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The Beast within part 1

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This is a work of fiction. Period. 

**From the bottom of my heart, i prayed that what you are about to read, will never ever happen**

Synopsis : 

For Jim and his friends whose work is a constant struggle between what is right and what is financially viable for the company, every project comes with it's fair share of adventure and dilemma.

It's never an easy choice.

Still, the money is good, life is comfortable.

However, when a disaster strikes one of the safest city in the world, it brought the country to it's knees.

And when it dawn on Jim and his friends that one of the culprit is someone they have been dealing with, the choice is clear.

We may be a small country, but if size matters, an elephant would be the king of the beast.


Note : story contains extreme graphic violent scene that might make you uncomfortable. Even if you managed to stomach all my past works of erotic nature, i have to be upfront, this is not the same. 

It's a disturbing read.

This is as real as it gets...... 


I hit the lowest point in my life when I turned 36.

Most of my friends and peers would be well entrenched in their career at that age but not for me. It’s as if life wants to make an example out of me.

The embodiment of everything that you should not have by this age.

I ticked all the check boxes for a typical Singaporean male in his mid thirties, at least for a while.

I’m married, I have a daughter, I have a HDB flat, I have a stable job and I have a car.

That checked the first few boxes.

Unfortunately I checked the next few as well soon after.

I got divorced. Wife became my ex wife, I got retrenched and don’t even start on the car. It was the first to go. HDB flat needs to be sold once it hits its minimum occupation period of 5 years and the proceeds split according to the agreement.

So to put it in simple English.

I’m fucked.

It was a combination of bad judgement and bad luck.

My wife left me because I cheated on her. I can blame no one except myself for this. It was a stupid mistake, one that many married men fell for once the kid comes along. There was a period of dry sex spell for me and my wife after our daughter Tricia was born.

I started to think with my dick instead of my head and I went to engage a social escort.

I got caught, and that’s the end of the story.

No Korean drama here.

My wife Anna was devastated, so was I when the gravity of what I had done to the family finally hit me. She could not bring herself to forgive me and after a torturing period of 6 months, we initiated the paperwork to leave me.

Anna wanted me to move out, she felt that perhaps it might be better that way. I could see she was stressed out with trying to care for a toddler and juggling work at the same time, I did not want to argue with her and I shifted back to my parents place.

We maintained contact, not as husband and wife, more of friends in a way. We would spend Saturday together with our child, pretending everything is fine. I get to visit Tricia anytime I want as long as Anna was informed.

By the time Tricia turned one, Anna was more or less over the fact that I cheated on her but she still could not forgive me.

Anna : Jim….I’m doing my best to forget it….. but I still can’t forgive you….

That was what she said.

Well, enough of the sad family story, I deserved it, I literally took a dildo and fuck myself in the ass to be in this state.

Just when the dust was beginning to settle in my personal life, I lost my job at a metal fabrication company. After 7 years in that place, I was convinced it was a job that would take me straight to my retirement. I was comfortable, paid decently, 2 months bonus every year, good benefits.

The boss made some bad investment decision with a partner and the company almost went bankrupt. Then the son magically appears from Australia with a fancy degree to take over the reins and we had a major restructuring.

More than half the old staff were let go.

As I packed up my desk, I was torn between laughing and crying.

Looking up into the skies, I almost wanted to ask the big man up there if he was toying with me. That he was bored and he’s trying to see how badly he can mess up someone’s life.

I spend the next month sending out resumes and calling up some old contacts to see if there were any openings in their companies but there were none.

So how ?

I did the only thing left for a Singaporean male in my situation. I drove a cab.

It was not easy making a living on the road. I thought it was a piece of cake, afterall, it’s just driving from point A to point B.

I was wrong.

The people you meet, the traffic conditions. Unreasonable riders, mad F1 drivers, you name it.

After deducting the rental, fuel and miscellaneous cost, I made 1.5k on the first month as a cab driver. This is me clocking 12 hour shifts 7 days a week.
It sucked.

I’m a total green horn to this, I made wrong turns.

Wrong turns that led to a long expressway, or worst, directly into the jaws of the ERP gate that sucked the life out of my cashcard.
GPS brought me around in circles.

Customers demanding a discount because I took the longer route.

Queuing at the airport at the wrong time and wasting more than an hour in the queue.

All the stupid newbie mistakes I made would probably be enough to fill a book.

The 2nd month I did a little better as I slowly learned from my mistakes. I brought home 2k.

The 3rd month was better at 2.2k.

I was starting to get the hang of it, and although I kept sending out resumes when I’m not driving, no one replied.

6 months into the life of a cabby, I was averaging 2.7-3k a month in profit. It’s not much but more than enough for me to get by for now.

My life became a dull routine of work, visit my daughter, back home to my retired parents and it all starts again the next morning.

A routine.

I shit you not, even the people I meet while driving a cab is more or less the same.

I categorise them into 2 groups. People who like the government and people who hate the government. Period.

It’s funny, really.

Sometimes customers would get in my cab and start cursing at the government over everything and anything.

I would just smile and nod my head.

Sometimes they would get in and once the conversation gets going, they would automatically assume that as a cab driver, I hate the government. Isn’t this the case, all cab drivers like to curse at the government?

Some would praise Singapore to the skies.

Some would drag her down to the mud and spit on her.

All manner of weird, crazy and just plain scary customers, drive around long enough, I guarantee you, you would meet them all.

I would entertain them with a smile and nods of my head. I’m not keen on striking conversation when I drive, it’s a personal thing. As long as they are happy, I’m satisfied.

If I were to put it bluntly, I don’t really care anymore.

I’m numb to the politics of the country and I’m sure many are as well.

We’re common folks, simple common folks.

Most of us are just trying to make a living.

You can say I’m jaded but put yourself in my shoes.

At my age, in my situation, would you not feel the same ?

Sometimes I would lie in my bed at night thinking if this was how I would live out the rest of my life.

A quiet, nobody in a country that is moving so fast. That I would just fade quietly into the hustle of the growing city.

24th December 2016

Christmas eve.

My 37th birthday. No cake, no celebration, but my mum was nice enough to cook me a bowl of noodles and hard-boil egg for breakfast.

A wasapp voice message from my 2 year old daughter wishing me happy birthday was the best present I could ask for. I played it at least 30 times before starting my shift that day.

I made a silent wish that day.

That my life would get better soon.
That I would get a stable job and move on.

I was hoping to make a few extra buck that day since it’s the weekends and it’s the festive season. Had a good start initially, picked someone from my parents place at Pasir Ris to Jurong East. Immediately after that saw a family with luggage and it’s off to the airport from the west.

I was smiling during the drive. Perhaps it’s my birthday, a pleasant day was all I asked for.

From the airport, I got a couple heading home to Bukit Timah. They gave me a tip of $8 after I helped them with their bags

I could not believe my luck.

Right at the entrance of their condo, I picked up a kid who wanted to go Sengkang.

Can you fucking believe this ?

I could hardly wipe the smile off my face as I started up the meter and pulled off into the road.

Barely one junction later, the smile disappeared.


That kid, his eyes looked like they were about to close. He’s probably in his early twenties, and the stench of his alcohol breath filled the whole cab.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I would see from the way he breathed heavily as he tried to suppress his guts.

Jim : Hey hey hey…. There’s plastic bag behind… don’t puke in my car ah!!

Kid : ok… ok… don’t worry brother… don’t worry…..blerghhh.. berlgeehhh

Jim : OEI !!! OEI!!!

Kid : BERGGGGHEHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

The stench of his lunch filled the car as I pulled out of the expressway into Sengkang.

I wind down the window and shook my head.


Shaking my head with my right hand dangling out of the window, I wanted to point a middle finger to whoever is up there fucking with me.

I pulled up to the address the kid wanted to go. He apologised, paid me $10 more on top of the fare saying that was all he had and that he was sorry.

Kid : Sorry brother… sorry….Merry Christmas….

I looked at the mess behind, the floor mat was totally flooded with his vomit.

Some birthday this is turning out to be.

Who the fuck gets drunk at 3pm on Christmas eve?

I pulled into a car wash bay at the carpark and opened up all the doors.

As I waited for the water to fill from the wash bay tap, something caught my attention.

It was a convoy of cars.

No, not a wedding convoy.

2 black SUVS in front, followed by a Mercedes , sweet looking S class and another black SUV at the back.

They came into the estate and slowed down as they made a left turn into the carpark where I was at.

The cars passed me one after another inside the carpark.

Their windows are tinted, I’m pretty sure it’s more than what the authorities allow.

The first 3 vehicle went pass and up the ramp to find a parking lot.

The last one however slowed down when it passed by my cab.

It slowed to a crawl as I stared at the vehicle.

Then it stopped about 7 meters away.

I was the reverse light come on and my heart skipped a beat.

Looking around, I’m the only one in the carpark, why are they reversing?

There’s an empty washing bay beside my cab, perhaps this driver wanted to wash his car as well ?

It continued moving back more and more until it stopped directly in front of my cab.

The water stopped flowing the same time the driver door opened.

I dropped the sponge I was holding on as my eyes met those of a familiar figure standing right in front of me.

I could not believe it.

Without wasting a second, I ran forward and embraced the man in front of me.

Rizwan was my Sispec ( School of infantry specialist ) buddy back in the army.

Jim : What the fuck man Rizwan !!! haha… how are you !!

Rizwan : JIM!... !! haha…

I’ve lost touched with a lot of army mates after losing my phone, and I’m not a social media guy so I don’t have any means of getting in touch via those platform as well.

Jim ; How are you man ??

Rizwan : I’m ok… I’m ok…. Where have you been Jim…. We’ve been looking for you….

Before I could answer him, another figure got out of the car.

Eric : JIM !!! KNN !!!

Jim : what the fuck….Eric !! ??  Kan cheong spider ??

Eric : Fuck you la…. I’m not kan cheong spider anymore ok… hahah…

We hugged and shook hands.

The euphoria of running into 2 long lost friends barely settled in when Rizwan pulled out a walkie talkie from the back of his belt.

Speaking into the talkie, Rizwan was smiling and grinning.

Rizwan : Boss…. you won’t believe who is here ? We found that fucker finally… hahah…

Jim : Who is that ??  who are you talking to ??

That was a pause from the walkie talkie before I heard the familiar grunt of a warrant officer that left a particular strong impression in me.

Warrant officer Soh.

This must be a dream.

What is happening ?

Jim : What is going on ? What is happening ? How did you guys get together ???

Eric : hahaha… Jim… we have a lot to catch up and talk about….

Another 10 minutes passed within me even realising and I heard the sound of rapid footsteps approaching from a distance away.

The hair at the back of my neck stood on it’s end as I broke out into laughter.

I don’t fucking believe this.

With his large bear like body, Warrant Soh strutted towards me with his signature swagger.

Right behind him, Tommy, Mohan, Derrick, Nelson.

This is my entire Sispec section right there.

In front of my fucking eyes.

These are men that I would not think twice about going to war with.

It was a emotional moment for me as my hand went to my mouth and I choked back a tear.

Soh : JIM!!!....what the fuck …. You hiding from loan shark ah !!... hahah…

Jim : Sir… how are you….

Soh : I’m retired….. call me Soh…. Hahah…

I shook hands with the guys, hugs were embraced as memories of the times we were together when we were barely twenty years old came flooding back into my head.

Warrant Soh back then was our Platoon commander and he took a particular interest in the group of us. He loved us as if we were his kids.

Soh : We need to catch up….all of us…. What happened to you Jim ??

Everyone’s eyes darted to my cab before looking back at me.

There was a moment of silence before I broke it.

Jim : Well… a combination of bad luck and bad decision…. And… this is where I am…. How about you guys ?? … you all working together now ???

Everyone nodded and Mohan said they all work for Warrant Soh now.

Jim : Wow !....

Soh came over and took my shoulder.

Soh : Join us Jim….. join us…..

Jim : Of course !!!.. of course…. Hahaha… but… but what is it you guys do again ??

Everyone laughed.

Rizwan : We are about to open your eyes to a whole new world Jim…. A whole new world….

Everyone laughed and Soh demanded that we have a meal together followed by drinks that day.

Soh : Your birthday right JIM!!!... I remember… I gave you extra duties on your birthday.. hahaha
Jim : yes… hahah… for losing the blank attachment… haha…

Soh : Fuck man… that was so long ago….

I could see the genuine happiness in Soh’s eyes as he stepped back and look at the lot of us.

He said we were his best trainees. The best batch he ever had.  

Soh : Finally…. I have all my boys back together again… hahaha….

Eric : That sounds fucking gay boss…hahah…

Soh : Fuck you la…

Everyone laughed as I took in how much Warrant Soh has aged. He has to be in his mid fifties at least.

Soh was about to get everyone to load up into the vehicles and head out for a meal when he saw the pail of water and the sponge.

His eyes drew the attention of the rest of the group and they all looked at the cab.

Rizwan was the first to see the vomit and he smiled before unbuttoning his cuffs. The others followed suit and started to roll up their sleeves.

Jim : hey hey hey… stop stop… don’t need… you all go on ahead…. I’ll meet you all at the eating place after cleaning up…. Hey stop… don’t need !....

Eric gave me a nudge on my arm with a ‘Tsk’

Eric : What are brothers for ? haha…

I sighed in resignation as Soh lit up a cigarette and barked at the group of almost middle age men crowding around the dirty cab.

Soh : KIN LA !! ( hurry up ) …. Waiting for Christmas is it !!! ….. haha…

Everyone laughed as they started to help me clean up the cab.

Looking back up into the skies once more, I shook my head and smiled.

Seems like someone heard my birthday wish after all.


Soh lit up a cigarette and went to his phone while the rest of my friends started to help with the clean up.

I kept telling them it’s fine but they would not have it.

They insisted on helping.

In the midst of rinsing off floor mats, wringing clothes, spraying air freshener and wiping off puke, the group of them updated me about their lives after we lost contact.

Eric brought over a pail of water and he started first.

He told me he’s divorced and his daughter is already 5 years old.

Eric : My ex wife…. Fuck la she… go back to her own country already…..

Jim : Huh ? She don’t want the child ??

Eric was not shy to admit that they married without thinking it through. They met at a KTV lounge and she was from Vietnam.

Eric : We had Claire…. Then she got her PR status then she choot pattern already….

He told me she literally walked away without even looking back before Claire turned one.

Jim : That’s fuck up bro…

Eric laughed in a bitter manner but said perhaps it was a blessing in disguise.

Eric : I’m very close with my daughter….she’s the world to me…hahah…it was tough initially juggling work and a infant….i’m barely making ends meet until I met Soh …. And the rest is history….

As I digested Eric’s summary of his post army life, Tommy passed me a mat he had already rinsed out.

Tommy : What about you Jim ?? how are you doing ??

The group waited for my reply and I basically spent 5 mins telling them a condensed version of what happened.

Soh was the first to give his take.

Soh : KNN la Jim…. Call chicken la… you see… call somemore…. Hahah…

Jim : Well… I fucked up…. There’s no other way to put it…. And…. All these…. It’s just me paying for my mistake….

I sighed and said I’m prepared to make up in whatever way I could if I had the chance.

Tommy asked me to cheer up.

Tommy : Relax la… things will be fine eventually…..

Tommy is still single, we know he was sort of a player back in the younger days. With his boyish good looks, Tommy is always popular with the girls.

His parents were separated too and now live separately in Hong kong and Malaysia. All that remains in Singapore is Tommy and his grandmother who is in a nursing home.

Tommy : She has dementia….. sometimes she don’t recognise me…

I nodded as Tommy handed me another wet floor mat he rinsed.

Tommy : Well… this is life man… we all grow old… haha….

Soh : Hurry up hurry up…. Don’t take your own sweet time can or not….

Rizwan : Wah lan eh Soh… you still talk the same way … machiam still in the army like that leh…. Hahah…

Everyone laughed as Soh gave Rizwan the middle finger.

We wrapped up the cleaning and the group of us went to a nearby coffeeshop to grab a drink.

Over several rounds of coffee and tea, I was quickly brought up to date about what my friends were doing for Soh.

Soh operated an events company but things were not as simple as they seem. His clientele is in a class of their own. The super rich, high nett worth individuals.

The events in which they organise, is not something you can just ring up any company and ask for a quote.

It’s exclusive, special, customised and needless to say, expensive.

Jim : can you give me an example ?? something to anchor to…. If not… you guys look like you are going around in circles….

Eric : We offer a wide range of service….from… say…. Personal protection….party planning, baby sitting…. Things like that…. it can be as simple as escorting some VIP wannabe from the airport to the hotel….. or just standing next to some businessmen that wants to inpress his clients….

Jim ; Oh… err.. ok…

Eric : Baby sitting wise… we don’t mean looking after a kid….hmmm…think something along the line of say…. Some rich guy is going overseas…. Wants us to keep an eye on his wife and shit….

Jim : Oh…. Ok….

Rizwan continued after that.

Rizwan : Then there are the parties…. Parties that…happens in a hush hush place… with activities that are not encouraged…..

Jim : Errr…. Don’t tell me it’s some fucking mass orgy ah…

Rizwan : hahah… no la… it’s not… hard to explain now… but you will see once you come onboard…

I could tell the guys are enjoying their work with Soh and they’re definitely looking forward to have me on board as well.

Jim : I would love to join you guys man… I mean… it seems you all are doing pretty well…. But I can’t just stop driving like this…. Have got to give my cab hirer some time to find a relief driver….

Soh : Don’t worry…. Come over to the office tomorrow… we’ll get you all sorted out…. I have a need for your cab anyway for a couple of events…

Jim : Really ?

Soh : Don’t worry la Jim… I’m here… hahaha…

Soh chuckled in a low bear like growl as he sipped his coffee.

I nodded my head and said I would be at his office on Christmas day.

Soh : Good…. We need all the help we can get for the next job….

Eric : That Australian rich kid ar ??

Soh : Yes.. that one… fucking crazy son of a bitch….

We parted ways about 7pm and I continued driving, picking up a endless stream of people on their way to parties and gatherings. I ended my shift at 1am that day.

25th December 2016
Christmas day


I got to the address Eric text me the day before.

It wasn’t exactly an office.

I double checked the address given along Senoko road. The gate is open and I could see the SUVs parked inside the compound. I parked beside the vehicles and walked towards the dingy looking building.

It’s a low 2 story structure that had seen better days. The paint is peeling from the outside and there were a lot of stains from the algae on the walls.

The ground is uneven, large potholes, a little bit of water ponding, muddy puddles. Entering the structure , I came to this large warehouse.

It looked like a hanger where you do maintenance for large vehicles, except there are no vehicles in there. In it’s place are several large shipping containers that has been repurposed into an office of sort.

3 containers were aligned side by side with windows and doors cut into their shell. It look pretty cozy from the outside. The working area were not restricted to just within the containers.

Right outside the office were chairs, benches, movable whiteboards, large tables, crates , boxes , even a row of lockers.

I could almost imagine this to be the scene where some Hollywood war movie is being set up.

Like after landing in some secret airbase and this is where you work your shit.

The door to the office opened and Eric waved me in.

The cool air of the office was a stark contrast from the humid exterior of the warehouse.

It’s simply furnished, cubicles for each and everyone and a private room for Soh.

Eric : come come…. Mohan is waiting for you… Soh is on his way over….

I went over to Mohan, also known as the man of few words.

Mohan isn’t someone to make small talks and when he speaks, he gets straight to the point. He’s 1.9m tall and at 80 kg, he’s muscles are ripped and well defined. He’s always the fastest runner back in our younger days.

Being the only indian in our midst, he was also the target of our many teases and jokes. He takes them in stride, calling us ‘Chinks’ the same way we call him ‘ah neh’

Mohan : Jim…. Lai lai…. Come and sign all these….

Soh put Mohan in charge of HR matters and money, Mohan asked me to look for him for matters regarding pay and stuff. He’s also the one hounding clients for payment. He’s perfect for that role really.

With his dark skin, chiselled face and fucking huge eyes, the scariest expression you could get from Mohan was when he had no expressions. You would think he’s about to fucking bite your face off.

That was the vibe he gave off.

Despite his looks, Mohan has a heart of gold. He was orphaned by the age of 3 and brought up by foster parents. 

Mohan : Anything to do with money…. look for me… ok… claims… allowance… pay or whatever…. Bank account details… all me…

Jim : Ok… err… can I ask why Soh put you in charge ??

Mohan widened his eyes and gave me a look as if I had asked something stupid.

Mohan : Eh hello… I Indian la bro…. all Indians good with money you don’t know meh… look at all the big banks… !

He gave me a quick flash of his middle finger before Eric and I burst out laughing as his expressions.

I really miss these guys so much.

Mohan sorted out my employment contract, answered any questions I had and that was it.

Mohan : We’re all drawing the same pay… this is how it works here Jim… pay…. Same… open… 3.2k…. bonus is as per performance…. This will be different…. Soh will sit down with you….

Jim : Ok.. sure.. there’s good enough for me….

Mohan : Don’t worry… we’re averaging 2-3 months…. Since we started 2 years ago…. Not bad one…. This doesn’t include other perks along the way…. Haha…

Jim : Ok… sure… anything man… hahaha…. I’m just really glad to see you guys again…


Everyone was in the office by then and we were still in the midst of catching up with out lives when Soh came in with a folder in his hands.

Soh : You can do your catchup slowly next time ok…. you can see each other everyday…. Until you want to puke…..

Smack smack smack !

Soh tapped the 2 folder on his hands and gestured all of us out of the office.

The movable white board was wheeled and all of us took a seat on the benches. I could feel this weird excitement running through my veins.

This feels like I’m getting some Ops order before moving out for a mission.

I know this is proper work but the set up.

The environment, the people.

The things I see.

I can’t help but feel there is this element of fun in the things Soh do.  I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Soh : Ok… coming up next week… we have 2 assignment…. One personal protection , (PP) in short …. And one event…

Soh asked me to tag alongside Eric, and that he will walk me through what needs to be done.

Soh : ok , this is straight forward…. Business man meeting some contacts from China… want to act act a bit… so he got us in for this…

Soh scribbled the locations for the pick up and drop off together with some key contact details for the client. He drew 3 boxes to indicate the 3 SUVs the company has and split everyone up into each vehicle.

The job is simple, we are to pick up the contact from China at the airport. Send him to the hotel in town for the meeting our client. They will have their dinner, drinks, do whatever fuck they want to do, while we run a 24 hour shift just standing around looking important.

It’s ridiculous. This is Singapore, we’re one of the safest place on earth. Still, people are out to impress.

Soh : So… just keep your mouth shut, eyes open, just act professional …. Easy job…any questions ??

Everyone shook their head.

Soh : good. Next up… the stupid event…. Eric… you do the briefing…

Eric flipped the board to the back and started on a fresh canvas.

The next event is more ridiculous than the first.

If I didn’t hear it with my own ears, I would think it’s a fucking joke.

Client is a rich kid, daddy owns mines in Australia and bought him a property in sentosa.

He’s known to throw fancy parties and shit but this time round, he wanted something different.

Something so exotic you would think he’s mad.

This event, or party as he calls it, is to scare his friends.

It’s not some Halloween costume party mind you, the client wanted a Taoist rites you perform at funeral.

What the fuck you say.


That was what he wanted.

That kid saw the rites once and he thought it was creepy. He had approached proper funeral companies for it but they all rejected him according to Eric.

Now, this is something that Soh can do, or rather, we can do.

Eric : It’s simple… we will setup the altar with all the shebang. Candles, fruits… offerings…fuck… it’s basically everything…

Eric said that all this will be done in a large room inside the sentosa property itself.

Eric ; Now… this is not all…. The client wanted a corpse or something close… haha

The group of us burst out laughing and started pointing to ourselves.

Rizwan : Easy job man… haha… lie down don’t move only right… hahah…

Nelson : Me.. me.. me… I lie down I can sleep already.. hahaha

Derrick ; Me la.. me la…. I  don’t mind taking this difficult job… hahaha…

Eric cut off our conversation saying that the spot is already taken.

Soh : I’ll lie down la… KNN… you all still young… don’t do this kind of stuff… I pantang(superstitious)  …I old man… I do it…

Eric : Ok… we need to ring some bells… light some joss sticks…. Ok… walk around in circles….

Joss paper will be thrown and a speaker will play some chants and recitals downloaded off the net.

I was chuckling where I sat as I took it all in.

This is just ridiculous.

Eric continued, adding that while this is going on, the client and his friends, a small group of about 10 will be gathered around .

Eric : The client wanted to build up the atmosphere… something eerie… creepy and scary…. Fucking sicko…. But important thing is the end game…

Jim : What is the end game ??

Eric told me that as the atmosphere builds us, we were to focus our attention on a particular girl he likes.

Eric : Childish games la… he wants to scare her, I will ring the bell and Soh will sit up from the corpse table and run towards the girl.

Jim : Hahhahaha…

I laughed so hard I was clutching the sides of my stomach.

Derrick laughed the hardest for this, sinking down to his knees, his head facing down with his palms supporting himself. 

Derrick ; whahahahahahahahahah….wheezz.. wheezz.. wheezz..hahahahaha…

Hearing Derrick laugh made it all the more funnier.

He makes this weird wheezing sound when he gets into a uncontrollable laugh. You would think he’s getting some asthma attack but he’s not. He’s just laughing.

Eric hit the board a few times to get our attention.

Eric : Listen up guys… this is important…. Don’t fucking screw it up ok…..

Eric stressed home an important point.

Eric : Guys… this is serious…. Client says he would not pay us…. If it fucks up halfway…. Or we end up laughing…..

Soh : Yes… all our bonuses depends on this ok….

Eric : I know it’s hard…. I burst out laughing a couple of times when Soh and I met the client at his place…. But…. We just have to hold it in… do your best….

Eric told us that for doing something ridiculous like this, the client was willing to pay a cool 5 figure sum for a few hours work, that doesn’t include all the items that we will be buying for the ritual.

There will be a markup of course for each and this contract will easily be worth about 30k all in.

Eric : It’s good money for a day’s work…. Please don’t fuck it up….

Eric went on to ask if we had any questions and there were none.

Eric : good…. The event will happen on new year’s eve…. Less than a week from now….. I say we start getting ready for it….

Eric assigned the roles.

Soh will be the corpse.

Mohan and Rizwan will sit this one out, they will look out of place in the Taoist costumes pretending to be chanting anyway.

Mohan will be in charge of the speakers while Rizwan will work the smoke machine.

Eric will be the lead priest, Tommy, me, Derrick and Nelson will be the so call disciples kneeling behind Eric while he does his shit.

I could not help thinking about it even after I left the office.

