left after 6 months , taking a 30% pay cut. She warned Ella about how stressful it is but she did not listen. 

Ella : I tried to press her for more information but she said she was unable to go on further, but she said it was not a good place to work…. That was all… 

Jude : Then… then why ??

I asked her why was she so stubborn and choose to ignore her friend’s advice. 

Ella : How would I know ?? I was expecting that the management would ask us to be a bit more creative when it comes to managing the finances….. a lot of companies does that….to reduce taxes and all…..i’ve even help my previous companies submit some false claims….it was all paperwork… 

She said she was fine with being flexible on the job when it comes to figures and sums, she’s even help put her ex boss’s son’s and wedding expenses as part of the company’s expenses. 

Ella : I can also close one eye when it comes to doing audit and shit but this…. No one gets hurt….. how in the world would I expect this ??? this is ridiculous… ! 

I really didn’t know what to say to that and I just kept quiet. 

Ella : It’s just…. Not the right environment for someone that is still sane…. Tell me Jude…. Tell me…. You think someone in their right mind would want to continue working here ??? 

I nodded without saying a word. 

Ella : and the cameras… there are so many cameras here…. Don’t you feel this is all abnormal ??? it’s like they are spying on us…. There’s too many of them… especially in the public areas….

Ella said she got paranoid on the 2nd week of work when she chance upon a few colleagues sniggering over a phone. She knew they were from the security team and she caught a glimpse of their screen. 

They were looking at her. 

Ella : It was a video of me…. Taken from my laptop camera…. I was adjusting my bra !.... can you believe that ??? I stuck a tape over the camera from that day onwards…..i tried not to think too much about it but it still bothers me…. I had the feeling that everywhere I went, the cameras were following me…

Jude : I… ermm…. I really donno what to say to that… 

Ella : It’s fine…. Don’t need to say anything.l.. I’ve seen what you did at the games… they keep sending snapshots of the key hightlights …. That was disgusting Jude…. 

Well, that sucks. 

Jude : I was not given too many choices…. I did what I could…

Ella looked away and decided to change the topic.

Ella sighed and said she had spent an hour inside HR, signing so many documents that she was sure if this ever gets out, she would be grabbed and made to serve as a slave like one of the girls in the facility. 

Ella : They threatened me you know Jude… they threatened me…. If this ever gets out….. the next thing I know, I might be getting processed in level 3….perhaps by someone I know…. 

She gave me a look and I quickly dispelled it. 

Jude : Hey.. hey… Ella…. Relax…. That won’t happen…. Just serve out the notice and go….. keep it to yourself and it will all be over….

Ella : I wish….. I don’t know if this will ever be over… 

I asked if Ella had found a job and she nodded her head . She had an offer from a guy that had been pursuing her for a while. She didn’t want to join his finance firm because she’s afraid it might get messy. 

Dating the boss of the company would surely complicate matters but at least she doesn’t live in fear of being rape again. 

Ella : His background is a bit dodgy but he’s a nice guy.. … 

I told Ella if she ever needed anything, even if it was money, feel free to let me know. 

With the bonus sitting in my bank, I could afford to help her tide over the transition if she needed it. 

Ella : Thank you for the offer Jude…. It’s ok…I’m fine…. 

We wrapped up lunch and went back to the facility. 

I got hold of Meihui close to 4pm that Friday. 

She managed to get Kathy released from the holding room. 

Meihui : She’s pretty messed up, first Yegor’s dinner…. Now the games… she needs some time to heal…. 

Jude : Can I see her… 

Meihui : Let her rest Jude.. I’m arranging transport for her….

I told Meihui about lunch with Ella and she nodded with a sigh of resignation.

Meihui : Sucks to be a woman…. Especially if you are working here…. 

She asked if I enjoyed myself the night before and I just told her it was ok. 

Jude : We only talked…. They were sweet though..but not as sweet as you. 

Meihui rolled her eyes and said she was anything but sweet. 

Somehow I could tell Meihui was not buying any of my bullshit. 

2nd April 2016 



Meihui agreed to spend the weekend with me. I wanted to get a gauge on her emotions after my tour of level 5. 

She seemed pretty ok with me spending time with the girls. I’m not sure if she was being professional or just trying to put up a front. 

We fucked that night. 


I finally fucked Meihui that night., but it was nothing to shout about . Just a lot of cuddling before we proceed to have sex. 

It was great, physically we were both in pretty good shape and it was a good , tiring and muscle aching workout. We fucked each other till we soaked the bedsheets with out sweat. It was satisfying physically, but to be honest, I felt something was lacking. 

Perhaps it was just my mind toying with me. I don’t know. 

I felt guilty I was thinking of the girls back on level 5 when I was thrusting inside Meihui. 

Seems like what she said was true. 

Level 5 does change a man. 

8th April 2016 



A week passed with the blink of an eye. 

I spent a day with each of the girls that week.It happened so fast that I would mentally will for time to pass slower. 

Monday with Yuri, Wednesday with Yoona and Thursday with Taeyeon.

By spending a day I meant hanging out mostly at the café, going on walking tours around level 5, to areas that they have access to that is. Basically that’s it. 

There is only so much you can do within the facility. 
Being alone allowed me to get a better gauge of their character. 

The long talks, the cuddling in their bedroom while the rest were training, it allowed me to paint a picture for each of the girls. 

Yuri is the most innocent among the 3. It didn’t feel like an act but she was confident she would not be chosen since she was the youngest of the 3. 

Yuri : I still have a few good years on my body…. I should be safe.. right ?? 

Yuri was pretty touchy but she did not initiate anything sexual. 

It was only when I pushed her head down to my groin, she grinned shyly and got down on her knees. 

That level of obedience, it was such a turn on. 

Imagine giving your girlfriend or wife a gentle push on her head, and she immediately gets the message of what you wanted her to do. 

Yuri unbuckled my belt and took out my erected cock. 

That was one of the most amazing blowjob I had in my life. 

Not only was she sucking my dick head, she was licking my entire shaft, she fucking even sucked and massage my testicles with her tongue. 

When I came, Yuri’s fingers grabbed onto my waist, that gentle squeeze of her fingers as I jerked and emptied every drop into her mouth. 

She took it all, swallowed it and crawled back into my arms like a kitten seeking warmth. 

Yoona on the other hand was not touchy at all. She’s polite, sweet and very respectful. There was this really gentle demeanour about her, every move she made was so graceful. 

Her smile would start with a girlish grin before breaking into a wide smile. 

Yoona kept our bodies closed but we were not touching. 

Her bare legs lightly grazed against my pants as she chatted and sipped coffee while playing some board games. 

She has this magical ability to increase the sexual tension I was feeling. Every move, every smile, every look, they pierced right through me like a syringe, delivering a wave of arousal. 

I tried to do the same to her head, a gentle nudge to see if she would get the message. 

She hit me on my thigh, giving me a pout before scolding me in a really cute manner that I was being naughty. 

Yoona : Finish your vegetables…. Maybe I’ll consider… haha… 

I stuffed all the leafy greens from our lunch trays into my mouth as Yoona giggled at how silly I looked. 

The moment I was done, she helped me wiped my mouth before looking around the empty café. She held my hand and dragged me into the locker room. 

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the same locker I was staring out from a while back. 

Without a word, Yoona pulled off her top and removed her bra.

Jude :arghhhh … 

I groaned without knowing it as I looked at her supple breast. 

She smiled and held my hand to her breast, asking me to play with them. 

My cock throbbed and pushed against my pants as I rubbed my fingers on Yoona’s cute and pink nipples. She too got down on her knees and my eyes closed. 

Within seconds, I was in heaven. 

Yoona too swallowed all my cum, cleaning my cock with her tongue before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand in a shy manner. 

She asked for help to put on her bra before turning around to put her hands around my neck.

She just stared at me with those big eyes of hers without a word, smiling and grinning like a girl waiting for her boyfriend to propose. 

When it was my turn with Taeyeon, I did not even have to nudge her head or give her a hint. She told me upfront that I was being very naughy. 

Taeyeon : Hoorrrrr….. you made Yuri and Yoona give you a blow job… ! 

Jude : Hahah…. Would you like to give me one too ?? 

Taeyeon just stuck out her tongue at me and we went to the café together. 

Taeyeon’s first question put me on guard immediately and it confirmed my suspicions that Mr Jong is not as simple as he appears to be. 

Taeyeon ; Jude… you… took over David….. do you know him well ?? 

Jude : I don’t… why ?? 

Taeyeon : Just curious…. They say David…. Knows of some secret access… between the levels… 

I laughed and fobbed it off with excuses. 

Jude : It’s just rumours…. Don’t believe them… haha… 

Taeyeon snuggled into my arms and said David used to have level 5 clearance, but was downgraded to 4. 

Jude : Why is that ?? 

She shrugged her shoulder with a smile. 

Taeyeon : I don’t know… perhaps they saw him getting a little too close to Jessica … hhaa… 

Right after saying that, Taeyeon turned her body around, her feet dangling up in the air as she looked at me with her big eyes. 

Taeyeon : Would you… risk getting downgraded ?? …. If we can get closer ?? hahah… 

I smiled but said nothing. 

Jude : How close ?? 

Taeyeon unbuckled my pants right at the café couch. Her fingers reaching into my boxers and the moment I felt the strong grip of her hand, I submitted myself to her. 

Right when I was about to cum, Taeyeon cupped her mouth over my cock , making me groan like a baby in the café as my body turned to jelly.

At the end of the 3rd date, I was hooked. The moment I left level 5, I wanted to go back. 

I can’t stop thinking of the 3 girls.

Then the shittiest thing happened. 

They blocked my access to the girls. 

Krisna told me that officially, I’m not allowed to spend more time with them. 

Krisna : Base on the agreement, you would get 1 day with each of them… that’s it… hahaha… but shhhh… bro…. I know their schedule… I can help you…. everyone has urges eh…hahah… 

Jude : Oh…. Ok…. Yeah… it’s ok… another day… I just remembered I had something I need to do… thanks bro… 

Krisna : No problem… anytime… 

My suspicions got stronger after I knew I was not allowed to access the girls openly. If I wanted to do it, I had to do it in secret. 

Why the fuck for ? 

Within 24 hours I knew the reason why. 

It was a cold turkey.

It hit me bad. 

I had this strong urge to meet the girls to fuck them. 

I want them to suck me. Hell I want to cuddle up with them and just look at their body and smile. I want to hear their voices and feel their hands on my body. 

It was so bad that I felt like breaking into level 5 just to see them over the weekend. 

That uncontrollable urge to do something irrational. 

This must be what Jong wanted to see. 

Still, I could not resist myself. 

I still chose the stupid route. 

9th April 2016 



I went back to the facility and headed up to level 4 . I was supposed to meet Aaron that Saturday for a tour of Level 6 around noon. I figured if I could drop by earlier, I could perhaps sneak in a blowjob or something. 

Heading straight to the secret access, my head thumped as I ascended the spiral stairs. 

I was feeling light hearted. 

That excitement of being able to see the girls clouded my judgement. I knew it was stupid and dumb but I wanted to do it. 

I was about to open the door to the locker and let myself into the locker room when I saw the group of girls streaming in. 

They were just done with the dance practice. 

A few of them went to the shower but I saw Yoona and Yuri sat down on the bench where I got my blowjob to take a breather. 

I could see their sweaty bodies clearly, I could hear their conversation. 

Yoona : what do you think about Jude ?? 

Yuri : He’s nice…. But men… they are all the same…. 

Yoona : hahah… true…. You think he will fall for it ?? 

Yuri : hahah… well… hard to say… but most of them would…. 

The hair at the back of my neck stood on it’s end as I strained my ears to catch every word. 

Yoona : Let’s see if the cold turkey works… it usually does…. Those men would find ways and means to sneak in and find us hahaha…

Yuri : hahah.. poor thing…. Hahah…. David must have given them quite a bit of hope… 

Yoona : Well… he is brave… I got to give it to him… but stupid… all men are stupid… 

Yuri : Jessica had him by his balls by the 2nd week….but he lasted a while…. Took him almost 6 months before he made his move…. 

Yoona : Yeah… what a pity… 

Taeyeon walked out naked to join the 2 girls at their conversation . 

Yuri : hey… what do you think about Jude ?? think he’ll make it ?? 

Taeyeon : I hope he does…. I think he’s quite cute…

Yoona : Awwww…. That’s because you haven had a cock in a while… haha

The girls laughed as I gritted my teeth. 

Fuck, I knew it. 

I knew something was off. 

Linking back to the manner in which Mr Jong spoke to me, it finally dawned on me he was not at all interested in the selection for the girls. 

It was not a game or a selection. 

This was a fucking interview. 

To see if I could think with my head and not my testicles. 

I took a few deep breathes to calm myself down before retreating back down to level 4. 


Level 6 operates for half a day on Saturday and I’ve got to wait till after office hours for my tour. 

Aaron waited for me at the lobby of level 6 at 12.30pm 

Stepping out into the lobby, it looked like I walked into a clinic at paragon shopping centre. The receptionist Fiona shook my hand warmly before checking to make sure the level is free for my quick tour. 

Aaron : ready ??? this has to be one of the most boring floor ever…..hahaha…..

Jude : How so ?? 

He started walking and I kept up. 

Aaron : Level 6 consists of 2 section. … there is nothing much to this level really…. It’s also a money making level….. something more…. Above board… 

Aaron explained that level 6 had a fertility clinic, couples seeking help to conceive would come to the facility, just like any normal couple visiting the hospital. They have a few specialist clinics and you could do your regular pre marital checkups like everywhere else.

The only difference is that they are given a lot more options when it comes to making a baby. They could choose a girl to carry their child, pick one from the tablet and viola. 

All they need to leave behind is their egg, sperm and money of course. 

The facility would be responsible for taking care of the surrogate until she gives birth. 

Besides surrogacy, there is also IVF available. 

For the more adventurous couples, the facility also offers male staff to provide their seed if you like.

Aaron : We have female clients walk in, select a male staff and they would proceed to mate…. Mate is a nicer word than fuck… hhaa… 

Jude : why would they do that ?? 

Aaron explained that this facility caters to the well heeled, and there are occasions when the wives of the clients finds out about this place. As long as they can afford the services, they will not be turned away. 

Aaron : These woman…. Knowing full well that their husbands has been coming here for sex and other fetishes, take revenge by getting pregnant…. We all know how biased this country is towards woman and kid when it comes to divorce. …

Jude : But wait… the kid does not belong to their husband no ?? 

Aaron : Well.. hahah for the right price…. Our staff can…. Collect samples… after their husbands are done with their activity… and plant it inside her…. It doesn’t work everything though…. But we usually nail it within 5 tries…. 

Jude: that is fucking evil… 

Aaron : Well…. Imagine the look on the client’s face when he sees the DNA report despite it being years since he touched his wife….hahaha… well… we don’t discriminate… both the husband and wives are our clients… we merely provide the service. 

Aaron : And of course… some wives just couldn’t care less…. She chooses a staff… gets herself pregnant …. Her husband was none the wiser and thinks it’s his…. Ahahah… fucking twisted stuff… 

Jude : That’s fucked up man… 

Aaron : Well…. We cater to both sexes…. On this level at least…

We walked down the normal looking clinics and came to a few rooms which was done up like a hotel suite. 

Aaron : These are the rooms where the deed is done…. If you need supervision… we have in house consultants who can teach you how to have sex… 

Jude : This is a joke right ?? 

Aaron : No…. it’s not… you can be surprise how ignorant some people are…. Some couples need all the help they can get to start a family… and we would do what we can… this is after all for the good of the country. 

Moving along we passed a ultrasound room and another clinic. 

Aaron : Some wives, knowing that they are unable to carry a child, allows their husband to fuck another girl….. direct impregnation. ….. people are getting more liberal these days… 

Jude : The wife watches ?? 

Aaron : Yeah…. Poor husband… got to pretend he’s not showing any emotions…. Hahaha… wank wank wank and when he’s coming…. Lubed up the girl and just empties his load inside her… hahha… 

I shook my head as Aaron went on. 

Aaron : Not to worry…. We would privately tell the client that he is entitled to come back anytime to deposit a fresh load ….. without his wife of course… hahah and all of them came back…. Men… 

Reaching the end of the corridor, Aaron turned around and said we needed to turn back. 

Aaron : This has to be one of the most…. I would say…. Legitimate floors for the facility where we conduct our business… money flows through this floor too….. gets scrubbed clean… 

Aaron brought me next to a restaurant. 

Yes a restaurant. 

It is big, seating area alone takes up about a tennis court. There is a good mix of tables and couches. There are a few clients sitting around, unlike the lounge on level 5, access to this level is reserved for the elites of the elites. 

Aaron : You don’t get to step up here as a client unless you are worth at least 25 Million.

Jude : woah…. 

Aaron : Yeah… that’s how the world works… 

Aaron explain that the restaurant’s name is SIX . Simply because it’s locate on level 6. 

It’s 24 hours, staffed by a team of kitchen staff round the clock. 

Aaron : They specialise in local and Italian food, but if you are interested in other crusines, you can always call and let us know.. 

Aaron brought me through the seating area and explained that staff are not allowed to dine there unless accompanied by a client. 

Aaron : Alright…. Level 6 is pretty boring…. Right over there… by the lift lobby…. There’s a security room… we have 2 , one here… the other one down by the ground floor beside the entrance to the facility…. 

I nodded and could not resist my curiosity. 

Turning to make sure we are all alone, I casually brought up the topic of level 7. 

Jude : What’s up there ?? Level 7 

Aaron looked around and thought about his reply. 

He hesitated for a moment before going on. 

Aaron : No one knows about the exact details…. But we know it belong to the largest investor for this place…. Joanna might have a better idea…. 

Aaron went on to tell me what he observed. 

Aaron : What I know is purely from observations… and bits of information other staff has gotten…. 

Aaron said that the main source of information comes from the kitchen. 

See, that level can only be accessed by the L7 staff. 

They change shifts once a week, entire teams get replaced.

The kitchen would prepare their meals.

Aaron : They talk to no one, they just get into the cars, and drive off once their shifts have been relieved. 

Jude: What else??? Why so secretive ?? 

Aaron : We don’t know…. But I’m trying to form a picture… 

Base on the amount of food being catered and prepared by the kitchen, Aaron has a rough headcount of the people on level 7. 

Aaron : I would say at least 10…. Including a child….

Jude : A child ?? 

Aaron : yes…. From the food that was being prepared, you could tell a meal was being catered to a child…. It was obvious… 

This is puzzling,why would the facility keep a child ? 

Aaron : Anyway, keep this to yourself… we are not suppose to speculate or talk about L7… it’s not like our paths would cross anyway… 

Jude : Oh… ok… 


Walking towards the lift lobby, Aaron mentioned he heard about my task with the girls on level 5. 

Jude : oh Yeah… 

I pretended to have difficulty making a choice and see if Aaron could shed some light.

Jude : that’s a headache man… they are all so sweet… how to choose ?? 

Aaron laughed. 

Aaron : careful you don’t get lured into the trap… their lips are like honey… 

Jude: Which lip ?? 

Aaron took a second to react before laughing heartily and smacking me on my back. 

Aaron : you are born to work here Jude… hahahaha… haha

I gave him a sheepish smile and asked if he had some advice for me with the most sincere look ever, trying to play the role of a ignorant staff.

Jude : Did you do something similar before… as in having to choose ?? the girls are really sweet… I think I’m falling for them…. But… oh well…. I work here afterall…. I’m thinking it’s a bad idea….sighh….

Aaron just smiled and told me he did something similar when he got up to level 6. 

Aaron : don’t think too much into it Jude….Jong doesn’t really care which girl gets chosen…. haha… 

Jude : Why is that ??? 

Aaron : well…… hmmmm… let’s put it this way Jude…. There are more to life… then just girls… just fuck them and get it over with…. Ya ? …

He gave me a wink and walked off. 

29th April 2016 



For an entire month, I went about my normal duties. 

I made no attempts to contact the girls privately but I openly visited the dance studio to talk to all of them, not just Yoona, Yuri and Taeyeon. 

In fact, I did see the need to be sneaky, I flirted openly and teased them in front of Krisna. They swooned over me like bees to honey. 

The more aloof and uninterested I was, the more attention the girls paid me. 

Yuri asked me when I could have coffee with her again. 

Yoona asked me to find a suitable time to meet in the locker room. 

Taeyeon grabbed my groin openly in front of the other girls, causing a ripple of giggles. 

