Tuesday, 12 September 2017

A typical day

Picture this. 

A nice well groomed gentlemen, in a chic cafe on a weekday morning smack in the middle of town. 

As the CBD crowds whizzed by grabbing their morning coffee and breakfast, the gentlemen will be typing away leisurly on his laptop. 

He's working on his latest work for his blog. 

A blog with stories you would not even dream of telling your best pals you are reading. 

Sick, twisted and erotic stories conjured up right on this island where you and I live.

After wrapping up a few chapters, James googled for a nice restaurant that offers a fantastic set lunch deal. He beats the lunch crowd, got a seat, enjoys his meal before moving on to the next cafe where he would continue his writings. 

He would pause now and then, appraising the hot chick that would take a seat near him as she tries to balance her coffee, the oversized purse she was holding and the phone that was on the vege of dropping off. 

Her tight blouse would stretch straight as she smooth out her skirt, bending forward slightly before taking a seat. Her long legs clad in a pair of fashionable heels crossed before she angled them slightly and steal a passing glance at the gentlemen with a laptop who was obviously checking her out. 

A smile was exchanged and although it did not lead to come wild mindless intercourse in the bathroom, it gave the gentlemen the character he needed for his stories.  

Just like that. 

Come dinner time, James would grab a sandwich along the way, stop along the coffee shop for a bottle of beer , 'alfresco Singaporean uncle style' 

He gets home, takes a long cold shower before updating his blog with what he had written that day. 

Isn't this beautiful ? 

I would love to live as that gentlemen for a day but the scenario I painted could not be further removed from the truth. 

This is what a typical day looks like. One that I suspect many of you can relate to. 

I wake up at 6am everyday. The same time as my wife. We would get up, shower, get changed with scary military efficiency that would make my sergeant major back in my trainee days proud.

The kids would be stirring by the time we are out from the shower. My wife would be scurrying about in her bra and panty trying to dry her hair. 

Sometimes she would execute a full head spin, slapping me with the tails of her wet hair as she asked me to zip up her dress. 

Comments about the dress being too tight, too transparent or too short are better kept to myself if I don't want to be hurt by a dagger stare early in the morning. 

We struggled to dress the kids and by the time we dropped them off at childcare, it was beginning to look like a war zone at the train station. 

I kissed my wife goodbye before she went through the gantry. 

James : you're going to get molested in that dress..... your upskirt photos will be all over the net. .... stand near the girls in the train....

Wife : stop reading sammyboy forum ......  

She returned my kiss, and I walked on through the train station underpass to the bus stop. 

Getting to office at 9am , both my phones will be ringing. I ignored the one on the desk and answered the mobile at the pantry. 

James: hello...helloe.....ah soon ....ya...ya....o cannot hear you.... I call you later... 

I brought the phone close to the coffee machine and let the whrirr irritate Ah soon for 3 seconds before I hung up. 

Opened my mail and I began to sort out in order of urgency.  No. The red exclamation mark doesn't mean anything. 

I will look at the subject of the mail. 

"KNN James. HONG GAN LIAO !!!call me !" 

Mails like this gets priority.

Lunch is usually a quiet affair, in a small office with each employee managing their own projects, it's not often you get to have lunch together. I would grab a quick bite and find a place to settle down for a bit of writing on my laptop.

I don't need a coffee, i don't need wifi. Just a quiet place with some privacy. 

Libraries are my favourite. Chinatown library is a short walk away and that is where i would head to usually. 

The comfortable seats would be taken by the retirees, some of them dozing off precariously close to the edge. One might think a sneeze would knock them off balance. 

I got into a uncomfortable seat , squeezed my shoulders together and balanced the laptop on my thigh and quickly start hammering away at the keyboard. On a good day, i can get away for probably 40-50 minutes of writing before i have to stop. 

Sometimes if i'm heading straight to a meeting, i might cheat a little and arrive late for another 10-15 minutes on the laptop. 

The sperm in my testicles would mostly be dead by the time i shut down the laptop and pat off the warm fuzzy feeling on my pants. 

Come 5.30pm , i would text my wife and see which one of us can leave work on the dot at 6pm. 

You must be curious why.

Well, because the childcare closes at 7pm, we don't have a helper, we don't have support of in laws, grandparents , distant aunt of 2nd cousin or a fairy godmother. One of us would need to be at the center before it closes. 

On that particular day, i could leave work at 6pm sharp and it was my turn to pick up the kids. Battling the peak hour commuter crowd, i would arrive at the childcare at 6.40pm. 

"Papa....Why so late ? " 

"Papa.... MRT spoil again ?? " 

These are some of the comments that awaits me. 

We would grab dinner along the way at a coffeeshop. Sometimes my wife would arrive in time for dinner together at the coffeeshop, sometimes we would just buy packet food home. 

Showers, story time, family bonding comes next and by the time we tuck the kids in, it would be close to 10.30pm. 

I would look at my wife with and ask if she wants to have sex, or perhaps give me a blowjob. 

She would smile and nod her head eagerly before showing me her middle finger. 

Wife : There....happy ? 

That is the all the sex i will get to have that day. Purely visual and largely symbolic.

We would then be in the living room, replying mails on our respective laptops. She does her work a little while i would continue with some of the stories i'm writing. I usually reply my mails in the evening, administrative matters with the blog if any, are swiftly dealt with. 

Wait. Housework James. 

Who the fuck does the housework ? 

Well, we do only the bare minimum on weekdays. Empty the trash, wash the dishes, that's about it. 

Laundry ? 

Weekends only. 

Yeah. My wife has a basket of worn lingerie, sports bra, socks, running attire sitting there for an entire week. Send me a message if you would like to buy them. 

I would gladly sell them to you and throw in my underwear for free. 

It's not for the money, it's just so we can reduce the washer load. I won't say no to new underwear every week

12 Midnight. 

We have a little cuckold clock we bought in Europe during our honeymoon ages ago. 

The chimes reminded us that it was 12 and time for bed. 

I would try my luck again and asked if she would like to have sex. We would hug, she would just kiss me, sometimes i would make wild animal like grabs at her breast, snorting like some sex starved monster. 

Wife : Crazy ah ! 

James : Last time you would say i'm funny.... now you say i'm crazy....

Wife: Tsk.... wait you wake the kids up !... 

The lights go off and we would cuddle up in bed. 

Sometimes i would tell my wife i might force myself on her if she kept rejecting my sexual advances. 

Her reply is priceless. 

Wife : I won't resist if you do..... but i know you don't have the energy to do so.... so go and sleep.... 

It's true to a certain extent. 

After a long day, sometimes as parents, all you want is a good night's sleep. 

Seeing my wife curl up in only her underwear and singlet beside me just doesn't feel the same as back when we were dating. 

She still looks the same, a little more matured definitely but one could hardly tell she is a mother of 2. 

It would be a long stretch to say she can pass off as a student but i know she still fits in her old JC uniforms. We've done enough stuff in it to know she still fits. 

My head would sink into the pillow as i stared at the ceiling in the dark, when my eyes closed, i would be thinking about what is Jude going to do next. 

What is Jake's next step ? 

What is James' next adventure ? 

And before i realised it, the alarm would go off and it's 6am again. 

I turned over and kissed my wife, resting my forehead on hers. 

Wife : Here we go again.... 

James : Here we go again.... 


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  1. Ouch... An article hitting right on the nail about most of our "daily" adventures.