Well, all I had to do was not to laugh.

I think that should be pretty straightforward.

26th December 2016


A thing about this job though, the hours are flexible. This could be a double edge word. Public holiday or not, sometimes we still have to work.

In this instance, we’re all needed to be back to discuss and rehearse the dumb party plan for the Taoist rites.

We set up a mock up with tables with Soh lying down.

We laughed of course but after going through a few times, it was no longer as funny. We sort of got used to it.

By 6pm that day, we were done. Everyone knew what to do.

27th December 2016



I came to office at 9am only to find myself alone in the empty office.

Soh came at 10am.

Soh : Jim…. If there’s no ongoing project or events….there’s no need to be in at 9 sharp… we’re flexible… they guys usually come in by lunch…. Spend more time with your kid…

Jim : Oh… ok…


We had lunch and Eric sat down with me to go through some specifics about a new job that needed my taxi as a cover.

By 5pm, there was nothing much left for us to do after making sure the things we needed for the sentosa party was loaded up into the vehicles.

31st December 2016


The big day arrived and we were all needed in early. We had to grab all the fruits and vegetables from the market.

Roast chicken, duck even a suckling pig was loaded up into the vehicle.

Jim : Where got ppl use suckling pig at funeral one ??

Soh : Aiyah…. Bill client one what…. We just get… after that we can eat…. Hahah…

We got everything we needed by 12 noon and soon then 3 car convoy made it’s way towards the island. I was riding with Eric in the 2nd vehicle and he told me the client just turned 21 a few months ago.

Eric : We kind of hosted a party for him, things got rowdy…. We got to break up a fight….. he’s a bit of an asshole actually but he pays…..

Jim : well… if Mohan is the one asking…. I’m sure everybody will pay…. 

Eric laughed as we turned into the private estate.

My first impression of the client was not good at all. A young stuck up chap walking out half naked to greet us.

Tony : Good day Mate… !.... yall ready ?

Eric : Yeap… we’ll get the things set up….

Tony : good.. good…. Haha…. Don’t fuck it up…. I wanna show my friends how sick this thing is…. Man…I fucking saw it once and it gave me the creeps….. haha…

Eric : Sure… don’t worry… we’ll nail it….

The client gave us the thumbs up before walking into his private pool for a swim.

The moment felt strangely familiar when we started to unload the stores from the vehicles. It reminded me of the times back in the army when we had to bring everything off the tonners for our training.

Everyone worked with a smile as we set up the room.

It’s not a big space, about the size of 2  HDB living room. I could tell it was some sort of a entertainment room, a giant screen took up one end of the wall and there’s a expensive looking projector hanging from the ceiling.
Anyway, we just went about our work.
i      []
I   [][][][][]
i        O
I   O O O O    

The setup is something like the diagram

Just look at the rectangles for now.

The single one is the table where Soh will be lying on, pretending to be a corpse.

The other 5 arranged side by side will be used for the offerings and stuff.

Eric would take the main role of the Taoist priest while the rest of us would be following his lead. Simple as that. 

The client and his guest will be standing behind us.

Here’s the story that he would be telling his friends.

Since it’s unthinkable for anyone to be carting a corpse around sentosa, Tony will be informing his friends that he has invited us to do a Taoist exorcism.

Even though know what the fuck that meant, Tony just want us to set it up to look like the typical ritual at a funeral.

Make it creepy, scare the girl, don’t laugh, take the money.

We spent some time arranging the fruits and offerings. The sliding doors on the left of the room was opened up fully. This is because we will be lighting candles, joss sticks , maybe burning some incense paper.

You know those yellow pieces of talisman you stick on a vampire so he doesn’t move. Yeah, Eric printed a few hundreds of those and we started decorating the table Soh will be lying on.

Eric : Boss… here… I got a fucking big A3 size one… cover your face… you laugh also he don’t know….

Soh : Fuck you la…. Knn….

Eric : hahaha….

We laughed and tested out the system and smoke machine.

By 4pm, all is set and Soh called for a short meeting.

Soh : Alright… this is stupid but fuck…. Client is paying… who are we to question how people spend their money right….
We nodded as Soh went on.

Soh : We’re bound to laugh at some point but remember what I told you back in the old days…. Eh….hahah…

Eric laughed and added.

Eric : Do anything you want…. Just don’t get caught…

The lot of us burst out laughing and Soh wanted us to go grab a early dinner.

Before we got into the vehicle, I watch Soh light up some incense, praying to all 4 directions before putting it in the bronze bowl filled with rice.

Soh : Sorry ah brother sorry….. trying to make a living…..please don’t take this seriously…

I chuckled as Soh came over shortly as the lot of us went to grab our dinner in vivo city.

Tony expected his guest to arrive at 8pm and the rites to begin at 8.30pm.

Which meant we need to get ready before that.

Dinner was a simple meal of burgers before we went back to Tony’s place.


We were all ready by then, Soh was about to get onto the table and pretend to be a corpse.

Then tragedy struck.

Eric suddenly said his stomach don’t feel that good and he scurried off to the bathroom.


Eric came out of the bathroom looking a little pale, saying that he just had a massive diarrhoea.

Eric : I think it’s the oyster omelette from dinner… ahhhh… shit I got to go again….

We group of us looked on in horror as Eric enter and leave the bathroom another 3 times.


By then it was clear that there is no way Eric could take up the role of the lead Taoist priest.

This is where the headache begins.

Tommy doesn’t speak any of the dialects.

Nelson understands conversational Teochew and hokkien but he’s not fluent enough to pull it off either.

Derrick is good with his dialects but he laughed too easily. He fucking started to laugh when we all looked at him.

Derrick : heee.. hee… I can… heee hahaha.. hee… wheez… wheez…hee.. I can….haha…

All eyes turned towards me and I felt Soh’s hand land on my shoulder.

Soh : Jim… you have to do it man….

Jim : Fuck you’re kidding me…. I don’t know any of these scripture chanting and stuff….

Soh : Eric didn’t know too… he spent some time rehearsing a few lines and just planned on repeating them over and over….

The clock in the room moved closer to 8.30pm.

Tony came in and said his friends were ready for the scare.

Tony : Get ready guys…. Don’t fuck it up… remember… Amber is wearing red…. Standing next to me… she’s the target….

With that he closed the door and left.

Soh : Jim!   You have to do it… we have no time….

Eric came out of the bathroom looking as if he just ran a marathon before widening his eyes and scurrying back again.

This is not happening.

Tony rapped on the door a few times and I could hear him asking us to get ready.

Soh went over the his table and laid down, closing his eyes.

Derrick was trying to control his laughter as he threw the yellow Taoist robe over my shoulder and passed me the wooden sword.

I turned around and I saw Nelson and Tommy already kneeling down with their head down low trying to stifle their laughter.



This is going to be so fuck up.

I cannot imagine me being the cause of Soh losing this project. It’s almost 30k base on what he said.

I took a deep breath and calm myself down.

Relax Jim…. Relax…

They’re all Caucasians, they don’t speak dialects. As long as I speak something and make it come out in a monotone, there’s no way they know the difference.

I can do this.

The door opened and the room grew silent.

I could hear the hush whispers from behind me.

‘what the fuck is this Tony ? ‘

‘Tony are you out of your mind ? ‘

‘fuck Tony… what is this’

Harsh whispers of Tony’s friends questioning him drifted into my ears.

Tony broke the silence, speaking directly to me since I was the only one standing.

Tony : you may begin.

I was shaking.

I lit up some joss sticks for show. My mind was desperately trying to think of what to say for the chanting.

I rang the bell 3 times. A girl whimpered from a few metres away.

I took a stack of yellow talisman and threw them up into the air like what I saw in Hong kong movies and loud gasp sounded out.

This is it.

I need to start off the chanting. It needs to last at least 1 minute.

I can do this.

I looked at the table with it’s array of fruits and a brilliant idea struck me.

A smile broke out on my face as I confidently rang the bell loudly for 1 last time.

In the most monotonous and high pitch sound, I started to chant.

Jim : Ang mo liu lian geng jio xi kuay bib kuay pu tor xio ark xio quay xio tee peng kuay ong lai sio bak …….

Ang mo liu lian (soursop) geng jio ( banana ) xi kuay ( watermelon ) bib kuay ( honeydew ) pu tor ( grapes ) xio ark ( roasted duck ) xio quay ( roasted chicken ) xio tee ( suckling pig ) peng kuay ( apple ) ong lai ( pineapple ) sio bak ( roasted meat )

Basically you get the idea, it’s just fucking naming the row of offerings in front of me in dialect, and it came out pretty smooth. I just repeated it the moment I was done with the 1st set and went on.

It’s not funny at that moment, at least not to me but I did not expect my friends to take it so badly. Not to mention Soh.

I admit it’s pretty abrupt but their reaction was a little unexpected.

2 seconds after the chant started and my team mates began to register what I just said, I saw Soh’s body convulse and he let loose a burst of high pressured saliva into the air, misting the immediate area above his face.


Gasp of horror sounded from behind me from Soh’s sudden reaction but that was not all.

I could tell Soh was about to burst out laughing but he held it in. He really tried. I could see his clenched fist and tightly held lips but it was too much for him to bear. Instead he started to shake and convulse on the table, knocking and smacking onto the hard surface as if he was being possessed.

Thud tud thud thud…. Thud…. Thud….

I was really worried he might start laughing to I chanted louder in a higher pitch, hopeing that I could drown out any accidently snigger.


I heard 2 loud thuds from behind me.

The screams from Tony’s guest got louder especially from the girls. I wanted to see what was happening so I kept up my chanting, grabbed a fistful of talisman and threw it behind me in a smooth continuous action.

To my surprise, Nelson and Tommy were in the kowtow position, their bodies too convulsing and shaking as they tried to hold back their laughter.

Derrick still had his body upright but he was on the verge of exploding. He could not hold it any longer.

I looked at Tony, his eyes were wide open as he looked at the men convulsing on the table and the floor. I took the bell and rang loudly, knowing for sure someone is going to break at any moment now.

Derrick lost it but his laughing came out as that weird asthma like wheezing and that sent Tony and his guest screaming in the room.

Amber : Fuckk.. TONY!!! Stop it.. make them stop !!!.... stop this… !!! aRHHH

The girl in red was literally hugging onto Tony about to burst into tears as I kept up with my loud chanting and ringing of the bell, praying that no one laughed so we can get paid.

Then without warning, there was a loud thud.

I turned and realised Soh had fallen onto the floor, now he was facing down but he continued shaking.

Amber : TONY!!! Stop this .!!! IT”S NOT FUNNY !!!! arghh!!!

Guest pushed past Tony and retreated into other sections of the house as Tony gave us the ‘cut signal’, slicing through his neck with his fingers.

I wrapped up my chanting with a final verse as Amber dragged Tony out of the room.

Jim : Ang mo liu lian geng jio xi kuay bib kuay pu tor xio ark xio quay xio tee peng kuay ong lai sio bak …….  HUAT AH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The moment Tony was gone, I shut the door behind him and turned back to look at my friends.

Soh flipped onto his back, his face flushed red as tears streak down his cheeks.

Derrick continued wheezing.

Tommy and Nelson laughed so hard that hardly any sound came out of their mouth.

5 minutes later when everyone calmed down, Soh came over to me and gave me the thumbs up.

Soh : KNN Jim….. you si bei good…. Hahah….

I wiped away the perspirations on my forehead as I removed the Taoist robe.

Jim : Is it that funny ? …. I was so stressed…. I’m worried we won’t get paid…

The guys burst into giggles as we helped ourselves with the fruits on the table.

Soh sighed and took a large gulp of water.

Soh : I really thought we would fuck this up when Eric got the runs on his stomach man…. Hahah… but thankfully…. We had you Jim…. Hahah….

Jim : I hope not all our events and projects are like this… it’s too stressful man..

The guys laughed.

Soh tapped my shoulder and told me not to worry.

Soh : These are rare and few….. the fun ones….. are the hens night…

Jim : Hen’s night ? as in those bachelorette party ?? ….

Derrick : hahah… not just any Hen’s night Jim….. it’s one for the super rich and you have no idea how these people play…. Hahah…


Derrick was about to go in depth with his explanation of the hen’s night party but Soh’s phone rang and he put a finger to his lips, signalling for us to lower our volume.

It was the client on the line. Tony.

Soh : So… what do you want us to do now ?? hmmm….. ok….

There was a short pause before Soh added that we would pack up and deliver his stuff to the yacht.

Well, it’s an early night for us, all the better.

Soh hung up and asked us to pack up the room.

Soh : Food, bring all back to the office, we have our own party later ah…. Mohan…Tony is in his study…. Go collect payment…. Give him the invoice….

Mohan : Ok…

As I helped to pack up the food, I can’t help but be amazed at how easy this is.

I mean like what the fuck man ?

Just like this and it’s a wrap ? Soh made like what, 30k from this .

Seems like this is a good business to be in.

Soh : Jim….Rizwan… follow me…

We went to the SUV and I watch Soh opened the boot of the vehicle.

Inside the boot was a large cardboard box about the length of a guitar case.

Soh signalled for me to carry it while Rizwan picked up a similar one from the other vehicle.

We followed Soh down the private jetty to Tony’s yacht.

Seeing the boat bobbed up and down on the tranquil sea that night, I can’t help but marvel at how rich these people are. The captain of the ferry waved to Soh and they exchanged greetings, a sign that they are acquainted.

We loaded the cases onto the yacht and the captain came over.

He opened up one of the cases that was when I felt my balls shrink a little.

Jim : What the fuck…

Rizwan : Relax bro… not our business…. We just middleman…

It’s not drugs or a case loaded with money mind you.

It’s fireworks.

I’ve played with some of those before when I was in Malaysia.

Rizwan dragged me off the boat while Soh had a word with the captain.

Jim : What the fuck bro ? …. Those ?....

Rizwan : Jim…. These people… they drive their boats out into the open water…. They do whatever shit they want…. We don’t care…. Soh is just the middleman supplying them the fireworks….

Jim : but… these are illegal… at least in Singapore… how did you get your hands on them ??

Rizwan ; Soh has a friend… Ah Peng… he owns a Kelong just off the coast …. It’s a transit hub of sort for all stuff….. erm…. That are hard to find in the country….

Jim : You’re shitting me man…. We … we could go to jail for this….

Rizwan : Aiyah… relax la Jim…. We only do the delivery…. The rest we don’t care…. Besides… it’s only once or twice a year…. And so far it’s been good….. most of the time we don’t other with stuff like this…. It’s because Tony is a good client…. He pays… he keeps his mouth shut…

Rizwan nudged me along as we went back to the house to help with the packing.

I don’t feel comfortable with this but after Rizwan reassured me that they are not dealing with drugs and shit, I decided to let it pass.

It’s the new year after all.

Everyone just wants to have a bit of fun.

We left Tony’s place just before 12 midnight.

While the rest of the country is celebrating the arrival of the new year, the group of us gathered in the office. The tables were packed full of food and Soh brought out a case of beer from the fridge.

Like good old times in the mess hall, we ate, laughed and chatted over a cold beer.

Everyone parted ways at 3am in the morning with Soh reminding us to be back Tueday for work.

Soh : We need to kick off other projects…. I’ll see everyone here on Tuesday….

3rd Jan 2017.


Everyone was already present and Soh got right into the briefing.

Soh : Ok… we’re splitting into 2 teams for this… we got a baby sitting job today….

Soh put up the picture of a pretty lady and told everyone the situation.

Soh : ok…. Our client…Denise …. She’s the sugarbabe of prominent local businessman, Herman…… She’s been getting harassed by Herman’s wife Mecole…

Jim : Woah….

I could not help but sit up when I saw Mecole’s picture.

Eric : Oei… be professional ok… hahah…

Mohan threw a piece of paper at me as I looked hard at the picture son the board.

The ladies in question are hot.

Denise looked like the hot fresh grad that just stepped out into the workforce. Her figure is tight and you could see a pronounced hourglass shape, accentuated by the bandage dress she was wearing in the picture.

She had on a pair of killer heels, bringing out the curves of the lean calves and the fair thighs.

In that particular picture, she was striking a typical Instagram post of a girl looking into the distance with her lips slightly parted, almost to the point of forming a pout.

Jim : Wow…. How much you got to earn man…. To have a sugarbabe like that… hahaha…

Eric : More than what we earn obviously…

Soh : Diam la…. Your pay… sugar 1kg at NTUC can buy la… sugarbabe… slowly wait….

Everyone laughed except me.

My attention was drawn to the other picture on the board.


The contrast between the 2 could not have been greater.

While Denise is in her early 20s, Mecole looked like she is in her mid 30s.

There’s that look of confidence etched in her face. The picture was of her in a corporate pant suit complete with a chic looking blazer. Mecole looked really attractive to me, sure, she’s not some sweet young thing fresh out of school, but she had this womanly charm.

This aura that you get only when you age.

And by age, I meant it in a graceful way.

Mecole’s body is totally covered up in the picture but I’m sure if she’s showing a bit of flesh, heads would turn as well.

Soh : Ok ok… pay attention… Jim… we need your taxi for this…..Denise is pretty sure Mecole has her followed…. Probably a private investigator or something… but that’s not our problem….

Soh said that our job was to ferry Denise from point A to point B, and if anyone, anyone at all harassed her, it was our job to get her out of the situation.

Soh ; Simple ?? I repeat ah…. We have 2 things to do…. Get her from point A to point B….. there’s a chance that Mecole, or Herman’s mother..….might engage Denise…… you know… the typical…. Family drama thing….

Soh gave us specific instructions to avoid situation like this.

Soh : This is why I’m giving you pictures…. Memorise their faces… keep your eyes open…. Avoid at all cost…. Can ??

Eric, Mohan and I will be assigned to this project of taking care of Denise.

The project is a short one, only for a period of 2 days.

Soh : Herman himself is coming back from overseas to sort out his mess…. We just need to maintain the peace for a couple of days… can ??

Soh  gave his signature thumbsup and we nodded out head.

Soh : Jim’s taxi will be the primary mode of transport….Jim will drive…. Eric and Mohan will follow from behind…….. our contract starts today at 12pm…. Simple right ?

Soh went on to the other project which is also a straightforward job. Just pretend you are a bodyguard for some businessmen in town for a deal.


I took a picture of Denise and Mecole from the board in my phone. There was another shot which is a family photo, I took that as well just in case the in laws turn up or Herman’s parents.


Mohan passed me a walkie talkie and said they will be following from a couple of cars away.

Mohan : First project Jim… relax ok…. This is not Hollywood…. Don’t expect any James bond situation to happen… haha…

Jim : okok… don’t worry la… I was driving a cab before this ok…. It’s my job to ferry people around….

We left the office at 11.20am and made our way to the love nest of Herman and Denise.

It’s a condo located in Sengkang.

I dialled the number that was given to me and Denise answered after the 2nd ring.

Jim : hi Denise…we’re..

Before I could finish my sentence, she snapped at me.

Denise : Why so late ! ??

I looked at the clock on the dashboard , it was only 11.55am

Jim : err…

Denise : just wait at the drop off point… I’m coming down….

Then she hung up on me.

I rolled my eyes and brushed it aside.

That was nothing, I’ve met worst passengers when I was driving a cab.

A couple of minutes later, I saw Denise emerge from the lift lobby dressed in a figure hugging dress and sneakers.

She’s hot, that I have to give it to her.

Denise had a pair of shades on, and she walked over to my cab and stopped.

She just waited outside the door.

I turned and looked at her as she folded her arms and tilt her head a little as she cast a glance my way.

My walkie talkie crackled and it was Mohan .

Mohan : Jim.. haha.. I think that bitch wants you to open the door for her… haha…

Jim : what the fuck man….

I got out of the vehicle and went over to Denise.

What the fuck is this girl’s problem? You can’t open the door to a fucking cab ?

I tried to remain professional and opened the door for Denise as she gave me a irritated ‘Tsk’ .

Denise : ‘Tsk’…. Can you be more professional ? …. Open the door for your clients !!... how hard is that ?!!

Denise turned towards me, lowered her bottom in a trying to act classy manner, keeping her thighs shut, she lifted both her feet and angled them into the cad like the mechanical arm of a excavator turning.

The manner in which she does it is as if she was afraid I would peek at her upskirt or some shit.

I shut the door and looked towards the SUV where Mohan and Eric were in.

I could almost see them sniggering in the vehicle.

Fuck this. It’s just a job.

I’ll just have to remain professional.

I got into the cab and Denise told me to take her to a spa in sentosa.

Nothing happened during the journey. We got there, Denise got off, point A to point B.

She took out a $10 bill and gave it to me.

Denise : go eat your lunch…come back in 2 hours….

Without turning to look at me, Denise disappeared into the spa , leaving me with the $10 bill in hand.

I turned and saw Mohan and Eric sniggering away.

Mohan : Relax bro… free lunch leh… $10… we go the seam im food centre eat… enough… enough…

Jim : I think I’ve been in a shell for too long… people actually behave like this nowadays ??

Eric : Aiyah… ignore her la… haha…


Denise came out of the spa and I was waiting for her by the door.

I opened the door for her and she got in in the same haughty manner.

Denise : Orchard… Ion….

I told Mohan where we were going and pulled out into the road.

It was another boring trip towards Ion. I made the mistake of pulling into the taxi stand and Denise snapped at me.

Denise : What the fuck man….are you mad ? …. Go to the carpark la…!!... how you expect me to go alone like that !!! TSK!....

Jim : Oh… sorry….

I heard Denise sigh loudly and from the rear mirror, I watch her cross her legs and fold her arms, shaking her head as if she was dealing with a idoit.

I parked the vehicle and followed her to a restaurant where she dined alone.

Mohan, Eric and I hung around the entrance as Denise ate.

Looking around the mall on a weekday afternoon, it’s pretty quiet.

Perhaps it was my first assignment so to speak, I felt as if there was someone looking at me at every turn.

I brushed it off as my own imagination.


Denise wanted to shop a little and she did not want us following her like dogs.

Denise : Please don’t follow me like dogs ok… try to keep yourself out of sight…. 

Whichever floor Denise went to, Mohan would be stationed near the escalator. Eric would take the spot near the lift while I would be the one following a little closer.


The lot of us helped Denise with her shopping bags back to the car and that was it.

Denise : Take me home.

We went back to Sengkang and I parked the vehicle.

Denise : Help me carry the stuff up then you can go…

I balanced 3 bags on each hand as I followed Denise into the lift.

Nothing was exchanged as I checked out her body up close.

She really has a stuck up bitch attitude I must say.

The lift opened and I followed Denise to her unit.

She unlocked the door and pointed to the dining table.

Denise : Just leave it there….

Just when I was about to leave the house, my walkie talkie beeped and Eric’s voice immediately came on.

Eric : Jim !... Mecole is here…

My eyes widened as I set the bags down. Denise, obviously having heard what Eric said came over to me as I asked for more information.

Denise : WHAT !!! WHAT is happening !!

Jim : Eric… what do you mean ?? Mecole is here ??

There was a 2 second delay before I heard Eric’s voice again.

Eric : JIM!!..MECOLE is on her way up to the unit right now !!....

Denise : WHAT !!.. that crazy bitch !!

Jim : shit…. Shut the door behind me…

I was about to head out when Denise grabbed onto my hand and yanked me back in.

Denise : NO… you stay here.. !!... stay here….

Denise shut the door and backed away from it immediately as if half expecting a monster to jump out at her.

I could see her chest rise and fall as she looked at the door before looking at me.

Denise : Do something !!...

Before I could ask Denise what she wanted me to do, the doorbell rang.

The high-tech viewer at the peephole displayed an image at the control panel just a few feet away from me.

That face.



Denise got onto her phone and started to dial for Herman.

Mecole hit the doorbell again, pressing the intercom button.

Mecole : Open up Denise…. I just want to talk…

I turned and looked at Denise who was tapping away at her phone.

Denise : NO… don’t you dare open the door…

Mecole tried the intercom again.

Mecole : Denise… open up … now…

I grabbed the walkie talkie and hailed for Mohan and Eric .

Jim : Guys…. You need to…

Before I could finish transmitting my message, I saw from the camera that was pointing at the doorway that more men had appeared behind Mecole.


Jim : Guys… Mecole did not come alone !!... where are you !!...

There was no reply.

I tried again and the next thing that happened sent a chill into my bones as Mecole turned and grabbed something from one of her men as he whispered something to her.

I watched her depressed the talk button the same time my walkie talkie crackled.

Mecole : Jim… .. I’ll keep this short…. Soh… is a businessman….and he just accepted my business….. you know what that means ??

I turned to look at Denise who by now has a look of horror on her face.

She came over and grabbed my arm.

Denise : No.. no. no… please… please… no… don’t do this….

Mecole : Jim… open up…. Now…

My phone rang. It was Soh.

Soh : Jim…. Wrap the project up early… open the door for Mecole…

Jim : What !!.. but…

Soh : Just do it…

Soh hung up as I turned and looked at Denise who is on the verge of tears.

Denise : No no.. please… don’t … don’t do this…

I turned away from Denise and she started shouting at me.

Denise : WHAT are you doing !!! FUCK!!... you FUCK!!! WHAT are you doing !!!!

I placed my hand on the door handle and turned towards Denise.

Jim : I’m being professional….. just opening the door for my client.

With the swing of my arm, I pulled open the door and came face to face with Mecole.


I swore there was a jolt of electricity when my eyes met Mecole’s. 

That look in her eyes felt like the scythe a reaper carried. It hooked onto my soul, yanking it slowly out of my body. Have you ever met someone for the first time and you felt this connection of sort with her ? 

It’s nothing lustful although I won’t deny my instant attraction to Mecole. 

The couple of seconds when our eyes met felt longer, I could smell Mecole. 

She gave out a different scent. 

A body lotion or perfume perhaps. More matured, definitely more alluring. 

Compared to the pure sweet scent of fragrance coming from Denise, you can tell there is a obvious depth to Mecole’s. 

Mecole gave me a nod before her eyes looked away in the same manner when some big boss of a company appraised you in that couple of seconds, deciding on the spot whether they liked you or not. 

It was a nod of acknowledgement, nothing special, it’s the same nod you would give to a dog a guess for performing a trick. 

I could see Mohan and Eric waving to me at the far end of the corridor, gesturing for me to go over to their side. 

I nodded, eager to get out of the way of whatever is going to happen. 

Mecole brought with her 4 men. 

If the wife of a businessman can have 4 guys at her beck and call, I wonder how many does Herman have. 

I could hear Denise screaming into her phone even from the corridor. 