I grabbed onto her breast and forced a kiss on her as screams and claps rang out. 

I treated the girls well, making it a point to arrange lunch with them twice a week together with Krisna. I fed them food they were not allowed to eat and other than blowjobs and handjobs, I did not fuck any of them. 

Every weekend, I would stay over at Meihui’s place. 

We had sex, we cuddled up for movies in bed but I had no illusion about our relationship. 

We are definitely not in the league to call ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend.

When I got into level 6 that day, I saw not only Mr Jong at the restaurant. 

Joanna was there too at the same table. It was a table for 8. 

There were smaller tables but I’m not sure why they were not taken.

I took my seat and a glass of wine was served. 

Jong : So Jude… tell me…. who did you choose ? 

Jude : Yuri

Jong : Why ? 

Jude : She is the youngest among the 3 at 22 years old…. The other 2 are older…. Logically Yuri would have more productive years as a company asset if she was removed from the group…… after spending time with them, Yuri is also the most innocent and obedient one I feel… she should be able to adjust to the change in privileges and being younger, I’m sure her body can adjust faster once you stop the contraceptives. …. 

That was one of the most cold blooded reply I could muster. 

Even Jong was a little surprised but I could see Joanna smiling. 

I knew it. 

These snakes. 

The both of them shared a look before nodding their head. 

Jong : You are…. very cold…Jude… very cold….but I like the way you think….. 

I feigned ignorance and asked what did he meant by that. 

Jude : Err….. I’m sorry…. I don’t quite get you… so it’s done then… we getting rid of Yuri ? 

Joanna : Why ? … are you eager to get rid of her ?? hahah 

Jude : Well… if she’s going to be removed, I figure I could fuck her first… 

I replied without expression and took a sip of the wine.

Jong smiled and nodded his head.

Joanna asked for food to be served . 

Joanna : Jude…..we have an opening for you… 

Jude : We as in ??? the 2 of you ??? …. I just got promoted to operations…. If you are giving me another promotion… I won’t say no… hahaha… 

Joanna laughed. 

Joanna waved to a service staff and he walked away instead of coming to Joanna. 

A door opened and all the hair at the back of my neck stood on it’s ends. 

Faces. Familiar faces strolled in casually as Joanna went on. 

Joanna : Ever wondered why I’m the only management staff you see Jude ??? 

The people came over to the table and took their seats as Joanna went on.

Thomas nodded his head at me and I returned the nod.

Joanna : We all have our roles to play…. Each of us complementing the other..

Frank clicked his tongue and winked his eyes at the same time. 

Joanna : we have out differences…. Just like in every boardroom….

Aaron had a slight smile on his face as he took his seat. 

Joanna : but end of the day… we make important decisions together… 

Krisna walked over with both hands in his pocket. 

Then there’s Nina. 

Yes. Nina, supposedly my receptionist back in basement. 

She gave me a smile and took her seat. This explains why she was always disappearing every now and then. It made me wonder if her falling asleep and shopping for lingerie was part of her portfolio. 

My eyes blinked as I looked from the familiar faces back to Joanna. 

Joanna : I’m sure you know these people well by now…. 

Jude : What is this ?? 

Joanna : Everyone around this table….. holds a different portfolio within the facility…. Apart from being part of the management team… 

I stood up and stepped back 2 steps as all eyes fell on me. 

Jude : what is going on ?? What is happening ?? 

Frank : Relax la Jude…. Hahahah…. 

Joanna : you are looking at the management team for this facility Jude…. 

Jude : Why….why are you telling me this… 

Joanna : Because… the seat you are in…. has been vacant for a while…. And we think you are the right fit for it…. 

Jong raised his glass and the others did the same. 

My fingers was shaking as I reached for the glass of wine and raised it to the waiting glasses. 

This is not happening. 

What is going to happen to James’ plan ? 

What would Meihui think ? 

What would Ruhui say if she knew I made my way up to management ? 

Would they bring up the schedule for the entire plan ? 

I wasn’t expecting this. 

The clink of glasses broke me from my trance as Joanna congratulated me.

Joanna : It’s a very special day today Jude….. 

Joanna put down her glass, came over and gave me a hug before looking at me in my eyes. 

Joanna : Are you ready to make difficult decisions ? hahah… 

Laughter broke out among the group as I nodded my head, feeling a little unsure. 

Joanna : good…. Welcome to management…. 


The atmosphere was casual, everyone just smiling cheerfully. 

I was still in shock, I never expected for this to happen. Our meals were served and the spread was amazing.

It felt like some thanks giving dinner as I look at the variety of food that was on the table. Steak, baked whole fish, grilled lobster. They even had a kitchen staff push a trolley to prepare crepes beside us. 

Wine was not the only choice, they had an open bar that evening. 

I pointed to the louis XIII cognac at the top of the shelf with a doubtful look and the bartender poured me a serving without even blinking. 

My god. 

This has to be a dream. 

As we ate, the management staff chatted, laughed and bickered like kids. Frank kept picking at Joanna, calling her a slut while Joanna showed him the finger and asked him to go fuck himself no less than 5 times. 

Apart from the playful bicker, I gained further insights to the plans the team had for the facility. 

Over dessert, Joanna mentioned that each of the management staff is narrowly focused within their field of expertise. 

Aaron , on top of research and development, had to look after the operational aspects of the facility. A role they were hoping I can fill. 

Thomas is in charge of security, with a few dozen men under him, he could hardly spare time for anything else but he still try to help. 

Frank, aside from being the MC and host of various events, serves as the ground man when it comes to connecting with the clients. He has built up a good relationship with many of them and he has a valuable insights into the way they think, what they craved for and he is the best person to go to if you want to know how sexual fetishes has evolved over the years. 

Krisna is not your average trainer . Sure, he is taking care of the girls’ schedule, but that is more of an extra portfolio. His main scope is to monitor and ensure the well being of the girls in the holding level. Level 5. 

Joanna manages HR and finance , that we all know. 

As for Nina, she is the main liaison for the facility and our counterparts in UAE. Fluent in a few languages, Nina brings in groups of Arabs on tours every couple of months. She is also the head purchaser of all the toys, supplies including lingerie that the facility uses. 

Nina is also consulting for another facility branch that is being set up in the UAE. 

Joanna : She works too hard I think.. hahha….. by the way…. Hope you don’t mind her sleeping on the job all the time…. 

Nina : Hello… it’s not all the time ok…. i got to work shitty hours…. Besides…. Basement is the quietest spot to catch some sleep…. 

They call Jong Boss not because he owns the facility. The fact is he works there as well, a regular employee answerable to the shareholders. He is one of the most senior members of the management staff too. 

The girl group was kept by him as his personal harem, and they were used to entertain the elites among the elites. You don’t get access to them just because of money, it really depends on who you are. 

Krisna told me politicians and visiting heads of states have been known to bug Jong to play host whenever they are in town. A businessman once paid a cool 100k for an evening with the girls. Jong has sex regularly with them and he liked his girls horny and full of energy. That was the reason for the strict workout and training regime. 

Krisna : It’s all about connection and power… and for us…. Well… as management staff…. We have our privileges … hahah…

Jude : I see… It must be expensive… to upkeep them…. 

Krisna : Actually no…. we pay for their food…. That is all… it’s cheaper than you calling a hooker….hahah 

Jude : Well… that’s one way to put it…. 

Krisna : Every facility….. has their own calling card in a way…… Malaysia has theirs, Hongkong too, and for us…. It’s the girls….. perhaps when you get to visit the other facilities, you’ll get to see them for yourself.

Jude : There are other facilities like this ??? Have you been there before ? Malaysia ? It’s the closest one to us… 

Krisna : Well…. Let’s just say I’m comfortable where I’m at now… haha… 

Joanna : hahha… anyway Jude…. Don’t stress yourself out… take some time to get used to the role…. Once you’ve done that…. We can take turns going for holidays… haha… 

The rest immediately chimed in saying that it’s beena while since they had a good break. 

Krisna : me first me first…. What the hell man…. I got like 60 days of accumulated leave… when the fuck can I clear them man… hahaha…. 

Krisna made the table quiet down as he announced that I would not mind taking over the girls for him. 

Krisna : Imagine managing the girls….. it’s a good job Jude… ahhaah… cover for me as long as you want man…. Hahah… I’m sure I will be the first one he chooses…. 

Thomas: Fuck you la Krisna…. Then you saying I’m the last already…. 

Krisna : hahhaa…. I think so bro…. 

Joanna : Why so may I ask ?? 

Thomas : Well.. going by Krisna’s logic…. Jude would rather be taking care of a bunch of desperate girls that having to deal with my bunch of horny guys la !! …

The groups broke out in laughter.

This is weird. 

I could hardly believe the words that I am hearing. 

After the table was cleared , more wine was served. 

Aaron brought a bottle of Nikka taketsuru, a 21 year old bottle of Japanese whiskey and poured me a serving. 

The laughers went down a notch as the discussion took on a more serious tone. 

I did not participate, some of the topics were beyond me. 

Just listening to their conversation alone opened up a whole new perspective for me. 

As I suspected, we are not the only facility around. 

There are more like this. 

We have a facility in Malaysia, Taiwan, 2 in Japan , in hong kong and a team is trying to set up one in Korea. South Korea that it, and UAE is just getting started on their contruction.. 

Jong : the date for regional meeting will be decided on soon….. we will keep you guys updated…. 

Joanna : The alternate site is ready… for business continuity planning…. I suggest letting Jude take over this as part of his portfolio….. 

The rest nodded in agreement while Frank did a dramatic act of pulling an arrow on an imaginary bow. 

We drank and talked into the night and the group started to scatter around 10pm. Thomas and Nina left first while the rest were getting ready to go.

Joanna : Jude… as far as the rest of the facility are concerned….. you are still a regular employee doing your assigned job…. … what was discussed here… stays in level 6…. Do you understand ?? End of the day…. Everyone works for the company…

Jude: Yeah… ya.. of course…. 

Joanna: And that means keeping this even from your girlfriend Meihui …. Do we have a problem ?? 

Jude: No… not at all. 

Joanna : good… 

Jong nodded over to a corner of the restaurant when our eyes met. 

Jong : Jude…. Can we have a word in private…. 

Jude: Sure… 

Jong handed me another glass of alcohol and I was already a little tipsy by then. 

Jong : were you… not interested in the girls at all ?? I mean… after spending time with them…. no feelings ?? 

Shit. Why did he have to ask me something like this when I’m not really sober. 

Jude : I do have feelings for them…. 

The pause gave Jong ample time to read my body language. I could see the way he was looking at my every move. 

Jude : Honestly…. A lot of crazy thoughts went through my head….

Jong : Like ? 

Jude : Doing something like that David did was one….haha… not a day goes by without me thinking of sneaking into their bedrooms…. 

I think that came out a bit abruptly , I was just thinking it through in my head. Instead of looking suspicious, Jong seemed a little relieved in fact. 

Jong : Oh… what made you change your mind ??. 

That was a blunt question, and it can only be met with a blunt answer. If I hesitated, I would lose my credibility. 

Jude : I have my suspicions….. but I wasn’t expecting this…

Jong : What were you expecting then ? 

Jude : I was thinking it would be like the games…. When after I get close to the girls.. I would be made to do something horrible….just like what I had to do to Kathy and MEihui…. 

Jong looked like he was about to speak but I cut him off.

Jude : I’ve been here a few months….look at the things that have happened…. You cannot blame me for being a little cautious…. I like Yuri, I like Yoona and Taeyeon…. But I’m not going to commit myself to the point that I would care for them…. Look what happened to the girls I care for….

Jong seemed satisfied with my reply as he nodded his head. 

Jong : Alright…. Fair enough…. So now… if I still want to get rid of 1 girl…. Would your choice still be the same ?? It would still be Yuri. ?? 

Jude : No… now it would be Taeyeon… 

Jong: why ? 

I told Jong because now I would say Taeyeon is the oldest. She has been in the group for a while. In order to keep the group at it’s peak, it would be a good time to replace her with some young blood. 

Jong : what the fuck ? hahahha….. 

I told Jong honestly that I had prepared a answer that would be applicable to all 3 girls. 

Jong : What about Yoona ? 

Jude : Yoona is in the middle age band. She is pretty, sweet, and definitely hot. I like her the most. If I had a choice, I would run away with her like what David did with Jessica. She is perfect in my eyes. 

Jong: hahah.. then why Yoona ? 

Jude : If such a perfect girl can be replaced, there is no reason for the other girls to feel safe….. it keeps everyone on their toes and they would all strive to stay in peak condition….. 

Jong sat down and he was clapping by then. 

Jong : Last question… what made you name Yuri first…. ? 

Jude : No particular reason…. But I had a clue from Aaron … 

Jong : What clue is that ?? 

Jude : He said you don’t really care which girl gets chosen…. And I quote from Aaron…. They are just girls…. They are plenty of them…

Jong clapped and nodded his head. 

Jong : old and heartless Jude… cold and heartless… haha… but it wouldn’t be fun if you just got rid of them this way don’t you think ?? 

I smiled and finished up the drink. I was at my limit but it felt good. 

That floating tipsy feeling of being high on alcohol. 

Jude : Call them up…. The girls… 

Jong : Now ?? hahah… Krisna !!... bring Yuri, Yoona and Taeyeon up here… haha… 

Krisna was a little puzzled but he did as he was told. 

Aaron : are you drunk Jude ? 

Jude : A little I guess…. 

The rest of the management staff gathered as we waited for Krisna and the girls. 

Jong : What do you plan to do…. ?? haha… 

Jude : let me show you…… what I just told you…. They were not meant for you….

Jong : Yeah ?? 

Jude : There were not meant for you….. they were meant for the girls…. 

Jong looked puzzled and shook his head, saying that he was not following me. 

The 3 girls came up with Krisna, looking puzzled and lost. 

They were dressed in their pyjamas, looking disorientated. 

I asked for Yuri first, and I told her I want to get rid of Taeyeon, giving her the same reason I told Jong. 

Yuri looked shocked and lost. 

Jude : I know you girls are close…. And that you would take this badly…. But… Boss is willing to accept volunteers to take Taeyeon spot… 

Yuri : What !! ?? are you serious ??? no!!! I thought… I thought this was all a ….wait… wait a minute… this cannot be … i...

Yuri looked towards Krisna and Jong but they said nothing. 

Yuri looked scared and worried and I told her it was for the best before sending her to a corner. 

Jude : I’ll talk to Taeyeon about this…. Think about it ok …. I don’t think Taeyeon would take it very well…. You girls will have to discuss among yourselves later…. Let me talk to the rest first….

When Taeyeon came over, I told her I’m getting rid of Yoona, giving the explanation for doing so. Being one of the oldest in the group, she took it upon herself to be a big sister of sort. The moment I was done, Taeyeon looked at Krisna in disbelief before turning to Jong who remained expressionless. 


It came without warning. 

A slap across my face. 

Taeyeon : You JERK !! 

Jude : I’m sorry… .. boss…. He… he… said he was open to suggestions from your girls…. He has someone new in mind for the group…. And he didn’t mind who will leave… as long as one did…. You girls have to discuss among yourselves… but at the moment my pick is Yoona…

I could see Yuri sobbing at her corner. 

Taeyeon covered her mouth , as her eyes glared at me. I sent her 2 tables away from Yuri. 

By the time Yoona came over, she had saw how her friends broke down. She saw the slap Taeyeon gave me. 

She glared at me as I told her I’m getting rid of Yuri with the same explanation I gave Jong. 

Jong was laughing by then as he got up and tapped me on my shoulder. 


Yoona too gave me a slap as she was placed 2 tables away from Taeyeon. 

The rest of the management staff look puzzled with exception of Jong. 

He was laughing heartily , asking for a refill of his drink. 

All 3 girls eyes were red, they were sobbing but not to the point of a meltdown. I guessed they did not expect to have this surprise sprung on them. 

I faced all 3 of them and said. 

Jude : Boss wants to know…. If anyone of you… would volunteer to leave…. Or…. Perhaps you would like to discuss among yourselves….

The girls continued sobbing but no one said a word. 

Jude : No ?? ….

Still no reply. None of the girls met my eyes. 

I turned to Jong who was still smiling. 

Taeyeon spoke first to Krisna 

Taeyeon : WHY !!.. I thought we agreed it was all staged !!! why are you all doing this ??? !!! We are ok as a group … ! 

Krisna kept quiet and looked at Jong. 

Jong laughed and repeated his question. 

Jong : Last chance… any volunteers….. before we finalised this….. ??? save your friend ?? or… shall I make the choice ?? hahah 

Yuri was the first to crumble. 

Yuri : Taeyeon deserved to go !! she’s the oldest ..! 

Taeyeon : What ?? 

Jong laughed as Yoona shouted at Yuri. 

Yoona : SHUT Up YURI !!... you were chosen… so just accept it… ! …you were always the brat in the group… 

Before anyone could figure out what was going on, all 3 girls were screaming at each other while Jong clutched his stomach, chuckling so loud that it tickled Joanna. 

Aaron : See… I told you they were not as sisterly as they want people to think… hahah…. 

Jong gestured to Krisna to bring the screaming girls down. 

Jong : Relax…. No one is going anywhere,. Hahah.. hahaha… my god… that sure is funny… 

It took a while for the girls to realised they were being punked and Yuri and Yoona charged towards me, screaming and shouting as Krisna laughed. 

The hit me several times as the rest of the management staff laughed. 

Krisna : Behave yourself girls… haha…haha…

Yoona : JUDE !! you’re an asshole ! 

Taeyeon : JUDE !!!... fuck..!... 

Yuri : Oh my god…. Sobzz.. sobzz…

As the girls were dragged away by Krisna and Aaron, I remembered having a couple more drinks with Jong before finding myself waking up with a bad hangover. 

Well, I guess there goes my chance with those 3. 

30th April 2016



I sipped my coffee and I thought about what to do next. 

I don’t know if I should come clean with Meihui about what happened last night. In the end, I decided to keep it to myself for now. 

Only staff with access to Level 6 knows who the management staffs are, and I supposed you don’t get up to that level unless you earned it. 

By the first week of May after the public holiday, Meihui told me that Kathy had requested to take a sabbatical. 

Meihui : She is…. Broken…. i’m not sure if she’s going to get back from that…. 

Jude : What about you??? … are you ok ?? after all these…. 

Meihui just smiled and said something that just sounded sad to me. 

Meihui : I was already broken…. before all these… 

We met up with James and Ruhui in the middle of May. I did not say a word about me moving up the ranks of the company. Ruhui said she is trying to work something out with some friends of hers. 

James is dragging the date where he was supposed to honour his bid for Meihui’s company. Full payment has been made on that end, it was essentially a done deal. As long as he has yet to cash in his meeting, Meihui would need to continue submitting her menustral dates to the company. 

She is also unable to leave the country. 

June 2016 .

By the end of June, I was getting a pretty good picture on how the facility operates as a whole. Yoona, Yuri and Taeyeon had forgive me after a couple of weeks of sincere apology involving steaks, fries and some alcohol. 

The offered to blow me but I told them I was afraid they might bite and declined. 

I did however work my way through the rest of the girls, getting either a BJ or a HJ from all of them. 

What about sex you say ? 

I stuck only to Meihui.

We had sex regularly and she was aware of the things I was up to with the girls. How could she not ? I told her honestly that I did not fuck any of them. 

Meihui : That still doesn’t mean I’m getting together with you…. 

My pay package went up by 2k. 

Which meant I’m drawing a 7k salary on top of the perks I’m getting with the girls. 

That had to be the best job I have ever landed myself in. 

The honeymoon period of a new job usually starts within the first couple of months, but for mine, it started in August really. 

I did not even realised it until I was up on level 5 at 10am on a Monday morning sipping my coffee and surfing net on my phone . It suddenly dawned on me that I’m actually doing this while working. 

Life is good. 

October 2016 

By October, I had helped Aaron with his R&D. 

I covered Thomas on his security role. 

I looked after the girls on level 5 while Krisna went on leave. 

I even shadowed Frank during one of the auctions he hosted. 

It was fun, and I was beginning to enjoy the power I was wielding. 

Meihui was not the least suspicious of me, she asked me what was on level 6 and I told her honestly about the clinics and the restaurant. Something I guess she already knew given the number of years she has been with the company. 

1st November 2016 



Something piqued my interest that day. 

I was at level 3, the processing area after having a short char with Carmen. She told me they have a new girl coming in that day and she’s pretty old, which is a little odd. 

