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I've been wanting to do something like this for a while. It would make the blog easier to navigate for 1st time visitors and seasoned supporters alike.

This page shall remain at the top when there are no new works being updated.

Navigate to every piece i did from here. Most of these are free to read, some have optional chapters that do not affect the main story line if you choose not to get them.

I've also included a short summary of each piece so you know what you are diving into.

NOTE : All the stories are erotic and sexual in nature set in local Singapore context. Please do not read them if you are uncomfortable with graphic sex scenes, forced non-consensual sex and sensitive sexual topics.

If this is the first time on this blog looking for a good erotic story set in Singapore, check out 'My good friend's marriage & the subsequent Europe trip'

If you are up for a bit of heavy reading. Go for ' The beast within'

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The beast within 

For Jim and his friends whose work is a constant struggle between what is right and what is financially viable for the company, every project comes with it's fair share of adventure and dilemma.

It's never an easy choice.

Still, the money is good, life is comfortable.

However, when a disaster strikes one of the safest city in the world, it brought the country to it's knees.

And when it dawn on Jim and his friends that one of the culprit is someone they have been dealing with, the choice is clear.

We may be a small country, but if size matters, an elephant would be the king of the beast.

Big trouble in little india

Jeff is one of the best black ops operator in the country, or so he thinks.

Considered a prequel to 'the beast within' , this story explores a shady underground network of killers that exists in Singapore that the public have no knowledge about.

Jeff thinks he kills people for the greater good, and with each kill, he is helping the country get rid of undesirable characters. He has never doubted the orders his superior gave until one day, he was sent along with 4 others to get rid of a pregnant woman.

A pregnant lady is far from his usual targets of criminals, drug lords and organ smuggling agents, but one thing troubled him most.

All operators work alone.

What kind of prey, justifies sending so many predators like him ?

My good friend's Marriage (MGFM) & Europe trip

Your hot colleague from work is not only your crush, she is also the bride to be of your good friend. Follow the lead through a series of events,twists,lies and deception that led to him sleeping with his good friend's bride.

My adventure as a hawker

Jude gave up his cushy job in the civil service to become a hawker selling noodles at his parent's stall. He sees a girl he likes working at the drinks stall, not knowing about her connection to the local triads and the wild ride that he would be getting on.

**this piece has optional works**

The facility i work at

Jake started working at a biomedical facility as a facility manager. He could never imagine the atrocities that were happening at the facility. It's a horror if you are a woman, but if you are a man, it's a different story altogether. Rows of women chained together and milked against their will, forced impregnation, plenty of  twisted sex scenes and of course, the facility's very own hunger games.

This will give you nightmares, or a very wet dream.

**this piece has optional works**

My love from the star vista

James took on a job offer working for a peculiar and weird family, gets embroiled in their family feud. Sex, lies, plenty of twists from each of the characters, but in the end, who do you believe ?

**this piece has optional works**

A pinch of salt 

That bitchy and hot sister in law that always seemed to pick on you. What do you do ? You fuck her of course.

My bet with my colleague 

A light hearted read about saving a girl from her abusive boyfriend. Fun, funny with a bit of sexual scenes.

My neighbour

James moved into a new place and keeps bumping into this stuck up neighbor. Inspired by a real story, follow James as he slowly melt his way into the neighbour's heart and gets rewarded in the end with a staged raped scene. Woman do anything for love.

My brother and sister in law

What do you do when you see your brother in law hit your sister in law ? You position youself to benefit from the aftermath of course. Wouldn't you ?

My adventure in the office 

The length people would go to to keep their jobs in this difficult economic climate ...... we do what we must.

**this piece has optional works**


An adventure spanning 15 years in the making. Join James as he grows up from a horny teenager to a scheming young man with the ultimate aim of bedding his childhood crush. He would do anything, including cheating his girlfriend to sleep with another man.


Internship in horrible office

Making money is never easy, more so as an intern.
Imagine playing games beyond your wildest wet dreams, powering go carts with your thrust into your colleagues' privates and hunting unwilling colleagues down before forcing yourself on them.

All in the name of making money.