Denise : SOH !!!! SOH !!! we had an agreement !!! HOW COULD YOU !!! YOU fucking piece of shit !!!! SOH !!! 

Mecole was more measured in her response, telling Denise pretty loudly that the money she is using to pay Soh came from her. 

Denise : That’s Herman’s money !!.. not yours you bitch !!!.. not your money !!


Someone was slapped. 

There was a brief moment of silence before I heard Denise starting to sob. 

Eric just gestured me into the waiting lift and we shut the door. 

Jim : Just like that ? ? 

Mohan : Soh’s the boss…. just do as he says… the rest don’t care la…

Eric : Wrap up early today… we can go back relax a bit…. Watch some youtube video…. 

Now, technically there is nothing wrong with our decision to just walk off. We are after all employees of Soh and like any employees in a company, we follow instructions.

We merely did what our paymaster told us to do, but this is a little different. 

Soh did take money from Denise and promised to keep her safe for a couple of days, so this sudden U-turn in decision did not really sit well with me. 

Jim : This doesn’t feel right man… I mean…. Soh accepted the job…..

I brought up the point of who is going to trust us if everytime someone offers a higher price and we jump ship. 

Jim : buay swee leh like that…. it’s like…. Integrity issue…. 

Mohan : Brother…. Simi integrity….. we’re just for show only…. That Denise… wah piang eh…. Look at her…. Got hand got leg…. Don’t want to work… choose to spread her legs to a married man…. Now the wife is here to reason with her…. That’s their problem what…. 

Eric : Jim… don’t think too much… our job is simple…. We just do the minimum…. Not because we are lazy or anything….. in this line… we just want to avoid trouble… and unnecessary baggage….

The lift opened and we stepped out together, still engaged in the discussion. 

Jim : I know… I also don’t want to get involved in those messy stuff, but just not very nice la the way Soh handled this…. What if now Herman turn around and offer more money to Soh… then our phone ring… then how… we go back up and what ?? change again ah… 

Mohan : Change then change lor… we just follow instructions what … 

Jim : You think what.. indian roti prata ah… flip here and there…. 

Before Mohan could show me his middle finger, Eric’s phone rang. 

It was Soh . 

Eric : Wah piang eh… your mouth is very unlucky man….this time really need to roti prate liao….. 

Eric picked up the phone while looking at Mohan and me. 

Eric : Soh… yes… hmmmmmmmmm…. Hmmmmmm….err…… ok…. Ok…. Ya…. We’ll wait for you…. 

Mohan immediately asked what Soh wanted the moment Eric hung up. 

Eric : Soh is on his way…. 15 minutes…. We’ll go back up there together…. 

Mohan : See la Jim… your mouth ah….. this time really all got to roti prata together…. 

Jim : Don’t jump to conclusion… perhaps Soh is here to ermmm… return Denise her money la… do swee swee what…. Reject her job… then case close….or something…. 

We waited at the carpark and 15 minutes later saw Soh arrive with Rizwan. 

Rizwan did not get off, he just gave us a wave after dropping Soh off. 

Soh : come… let’s go up… 

Jim : Soh… what’s happening….

Soh : A bit of complication….i need to talk to Mecole…. 

There, I knew it. 

Soh must have realised that he is jeopardising his relationship with Herman if he left things as it is. 

We arrived at the unit and Soh rang the bell. 

One of Mecole’s man opened the door and Soh stepped in. 

The hair on the back of my neck stood on it’s end when I saw the state things were in the living room. 

Denise was on the floor, sobbing while Mecole sat on the sofa with her legs crossed. 

A typical scene in some sobbing Taiwan drama where the mistress gets confronted. 

No, my goosebumps did not come from seeing Denise crying on the floor, but of what Mecole was about to do to her. 

A office chair complete with arm rest was brought into the living room from the study. There was a large pail on the floor. 

I saw 2 bottles of milk on the table. A camera with tripod had been set up in front of the chair. A suspicious looking black bag the size of your typical in flight carry on sits beside Mecole on the sofa. 

Mecole spoke without turning to face Soh. 

Mecole : Yes Mr Soh…. What can I do for you…?? 

Soh : Mecole… i hope you won’t put me in a difficult position…. I mean afterall…. 

Mecole dismissed Soh with a wave of her hand. My god, even the way her delicate fingers moved in the air gave me a sort of reaction in my pants. 

Not exactly an erection, but it was something. 

A slight tingle. 

Mecole : I know what you are going to say Soh… bla bla bla…. Herman is also your client… blab la bla…. But let’s not forget…. I’m the one that first connected you to the clients you have today….. 

Soh : Mecole… I understand…. I just don’t want things to go overboard…. 

Mecole : This woman came between me and my husband….

Denise snapped back at Mecole

Denise : I did not !!!... your husband came to me because you cannot satisfy him !!! 

Mecole leaned forward without warning and grabbed a tuff of Denise’s hair. 

Denise : arghh !!! let go you bitch !!!arHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 

Mecole : I………….. am not as dirty as you are…. you whore. !!! 

With a forceful jerk , Mecole pushed Denise onto the ground and gestured for her men to grab Denise up.

Denise : Let me go !!! let me go !!!! SOH !!! SOH!!! Do something !!!... we had an agreement !!! SOH!!!! Please … sob..zzz sobzz… sobzz…. Please !!!! 

Mecole’s man looked younger than we are. Probably in their mid twenties. 2 of them looked a little green and apprehensive and they remained by Mecole’s side while the other 2 worked. 

Mecole : Get the camera rolling…. I’ll show Heman his favourite toy… 

Denise : NO!! NO!!! STOP!!! PLEASE !!!! STOP!!! 

Soh : Mecole…. Don’t go overboard please… there could be repercussions …. 

Denise : my phone !!! my phone !!! it’s ringing !!.. Herman !! he’s calling !!!.. SOH!!! Answer the phone !! SOH !!! 

Mecole got up and answered the phone instead and from the look on her face, whatever Herman was saying on the other line was not what she wanted to hear. 

Mecole threw the phone across the hallway as 2 of her man held onto a struggling Denise on the chair.

Mecole : Do it.. tie her up….

Denise screamed and cursed at Mecole and Soh decided to step in.

Soh : Mecole… enough…. She might get hurt !.... don’t complicate things …

Mecole : get them out of here…

The other 2 younger chaps turned towards Soh but before they could do anything, Eric and Mohan were already there.

Mohan : Stay where you are brother… people will get hurt…

Mohan’s warning worked and the 2 chaps looked unsure, turning back towards Mecole.

Mecole : What are you going to do Soh ? huh ?

Soh : Mecole…. Calm down… I just don’t want anyone to get hurt…

Mecole : No one will get hurt…. I’m only doing what my husband usually does with Denise anyway…

Denise : NO… stop !!! STOP!!!....

Denise’s figure hugging dress was pulled up high, giving her legs more flexibility by one of the man. She was still wearing her sneakers as bother her legs were forcibly lifted and pulled back to expose her privates.

Denise’s privates was visible, she was wearing a seamless pair of white thong which by then was out of place amidst all the struggling. All of us stared, unable to take our eyes off her smooth and hairless vagina.

Denise : NO!!! NO!!! stop please !!! ARHHHH Sobzz.. sobz… stop please….

Just picture your typical office chair, Denise was position close to the edge of the seat, her knees drawn back and her thighs forced to rest on the arm rest, essentially spreading her privates towards the camera.

As one of the men held onto her leg, the other started taping Denise’s leg to the arm rest.

The tear of the tape sounded loud and vulgar, like the forceful drag of sticky tape when you have a angry house mover doing the packing. He went over and over, spreading the black tape from Denise’s knees to her middle of her thighs to her shin.

It was an ugly mess but it got the job done.

All he wanted was to restrain Denise onto the chair with her legs spread.

Denise sobbed and pleaded with them to stop while the rest of us looked on dumbfounded.

Her sneaker on her left foot fell off, showing off the pale pink ankle sock Denise was wearing. I could see the helpless wriggle of Denise’s toes through the thin fabric of the sock.

I felt the rise in my erection as one of the man grabbed Denise’s hands and aligned both her wrist together while the other did the tapping, going around not only the wrist, but covering Denise’s neatly manicured fingers, transforming bother her hands into a giant fist of duct tape.

Denise : No.. no… please… stop !!.. sobzz.. sobzz.. don’t do this….

Denise’s makeup had started to smudge.

She looked at each of us in turn, begging for us to do something.

Denise : I’ll pay you… I’ll pay you please … please … sobzz…

I turned to look at Soh but before I could speak, Mecole turned to look at us.

She spoke directly to Mohan first, slowing turning to Eric before locking eyes with me again as she spoke.

Mecole : Do you know…. Why….why…. my husband kept this little bitch….why ??

None of us spoke as one of the guy started to unzip the black bag Mecole brought.

Mecole : I know what you are thinking…. You’re all men… you’re probably thinking that my husband wanted her vagina…. That she’s sweet… pretty… tight…. Something that all men wanted…..

Soh : Mecole… please….

Mecole : I’ll tell you !!... there is nothing wrong with my vagina !! if he wanted one, I have one !!! ...

That came out a bit unexpected.

I swallowed a gulp of saliva as I turned to look at Mohan who too had a look of surprise on his face.

Mecole : You see…. I’ve… tried to give in to my husband’s advances…. Like any other wife would…. But…. Some of the acts… that he wants to do… is simply revolting…..

Mecole went on to say that her husband stopped fucking her not because he wanted another vagina.

Mecole : He stopped fucking me… because he wanted to put it in my anus…

Oh god.

I think I’m going to be sick.

Denise sobbed and screamed as one of the man took out this huge syringe. It’s about 30cm long and 1.5 inches thick. The nozzle at the end is made with hard silicon.

I watched with my mouth half opened as one of the guys started pouring the 2 bottles of milk into the large pail.

Once he was done, he inserted the syringe and started to fill up the large cylinder tube.

As the cold white milk rose higher up the gauge, I saw Mohan’s eyes widened as he took a couple of steps backwards.

Soh : Mecole …. You…

Mecole : Relax Soh… I’m not going to hurt her… I’m just going to pleasure her the same way my husband did…. She enjoys this… she gets paid for this….

Denise : No… no!! please no… no!!... don’t please….sobzz.. sobzz….

Eric took a step back too as the guy brought the syringe to her Denise.

Denise struggled for her life, screaming and trashing on the chair but her movements were severely restricted.

With her hands held forcibly above her head, her struggles only served to expose her anus further.

Mecole : Do it….

Denise : NO.. no .no!!! erhngnh !!!! erngh !! AHH!!..s eNGHH!!! AA,,…. Harrrr!!!

I saw Denise’s mouth gasped open as she sucked in a throaty gasp of air before scrunching her face, whining like a injured kitten.

The nozzle entered and disappeared from view.

I could not believe what I was seeing.

The guy holding the syringe pushed the lever down, forcing the flow of cold milk into Denise’s anus.

I don’t believe this.

I don’t fucking believe this.

The lever went lower and lower as Denise squirmed and bit her lips, gasping small breaths of air like she was being fucked.

The milk disappeared totally into her, probably filling up her colon.

Mecole went to the black bag and took out a tap.

Yes. A tap.

A fucking brass tap.

The ends of it was a modified silicon butt plug but she was not using that just yet. Mecole handed another butt plug to her man and he used it immediately on Denise when he withdrew the nozzle.

Then without breaking a beat, he went to the container again to fill up the syringe once more.

It was as if I was hypnotised.
I could not move.

Denise : No.. no!!.. no more !! no more!!! Ernghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!... aHHHHHHH …

The man removed the butt plug and inserted his nozzle in a well practised motion.

Denise : ARERHH.. erghnnnhhh….!!!

Denise sobbed and shook as she felt the rush of more cold milk flooding up her rectum. Her mouth could hardly close as she whimpered and moan.

When the 2nd tube of milk disappeared completely into Denise, I was nursing a rock hard erection.

Fuck. What is wrong with me.

Mecole put on a pair of gloves and she went over to Denise.

The nozzle of the syringe was pulled out and immediately Mecole pressed the ends of the customised tap she was holding onto Denise’s hole.

It entered and locked itself into place as Denise moaned, sobbing and humiliated.

It was a fucking erotic sight to see a tap sticking out of a pretty girl’s privates.

All the men were spellbound and transfixed on Denise.

Mecole turned to Soh.

Mecole : You know what Herman did ? … I’ll tell you what he did…. He fed me what came out of her…

Oh my fucking god.

I almost lost my balance as I staggered a step backwards.

Mecole : He fucking fed me the product of his sick games with this slut…. !!!

Mecole turned to make sure the camera is recording.

She walked over to Denise, circling her like a lioness playing with her prey

She touched Denise’s legs, causing her to squirm and plead. 

Mecole : Get me a cup… 

Soh : Oh fuck this!... no don’t.. 

One of the younger chap ran into the kitchen and brought out a glass. 

Mohan looked like he was about to be sick. 

Eric : Eh.. eh.. eh… don’t la… don’t la… please… don’t…

Mecole went to lift up more of Denise’s dress and she tapped her tummy. 

Mecole : See…. Look… hahaha…. 

I could see a slight bulge on Denise’s tummy. 

Mecole : See.. the milk is here… hahah… 

She rubbed and shook her tummy a little and I swore I could fucking here the slosh of liquid. 

Mecole pressed down gently on Denise’s tummy and she screamed, begging for her to stop. 

Mecole smiled and she went to reach for the tap. 

Jim : No… no no… please…. Don’t… 

Mecole laughed, seeing how all of us were squirming. 

She turned the tap. 

I felt as if the air in my lungs were sucked out of my body as I heard a slight hiss before a large squirt of milk came out into the large glass. 


Denise : ernghh !!! erngh !!!A HHH… 

The squirt was immediately followed by a unsteady current of milk that was being forced out of Denise’s rectum. 

Mohan : Oh…blurpppbop…. 

Mohan was the first to go as he pushed past everyone and ran out of the house. 

Sqiuzaaazzzzzhhh!!!!!!!!! Pussslusszzz…. 

The sound. 

It’s impossible to describe as the 2nd large squirt of milk came out from the tap as Denise sobbed and cried. The humiliation she was being subjected to cannot be described.

The 2 younger chap retched and one of them ran out of the house behind Mohan while the other ran to the washroom. 

Soh, with his eyes wide and hands trembling, took out his cigarette and brought one up to his lips. 

Soh : I…. i…. I need to smoke. 

Mecole turned the tap shut with the glass three quarters full. 

As she brought it up against the light, I don’t know if it was my eyes playing tricks on me but the milk seemed to be a little less white, if you get what I mean. 

Eric : I…erm.. i…..blurrppperhghghg..!! 

Eric vomited a little onto the living room floor before dashing out of the house as well. 

My heart was beating really fast. 

My palms were sweating. 

Mecole brought the glass over to Denise. 

Mecole : This is what Herman and you fed me right… right ?? 

Denise sobbed and squeezed her eyes shut. 

Denise : Please… please stop… please…. 

Mecole smiled. 

Mecole : Stop ?? I’m only just getting started….. 


Mecole’s phone rang and she checked the caller before answering, balancing the glass of milk as she did. 

Mecole : What ? 

That was all she said before hanging up without a word. 

Mecole : well…. Herman says it’s over between you and him… and for me to let you go…. Can you believe this ?? a phone call ? hahah…

Mecole went over and started to massage Denise’s tummy, pressing onto her lower abdomen. 

Denise : ernghhh!!!.. ernghh!!.. stop!!!.. ernggg….H 

Mecole : don’t worry…. He won’t want you anymore once I make sure you’re not as tight as you now are…. let’s loosen things up a bit..

She asked the guy who was holding the syringe earlier to remove the camera from the tripod and come in for a closer view. 

Mecole turned to me and snapped her fingers gesturing for me to go over. 

Jim : What ? … me ?? 

Mecole : Yes… you… what’s your name again….ermm…. Jim…. Yes… Jim…. Feed her the milk …

Jim : What ? !! err… no… I’m with Soh… 

Mecole : I know you are with Soh… and Soh works for me right now…. Come over here…. !

Denise looked at me, shaking her head weakly. 

Denise : No… please… don’t… no… 

Jim : I can’t… i…no… no.. I’m not touching that…

Mecole : Why ?? … is this too much for you to handle ?? you weak pussy…

My attraction to Mecole fell off a cliff seeing how she behaved. She’s mad. Despite her beauty and gorgeous figure, Mecole’s suddenly not as appealing to me as before. The drastic change happened too fast. 

That delirious look of irrational anger. 

Seeing Mecole standing beside Denise, I realised how small Denise had become. Just a few hours ago she was still acting all high and mighty.

Denise : Please… no.. it was not my idea… I didn’t know !!... I didn’t know Herman gave it to you…. please… osbzz.. sobzz… no… 

Mecole : And you indulged him….. you let him do it… 

Denise : I didn’t know !!.. he said he wanted it for himself… please…. Stop… no.. no… no!!

She snapped at me impatiently as she gestured for the camera from her man. 

She passed the glass of milk over to him and he grabbed Denise by her cheeks. 

Denise : ernghhgruuuu… no!!! no!!.grugrgh… no!!! 

Without warning, he started to pour. 

He poured the milk from the glass into Denise’s mouth, causing her to gag. The milk splashed and went all over the place as Mecole held onto the camera. 

Mecole : Look here you bitch… look here…. Hahaha.. yes… nice….

Mecole thrusted the camera into Denise’s face, smiling silently as the gagging went on. Milk erupted and flowed all over.

The milk continued to flow, cascading down Denise’s chin and neck, soaking through her tight dress and onto the chair below. 

When that glass was gone, the guy turned the tap once more, filling the glass with a warm fresh supply of milk from Denise’s rectum. 

As the tap was turned, Denise’s stomach was pressed and massaged in the manner in which you would massage the tits of a cow. 

That hissing squeeze of vapourised milk squirted out from the tap first, hitting the clear glass before a steady stream started flowing.
There was a hollowness to the sound as the milk hit the bottom of the glass before the noise changed deeper. The guy was holding the glass far from the tap nozzle, as the milk fell a good 20cm to reach the glass, it frothed up a little. 

It filled up fast and the tap was turned off again with Denise crying and sobbing.
It was utter humiliation. 

I could not believe I was seeing this .

Denise sobbed and choked, gagging and screaming as the milk was forced down her throat. She retched but more were forced into her mouth. 

I felt really sorry for her but I don’t know what to do. The milk was everywhere. 

She begged for Mecole to stop. 

Denise : It was all Herman’s idea… sobzz… sozb… please… I’m… I’m just doing as he says….

I fumbled and reached for my phone and called Soh. 

Jim : Soh… how to settle this ?? … they’re going to kill her at this rate… 

Soh : Don’t worry…. I’m on it…. Herman’s guys is on their way over…. Don’t let Mecole kill her…

After that glass was forced down into Denise’s throat, Mecole stood over the mess on the floor and began tugging at the tap with it’s attached dildo. The tug and pull motion fucked the dildo into Denise’ anus. 

Milk forced it’s way out, squirting and dripping like a faulty fountain.

Denise : ernghhh.. egnnh.. ernghhh !!... ahhh… ah…. Stop please….

Mecole laughed and suddenly pulled the entire contraption out.

The tap with the plug came out with a sick pop, revealing a abused and a little sore anus yet the squirting did not stop. There was a brief moment of relieve before the milk came squirting out. 

The milk kept coming. In random squirts as Denise cried and sobbed. 

She would suck in a deep breathe to continue crying, the resulting pressure forced more of the milk out from her body and onto the floor in front of her.

It was horrible. 

A real horrible thing to do to a girl.

The man pressed and shook Denise’s tummy as more of the milk were forced out and onto the chair she was sitting on. 

I could tell Denise wanted to stop.

She wanted everything to stop but she couldn’t. 

She tried to hold it in but as the man pressed and squeezed her tummy and abdomen, more came out. 

Mecole : how’s that ? … nice ?? … I’m going to make sure your fucking hole is so loose that you need to wear a diaper for the rest of your life you hear me !!... you hear me ?? 

Mecole took out a large dildo as she stepped onto the wet puddle of milk that had now started top spread all over the living room floor. 

She pushed it hard against Denise’s helpless anus , screams filled the room as she shoved it hard and rough into Denise. 

You know when you play a game of foosball with friends over a couple of beer ? 

Yeah, that game with a few dummy players stuck on a rod and you try to get the ball into the goal post of the other team. 

Imagine you shoving the stick hard such the spring at the end hit the stopper of the table. That’s how hard Mecole was shoving the dildo into Denise. 

Denise shook violently, screaming out in pain as it dildo went in a good 4 inches. 

Denise: Please stop !! please !!! NO!!! … aRGHHHHHH!!!!...AHHH!!! sobzz.. sobzz.. sobzz…. Please !!! 

Mecole left the dildo hanging halfway out Denise’s bottom and went to take another one out of the bag. 

Mecole : What are you screaming ? … these are your toys…. Aren’t these the things you play with my husband all the time ?? … you should be used to them by now ….. no?? you like them right…. You like to play with them ?? 

Denise : No… sobzz.. no… sobzz.. please…. It was him… he wanted to use them…. There was nothing I can do… please… ahhh.. ahh.. ERGNHNHNH!!! Errnghhh!! 

A vibrating wand was turned on, and you could hear how strong the buzz was from where I stood. 

It was a strong and constant Buzz.

Like a swarm of angry bees , the vibrating knob was pressed onto Denise’s vagina.

Denise : ernghhhh !!!!!!!!!!!ernghhhh… arhhhghg… ernghh!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

Mecole : I thought you like this…. ?? I’ve seen the videos Herman has taken of you….. you were usually moaning away happily… why are you not moaning now ?? why ?? 

Mecole pressed the vibrating wand harder onto Denise’s privates turning and churning with a frown on her face. She looked like a fucking witch from where I stood.

She must really hate her.

Denise : ernghhhh !!!!!!!!!! ernghh!!!! No stop.. stop !!!

Mecole : Are you cumming ??? … are you cumming ??? ….. I saw the video… you kept saying you cum very fast with this right ?? … right ?? this is your favourite toy no ?? 

Denise’s screams gave way to a high pitch moan for 3 seconds before she came violently, convulsing and straining against the duct tape which restricted her movements. The vibrating wand was held against her swollen clitoris as Mecole shook it violently, splashing the remnants of milk all over.

Immediately after Denise came, she screamed in frustration as Mecole pushed the vibrating wand against her sensitive clit. 

The half fucked dildo shot out of Denise’s anus together with another large squirt of milk as Denise begged for Mecole to stop. 

The squirt had a large spray radius and it stained Mecole’s top together with some landing on her face. 

She slapped Denise with the back of her left hand, the hard impact caused Denise’s head to jerk unnaturally to the left.

Mecole : Bitch… 

Before Mecole could go on further, the door to the house opened again. We turned and saw Soh with another man. 

He’s in his early 50s I guess, looks all business like and you could tell he means business. 

I saw Mecole’s men stop whatever they were doing and stepped back, a subtle sign that whatever comes out of this man’s mouth carries a certain amount of weight.

Mecole : What are you doing here Benson ?? ! this is none of your business…. !! 

Benson : Enough Mecole… Herman sent me…… stop it… 

Mecole : Who do you think you are… ! 

Benson : Mecole… stop it…. Herman will leave her… and your marriage shall remain…. 

Mecole stopped what she was doing and looked at Benson with a raised eyebrow.

Benson : It’s real… everything remains status quo… and you 2 can continue putting up a show of being the loving couple in front of everybody…. There’s a condition. 

Mecole : What condition…. ? 

Benson : You cut your toyboy off….. he stops with Denise…. 

I turned and looked at Mecole with a raise eyebrow in disbelief.

What the fuck is wrong with these people ? 

Both the husband and wife are screwing around. 

I get it, you’re fucking rich, with money to throw around but this ? 

This is absurb.

Benson : Can we close this issue and move on ?? 

Mecole folded her arms and looked away for a moment before turning to look at Denise. 

Mecole : Whatever…… works with me… 

She looked at Denise with a sneer before smirking at the condition she was in.

Mecole gestured for her guys to leave and pointed to me to cut Denise loose. 

Mecole : you.. you… cut her loose… clear up this shit… Tsk… what a disgusting place this is…. tskkk

What the fuck ? 

Just like this ? 

She walked off in a huff after that and I looked at Benson who took a few steps towards Denise but stopped short of approaching the puddle of milk on the floor. 

Benson : Denise…. You’ve been to my law firm before so I’m sure you know who I am to Herman…… it’s time to wrap this up so please listen carefully…. 

Benson went on to tell Denise that the arrangement between her and Herman is now over. 

Benson : The 2 credit cards will be cancelled with immediate effect…. There’s still a 4 months lease on this place… you are free to use it till then…..after which you shall make your own arrangements to move out….. Your monthly allowance of 4k, will remain until the lease on this place ends….. it’s the best Herman can do for you… 

Benson took a deep breath before adding in a voice that is a notch more gentler. 

Benson : I’m sorry this happened Denise… you’re a nice girl….Mecole shouldn’t have gone this far… ….. anyway…. You can keep all the bags, watches and jewelleries he got for you….he will delete all the videos he took too….

Wow. I don’t believe this. 

You mean this little girl in front of me gets 4000 a month for spreading her legs ? 

Or rather in this case, her ass. 

What is this world coming to ? 

Benson : You’re not to contact Herman again…and…. As for what happened today….. if you don’t want any trouble with Mecole…… I suggest you forget it……..i’m sorry…. 

With that, Benson turned and said bye to Soh before leaving the house. 

Soh : Jim … Jim…. You… errr… you..…. Cut her loose and clean this up…

Jim : What !! but … 

I pointed to Mohan and Eric who was standing a few steps behind Soh, they immediately covered their mouth and pretended to retch before sniggering and running out of the house. 

Soh : Please help la…. Clean her up…. Make sure she don’t die ar…. Thanks… we head back to office first… got other projects coming up we need to plan… 

I remained frozen where I was until the door closed behind Soh, plunging the whole house into eerie silence. 

There was only the sound of Denise sniffing and sobbing on the chair. 

I turned to look at her. 

Her head was down as she sobbed quietly. 

Her legs were still bound and spread. 

She was drenched in her own sweat, tears and milk. 

Her body hugging dress was now a wet mess and she was sitting on a small pool of milk as well. 

Jim : I…errr…. Errr….. 

Fuck. I don’t know what else to say so I went straight into the kitchen to look for a knife. 

The faster I get this over and done with, the faster I can get out of here. 

I found a pair of scissors and I brought it over to Denise, taking off my shoes and rolling up my pants along the way. 

I suppressed a squirm as I felt the cold milk on the floor touch my bare feet. 