Carmen : She in her late 30s I think, file was not very clear but from her pictures you could tell she is not your regular sweet young thing…. 

I took a look at the pictures and saw a pretty looking hot milf. 

She had this classy seductive look in her eyes. 

That was something about the way she looks. 

Something dark. 

Carmen told me this girl is tagged for a red collar, which meant that she was being sponsored for her stay here. 

Jude: Oh… probably someone’s mistress …. That he got sick of … 

Carmen : She’s pretty though…. I like her smile… hahah… 

She is indeed pretty in a matured way. 

Like that hot and well maintained boss of yours you always wanted to bang. 

I wanted to see her in person. 

I went into the processing area and I could see Luke with the girl in question. 

Luke looked a little lost and unsure. He was standing there, hose in hand, talking to the girl. 

Something felt off as I walked towards them. 

Luke : oh… ok… yah…. I went to poly… but my grades were not good enough to go to a local university, 

What the fuck man. 

Since when was Luke interested in sharing his educational background with a girl. 

My breath was taken away when I saw how pretty that girl is. She definitely did not look like she was in her late thirties as per the file. 

Her red collar was already on around her neck. 

She laid naked around on the stainless steel table with a mezmerising smile on her face. Luke looked like he was in an enchanment, just standing there like a lost boy talking to her. 


That was her assigned number around her red collar. 

#890 was not screaming, she was not struggling, she didn’t even look nervous. 

In fact she fucking behaved as if she was having a spa session. 

Luke was already done washing her, I could see some droplets of moisture around her body, her hair was wet and even without makeup, she looked good. 

#890 saw me approaching and our eyes met. 

I felt this electrifying chill as she smiled at me. 

What the fuck man. 

That had to be the first time someone smiled at me on that table. 

It was not a forced or awkward smile. It was natural. 

A sweet welcoming smile like you meet someone for the first time and was about to introduce yourself .

Luke : Oh… oh hi Jude ….

Jude : Everything ok ?? 

Luke : err… err.. yeah…. Everything’s ok I guess…. 

There is something creepy about how relaxed #890 was. She turned to look at me, and that look in her eyes. You could tell she was not afraid at all and that is definitely not normal. 

I decided to push her button a little as I circled the table. 

Without warning, I grabbed her breast, groping her and playing with her nipple. 

I expected her to yelp, to plea, to beg me but no. 

She fucking smiled at me. 

What the fuck is her problem. 

I twisted her nipple, flicking it and she moaned. 

#890 moaned in a sensual manner, gasping as her chest rose up with a deep breath. 

Luke was just staring wide eyed in shock. I guess this had to be the first time he actually sees someone enjoying the processing. 

Not willing to be out done, I slid my palm down her chest and onto the stomach. 

Jude: You have no idea…. What is coming do you ?? 

I touched her vagina with her neatly trimmed pubes. 

Fuck she’s wet. 

I checked visually just to be sure. She was indeed sopping wet and that thick layer of lubricant,it was starting to seep out from her firm and fair pussy lips. 

Yes. Her vagina lips looked so surreal, so fair and firm, like it belonged to that of a nubile young girl. 

I inserted a finger into her and she moaned, spreading her legs for me to go deeper. 

Luke looked at me before looking back at #890.

He had a look of disbelief on his face. 

Luke came forward and started touching her too and her moans got more intense. 

#890 : argh.. ernghh… that feels… so good…. Ernghh… gasppp… ernghh…. God…. Ernghh… fuck me boys….. fuck me… 

Luke froze and backed away as he removed his gloves and looked at me with a questioning look. 

Ok, this is fucked up. 

I definitely won’t say no to fucking her but she belongs to the client. 

I pulled out my finger, it was wet and coated with her cunt juice, I wanted to let her smell herself but the moment I finger went close, her mouth opened and sucked onto them, drawing my finger into her mouth. 

I was shocked alright. 

Her tongue, the way she moved and used her tongue. I have no doubts that if it was my cock inside her mouth, I would be transported to heaven within seconds. 

This new guest of ours has to be mad.

Out of her mind I think, that was why the client sent her to us. 

I backed away as #890 continued smiling at me. 

#890 : What’s your name dear…. Are you Luke’s colleague ?? hahha … 

Luke looked at me as if he was about to pass out. This is so weird. 

Jude: Get her dressed …………you need help ?? 

Luke shook her head and I walked out. 

I went to the glass observation area and keep a look at her. 

Luke was having no difficulty at all. She was cooperative. Too cooperative in fact. 

After wiping her dry, I saw her plant a kiss on Luke who was struggling to stay on his feet. 

#890 practically got dressed on her own into the white gown before hugging Luke with her arms as he struggled to put on the handcuffs and the leash. 

She was just giggling in an excited manner, like this was all a game. 


I made my conclusion. 

She is indeed mad. 

I shook my head and walked away. 


I was on my way up to have dinner with the girls and Krisna when i decided to drop by level 3 just to check on #890. 

Luke told me she was cooperative, after letting her rest in the holding room, she was sent up to level 5. 

Heading up to 5, I immediately went in search for #890 and she was not hard to find. 

Stepping into the usually depressing main holding room where the rank and file girls were mingling around, I saw #890. 

All the security guard were staring at her. 

She’s like a magnet of sort. 

Several girls surrounded her. They looked like they were asking her to lower her volume or just keep her head down but #890 could not give a shit. She was laughing and giggling, taking in the room, the guards, she looked like she was amused at how silly the whole setup was.

She was the only one smiling, she was the only one that look like she was enjoying herself. 

#890 sat on a makeshift stool, elevating herself above the rest of the girls from the floor. She crossed her tone and hairless legs, leaning back in a relaxed manner that showed off her shoulders covered by the ill fitting gown. 

Rocking her body back and forth, she locked eyes with me. 

That confidence in her eyes. 

It’s like she was telling me she’s untouchable. 

Correction, it was like she was trying to say nothing we could do would scare her. 

We’ll see about that. 

I’m going to arrange for her to be sent to the discipline room. 

Time to break her a little. 

Nothing like some special toys to break her in. Perhaps I should check her profile and get in touch with the client who sent her here. 

Right about that moment , I saw a girl pass #890 a bottle of water and she accepted it . Instead of just drinking it, she lifted it up and poured into her mouth, the excess water drenching her gown, plastering it against her body.

Yeap. She’s gone bonkers alright. 

As the water cascaded down her gown, it revealed more of her body. Her full breast and her delicious looking nipples showing through. Security staff grinned and nudged at each other as they looked at her. 

I could tell they were ogling at her, I guess it was just the red collar keeping them away. 

One tried his chance, coming over to take the bottle of water from #890. He poked her nipples, grinning and grabbing her breast. 

#890 just grinned, giving him the come fuck me look as she rocked herself on the stool. 

I could see one other girl trying to warn her about being so aloof but #890 did not pay her any attention. By now, she had the attention of most of the girls in the room. 

She walked over to the middle of the room just as one of the guards asked her to sit down. Folding and flipping her gown, #890 exposed her pair of seductive legs and took a seat before gesturing to a guitar another girl was fiddling with. 

I heard one guard mumble to his friend. 

“ This one mad already “ 

#890 took the guitar, adjusted the strings before striking it. 

She tested with a few plucks of the strings before she started playing. Not only did she play, she started to sing, much to the surprise of the guards and the girls. 

For the 1st 30 seconds everyone froze. 

No one knew what to do as her soothing voice filled the room. 

Jude : Fuck… 

The hair on my arms stood as I looked at #890 rock herself on the stool as she sang ‘笑红尘’ (laughing at the red dust) from the classic hong kong movie invincible of the east. Yes, it was the same scene. 

She reminded me of Lin Qing Xia as she sang with that bright smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes. 

At least half the girls in the room gravitate towards her as she strum out the sweet and carefree melody. 

#890 cast me a seductive look with a smile that felt like the reaper hooking your soul. 

This is not good. 

Several girls were smiling and looking at her. A few stood up, more pushed their way from the corner of the room towards her. 

Within such a short time, #890 did something that no one in the facility could. She made the girls smile, she gave them something with that song of hers. The nostalgic tune resonated with many who grew up during the heydays of Hong Kong pugilistic movies. 

She gave them something the facility took away from them. 

She gave them a taste of carefreeness and freedom. 

You could see the emotions of the girls in the room being stirred. 

The security staff looked at me for instructions and I asked for #890 to be separated from the rest of the girls. 

Jude : separate her from the rest of the girls….. ! 

I pointed to a few security staff, asking them to break up the gathering in the middle of the room. 

Jude : Spread them up… start sending some back to the rooms…. 

#890 just giggled and laugh, seeing how nervous we became. 

Ok, this one is going down bad. 

I’m fucking going to hook every shit I can find in the discipline room onto her. 

My phone rang and it was Meihui. 

Meihui ; Jude… we need to talk… now… 

Jude : I’m on level 5….

Meihui : I’m coming up… 

#890 was locked away and order restored for now. 

Meihui met up with me near the lift lobby and she pulled me to a corner. 

Jude : What is it ? 

Meihui : I just spoke to James….

Jude : Oh… what did he say… 

Meihui ; They’ve kicked off the operation… 

Jude : What operation ?? 

Meihui : To take this place down … 

Jude : WHAT !.... when ??? how ?? 

The lift opened and we waited for the colleagues to walk away. 

Meihui : James sent a girl here today….. red collar… 

Jude : Oh…. Yah… that one #890

Meihui ; You met her ?? !!! Where is she !!! 

Jude : Inside the quarters…. She’s mad…. Crazy …. I wonder where James got her… 

Meihui grabbed me by my arms. 

Meihui : Is she ok !!!! ??? was she hurt or anything ?? !!! 

Jude : Woah… woah… relax… she’s fine….. why so nervous ?? 

Meihui lowered her volume.

Meihui : Ruhui did not manage to convince her contacts to pull of the plan.. !! the whole cavalry shit ! … 

Jude : Errr….. okay…. So ?? 

Meihui : JUDE !!! that woman that came in today…. She is not to be trifled with….

Jude : Well… she’s been ruffling some feathers …. Who is she ?? 

Meihui : Long story short…. #890 was supposed to convince her company to help Ruhui out but she failed…. And the only way she can get them to do it is if she checks herself in here !!! 

I laughed and scratched my head. 

Jude : Sorry man… I’m not following you…. 

Meihui : Jude !! A lot of people…..and I mean a lot !!!..... will want to come and get her… ! she’s forcing her company to do it !...

I sighed and said.

Jude : Well… I don’t know… I think you are worrying for nothing….relax… we have excellent security… besides…. 

Meihui : JUDE !!! …. Ruhui and #890 staged it to look like we grabbed her ….. that was not part of the plan...

Jude : oh…errrrrrrrrrrrr…….. Ok….. 

My phone rang and it was the security guard booth on the ground floor. It seems there is a situation on ground floor and Thomas was on leave. I was covering his duties. 

Jude : I’ll be right down. 

I went to the gate where I saw 3 security staff standing in front of a black SUV. 

As I got closer, I slowed down. 

Standing behind the black SUV were at least 8 men and 2 girls. 

I approached the group and one man stepped forward while the rest held their ground. 

Jude : Can I help you gentlemen ? 

Man : Where…………… is …………………………..Lucy ? 

I raised an eyebrow and shrugged my shoulder. 

Jude : Who the fuck ……………………………………………. Lucy ?? 

I stared into the man’s eyes and neither one of us spoke for a good 20 seconds. 

I could feel the tension in the air. 

Jude : This is private property gentlemen… please.. turn around and leave…. 

Man : Or you will what ??? call the police ?? go ahead….

A smile slowly broke out on his face . 

I bit down on my teeth and continued our staring match.

His phone rang first before mine did. 

He picked up his, and I did mine. 

James: ……Jude… it’s me… James….. Have you met Lucy ? 

Jude : Oh… Lucy….. 

The dots finally connected.

I heard the purr of a few more car engines as 2 more SUVS, 2 sedan and a lorry pulled up behind the men at the gate. 

2 dozen men got off the vehicles and they just stared at me. 

James : Jude you there ??? the girl I sent there today…. Have you met her ?? 

I sighed and replied. 

Jude : Well….. I just met her friends… 

James : Oh…. Hmmmmmmmmmm…..Ok…i got to make a few calls.... call you in a bit... 

There was a click on the phone and James hung up on me. 



I put my phone down around the same time the man in front of me did. He did not seem too pleased with his phone call either. 

Jude : Ok guys… I think there is a mis…. 

Before I could get the whole word misunderstanding out, I felt a hard impact on my chest as I flew backwards and landed on my hip before collapsing onto the ground. For the first time in my life, I experienced what it meant to have the wind knock out of me. 

My eyes widened as I struggled to breath, looking up, I saw 2 of the 3 security staff taking a hit from the same man and fall to the floor. The last one tussled with the man and I could see the rest of the party rushing forward. 

Turning to get up on my feet, I saw another 6 of our own security staff rushing out of the building and the guard post towards the ruckus. 

Someone helped me to my feet and i heaved a sigh of relieve when I saw the man’s friend’s holding him back. That fucker was fast, so fast that I did not see what was coming until it was too late. 

Looking down at my shirt, I saw the imprint of his shoe. 

The mass of bodies started pushing and shoving each other, fingers were up and pointing as each group threatened each other. 

“ Buay song ah ? Po mata la ! “ ( Not happy ? Call the cops ! ) 

“ Knn !.... lai la !.. tan simi” ( Come on, what are you waiting for ? )

Verbal abuses flew freely as everyone pushed and shove each other. 

This is bad. 

We are not the only building in the area. Surrounding us are several other buildings too. Looking up, I saw a few curious stares, smokers loitering at balconies and exits looking over at our direction. 

We cannot afford to have a circus at our gate. 

Jude ; Hey.. hey !...

More security staff came out of the building and we had almost 15 men at the gate. The columns of men who were waiting beside their vehicles saw the increase in our guys and they started to move. 

I saw a few pulling what looked like batons and sticks from the lorry before hiding them under their shirt or behind their back. 

As I was trying to restore order, I saw another sedan car speeding down the road. 

It did not park behind the rest of the entourage but it came right up to the front of the gate. 

A man jumped out without even switching off his engine. 
He’s young, probably around my age yet he wielded considerable influence among the men. 

With one raised hand at the columns, he stopped their advance. He pointed harshly at them before gesturing them to head back to the vehicles. 

Without breaking his step, he came towards us. 

One of the 2 girls held onto his arm, said something before letting go. 

“Bill !......BILL!!!! “ 

He was shouting at the man that kicked me. 

That young chap did not need to push his way to the front, bodies parted for him and within seconds, he was right in front of me. 

Jude : This is private property gentlemen…. This is my final warning….get out… !! 

Bill looked like he was about to throw another hit at me but the new arrival asked the rest of the guys to restraint Bill. 

“ Get him out of here… I’ll handle this… “ 

Bill struggled, cursed and dared me to step out of my protective circle of security staff.

The man issued instructions and the group reluctantly got into their vehicles and backed away from the facility. 

Once he was done sending the rest of the people away, he walked right up to me with a smile and an extended hand. 

Jake : Hi…. My name is Jake….. I’m sure we can settle thi
s in a peaceful…. And amicable manner….. 

I hesitated for a moment and thought about what to do. 

Well, if I need to handle this shit, I might as well deal with a civilised man. 

Jude: I’m Jude…. I think your friend is confused…. 

Jake : haha…. Well.. he’s a lot of things but… I can assure you… he is not confused…. 

Jude : Well… he’s come to the wrong place to look for his friend… that I can tell you… 

Jake just smiled and gestured to the rest of the security staff. 

Jake : Let’s talk in private… 

Jude : No thank you…. I feel better with my friends around me…. 

He smirked and pulled his phone out of his pocket. 

Hitting dial, he waited for the phone to connect. 

Jake : Hi…. James….yes… we have a situation…. 

My face changed and my guard went up. How the fuck does he know James ? 

I gestured to the rest of the security staff and told them I can handle this on my own and sent them away. 

Jude : Go ahead… I’ll be fine….

When I’m alone with Jake, he hung up the phone and we just looked at each other. 

Jude : What the fuck do you want…. And how are you related to James ? 

Jake : I could ask you the same question….. 

Before our staring match could continue, both of us saw a notification on our phone. James has initiated a group chat and he asked to meet the both of us privately for a chat. 

James msg : Let’s talk over a pint of beer…. I’m sure we can sort this out..

I stared at the message.

Jake did not even bother to look at me and he just replied into the phone. 

Jake msg : Sure…. Come to my company’s pub… it’s in Joo chiat… 

He text the address of the pub and James agreed. 

Jake : See you there Jude… 

With that, he just turned and walked off into his car. 


I tried to think of my next step. 

The sky is already dark and it’s coming to 7.30pm 

My phone rang again, it was Joanna. Apparently word has gotten up to her about the situation we have at the gate. 

Joanna : What is going on ?? who are those people ?? 

I don’t know what excuses I could cook up, I could try to lie but I decided otherwise. Maybe Joanna could deal with this instead. 

Jude : I’m not sure how but it seems there was a leak of information….. they came looking for one of the new girls…. A red collar… sent in by a client…. 

Joanna : Well… we’ll have to deal with it…. We will be out of business if someone comes demanding for their girl and we just give it to them….. what is the situation right now…. I heard they are gone… 

Jude : they are… but they want to talk…. I’m going to maintain the cover that we are just a bio tech company and that they are mistaken…. 

Joanna : whatever it takes to stop that kind of ruckus at the gate…. It’s not good for the facility… your call Jude…. Keep us updated…. 

Jude : Ok…

Walking back to the facility, I saw Luke coming out of the lift lobby. The moment he saw me, he ran towards me. Grabbing my shirt without warning, he yanked me to a corner. 

Jude : Hey hey… what the fuck ?? 

Luke gestured towards the field of view within the camera and I immediately understood. 

What he said next felt worse than the kick I received on my chest. 

Luke : Bro… Meihui !... 

Jude : What ?? What about Meihui ?? 

Luke : She’s on level 3… the discipline room… 

Jude : WHAT!!! ??? WHY!!! 

My heart was pounding as I grabbed Luke’s shoulder. 

He told me that the client that bidded for Meihui, he called and wanted to start his session with her. He requested for the discipline room, paid a shit load of money and the management agreed. 

My heart sank as I thanked Luke for the information. 

Luke : I saw them push her into the room like 30 minutes ago… it’s shut out man… we can’t go in….. our access is locked out….. 

Jude : No… no…. 

Luke told me that Carmen’s desk could access the hidden camera inside the room but it had a limited view angle. 

I rushed up to level 3 and the moment the lift door opened, I saw Carmen gesturing to me. 

Carmen : The client’s wife is in there with her…. 

Jude : What ?? What client’s wife ?? 

Carmen gestured for me to her side as we looked at the tablet. 

I almost fainted when I saw what was on the screen. 

It was Ruhui. 

Ruhui was in the room with Meihui. 

Meihui was tied down onto the same torture chair Gina was in and I could see Ruhui wheeling all the different machines out from their storage area. She had a folder on her hand and it looked like she was learning how to operate those machines. 

Fuck !... 

Carmen : I think this couple is quite sick man… imagine playing with the same girl together….

Carmen shakes her head and that was when the connection was cut off. 

The images disappeared and Carmen’s phone rang. 

She answered and mouthed the words ‘Aaron’ to me as she apologised profusely over the phone. 

After she hung up, she said she was scolded for accessing the camera. 

Carmen : They cut me off… and…. And Aaron asked me to tell you to be professional…. It’s all work… nothing personal…. 

I staggered onto my feet and tried to maintain my composure. 


That fucker James. 

I went into the lift lobby and called James immediately .

Jude : WHAT THE FUCK!!!! What are you doing !!!! 

James : Nothing… just a little insurance….don’t worry…. Ruhui is a nice girl…

Jude : FUCK YOU!!.. let Meihui go… 

James : We will… after you help us get what we want… 

Jude : What do you want !!! 

James : I don’t care what you do…. You will antagonise Jake and his people to come for Lucy…. Do not let Lucy go at all cost…. Let them come get her…. 

Jude : You are out of your mind !!! 

James ; I’m not…. I’m being logical… and I suggest you do too… 

James went on to say that if the facility is under attack, it would trigger an evacuation. 

Level 7 would need to be evacuated too. 

James : All you need to do… is to let it happen…. 

Jude : Have you any idea how much money the facility would lose !!! How all this would affect operations…!!! 

