Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The next few months

Been running about like a chicken the past week or so.

Do you know Changi airport has this particular smell ? It's not unpleasant or anything, but if you travel often, you would know what i mean. Was there like 3 times in a week or so, brrrrrrrr......

That feeling of sitting in the transit area waiting to board while trying to do some last minute work in a teeny weeny table and balancing a cup of kopi O.

It's a dreadful feeling.

I like to travel for holiday and leisure, but for work, it feels completely different altogether.

Well, at least i have a job, can't complain too much about that.

Looking at some free time the 2nd half of this week. Have a free day in Shanghai on friday , looking forward to do a bit of writing then.

Do you know if you try to use cash now in china they look at you as if you are an alien or something ?  haha.

It's Alipay for every damm thing man.

Which reminds me that a few blog visitors once wrote to me that they were almost scammed by those chat app , the got Alipay topup credits from AXS machines and have been stuck with those receipts for a while.

Go for a holiday in China and spend them, btw, you can pay with alipay too on comfort cabs now you know.

PS : This is not a sponsored post. I doubt Jack Ma would pay me .

I'm considering accepting alipay for ebooks now, so all of you who have alipay credits from almost being scammed have another alternatives to spend them. hahaha... just kidding.

Go shop and buy trinkets from taobao or something, beats letting the scammers have them.

Anyway, it's been a couple of years since i went Shanghai, amazed to see how much it has changed.

Alright, back to the schedule.

This is just tentative, i don't want to give exact dates but i'm trying to keep to the schedule.

July 2017

TFIWA - My orientation to the milk farm - get it here

August 2017

TFIWA - Equipment master

Manipulating my sister in law - Will be using the background and materials for this to work on another piece. I'm sorry, this has been cannibalized into another story i'm working on.
(Manipulating my wife to sleep with other men)  - An addition to the wife sharing genre.

TFIWA - New facility orientation part 1 - get it here ( PS: If you have followed the platform or bought something from the platform before 10/8/17, you would have already receive this FOC in your mailbox. Please check )

September 2017

TFIWA - New facility orientation part 2

Not all are paid works.

Private tour of the new facility will be sent to the same email you used if you have bought something from the new gumroad platform.

You can choose to follow the mailing list at the gumroad page too without buying anything. Subscribe before end august for the free works.

This will allow me to send you junk mail. 

This will subscribe you to a monthly update for the blog. I don't want to pile the blog with too much rants, this way, it can be more focused on the pieces i write.

Discount codes, hidden stuff ( if any ) , private reads, stuff that i don't post out in the main blog will be shared via the monthly update.

So subscribe now for some quality toilet literature. Nothing beats reading a rubbish article while taking a dump.

If you have any ideas, good story plots etc.

Drop me a mail.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Unreplied mails and housekeeping

Sorry for the late reply in getting back to some of you.

Give me a couple of days to get everything in order. Need to do a bit of housekeeping for missing files, ebooks, albums etc.

Once i have the time to sort things out, i will follow up with you guys.

I should get back to all within 48 hours from time of this post, if i don't drop me a mail.

For the handful of blog readers who bought the motherload from me. I will be contacting you privately with regards to the motherload access. I'm trying to set it up so it includes all the latest works.

More details in the private mail.

Please wait for it



It's a wrap

It's finally done.

I've wrapped up TFIWA.

Hope you enjoyed the roller coaster ride this couple of months. For those who supported me on the optional read, sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Really appreciate the support.

This will be the last full length work for 2017.

I'm considering working on a sequel for the Angel program but nothing is firmed up. I left it as an option should i decide to continue but i want to move on to try something else.

If you have been following my works, you can tell i'm trying to move beyond the usual with each new piece i write and i'm honestly considering writing a piece that is not centered around just erotica.

Just thinking out loud by the way.

The setting for the facility has been built up and it presents a lot of opportunity for related works, but if i were to put them all into the story, it would be so fucking draggy that you might just fall asleep, i've decided to expand those into standalone spin offs to be released over the next couple of months to help tide over the facility fever.

Some will be free to read, some will be paid works.

None of it will affect the main storyline should you wish to give it a miss.

Here's some of the standalone pieces i have in drafts. First 3 are almost done, while the rest are in various stages. Check back occasionally, there will be something new every month.

1) My orientation to the milk farm

   See the new and improved milking facility through the eyes of a newly upgraded employee.

2) Equipment master

   We need a someone to oversee all the interesting toys in the upgraded discipline room don't we ?

3) Utter humiliation

    Controlled humiliation delivered by mistress Gina and her lovely girls.

4) Kpop

5) Private tour group

6) My wife in the arena

Thank you for reading my work.