Oh god, what have I done to deserve this.

I took her bound hands and she kept her head down. I would too if I were her. 

You’re fucking spreading your legs to the whole world and there’s nothing you can do about it. There’s milk coming out your bottom, a guy you had been ordering around the whole day just saw you cum and squirt milk out of your anus. 

How would you feel if you were in Denise’s shoes. 

It was not easy cutting out the industrial strength duct tape. I peeled off quite a bit of Denise’s nail polish together with those fancy blinks blinks. 

By the time I was done with her hands, I could see how red her wrist and fingers were. 

I started to work on her legs. 

Denise : aHH!!.. ERgnh !!!.. aH!!! … ouch !!... sobzz.. sobzz…

Pulling the duct tape off her legs, I must have yank off some hair as well, giving her a unintended wax job along the way. 

Right before I cut the main tape, I removed Denise’s socks and sneakers, throwing them onto the sofa so they don’t soak up the milk on the floor. Even her sock felt wet. 

I wondered for a moment whether it’s her perspiration or is it milk.

Denise : arghhh!!!!!! 

Being in that awkward position for so long, The sudden release of her left leg gave her a very bad cramp. 

Denise sobbed and screamed but there was nothing I could do. I continued with the other leg, cutting her loose from the chair.

After I pulled off the last stretch of tape, Denise took a while to get over her cramp and numbness before she tried standing up. 

The moment she put both her foot on the floor and lifted herself off, she collapsed immediately onto the floor again in front of me. I was close enough to hold onto Denise and she plastered her wet body against mine. 

Jim : arhhh!!.. are you ok ?? 

Denise : sobs.. sobzz… sobzz.. i…sobz… I can’t stand…sobzzz… 

I supported Denise under her arms and tried to lift her but the floor is slippery and wet. It was hard for me to move about in that position, in the end I decided to just fuck it and carry Denise up. 

Denise : erHG !! what are you doing !!! put me down …! 

I ignored her pleas and carried her towards the master bathroom. 

Jim : Go wash up… 

I set Denise down on the floor of the bathroom and left her there. I turned and saw that she leaned against the wall, brought her knees up to her face and wept. 

Poor girl.

Shaking my head, I went back to the living room. 

Focus Jim. Focus. 

Clean up the fucking mess, and you are done. 

Chair needs to go, it’s too far gone with all the milk soaking through. The floor is simple, just mop and clean up. 

I spent 40 minutes cleaning up the mess before I went back to check on Denise. 

She was still on the floor, sobbing away. 

Walking over to her, I squat down and look at her. 

She’s got to be what, 23 or 24 max. More than a decade my junior. 

Jim : Oei… you ok or not… don’t commit suicide ah… 

Denise : Tsk !... fuck off !...

Denise looked up at me with a scowl and reached for the nearest bottle of soap and threw it at me…

She looked away and wiped her tears with the back of her hand. 

Jim : I cleaned up the living room, I’ll take the chair down to throw away on my way out…. Anything else you need ?? 

Denise just looked down on the floor and said nothing. 

I sighed and went out of the bathroom, heading to her wardrobe, I found a towel and brought it to Denise. 

Jim : wash up first then continue to cry if you want to… 

Denise gave me another scowl before grabbing the towel and slamming the door in my face. 

I wanted for a couple of minutes and I heard the shower come on. 

I could have left but I wanted to make sure she don’t die in the shower or some shit so I hung around for a bit in the living room. My shirt and pants were not only stained with milk stains, I was drenched in perspiration with all the cleaning up. 

What a day. 

30 minutes later, Denise came out into the living room. She’s washed up and that was the first time I saw her without makeup. 

She looked refreshingly different. Much better in my opinion. Without any of those fake enhancements, Denise looked like the girl next door you would bring home to your mother. Dressed in a white singlet and grey cotton shorts that reached only the mid of her thighs, Denise looked really sweet and innocent. 

It’s like she removed a mask, or a disguise. 

That was when you could really see her real features properly. Her facial features are pretty nice on their own, her eyes big with the doeful look of a wounded puppy.

She looked at me for a brief moment before turning away .

I got up from the sofa and Denise folded her arms, unwilling to meet my eye for more than a second. 

Jim : You ok ? Better ?

Denise nodded even though her eyes are still red and a little swollen from the crying.

Denise : Thanks… for….. cleaning up… 

She saw the sad state I was in and she walked back to her room without a word. 15 seconds later, she came out with a set of clothes which I assumed belonged to Herman. She handed me a towel too. 

Denise just pointed over to the other bathroom near the kitchen and walked away.

Fuck it. 

Might as well take a shower. 

I looked at the time after I came out feeling refreshed. 

It was going to be 9.30pm. 

I popped my head into Denise’s room where she sat staring at her wardrobe blankly.

Jim : You hungry ?... need me to get food for you ? 

I could tell she wanted to reject me right away but I guess her stomach thought otherwise. 

Denise : can you…. get me fish soup from across the road… 

Jim : Oh… is it any good ? … I haven had my dinner too… 

Denise : It’s edible… 

There, that coldness is back. 

I managed to stop myself from rolling my eyes as I went to the door. I could hear Denise following me a few steps away.

I stopped right before I opened the door and let myself out. 

Jim : I probably shouldn’t ask this but……errr… your fish soup… want to add milk or not… 

Denise’s eyes took a second to react before they widened and she screamed at me, throwing 2 cushions my way as I quickly shut the door behind me. 

Well, it was a valid question. 

The soup does taste better with a dash of milk. 


I hurried over to the food centre across Denise’s place and bought 2 servings of fish soup before they close for the day. My stomach was rumbling and as I waited for my food, I wondered if Denise would even open the door for me when I get back. 

In case you are wondering, no, I did not choose the milk option for both of us. 

Denise did opened the door but with a dagger like stare and I avoided them, heading straight to the dining table to set the food down. 

Jim : … $4.70 please… 20 cents more for take away… 

Denise stared at me with her mouth half open and a look of disbelief as she stormed off into her bedroom and came out with a 10 dollar bill. 

Well, I’m just a salary man and I’ve got a daughter to maintain. I’ve got to save up for her education, her insurance, maybe a downpayment for her house or something. Besides, I don’t exactly know Denise that well even though I’ve seen her naked.

In situations like this, who knows, if you are too nice, people might actually mistake your intentions. 

So it’s important to be neutral.

Denise : give me my change.! 

Jim : Tsk !... I…. don’t have loose change on me…don’t you have loose change at home ?? 

The standoff lasted for close to 10 seconds as we just stared at each other. 
Denise : The smallest bill I have is $10…. I don’t keep coins…..

Jim : arghhh… I treat you I treat you….eat .. eat … eat…. 

I was too hungry to wait for Denise so I started eating first. 

Denise ate hers quietly after slapping the money angrily onto the dining table.

It was late and I was eager to get back home and rest. 

We made no small talks, because there is nothing to talk about. I mean, what can I say ? 

“ Eh… you there… sore or not ? “ 

“Eh…. You…. later sneeze…. Will squirt milk or not ? “ 

I ate as fast as I could, partly because I was starving and I don’t want to stay longer than necessary. 

Denise scooped small serving of rice and soup into her mouth quietly. 

Then without any warning, Denise broke down crying, bawling at the dining table with noodles falling out of her mouth. It started with a sob, a sniff, then it fucking went out of control.

It just happened without any warning.

Jim : WHAT !!!?? WHAT the fuck ?? ……What’s wrong with you… !! ?? 

Her sudden outburst almost made me choke on my food. 

Denise : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!....arhhh!!!!!!!!!! how can I face anyone after what happened !!! aaaHHHHH!!!! Fuck…. Fuck !!!... AHHHH….

She started sobbing and it got louder and louder. 

I quickly ate my food, this is not good. 

I could see she was on the verge of a total meltdown. 

It’s better to get out as fast as I could. 

Jim : I’m almost done ok…. Wait ah… slurpzzz.. slurpzzz… aahhh…ssss.. slurpzz… I’m almost done…… you can rest once I leave…. Almost there….

I wolfed down the hot soup and rice but it was too late. 

Denise sobbed and scrunched up her face at me before slamming the table with her palms several times, letting her frustration out. 

All the pent up emotions she kept suppressed. 

Then without warning, Denise stood up and went off into the kitchen before emerging with a knife in hand. 

I stood up immediately, worried for a moment she’s going to take it out on me or some shit. 

Jim : Woah…woah woah…..Denise… put that down… put it down… 

Denise : You opened the door for Mecole !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jim : WHAT !!.... I’m just… doing my job…

She sobbed as she gripped onto the knife , I could see her knuckles turning white as she squeezed the handle really hard.

Denise : I’ve never been humiliated like this before… sobzz… sobzz.. sobz,…. aaaHHHAaaaHHHH… sobzz.. sobzz… how could she do this to me !!! that slut !!!! the whole world saw what she did to me.. !!

Jim : Denise… give me the knife… Denise… look at me….. she’s gone.. it’s all over….

I think my face went pale when I saw Denise turned her left wrist to face herself as her right trembled with the knife. 

I knew I had to do something before shit hits the fan. 

I approached her but she thrust the knife out at me. 

Denise : Stay back !!! … stay back !!.. 

Jim : Denise… listen to me… it’s going to be very painful if you cut yourself…. You won’t die instantly you know…. You’ll bleed…. Then if you don’t die, it’ll be horrible… you’re going to be neither here nor there…. 

Denise : WHAT !!... what are you saying…. Stay back !!! stop coming towards me !!.. 

Jim : Give me the knife… here… 

Denise : Stay back … stay back or I’ll cut myself !!! 

She brought the knife’s blade up to her wrist, threatening to slice her wrist open as tears streak down her cheeks. I thought about calling Soh and shouting at him for dumping this mess on me but it’s not going to help the situation. 

I needed to get the knife away from her and I needed a distraction.

Jim : Ok… ok… but… if you’re really going to do it… can I have all the branded bags in you have in your room ?? 

Denise : WHAT !!! are you fucking out of your mind !!!!!!!!!!

The blade left her wrist for a moment as she screamed at me for making sure a request.

Right at that moment when the blade left her wrist, I made my move, grabbing and holding onto Denise’s right hand and wrestled the knife away from her. 

Denise ; ARHHHGGHGHGH !!! STOP!!! STOP!!! Get off me !!! aEGHHHARGGH!!!! 

I got it off her and threw it across the room. Grabbing onto Denise, I wanted to talk to her but she slapped me. 

Smack ! 

She turned and made an attempted to run for the knife again, and i wrestled her onto the sofa where I was sitting a moment ago. 

Denise : Let me go !! get off me !!! aRghghhgh !!! ….

She was screaming and crying hysterically and I was scratched countless times. It was not that bad. Denise balled up her fist and hammered at my body and arms, still as a grown man, those were still manageable. 

It hurt of course but nothing unbearable. I just needed her to calm down. 

I pinned Denise down onto the sofa as she screamed and struggled, her hands reaching for any available cushion to throw at me. 

When she ran out of cushions, she grabbed hold of the black bag on the floor. 

The black bag that Mecole brought along. Yes, the one that came with all the fucking toys she and Herman were using apparently. 

Reaching in, Denise grabbed a fistful of stuff and just smashed them onto my head. 

Jim : arh !! FUCK!... 

I looked carefully and realised Denise had just bitch slap me with an array of anal plug and beads. 

Fuck. I don’t even know if those were washed or contaminated. 

I was hit again with a variety of belts, or gags, or whatever the fuck that is. 

Another fistful of stuff came up and I felt the dickhead of a silicon dildo bitch slap me on my cheek. 

Jim : FUCK !... YUCKS!!! Pui … pui… pui!!!..

I spit in disgust as I continued with the wrestling. 

Denise screamed like she was possessed as she hit me again with the dildo, pushing it into my face and I could feel it penetrate my lips and it touched my teeth. 

Fuck I don’t believe I could say something like this. 

That the dildo penetrated my lips and I’m a guy. 

I grabbed it and threw it away and I’m on the verge of losing my temper. 
I’m not paid enough to deal with shit like this.

I don’t know how many times I was hit but she was not showing signs of stopping. 

I’m at my limit and I considered slapping or hitting her. Then Denise plastered her face against my chest and bit me. 

Jim : OWW!!..FUCK!!...

That fucking bitch actually bit me on my chest, narrowly missing my nipple. I shook her off me as I straddled her on the sofa, trying to pin her wrist down. If a neighbour happen to be looking from across the block, he would surely think I’m attempting to rape Denise or something because it certainly looked that way. 

I pinned Denise down alright but she was still struggling and screaming. 

I needed her to stop. 

She freed her left wrist from my right hand and slapped me across the face. 

I grabbed the closest thing I could get hold on and it felt solid and firm in my grip. Like a club you could hit a bear with or something. Bringing it up to a struggling Denise, I stopped myself from hitting her with it. 

Fuck, that might really hurt her. 

I needed her to stop. 

Looking at the instrument in my hand while trying to stop Denise from breaking free to go for the knife, I realised what I was holding. 

I was holding onto the wand. 

The same vibrating wand Mecole used on Denise. 

Denise saw me holding that as a club and snapped at me.

Denise : You are a coward if you dare to hit a woman. !!!! AAAHHHHH … let me go !! …

With that, Denise made another attempt to head for the knife. 

She wriggled free from my grasp and made an attempt to turn her body away from me. 

A slight shove from her and she completed the turn, in that exact moment, I was seated on the sofa while Denise’s butt was facing me with both her feet on the sofa in an attempt to launch herself off towards the knife on the ground. 

Her feet felt barely left the sofa when I grabbed her by her cotton shorts with my left hand, yanking her back towards me, knocking her off balance completely with the force of the pull.

Denise screamed as she fell backwards with her head falling onto my left arm.

I closed my left arm around her neck as she screamed and trashed about, kicking and hitting me. 

Denise : Let me go !!! let me go !!!! 

Then I did the only thing I could think of to get Denise’s attention. 
I flicked the switch on, feeling instantly the strong nerve numbing vibration reverberate along my entire right arm. 

Denise : let me………. 

Jim : You forced me to do this. 

Without warning, I jammed the vibrating wand onto Denise’s privates as her eyes widened in shock as she grabbed onto my left arm with both her hands. 

Denise gasped as she tapped on my arm. 

Denise : Are you mad !!! Are you out of your mind !!! … stop.. STOP!!! Ernghhh!!!... STOP!!!! 

Jim : YOU STOP!!!... STOP struggling….listen to me !...

Denise’s legs kicked and did what she could but it was not use. I kept the pressure on the wand on Denise’s privates as she squirmed. She struggled and fought but at least she stopped screaming when I pushed the vibrating wand against her privates.

I could see she was calming down but she was trying to push me away. 

Afraid I would hurt her, I got up but I kept her hands pinned down against the sofa, keeping my legs straddled against her lower body, while keeping the vibrating wand clamped between her privates and mine.

Denise : Ok ok… ok… stop.. stop… stop it… … please… I’m ok… I’m ok already… ernghh.. ernghh… ahhh

Jim : No… promise me you’ll stop your nonsense first… ! 

Denise nodded her head. 

I loosen my grip a little and I could feel Denise relaxed significantly. 

Denise : gasp….erghh!!.... 

The shifting of bodies caused the wand to move and adjust, nesting itself comfortably with it’s vibrating knob doing it’s work against Denise’s privates.

Jim : You sure… don’t lie to me …

Denise nodded weakly , her eyes filled with tears as her lips parted weakly. Suddenly her body shivered, or convulsed or whatever the fuck you called it. She moved so suddenly that I thought she was making a move on me. 

I pinned her wrist against the sofa, using my leg as I vice like clamp. I don’t know how the vibrating wand moved or shifted but it must have lodged itself on Denise’s most sensitive region. With my legs clamped tightly against Denise’s, I could feel how strong the vibrations was. 

It had to be a custom modified wand or something. 

The reverberations of the wand shook my thighs as I asked Denise to stop struggling and calm down.

Jim : Denise please…. Calm down…. I don’t want to hurt you… 

Denise : erngh…gasp… ernghh.. gasp…. Ernggg…. Erghhh!!!... erngh!!! I’m….calm… I’m…. calm…..

She nodded. Then she shook her head. 

Then she nodded again. 

Her eyes watered, then she frowned. 

Then her head shook again as she asked me to stop in a breathless gasp. 

Denise : Stop.. stop… gasp… gasp…e ernghh.. stop… ok… i… i.. ernghh !!! erGNH .!! ERNGH!!!!!! I’m calm…. I’m calming…. I’m calming down… now….

Denise’s head came up for a second as her mouth opened wide, then her eyes bulged so big that I thought they were going to pop out. 

Denise : I’m cumming…no… no… no…. no…. I’m cumming… stop.. stop.. no… no.. I don’t … I don’t…arhhhh!!!! I don’t want to cum… I don’t want to cum !!!

Jim : What ? …. Are you calming down or not….!!... can you calm down !? 

Denise : no… no NO!!!... stop.. stop … stop… I don’t want to cum !! 

Jim : You have to calm down Denise…. 

Denise : AHH!!! gnhh !!!! eGNNH!!!!! ERNGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!....i meant… I meant…. arreGNHH!!!!!! I’m cumming !!!

She nodded her head rapidly as she squirmed with a high pitch whine.

Jim : Oh.. oh… sorry.. sorry… shit ….

I let go of Denise’s wrist but before I could get off her, it was too late. 

It was already happening. 

Denise : ERNGH!HHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aRHHHHH!!! erNGHHH !!! 

She screamed and grabbed me by my shirt, pulling me down onto her as she moaned and screamed in frustration. Her body jerked as her legs and lower half of her torso convulsed violently against mine, slamming my cock against the vibrating wand. 

Jim : ahhh… ah… ah…!!

My shirt became tighter as Denise nested her head towards my body, her own thighs voluntarily gripping onto the vibrating wand even as I relaxed my grip on her. 

Her fingers closed around my top as she pressed her mouth against my stomach. 

Denise : Gasp!!... ernghhhh !! .. ernghhhhh!!!!!!!er… erngghhgh AHHH ERGHNN!!!! 

Denise’s body went into a convulsing spasm as she yanked on my shirt again and again as I watch her bury herself in my embrace. Her toes scrunched up and shook before her feet and leg curled back towards her body as I stopped the vibrating wand. 

I could feel the explosive tension in Denise’s body melting away as her gasping and moans gave way to a quiet sob. It was such a violent orgasm that it felt like a volcano erupting.

She remained buried in my arms sobbing away. She screamed several times into my chest and I did the only thing I could to calm her down as my erection pushed painfully against my pants. 

The vibrating wand did not help either.

I remained still and held onto her. Her tears drenched my top and I could feel the tightness of her fist around my crumpled top. 

I got off Denise when she let go of me a while later and looked at her. Her thighs quivered as she melted into the sofa, allowing the wand to fall out of place. 

Drawing her feet up close to herself, she withdrew into a protective cocoon and she cried. 

I was perspiring, drenched in fact as I laid back on the sofa.

Jim : Are you ok ?? 

She did not answer me and I went towards her. I can’t offer much other than a shoulder to cry on and she took it.

I patted Denise slightly on her back as she sobbed in my arms. The fight in her was gone, and I hope it would stay that way. As she sobbed and cried, Denise revealed that she did not become Herman’s sugarbabe willingly. 

I found out that she was working in his office as a admin staff and Herman made her an offer for an arrangement which she rejected. 

As a result of that, Herman made things difficult for her. She tried to leave the company but Herman said he would make sure no one would hire her. Finally after a few months of physiological torture, she gave in. 

Denise : It was supposed to last only a month.... but Herman …. He had total control over me… and… 1 month became 2…. And 2 became 4…. 

Eventually she knew she was stuck, so she did the only rationale thing that came to her head. 


She tried to milk Herman as much as she could, but the acts she has to perform for Herman, Denise said you cannot put a price to that. 

20 minutes later, I carried Denise into her room and put her down on the bed. 

She remained curled up in a ball as I stood over her by the bed. 

I pulled up the blanket for Denise and I felt her take my hand. She mustered up enough courage to look at me in the eye. 

It was a long stare.

She just stared at me without a word for almost 30 seconds.

Denise : do you….. think I’m attractive ?...

Jim : Yes… I think you are… 

Denise : Then why… why haven’t I met someone who really cares about me….

Jim : Perhaps it’s because you are too attractive…. And you’re attracting the wrong attention… 

I don’t know how that sounded to Denise but she looked at me in the eyes for quite a while after I said that. 

Denise : Am i….. Attracting your attention ?.... 

I smiled gently and stroke Denise’s hands with my fingers. Leaning forward, I kissed her on her forehead. She looked so vulnerable and sweet that day but I know where I stand.

I’m almost a middle age uncle, married, and divorced with a kid. This is not the kind of path for me to take.

Denise had that look of a injured and lost puppy. That look that would make all man want to protect her. 

I felt that way too, not exactly in a sexual way if you get what I mean. 

Jim : Girls……. want attention Denise…. ….Woman…. Needs respect…

Denise smiled. 

Her first genuine smile I saw that came complete with a twinkle in her eyes. 

In the heat of the moment, Denise grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me towards her. She kissed me on my lip. 

A 5 second kiss on the lips before pushing me away. 

I did not expect that and I was caught unprepared. 

There was nothing romantic about it, it was just awkward. I blinked a few times as I stared at Denise.

Denise : er..mmm….erm.. sorry… i.. ermm.. …..sorry about that… i… ..

Jim : : Stop…. There is nothing you can possibly say right now…. That doesn’t make this more awkward that it already it….

I pulled myself back and sat on the floor beside her bed for another 10 minutes for the awkwardness to pass. 

When I finally got up onto my feet, I muster up enough courage to wrap up the evening.

Jim : Goodnight Denise…. And stop with the sugarbabe nonsense… time to move on with your life...… and don’t do anything stupid…. ok ? 

She nodded her head slowly as she looked at me from her bed.

Denise : What was your name again ? haha… 

I smiled, shook me head but did not say a word. 

Right before I shut the bedroom door, I heard Denise call out from her bed. 

Denise : Goodnight Jim…. 

I smiled and left her house. 

As I started the engine in my cab, I stretched my aching body in the vehicle. 

My god. 

Only the first month into this job and look at this. 

I wonder what other adventures future projects will bring. 


11th January 2017


After wrapping up the Denise fiasco, the rest of the week went by without much excitement. I tagged along for a couple of short unofficial bodyguard duties, but it’s really just putting on a stern face and driving people around the island.

Not to forget carrying luggage and holding up placards so I can receive them at the airport. It seems some people really enjoyed the prestige of having a couple of middle age men standing around them looking important and shit.

I have the cab with me for another week before it’s officially out of my hands.

I was put on an unofficial babysitting duty that day. It isn’t exactly looking after a baby, but more of following someone around.

To keep it short, a rich man’s son has borrowed his Ferrari to go meet his girlfriend. I was to follow them discreetly and see where they go. On top of that, the client wanted to know whether the son is driving around like a mad man. In case you are wondering why rich man’s son don’t have his own car, he does actually.

Just that it’s in the workshop for a few days and rich man’s son is pestering his dad to upgrade his ride to a similar Ferrari.

So, this explain the assignment. Perhaps the dad was secretly hoping we would be able to get evidence of his son driving like a cunt on the road, that way, he can save the money for the car.

I have to hand it to the kids these days. Pestering the father for a car. Perhaps I’m too old and traditional in my thinking. If I didn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it, this motto of mine must be out of date.

Anyway, to sum it up, it’s a pretty brainless job.

Camera does the recording, I do the driving.

It’s really simple work, all the son did was drive from Bukit Timah to Woodlands where the girlfriend stays. That was it.

His son was a pretty good driver.

He kept to his lane, within the speed limit and he even signalled for 3 seconds before changing lanes. I’m impressed, honest.

There were no loud revs of the engine, no sudden brakes. He stops for old people at the zebra crossing, he should be given a model driver award.

It was just a short drive to woodlands and we got there in less than half an hour.

The car stayed in the carpark and so did i. The rich man’s son Issac, went up to his girlfriend’s apartment and that was it. Issac looked bespectacled and clean, like the friendly accountant you would trust with your taxes.

He has a permanent smile on his face that looked a little creepy to me though.

Once Issac went up to his girlfriend’s place, there’s nothing for me to do but wait. Young people, go visit girlfriend, need some intimate moments of course.

Eric arrived at my location around noon to take over for a while so I can grab lunch.


Jim : What you want to eat ? … I dabao for you …

Eric : Anything la.. rice…er… vegetables ah… old already… need to eat more vegetables…

I grabbed coffee and 2 packets of economy rice and we ate in the cab and talked a little about the family. I’ve seen Eric’s phone countless times since we started working together and on his wallpaper was a cute picture of his daughter Claire.

She has the sweetest smile and the brightest eyes, features that I think came from the mum. I made a mental note not to tell Eric about that.

Jim : How’s Claire?

Eric : Haha… a handful these days… but you know… kids these days…. Can talk back to you… haha… she’s asking so many questions…. Talking like an adult liao…. hahah

Jim : ok la… she’s already 5 plus… turning 6 right ? …. Another 15 years you relax already…

Eric : hahaha… knn… 15 years… still long way to go la…

We chatted as we ate and Eric let on that he is dating a pre-school teacher at the moment.

Jim : That’s good… at least you’re seeing someone…. Next time intro leh… haha

Eric told me that his girlfriend Wendy used to be the teacher taking care of Claire in infant care.

Jim : Wah…. You go and attack the teacher direct ah…. Not bad ah… haha..

Eric : Haha.. fuck you la…. It’s just… I think she sees me taking care of Claire alone… and there were so many things that I was not doing properly…. So she chipped in to help a little…. And then it just happened…

Jim : Well… it’s not easy…. Being a single parent…

Eric: Yeah…. I feel bad sometimes for Claire…. Wish I could spend more time with her…. now she got to spend most of the time in childcare… by the time I pick her up… it’s already almost 7pm….the day almost over….

I smiled and told Eric everyone is doing pretty much the same.

Jim : This is Singapore brother…. It’s hard to raise a kid with only one income….after work, all need to rush back to pick up the kids, and if the fucking train breaks down.. hahaha…. Knn….game over

Eric : Ya la… I donno how many times I need to run like 2 MRT stations to get back to the childcare in time…. If not will get fined by childcare…. Simi lan jiao man…. Hahah…

Jim : Ok la… that’s why your IPPT always gold… haha

Eric : IPPT ? … fuck man… they should do some GPS thingy… the moment MRT breakdown, kick off IPPT 2.4km…. tap out at station then start running…. Reach 2 stations or something then tap in…. KNN…. Straight away credit my money into my card…. At least train spoil can make money I also not that Dulan…..