James laughed and said something that hit the nail on the head. 

James : You sound like you really like the facility Jude…. Have you changed your mind about taking it down ?? … hahaha… 

I kept quiet as I did not have a reply. 

James : This is the reason why we choose to work with a woman from the start…. Can you imagine if we had worked with a man instead ??..... every time he thinks with his cock…. We would fail… 

Jude : Fuck you….

James : Let’s put it this way Jude…. Things can be very simple…. 

James said that once the evacuation is triggered, he would be waiting at the side road.

James : I have my own team to handle the rest…. 

Jude : Then what about the shit you leave behind !!!! 

James : You’ll handle it Jude…. Look…. It’s an opportunity…… handle it well…and who knows…. There’s no telling how high up you can climb …. You get what I mean ?? 

Jude : You are a piece of shit you know that ?? 

James : No I don’t…. I just know I will do what I have to…. To get what I want…. 

James lamented that he never harboured the intention to shut down the facility, it was all Meihui. 

James : I only fed her the hope that we would be willing to help ….. as long as she helps us…

I wanted to shout into the phone as I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. 

James : It’s your choice Jude…. Let Lucy’s friends wreck the place if you like…. I don’t care…. You can cripple the facility…. Or…give Lucy back the moment the evacuation has started…. You choose… I don’t care… just make sure level 7 gets evacuated….. 

Right before he hung up, he added. 

James : Oh… see you at the pub… I’m on my way…. Better hurry… I don’t know how long Meihui can last inside there with Ruhui…. 

I punched the wall of the lift as I stepped out of it and rushed to the carpark. 

Checking the address, I entered it into the GPS and made my way down to the pub. 


There were 2 men at the entrance. They looked familiar; they might have been one of the few guys at the gate earlier that evening. They leaned against the wall of the pub and starred at me. 

I saw a few customers approaching but the 2 men just told them to head elsewhere as the pub was closed that day. They did not stop me from entering and I pushed open the creaky swing door. 

I stepped into the pub and realised it was quiet but not empty. 

In the middle of the room, I saw James sitting at a large round table with Jake. I went over and took a seat.

Jake : What’s your poison ? 

Jude : scotch. Single malt…. 

My drink was served by a bartender as I looked around the pub. 

It was empty from what I could see, only the bartender was there except us. He stood at the far end and like what they usually do in the movies, he was wiping down some glasses. 

Jake : Alright…. Let’s get down to business shall we…. 

Jake turned to James and demanded an explanation. 

Jake : This was not what we agreed on…. 

James : I know… but it’s not me…. it was Lucy…. She took this to the extreme….

James shrugged his shoulders and I could see the aloof manner in which he replied got on Jake’s nerves. 

James : Besides… I don’t have Lucy… it’s him him… 

He pointed to me as if I was the one plotting all this while. 

Slam ! 

Jake’s palm connected with the table

Jake : You …. You put Lucy up to this…. 

James laughed.

James : You work for Lucy… you really think anyone can force her to do something she doesn’t want to ??? 

Jake : We are not savages…. And we are not guns for hire mercenaries…. The organisation will not agree to kidnap someone…

James : Well… good… Lucy knew she could not convince the rest of the group to change their minds…. So it has come to this…you don't need to kidnap anyone.... just concentrate on getting Lucy out....

Jake : you piece of shit.... 

Turning back to me, Jake demanded that we return Lucy immediately. 

Jake : We want her back…. And I assure you.. there will be no complications…. 

James sipped his beer and refused to meet my eye. 

I gritted my teeth as I thought about Meihui alone in the discipline room with Ruhui. 

Jude : We….we can’t…. we are unable … to get Lucy out… once she’s in…. 

Jake : What the fuck are you talking about…. Aren’t you James’ inside guy ??.... 

He looked back at James and I could see James shrugging his shoulders again. 

That fucker. 

James ; Don’t ask me….i’m just the facilitator…. You people are the ones on the ground… as far as I know…. Jude… speaks for the facility…ask him…. 

Jake turned around to look at me. From the look in his eyes, I could tell he was not in the mood for jokes. 

Fuck, how did I get backed into such a corner by James. 

Jake : Jude…. I’m telling you….. you don’t want to go down this path…… return Lucy now…. Please…. Before things get messy…. 

James sniggered and sipped his drink, looking at me from the corner of his eye. 

Jude : It’s….. it’s not possible…. It doesn’t work that way…. Once you are in… you don’t just….. get out like this…. 

I saw Jake took a deep breath, he had the look of someone trying to control his temper. Forcing a smile, he reiterated that he would like to resolve this matter in a peaceful manner. 

Jake : I am sure… we can negotiate …. If it’s money… it’s not a problem…. 

James : hahhaha… really ? ….. you kidding me ?? .. you’re telling me your organisation will pay?? For Lucy ??? 

Jake : Shut the fuck up…. We will do anything to get Lucy …. 

James : Yes… I’m sure you would but paying ?? … I’m not sure the rest of the elders would agree with that…. it’s not about the money… it’s about ‘face’ …. Right ?? hahah… 

I saw Jake’s eyes close as he took another deep breath before exhaling slowly. 

Wham !....

The door to the pub slammed open and I saw Jake’s eyes went over. 

2 old men that looked to be in their 60s and 70s walked in accompanied by 4 other. 

The 2 of them stared at James and I as they walked slowly over to their seat. 

Jake : Jude…. Let’s be …. Open.. in our discussion….. what…. Options….are available to us ?? 

The truth is, there really isn’t any option available. 

There is simply no way to get Lucy out.

Well there is, she is a red collar. Which meant she’s owned by James, I’m sure there is some client clause which allows her to be withdrawn from the facility, so in a way, it was entirely up to James to get Lucy out, but there was no way he would admit it. 

Not to forget there is still Meihui trapped in the room with Ruhui. 

Jude : There…. There isn’t really much options….

James : SEE!... Jake… let me break it down for you….. there is no way they are going to release Lucy…… you have to go get her…. Hahaha… by force…. 

Jake pointed a finger at James. 

Jake : NO!.... we are …. Peace loving…. And we strongly object to violence…

I could tell Jake wanted to go on but he was interrupted by another slam at the entrance. 

A well-built man in his 40s entered, following immediately behind him was Bill. The 2 girls I saw was also behind the entourage which also consisted of 6 other men. They looked like they spend their entire day in the gym or something. 

The chiseled chest and biceps, I would think they are gay. 

The group stared at James and me before taking their seat at the perimeter of the pub. 

I was starting to get a little uncomfortable. 

What the fuck did James get us into ? . 

James : you know what…. There is really nothing I can say or do there…. It’s really between the 2 of you no ?? 

Jude : What the fuck !.... you are the reason for this !! 

James : What did I do ?? tell me…. 

Jake looked at me as I bit down on my teeth as glared at James.

He got up and pointed his finger between Jake and i.

James : Correct me if I’m wrong…..

Pointing to me, he added that I have Lucy. 

Pointing back to Jake, he said that he wanted Lucy.

James : It’s as simple as that… I’ll leave you 2 to sort it out among yourselves….

Jake : sit the fuck down ! 

James just spread his arms and shrugged his shoulders again. 

James : There is nothing I can do or offer here that will get Lucy back…. Go ask Jude… haha… 

James added that not only is Lucy taken, but Ruhui has not been answering his call since morning. 

James : I need to find my employer too…. So… if you would excuse me… i got tto go.... you have bigger things to worry about... 

With that, James fucking walked right out of the pub. 

I wanted to strangle him so badly but there are bigger issues to deal with. 

Jake pointed his finger at me. 

Jake : I know all about that place….. oh I know everything…. about that shit hole...

Jude : I think…. You might be…. A little…. 

Jake: Shut up Jude…. We know…. We know what you do there…. 

Jude : Sheeeshh… hahaha… 

I waved Jake off but before I could mock him, my smile was wiped out of my face when I saw a familiar face enter the pub. 

I froze. 

I really froze when I saw Ella walked into the pub with her arms linked with another man. 

Jake drained his drink and nodded his head. 

Jake: yeah…. What the fuck did I tell you ?? ….. we….. know…. 

Ella was looking right at me, shaking her head slightly. 

Jude : ELLA !!! … how could you … !!! you signed a contract.. you know what they will do ?? !!! 

The man with his arms linked with Ella walked forward and took a seat at my table. 

Andy : I’m Andy… Ella’s employer and boyfriend…. So… tell me…. what can you do ??? 

I knew better than to start shooting off my mouth in a place like this filled with hostile people so I just kept quiet. 

Andy : Tell me… please… say it… what can you do ?? har ??? beat us up ?? ….. call the police ??? look for your MP ?? tell me… 

Ella : Jude…. You should leave that place…. It’s not right…. What they are doing there…. 

I did not reply Ella and I just looked at Jake. 

If only things were that simple. 

Jude : SO now what ?? you have all your friends here…. You trying to threaten me ??

Jake : Oh…. No… no…. we’re not…. Please pardon the hostile looks… I assure you…. we are peace loving people… and there’s nothing more we like to do than to resolve this in a amicable manner… fuck… this has to be the 2nd time I’m saying this… so yeah…. I really mean it…. 

Jude : you are shitting me right…

Jake : no no… I’m not…So…. Let’s focus at the issue here… …Lucy…. She is a very…. Important member of our family…. And….we are willing to explore…. Options and alternatives…. Perhaps can you… facilitate her return…. Late at night… when everyone is asleep… or something…. Anything….

The door opened again, this time round a well-dressed man in business attire entered. He had a few men with him as well and I could see heads were nodded as silent greetings were sent his way. 

Jude : There is… really nothing I can do…..for Lucy… 

I prayed that I could make it out of that pub alive that night. 

That fucker James, he wants me to provoke them to attack the facility, I’m already trying hard not to have my balls shrink. That atmosphere in the pub, it was suffocating. 

I’m not stupid. 

Surrounded by hostile looking men, and yet Jake was trying to put on his best smile and telling me they are peace loving people. What a joke, but I could tell he was trying. 

Jake was really trying to avoid an all-out confrontation. 

Jake : Jude…. You are talking to the most….. Civilised, rationale man… inside this organisation….i suggest you make the most of it… 

Jude : I don’t know what you want me to say… but… 


The door slammed again. 

I could feel a cold gust of chill as I looked at the man standing at the entrance. 

Fuck. In that dim lighting, I thought I just saw Anthony Wong that famous Hong Kong triad actor walk into the pub. 

With a gangster swagger, that man walked towards me with a cigarette in his mouth. Behind him, at least 30 men filed in and they filled the corners of the pub as greetings were exchanged. 

Jake : Work with me Jude….… or you can work with Ben…. 

Ben : 小。。。。。。朋。。。。。。友 !!!!!!!!!! 

That man dragged out each of his words and I suddenly felt my age went down by 20 years. He slapped his palm on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

The next thing I knew, a puff of cigarette smoke shrouded my face as he took a seat beside me. He looked at me as he puffed on his cigarette. 

Ben : 你要跟我们玩是不是 ????!!!!! ( You want to play with us ?? ) 

I looked back at Jake and told him there is nothing I can do. 

Jude : WHAT do you want me to say !!!!! 

I had it. 


Meihui is probably being tortured right now. That aching in my heart. Why, why did I feel that way ? I don’t know. 

I can’t explain it either. 

We’re not officially dating and there are times when she’s a little cold, but I still care for her. Despite everything, I still have feelings for her. 

Knowing that she is being ill treated is wreaking havoc with my thoughts. 

On the other hand, I love my job. 

I love the power and authority I have. 

It was literally the job of my dreams. I don’t want it to go down the drain just like this. I want to save it. 

I have to save it. 

There has to be a way to save both of them. Both my job and Meihui. 

Yes, even that crazy girl Lucy. 

There has to be a way to end it all properly. 

A happy ending for everyone. 

First, I got to get these bunch of jokers to come get Lucy. 

I shouted to the entire pub after slamming my palm down on the table. 

Jude : There is nothing I can do !!!!! If you want Lucy !!!... come and get her !!!!!!! 

Jake : Jude… calm down…. Just…. Calm down….. 

Jude : don’t fucking tell me to calm down !..... if you want Lucy …. Come and get her yourself…. I have no authority to do anything… I’m just a regular employee ! 

Jake : Jude…. We want to avoid all that…. really… from the bottom of my heart….please…tell me there is something you can do…. 

Jude : I can draw you a map…. 


The door opened to the pub again. 

Looking towards the entrance, I could tell the people that were about to make an entrance is different from the ones that already did. 

There was an aura of power and authority. 

A bespectacled man entered with a pretty looking chick on his arms. 

The entire pub erupted with the sound of dragging chairs and shifting of tables. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stood on it’s ends as following behind that couple was another group of men, about 10 of them. 

Everyone got on their feet as they couple walked in. 

Fuck, they must be the leader or something. 

All it took was a silent nod from the man and everyone took their seat. 

I got on my feet as the couple walked towards me, if there is a need, I must get ready to bolt although I’m not sure how to pull that off.

They asked Jake what was the situation. 

Jake : I’m sorry Kate….. he said he could draw us a map…. That’s all he could do… 

The lady walked over to the table, each click of her high heels echoing throughout the silent pub. 

Walking right up to me, she folded her arms and stared at me before circling me.

Kate : so…. You work at that awful place??.... 


Nice name. 

She looked hot, she was wearing a figure hugging long dress reaching right up to her ankles. She had sweet features that looked good when she’s angry, I bet that would look even better if she smiled. 

Her partner pulled her back gently and stepped forward.

Jake : What do you want to do Keong ? …. Get him to draw the map and we’ll go get Lucy ? 

Jake spoke to the man that came in with the girl. 

The man thought about it for a moment before turning back to look at Kate in the same manner King Leonidas looked at his wife before kicking the messenger down the well. 

My heart froze for a moment when I thought he was going to hit me but there was no need to. 

Beneath that decent attire, I could feel something darker. 

Keong : That place of yours…… I’ve heard about it from Andy’s girlfriend…. It’s horrible…you think it’s right ??.... to have a place like this ?? 

Jude : It’s not my place… I just work there… 

Keong nodded and shrugged his shoulder. 

Keong : alright then… you tell whoever you work for….. you have 12 hours to set Lucy free….. or we will come get her ourselves. …. And by the time we’re done…. You won’t have a place to work in….. 

I don’t know if he meant what he said but the rest of his friends sure seemed pretty interested in coming to get Lucy. 

Inside my head I tried to work something out that would not result in mutual destruction. What if we could meet each other halfway ? 

Perhaps the moment level 7 was evacuated; I would return Lucy to them or something. I could use the secret passages or something. Just give Lucy to them and they will leave right ? 

Yes. That will work. 

Let them make some noise, rattle their swords. Once Level 7 gets moving, I’ll let them have Lucy so they don’t wreck the whole place down. 

Jake : Keong… I think we should find out more about the place first….

Jude : That place is a castle… you cannot just walk in…. we have guards, doors, gates…. No way…. You cannot just walk in…. 

In a cold emotionless voice, Kate replied me. 

Kate : You watch us…. You just watch us walk right in….. 

I swallowed a gulp of saliva as Jake sat down on his chair, shook his head and drained his glass of scotch. 

Jake : Here we go ……. Again…



There was an uncomfortable silence inside the pub as I felt all eyes on me. 

Keong looked at his watch and announced that it was now 10pm. 

Keong: Your 12 hours start now…. I suggest you make the best of it and start talking to the people who can make a decision. 

Jude : 12… 12 hours… that’s like 10 am in the morning tomorrow…. You cannot be serious….. doing something like this in the morning …. 

Keong : Well….. end of the day…. It boils down to who has more to hide…. 

I got out of the pub after that and as I walked to my car, I tried to formulate a plan. 

I barely started my engine when I received another call. 

It was from James. 

Jude : What the fuck you want ? ….

James : I saw you walk out…. So… what’s the outcome… 

Jude : They gave us 12 hours to release Lucy,… or they’re coming to get her themselves… 

James : What ?/ … dude…. 12 hours….. I don’t know if Meihui is going to last 12 hours… 

I shouted into the phone. 

Jude : What the fuck are you doing to her !!! 

James : It’s not me man… it’s Ruhui…. She can be unpredictable sometimes…. Look… I’ll make things simple…once we get what we want form Level 7…. I’ll notify the facility officially that I made a deal with Lucy friends….. and I’ll absolve all responsibility the facility has… that way… you can just let her go with her friends…..easy peasy…

Jude : You let Meihui go now or you can forget about the evacuation. … 

James laughed and hang up on me. 

Jude : James…JAMES!! FUCK!! 

Within seconds, my phone rang. 

It was a video call. 

I answered and I saw Ruhui waving at the camera as if she was taking some selfie for her social media shot. 

She smiled and backed away from the screen, revealing the scene behind her body. 

Jude : NO!!... no!! 

I could not believe what I was seeing. 

Meihui was tied on a special bedframe , it’s not big, probably your average super single bed. Her hands were tied above her head, spread apart to the 2 corners of the frame. 

Her feet,or rather her ankles, were cuffed and a long strand of rope tied and anchored them to the same hooks at her hands were restraint at. The length of the rope was carefully calculated such at with the pull back, Meihui’s feet were now in the air, spread wide apart. 

When she move her ankles, it would rattle the chains that held her wrist down as well.

Her naked pussy was exposed to the cold air of the room. 

That was not all. 

The bed itself had its own frame, much like a poster bed. 4 structure support at each side holding a top cover. There was a mechanical track spanning the top of the cover. On the main frame , there were rectangle LCD screens showing a animation of what would be happening similar to those cheesy ones you get at a bowling alley when you hit a strike or a spare. 

Jude : WHAT the fuck are you doing !! sTOP!!!! 

Ruhui just smiled as she tried to play with the joy stick in her hand. 

As I take in the whole picture, it suddenly dawned on me what I was looking at. It was another one of Aaron’s sick contraption. I had seen development drawings of it some time back. 

You know those UFO catchers at the arcade where you catch small bears and impress girls, this was a warp version of that machine. 

It did not have a claw, instead, it had a 7 inch dildo attached at the end of the movable arm that is attached to the track. A laser light can be enabled for precision as it points to the spot it would be bearing down on. 

I kept shouting into the phone for Ruhui to stop but she was enjoying herself with the remote. She moved it up and down, jerking it a little to position it at the top of Meihui’s spread legs. 

I could see the movement of the dildo. Shaped like that of a circumcised cock, it was made thick on purpose I supposed. It’s got to be at least 1.5 inches across, like the fat cock of some tribal people deep in the amazon.

Jude: NO… nO!!! 

Without warning, Ruhui depressed the drop lever and my heart almost skipped a beat. 

Instead of the usual claw machine where the hook drops on a flimsy metal wire, the dildo was supported by telescopic carbon fibre tubes. I watch the tube extend, going lower and lower until the dildo touched Meihui’s privates. It was not aligned straight so it was pressing against her clitoris. 

Ruhui : Oops…. Sorry… 

It did not stop there, suddenly the dildo started to rotate. It not only rotated, I could see the telescoping handle straining to extend but there was no further place to go, so the rotating dildo pressed down on Meihui’s clitoris. 

Like a mixer churning the batter in a bakery, it coaxed out screams from Meihui as the silicon cock rubbed and rotated lazily around her fleshy clit.

MEihui : ARHHHHEHERERERERH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AEGGGGHHHHH HHHHHHHHH!!! ernghhh!!! 

I have never heard her scream in that manner before, not when we were playing or fucking. 

I felt so helpless as I screamed into the phone asking Ruhui to stop. 

Instead of stopping, she retracted the telescopic handle and used the laser light to position her next hit. 

Jude :STOP!!!..STOP!!!! I’ll do it… fuck… just stop !!! 

Ruhui depressed the button again and this time round, with the aid of the laser pointed, I watch the dildo part Meihui’s pussy lips easily. The red glow of the laser paint Meihui’s vagina lips a eerie red as it made minute adjustments base on the sensors at the tip of the dildo. 

Aaron boasted about the sensors that dildo had when we was showing me the development drawings.

Meihui : ernghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! 

The dildo may have parted her soft pussy lips but it was not in her yet. The rotating function came on and I could see the shiver and spasm it caused as Meihui trashed and moaned on the table. 

Her legs that were dangling up in mid air danced liked the limbs of a puppet gone wild as he vagina gets violated by the dildo.

Meihui : erhghghhghg!!!!ernghh!!! 