**this piece has optional works**

The prison warden

50 years from now, Singapore is a very different place. 
Coney Island has been transformed into a corporation managed prison facility. 

Female . Prison . Facility . 

**this piece has optional works**

Wife sharing / swinging / cuckold genre / partner sharing. ( Not for the faint hearted )

The longest 4 days of my life

Wife forced to clear her father's gambling debts. If you can't pay with money, you pay with your body.

My wife's dark fantasy

Stella and i are about to try and start a family. Just before we do, we decided to embark on a little adventure to fulfill our dark fantasies. If you ever imagined your wife being a social escort, gangbanged by construction workers, and being used like a whore by strangers, this is for you. 

Cheating wife from elite school gangbanged by construction workers

Well, the title says it all

Singapore is a multi racial society and my best friend is a Indian. All is good but there's just a small problem. My girlfriend doesn't like him for the colour of his skin. 

I want to make her like him, because there is nothing sexier than seeing her smooth pale body being pinned under the dark body of my best friend. 

How should you celebrate your wife to be's big night ? How about some mind blowing orgasms delivered by other men ? 

It's your ultimate fantasy. Admit it.
You can't force her to do it, but you can engineer each step along the way to lead her down a path of no return.

PS : I take no responsibility should you decide to employ the same plans for your own wife

*Check out the post on how to change the names of the lead characters to you and your wife's name.*

Wife creampie by stranger

A different approach to story telling.
Video based.

Expect visuals & audio.

Graphics taken from popular online sources, all masking and mosaic done by original content owner.
I only wrote the story.

Sushi on my wife's body 

So.... the freelance model that you hired for a body sushi dinner failed to turn up.

It's a important deal for the company that you and your wife set up.

At that point in time, you cannot decide which is worst.

Having to cancel the dinner with some of your most important clients, or to let your wife take the place of the model .

My wife secretly became a social escort  (MWSBASE)

What if your wife decides to do something behind your back ?

What if the only way to find out what it is, is to read it online after it has been done ?

James realised his wife Shirley secretly started taking clients online via a popular sex forum. This is a betrayal that comes with graphic details. From wasapp messages to the detailed review given by clients after they fucked his wife.

Afraid and unsure of what to do, James could only follow and slowly uncover how his wife is slowly being turned into a slut by reading the reviews and the photoshoot albums done by clients.

Imagine having to face your wife everyday after work knowing what she does behind your back. Imagine being able to read what was done to her without her knowledge.

How far would she go as she seeks not money but self validation ? Pictures ? Photoshoots ? Reviews ?


Wive will not show their husband their true inner slut. They will only show it to someone they don't know, and hopefully never meet again.......

Or at least if she thinks they will never meet again.......

My wife first overseas trip  ( follow up adventure to MWSBASE )

Shirley's overseas work trip with her boss.
Just a work trip.


Shirley's dirty fuck  (follow up adventure to MWSBASE  )

Wife, sports attire , dirty mattress , jungle floor , foreign worker.

That should sum it up.

Do you really want to know what happened on your wife's hen's night party ?

My wife is my job security

What do you do when you realised an inconvenient truth ?

That your wife is the only reason you get to keep your job.
To make things worse, you are made to choose and to sit through a step by step presentation of what your wife did.


This piece offers some choices for the reader. You can decide which presentation you want to sit through and open the respective file to finish the 2nd half of the story.
There are multiple paths, but they all lead to the same ending.

Knowing that your wife's body is the reason you made it through the financial crisis

Non consensual encounters , humiliations . 

Nobody wants to use the 'R' word but admit it. It turns you on. You are a law abiding adult who can think rationally most of the time. Something like this can never happen in real life. 

Step into the shoes of the character and live the moment in your head.

Volume 1 & Volume 2 - Revenge on my friend's sister

Your friend's sister did something horrible to you many years ago. 
Today, she works for you. 

Do i need to go on ? 

Sister in law's photoshoot

So.... your sister in law wants to be a model / social media influencer.
As her favorite brother in law, you must do your best to help her right ? 

Neon pink sports bra, bright running shoes, FBT shorts and that repetitive gasp of air. Running in the dead of the night in that attire, she's obviously asking for trouble. 