I laughed and chuckled at Eric’s sense of humour and creativity. He’s always the one with the funny ideas.

Eric : Then hor.. all those fail IPPT one…. Just walk… tap out at Raffles place…. Walk to outram or something… clear one session…. I tell you…. Mindef save a lot of work…. No need charge people never clear RT ( Remedial training ) …. I think smelly every month can clear 2 sessions….

I almost choked on my rice as I giggled.

Eric : Ahhh… fuck this la… don’t talk about this anymore…. Anyway… I’m saving up… maybe get married in a year or 2….. hopefully I can give Claire the complete family that she is lacking right now…. The rest doesn’t matter….

I was about to reply Eric when I saw Issac coming out to the carpark.

Eric sat up too as he took another sip of his coffee.

Eric : Ok.. ok… start work again … rich man son’s going out already…

Issac was not alone this time. He came with his girlfriend but something looked a little off.

It’s a hot and humid afternoon, while Issac was dressed in casual polo Tee and shorts, his girlfriend was in jeans and a long sleeve turtleneck.

Jim : Wah… in this weather ?? zhun bo ?

That was not all, she had on a cap and shades as well, covering up large portions of her face.

Eric : Eh… is.. the girl is some celebrity ah ??

Jim : don’t know leh… figure looks good though…..

Issac held onto his girlfriend and brought her over to the car. He opened the door for her too, now, this might sound like it’s a gentlemanly act, but it was not.

Eric and I turned to look at each other when we saw Issac literally shove his girlfriend into the seat before closing the door. The way she was manhandled into the car gave off a weird vibe.

Something doesn’t look right.

We pulled out of the carpark behind them a few seconds later.

Issac took the expressway at the first turn and headed towards TPE. We exited at jalan Kayu and watched him park at the open air carpark beside the roti prata shop.


Eric and I parked a distance away from Issac and observed him leading his girlfriend towards the roti prata shop.

Jim : Looks like they’re heading for lunch.

Eric : I’ll go down take a look….

15 minutes later, Eric came back to the car with a bottle of drink in hand.

Jim : What’s the status ? … they having lunch ah ?

Eric nodded his head but as he went on to describe what he saw, my eyes widened in surprise.

Issac’s girlfriend was covered in bruises.

Jim ; Bruises ? ??

Eric : Yah…

Eric : She has a bruise on her eye…. I can see from the corner of the shades…. Her lips also… the side…... I bet she wore the long sleeve top to cover other marks and bruises ….

Jim : What the fuck ? then how ?? 

Eric : I don’t know… job is to look after the car…. Not Issac’s girlfriend…. 

Jim : are you kidding me ?? 

Eric : What do you want me to say man ?? … we’re supposed to pass on the recording for the son’s driving…. Not to kaypo what he does to his girlfriend…. Am I wrong ?? 

I scratched my head and sighed. 

Jim : This is fucked up… 


Issac came back to the carpark with his girlfriend beside him. Now that I’m looking more carefully, I can see that he was the one that is holding onto her. It’s like he’s grabbing onto her, afraid that she would run away or something. 

He was holding onto her wrist, every couple of steps, he would tug her along like urging a unwilling dog to keep up with her.

We followed the car back to woodlands. 

This time round , I did not enter the carpark but instead went to the rubbish chute area. 

Eric : Oei.. what you doing ? 

Jim : Stay here… I want to take a look. 

Eric ; Oei.. oei !.. Jim… don’t fuck things up… come back… oei !.... 

I ignored Eric and got out. I pulled on a cap and a pair of shades before walking casually towards the lift lobby. 

Hiding in a corner, I waited for Eric and his girlfriend to appear. 30 seconds later, I saw them walking towards the lift lobby. 

The girl is limping. 

What the fuck , she wasn’t limping before. 

Even as she limped, Issac was still holding onto her, dragging her to keep up with her pace. 

I grabbed a couple of junk mails and fliers from the ground near the mailboxes and pretended I was a resident in the estate. I timed my entry to the lift lobby to be around the same time as Issac and his girlfriend. 

There was a lift waiting on the ground floor and I held the button, turned to look at the couple, giving them a friendly smile. 

Jim : err… which floor ?? 

Issac did not speak but hit the 8th floor button. 

I hit 7 and stood to a corner. 

Using the reflection of the mirrored panels, I tried to look at Issac’s girlfriend. Within such close proximity, I could hear the soft sniff of his girlfriend. It was quiet and subtle but I could hear it. 

That sob of a woman stifling her cries. The sniff of mucus in her nose. 

It was impossible to miss. 

When the lift opened on my level, I walked out casually before turning towards the staircase. 

I quietly made my way up half a flight of stairs and waited. 

The beeping of the lift opening on the 8th floor was punctuated by Issac’s voice. 

It was not a shout but loud enough for anyone listening to detect his anger and displeasure. 

Issac : So fucking embarrassing…. The whole world can hear you cry !!!.... cry baby….got other people inside the lift don’t you know !!... you just out to embarrass me right ?? everything also cry….

The sniffing got a little louder as I heard the metal gate being unlocked a distance away. 

Issac kept on with his verbal abuse on his girlfriend. 

Eventually it died off after the heavy slam of the timber door. 

I took the rest of the stairs up and took a peep down the quiet corridor. I saw the slippers the girlfriend was wearing outside a unit and I casually walked towards it. 

Even before I was close, I could hear her crying. 

It was not just her cries, it was her pleas. 

“ Stop… please… it’s very painful…. Stop !!!.. ahhh.. sobzz.. sobzz… please…Issac…” 

Issac : I though you liked this…. You like this right… that time before we dated,…. You admitted you like this… why are you behaving like this now !!..come here… 

Smack … smack !!.. 

I could hear the heavy smack of flesh against flesh from outside the corridor couple with Issac’s laughter. 

The groans and screams were unbearable. It was like as if he was just hitting her for the fun of it. Then came the moans, and I could hear Issac asking his girlfriend to moan louder for him as he fucked her. 

It was so loud and they were using the room right beside the corridor. It was not air conditioned and the top louvered winders were open. Anyone walking past would definitely hear the commotion.

Looking at the rest of the neighbour’s doors, they were all closed. Probably all out at work.

I called Eric and told him about it but he told me to mind my own business and let it go. 

Eric : Come down Jim !!... just mind your own business…. And come down.. it’s not our business.. !!... 

I went back down to the cab and Eric had just got off the phone with Soh. 

Eric : Ok… listen ah… Soh don’t want us to do anything about it… you understand…. We stay with the car…. Bring the recording back to the office and case close… the rest is not our business….. 

Jim : But… someone is getting abused inside there… !... she’s … she’s… 

Eric : Jim… focus… we cannot afford to meddle in everything we see…. 

Jim : Fuck !... 

Eric : Yeah… fuck , we’re salary man Jim… not super heros…

I drove the cab back to the carpark and we waited till 5.30pm before Issac showed up alone. 

He had a smug look of satisfaction on his face as he started up the engine of the car. The look of someone who just unloaded his testicles of sperm, perhaps he unloaded while hitting his girlfriend.

That was it. 

We followed the car back to Bukit Timah, called Soh and wrapped up for the day. 

I dropped Eric off at his place in Bedok before heading back up to Woodlands. 

I cannot just sit by and do nothing. That look on Issac’s face remained in my head for a long time. That fucking goody guy look had a sick monster hidden underneath it.


Heading back up to the same unit, I knocked on the door for a good 5 minutes before it was answered. 

The door opened just a crack and the girl asked me what I want. 

Jim : Hi…… was in the same lift with you this afternoon…. I just want to ask if you are ok…. You seemed hurt… 

“ I’m fine, thanks… ”

She was about to close the door on me but I stopped her. 

Jim : Wait wait… listen…ermm…you need medical attention…you looked hurt…shall I call an ambulance for you?? 

“ NO!!.. don’t need ! “ 

The door swung opened and i gasped in shock as I looked at her face. She was not wearing her cap and shades this time round, even with the dim light from the corridor, I could see the bruises on her face. 

She panicked and tried to cover up her face and close the door. 

Jim : Wait… listen… you cannot allow your boyfriend to hit you like this… !!... you should report him to the police…. !... 

“ No!!.. no!... don’t need… just leave me alone “ 

Jim : No… I can’t sorry… I’m going to call the police… 

“ NO!!NO!!... wait ..wait… “ 

The girl frantically held onto my hand through the locked gate. 

“ He’ll kill me…. please… don’t… he’ll kill me…” 

Jim : Calm down… he won’t kill you…. just relax….what’s your name ? … I’m Jim… calm down… 

Marie : Marie…. I’m Marie… please… I’m ok.. I’m really ok…. Just leave… 

Jim : Marie…. Look at me… 

I grabbed her by her shoulders through the gate and shook her gently. 

Jim : You’re not ok… you’re fucking being abused by Issac ! 

There was moment of silence before Marie asked me why I knew her boyfriend’s name. 

Marie : Are you stalking me ?? 

I shook my head and decided to tell Marie about my assignment. 

I told her a condensed version of us being tasked to keep an eye on Issac by his father. 

Jim : this is wrong Marie… sorry but I cannot just let this slide….we have to report this… and get you some medical help…

Marie : sobzz.. sobz… what can I do… his family is rich… they have money… power… I’m just your average girl in the street…. Sobzz.. sobzz… 

Jim : Go and report him…he cannot get away with this…. 

Marie : How ?? … he knows where I stay… he will come for me sobzz.. sobz… 

Jim : Is there someone you can stay with ? temporary ? …. Friend?? Relatives ?? 

Marie : My relatives are in Malaysia… sobzz. Sobzz.. i… I…. I came here to work…. And.. and… Issac rented this place for me….. I thought… I thought I found a guy who will take care of me….. I didn’t know… 

Jim : Friends… what about friends ? anyone you can crash with ? 

Marie shook her head and told me Issac took her phone.

Jim : What ? … 

I looked at the locked gate and asked Marie to open up. 

Marie : I can’t…. only Issac has the key… and… and … he took my passport…. 

Jim : You are fucking kidding me… 

Marie let on that Issac would visit her every alternate day, she has everything she needed inside the house. 

Marie : He gives me money… sobzz… sobz… but… but he doesn’t let me out of the house…

Jim : This is madness…. How long has this been going on ?? 

Marie : coming to 2 months… I think… maybe a little more…. 

What the fuck is wrong with people nowadays. 

I told Marie to start packing. 

Jim : Pack clothes for a couple of days…. Anything you might need… I’ll come back in a while… and I’ll get you out ok?? … 

Marie : but.. what if Issac…. What if he… sobzz. Sobz… I can’t…. if he comes back and don’t see me here, he’ll get angry… he’ll…he’ll go to my sister !! 

Jim ; What sister ??? 

Marie : My sister… my sister is in Singapore too…but … but I cannot go to her… Issac knows the café she works at… he will go there and look for me !!... i… I don’t want to get my sister involved….and… and.. there’s camera in my room…he can see me…

I stepped back immediately, afraid for a moment that I might appear on tape.

Jim : Is there one pointed at this door. 

Marie : No…. there’s one on top of me… but it’s pointed at the living room sofa… there’s one in the room and one in the kitchen…. Issac will know…

Jim : Fuck him…… don’t think so much…. let’s get you out of here first….then we’ll find a way to get you back home and away from him…. Go pack now !... 

Marie nodded and went back into the house. 

I can cut the lock with a pair of bolt cutters but I need to get it back from my place. 

My dad use to do some renovation odd jobs and I remembered seeing the tools in the storeroom. 

By the time I headed home and got back to woodlands, it was already 10.00pm

I knocked on the door and Marie was ready. Her eyes were still red from probably another fresh bout of crying. 

Jim : you ready ? 

Marie : Yes… 

It took a few attempts but I managed to cut the lock on the gate. Marie hugged onto a small bag and scurried out of the house. 

Jim : You have all your stuff ?? let’s go make a police report first … 

Marie shook her head vigorously. 

Marie : No.. please… I don’t want to blow the matter up… just… just get me out of here… I just want to go home…. 

Jim : But… you cannot let him get away with this… 

Marie pleaded with me. 

Marie : This police…. Court cases… all these things are games for the rich… I cannot afford to play all this… please… Jim… I just want to go home… I don’t want to report this… please… 

Jim : Where does your sister live ?? 

Marie : NO!... not my sister… Issac will go after her…. He makes me msg my sister every now and then to tell her I’m ok and how good he is to me… sobzz.. sobz…

Jim : This is a nightmare…

Marie : You can’t help me… nobody can… sobzz.. sobzz… 


Now I’m stuck with a dilemma. This is what happen when you don’t think things through before doing it. 

All I’ve thought about was binging Marie to the police, then hopefully after she has made a report, they would take care of her or something. 

Now that she is unwilling to speak up, I’m stuck. 

Marie : please… let’s just leave this corridor..… I’m afraid what if Issac decides to come back suddenly…. His family is rich and resourceful…. i..

Jim : Calm down calm down….he cannot do anything to you…. relax… 

I looked into Marie’s place for a moment before asking her if she knew where the footages are being stored. 

Jim : The cameras….. where do they get stored… the footages…. 

Marie : There’s… there’s some stuff… boxes and cables… in the cupboard over there… together with the internet things…. I don’t know…. But it’s all locked…

Jim : Come out of the house… 

She nodded and got out, peering warily along the corridor. 

I removed my shirt, covered my face and entered the house, turning to the distribution box located behind the door, I hit the master switch and cut the electricity to the house. 

Running straight to the cupboard, I broke the simple lock and I found the 3.5 “ hardisk that is connected to the DVR and I removed it. 

That should have evidence of Marie being abused by Issac. 

I brought Marie to my cab and scratched my head. 

Now I got to figure out what to do with her. 


I can’t possibly bring her back home, so I drove her to the only place I have on my mind. 



Denise’s place. 

This is going to be so awkward. I don’t even know if Denise is still there but it’s worth a shot. 

She still has that place for a couple of months and she’s the only one staying there. 

There’s more than enough space for another girl, not that she owed me anything but it was the only place I could think off aside from putting Marie up in a hotel or something. 

I had to drop by a convenient stall along the way because Marie said she was hungry. I started filling the shopping basket with sandwiches, snacks, chips, coffee, milk, basically enough food to last Marie at least till lunch the next day. 

I stopped at a quiet carpark as Marie ate quietly, trying to calm herself down. She broke down twice while eating but managed to compose herself after a while.

Jim : You ok ? … ready to go ?? 

I briefly told Marie about Denise on the way over. 

She asked if we were related and I said no.

Marie : How did you 2 know each other then ? 

Jim : Err…. I helped to clean up some spilled milk…. Long story… 

Marie : Oh…. You became friends by helping her clean up ?? 

Jim : It’s…errr.. complicated…. It’s a lot of milk… really a lot… massive clean up…

Marie : Oh… how weird…. But…. will she be ok with… me imposing on her?? 

Jim : well… she can be nasty…. A little unpredictable…temperament wise… err.. not really good… but all in all, her heart is in the right place… so don’t worry… I’ll handle it… and… don’t drink milk in front of her..

Marie : Oh… she must really hate milk then… 

Jim ; errrr .. Yeah…. 

Heading up to Denise’s unit, I rang the door bell. 

Looking at my watch, it’s already 12.20am 

12th January 2017



I rang the bell for close to 5 minutes before I saw the lights in the unit come on. 

I turned to Marie and asked her to let me do the talking.

She nodded and hid behind me instinctively, as if expecting a wild animal to jump out from behind the door. 

I tried to mentally rehearse what to say to Denise but before I could get my story right, I heard the click of the bolt unlocking. 

When the door swung open, I saw Denise in her pyjamas. I don’t know if you can call that pyjamas. She was just wearing a pair of pink boyshort panty and a spag top. She was not even wearing her bra from what I could see was the firm protrusion of her nipples. 

I could feel an erection happening as I looked at the cameltoe created by Denise’s panty.

Her smooth hairless legs disappeared into a pair of fluffy Victoria secrets bedroom slippers. 

Her hair looked a little fluff up.
She had a frown on her face as she folded her arms and growled at me after looking at me with the bag of stuff from the convenient stall in hand. 

Denise : You better have a good reason for this Jim….

Jim : Denise… I need…err… your help….

She looked at me before turning her attention to Marie who was cowering behind. 

Denise : oh my god……. who is she ?? what happened ?

I gave a condensed version of what happened and Denise looked at me in disbelief. 

Denise : …. sigh….. come on in…. 

30 mins and a hot cup of tea later, Denise agreed to let Marie stay for a couple of days. 

Marie : Thank you so much Denise… I’m so sorry for imposing on you…. I’ll make arrangements to head back home as soon as I can… I’m sorry… 

Denise : It’s ok… don’t worry about it…. go wash up and have a rest… we’ll talk tomorrow… 

Marie : You’re so pretty and kind…….not like what Jim described at all… 

I shot Marie a look the same time I receive one from Denise. 

Denise : Wait !.. what else did Jim say about me ?? 

Marie caught my hint and immediately got up to head to her room. 

Marie : Oh err…. Nothing… nothing… 

Right before Marie went into the guest room, she turned towards me and asked in an inquisitive manner.

Marie : Jim… Denise takes her tea with milk…. Why do you say she hates milk ?

My heart sank a notch as my eyes slowly drifted to meet Denise’s before turning to look at a puzzled Marie. 

Jim : Marie…. Go to your room…. Now…. 

She finally got the drift and left us alone. 

After a 20 second window of awkward glaring at by Denise, I smile and spoke first. 

Jim : Denise i…. 

She put up a hand, facing her palm towards my face, as she closed her eyes and slowly exhale.

Denise : Stop…. There is nothing you can possibly say right now…. That doesn’t make this more awkward that it already is….


I wasn’t expecting that from Denise and it took me a few moments to react with a laugh. 

Denise threw a cushion at my head, hitting me squarely on my nose. 

Denise : I never once said I hated milk….. 

Jim : Sorry…hahah.. paiseh….

Denise : I will get you Jim…..mark my words….. I will get you good for making a comment like that……


Denise shot me a dirty look and started to clear the cups. 

Jim : let me do it…. 

I did the washing up and thanked Denise for her hospitality.

Denise : What is this Jim….?... you going to save everyone in the world that needs saving ?? …. 

Jim : are you mad… of course not… 

Denise : Seems like that way to me… 

Jim : well….. you see something wrong happening…. You can either choose to do nothing…. Or just do something… personal choice… 

I smiled as I wiped my hands dry. Denise did not reply but she just looked at me. 

Jim : well… I did save you from your delusional sugarbabe fantasy..

Denise : Ha !.... oh please…. I wouldn’t consider that as saving…. 

Jim : so…. Are you over that phase already ?.... or you’re still looking for a new sugar daddy ? 

Denise leaned against the wall of the kitchen, folded her arms and looked at me with her sleepy eyes. 

Denise : Are you rich Jim ? 

Jim : … I like your sense of humour….. do I look rich to you ?? 

I hung up the cup before turning to face Denise. 

Her mouth twisted and she sides of her lips crooked upwards as she observed me from head to toe. 

Jim : I’m divorced and I have a daughter…. And I’m not rich… 

Denise’s expression changed, from one bordering on being naughty to plain embarrassment. 

Denise : Oh.. oh..i’m sorry… I errmm… 

Jim : It’s ok….i fucked up my marriage..…. I can only blame myself….. 

Denise nodded and quipped. 

Denise : Everyone fucks up now and then…. 

Jim : Alright… thank you for taking Marie in…. I better make a move… 

I made my way to the door but Denise stopped me from closing it. 

Denise : oh… one more thing…Stop bringing strays to my place ! …I’m warning you !

Jim : well…..I can’t sit by and do nothing…. Besides…… I can tell you are a nice person…really kind…. Pure at heart….

She put up a hand in my face and asked me to stop with the sucking up. 

Denise : enough of the bootlicking…..What’s in it for me ?? 

Jim : What ? … come on…. you can’t be that calculative… you have this place rent free for another couple of months….

Denise played with the ends of her hair, rolled her eyes in a deliberately over the top act of trying to appear like a bimbo. 

Denise : What to do… I’m still in my sugarbabe fantasy…….everything is about benefits to me… 

Jim : hahah…. What do you want then ? … I cannot afford to pay you if you want money …. 

Denise smirk and replied . 

Denise : Oh please… I’m probably richer than you Jim…. 

I laughed and nodded my head. 

Jim : I bet you are …. I saw a bag that’s worth like 25k in your bedroom that day…. 

Denise : Tsk….you bitch….. anyway that’s one of the cheaper ones… 

Jim : Right….~~ 

Denise cleared her throat , folded her arms and looked away for a brief moment before saying that I could help with her moving out…

Denise : I need someone to… carry the stuff… when I move of course…. I’m looking around… 

Jim : Ok… no problem..

Denise : Really ?.. 

I nodded my head. 

Denise beamed a wide smile and asked me for my phone. 

Denise : This’s my number…. Keep it to yourself ok…. I’ve never given my number out in a very long time…. When I give people number usually I need to charge them money for it ok….

Denise hit dial and gave herself a miss call. 

Jim : yeah yeah…. 

Denise : Tsk …. Good night Jim….. 

Jim : Goodnight Denise…. 


That’s one heavy load off my chest. 

I collapsed into bed, exhausted and spent at 3.30am


I headed back to work in the morning and all was good. 

Perhaps it was because I feel pretty good with myself. 


Denise text me to say that she’s gotten a prepaid card and phone for Marie so she can make arrangements to get back home. 

Denise sms : But she needs her passport….what kind of fucker hits a woman like this ?? she’s covered in bruises…. 

I went over to check on the girls later that evening before leaving. Marie was afraid to even log into her social media account for too long for fear of being discovered by Issac. She contacted her sister to let her know she’s fine and logged off immediately. Marie told her sister not to tell anyone she made contact and that she’s making plans to head back home for a while

Jim : Did you tell her about Issac…. What he did ?? 

Marie : No…. i… I don’t want to get my sister involved…. She… what if Issac tries to harm her ?? 

Jim : Don’t be crazy… this is Singapore…. Just call the cops…. Speaking of which I think you should do just that…. 

Marie : No… please… don’t..

We chatted for a short while and I promised to help Marie with her passport issue. She still has her identification and driver’s license with her, the easy thing to do would be just to file a report that it’s lost, and get a replacement. 

Go to the Malaysia embassy or something. These should be a piece of cake. 

Marie however was concerned that if she were to go make a report in her state, it might attract unwanted attention, which is why she wants to wait a couple of days until the bruises on her face are not that visible. 

Denise : I can help with some makeup… but the bruises need to go down a little…if not… going to look like I drawing on a corpse leh… 

Jim : Tsk…. 

Denise : So swollen you see !... the whole cheek….’jeng’ (swelled up) already…

Jim : You have poor choice of words…

Denise : Tsk ….

Denise shot me a look to remind me all this was possible because of her benevolence and I raised up both hands in the air, bowing in the same manner a subject would do to the empress while rolling my eyes at the same time. 

Jim : Wan sui wan sui wan wan sui…………… ( Long live the queen ) 

I asked Marie if she need me to grab anything for her when I come back the next day and she said no. 

Denise and Maire is about the same built so clothes are not an issue. 

Marie however had a slight comment about Denise’s choice of lingerie. 

Maire : She has some new….err… panties… for me… because mine not dry yet…. And you know hor….it’s… it’s…. All very lacy and ….and… it’s all like… one string those kind you know… … i… keep getting wedgie…. 

I gave Maire a raised eyebrow look and replied. 

Jim : Too much detail sister… too much detail… 

Maire : Oh… you looked like you are pretty close with her…. 

I did not give her a reply. 

13th January 2017

I was looking forward to the weekend so I can have some time to figure out what to do with Marie. There was not much work to be done that day except to pick up some clients from the ferry terminal to the hotel.


Just before the lot of us parted ways to head home for the weekend, Soh called for an urgent meeting. 

Soh : Ok guys…. New project…. Starts immediately….this is urgent…

I could already hear Eric cursing under his breathe about making alternative arrangements for his daughter in school if it drags too late.

As the lot of us gathered around the white board, my eyes widened when I saw a picture of Issac and Marie on the board. 

Shit. This is not good.

Soh : Ok… another stupid project… but the client pays well…. It seems that the rich kid’s girlfriend has gone missing….. rich people’s problem…. We won’t understand… 

I swallowed a gulp of my saliva. 

Soh : The son has been losing sleep and shit….. you know… typical youngsters boy girl relationship and all… I’m not interested….. the client wants to talk to the girl…so that’s what we’re going to do…. 

I turned to look at Eric who met my look with a equally puzzled one.

Derrick : the client…. No mobile phone ah…. Why does he need us ?? 

Soh : No… of course not… there’s a bit of a complication…. You see…. The client’s son……wants to talk to his girlfriend…... But he was very certain that she would not want to talk to, or listen to him…. And… ermm… how do I put this….

Soh scratched his head for a while before going on. 

Soh : The client’s son wants us to ensure that his girlfriend…..listens to what he has to say…. Whether she likes it or not….hmmm.. did that come out right ?? 

What the fuck. 

I cannot believe this. 

Jim : Err… SOh… do you mean you want us to kidnap the girl ??

Soh : Fuck no of course…. Don’t use that word…. Just fucking keep the both of them in a café or some shit… let them go and breakup in person or something….. I heard people these days start relationships via messages and end them the same way…..I think the current generation lost their testicles or something….

Jim : But we cannot exactly force the girl to talk to the client either can we …..i mean… if she doesn’t want to….she might not even show up…

Soh : Ok… The client …. In this case I’m referring to Issac, the son… he knows where Marie’s sister is working… at a café in toa payoh.… he has gotten in touch with her, and she has agreed to get her sister down to the café…

Wow. I don’t believe this. 

I can’t exactly blame Marie’s younger sister either, she has no idea what happened between them. Probably thought it was just a simple tiff between couples, besides, Issac looked like a pretty good catch too on the surface at least. 

Soh : It’s a small café, 6 tables, sits 12, sells ice cream and coffee…. We will take over the whole place… fill up all the table and seats, leaving the one in the middle for Issac and Marie. 

Soh flashed out another piece of hand scribbled drawing on the board. 

[ 1] [ 2] [3 ]
[ 4] [ 5] [ 6]

Soh : dress casual… try to blend in…. 

Rizwan : Soh… the ice cream… halal or not ?? 

Soh : Tsk…. How I know… you just drink plain water la….. 