It functioned like a deep sea drill searching for oil as it turned lazily deeper and deeper into Meihui’s vagina. The rigid structure of the telescopic handle extended more and more as I hear Meihui’s scream endlessly from my phone.

It was a fucking sick sight and I was helpless to stop it. 

It was a slow agonizing drill into Meihui’s unwilling vagina. 

I could almost hear the grind of the motor as my heart felt that tight wrench seeing the fat dildo disappear into Meihui’s love hole as she shook and went into spasm. 

Jude : RUHUI!! STOP!!!

I watch Ruhui refer to a menu as if she was deciding which dessert to order after her meal before hitting a switch at the side of the control. 

The drilling stopped and the dildo started to vibrate.

The resulting vibration caused Meihui to shake as if she was electrocuted, moaning and crying out on the bed. It must be a really strong vibration as I could see the tremors shake the structure of the entire machine itself. 

The frame, the bed, everything was shaking and Ruhui was flipping through the manual as if it was nothing. 

MEihui : NO!!!.. NO!!!... NOOOOOOOOOO erghhh…. Erghhhhhg!!! AHHHHH!!! NJO!!!! AHHH…!!1 AHHH!!!!! 

Meihui’s body jerked and her vagina muscles squeezed, but each time the dildo was forced out, the mechanical grind of the handle did it’s work, turning and screwing the fat cock deeper into her pussy. 

I saw the LCD screen display a sick animation of a cock entering a vagina till the head reached a stop sign. 

It was trying to say the dildo had been pushed in all the way till it bottomed out or that was the furthest it could go. 

I thought that was it but no. 

That contraption can do much more.

It started to pump up and down. Like those heavy machinery at construction site trying to pile a column into the earth, I watch as the telescopic handle retract but keeping the dildo’s head embedded inside Meihui’s privates. Not only was it pumping, it was rotating. 

Screwing clockwise into Meihui’s pussy and turning anti clockwise out before immediately repeating the motion again. 

Then it extended fully , fucking the dildo deep into Meihui’s pussy all within the span of a second. The moans and screams filled the entire car as I kept shouting for Ruhui to answer the fucking phone. 

Meihui was sobbing and crying by then. 

The animation on the screen showed an injection of fluids and the phone suddenly moved. Ruhui had picked it up and brought it close to focus on Meihui’s privates. I could see fluids squishing and bubbling out from her love hole as a generous amount of lubricant was injected into her vagina.

Jude : RUHUI!!!.. answer the fucking phone now !!!

I almost threw my phone against the windscreen of my car as Ruihui pointed the camera to the control panel with the joystick. She tapped in 50 and hit the enter button before the shaky camera went back to focus on the dildo and Meihui’s well lubricated vagina.

The fucking began immediately, pushing it all the way in, squeezing out the excess lubricant before pulling itself out and plunging back immediately.

MEihui : AHHHH!!! eERGHH!!! erGH!!! erGHHH!!! ERGHH!!! Ahhh !!!!! NO!!! NO!!!...

Ruhui next pointed to a device that Meihui was wearing. It was something similar to what the girls were wearing on level 5. The one that measured her heart rate.

Meihui’s heart rate was rising fast as the dildo fuck her in that position. My cock rose and filled with blood as I recalled how tight she was when we cuddled up to fuck at night, I felt like slapping myself for thinking about that now but I couldn’t help it.

With each screw, bubbles and squirts of Meihui’s love juice came spurting out like a sputtering volcano.

The lens of the camera got stained and Ruhui wiped it with a cloth, blurring the images for a while before it regained focus.

At the end of the 50 reps of dildo fucking, Meihui’s was at the verge of her orgasm as she trembled and shook, tugging at the restraints.

Ruhui finally took over the phone and looked at me. She even adjusted the angle and checked her bearing .


Ruhui calmly replied that I was not in the position to negotiate.

Ruhui : Meihui agreed to help in whatever way she can when we started to work together….

Jude : Not like this !!

Ruhui : Well… if it motivates you to move things along… why not right ??? she looked like she is about to cum….

She pulled the camera out and extended her hand, showing me the array of equipment she has lined up behind her.

Ruhui : I heard from James you have 12 hours…. That’s too long for me to wait but it’s ok for me….… I don’t know how long Meihui can last….don’t worry…. I still need to refer to the manual for many of these… so…. There’s still some time….

Ruhui pointed the camera back at the control pad and keyed in 100 before hitting enter.

Jude : NO!!!!

Ruhui : Relax…. I’m just getting started…. I want to find the average heartrate for her orgasm….. then I’m going to use the iron maiden… …

Jude: FUCK …

The screen disappeared and disconnected before I can finish my curse.

I panted and hit the steering wheel of my car several time , cursing and swearing .

Jude : Calm down Jude… calm down….

I can fix this.

I must fix this.

I drove off and tried to put everything in perspective in my head.

The situation, the people, the time I have, the limitations, and the end result I wanted.

As I got closer to the facility, I ran through what I have laid out over and over again.

Eventually I arrived at a summary of what I might just be able to pull off.

To put it simply, I just need to make sure Level 7 evacuates and limit the damage to the facility. I will return Lucy the moment L7 clears out and hopefully that would stop the assholes from tearing the place down.

When the evacuation kicks off, I would be able to save Meihui too because clients would also need to vacate the premises, but base on the operational plan we had worked out, their priority is pretty low. Still, it would meant that Ruhui needs to leave the building once we cleared the high value assets.

I text all the management staff within our chat group and told them we needed to meet urgently.

I indicated it was code red, which pretty much meant everyone better get the fuck back into office if they are not out of the country.

By 11.30pm , the management staff were assembled on level 6 with exception of Thomas who was on holiday.

Krisna : What is going on ?

Joanna : Is this about the incident this evening ??

Aaron : Jude…. This better not be about Meihui ok….. please be professional…. The client bidded and paid for her….

I took a deep breath and tried to clear my head of Meihui. I need to concentrate on this for now. I need to convince the management to act as per my plan.

Jude : It’s not about Meihui… we have some thing more critical on hand…

I updated everyone about the situation, leaving out the parts they don’t need to know.

Jude : Ok… here’s the summary… we have a new girl….and she has some powerful friends….now…. I managed to convince them to talk off site as I don’t want to attract the attention of the neighbours…. But we have a problem…

Aaron : Why would they even know to come here… ??

Jude : I’m getting to that….

I told the group that I went to the meeting with the intention to lawyer up and deny everything as per our SOP but I was met with a hiccup.

Jude : Ella…

Joanna : Ella ? … she left us some time back didn’t she ??

I nodded.

Jude : It appears Ella is now working and dating some guy with significant influence within that group of people….

Krisna : My god… you’re saying she sold us out ??? fuck !..

Jude : Hang on…. Heres the thing…. Those guys… they are the local triads or some shit…I believe they have their own dirty laundry too…..during the negotiation , they wanted the girl back #890.

I told the team that as long as we return the #890 to them, this matter would be resolved, if not, they are going to come to the facility and do whatever it takes to find their friend, even if it means kicking down every door in their way.

Joanna : You are kidding right ?? We’ll fucking sue their asses off… !!

Jude : We have a lot more to hide than they do….

Aaron : How many people do they have ??

Jude : Give and take I would say 50 or 60 …

I took a look at my tablet and said that if we recall all the standby security staff, we could have about 40 within the next 12 hours.

Krisna : Why 12 hours ?

Jude : That was the timeline they gave us to hand over #890…

Aaron : What the fuck…. They have some balls… do they know who they are fucking with…!

Krisna : Wait a minute… have we considered settling this amicably… give them back the girl or some shit….

That was the moment I’ve been waiting for and I raised my hand and silenced the table.

I could see Jong deep in thought. Joanna was looking at me too as I stepped out of my chair and pulled the white board to face the team.

Jude : Let’s put things in perspective…. So say if…. I’m saying if….

I chose my words carefully, dividing the board into 2 and writing the 1st Option i wanted to present.

Jude : Alright… say we take the straightforward way out…. We give them back #890…but… but..

I told the team that we would lose all our credibility.

Jude : We’ve never had a situation like this before…but if this is a precedent….we would go out of business….. any Tom Dick or Harry comes along and demand for their girl, and we give them back…. Then what ? … and if word gets out that the facility is bowing down to pressure from the local triads….. then what ?? Clients would pull out… they would lose confidence…. No one would patronise us….

Several heads nodded as I went on.

Jude : This case is unique… because of 2 thing… they have the manpower and from the meeting I had with them, they mean what they say…. And they will not think twice about breaking the law….not to forget they have Ella…..

I added that something like this is unlikely to happen again but how we react to this is critical.

Jude : We can take a vote on this.. but let’s look at the next option.

I told the management team that we put up a fight.

Jude : We have an excellent evacuation plan in place for business continuity planning….. it’s something that I’ve worked on…. And presented the past few months…. We can use this opportunity to achieve 2 things….

Drawing again on the board, I told everyone that we could show our resolve in protecting the client’s interest and at the same time, test out our evacuation plan and the alternate site.

Jude : Sure, we would not be able to operate at full capacity for a couple of weeks but it would be a good time to fine tune the plan should the need arises in the future…. In any case, the alternate site is ready, and all equipment are tested…..

I took a sip of water before going on.

Jude : Now….we need time to kick off the evacuation…. And there is a high chance that once they see us moving the girls… they might just decide to do something stupid….it’s up to us to make a stand….

I highlighted the possibility of damages to the facility, breeches into restricted areas and injury to staff. I have to lay all these out for consideration before swaying them to lean on the path I want them to take.

Looking at each of the management staff in the eye before settling at Jong, my heart thumped as I endorsed the 2nd option as my preferred choice. 

Jude : I’m confident with my evacuation plan…. We should make a stand… besides… it’s not that easy to kick down every door in their way just to get up here…. 

Krisna raised his hand to make a point. 

Krisna : What if they interrupt the evacuation process ? There’s a high chance of it happening…. 

I nodded and addressed his concern immediately. 

Jude : Base on the list, high value assets, girls between the age of 18 to 22 goes first.... we will move according to plan… its unlikely they would get the 1st 2 convoy that move out….each convoy would be escorted by our security staff…. If we can’t push through, we would have to fall back into the facility….. worst case scenario…. They might start grabbing our assets to make an exchange…..

Jong : What if that happens ? 

I shook my head and tried to appear confident. 

Jude : That should not happen. We only need 3 convoys to move all the girls out…. We should be able to complete the evacuation by then…

The truth is I’m not sure. 

I only know I needed them to start the evacuation. 

Jong was deep in thought as he closed his eyes and leaned back on his chair. 

My plan was to isolate Lucy on the pretext of keeping her near us just in case we have need of her, then sneak her down to the lower levels when the siege begins. 

See, if they really start trashing the place, they need time to work their way up. 

I’ll just fucking sneak Lucy down, throw her to them and that’s it. That should stop their advance.

As for the management, it’s simple. 

James is the client that sent Lucy here, all he needed to do was to say he worked a deal out with the triads and absolved us of all responsibility.

Aaron : who’s the client for #890…. 

I knew that would come up sooner than later.

Calling up the client’s profile on my tablet I showed it to the group. 

Jude : The same client that booked Meihui…. 

There were several raised eyebrow as the eyes fell on me. 

I had prepared for this and I met their stares without any expression. 

Jude : There is nothing personal about this…. We’re talking about 2 different matters…. By the way…. It’s the client’s wife that is with Meihui now…. Not him….it’s 2 woman in the same room……. 

Aaron thought about it and decided to call the client . 

He did it over the speaker and I was surprised James answered almost immediately. 

Aaron : Good evening Mr James… this is Aaron from the facility…. I’m calling regarding a girl you sent us…

James : What about her ??

Aaron : It seems…. That… there are some complications….we were wondering…. 

James : What complications ??? I just received a report that she is healthy and settled into the facility this morning….. is this about money ? HAr ?? you asking for more money ?? 

I could tell James was being obnoxious on purpose, trying to act like a rich dick. 

Aaron : No no.. it’s not… it’s just that…. 

James : Then what’s the problem ?? The contract says you would take any girl as long as I pay for her….i did pay right ?> so what the fuck is the problem ?? 

I could see Aaron take a deep breathe as he mouthed the word ‘asshole’ to Krisna .

Aaron : Mr James…. Actually… we just want to talk about the background of the girl you sent…. You see…. 

James cut in like the rich fuck that thinks his money is bigger than your very existence. 

James: I don’t give a fuck about what you want to talk about…. Your marketing people promised me that it is all good and shit… no one will ask questions…. No one will know she is here… every fuck thing is discreet and now you want to talk about her ??? what the fuck is this ??? I am a long time client !!! I spend so much money !!! 

Aaron rolled his eyes and shook his head. 

James: What are you trying to say ? har?? That you want to reject my girl…. I’ll sue you… I’ll fucking…. Tell all my business partner about this shit….. I’ll lodge a complain at CASE or some shit….

Jong cut in at that moment and told James that it was a misunderstanding and that all is good. 

Jong ; Mr James… I understand you wife is here at the facility…

Before Jong could finish, James already knew what he wanted to ask. 

James ; of course my wife is there… I bidded for a girl for her…. That bitch back stabbed my wife a long time ago…. She’s been waiting to get back at her…. Fucking slut…what’s the problem with that har ??? she’s over priced by the way…. What the fuck…. I have to pay….like what…CCB….fuck… 

Jong : Alright, thank you James…. We got to go….i assure you all is fine here…. Bye… 

And Jong disconnected the call. 

Jong : What a fucking asshole…. 

I shrugged my shoulders as Joanna looked at me. 

Jude : well… I know what you are thinking… if it was up to me… as in personally….. I’ll fucking throw #890 out man….saves us all the trouble… but…. From the facility’s perspective… it’s our responsibility…... the leak is from Ella….. not the client… 

I told the group our primary concern should be maintaining the impeccable reputation the facility has built up so far. 

Jude : That’s all I have to say…. I vote we make a stand…. 

Everyone nodded their heads and inside my heart I was feeling a sense of relieve. 

Everyone except Aaron who was deep in thought with a frown on his face.

It was only when he finally nodded, I felt a stone being lifted off my chest. 

Aaron : Well…. They’re just gangsters…. Uneducated hooligans…. I doubt they can do much than just shout some gang cheers and shit… we’ll handle them…. Krisna…. Can you call up some of our contacts with triad connections.…. If this group of jokers are as big as they say they are….. we should have some background about them….. 

Aaron was pretty irritated and upset about the whole fiasco. Especially so when it was caused by these so call gangsters. He seemed to have a serious discontent about having to deal with such people. From the way he speaks, it’s as if he felt it was beneath the entire management team to deal with the situation.

The meeting ended and everyone was in agreement to start the evacuation and make a stand. 

The imaginary button was pressed and everyone sprung into action.

I tried calling Ruhui but she was not answering so I notified James about the impending evacuation. He just replied that he was ready. 

The order of evacuation is company assets first, followed by clients. Staff were the last priority. 

1.30 am 

All the security staff on standby were recalled. We should have full strength by 2am. At the last count, we should have 42.

We’ve already kicked off the evacuation. Vehicles that were parked off site were lining up outside the compound. 
More are arriving at time passed. 

It was like a army mobilisation. They were meant to pick up the girls.

There were no provision for Level 7 evacuation in my proposal, that was not my responsibility after all, but I knew once the plan was in motion, they would move too. In fact, I’m guessing they have priority. 

True enough, 60 minutes into the evacuation and 15 minutes before my 2nd convoy was ready, they was a building wide notification that says the private loading and unloading area would be out of bounds for the next 30 minutes. 

This is it. 

It’s happening. 

It will all be over soon. 

The 1st convoy with the kpop girls and breeding asset between the age of 18-22 had just pulled out of the compound with an escort of 8 security staff. 

The round trip time to the alternate site is an hour, not that we need the vehicles for other girls, what we needed was the security staff. 

8 guys went but only 4 would return, we need men at the alternate site as well. 

So far so good. 


If this keeps up, I can complete the evacuation without Jake and his friends even knowing about it . 

I text James about the loading bay shut down and said it was probably peeps from level 7. He says the moment he has them, he will help me end the circus. 

My phone rang and the moment I answered it, my heart sank. 

I knew I spoke too soon, or rather, it was wistful thinking on my part. 

It was Jake. 

Jake : It appears that…. you people are getting really busy….. even before the 12 hours is up….. …

I excused myself to a corner and told him it was the management’s decision to evacuate the facility. 

Jude : There is nothing I can do…. But don’t worry… calm down…. I will try to sneak Lucy out during the confusion…. So don’t do anything rash…. Just leave it to me…. I have it under control

Jake : well…. The thing is that…. We don’t trust you…. 

Jude : No no… NO!!! wait NO!!! don’t fuck this up…

The call disconnected and I tried calling Jake back but he’s not answering.

Fuck. They better not mess up my plan. 


I prayed they would not meddle or affect the level 7 evacuation. 

I kept trying Jake on his phone but there was no answer. 

Heading back out to the temporary ops area set up at Level 5 café, I saw several security staff gathering to look outside the window. 

What the fuck is going on. 

A few of them froze with documents and tablets in their hands. 

They stared out of the window onto the facility compound below, unwilling to believe what was happening. 

Aaron pushed his way thought the group and joined me. 

He reeks of alcohol. 

Krisna was just telling me how upset he was about having the facility damaged by these hooligans. 

Jude : what the…. 

They’re closing off the roads. 

I don’t believe this. 

I’m seeing men putting cones as if they fucking owned the road. Not only cones, warning signs, blinking lights, even one of those fake dummies waving a red flag at the junction leading onto the road that serves the facility. 

At fucking 2am. 

Aaron : What the fuck …. Is that them ? ? how the fuck can they do this…? … this is illegal….doesn’t anyone check on this shit ?? 

Krisna came over with a folder as he too looked down the street. 

Krisna : This is Singapore brother…. Every day you see people putting cones and digging up the fucking road…. You see anyone ever question what they are doing ?? 

Aaron : Fuck… 

Jong came over and his phone was ringing. 

He answered and hung up within 30 seconds. 

Jong : The people from level 7 wants to leave now…. But there are men at the gate blocking them…. 

Aaron : Who the fuck do these people think they are !!!! FUCK!...

Krisna waved the folder and added. 

Krisna : I spoke with some friends…. Here’s what they have on them…. 

He went on to say that the people we are messing with are known as the white snakes. Local triad, very low profile. They were on the radar of law enforcement for many years but they had made the transition to legalise their dealings , making it hard to nail them.

Aaron : They are just fucking gangsters….. that’s who they are…. 

Krisna : Well….. if they are… they must be pretty good to be able to survive this long…. 

Jong : Well… do something !... they’re blocking the people from level 7… !!! If they don’t leave… the rest of our convoy gets stuck as well !!! 

Aaron looked really pissed and angry. I’ve never seen him in that mood before. This was really a shitty situation. 

I was panicking as well. This is fucked up. 

That was when Aaron decides to take things into his own hands. 

Aaron : Bring #890 over here !! 

Grabbing the walkie talkie, he tried to radio the guard room on the ground floor. 

Aaron : guardroom !!.. come in…. guardroom !!...

He tried several times but there was only the sound of static. 

When a reply finally came, my heart sank when I heard a familiar voice. 

Jake . 

Jake : Sorry… your guards are….. preoccupied at the moment… but you may speak to me….this is Jake by the way…. 

Aaron looked at me and asked how many men we had in the guardroom. Checking my tablet, I told him 3. 

Jude : 3 in the guardroom, 2 manning the gate and 2 manning the shutters for the loading bay…. 

Aaron : Fuck… they must be all gone by now…

The radio crackled again as Jake tried to hail Aaron . 

Jake : Helllllooooooooooo~~~…. Anyone there….. this is Jake …. Come on…. Let’s talk…. 

There were some commotion behind us and I saw the security staff with Lucy. She looked sleepy, no doubt just dragged out of bed, there was a dreamy smile on her face. She probably could guess how deep we were in shit from the look on her face. 

Aaron grabbed the walkie to his mouth and cursed into it. 

Aaron : Well fuck you Jake !...

The static came back on for a while before he replied. 

Jake: you are so rude….. 

Aaron : Well fuck you… and your bunch of fuckers…. !! …. 

Jong grabbed Aaron’s arm, telling him to do something about the men at the gate so the level 7 people can leave. 

Jong : There are our largest investor !!! They keep calling !!! 

Aaron : I’m on it !!! get away from me !.. 

What Aaron did next startled most of the men gathered around in that ops room. 

He grabbed Lucy by her hair. 

