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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

It's a wrap

It's finally done.

I've wrapped up TFIWA.

Hope you enjoyed the roller coaster ride this couple of months. For those who supported me on the optional read, sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Really appreciate the support.

This will be the last full length work for 2017.

I'm considering working on a sequel for the Angel program but nothing is firmed up. I left it as an option should i decide to continue but i want to move on to try something else.

If you have been following my works, you can tell i'm trying to move beyond the usual with each new piece i write and i'm honestly considering writing a piece that is not centered around just erotica.

Just thinking out loud by the way.

The setting for the facility has been built up and it presents a lot of opportunity for related works, but if i were to put them all into the story, it would be so fucking draggy that you might just fall asleep, i've decided to expand those into standalone spin offs to be released over the next couple of months to help tide over the facility fever.

Some will be free to read, some will be paid works.

None of it will affect the main storyline should you wish to give it a miss.

Here's some of the standalone pieces i have in drafts. First 3 are almost done, while the rest are in various stages. Check back occasionally, there will be something new every month.

1) My orientation to the milk farm

   See the new and improved milking facility through the eyes of a newly upgraded employee.

2) Equipment master

   We need a someone to oversee all the interesting toys in the upgraded discipline room don't we ?

3) Utter humiliation

    Controlled humiliation delivered by mistress Gina and her lovely girls.

4) Kpop

5) Private tour group

6) My wife in the arena

Thank you for reading my work.



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