Rizwan : Expenses client pay right ?? then I wack the expresso already… 

Soh : Yes yes….drink all you want… 

Rizwan and Derrick fist bump each other. The amount of coffee they drink each day, the might as well mainline the liquid directly into their veins. 

Soh : Table 2… keep it empty for Issac and Marie….. we will fill up the rest….. let the 2 of them sort it out… if she turns violent…..we make sure Issac don’t get hurt… close… simple ? 

I put up my hand and asked Soh a question. 

Jim : What if Issac turned violent ?? 

Soh took a deep breath and brushed me off. 

Soh : Jim…. As long as Issac don’t get hurt…. That’s the contract… just let them talk… we’ll block the exit after Marie comes in…. tell other visitors the place is full.

Soh went on to give us more details about the situation. 

Soh : The client is worried that the girl will start making unjustified claims against his son…. That’s up to your interpretation…..

Jim : Soh… this girl has been abused by the son…. Eric called you the other day about this… he fucking wack the girl until….. 

Soh : Yes Jim… I know but…. This is business…… the rest… we don’t care….. we just make sure the son is ok…. Anyway…. Issac, the son is on his way over here…. 

Mohan : ehh… so urgent ah… 

Soh : He’s like some heartbroken kid……. i don’t care about him la…. He insisted on talking to the team that will be there on the day….any questions you have… direct it to him… 


I hoped Issac don’t recognise me from that encounter in the lift. I was wearing a cap and shades, and he didn’t exactly look at me for long.

I pretended to grab a drink and slowly made my way to the back of the group while I fiddled with my phone.


Issac arrived at our office in a different car. A Lexus. 

Oh that fucking look on his face. 
I can’t stand it. 

He came in with a slight smile, in his straight polo T and berms. That educated decent man look. 

He went on acting all pitiful and goody, saying that he really loves Marie a lot but because of some misunderstanding, he’s afraid she might start making crazy claims about him.

Issac : You know…. Girls… sometimes…. We don’t know what they are thinking… haha… she owes me some money…. but not to worry about that… main thing is I’m holding onto her passport…

Mohan : How much money does she owe you ?? and why are you holding onto her passport ?? 

Issac was caught a little off guard before mumbling a figure. 

Issac : Oh.. err..mmm…..just around 2 thousand….and Marie stays over at my place frequently … you know… and she leaves her things lying around…. 

Jim : How did you end up lending money to your girlfriend man ? …. You record all the dates you paid for dinner ah… 

The guys laughed but Soh gave me a dirty look. 

Issac: err.. no la… no la.. haha… anyway….we’re all adults….i also want to part on a clean note…. She’s probably looking to go back to Malaysia too… I’m hoping to talk to her… wrap things up….

Damm he is smart. 

He’s already planning his exit route, but I already have an idea what he wants out of this. 

It has got to be the hardisk. I’m sure it has footages of him hitting Marie. 

That, is going to be worth a lot to him.

If he meets up with Marie, he can easily threaten her to keep her mouth shut about what he did. Then again, if he’s planning to meet at the café Marie’s sister is working at, there is always a chance that Marie could run to her sister for her, or show her the bruises, turn the tables and come clean, revealing who Issac really is. 

Too many possibilities.

Something is off. This cannot be that simple. 

Issac cleared his throat and his tone changed slightly. 

Issac : There is something else….. something that I would really need your help with…. 

As he began to speak, it finally dawned on me that wrapping things up with Marie was just an appetiser. Not only does he want to shut Marie up, get the missing hardisk, he’s out to get the person who helped Marie. 

Issac : I last checked in with Marie on Thursday at 9.30pm…..I called the landline when I saw her scurrying about in the house…. 

Rizwan : You have cameras in the house ?? 

Issac nodded without elaborating. 

Issac : I called her again at 9.45pm when I saw her standing by the gate on my PC…. but she refused to pick up the call….

That’s weird, I didn’t hear any phone ringing.

Issac went on to give a breakdown of the events that happened after that. 

The hairs on my arms stood on it’s ends as I looked at him. 

Issac : At 10pm, someone came and Marie left with him….. I arrived at her place at 11.00pm and this is what I saw…. One… Marie left in a hurry… she only packed some clothes, leaving most of her stuff behind….. two, the lock to the gate was cut…..

Mohan : What ? 

Issac immediately followed up with that comment that Marie has the key to the gate lying around somewhere which is obviously a lie. 

Issac : She has the keys… but she’s not a tidy person, always misplaces her things….. now…. The lock is not easy to cut, and you would need an industrial bolt cutter to do it… which is why I came to the conclusion that this person that helped Marie is a man. 

Issac took the marker from the white board and started drawing. 

Issac: The lock is 1.35m from the ground, the cut was done from a downward direction which means this man is probably taller than 1.75m… 

What the fuck ………..?

Issac went on without breaking a beat. 

Issac : Motive is definitely not money, there’s almost 400 dollars sitting untouched in the house …..

As if this was not bizarre enough, Issac went on to tell us that he had a few of his father’s staff calling up hotels. 

Issac : I asked the staff to call up all the hotels looking for a Marie Teo li ping from Malaysia who checked in between around 11pm on wednesday night on the pretext that I have a meeting with her and will be late, but out of 452 hotels, 400 said they do not have a guest by that name, 30 refused to accept my request, 20 put us on hold and never got back while the other 2 has a Malaysian by the name of Marie, but not Teo li Ping. 

By this time, the mouth of half the guys on the floor listening were already opened in a mixture of shock and amazement. 
Who the fuck does he think he is ? 

Issac : I dare to assume that whoever Marie went with, they did not check into a hotel. Marie would probably assume I would call them all up anyway, besides, without her passport, I’m not sure if she can easily get a room…. 

Issac stepped away from the board and came closer to the lot of us. 

Issac : Now… knowing Marie, she would never be comfortable sharing a room with a guy…. It took a while before she was even comfortable with moving into a place of our own in woodlands….. and she doesn’t have any close male friends that I know about…. This brings me to my next deduction….. there is more than 1 person involved in this. 

Even Soh but now was listening intently with a shock expression on his face. 

Issac : The 2nd individual involved is definitely a woman…. And she is the one providing shelter for Marie…. I know my girlfriend…. If it’s not a girl, no matter how nice the guy is, she will be hesitant to stay there. 

Issac took a deep breath and looked at us 

Issac : There is of course a chance that I’m wrong, but I’m usually right… 

The manner in which he said it was so cocky that I felt like giving him a punch in the face. 

Issac : I don’t like it when people play games with me…..and since they want to play…. I play to win…. 

Issac concluded the briefing saying that he is confident whoever is helping Marie will be coming down with her on the day of the meet. 

Issac : I want to know who they are… where they stay… where they go to work…. 

Soh came in at this point and tried to calm Issac down. 

Soh : Issac.. issac… relax…. Our contract was to keep you safe….we don’t… 

Issac cut Soh off halfway. 

Issac : yes… you will…. Because I will have my way of provoking them into making a move on me…. that way… you guys will have a legitimate reason to do your job… if they so much so as lay their hands on me…. you do what you have to do…. I’m sure my father is paying you well for that…

I could see Soh boiling with anger but he forced himself to keep it in.

Issac : Chill guys… It’ll be fun… I’m sure there’ll be a happy ending for all…. 

After Issac went off, Soh said that he would keep us updated over the weekend. 

Issac totally left out the part of the missing hardisk. He must have wanted to negotiate directly with the people behind this personally. 

I have to thread carefully with this. He surely has a copy of the vids on his PC as well up till the point I cut the power. 

Soh : please be on standby this weekend…. If you’re activated because Marie got in touch… you got to work… … 

Everyone nodded and went their own way except me. 

I remained on the chair pretending to stretch my body as I closed my eyes. There is this strange euphoric sensation of excitement coursing through my veins. 

I haven felt excitement like this in years. 

This reminded me of the times back in school when all the kids bring their board games to school after exams. All I had was a old and chipped box of Chinese chess and a well used paper board. It was given to me by my grandfather. 

I loved that game. 

I may be an average student in class but my interest in that simple game made me the go to guy for all the smart students in the cohort. 

Everyone wanted to beat Jim at the gentlemen’s game. 

The smart ones all tried. 

The smartest however, stayed away. 

Now I’m getting the same nostalgic feeling. 

The excitement of a game, of being able to anticipate your opponent’s next move.

There is just a small problem. 

Issac is not a gentlemen. 

And when playing with someone like that, I play dirty. 

There will be a happy ending alright, but I’m not sure it’s one that Issac has in mind.


Needless to say, the first thing I did after leaving work was to head over to Denise’s place. 

I called her in advance and told her I’m heading over. 

Jim : I need to talk to you and Marie…. 


Over dinner of pizza and salad, I told the girls what happened earlier. 

Marie could not believe what I just told them and she wanted to call her sister about it. 

Marie : I want to know what Issac said to her… 

Jim : No… calm down….one step at a time.. 

I told Marie that Issac has gone to such length not only to wrap things up with her, he also wants to know who are the people helping Marie . 

Marie : Oh my god… I’m so sorry Jim…. i…. if…. If… if Issac knew… he would surely do something to you guys as well… I’m sorry…. 

Denise : Don’t be silly Marie… what can he do ?? … 

Jim : Don’t worry…. We’ll get through this…I’m pretty sure he is after the hard disk I took from your place… 

Marie : The one from the cameras ?? 

I nodded. 

Jim : You said there are cameras in your room and in the kitchen too right…. Where does he usually hit you ?? … in the room ? 

Marie shook her head and told me everywhere. 

Marie : Whenever he feels like it, he would do it… living room, kitchen…. Bedroom… he…. He records videos of us… of us… having sex as well… 

Her voice went down a notch as she revealed that to us. 

I could not resist giving Denise a look but she returned one that made me turn away immediately.

Marie : now I’m worried about my sister…. I don’t know what Issac told her… and… and what if after this… he continues to harass her ?? …

Jim : Relax… we can close this once and for all…. Did you tell your sister anything ? 

Marie : No… I told her I’m fine and that I’m planning to head back home to Malaysia…. 

Jim : ok… my guess is she will be contacting you soon… probably with Issac’s instruction… to get you to meet up…. 

Marie : what should I do ?? 

Jim : Play along…. Ask her why she wants to meet… and see what she says…. Regardless of her answer, we will work towards heading down to the café….. 

Marie : ok….ok… 

Denise : Wow…. this guy sounds like a total asshole….makes me want to give him a slap… is he a control freak ??? so what if he’s rich…. Big fuck is it ? … 

Jim : Well… he’s rich…. He might need a sugar…. OWW!... 

I was jabbed in my ribs by Denise’s leg before I could finish my sentence. 

Marie : Jim… what should I do… I really don’t want to get my sister involve in this… 

Jim : It’s too late… she is already involved…. The only thing we can do is to see it to the end…. 

Marie : But… but… you already said Issac hired your company…. To ambush me in the café….what more can I do ?? I can’t possibly go down and meet Issac there….and.. and…if I don’t…. Issac will keep harassing my sister…. 

Jim : He’s getting you down because he knows he can scare you into submission….that’s all… he cannot do anything to you….. 

Denise : What about the footages…. We can use them… 

Jim : I plan to do that….but it’s going to be a bit tricky since I cannot be involved in this directly…. Which means you girls got to do it…. 

Marie : I’m…. I’m just really worried about Issac coming after us even after this…. Are you sure Jim…. If we… if we go down… won’t it make your job difficult ? 

I told Marie to relax and calm down. 

Jim : We have to go through with this…. But we’ll do it our way…. You will get your passport back….you will give Issac a warning….and we’ll make sure he never harass you or your sister again… 

Denise : How ?? 

I smiled and told the girls to listen carefully. 

Jim : By turning his attention to us instead……you see… all these effort…. By Issac…. He’s not interested in you…. he’s interested in the people helping you…. he doesn’t like to lose….and the thought of losing to someone he cannot see irks him…. And I’m pretty sure he wants that hard disk back….

Marie : Yes… he must win in everything… argument… games… everything…it’s his character… 

Jim : He’s angry we took you…. he considers you as his property…. 

Marie ; Yes… yes… !!... those were his exact words…. He says them when he…. When he hits me…. that he can do anything he wants…. Because he owns me…. 

Jim : I’m sorry to say this Marie… but he has no qualms about throwing you aside… but there’s no way he can take this lying down without getting the person responsible…. 

Marie : Then how… what should we do… 

Jim : Pay close attention to what I’m about to say…. 

For the next 20 minutes as I spoke, the girls listened. 

Questions can wait, I only needed them to understand the concept behind what I was trying to do. 

Jim : Now…. Repeat what I just said , step by step… 

Denise: What !... 

Jim : I thought you wanted to slap him ? …. 

Marie : It’s too much to remember….

Jim : Then write it down…. And you go through it again and again and again…. Until you know what to do with your eyes close… 

Denise got up in a huff and went to pick up some stationaries.

Denise : Let’s go through it…. But…… do I really have to wear a short and tight dress ? … and by the way…. Wearing something short and tight doesn’t mean you are a slut ok ?? …

Jim : Well… I need you to draw the attention when the time comes…. I know Issac’s mentality, you have to become a character he can associate with… only then will this work…

Denise : still……you didn’t have to use that word… some of my dresses look pretty classy ok…. It’s the attitude of the person wearing it…. 

Jim : Hmm… now that you mention it…. I think the same attitude you gave when we first met on assignment would be perfect for this role. 

Denise : Tskkk…. I had to do it then… it’s to stop other men from trying to become friendly with me….. 

Jim : It worked really well by the way…. 

Denise gave me an angry glare. 

Denise : if not for the fact you opened the door for Mecole … you piece of shit….. I haven’t….

I quickly cut her off and changed topic. 

Jim : Ok… quick.. back to this… it’s important to get this right…. And Denise…. I need your voice… that cold…. Murderous voice I just heard…. 

Denise : You have no idea how my murderous voice sounds like Jim…. 

Jim : hookay…… moving on….

By midnight, the girls were clear on what they needed to do when the time comes. 

Now all we needed was to scout out the location. 

We took a midnight drive to the café Marie’s sister worked at in Hougang and identified the spots where the girls can be stationed at while waiting. 

I sent them home after that and ran over the plan once more in the car. 

As Denise walked me to her door that night, she just said something out of the blue that took me by surprise. 

Denise : It’s…. it’s quite a turn on Jim… hur hur…. To see you all serious and shit… haha… makes me want to sleep with you …. Hahaha… 

Jim : errrr…. What ??

Denise : hahah… am I not good enough ?? 

Jim : Sigh…. I’m too old for you Denise…. 

Denise : No… you’re just right for me… hahah… 

Jim : Don’t be crazy Denise… respect yourself… don’t do this….

Denise : I’m still a little confused about the respect and attention part with you Jim…. I think I’m having a crush on you…. how do I get both from you… you know… your attention…. And your respect….

Jim : not possible…..Go to bed…. I’m not sleeping with you…come on… I’m an uncle already…. 

Denise : Why not ?? ….

Jim : Go masturbate yourself or something…. I’m too old for you…

Denise : We’ll see…. Hahah… goodnight… 

We don’t want to drag this out longer than necessary, so the plan was for Marie to contact her sister on the pretext of asking how she is doing. I’m pretty sure her sister would initiate the request to meet up. 

16th January 2017 

Marie gave her sister a call and as expected, her sister asked her to drop by her café when she’s free. She asked her about it and her sister came clean, saying that Issac had approached her because he wants to talk to her.

Marie told me that her sister had actually gave her contact number to Issac but she is not sure why he hasn’t made contact. 

I told her it’s fine. Just tell your sister you are dropping by her café on the 18th. Do not contact Issac personally, I asked her to get her sister to pass along the message. 

Jim : Tell her to inform Issac you want your passport back…. and you guys are done…. That should be enough…. 

Marie told me she will text me the updates after she’s done. 

15 minutes later, I received a message from Marie 

Marie sms : Done…. Going down on the 18th…. 


Soh gathered us together for a quick briefing after lunch. 

Soh : It’ll happen on the 18th. At 2pm….. Issac has contacted the café owner…. He’s booked the whole place for the day…..only Marie’s sister will be there….

We were to be at the café the moment it opened at 11am. Issac will arrive at 1.30pm. Marie will arrive at 2pm. 

Soh : Dress up… look casual…. Don’t fucking give yourself away….. Issac want us to pretend we don’t know each other…. And we don’t know him….. 

Rizwan : Wah lan eh…. Need to do until like that bo…. A bit overkill…. Machiam like hong kong cop and spy movie…. 

Mohan : Ah…Soh…. You got see Indian sit in café whole day one meh…. Can do at prata shop or not…. Hahah… 

Soh : Diam la ( shut up ) …. Ask you do you just do…. You dress up as student… 

Rizwan : Soh… Mohan look like student meh ? …. He should wear like IT worker la… like the what ah… the Chennai business park in Changi there…. Hahah

Soh threw a folder at Rizwan as the group of us laughed. 

Soh : Guys… this is serious… it’s a $5500 contract for a day’s work… ok… be serious… and…. Issac promised a $500 cash bonus for each of you after this is over…. 

That got the guys’ attention immediately. 

Eric : Wow… I can pay for 1 month childcare fees…. 

Tommy : Really ?... that’s like enough to cover the nursing home fees for my grandmother… 

Nelson : Wah… steady… I can give my Ah ma ( grandma ) more allowance this month… just in time for Chinese new year…. 

Soh : Yeah… so don’t fuck it up…. 

17th January 2017 

Just before the group of us wrapped up our work that day, Issac came down to the office again. 

He wanted to give us a final briefing before his so call operation. 

Issac : I’ve been trying to reach Marie on the phone the past couple of days…. 

Issac revealed that Marie is not answering his calls, but she is replying to his messages. 

Issac : Her messages are not simple replies…. Everyone of them are carefully formed…. She is not like this… her command of English is limited…. This further reinforced the fact that someone is helping her…. It feels like she is being manipulated….. I want to know who…. is manipulating her… who are the ones telling her to do this…. Who is coming in between us….

I almost rolled my eyes at the comment. 

It’s an obvious lie. 

Issac made no attempt to contact Marie at all. I don’t know what kind of picture he was trying to paint but it only made him appear paranoid. 

Issac : I don’t like it when someone fucks with me… so please… when he or she shows up…. Make sure no one leaves the café….i want to talk to them…

Eric whispered to me when Issac was not looking. 

Eric : Eh… this guy… the brain ah…. Serious case….tsk.. tsk… tsk…

18th January 2017 


We were to arrive separately at the café location located in Hougang street 21. 

Issac was paranoid about the details. 

He wanted everyone to be in casual home clothes, something that you would wear to a café. 

I took a backpack, pack in my laptop and files. I don’t look like a student, but I can play the role of a writer or some budding entrepreneur. I’ll be at table 6

Mohan came in business attire together with Rizwan. They would play the roles of businessmen engaged in talks on table 5

Nelson will be there with Tommy pretending to they are playing games on their phones on table 4

Eric and Derrick will be at table 1, with Eric trying to sell an insurance policy. 

Soh will take table 3 leaving table 2 empty for Issac. 

[ 1] [ 2] [3 ]
[ 4] [ 5] [ 6]

All is set. 

Now we just need to wait for things to happen. 


The café opens for business and Mohan was the first to arrive. 


All of us were in the café by then, there was only 1 staff on duty that day, Marie’s sister, Nelly. Nelly is aware that the café has been booked for the day by Issac on the pretext of a private function.

Nelly : What is going on ?? why are you guys here ? 

Soh reassured Nelly that everything is fine and that she just need to go on her work as usual. 

Walk in customers are served only if they are taking out. Many left when they realised the place has been booked.

I powered up my laptop, sat with my back facing the glass panels and pretended to surf the net and read the folders I brought. 

Everyone did their own things and waited. 

Coffee , pastries and ice cream are served whenever we want. 


I could feel the tension go up a notch when Issac arrived. 

He came in and took a look at the lot of us before talking to Nelly.

Nelly : Issac… what is happening… why is there a need for this ?? is everything ok ? these people… are they actors or something ?? they’re not doing anything… just sitting there…. You booked the café for this ??

Issac : it’s fine… don’t worry…. What time is your sister coming ? 

Nelly : 2pm… Issac… what is going on ?? 

Issac : I’ll tell you later…


The café became eerily quiet. Nelly lean on the counter as she kept checking her phone.

Issac just sat on his table facing the exit flanked by 2 full height glass panels. The clear glass offered a good view of the exterior. If Marie shows up, even before she cross the street, Issac will be able to see her and anyone she is with. 

I could see his expression from the corner of my eye as he scanned the exterior for signs of Marie. 

He is not a patient man. 

His body language gave it away. 


I watch him take out Marie’s passport and put it on the table in front of him. He took a deep breath, folded his arms and closed his eyes. He’s trying to compose himself, probably thinking of a way to retain the upper hand and trade for the hard disk back.

No one said anything. 

The silence of the café was shattered by the ringing of Nelly’s phone. 

Nelly : Hello ? …. Marie ?? ! 

The mere mention of the name made Issac open his eyes. 

Nelly : Where are you ?? are you coming ? … what ?.... oh…ermm… ok… 

Nelly looked puzzled as she came out from behind the counter and passed the phone to Issac. 

Nelly : Marie wants to talk to you…. 

Issac answered the phone but said nothing. 

First order of the day. 

Send Nelly away. 

I told Marie that if she doesn’t want Issac to bother her sister, she should not be there. Keep everything between the 2 of them.

My heart thumped as I flipped a folder, pretending to look at some charts as I waited. 

Issac looked at Nelly 30 seconds later and spoke. 

Issac : Do me a favour Nelly….. go for your lunch…. Come back in 2 hours… 

Nelly : But … the shop… 

Issac : It’s ok… we’ll be fine… we booked the place… 

Nelly hesitated for a moment before taking her phone from Issac. She turned the closed sign to on the glass door before stepping out. 

Issac took out his phone and put it on the table in front of him. The way he breaths betrayed his emotions. 

He’s getting angry. For someone like him, being told what to do is the same as asking him to die. The fact that Marie is fucking with him is probably causing his blood to boil right now. Taking instructions over the phone from a girl who just a few days ago was at his mercy must be unbearable.

His eyes scanned the exterior like a hawk, alternating between the streets and his phone. 

The angry vibration of the phone on the café table filled the café and Issac answered it immediately, losing his temper in front of everyone. 

Issac : Where the FUCK ARE YOU !!? …. Why don’t you ask whoever is pulling your strings to come to the phone !!!! you don’t have the guts to do something like that to me !!! 

Issac breathed heavily as he cursed into the speaker. 

There was a pause of 5 seconds before he put his phone down on the table and hit the speaker button. 


Almost everyone looked at Issac after his outburst except Soh who calmly drank his coffee. 

Denise’s voice came on the phone and I held back a smile and typed away on my laptop. 

Issac knows he’s being played, but he doesn’t know the extent we’re going to take things. 

Denise spoke calmly in a composed manner. 

Denise : Hi Issac…. 

Issac : Who are you ? 

Denise : I’m Marie’s friend… 

Issac : Why don’t you come to the café…. We can have a chat…. 

This is the part where we really fuck with Issac. 

In a monotonous voice, Denise delivered the 1st blow to Issac. 

Denise : When you shouted into the phone…. Everyone in the café looked at you…. except the old man….

Issac : What the fuck….. 

Issac immediately stood up and went to the door and tried to look across the road to see where the caller is. 

Denise : I want him gone..… then I’ll come in… 

Issac’s breathing got heavier and I could see him fuming as he stared at Soh who met his eyes. 

Denise : Ask that man to head to the bus stop along the street…. I want to be able to see him at all times…. 

Issac sucked in a deep gasp of air that sounded like the hiss of a snake and snapped at Soh. 

Issac : You heard what she said… get out… 

Soh sighed and got up. He gave Eric a look, an unofficial signal that the baton has been passed to him and exited the door. 

Issac : Happy now.. ? !!! come on in ! 

There was a pause for 30 seconds as Soh took his time to leave and Denise waited for a while before speaking again.

Denise : not yet… the old man…. He gave the guy at the corner a look before he left… I want him and his friend gone as well….. I want to see them at the bus stop as well…

I could see Issac’s fingers close into a fist as he cursed and hang up the phone. 

He turned around and shouted at Eric to get out together with Derrick. 

Issac : great… just great…. Get out.. !... 

Now, I can’t possibly let Denise keep threading on Issac’s toes. 

You have to give and take a little. 

Issac must win too sometimes. 

I whispered sharply to Mohan to stand up as I pretended I was looking at the commotion.

Both our backs are facing the glass panels, it would appear as if we are asking Issac to shut up for anyone looking in from outside. 

Jim : Mohan stand up now !... pretend you are asking Issac to shut up…. 

He caught my que and Mohan began gesturing at Issac, pretending to be a angry customer. 

Mohan : hello brother…… you don’t own the café… can lower your voice or not…

Issac was fast, he caught on quick and I saw a smile appear on his face. 

Eric and Derrick left the café and they were careful not to make eye contact with anyone as they left. 

Issac got back a little of his composure as he sat back down, mumbling softly under his breath as he held the phone aside.

Issac : good job guys… good job…. Good job…. 

He rang Denise again. 

Issac : Ok… they’re all gone… let’s not waste time… come in… 

Denise : I’ll decide if they’re all gone….keep the line open…. 

Then the café went quiet. 

Issac stared at the phone, not saying a single word. 

If this was a movie, you would hear the low beat of the drum coupled with the intense pluck of a string instrument in the background. Every beat synchronised with my own heartbeat.

No one spoke, the atmosphere was tense. I could almost picture the camera panning from the top of the café down to the level where we were sitting, taking in each and every detail if this was being shown on a movie screen.

Rizwan and Mohan continued whispering to each other. 

My heart was thumping as I typed away on my laptop, referring to my folder every now and then, pretending to be your typical café customer.

Time crawled as we waited. We can hear only the sound of Denise’s heels clicking in the background. She’s walking as she held the line. 

Issac hit the mute button and passed on the information. 

Issac : She’s walking… she’s walking…. I don’t see anyone on the phone outside …. Keep an eye on anyone that walks pass….

5 seconds later Denise spoke again. 

Denise : Who are you talking to Issac… ? I can see you talking….

Immediately Issac looked up at the remaining guys in the café. 

Issac unmute the phone and replied. 

Issac : You’re not within the line of sight of the café… where is your friend ??... 

Denise : I work alone… 

Issac : bull shit… there’s no way you can see us !... 

Denise : Ah haa…. ‘Us’….. … more friends inside there I see…

Issac cursed loudly into the phone, angry at himself for giving up the information so easily. 