Lucy : ARGHHH !!! … 

He yanked her roughly to the walkie talkie. 

Aaron : I have your friend…. Right here !!... 

Aaron shook Lucy’s head while grabbing a bunch of her hair causing her to yelp in pain, as if that was not enough, he slapped her. The audible smack transmitted clearly over the walkie talkie. 

Aaron : You want your friend right ?? right ??? 

Jude : Aaron !.. what are you doing !! ?? 

Jong : Aaron … are you mad ?? 

Aaron : Get back…. i know what I’m doing !... they won’t dare to try anything when we have her…

With that, Aaron held the walkie talkie near Lucy and he slapped her again. 

He kicked her twice as well, the last kick was so hard that I could not help it but run towards Lucy, dragging her away from him. Lucy was openly sobbing and screaming by now. 

And Aaron . 

He still had his finger on the transmit button on the walkie talkie. 

Aaron : You heard that ?? Jake ??? you heard that ?? huh?? What you gonna do ??? we’re up here… you’re down there… what you gonna do ??? tell me !!.... what can you do ?? hahaha 

Jude : Aaron.. enough… don’t provoke them like this !!... 

Aaron gave Lucy’s head a few more tugs , squeezing more screams and cries from her before letting her go. 

There was a moment of silent as I dragged Lucy over to a chair. 

Someone observing from the window exclaimed that the men are moving away from the gate. 

Another reported that the convoy for level 7 is moving. I text James to let him know the updates.

They were no longer blocking the gate. 

I felt my phone vibrate. 

It was James .

James msg : well done……. I’m going after the convoy….. Get Meihui out from there… I don’t know how long she will last.. hahah…

Jude : Fuck you… what did you do ?? !!

James : Not me… Ruhui keyed in some extra instructions before she left… about 20 minutes ago….. hurry… 

And then he hung up on me. 


Meihui is on level 3. 

I need to get to her. 

Then the most chilling thing happened. 

3 security staff standing by the window, 1 of them dropped his tablet, 2 dropped their folders as they stared wide mouth at the situation below. 

Leaving Lucy alone, I ran to the window and I gasped in horror. 

You see, the facility had a thick row of trees and shrubs planted along the perimeter. They provided much needed privacy from the lower levels and from the road. Looking down at the ground, I’m seeing a constant stream of men emerging from beneath the cover of the trees and shrubs. 

They just kept appearing. 

Oozing out of the shadows. 

A lone figure stood in the front and he was staring up at us although I’m sure he could not see us, but that did not stop him from staring upwards. 

He was joined by 3 more men, spaced 5 metres apart from each other. 

They were all looking up. 

Jong : Fuck…. 

Aaron : Don’t worry… the doors are locked…. They won’t make it up here to level 5…. …. Continue getting convoy 3 ready !!... 

Jong : What if they stop us… ??!! 

Aaron : They won’t… I have their friend right here don’t I ??? 

Pressing the transmit button again, Aaron shouted into the walkie talkie. 

Aaron : You fuckers are the reason I’m losing my precious sleep….all these for a girl…. You pieces of shit…. You try anything … I’m going to make sure you regret it… hahahaha…..

Heading over to Lucy, he grabbed a tuff of her hair and pushed her to the walkie talkie. 

Aaron :Tell them !!! TELL THEM to leave !!! hahaha 

Lucy sobbed as tears streaked down her face. She was in pain. 

Lucy’s head slowly raised up, I could see the look of defiance in her eyes. 

Aaron : Tell them !!! tell them to leave !!! 

With a determined grit on her face, Lucy spoke into the walkie talkie Aaron was holding. 

Lucy : I’m…….. on ……….level 5…. 

I could see the instant change in Aaron’s expression as he slapped Lucy again, causing her to yelp in pain. 

Aaron : Bitch !! 

He shouted into the walkie again. 

Aaron : I have your friend… what you gonna do ??? har ??? you fucking low lives…. What you gonna do ??!!! 

There was a 5 second pause before I heard the static go away, an indication that Jake had hit the transmit button on his end. 

In an eerily calm and monotonous tone with a 1 second delay between each sentence, Jake’s reply made all the hair on the back of my neck stand on it’s ends. 

Jake : What you gonna do ……………. ? 

Jake : What you gonna do ………..???? 

Jake : What you gonna do when we come for you…….. ? 

2 second later and I have yet to recover from the hair raising shock, I saw the mass of men advanced and split magically into 4 columns without stopping before the entire compound emptied itself into the belly of the facility.

It was then I realised I was holding my breath for the entire time. 

The line of men at the window including Krisna and Jong turned at the same time to look at Aaron. 

Aaron : Gentlemennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …… Prepare ……to defend yourselves…… !!!

Of all things to appear in my head, I saw a glimpse of my payslip. 

I'm well paid..... i know that.....but definitely not well enough for this shit. 


Everyone just stared at Aaron who was trying to organise the men in the room.

Aaron : The lifts are locked out, they can only come up via the staircase…. Everyone over there now !....

A handful of them scrambled to the spot Aaron pointed to while a few others just froze on the spot. I could even see a couple tapping each other on the arm and backing away quietly into the distance.

I don’t blame them.

It’s just a job at the end of the day.

Who the fuck in their right mind would want to put their lives in danger ?

Jong and Krisna were shouting at Aaron, asking him to calm down. Aaron was busy shoving men towards the critical entry points and barking commands into the walkie talkie.

Aaron : They will be spread thin trying to cover the different floors….. they will give up once they realise it’s not a walk in the park….. keep an eye on #890 !....

Joanna and Nina were trying to peer out of the window to see what is happening beneath.

Lucy was curled up into a ball on the floor, sobbing from pain.

Aaron : We have men at level 3 right up to level 5…. We’ll stop them….

Aaron directed a few man towards all the staircases and positioned them by the door.

A visual count told me we have about 5, maximum 6 man at each of the 4 staircases in the building. It’s definitely not enough.

Aside from the 6 man that were surrounding the management staff that were equipped with telescopic baton, the rest were pretty much empty handed.

Well, they had a torchlight.

I could tell the situation is going to spiral out of control in a matter of minutes.

Jong was trying to ask Aaron to get the white snakes back on the walkie talkie while Krisna was asking Aaron to get the female staff out. All of them were talking at the same time with no one listening .

This is bad.

We cannot afford to have Joanna and Nina caught in the crossfire.

I went over and dragged both of them behind me.

Nina : Jude !!...

Joanna : What are you doing Jude !! ??

Jude : Follow me… quick… we have no time….

Perhaps it was the urgency in my voice, I pulled both of them towards the holding area where the girls are usually held. It was emptied out by then. Charging right towards their sleeping quarters, I told Nina and Joanna to strip.

Jude : Take off your clothes…

Joanna : WHAT !!

Jude : Take them off … now !!!

Nina caught on first and began unzipping her tight skirt and unbuckling her bra.

Joanna slipped off her dress and I gathered up their clothes.

Rushing to the trash, I threw their clothes in and grabbed some white robe from the laundry room.

Jude : Put these on… quick !! …

As the slipped on their white gown, I threw a packet of wet tissue to them, asking them to clean off the makeup on their faces as I search for some available collars. I couldn’t find any and we would have to make do with some other restraints.

I asked both of them to lie down on the bed and I handcuffed their wrist to the bed structure.

Jude : Say you are sick…. And we left you behind for the evacuation…. You understand !!.....they are only here for #890…. And perhaps anyone associated with Aaron after what he’s done…. Pretend you are the victims… you’ll be fine.

Joanna : What are you going to do ??

Jude : I’m trying to save us all…. Here… take this…

I gave Nina and Joanna each a handcuff key and told them not to use it unless absolutely necessary. They were to just play dumb and follow the flow.

I ran back out to the ops area to see Aaron with one hand on his forehead and the other on the walkie talkie.

Aaron : Level 3…. Level 3… come in… come in….

Walkie : Level 3…. We’re holding… we’re holding…. Their numbers count for nothing….. we’re holding all doors… I repeat.. we’re holding all doors….

My heart was thumping as I ran all the way to the locker room on level 5.

Reaching into my pocket, I brought out the bunch of keys that enabled me to access the secret rooms and stairs. I fumbled as I sweated. I don’t have much time.

I could explain my disappearance by saying I’m with Nina and Joanna, trying to get them settled, but I could not take that long.

Dashing down the spiral stairs to level 4, I pushed open the door into the toilet cubicle.

My heart was literally slamming against my ribcage.

Pushing the door slightly, I could hear security staff shouting at each other closer to the escape stairs were they were gathering.

I don’t need to travel far.

The next access is literally just next door in the female bathroom.

Letting myself out into the corridor, I quickly entered the female bathroom.

I don’t know exactly where the access is but it’s not a big space. Pushing along each wall, I could the secret door in a similar manner like the one in the male toilet.

It’s the wall inside one of the female cubicle.

The opening is tighter in this one but still a comfortable fit for me.

I entered and made my way down another spiral staircase.

Closing my eyes, I took a breather.

Trying to recall the respective rooms, I remembered I would be coming out into the holding room on level 3.

I found the opening and bent down almost to a crawl as I wriggled myself out into the empty space.

My shirt was drenched by then but I had no time to rest. I could not afford to.

I’ve finally gotten to level 3.

The shouts that were coming from the men guarding the rooms were pretty loud. Everyone was shouting at each other to hold the door.

I could hear the crackle of the radio as I stoop low and walked quickly towards the discipline room.

Level 4 said they were holding as well.

I could not make out what level 5 was shouting, it was complete chaos.

Level 6 shouted that they were holding.

There were conflicting reports but someone shouted that they might have made their way into level 7.

Good, if they are spreading themselves out thin, they might just be able to hold them for a while.

I don’t know how many friends Jake brought along, but with 4 staircase and access doors from level 2 to level 7, they could not have more than a handful at each trying to force their way in.

There’s a high chance they would go straight to level 5 but it’s not my main concern now.

I just want to get to Meihui.

Creeping along the corridor, I quickly got to the discipline room.

The door was left ajar and I slipped in.

I pushed opened the 2nd door to see Meihui passed out on the bed facing up. The bottom half of the bedsheets was wet, totally soaked through. I could smell a combination of womanly secretion and urine coming from the room.

I could not believe what Ruhui had done.

Meihui had clips attached on both her nipples and along her vagina lips. There was one on her clitoris as well, there were 3 wires leading into her vagina. Pulling out a short 4 inch dildo, I extracted 3 smaller vibrating bullet.

She has a butt plug on as well and upon removing that, I saw that the plug came with a string of pearl like beads that was inserted into her anus together. I started to pull and it woke Meihui up as she gasped in a breath of air.

It had to be about 3 inches long, 6 pearls the size of large marbles connected to each other.

Jude : Hey… hey… it’s me… it’s me….

Meihui looked like she would pass out any moment.

Jude : Are you ok ??? can you walk ???

Meihui tried to move but she could only moan and groan on the bed.

I started removing the restraints from Meihui, her naked body looked like someone had applied a layer of cake glazing over her. There was a bucket of lubricant like substance by the bed with a brush and a large syringe in it.

Looking at the state where the equipment and toys were strewn about, I could not imagine what she had been though.

I turned and saw the iron maiden designed by Aaron.

Yes, similar to a standing sarcophagus, but instead of spikes and needles, it was designed to be a standing torture machine. An adjustable 8 inch dildo standing upright from the bottom would be inserted into the girl’s vagina.

Mimicking and attempt to impale the girl, it would be adjusted to a height where the subject would be on tiptoe. The very very very fucking limits of her tiptoe. She would already have 8 inches of dildo buried into her cunt, if her tiptoe gave way, she would fuck herself deeper onto it, activating the vibrating and rotating function.

That was just for the bottom. The head of the girl would be restraint at the neck and she would be made to face up where another dildo will be inserted into her mouth. If she sucks onto it with enough pressure, the dildo at the bottom would retract a little, if she lets go, it would fuck back into her.

After the subject was position, the cover of the iron maiden would close and the one controlling the torture would be able to see the face and reaction of the subject via a screen on the control panel.


The cover itself was fitted with adjustable and remote controlled brushes and vibrating tips. You could drive these tips into the subject’s nipples or basically any parts near her breast. 

A single vibrating bullet can be directed to any parts near her vagina too, guided by medical grade pin size camera. The operator would have absolute control over the amount of pain and pleasure he or she wanted to deliver. 

That device was used alright. 

I could tell. 

The dildos looked wet and sticky. There was a strong smell of pee coming from it. The smell emitted was out of this world, like the wet sheets in a room after a marathon fuck. 

Removing the wristlet from Meihui, I saw the blinking indicator. I don’t know if I’m reading it correctly, it stated that Meihui had been forced into orgasm more than 10 times within the past few hours. 

I could not find any of Meihui’s clothes in the room so I grabbed another gown and dressed her as best as I could. 

Supporting her weight on my shoulder, I half dragged and pulled her out of the discipline room. The commotion seemed to have died down a little. Jake must have redirected the manpower and effort towards Level 5. 

That would make more sense than trying to break down every single floor. 

Now I’m faced with another problem, how to get Meihui out. 

Fuck, I can’t possibly use the stairs, I cannot afford to let anyone see me either. I’m supposed to be at level 5. 

It would be a challenge trying to get Meihui to crawl and squeeze through tight spaces to head back up, which meant I’m only left with one option. 

The AHU room on level 3. The secret access would take us down to level 2. 

I struggled to pull Meihui along as we covered the distance to the AHU room. 

I was thankful that all the exit doors were separated by another smoke stop door. I could hear voices beyond them but other than that, the level was pretty much clear. 

We were barely 5 steps from the AHU room when a voice rang out and called my name. 

My balls shrank as I turned around to see Carmen staring at us in shock. 

Carmen : JUDE!!!.. what are you doing >??!!!

Jude : Why are you still here ??!!! 

Carmen : That stupid client la… I can’t leave until all clients clear out !!!... I barely sent that bitch off at the carpark before all this shit happens…. Then I was in the lift halfway when it was stopped…. 

Carmen was trapped between level 2 and level 3 for a while , her attempts to contact the guard room was unsuccessful. 

Carmen : Some ah beng uncle kept saying he donno how to operate the controls and he cannot help me… 

Jude : How did you get out ?? 

Carmen : I kept pleading for that guy to help, he say he try pressing all the buttons or something… I also don’t know… the next thing I knew it started working again. 

Jude : WHAT ?? the lift is working ?? 

Carmen : ya… I alighted at level 3… I think he reset the whole system or something….

My heart started beating faster as the realisation that the lift was not working meant Jake’s men could head right up if they have the access card.

Carmen : Where are you headed ?? that’s a dead end…. ! 

I fobbed up an excuse, saying that I came for Meihui but realised we had nowhere to go. 

Jude : I thought of hiding her in the services room before I go help out the others…. 

Carmen nodded as she came and helped me with Meihui. 

Carmen : Leave her to me… I know a good place to hide… go inside the preggy room…. There’s a separate room for basic medical procedures, behind that there’s concealed control room where the servers for the CCTV are at…

Jude : ok.let’s go… 

Carmen brought me to the room she mentioned and she tapped her access card at a seemingly innocent looking white tile. It glowed green around the edges and a magnetic catch was released. 

Carmen : Here… come in… 

It was a small space, some server racks , lots of cables heading into the ceiling but there’s space for the 2 girls on the floor. 

Carmen grabbed some water from outside and told me to call her once it’s all over. 

Jude : Ok… I’ll call as soon as I can…. I’ll come back…. 

Carmen : go… go… 

Heading back out to level 3, I ran straight to the lift lobby just to be sure. 

The lifts are working alright. 

I could see the indicator lighting up, they were all heading up and down basement before stopping at level 2. 

Ok, they still don’t have the access to head up beyond that. 

I decided to head back the way I came down, through the secret access. 

It took me less than 10 minutes to get back up and my sweat had soaked through my boxers. 

Level 5 was so noisy that you have to shout if you wanted to communicate with each other. 

I could hear Aaron shouting for all available staff to head up to level 5, the reply that came was how were they going to get up ? 

Voice : How the fuck are we getting up to level 5 ?? 

Some shouted that they don’t have that high a clearance. 

The grunts and shouts at the staircase closest to us were getting louder. There was this loud hammering at the fire rated door. I could hear some industrial tools being used. 

Jong : Aaron !!! what now !!! 

Krisna : Where is Joanna and Nina !!?? 

Jude : I had them settled in the room… they should be safe…. 

Aaron : Relax… the other floors have reported that they had given up on those levels.. they are just concentrating on level 5 because that fucking bitch said we were here…… I’m gathering the men up here…. We got this… 

I told Aaron that the lifts were working again. 

Jude : I saw the indicators, they were trying to get up…. But they were stopped at level 2…

Aaron : They don’t have the access cards…. Relax….they must have reset it from the guard room… 

Aaron gave instruction to the staff manning the temporarily ops area to send up lifts that are empty to level 3. 

Aaron : Load the staff in from there…. Then stop at 4… do the same thing…. We will concentrate our forces here and fight out way down…. We got this… 

Aaron took another swig of alcohol as I evaluated the situation. Jong was on the phone, he seemed like he was pretty agitated. 

Krisna : What’s the problem … ?? 

Jong : FUCK!!!... they have people waiting somewhere or some shit… they waylaid the convoy from Level 7…. 

Aaron : What ?? are our girls ok ?? what about our convoy ?? 

Jong : ours are fine…. They made it to the alternate site… but the level 7 investor is fucking off the roof… 

Aaron : Fuck them… as long as our girls are fine…

Jong : We have to do something !! 

Aaron : there is nothing we can do… we are in deep enough shit as it is … !! 

Jong : There is… we can trade #890 for the level 7 convoy…!!! 

Aaron :NO!! it’s 2 separate matter !

An argument ensures and I received a text message from James . They got what they wanted.

James msg : Appreciate the help…. 

I wanted to tell him to fuck off when a security staff came running over. 

He was telling us that someone called the landline claiming to be the client for #890, and that the facility called him at that line earlier.

Jong : WHAT ??? transfer him in…

Jong ran over to answer the call. 

It’s James. 

Right at that moment, there was a loud bang. 

Men shouted and grunted at one of the exit staircase. 

There were screams of terror as security staff ran off and scattered. 


There’re in. 

The moment I saw 2 security staff flying into the lift lobby, I knew our time is up. 

As if that was not bad enough , Ben came into view with a cigarette in his mouth. Dual wielding metal rods swinging as if he was a jedi with 2 light sabre, he pretty much cleared the way for what was behind. 

Another loud bang at a far corner and I knew the 2nd door was breeched. 


Security staff ran, a few of them cowering towards the middle of the level as the few staff armed with baton formed a protective circle. 

Aaron : Fight you fools!!!... we pay you to protect this facility !!! DO SOMETHING!!! 

It was at moments like this when you realise how badly trained the security staff were. Sure, they’re manly as fuck when dealing with helpless girls. But this is another matter altogether. 

They are not dealing with girls half freaked out over their fate, they are dealing with men who might fucking have the word ‘fate’ tattooed on their body or some shit. 

Someone dropped a baton when the men from the 2nd breeched door came into view. 

They fucking had knives. 

Like an organised raiding party, they surrounded the group of us in no time. 

Aaron had grabbed Lucy by then in a arm hold, shouting at the men not to take another step closer. 

Aaron : Stay back !!!.. fucking stay back !! …. 

Jude : Aaron …. Stop…. It’s over…. Calm down….

Aaron : NO it’s not … don’t you dare fucking take another step…. 

Jong pushed his way through the crowd, shouting with both his hands in the air. 

Jong : EVERYONE… EVERYONE CALM DOWN !!! everyone !!! STOP!!! …. 

Right about the I saw 2 men drag Nina and Joanna out from the living quarters, saying that they found the 2 girls handcuffed to the bed. 

Aaron’s eyes widened but he said nothing. Joanna and Nina looked like they were about to piss themselves as they avoided making eye contact with us. 

Jake emerged out from nowhere, cursing at having to climb up the stairs. 

Jake : Fuck man… it’s been so long since I took the stairs…. 

Bill appeared too with a 6 inch long metal rod by his side. The way he looked at Lucy, they were more than just friends. 

I turned to look at Lucy in time to see her mouth the word ’sorry ’ to Bill. 

My god, If Aaron don’t let her go soon, there’s not telling what Bill is going to do. 

Not all of Jake’s men are armed, I would say probably about 7 or 8 of them had tools in hand. 