The student next door

Sleazy taxi uncle harbors dirty thoughts about his neighbor . Tight convent school pinafore, sweaty netball attires and she was unlucky enough to be caught smoking. 

Underage smokers should be punished. No?

As a responsible tuition teacher, i have to make sure the money of parents are well spent. So a grave offence such as skipping class should be dealt with. 

I have to make sure the student doesn't skip class again. 

Natalie has her own tumblr blog where she shares intimate photos of her body, without her face of course. What would you do if you accidentally stumble upon her real identity ? 

The bride. You know you are thinking of doing it but it's your brother's big day. It's his day or if you are lucky, it could be your day too.

Forcing myself on my colleague 

I'm fat, ugly and disgusting. The one colleague you would want to avoid at work, but i share a cubicle with the prettiest chick around. Seeing how pretty she is stirred up emotions that i find it hard to suppress.

I didn't want to do it, but i could not help myself

Humiliated by my girlfriend and her friends

If being humiliated is your cup of tea, this read is for you. Eating bread smoosh by high heels, forced to shave, forced to cross dress, having your privates teased, drinking spit of hot and pretty girls to quench your thirst.

Playing with my friend's bride to be

So.... your friend is getting married soon...... but her bride to be needs money

You need a more detailed explanation for this situation ?

My Devious plan to impregnate my sister in law

Don't lie to yourself. How many times have you thought about this as well ?

Join James as he set up an elaborate con, drawing his sister in law in with interpretation of her
Bazi ( 8 characters) and elements.

Anchor that analysis to facts and science of the human reproductive system, what kind of recipe would James come up with ?

One that would get him his sister in law of course.

A different perspective 

This piece was inspired by one I read from Melissa who blogs at roughorders.blogspot.

She wrote the original piece from the girl’s perspective and I did one from the guy’s point of

Did this in late July when I was corresponding with her, and yes, she has read it too.

The original piece she wrote is here

All credits for the story line goes to Melissa.

Offenders are usually jailed and fined for committing an act of this nature. 
What if the system came up with a better solution to make sure it won't happen again ? 
Why jail, when you can rehabilitate ? 

The treatment though.......... can be a paradise for some...... hell for others.... 

Destroying my sister in law's reputation 

In this digital age, James finds out how easy it is to tarnish and stain someone's reputation. 
That someone is his sister in law. 

James want to pain his sister in law Mandy as a slut. He wanted the online community in the sex forum to label her as one. 

Join him as he slowly breaks his sister in law down with the ultimate aim of bedding her.

Enough of the blindfolds, no more bondage. Do away with the bait and switch. 

James wants to do it while he looks at Mandy in her eyes. He wants to see her morals erode away, knowing full well what she was doing. Her mind screams no, her body thinks otherwise. 

A hot sister in law sobbing in your lap , fearful of the consequence yet unable to control herself. 
What can get more arousing that this ? 

Drinking with my stepsister

Sometimes.... a little bit can go a long way... 

Training ground

What if you see something you shouldn't have ? Would you position yourself to do something you shouldn't do to a hot colleague of yours ? 

Video based story telling 

Wife creampie by stranger 

Hypnotise my neighbour

Shots (Shorts)

A new category of short works designed to titillate your senses. Might leave a bitter aftertaste in your tongue if you are not used to the strong double espresso in the morning.

Check page menu on right side of blog for 'Shots' section & preview

The shortcut  

There's a reason why you should not take a shortcut through a neighbourhood you are not familiar with.

Do you have a panty fetish like me ?

Drunk friends

You are responsible for sending your drink friends back after a night out. 
He's drunk. His girlfriend is drunk. 

Don't you think you should get your pound of flesh for the effort ? 


Paid works

There is a list of paid works with free previews on the tab at the right of the blog page. 

Feel free to read through and see if it interests you. Genre ranges from non-consensual intercourse to humiliation and wife sharing. 

Kindly avoid it if your heart cannot take it. 


Alright, these are some of the works i've done. Take your time to go through them. 

You should be comfortable enough to navigate the blog and find other hidden gems after you are done reading all these. 

Will update this page whenever i have time. 



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