Mohan immediately got up again trying to play the role of an irritated customer. 

Denise : I want the Indian guy and his Malay friend gone…. Get them to the bus stop as well… he can’t act for shit…

Mohan froze as Issac glared at him. 

Mohan : Oei… who are you lady… I’m not with your friend …. You think what.. you own the café ah…. 

Issac closed his eyes and I could see he was on the verge of exploding. 

Issac : Get out… both of you… GET OUT !!

Denise was really getting to Issac. 

Mohan sighed and signalled to Rizwan as I shook my head. 

Issac took out another phone of his and he called Nelly, putting her on speaker.

Nelly : yes ? 

Issac : Stay on the line… don’t hang up…. 

Nelly : Why ? … 

Issac : Just stay on the fucking line !! 

Denise chuckled on her line. 

Denise : Are you angry Issac… are you always angry… ? Nelly is not the one feeding me information…. It’s not her…..

Issac did not reply. 

Issac : Come in… whoever you are… let’s talk … 

Denise : Aren’t you curious Issac ? …. How did I know your friend is indian or… Malay… ? someone’s feeding me information….

Issac slammed his fist on the café table, causing the 2 phones to jump. 

Denise : which one of your staff is always on the phone ? hahaha…

Denise hung up after that and Issac got up onto his feet. 

His eyes darted to the 2 remaining tables. My phone was just lying on the table as I continued to flip though my folders.

Issac looked at Nelson and Tommy who were on their phones the whole while. 

He went over and grabbed Nelson’s phone, checking to see what he’s doing before turning to Tommy and doing the same. 

Tommy : Hey.. what the fuck… 

Nelson : Hey !...

There was no hiding their look of displeasure on their face as Issac literally threw their phones back down on the table.

Issac’s phone rang again and he answered, shouting into the phone. 

Issac : WHAT !!! 

Denise : get them out… join their friends at the bus stop.

Issac shouted at Tommy and Nelson, asking them to fuck off. 

The 2 of them shook their head and rolled their eyes at Issac before getting up and leaving. 

Issac : I had enough of you fucking games !!! 

Issac went to the door and looked outwards, trying to see where Denise is. 

Then he came to my table and grabbed my phone. 

Issac : Unlock it !!!...

I shook my head and unlocked my phone as Issac looked through my past messages and calls. I deleted all contacts and messages to Marie and Denise before I entered the café.

How did I contact her then ? 


Email, a laptop and the free café wifi. 

I had logged out and shut the window when Issac went on to check Nelson and Tommy’s phone. There was no need to contact her anymore.

Issac sighed and threw my phone back onto the table before shouting at Denise into the phone.

Denise : haha…. I knew it… everyone in there is with you… you can tell them to stop acting now… you are a insecure man Issac…. Hahaha…. I’ll let you keep one of your dogs…. The last one can stay…. 

Issac : Get Marie on the phone… 

Denise : We’re ready to go in…. there’s a bus coming to your guys…… service 119….in 2 minutes… call them… I want all of them on the bus… 

Issac : I’m not doing anything else until I see who the fuck I’m talking to… 

Denise chuckled. 

Denise : Then we’re heading home… and all of this would be for nothing… aren’t you curious…. Who I am ? … who’s pulling your string ? … haha… don’t you want the hardisk back ???

Issac slammed his fist on the table several times.

Jim : You want me to call the guys Issac ? 

Issac glared at me for a brief moment as he deliberated with his decision. 

I whispered sharply to Issac.
Jim : Just get her in the café……. 

Issac nodded and asked me to call Soh and the rest of the guys. 

The call connected and I put it on speaker. 

Jim : Soh.. I’m on speaker…. Issac wants all of you to board the bus…. Service 119… 

Soh : What the fuck… 

Issac: Just fucking do it !!! SOH!!.. 

Issac’s face was starting to turn red. 

His chauvinistic character is rearing his ugly head. 

And the café went silent again, only the faint sound of Denise’s heels clicking in the background as she continued walking. 

Soh : Fuck…. Fine… whatever…. 

Then came another wait for about 1 minute and the clicking of Denise’s heels was the only sound that came from her phone. Even I wondered for a moment where she is, how come she can keep walking for so long. 

Denise : I saw them board the bus… good…. My colleague will be following them…. They shall stay on the bus until it reaches the end…. If anyone of them get off before that.… we’re gone… 

Issac : You fucking bitch !!! I’m sick of your fucking games…. 

Suddenly the door to the café opened, hitting the bell on the top and a merry jingle filled the café as Denise stepped into the café. 

Dressed in a hot and tight 1 piece white dress, I could feel my dick having a rapid erection. Her bandage dress clung onto her tightly, showing off her flawless hourglass body and her smooth hairless legs. 

Denise’s smell, her fragrance, it filled the café, masking the aroma of our stale coffee.

Her cream coloured heels made her 2 inches taller and in the full makeup and fake eyelashes, Denise brushed a stray fringe behind her ears as she gave Issac a radiant smile.

Denise : It’s not nice to call a lady a bitch you know….. 

Issac laid eyes on Denise and he froze for a couple of seconds unable to put a face to the voice that he had been talking to all this while.

As if began to dawn on him Denise was the girl on the line all this time, a evil grin slowly broke on his face.

He was checking her out from head to toe, no doubt thinking of how he wants to rape her. His intention is obvious. 

Denise was perfect. She looked amazing. 

She fucking even put a fake mole near the side of her eyes. It’s small but noticeable. I don’t know why, but that added detail suddenly makes me want her. 

In a sexual way and lustful way.

Denise smoothed out her dress, touching herself on the buttocks, not that her tight dress needed and smoothing. As she ran her hands down, she lowered her body gracefully onto the chair in front of Issac, lifted up her legs and crossed them. 

When she crossed her legs, she deliberately brushed her heel against Issac’s calves.

She fanned herself with her right wrist in a slow deliberate manner, drawing attention to her cleavage.

Denise leaned forward, exposing her low cut dress to Issac, rest her chin on her limp wrist and gave one of the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen from her.

Her lustful and soul grabbing gaze lasted for a couple of seconds before she spoke in a haughty manner directing her gaze at me.

Denise : You ok with your dog listening in on our conversation ….. ?

Issac grinned and hung up all the phone.

Issac pointed a finger at me, asking me to tell Soh to stay on the bus till the end of the line. 

I made the call and told Soh someone is following them to make sure they stay on. 

Soh : Jim…. We’re fucked if Issac gets hurt…. 

Jim : He’ll be fine… I’m here…. I’ll give you updates every 5 minutes…. Call me if I don’t get back to you…. 

Soh : All yours bro…. Soh out… 

I hung up and took a seat behind Denise, in a deliberate attempt to block her exit, and of course, as a show to Issac that I’m doing my job.

Issac nodded with a smile. 

Denise cast a glance over her bare shoulders with a smirk as she acknowledged my presence.

Denise : now…… Shall we get down to business ? 

Issac : HAHAHAHAHAHAWHAHAHAHa…. Hahahahahaha…. 

Issac did a big show of clapping his hands before slamming the table in front of Denise with a bang.

Issac : You come here alone……. Empty handed…... and you expect to do business with me ?? hahahah…. Are you stupid ??? hahahahaha…..

Denise was unfazed. 

Not a bit impressed too. 

Perhaps it came from her unofficial tenure as Herman’s sugarbabe. I’m sure she had to meet people from all walks of life. 

In a cool and classy voice that even surprised me, Denise said something that made my hair stand on it’s end. 

Denise : I can normally tell how intelligent a man is…….. by how stupid he thinks I am….

In a relaxed stance, Denise continued staring at Issac. 

Issac laughed again, louder this time round as he slurps up his saliva and sucks on the crevices of his teeth. 

Issac : You had my curiosity……… now you have my attention…. 

Denise : Good…. 


What’s the game plan here you ask ? 

It’s really simple actually. 

Get Marie’s passport, and get the fuck out of that place.

That’s it. I don’t care what I have to do, I will cheat, lie and steal if I have to.

That’s actually the simple part. Denise could always grab the passport and start running, but if I wanted her to do that, I would have gotten her to turn up in gym attire. There’s really not much Issac can do anyway. 

He’s not going to grab a girl in public with her screaming and waving her hands in the air. 

The trick is getting Issac to stay away after all this is over. Stay away from Denise, away from Nelly, away from Marie and close this chapter. So, I have to use the hardisk to my advantage and give Issac something else to focus on.

Then again, Issac would never take it lying down if he kept losing. He must get something in return.

To end this Issac must think that he stands to gain more by cooperating. 

The key here is to keep his attention on Denise and the mystery people behind her. 

Issac : Who are you ……… what’s your name ?? 

Denise : you just called me a bitch a moment ago…. 

Issac : Oh… come on… it was in a fit of anger… you can’t be that narrow minded… hahaha… 

Denise smiled and gave a reply we rehearsed beforehand. 

Denise : I work for a company…. That pretty much does the same things the guys you hire do…. Just that we are a lot more…… expensive…. And… professional….

Denise reached for a namecard from her Chanel bag and passed it to Issac. It’s just a piece of black cardboard we cut out of her shoebox. There is nothing written on it but a number from a prepaid calling card, the texture feels expensive and there was a shimmer to it. Denise simply drew a letter ‘D’ in gold ink at the bottom right corner.

Issac : I see…. What does ‘D’ stand for ? …..And I wonder how is it possible that Marie can afford your service…. 

Issac tried to see what’s on the card and Denise told him it takes a bit of brains to work out the rest of the company’s details. 

Denise : ‘D’……… call me ‘D’ ………… you can reach me on that number…

Issac chuckled and kept the card in his pocket. 

Denise: Well… my boss does a bit of charity work every now and then……Marie is one of them….let’s just say it’s Marie lucky day since their paths crossed a while back... Anyway… let’s get to the point…. 

Issac : and what is that ? 

Denise stood up, and went to help herself to a bottle of water. She unscrewed the cap behind Issac who remained seated but angled his head slightly to see what Denise was doing.

Placing a glass on the table, she filled it slowly beside Issac, letting the allure of her fragrance reach Issac’s nostril. Issac was presented with her flat tummy, and the firmness of Denise’s thighs.

Every move Denise made caused her tight dress to shift, revealing more of her delicious thighs. I could smell her from where I stood. The whole package that she presented herself as, I could see why Herman wanted her. 

It really made me wonder if she was like this before Herman made her the offer, or rather, she became this way after Herman changed her. 

Issac’s eyes never left Denise. One moment they were looking at how firm her buttocks were, another moment he was looking at the hem of her short dress. 

Then it drifted to her cleavage. 

Then it went to her calves, down to her ankles, to her heels. 

Her slender arms, her wrist with a silver bangle. And I have no doubts what Issac finally settled his eyes on. 

It was the same item that I could not tear my eyes away from too. 

It was a black choker necklace around Denise’s neck. The centre of which is a plain solid gold clasp with a single black pearl hanging 1cm off the clasp. 

It felt like there was some magic imbued in that accessory. 

Clasped tightly around Denise’s neck, it kept drawing my attention, my eyes kept looking at it. It stood out perfectly against her smooth and fair skin. 

Denise is good. 

I have to give it to her. 

She knows what men wants. 

What they really want. 

And Denise could see right through the façade everyone of us chose to put up, she knew deep down what we craved. What we really thought of when we look at girls like her. 

I bet she knows where the men are looking too when they admired her toned body. 

You know the feeling you get when you see someone really hot, desirable and confident. Then out of nowhere you get scenes and scenarios of despicable acts you want to do to her. 

Acts that you would keep to yourself as you feast your eyes on the body and feel the rise in your cock. 

If a really close and good friend were right beside you, you would no doubt share a knowing look, a crooked smile, mentally transmitting a message to each other that you would grab and fuck her brains out if given the chance. 

That was exactly what I was feeling at the moment. 

Morals went right out the door as I watch Denise brushed back a stray fringe of her hair as she set the bottle of water down. 

Everything happened within a couple of seconds. It felt natural, there was no play acting there or the vibe of someone trying too hard. 

You can tell if a girl is trying to act coy, or slut like but not this. 

It just happened so naturally. 

There was almost a hint of sincerity in the Denise’s action. 

Denise’s delicate fingers rested on Issac’s shoulders, giving him a firm press before sliding down his chest from behind, her hair fell onto Issac’s head and I could see Issac turning to smell Denise. 

Denise : I’ll tell you what I want….. and you tell me what you want…. Fair enough ?? 

Issac : hahahaha….. I can’t wait…. 

Denise’s hands reached for the glass of water and brought it up slowly for a drink as she straightened her body. 

Her lush red lips touched the clear glass as she kept her gaze steady at Issac. Issac smiled and bit his lips as he exhaled and looked away before looking back at Denise in anticipation. 

How the fuck does a girl behave like this without even blushing ? 

Denise left a imprint of her lip in the seductive shade of her lip gloss on the glass as she set it down on the table in front of Issac . 

Denise : I want….Marie’s passport… and you will forget about her…. Her sister Nelly… and everything that happened….. you’re not to contact them again…..not too much to ask for I hope…. 

Issac grinned as he looked at Denise lustfully, he stroke her waist as he mentally violated her body beneath that tight dress. I could see his hands sliding down the back of Denise’s dress, touching Denise’s buttocks.

Denise remained composed as Issac’s palms circled and kneaded Denise’s tight bums, his fingers toying with the hem of her short dress.

Issac : what do I get then ? hahaha… 

Denise : Tell me what you want in return ?? …. 

Issac : I can have anything ??? hahahahah…. 

Denise smiled and gave Issac a playful Jab on the side of his head.

Denise : I am not……. A thing… 

Issac laughed so loud and hearty that his voice filled the whole café. 

Issac : hahaha.. well…… I’m…. interested in a good deal…. But I’m not sure you are it….hahaha….

Denise smirk and she started to change her tack now that she has gotten Issac’s attention. 

There’s no point in trying to model Denise into another weak little helpless girl for Issac to torture. Issac could easily find another girl like this, another willing sucker, what I wanted Denise to be was to become a female version of Issac. 

If Denise is really who she say she is, working for such a company, Issac would probably know in the back of his mind that there is no way she would allow herself to be treated in the manner he treated Marie. 

It would be too suspicious.

For his encounter with Denise , it’s about power and control. 

People are turned on by different things. Different strokes for different folks. 

Issac gets off with being in control.

He’s hungry for power, and for people like that. There is only one thing that excites them more then the idea of having a weak prey in front of them. 

Yes, you guess it. 

It’s another predator just like them. 

And if this fellow species is a female, Issac would find her irresistible 

So rather than presenting Denise as a victim, I wanted to present her as a playmate instead. 

That would be the real key to getting Issac’s attention. He would not think twice about throwing Marie aside if he could get a playmate like Denise. 

Now, in order to achieve this, I have already planned on being the sacrificial lamb. 

What is a couple of slaps, and having a glass of water thrown at me if I can solve this issue for Marie ? Just a bit of play acting on my part to bring out the part. You know, drama mama a little, show how sadistic Denise is and all. 

Chicken feet.

Denise : I have a good deal for you alright…. Don’t worry….

Denise made a call on her phone and asked Marie to come on into the café. 

Barely 30 seconds past and Marie entered through the glass door. 

Issac levelled his eyes on Marie who walked towards Denise and stopped beside her. 

Denise : Alright… say what you have to say…. And let’s wrap this up…. 

Marie gritted her teeth and delivered a long continuous sentence without taking a moment to breathe. 

Marie : I want you to stop bothering me , I want you to stay away from me and my sister, I don’t ever want to see you again and if you don’t want me to report what you have done to the police, you better don’t call me ever again !! 

Anyone could tell Marie was still afraid of Issac and I know there is no way to hide that fear, so might as well show it. 

Show it properly. 

The moment Marie got all of it out, she just looked at Denise who was calmly looking at her fingernails. 

Denise : You done ?? That’s all ? 

Marie : And… and…. i….. I have the hardisk….. I will…. I will use it as my guarantee….

Issac was glaring at Marie by then and it was time for Denise to step in. 

As I mentioned earlier, Marie cannot always be the one winning. This would be the time to make it appear as if Issac has got the better deal. 

Denise : Wrong Marie…. 

Marie : huh… what ?? 

Denise : The hardisk…. Stays with the company…. 

Issac looked at Denise with a questioning look. 

Denise : We will be the custodian for the hard disk… not you… 

Marie : but… but…. 

Denise turned to Marie and delivered her line perfectly. 

Denise : You will leave this country….and not step foot back in again for at least 6 months… you will not tell anyone about this… far as the company is concerned, you don’t know Issac…. You guys were not in a relationship…. Am I clear ?? 

Marie : What !!... 

I could see Issac grinning as he looked at Denise. 

Denise : This is our condition for helping you….. give and take…..

Marie : but…. No !!.. how could you …!.. I thought… I thought you are helping me !!.. 

Denise : We help to solve the problem Marie… we don’t take sides…. End of the day, it’s about both parties… getting what they want… you want to be left alone… there… this is it….

And in a low murderous voice, Denise spoke coldly towards Marie. 

Denise : We’ve seen the content of the disk, it’s not hard to edit out certain portions…. And leak the rest as a sex scandal over the net…. No one will ever know it’s us… but for you…. as a girl… I’m afraid the implications….would be…. Haha… you can imagine the rest.. 

Marie : YOU!!! 

Marie was on the verge of tears as she glared at Denise who reached over to Issac’s side and took the passport calmly from the table. 

Denise : Take our offer…. Or the deal is off…. 

Right on que, Marie burst into tears as she grabbed her passport before leaving the café.

I could see Issac smiling and smirking as Denise redirected her attention to Issac. 

Issac : I like your style girl… hahaha… I like your style… 

Denise kept her expression neutral and turned to Issac. 

Denise : The disk is a double edge sword Issac…. As the custodian for the disk…. We would like your cooperation….bury this…. cease all contact with Marie and her sister Nelly…. Can you do that ? 

Issac laughed and nodded his head slowly as if he was considering what Denise just proposed. 

Issaac : what about the give and take part ?? … haha

Denise : Oh…. That…. I mean….. you give….. and we take… 

Issac : hahahahaha 

There was no hiding Issac’s amusement from his interaction with Denise. 

Denise : Our company…. Has a 100% success rate for all projects commissioned…. And my boss… he doesn’t like people who don’t cooperate…. You don’t want me to get a bad appraisal right ? ~~~ 

Denise did a couple of her wide eye blink as Issac chuckled.

Issac : Are you threatening me ? hahahaha… hahah… 

Denise : No… I’m giving you a word of advice…. 

At the moment, my phone rang and it was Soh asking for updates. 

Jim : hello……Issac is fine… Marie was here…. Her friend is still here… they’re just talking… yeah… will keep you updated…. 

And then I hung up. 

Issac : Well…. I don’t know…. I’m not convinced hahaha…. Seems you are all talk…. I’m not sure how much to believe…..and if your company is really as connected at you say it is… haha..

Denise reached into her bag and took out her phone. 

Denise : We are connected…...and when you are well connected… you can get people to do things…. Things that they themselves don’t know they would do…. 

Issac raised an eyebrow as Denise pretended to check her phone messages.

Denise : Soh’s the boss….. Mohan, Eric, Tommy, Nelson….Jim, Derrick, Rizwan…. Did I miss out anyone… 

I pretended to look at Denise in surprise and I could see Issac observing me from where he sat. 

Jim : Who the fuck are you… 

Denise : hahhaah…. Which one are you ?? … definitely not Mohan or Rizwan I think… Eric ? …. Nelson ?? 

Jim : No…. I’m Jim… what the fuck is this ?? …

Denise then proceeded to make a call. 

The call went to Marie, that I know. Marie would then give me a call in an attempt to show that some mysterious figure on the other line is pulling my string.

Denise : Jim…. 

That was all she said in an attempted to appear cool. 

Jim : What the fuck…??

I waited for my phone to ring and 30 seconds later it did. 

Jim : Hellow ? …. WHAT !!! 

I spoke loudly and glared at Denise after I hung up. 

Jim : What the fuck is this ?!! 

I took a step in a threatening manner towards Denise. 

Issac looked on, puzzled by our exchange. 

I braced myself for it. This is the point where Denise starts to humiliate me and shit. You know, pretend to spit, “pui pui “ into a glass of water, asks me to drink it, gives me a slap, pour the water over my head and all. 

I will become really angry, threatening to hit Denise but I can’t do anything and all while she demonstrates the power she has over me. 

Do some stuff so it gives Issac a mind fuck and he takes the deal. Bury this shit and of course, Denise would agree to go out with him and all, just call her. 

There, simple right ? Act act only. 


Denise : Jim…. 

Denise pretended to scroll through her phone messages as she read out the contents. 

Denise : I see… you’ve been volunteering pretty hard to get your kid into school it seems….. I’m afraid it’s all going to be a waste of effort…. 

Jim : What the fuck…. Who did you call !! 

I raised my voice slightly and Issac asked me what happened but I ignored him .

Denise : It’s none of your business…… you either do as I say…. I’ll make sure your kid goes into the school of your choice…. Or…. Well…. Your volunteering records could just easily get lost… you know… temporary admin stuff mess up records all the time…

Jim : You !! 

I grabbed the bottle of water and tried to throw it at Denise but Issac stood up and stopped me. 

Issac : Woah.. woah.. relax bro… ahahha.. don’t hit a girl la…. Hahah…

I took a deep breath and braced myself. 

This was the que for Denise. 

Throw the glass of water at me. Slap me a couple of times, abuse me verbally. 

I say sorry, look miserable and wrap it up but no. 

Denise did not follow the script. 

Denise stood up and leaned forward slightly on the desk, her legs parted and her body continued to bend lower the same time her right hand reached under her dress. 

What the fuck is she doing ?? 

I watched in horror as Denise keep her expression neutral as her hand disappeared under her dress. Issac’s eyes too remained glued on Denise as she held onto something and she frowned. 

She fucking frowned and moaned. 

I don’t believe this. 

This was not part of the plan. We didn’t ever discuss this. 

What the fuck is she trying to do. 

Denise : ahh..ern… ernghhhh!! Erngh !

Then with a gasp, I realised I was the one getting mind fucked when I saw Denise pull out a tampon, holding it by the string at the end. 

Issac: What the fuck !... what the fuck !!! 

Issac stood up from his chair and backed away as he looked at Denise, no doubt disgusted by what she did. 

Chairs and table collided into each other as Issac and I backed away, giving Denise a good 1metre berth. 

Then to my horror, Denise put the tampon into the glass of water on the table. It’s still white by the way, no blood thankfully.

I watched the tampon went in and started to absorb most of the water but there was still a good portion of it in the glass. 

Issac: Are you mad ??!! 

Denise chuckled, pleased that she demonstrated her psychopath character properly. 

Denise : Why ? … haven you guys seen a tampon before ?? 

Denise sighed and crossed her legs again before giving a slut like come fuck me look. 

Denise : drink it… 

Jim : WHAT !!! 

Issac : WHAT !!! 

Even Issac exclaimed in horror as he looked at Denise. 

Denise : Not you Issac… him… hahaha… I’m looking forward to have you as a client in the future you know…. Hahhaa… 

I was staring at Denise, wide eyed in surprise as she remained expressionless, staring at me. 

Denise : Drink it Jim… 

Jim : FUCK YOU!!.... I don’t work for you .!! 

My phone rang again, it was Soh 

Jim : Soh.. yah… all ok…. Still talking… yes… do you stay on the bus ?? how I know… ask Issac …

I looked at Issac and he nodded, no doubt eager to see what Denise is really made of.

Jim : Yes… Issac says to remain……. Alright… bye… 

I looked at Issac and gestured roughly to him. 

Jim : What the fuck man.. you are the one that is suppose to negotiate with her… why drag me into this ?? I’m just here to make sure you are safe…. 

Denise giggled and replied. 

Denise : He’s a potential client in the future… I can’t possibly use him as an example can i…. whereas you….. you’re expendable… 

Jim : Fuck you !.... who the fuck do you think you are…

I glared at Denise as I tried to drill home the message to ask her to keep to the script. 

Denise ignored me and made another call to Marie to send another que to her to call me again. 

Fuck, she cannot be serious. 

My phone rang again, this time round Issac waited eagerly for me to pick up. 

Jim : WHAT !! … 

I looked at Issac, then to Denise who maintained that haughty look on her face. A look that made me want to violate her in every way possible. 

My grim expression coupled with my helplessness must be quite a sight to watch. I could see Issac looking at me, eager to see my next move. 

I hung up again and looked at Denise in disbelief. 

She held onto the white sting of the tampon and gave it a tug, in the same manner in which you dip your tea bag into hot water, and she pushed the glass towards me. 

Issac : So… are you… going to do it ?? hahaaha….. 

I looked at Issac and told him to shut the fuck up, taking my anger out on him but it had no effect. 

He could feel it, my frustration, yet he was eager to see me do it. 

My god, Denise. I am so going to rape her after this is over. 

Unhappy that she was made to wait Denise up the stakes. 

Denise : Drink it Jim… or the deal with Issac is off…. I’m taking the disk to the police… and he’s fucked…. And you would have failed your duty… 

Issac : WHAT !! 

Issac exclaimed in surprised as I glared at Denise, trying to communicate via telepathy to get her to stop her nonsense and stick to the script. 

Denise : hahah… you’re the boss Issac… get him to drink it and save you then… hahaha…

Issac : hahaha… I like this… hahaha.. I’m enjoying this in fact… hahahaha…you are amazing…. Go on Jim… do your job…. Do it !! 

The only thoughts I had in my mind at that moment was to fucking rip that tight dress of Denise and plough my cock into her as she scream. 

Denise continued looking at her fingernails and waited.

Issac : Go on.. drink it la… hahaha.. hahaha… 

I took the glass from the table and glared at Denise, hoping that she would stop this in time, maybe brush it off as a joke or some shit and make me do something else, or perhaps spill the glass of water onto me. 

Anything would be better than me drinking it. 

Denise : Stop… 

My heart skipped a beat as I breathe easier. 

Denise : Not so easy…..

Jim : What ?? 

Denise : because you doubted my instructions….and for that… I’m increasing the stakes… 

Jim : What the fuck…. 

Denise angled her body towards me, pushing out her heels such that her left leg which was crossed over her right touched my kneecap. 

Denise : Take off my heel for me…. 

Issac chuckled and laughed, clapping at the audacity Denise had. 

I was shaking by then and I really wanted to strangle Denise. 

I wanted to shout at her and strangle her .

Fuck it, just get it over and done with.

I set the cup down on the table and bent down to remove Denise’s heels, revealing a set of well pedicured toes. 