Jong kept shouting for the 2 groups to stay off each other while Aaron kept shouting for Jong to get back into the pathetic protective circle. 

Jong : NO shut up Aaron… I got this….

Aaron : Get the fuck in here JONG!!!

Aaron shouted for the remaining security staff to pick up whatever they could from the room. 

Aaron : Chairs, tables, whatever fuck you can grab as a weapon…. We are not getting out without a fight !!! 

Jong : CALM the fuck down !!! THE CLIENT has released #890 !!! FUCKING just let her go …. 

Jong said the client has made a deal with the people and all we had to do was to let Lucy go. 

Aaron : WHAT !! that fucker !... 

Aaron was still trying to process the information in his head but he continued urging the men to arm themselves. 

Jake rolled his eyes and grabbed a chair, flipped it around so that he was sitting facing the backrest as he shook his head. 

Jake : WHAT the fuck is wrong with you people…. We are trying to avoid a bloodshed here….

Aaron : Don’t listen to him… arm yourselves !!!... we can take them !!... 

Jake : Give us Lucy… now !!! 

Aaron : ARM YOURSELVES!!!! …. DO IT!!! …

At that moment I watch a good looking man probably in his 40s reached behind his back and pulled out a parang. 

It was a quiet signal of sort, a synchronised movement took place, as if someone had flicked a switch as we watch all of them men reached behind into their backs and pulled out something. Mostly were metal rods, some batons, a few had knuckle duster and the scary thing was that they did it without a word. 

Not a single word. 

Where the fuck was the gang cheer ? That would be a good time for it to happen.

They held their tools quietly by their side and just stared at us. 

When I saw the 1st of our security staff drop his baton and put his hands up, I knew the battle was lost. 

The rest also dropped theirs and they backed away from the protective circle. 

Jong : Aaron !!.. let her go… NOW !!! 

Aaron’s shoulders slouched as he released Lucy from his grip. Lucy ran towards and hugged Bill, sobbing into his arms and said she was sorry. 

Jake reached for his handphone and made a call. 

Jake : We have her.. 

10 seconds later he hung up. 

Jake : Get Lucy out…. Send the 2 girls at the back home….the rest of you stay here… 

Shouts of protest came from the security staff, some of them wanted to quit their job on the spot, 1 broke down and cried. 

A few turned to Aaron as said they want to leave, they don’t even want their pay for the month. 

Aaron : You fucking cowards… 

Jake : Shut up… all of you….

Bill took Lucy and left with a few other men but the rest stood their ground. 

Jake : Who the fuck……laid hands on Lucy….. 

At that instance, all heads turned towards Aaron as they backed away from him , giving him a wide berth. 

Aaron : Fuck…… 

Jong : Alright… alright… stop this shit…. We are all business men….. let’s talk this through… 

Jake : For all those who want to quit their job… you have 30 seconds to get out of here….. starting from now… 

The men scrambled. 

Fucking every one of them. 

All the security staff bolted, Krisna left too, scurrying under the cover of the escaping men, leaving only Jong, Aaron and me on that level. 

Jong : Look…. I make the decisions around here… ….. let’s talk this through… 

Jake : sorry…. We’re done talking…. 

Jake turned to his friends and told them to tear the facility down

Jong : NO!!! NO!!!....!NO!!! you can’t !!! ….. let’s talk this through… we can pay … we can pay you !!! 

Jake ignored Jong and he pointed a finger at Aaron. 

Jake : You have no idea…. How badly we want to spend some time with you…. but as advised by my lawyer… would be better to trash this fucking place…

Jong : NO!!! 

Jake : Yes… and there’s nothing you can do about it….

Jong sank onto his knees and sob as Aaron staggered backwards before falling to onto his butt. I watch him reach for the bottle and started drinking again. 

I could hear the smashing as I made my way down to level 3. Grabbing Meihui and Carmen, I told them to take my car and leave first. 

Jude : Text me when you send Meihui back…. 

Carmen : Don’t worry… leave her to me… 

Heading back up to level 5, I could already see the carnage left behind by the men within that short period of time. 

This is it.

It’s over. 

Jong was making calls after calls, speaking harshly into the phone one moment before cursing loudly in the other. 

Level 5 was gone in the blink of an eye. All the equipment were smashed and damaged, doors knocked down, furnitures toppled. 

I overhead someone telling Jake they managed to get into level 4 but still could not break into level 3 and 6. 

Jake : leave it…. It’s going to be morning soon…. Tell everyone to get out in 30 mins… 

2nd November 2016 



All was quiet at the facility. 

It was over. 

I called to check on the alternate site, everything was fine and the girls were all sleeping. 

Aaron passed out from his drinks. 

Jong was just staring at the mess on level 5. 

Jude : are you ok ? 

Jong turned and look at me, I could detect a mix of sadness and anger in him.

Jong : We can’t be here anymore…they know this location…. We have to start from scratch… 

Jude : The alternate site is a good spot to start…it’s why we planned for this…. 

Jong turned to look at the passed out Aaron before turning back to look at me. 

Jong : I never expect that in times like this….. the only one left standing with me is our newest addition to the management team… 

I kept quiet and looked away, unsure of what to say to that. 

Jong : You’ll go far with us Jude…. I’m sure of it… 

Jude : So…. What do we do now…. ?? 

Jong : Well…. We do what everyone does after falling on their feet…. 

Jong sighed and looked at me. 

Jong : We get back up… bigger...... better....... stronger.....


By the time the first light hit the façade of the facility, the extend of the damage finally hit us all. Not only were the furniture and fittings trashed, expensive equipment were damaged as well. 

I cannot begin to imagine how much money it would cost the facility to replace all these.


At 7am that morning, I activated the emergency response team for staff from various departments. It was a SOP we had for all rank and file workers with access to Level 3 and above. Everyone was to report to work as soon as they could and be prepared to stay beyond their normal working hours. 

I called Carmen, she sounded sleepy and dazed. Meihui was ok and she was sleeping, I told her about the recall and she said she would be back as soon as she can even though she was technically on time off for staying late.

Carmen : I’ll wake Meihui up before I leave…. Still got to head home to change… 

Jude : Don’t bother dressing up….. there’s a lot of packing to do. 

Jong was busy on the phone. 

Aaron was trying to sober up in the bathroom while I tried to reach Joanna and Nina. 

Joanna told me the gangsters insisted on sending Nina and her back to their home. 

Joanna : NOW they know where I live !!!!! ARGGGGGHHHH ..FUCK!!!

Jude : Well… don’t ever let them know you are in management then…. 

I hung up before she could scream in my ear. 

Jong and I held an impromptu meeting. We tried to rope Aaron in but all he could do was nod his head, gave us the thumbs up and make retching sound which sounded like ‘blearkkkk’ 

A short tele conference was held with Frank too who had been at the alternate site the entire evening overseeing the temporary relocation. 

Frank : What the fuck man…. Can’t you just pay them off ?? everyone just wants money …fuck this man…. How bad is it ?? 

Jong : It’s bad but we will survive… 

Frank : Fuck this shit la…. The alternate site cannot support the entire facility…. We don’t have the right setup…. It’s meant to be temporary…. 

Jude : We don’t have much choice…. The site location is blown… there’s no telling if they would try to fuck with us again… we can only afford to be on the defence for now… 

Frank told us that everything was ok at the alternate site so far but the clients would not be happy. They’re still paying membership fees and they would be demanding for their money back should full services not be restored soon. 

Jong : We’ll let you and Joanna worry about that…..

Frank : You KNN…. Korean CB…

Jong hung up and turned back to me. 

Jong : Organise things around here….. proceed base on what we discuss…..i need to make more phone calls…. 

Jude : Ok… I’ll handle it. 

We’ve decided to shift all operations over to the alternate site for now and as a safety precaution, we will be striping down the facility starting from level 7. Jong had spoken to the client on L7. 

Spoken to might be a bit of an exaggeration . 

All I saw him do was nod with his head down, say sorry about 5 thousand times, massage his forehead until his temples turned red before slumping onto a chair after 30 minutes. 

If there was any way to describe that, it would be a verbal colonic. 


You know, the medical act when someone fucks you in the ass with a hose, flush it with water and give you a high that money cannot buy ? 

Jong got exactly that by the client. 

Striping down the facility and transferring what we can salvage from the current location to the new place will be our main focus for now. 

I spoke with Jong about the security staff that bolted on us. I could tell he was fucking pissed. He wanted to fired them all, he wanted to sue them in fact but I managed to knock some sense into him. 

Labour market is really tight at the moment in the country, we could use the extra hands given the task at hand. Every man counts. 

Jude : We still need them,….. we’ll use them for now…. Those that have the balls to return anyway…… after all this is over…. You can do anything you want…..

Jong was reluctant to use the security staff again but he knew I made sense in my argument. 

There are only so much stuff we can trust the movers and contractors with. 

Jong : You make the call… strip the facility down first…. Start with Level 7…..i’ll text you the access codes…. 

Jude : I’ll handle it… don’t worry…. The budget for the move….. which cost centre do I put it ?? 

Jong : 01…… 

I nodded as Jong walked away.

01 pretty much meant I don’t give a fuck how much, just ‘ get shit done ’ cost centre. If only I get to use it as often as I want.

As the main bulk of staff return to work that morning, they were greeted with the surprise of the carnage that happened a few hours ago. 

Instructions were given for all staff to hold and gather at the respective reception area for each level. 

I went to each of the level starting from L3 to inform the staff of the situation. 

I told them simply that there had been an incident. A serious incident that would undermine the facility’s ability to continue operating in that location. 

Jude : All the girls have been evacuated to the alternate site…. We planned for this…. You all know what to do…. Start packing….


I called up a few contractors the facility work with and made arrangements for them to come down and meet me at staggered timings. 

It was a mad scramble at the facility that day. Instructions have been given to the central kitchen to prepare food and drinks for all staff. A small buffet line has been set up in the main cafeteria. 

No one was allowed to head out for lunch that day. 

You pack, you eat and you get back to packing. 


The first contractor arrived and I shook hands with him, thanking him for coming down in such a hurry. I told him we have some urgent works we need to demolish and dispose of an entire floor.

I checked my phone for the L7 access code that Jong had given me together with the instructions for using them. 

It can only be accessible via passenger lift A and B and the cargo lift in the loading bay. 

I took the one at the loading bay with the contractor and as we started to ascend, my heart was thumping. After so long, I finally get to see Level 7. The reason of me getting to see it was to destroy it. 

The irony. 

When the cargo lift opened on Level 7, I was greeted with a plain looking lobby and a large double door. 

Contractor : What is it ah?? …. Need hacking works is it…. 

I don’t know what to tell him so I went ahead and opened the door. 

Contractor : WAHHH!!!!! 

Fuck I don’t believe what I’m seeing. 

There is a sprawling complex of different rooms similar to level 4. Instead of being used for sexual fetishes, you could tell these are made to be functional. 

Contractor : Demolish all these ??? everything ?? 

Jude : Erh… yah…. Everything….

As I walked deeper into the level I was amazed at what you can do when you have the money to support it. I saw staff quarters first, rooms with bunk beds, simply furnished like some chic capsule hotels. 

They were orientated around a large pantry that came equipped with laptops, tablets, coffee machines, even a pool table. It was shaped like a circle, with 4 rooms orientated with their entrance facing the pantry. 

The entrance to the pantry was lined with potted plants and shurbs. 

The contractor commented that all the furniture looked new, and do we want to keep any of them. 

Jude : No…. everything must go…. 

I could see his eyes lit up, probably doing his sums in his mind. Just by salvaging the furniture and stuff in the floor alone would net him tens of thousands. Well money is not the issue here, we need to clear this space out fast.

There’s no telling if Jake and his bunch of jokers might decide to come back and fuck with us. 

Moving pass the staff quarters we came to a classroom. Set in exactly the same way you see in school but there was only one desk and one chair in the middle of the room. The walls were filled with drawings and worksheets done in exactly the same handwriting. 

They were all done by the same kid. 

What Aaron said was true. 

There is a kid on level 7. 

A boy it seems based on the drawings of planes, tanks and a really flat looking iron man. 

Walking pass the classroom I came into a open compound with artificial grass and a playground. It even had it’s own sandpit. 

My god, how sick can these people get. 

To go to this extend to separate a kid away from the rest of the world. 

What the fuck were they thinking ? 

It had a multimedia room filled with various game console, it even had a gym. 

I almost flipped when I saw a mama shop. 

Yeah, a fucking mama shop. 

I peeped into the shop and there were coins and small dollar bills sitting on a red basket. It was well stocked and it carried everything from candy to instant noodles. I doubt this was meant for the staff, it seemed more like it was made for the kid. 

A place for him to learn how to spend and count money. 

The contractor had his jaw down half the time as we walked through the eerily quiet level. There were no sound at all except out food steps. Only the low hum of the aircon accompanied us as we explored the level. 

I saw bicycles of various sizes, roller blades, and at least 6 shelves of toys. This is one privilege kid although I would never want to be in his shoes. 

So they keep the kid there, school him, teach him, play with him, basically they are just keeping him as a prisoner. 

I wonder what is James’ and Ruhui’s relationship with the boy. 

Are they his parents ? 

I shook my head. 

It cannot be. 

They don’t look like husband and wife to me, besides, James only referred to Ruhui as his employer, which meant there is a higher chance that the kid is related to Ruhui. 

ARghhh.. fuck this. 

All these rich people and their sick games. 

It is something the average folks like us would never understand.

We finally reached the end of level 7 after passing by a kitchen, a small bakery and a plot of real garden about the size of a badminton court.

I told the contractor to make a note of the space as I would need a quote on the spot. 

Looking at the windows, I felt bad for the kid. 


Stacked 2 levels high were the same TV screens which passed as windows similar to the hidden staff pantry on level 1. 

They were showing Singapore alright, a view of the skyline but it was drizzling. Almost a sleepy and drowsy view of the city. 

How long has it been since the kid felt the sun on his face ? 

Turning to the contractor I told him I needed a quote and I want him to start work immediately. 

Jude : I want a quote now…. On the spot… 

Contractor : NOW ?? 

I nodded my head. I told him he can take what he wants as long as he removes it from the facility, and I want the job to be done fast. He looked really taken aback and he asked for a few minutes to make a few calls. 

As he spoke on his phone, I walked around on my own before coming into another room which looked like the boy’s home. 

It was homely and there were photos. 

Finally there were photos. 

I walked towards them and confirmed my suspicions. 

Ruhui is the boy’s mother. 

There were photos for the boy’s dad as well, grandparents , aunts and uncles I guessed too. 

He didn’t look happy in any of the photos. 

I brought the frames closer for inspection and I smiled. 

It was all badly photoshoped 

The boy did not really had his photos taken with the family members. 

Bringing the one with Ruhui close, I could see that one was real. There was an obvious discoloration of the frame, at the same position where my fingers were. The boy must really miss his mother. 

I wonder how many times a day did he bring the frame up to look at that picture. 

Entering what seemed like the boy’s room, I saw a few more photos of Ruhui with the boy. It was simply furnished, neat and tidy. 

I saw a really old pillow hugged by a teddy bear. 

I recognise the look of that pillow. 

Not because I’ve seen it before but because I had one when I was a kid. 

You know the old smelly pillow you fucking refuse to let go no matter how old and torn it is ? 

It’s that. 

A smile broke out on my face as I picked up that bolster and the bear. 

Well, I can’t do much for the poor kid, but I know how grateful I will be to the man who could recover the smelly pillow I lost when I was 8 on a cruise ship. I grabbed all the photos as well and put them into a bag I pulled from the shelf. 

I could hear the contractor calling for me out in the main hall. 

He told me he needed to borrow some workers from his friends but he can mobilise 15 men that day but even so, it would be hard to clear everything out fast. 

He asked for a week and gave me a quote of 40k. 

Contractor : Good price already…. I give you best deal… but you day one ar… I get to keep all the things I salvage…..if not I cannot give such good price…. 

I told him blankly that 1 week is too long. 

Jude : If you can do it within 24 hours, I’ll triple it….120…. cash…..48 hours….. I’ll double it…. The max you get is 3 days…. If not I’ll have to find another contractor in to share the workload…. 

I could see him quickly agreeing to my terms as he nod his head. 

Contractor : Don’t worry,… I will borrow more workers !!... can one…. 48…. 48 hours I settle for you…. 

I told him he will have dedicated access to the cargo lift and the loading bay. He said he will have his men in within the next couple of hours. 

Contractor : Payment wise… do I still bill though the usual channel …. ? 

Jude : yes…. This is not the first time you work with us…. You should know how we are with payment…. 

He nodded with a wide smile. I guess he’s going to be having a very merry Christmas in a months’ time. 

I kept the stuff I salvaged for Ruhui’s son in my old office in the basement before meeting the other contractors. 

Level 6 was straight forward, most of the packing would be done by the staff and transported by the movers. We needed some of the equipment vendors to come in to help with the medical equipment but other than that it’s pure demolition. 

A deal was made within minutes of viewing the place with another contractor and I promised him 2 passenger lifts as long as he did the proper protection. 

Level 6 should be emptied out in less than 48 hours too. 

By the time I was done with level 3-5 , it was coming to 2 pm in the afternoon. 

The packing and moving was up in full swing. Everyone may be doing their own stuff but it was still pretty much organised. 

There was a line of staff giving instructions to movers from 2 different companies. 

We worked with quiet and almost machine like efficiency, everyone was afraid of losing their cushy and well paid job at the facility. Most important of all, everyone was afraid of getting implicated with the law should word of this facility get out. 

Administration and finance staff would remain for now. There was no need for them to move urgently. We also do not want them to meddle with the move. 

At 5pm, the first loaded container left the facility for the alternate site in Tuas and I hopped into the passenger seat. 

Arriving at the alternate site, I saw Frank with a cap on his head, cigarette in his mouth clad in shorts and slippers. 

Frank : Jude… you look like shit…. 

Jude : I smell like shit too…. I don’t remember the last time I slept, shower or take a dump…. 

Frank told me to go on and take a break as he directed a few security staff to help with the unloading. 

The compound we had at the alternate side is huge. It’s at least 3 football fields wide and we have yet to max out the plot ratio. Only a main hanger stood in the vast space surrounded by 6 feet high fence equipped with sensors and cameras. 

We have enough space to build another 2 facility from scratch and it did not even have to go up vertically. 

I remembered checking in with a pale looking Aaron, talking to a Joanna that was screaming like a bitch about how the white snakes knows where she lives, a trying to gek seh ( act tough ) Krisna , and plenty of ‘fucks’ from Frank who was probably the only one functioning in a sane manner that day.

I collapsed and knocked out on the way back to the facility for the return journey before I was woken up by the driver who said he was ready to make the 2nd trip. 

5th November 2016 


By Saturday, we pretty much had everything under control. 

All critical equipment and stuff have been removed from the facility. They were mostly sitting inside the containers in Tuas but at least we stripped the building of anything incriminating. 

The moment the rooms came down, I knew the game was over for the hidden access. There was no way to hide them. I took photographs and documented them before sending them out to the team. 

I told them this was probably how David managed to get his girl out. 

Jong commented me on my good work. 

Frank said that was a fucking good idea and suggested we incorporate that into part of the new facility’s design. 

Thomas cut short his holiday and came back to help out with the reorganisation. 

Decision was made to clean up the building and start renting them out to legitimate companies. I got another contractor in to do up some basic painting and found an agent to help us market the available space.

I told Meihui that the destruction caused would affect the facility but not for long. 

Jude : They are planning to rebuild it… bigger and better… 

Meihui : We have to stop them… 

Jude : We can’t…. don’t you see…. You hit them… they only come back bigger and stronger…. It’s the demand… there is a demand for the facility….

Meihui ; BUT this is WRONG !!! How long can you expect this to go on ?!!! 

Jude : I don’t know…. 

Meihui went into a mental breakdown screaming and throwing things about. 

After she managed to calm down I told her matter of factly that these things that are happening, they are beyond our control. It’s a game for the rich, we are merely the pawns. 

Meihui : How can we work for companies like this ??? ….how ?? 

Jude : WE can choose to walk away… that is the easy way out…. But as long as we hold on…. We might be able to make a real difference…. Some day…. I don;’t know when…. But that day will come…. We might be able to do something…. 

Meihui shook her head and said she had enough. She’s quitting the facility. 

She wanted me to leave with her. 

Meihui : Leave Jude…. Stop working for them… leave with me…. 

She said it so fast that it caught me by surprise but my hesitation spoke volumes. I could see her expression changed as she backed away from me. I wanted to explain myself but she put up her hand. 

Meihui : Don’t bother explaining Jude…. Don’t bother… I know that look…. Don’t bother… 

Jude : Meihui… listen to me… i…. 

She screamed and shouted for me to get out of her house. 

I left with the intention of talking to her again after she calmed down a few days later. 

24 hours later, Joanna text me to let me know Meihui had tendered her resignation. 

I tried to call Meihui but she refused to take my call. 

I went to her house, she refused to come to the gate and her helper just asked me to go. 


Everything’s really gone tits up this time. 

James called me a few days after the incident. He told me they were in Taiwan. 

James : Thanks Jude…. Appreciate the help… I really do…. 

Jude : Fuck you… how’s the kid… 

James : hahah.. he’s fine… he’s with Ruhui now…. 

I told James about the items I salvaged from the kid’s room on level 7 and he said he will text me an address to send them to. 

James : Let me know your account number Jude…. Ruhui would very much like you as a friend…

Jude : Fuck off… does she pay all her friends ??? 

James : Hahhaa… only those she intend to see again….. 

Jude : Don’t ever call me again… 

I hung up on him. 

By the end of November, we had concrete plans for the new facility’s expansion. 

Drawing up the plans were a piece of cake for me, going through them with the management team were easier than I thought. They trusted me to let me make most of the decision. 

The new facility would need to be bigger, better contained and more efficient. 

We incorporated that into the design. 

We need it to be built fast too. Frank and Joanna were being buried by a mountain of complains from clients about not getting access to the girls they want. 

The alternate site on it’s own is pretty big. A large 2 storey structure about the size of the IKEA mall at tampines, but the entire bottom tier is a sheltered carpark, which leaves us only the top to utilise. 

After setting aside the bare essentials, living quarters, operational rooms, breeding pods, the milk farm, mini auction site, there was hardly any space left. 

Still, we took the challenge and made it work. 

By the beginning of January 2017, work had started on our expansion. We paid enough for the contractors to continue working throughout the public holidays. 

The new facility is designed like an octopus, individual zones and spaces sited a distance away from the main building connected with a network of walkways and tunnels. 

There are secret access alright, made known only to management staff, but I added some that are known only to me and the handful of workers that work on them. 

With the construction of the new facility on the way, it seemed like we are on track back to 100% operating capability. 

Meihui has been ignoring and avoiding me for more than a month now. She refused to take any of my calls. The only reply I had from her was to contact her when I’m ready to move on from this job. 

It was a struggle. 

I love my job. 

That sense of power and accomplishment it gave me. It cannot be described. Not to forget the girls. There was now an excess of girls waiting to be impregnated. Not enough rooms and facilities to support the horny clients but we have a long waiting list of rich people wanting to adopt. 

That was went I stepped up to the noble call of the facility. 


I started fucking the girls. 

At least 3 a week. I would fuck and cum in them raw when they are ovulating. 

I did not even bother to keep track of how many kids I fathered , it was just a job to me. 

Besides getting to enjoy fucking raw, I had another pet project of mine that I was working on. 

I told the management team during one of our regular sessions that we can no longer depend on security staff to maintain the kind of protection we want. 

Jude : we need insurance….. sure… on a day to day basis, the current arrangement works fine…. But in times of crisis…. We need something more…. Our trump card…. 

Jong asked what do I have in mind and I told him my proposal. 

Everyone laughed and said I’m crazy. 

Jude : All great men were perceived to be crazy….. until they proved the world otherwise……

When the group saw that I was not laughing, it finally dawned on them how serious I was about this. 

Jude : Give me the resources and I will prove it…

A vote was passed and everyone was in agreement. 

Feburary 2017 

I went to the living quarters of girls and walked straight to a section I knew I would get what I want. 

There was an unspoken name for these group of girls. 

Fuck toys. 

Yeah, the management calls them fuck toys, why you say ? 

Aren’t they all fuck toys to begin with ? 

These group of girls have uterine abnormality. A small number of woman have a womb that differs in shape and structure from the norm. This is called an abnormality of the uterus. Figures differ but it affects between 1-20 in every 100 woman so it’s more common than you think. 

The condition makes it hard for the woman to get pregnant and if they do, made it challenging for them to carry the child to full term. 

There is still a possibility of them giving birth though if extra care is taken. 

Being a heartless and cold blooded enterprise, the cost associated with helping these women breed did not sit well and they were banished to the fuck toy group where they were to be used purely for entertainment and not for breeding. 

As I stepped into the room, I could hear the voices go quiet immediately. 

The girls were happy because we were not equipped for clients to have fun yet which meant they were left on their own with no one to bother them. 

I saw a familiar face the moment I stepped into the room. I’m sure you would remember her too. 


Gina failed to get pregnant after the hunter games and she was circulated back to the breeding stock. She was fucked by no less than 4 other men before a detailed checkup revealed her condition and she was banished to the same group. 

All eyes in the room were on me as I shut the door. 

Jude : I am here to give you a chance….. a chance such that no man….. will ever dare to lay hands on you again….. all you need to do… is to take it…. 

I left the room and let the idea sink into their head before returning the next morning. 

All 20 in the group wanted that chance. 

Gina : Are you sure ??? 

Jude : This I promise….. you will not be made to serve or fuck any man….. any more…..

Gina : How can we trust you… ? 

Jude : What choice do you have ?? …. 

Looking at the rest of the girls, I told them that I would equipped them with the skills to protect themselves and eventually the facility.

Jude : You will be given unprecedented freedom…. I will make sure you enjoy the best facilities….. you will be treated equal… as staff…. not as a sex slave….. make it through the program and I guarantee you……you will earn your freedom one day…. 

I could see the girls whispering to each other, unsure of how much to believe. 

After all, I’m working for the very company that imprisoned them in the first place. 

Jude : Are you in… or are you out ?? Not all of you will make it….. but those who do…. I assure you…. you will not regret it…. 

10 minutes later, I had 30 girls shackled to each other by their ankles following me to a temporary structure set up within the carpark. 

When I brought the girls into the room, the 2 Mix martial arts instructor’s eye almost fell out of their sockets as they looked at them before turning back to me. 

Jude : There is a reason why we pay you the money we do…. You don’t ask questions…. You teach…. 

They were uneasy about it initially but went along for the money. 

And so it began. 

I’m not talking about play play punch punch trying to keep fit kind of training.

It’s brutal. 

It’s designed to be brutal because I designed it. 

Simple what, I just write on paper, other people execute. 

I reviewed the program with the 2 trainers, Praew and Natchaya, they were apprehensive, they said the girls might not be able to take such training. 

Praew : Even man…. Will cry… to train ? 

Natchaya : This is vaeli hard…..they will dyyyee…..maybe faint…. I think their bones will break…. 

Praew : this is hard…. 

Jude : You are not responsible for their well being…. You just train them…. I want them in shape and condition…. To defend themselves against grown men… 

This is how it went. 

Day in, day out, the group of girls did nothing but train, and train, and train. 

They work out, they run. 

Within 2 weeks, the group of 30 fell to 22. 

Within 2 months, we were left with 18. 

By the 3rd month with the rest of the facility taking shape, you could really see the girls shaping up and we still have a healthy crop of 15. 

Bones were broken, permanent scars were made. 

I walk past their rooms at night when the training first began. 

I could hear girls crying then, trying to console each other. 

Now when I walk past a new dorm we set up for the 15, there was no sound except the occasional snore. 

Yes, Gina is still in the program. 

The rest of the management team laughed at me, they still joked about my experiment but it didn’t bother me. I just laughed and went along. 

Muay thai, jiu jitsu, Krav Maga, we drilled it into the girls and I was right there. 

As the days passed, I could feel their confidence level rise. That look of steel in their eyes hardened as if they were forged in mythic foundry. No longer do they look down in shame and fear when my security staff shackle them for the journey back to their room. 

They held their heads up high and looked at my staff in their eyes. 

When I had to increase the ratio of staff to trainees to escort them to and fro their dorms, I knew they were almost ready. 

How do I control them you ask ? 


Their families. 

I blackmail them with their families. 

I showed them photos of their sisters, their grandparents, their parents, their loved ones. Even a fucking dog. 

I did what I had to. 

Don’t judge me. 

This is how the world works in the facility at least. 

The girls and I, we understood each other perfectly. 

1st November 2017

Out from the original crop of 30 girls, we were now left with 9 with Gina leading the pack. Not only did she shape up really well, she was also the fittest.

They were ready, so was the facility. 

It’s been almost a year since the attack by the white snakes, we picked ourselves up and we’ve improved our procedures. I was so consumed with the facility that I became a workaholic of sort, spending more time at in Tuas than any of the management staff. 

We’re back to our full operating capacity, some of our clients were not happy that they need to travel so far out to visit us but that complain was soon put to rest the moment their cocks were serviced. 

It was not feasible to site the specialist clinics that far out so we kept the legitimate aspects of the facility at it’s original spot, consolidating them on level 3, before renting out the rest of the building. 

I had spent a considerable amount of money on the girls and the time has come for me to show what the company has paid for. 


It was an important day that day. Singapore’s facility team had skipped the previous year’s regional meeting and since we had a spanking new site, we decided that we would host it. 

Seated an elevated platform of 2.5 metres, the management staff together with guest from regional facilities were gathered at the circular arena. A new initiative proposed by Frank and his love for drama. 

Shaped like a gladiador’s dome, Frank thought it would be nice to see girls going at it around the tennis court sized arena. Full height one way glass went up from the platform wall to the ceiling, protecting the audience from whatever is going on below. 

I took the mike that day as I addressed the guest from all over the world. 

Our neighbours in Malaysia, friends in the UAE, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and more. 

Jude : A very warm welcome to all of you today…..i’m not good with words….. I don’t have Frank’s showmanship….. I’ll let my work do the talking….. 

A proposal was handed out to the reps of each regional facility detailing what we have done.

We wanted a group of core personnel that is above money, remuneration and whose sole purpose is to protect the facility from external threats. 

Jude : That was the intention when we first started this…… 

I gave the signal for the demonstration to begin and a door opened below the arena. 

I could see necks craning and the staff smiling as 9 smoking hot babes walked into the arena. 

They were dressed in everyday clothings, tight office dress with heels, the casual tertiary student in denim shorts and singlet, the sweet student in convent uniforms, the hot slut you see at the clubs. The girls strolled out casually and stood in the middle of the arena like they fucking owned it as they stared at the one way mirror above them. 

The smiles on the faces of the audience were priceless. 

You could tell the men wanted to fuck the girls. 

Well, I wouldn’t, not after you see what they can do. 

Jude : Now… on the other end… these are clients…. They…..ermm… have not been punctual…. In paying membership fees…. Some of them have racked up….. tens of thousands of debts….. and with a few of them residing overseas… it’s very hard on our debt collection department….. 

I told the audience that I invited these assholes on a fully paid trip to visit the new facility in the hope that they would continue their support for us. 

It was an excuse of course. 

I just want them here. 

I promised them they would get to fuck some of our best girls too with or without signing up or clearing the outstanding credit. 

The door for the clients opened and I have Frank on that end. 

Frank : Here it is !!! BUFFET FUCK fest for all !!!... and there’s no way for them to run eh… hahahah….. 

As the group of 10 men swaggered into the arena, they joked like and pointed to the girls like meat, lewd comments flew, their conversation audible though the embedded stereo at every seat. 

“ I want to fuck that convent girl…. Hahah… rip her pinafore out, fuck into her cunt “ 

“ That office babe is mine ah…. Fuck look at that black stocking… I’m going to rip it and rape her “ 

“ I want that cute girl with the sweet smile…. That one with the top showing off her belly button…. “ 

I looked at Gina, she was wearing the same JC uniforms when I first met her.

She looked different now. 

That air of confidence. She looked even more sexy and desirable but I’m not going anywhere near her. 

The audience nudged each other excitedly as the men approached the girls, eager for a good rape fest but the smiles on their faces disappeared in seconds. 

Joanna : OH MY GOD !!! STOP THEM!!! FUCK!! 

Jong stood up and collapsed onto his feet as he staggered to get a better view. 

Krisna’s jaw fucking just dropped as he watched Gina deliver a blood spluttering blow to a client’s nose before turning to help another girl caught in a bear hug. 

It was fucking brutal. 

The cries from the clients rivalled the protest from the guest. 

Jong : JUDE!!! STOP THIS!! STOP THEM!!!! NOW!!! 

I smiled as I watched the spectacle. 

There was something sadistic to it. 

It was over within a minute. They girls were hardly touched and they had all 9 clients on the ground. 


Nina : Jude… this is taking SM and shit to another level man… fuck… get them some medical attention…. 

Jude : they will… after they pay…. 

I could see a few other regional facility staff smiling and nodding as they whispered among themselves. 

I hit the intercom to speak with the girls in the arena . 

Jude : Girls…. Great job… well done…. That’s all we have for you today…. 

The girls turned and walked back through the opened door where I had 28 security staff waiting to bring them back to their dorm. 

No one needed to see that of course. 

I saw a raised hand and I gestured over to the lady. A good looking lady with short cropped hair, she’s lesbian I guess. Gives off that vibe. 

Jude : Yes ? 

Annabelle : I’m Annabelle…. From Malaysia….. 

Jude : Yes Annabelle….. 

Annabelle : You were saying earlier… that your original intention…. For this was to protect the facility….. what do you mean ?? 

I smiled as I walked to the centre of the arena so everyone can see me. 

Jude : Yes…. They will protect the facility…. If the need arises…. But… people don’t attack us everyday….but in this turbulent world…..the services…. The things we can accomplished with girls like them….. don’t you think it would be worth more….. than just using them as breeding sows ??? 

A moment of silence engulfed the audience as I let the idea plant itself into their heads. 

Jong : What are you suggesting Jude ? 

Jude : We have 9 of them…..imagine we have 20, 30, 50 ? …..can we not make more money than we are making ??.....we already have the facilities and the girls…..imagine what we can do…..

I looked at each of the facility staff in their eyes and added. 

Jude : Imagine what we can achieve……besides populating the country of course…..Imagine… who would dare to fuck with us….. 

Jong : Can you control them ?? 

I nodded. 

Jude : Beyond doubt… 

Jong : Prove it… 

I smiled. I knew they would demand prove. 

I had prepared something before hand. 

I played a video, a video of me walking in naked into the shower facility in the girls dorm. 

They were shocked to see me but there was nothing they could do. 

I touched their breast, I rubbed their cunts. 

I bent a girl over mid shower and fucked her while looking at the camera overhead. 

All the while with the other girls staring at me. 

This immerse sense of power is like a drug. I love it. 

I craved it. 

Jude : I can do much more…. But I assure you…. I can make them beat up the client and before kneeling and giving me a blowjob…. 

Raising my volume, I urged all the regional facility owner to sign up for what I’m offering. 

Jude : We start today…… and come end 2018…… the Angel program would deliver it’s first batch of international girls….. 

I gave the que to start playing footages of the girls when they first started training, their forced rape , their processing days, leading right up to where they are today. 

Right when the music cuts off and the screen fades to black I added. 

Jude : It’s time……… for the facility to expand our offering……because we can…. 

Applause rang out and I saw a few thumbs up from the group as well, basking me in the limelight I craved. 


It was a good day. 

We ended it with all the regional facilities buying in. They would not only pay us to train their girls, they would also invest in our infrastructures. 

Jong was over the moon and he kept hugging me. 

We drank, partied and ate lobster prepared by our new central kitchen. 

Life was truly good. 

I gave instructions for good food to be sent to my girls too, I call them the Angels, because they are Angels to me in my eyes. 

By 9.30pm , everyone parted ways to head home. 


I was a little tipsy and horny. Honestly I wasn’t thinking straight. 

I made my way into the Angel’s dorm. There was no designated sleep time for them, I promised them the freedom, and I deliver. Their dorm was situated well away from the rest of the zones for security reasons. 

They wore no collars, no wrist tags. I promised them that too. 

I don’t want anyone to know I visited them, definitely not the dozen of guards stationed outside their dorm, so guess what I did. Yeah, I used the secret entrance, coming out from a fake door hidden inside a service room. 

There was no need for clumsy keys, it was just a 10 digit password known only to me. 

I walked right into their bedroom, looking for Gina. 

Perhaps it was the alcohol, it made me feel like fucking Gina. 

She was one of my most memorable fucks by the way. 

I staggered into a small living room, interrupting the girls who were chatting and in the middle of their Korean drama. They fell silent immediately. 

Usually they would be notified by the rotating red light and the hiss of the hydraulic door opening when anyone stepped into their private space. 

All eyes levelled at me but I don’t give a fuck. 

I owned them. 

I made them. 

Jude : Where is GINA!... 

I saw Gina stepped out from her room, dressed only in a white panty and a white t-shirt with no bra. 

Jude : Come here Gina…. Come here… haha… 

Ever since I stopped seeing Meihui, I have been craving for some genuine warmth from the embrace of a woman. Not something cold and sterile like commercial sex. 

I want that warmth. 

A connection. 

Not a cold struggling crying girl. 

I felt that Gina was the closest I had as a friend. 

A fuck buddy. 

I hugged onto her as she took my weight , supporting me easily. 

Gina : What are you doing here… how did you get in….? 

Jude : hahaha… I have my ways…. Hiccup !.... 

Gina : How did you get in Jude !... 

I smiled and gave her a wink. 

Jude : Shhhhhhhh…. It’s a secret….. hahaha…. 

That was when Gina stopped supporting me and I collapsed onto the floor. 

Jude : What the fuck man !!... 

I staggered and got up , it was then I realised all 9 girls were up on their feet looking at me. 

Jude : Fuck… 

I pointed a finger at them…. 

Jude : You don’t scare me…. 1 phone call is all it takes to…. 

Before I could finish, someone placed me in a choked hold, dragging me to the floor as I trashed about like a fish out of the water. 

I watched Gina hit the intercom to communicate with the guards. 

Gina : Hey…. Can you check if Jude is still in…. I need to talk to him urgently about the training program…. 

There was a 2 second delay before the reply came and sealed my fate.

Guard : Sorry babe…. Jude tapped out of the system at the gate 15 minutes ago…. He’s gone for the night…. 

I trashed and kicked and I must have passed out. 

When I came to, I was on a chair. 

I could not move. 

I was naked. 

I could not see anything, I was blindfolded. 

I tried to speak, but I can’t. 

My heart was thumping. 

I jumped when someone plastered her cheek against my face from behind. 

Gina : Jude…..i need you to trust me……. 

My heart slammed against my ribcage so hard I thought I was going to get a heart attack. 

It was a whisper, almost like a hiss of a venomous snake.

Gina : don’t worry…. I’ve helped a few boys get out before this…..tell no one about this… one…. 

My balls shrank as I recalled the exact words I said to Gina before back them. 

I shook my head, trying to speak through the gag. 

Gina : We still need to put on an act ………... some things still must be done…. In order to convince the others…………….. it’s necessary…………….… I hope you understand…… 

I shook my head, realising how fucked I was. 

She pulled the gag out of my mouth, asking if I enjoyed the taste of her sweaty panty. 

Jude : Please… I’ll do anything… anything….. let me go…. I won’t say a word about what you all did….. 

Gina grabbed my chin before she planted a kiss on my lips. 

Gina : promise you won’t say a word ?? 

Jude : Yes… yes… I promise….i promise…… 

I could hear and feel the group of girls gathering around me, their warm breathes breathing down my naked body. 

Someone jerked my head back with a yank of my hair and in a soft ghost like whisper, Gina added. 

Gina : I…. don’t believe you…. 

I hear the crack of knuckles as the girls argued for their turn with me alone. 

Jude : Fuck…. FUCK!!! 

Gina : The freedom.... you promised us.....we knew from the get go it would not be given so readily.... but we really appreciate what you did.....showing us what we could be besides some fucking sluts breeding babies for you men.......

Jude: Gina... gina... wait.. wait... listen to me.... 

Gina : I've seen enough of what you men are capable of.....all the sick fucking peverted fetishes.......and we are sick of it........ 

Gina spoke one last time before i was yanked out of the chair and thrown onto a bed by several pair of hands. 

Gina : Now.... let us show you what we are capable of.... first.... let's have some fun.... we haven had our urges..... satisfied in ages right girls ?? hhahah...

Someone grabbed my throat, my hair was yanked and i struggled to breathe as i felt a strong pair of hand grip my cock as if she was pulling out a carrot from the ground. 




The end.