Denise : do you think I’m attractive…. Jim ? 

Denise asked with a raised eyebrow. 

Denise : answer me …. 

Issac got so excited that he was jumping a few steps away, laughing and slapping his thigh. 

Jim : Fuck you… 

The more frustrated I was, the more excited it made Issac. 

Denise took the glass of water and pour it into her heels together with her tampon. The water sloshed and jumped before she tipped it all back into the glass using the back of her heel. 

Issac : ahhahaahah… WHAHAHAHA…. ..fuck… ahahah.. fuck… ahahah what the fuck man…hahaha.. what did you do ?? ..hahahaha….. 

Denise : There…. Drink it…. 

My mouth was half opened by then as I stared at Denise. 

She has to be joking. 

Denise : No ? … you sure.. ?? 

Denise sniffed and opened her bag, removing a packet of napkin. 

Denise : alright then… clean up and dry my heels for me… 

I gritted my teeth and sigh as I took the napkin, this isn’t half bad even though it’s humiliating. 

After I’m done, Denise made me wear her heel for her. 

I closed my eyes and exhaled slowly as I held Denise’s feet in my hand. It felt so soft, there were hardly any visible veins, her toes were cute and they looked chewable. 

I brought it up with my left hand and on my right, I held the heel I just cleaned.

I could smell Denise. An intoxicating smell. 

Issac was adjusting his erection just a few steps away grinning ear to ear.

Before I could put the heel on her, Denise lifted her feet and pressed it on my mouth, taking me completely by surprise. 

Issac whooped and whistled as Denise pushed a few of her toes into my mouth. 

Denise : Suck my toes Jim…. Suck them… 

I coughed and gagged, spitting as I got back up on my feet. 

This was it. 

I’m done. 

I’m at my limit. 

Denise giggled as she slipped back into her heels.

Denise : That’s so ticklish…. Hahaha…. 

Then she grabbed a tuff of my hair without warning and pulled me closer to the table. 

Jim : ARHGHH.,.FUCK!!! 

She pushed the glass with her tampon in it closer, orientating the glass such that her lipstick stain is facing me. 

Denise : Drink it…. And we can all call it a day…. 

I shrugged her hand off my hair, glaring at her as she kept up that stuck up sugar babe look she had the very first time I saw her. 

I pushed her away as I glared at her. 

Jim : Well FUCK YOU !....

I shoved Denise in the process, knocking her off the chair as she fell onto the floor. 

Issac: Woah…. Some gentleman you are Jim… hahaha… hitting a girl hahaha…. 

My phone rang again, it was Soh. 
I put him on speaker and held the phone out towards Issac.

Soh : We reached the end of the terminal… now what ?? 

Issac helped Denise onto her feet and I could see Denise whispering softly to him. 

Issac chuckled and replied Soh. 

Issac : Soh… project is a wrap… all good… just need a favour….. your guy Jim… isn’t really cooperating… 

Soh : How’s that ? … 

Issac : Well… we’re suppose to have a drink..let bygones be bygones and wrap things up… but he’s quite insistent he don’t drink on the job… hahaha… 

The manner in which Issac chuckled while trying to stifle his laugh is so irritating that I felt like kicking him in the nuts. 

Soh : Oh… just a drink to wrap it up ?? 

Issac : Yeah… just one… 

Soh : Jim…. Settle it and wrap up….we’ll meet back in office…. Soh out…. 

The moment the line went off, Denise and Issac laughed and jab each other with their elbow as I exhaled slowly to control myself. 

Fuck this.

I grabbed the glass but before I could drained it, Denise stopped me again. 

She lifted up her dress once more revealing a good portion of her bottom as she reached in and pull out a pair of white lacy g-string. 

Denise dumped it into the glass as well, orientating the cup such that the portion with her lipstick mark was facing me. 

Denise : There…. Everytime you hesitate…. I’m just going to keep adding… ahhahaa… 

Jim : aRHGHGHGH!!! 

I brought the glass up to my lip and drained the water, and in the process, felt the soaked tampon slap itself onto my lip and nose before the soft panty tickled my face as I took in this erotic scent from Denise’s privates. 

Issac: Whooooooooooooo!!!! Hahahah.. hahahah a!!! hahaha !!! nice… nice.. ahahahah…. 

Issac clapped his hands in a big show of acknowledgement as Denise stood up from her seat. 

Denise : Alright…. Shall we conclude this ? 

Issac : hahah.. hahah.. of course…. If you let me take you out to dinner…. 

Denise : Are you sure it’s only dinner ?? 

Issac : I’ll take you anywhere you want me to my dear… ahahaahah…. 

Denise smiled, saying that the work day is not over yet. She gave Issac a hug, pressing her sexy body against him, grinding his erection with her pelvic region for half a second

Right before she left, she made a sign using her thumb and little finger at Issac . 

Denise : Call me…. we’ll talk about the dinner after I’m done with my work…. Haha.. 

Issac nodded with a eager grin. 

The moment Denise left, I went to the sink at the back and started to rinse my mouth, digging and gagging what I drank . 

Issac shook his head at me in disgust and amusement. 

Issac : that…. is one hell of a lady…. Ahahahahah…

Jim : Pui… pui !!.. blearghh.. pui!!... fuck… fuck !.... chee bye… ! … pui !.. fuck..!

My phone rang again and it was Soh. 

Soh : Jim… how ?? settle liao or not ?? Issac ok or not ?? 

Jim : Yeah.. yeah… I’m done here…. 

I handed the phone over to Issac.

He asked for my phone and I handed it to him 

Issac : Soh !... all good.. let’s call it a day… hahaha….

Issac threw my phone back to me and I saw him took out the card Denise gave him as he left the café. 


By the time we regrouped and headed back to the office, it was already 6.30pm 

I gave the team a summary of what happened, leaving out certain details of course.

Jim : Marie came… with a friend of hers… it seems they have on their hands a hardisk… from the recording in the flat….it has evidence that Marie was abused by Issac….. they came to an agreement…. To bury it… Issac was to stay away from Marie and her sister…. Marie is leaving the country…. That’s about it…. Nothing much… 

Soh : That’s all ? so easy ? 

I shrugged my shoulder and asked Soh to check with Issac if he liked. 

Soh : Fuck him… he’s an asshole…. He sent a message to cut our fees by half because he says most of us were not present…..

Soh told Mohan to wrap up the billing and we would not be taking any more jobs with Issac nor his father in the foreseeable future. 


I was on my way back to Denise’s place when Marie called me. 

She thanked me for my help and told me she’s heading to the checkpoint. 

Marie : Thanks for everything Jim…. Really appreciate what Denise and you have done for me… 

Jim : no problem at all…. Stay safe…. Keep the hardisk properly… 

Marie : I will…. 


I reached Denise’s place and almost depressed the button for the doorbell permanently. 

Denise opened the door just a small crack for me in her pyjamas. 

A plain grey singlet with her pastel green bra strap showing on her shoulders. 

She had on a pair of white cotton shorts, the draw strings hanging unevenly from the front. She fucking even put on a pair of black geeky spectacle that only has the frame, without the lens.

Denise peered at me with her naturally big eyes, trying to give me an innocent girl next door look. 

Denise : Yes ? 

I glared at her and pushed the door opened as she staggered backwards. 

Denise : what’s wrong Jim ?? 

She maintained that doeful eye look as I smirked in disbelief. 

Jim : You….. did not stick to the script… ..!!! 

Denise turned away from me and went back to the sofa where she was at previously with her ipad. 

Denise : My dear Jim….. I had to be realistic… slapping and spitting… that’s so old school…. The tampon is clean la !.... haiyoh… it was all an act…. My panty also just changed… the heels is brand new….. like that cannot take it liao ah ?? 

Jim : Oh… really ?? it’s clean….the tampon ?? 

I heaved a sigh of relief as Denise bit her lips and looked at me from the corner of her eye. 

Jim : Don’t give me that look Denise….

Denise : well…. It’s right where it should be….. not in my ass that’s for sure… haha… 

My eyes widened in horror, unable to belief what I just heard. My fist was clenched and I was shaking where I stood. 

Denise pulled up the blanket she had with her with both hands to her chest, maintaining that doleful look. 

I walked towards Denise as I removed my top. 

This is it. 
She’s asking for it. 

Jim : Any last words ?? 

She smiled and stretched out both hands pulling me onto her on the sofa before whispering beside my ears. 

Denise : …. Stop thinking about fucking me and just fuck me…..


The first scent that hit me was the smell of Denise’s hair. This flowery sweet scent of honey and herb. I ran my fingers through her silky mane as she planted a kiss on my cheek, hugging and pressing her body against mine.

Denise seemed more eager than I was as she helped me unto my pants as I cupped her breast in my palms, squeezing down and letting the firm fullness of her love pillows fuse with my touch.

I lifted Denise’s top and she stretched her hands upwards, making it easy for me to remove it. I wanted to pull her bra off at the same time but I’m not sure why I didn’t.

It’s like Denise knew what I wanted to do. I was suddenly conscious of my actions, unsure if what I was doing is right. I’ve never felt this way before. Is it because of our age gap ?

Did the way we make love or fuck changed within such a short span of time ?

Perhaps the things and action I did when I was in my twenties is now different. ?

I wanted to smell Denise and she cradled my head in front of her breast, allowing me to burrow myself into her body as I smell her. It was impossible to fully describe what I was feeling as I let my nose roam around her body, nudging in spots and crevices that would surely attract disapproving stares if we were in public.

Denise’s scent laid the foundation of what was about to happen as I kissed her on her cleavage. Like a nursing mother, Denise peeled back her bra cup , revealing a small and almost anime like drawing of a areola. My tongue came out, slithering towards her nipples before cupping my mouth onto Denise’s breast.

I groaned as I sucked down on her firm breast, relishing the saliva that I myself left on her flesh barely half a second ago.

Denise did not hurry me even though I could feel her grinning against my body. She allowed me to take my time on her breast, playing with her bra cups, and fiddling with the elasticity of her bra straps. She was eager to get undressed, I could tell as we breathed heavily onto each other’s face.

Our eyes were locked onto each other as we fondled each other’s bodies.

By the time I took her bra off, I had licked, smelled, suck and even bitten on the padding of her pastel coloured bra. There was a visible wet patch that was constantly in contact with her nipples when i looked at the bra cups I desecrated.

I don’t even remember where my hands were roaming, we were all over each other .

Without even realising how our position had changed, Denise’s mouth was already at the tip of my cock. She kissed the tip of my erection, only the tip, her lips forming a tiny suction like shape as she sucked on me.

Only the lips mind you. Her mouth was not even opened yet.

Jim : arghhh! Argnnhh gasppp…

That tingling sensation I felt in my balls was electrifying as Denie’s lips parted just enough to slip onto my uncircumcised penis.

I groaned as her fingers played with my testicles, applying the right pressure and pressing them against each other, balancing me on a thing rope between pleasure and pain.

I was wondering why she was taking so long to suck me when I realised Denise was not just giving me a blowjob. She was trying to peel back my foreskin, making the skin fold upon itself before rolling down my shaft.

Jim : erghhhh… erghh!!! Argghhh!!

My eyes widened as I groaned grabbing onto a tuff of Denise’s hair as I tried to control the pace of the blowjob but I can’t I could feel my foreskin roll back as that sourish tease in my groin almost made me moan out loud.

The initial roll of the skin was a little tight then it began to pick up it’s pace.

Faster and faster , the sourish sensation got more and more intense, and I could feel as if a layer of resistances was removed when I felt Denise’s mouth enveloped my entire mushroom head, sucking down on my raw and vulnerable penis.

Jim : oh my god… erghhhhha… arghhh!!

When my foreskin had retracted, Denise’s tongue mimicked the hawker at the Jwee Kueh stall, scraping the insides of the metal mould for the remaining steamed rice flour, applying that treatment to the bottom rim of my dick head where my foreskin is resting.

It felt like someone ran a live current into my groin as my anus contracted the same time my cock throbbed helplessly in Denise’s mouth. Her tongue was like a snake charmer, teasing the fuck out of my cock, making me moan and groan at the same time.

As if this was not enough, Denise’s teeth.

Yes, her fucking teeth, I could feel it, she’s not biting but she was using them.

I groaned helplessly as I enjoyed the sensation of her teeth dragging against the sensitive skin of my unprotected dick head. I was experiencing a ringing in my ears, the same kind of itch and pain you get when someone drags their nails against the blackboard but I’m feeling it in my dick.

My penis, my shaft, and my testicles.

Denise : slurpppzzzz….aruuummppp…sss

Out of nowhere, a wet and sloppy suck made me moan out in the room like I was getting penetrated in the ass as I grabbed a tuff of Denise’s hair, and another, and another until I have a ponytail of sort formed , giving me a clear view of her head bobbing up and down.

It was not a long blowjob, probably about 5 minutes but I could already feel I was blowing my load.

Jim : stop stop stop…. I’m going to cum soon at this rate….

Denise gave one last long suck before removing her mouth with a pop.

She looked up at me with her sleepy eyes as she pulled out a stray pubic hair from the side of her lips and just threw it over the sofa.

I felt her straddle me and take my erection in one hand, guiding it to her love hole.

I wanted to ask her to use a condom, but it was too late.

That slippery entrance to her vagina was so warm and welcoming.

The weight alone of her wet cunt bearing down on my cock brought me to the edge of orgasm as I allowed my palms to trace the contours of Denise’s waist as she gasped, frowned and bit her lips lowering herself onto me.

Denise was controlling her descent, unwilling to force her vagina down on my cock, she was letting gravity does what it does best, savouring every inch of my shaft as I entered her most private region.

I wanted to start thrusting, it was too hard to resist but Denise had to mind fuck me further.

Denise: ernghh… ernghh… wait.. wait… egnhhh…. Let me adjust to you first…

I don’t have a big cock or anything, probably just average, about 5 inches long , I’m not sure it that was something Denise did to boost my ego or anything but it gave me a strange leel of satisfaction.

I could see her chest rise and fall, taking short measured gasp the same time I feel the vagina walls grip and squeeze onto my erection. My dick felt like Indiana jones for a brief moment, travelling down some dark unknown tomb as the walls closed in on me.

Denise’s vagina was well lubricated and as she gets wetter with each stroke, the waves of pleasure never seem to ebb.

I just keep feeling the waves of euphoria hit me, each squeeze and movement bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm.

We changed position again, with me going on top of Denise.

I grabbed her wrist, pinning them against the sofa, Denise shivered a little, perhaps from the cold or the anticipation. I entered Denise again, my mind getting the same amount of stimulation as my groin as I watch Denise moaned and struggle, putting up just the right amount of resistance to my entry.

The shaking of head, the frown, the gasping and rapid breathing before her eyes widened for half a second and her entire expression softened as I pushed myself in all the way, burying myself in the warmth of Denise’s privates.

I started to thrust a few times to find the best position and Denise’s high pitch moan made me slow down suddenly, as if I was reluctant to end it that soon

We kissed and fondled each other’s body before Denise asked me to carry her into her bedroom.

I saw the same dress she wore earlier that day on the floor near the laundry basket and Denise saw me eyeing it.

Without even a hint from me, she broke away from my body and towards the dress.

She stepped into the crumpled dress on the floor and like magic, the moment she began to pull, the tightness of the fit smoothed out any creases and wrinkles, leaving barely any visible.

I could see how erect her nipples were, pushing against the tight dress.

Denise grabbed her own hair, bunching them and tying up a quick ponytail with a cyan coloured scrunchie by the side of her bed.

The ponytail bounced and swung side to side as she scurried out of the bedroom without a word. 3 seconds later, I heard the clicking.

The clicking of heels.

The same clicking that I heard over the phone when Issac was on the line.

Denise appeared at the door, radiant smile on face as she closed the distance between us and hugged onto me.

Jim : Where’s the necklace ? wear it….

Denise hit me playfully on my chest as she went to her cupboard, her slender hands went in and out came the same cock teasing accessory I saw that morning. That choker necklace.

Denise put it on, adjusting it properly before coming towards me. She tilted her chin upwards, presenting her neck to me.


I dragged her roughly towards my body and she gasped. I kissed her on her cheek before licking her chin and down to her necklace. 

The rest as they say, was history. 

30 mins later, both of us collapsed on her bed, soaking her bedsheets with our sweat, as we panted and stared at the ceiling. 

The reality started to sink in after I emptied my semen inside Denise. 

I wanted to pull out but she egged me on 

Denise: I’m on the pill….. for very long already… it’s safe…. 

I still shook my head, I wanted to pull out. 

Denise : Herman made me go for check-ups every month…. I’m clean…he’s anal about hygiene….you can do it…. Cum inside me…. Don’t worry,.. 

I refused.

I wanted to stop but Denise. She kept at it

She kept bouncing, and bouncing, and grinding. 

Denise : ernghh… ernghh.. erngghh!! 

She kept moaning by my ears. 

The moans came in between nibbles of my ears, when I jerk upwards, determined to go deeper. 

A hard thrust was followed immediately by a moan and a hard nibble, as if she was trying redirect the mixture of pain and pleasure back to me.

I tried to get back in control. Changing into a standing doggy with Denise kneeling on the bed. 

I thought I would be able to control myself better but I was wrong. 

I was holding onto Denise’s bottom but she reached her hands behind, crossing her wrist in an attempt to invite me to hold onto them. I took the bait, holding onto her crossed wrist with my hands gripping on like a mock handcuff. 

I thrust harder and harder, looking at the back of Denise’s body which was totally naked by then except that choker. 

Jim : erhhhhhhhhh!!!! AHHH!!!!! 

Denise : erhgnnhh… enghh.. ahh !! engh!! Arghh!! 

And when the explosion came, it was too late for regrets as I pumped her full with my semen. 

As I tried to catch my breath on the bed, I shook my head in disgust.

Fuck, what have I done. 

I couldn’t help it. 

It’s her, she made me do it. It’s all Denise. 

It’s been a while since I last had sex after my divorce. This release, it felt so good, so liberating. My dick was still throbbing long after my orgasm,

10 minutes later I could feel my cock getting hard again as Denise gave me a wet and sloppy blowjob. She cleaned me up good with her mouth, stopping every now and then to check that she did not miss a spot.

Jim : Denise… what are you doing ? … wait… wait… we should stop… we shouldn’t have done this… 

Denise : ernmmm.. hermmh.. ermg….ermgh… 

Jim : arghhhh.. erhhghg !!...

I got up and grabbed her wrist, pulling her towards me 

Jim : Denise… enough… stop…. Enough… I’m done… 

She looked down at my throbbing cock which was standing at attention again. 

Denise : you don’t look done to me…. 

Denise pressed her lips against mine as she straddled me and slid herself onto my erected cock. 

Pushing me down onto the bed, Denise laid her head against my chest as she grind herself slowly against my privates. 

Jim : Argn… ernghhh !! wait… wwait… 

Denise : erngghhh!... relax Jim…. I’m not asking for commitment or anything…. We’re all adults…. We all have our needs…. 

After we’re done with round 2, Denise snuggled up to me and she just kept staring at me. 

Jim : I’m sorry Denise… this just feels so weird…. i…err…. 

Denise : Why ? … are we not 2 consenting adults… ? 

Jim : but… I’m so much older than you…. 

Denise chuckled and added coyly. 

Denise : You mean…. Say… when i’m still in my school uniforms… in JC… and you’re a working adult already… something like that ?? … hahaha… 

Jim : Alright stop it… 

Denise went on to tease me further as she drew circles around my nipples. 

Denise : you want to fuck me in my school uniforms ? … I still have them you know…. I can call you teacher…. Hahah.. 

Jim : What !... no… don’t be stupid… 

Denise : teacher ~~…. I forgot my homework… 

Jim : oh god stop ….

I tried to get away from Denise but she clamoured onto me. 

Denise : Teacher…. Teacher… can I talk to you in private ?? 

Denise tried to pull my hands away from my ears, giggling as she kept up her teasing. 

Denise : teacher…. Can you punish me ?.. hahaha 

I ignored her and tried to cover my face with the blanket but grabbed her dress instead. The soft fabric smells good, it smells of Denise as I let myself get lost in it’s scent. 

Denise laughed and said nothing more, contented that she could sleep on my arms. 

I don’t know how long passed before we did round 3. Then the emotional part came out of nowhere. 

Denise revealed to me that Herman never once penetrated her vagina, only her anus. 
Then she started to sob on her own. 

Denise : I …… I just want to let you know… I’m not a loose woman…. I don’t sleep around ….it’s been a while for me too…..

Jim : I don’t see how this detail is going to make things less awkward for the both of us…. 

Denise smiled and sobbed softly , saying that she’s been masturbating herself since she broke up with her boyfriend back in her university days with a dildo. 

Denise : It’s been years since I had a real …… a real…. One… inside me… 

We drifted to sleep after that. 

19th January 2017 


I got up and put on my pants, turning to see Denise sound asleep after a night of heavy love making. 

She looked exhausted, so am I but I can’t bring myself to spend the night. 

Right on que before I shut the door to her bedroom, Denise wished me goodnight. 

Denise : Night Jim…. …

I watched her stretched her arms, turned to the other side, curled up cuddling her bolster and fell back to sleep. 

I replied right before I shut the door behind me. 

Jim : Morning Denise…. 

20th January 2017 


It’s been a day since I had sex with Denise, I didn’t call nor text, neither did she. 
I’m starting to wonder if I needed to do something. Maybe text her or call. I even thought about going online to a sex forum like sammyboy to ask for advice what to do after an unexpected encounter. 

I sat at the pantry at the office, drinking my coffee as I stared blankly into space, trying to get my head in order. I’m still trying make sense of what happened in the past 48 hours. 


Soh came in with a folder in hand and asked everyone to gather for a briefing. 

Soh : New job guys…..referral by Tony……. Yeah.. that crazy rich Australian…. 

Soh gave me a quick rundown and explained that Tony doesn’t really send referrals our way but when he does, it meant that it’s important. Someone close to him and the past couple of times he did, the clients all paid well and on time. 

Soh : Tony is like our god of fortune ok…. Don’t fuck this up…. 

Nelson : What is it about ?? …. Another Taoist rites ah… hahha… Jim can take the lead… I think Jim simi religion also can hahaha….. even the wooloowooloo tribe dance from Africa Jim also can dance…

I threw a ball of paper at Nelson as the guys laughed. 

Soh shook his head 

Soh : …. 2 day trip to Malaysia….. and we’re going to a shooting range…. 

Eric : wah…. So happening ah…. Is it the same one we brought Tony to the last time round… this client another Rambo wannabe is it haha…

Soh : Yeap……. Rich people get off shooting stuff up I guess….. so listen up. 

Soh told us the new client’s name is Ryan 

Soh : I’ve only communicated with him via mail and text, it seemed he’s not fond of talking on the phone….anyway… 

Soh told the team that there are 2 parts to this project. 

Ryan will be conducting some business in KL first before the lot of us drive down to the range. 

Soh : Now…. We will be carrying a large amount of cash…. 9k USD each….

Soh explained that we will be helping Ryan split up the money he needed to conclude his business since there is a limit to the amount one can bring into the country.

Soh : Ryan will be making a withdrawal as well in Malaysia, so we’re to make sure he don’t get rob…. 

Eric : why so troublesome ?? why can’t he withdraw it all over there ? 

Soh : Not our place to ask such questions… clients want to move their money it’s their problem…. Moving on… 

The business deal will take place in a hotel, of which we will not be a part of. 

Soh : I made it clear we don’t do drugs and shit… if it is, we will walk…. And Ryan reassured us that it’s not…. Still…. I said we will only ensure his safety and will not take any part in the conduct of his business….

The money we will be carrying shall be handed over to Ryan the moment we arrive at the hotel , thereafter it will be deposited into the safe. 

Soh : We will then follow Ryan to the bank, he makes a withdrawal, and we head back to the hotel…. 

Soh pinned up a large map made of 4 pieces of A3 size paper on the board. 

The whole lot of us will be staying at intercontinental in Kuala Lumpur. 

Soh : The bank, is a short walk over to wisma. BSN, Bank Simpanan Nasional…. 

Ryan will make the withdrawal, we will make sure he makes it back safely into the hotel. It’s a short walk away, just a couple of blocks.

Soh : That is it…. We are all free and easy and that concludes the 1st day’s work… 

Mohan : Hmm… sounds good… shouldn’t be hard…. Do we have individual rooms at intercon ? hahaha

Soh : No… 2 to a room….it’s just to sleep and shit… what more you want ?? !

Eric : What about day 2 ? 

Soh : Ryan will be settling his business on day 1…. Day 2 morning… we will be taking a short drive to the same shooting range we brought Tony to previously… 

Rizwan : can we play also hahaha ? ….

Soh : I don’t know… Tony was generous to offer the last time… I’m not sure about Ryan….he might offer to treat us…. Or if you want… pay on your own….

Soh told the team that since this is our 1st job with Ryan, he wants us to be extra careful. 

Ryan has booked the entire range that day for his private shoot, so Soh said the only danger from that is probably Ryan himself especially if he’s not familiar with a weapon. 

People do get trigger happy and lose their head for a brief moment. 

Soh : These group of people are our rice bowl guys…. Don’t fuck this up…. We want recurring business…. Understand ? … keep him alive also…. These people sometimes watch too much TV, they might get certain ideas about the weapons…thinks they are james bond and shit…

Everyone nodded.

Soh : Dates wise… I’m trying to firm them up, so keep the next week free….. kids, grandmas, girlfriends… please make arrangements… 

We were dismissed to prepare for another short personal protection project when Soh called Nelson and me aside. 

Soh : Alright… Jim…. Nelson…. Follow me… we’re going to pay Ah peng a visit… Tony wants to get some fireworks again….. valentine’s days shit…. Feb 14 coming soon…. 

I nodded. 

Ah Peng. 

I briefly asked Rizwan about him after we helped to load the firecrackers into the yacht during the party.

Ah Peng owns a couple of Kelong up north of Singapore. His day job is still the legitimate fish and crab rearing business but trying to survive on that is really hard. Which is why he started to bring in stuff that he could sell. 

Being a stone throw away from Malaysia waters, he has devised a technique and established a good network with local fishermen and other kelong owners.

As long as you can name it, Ah Peng can bring it in. 

Over the years, he has helped to smuggle in all sorts and manner of stuff from Balut ( developing duck embryo ) considered a delicacies among southeast Asian countries to exotic pets, lizards, turtles even a crocodile. 

These are the small ticket items. 

Ah Peng charges high for more challenging task, such as smuggling a human. 

He only does it one way, out. Only if you are getting out and word is he only accepts jobs from a handful of trusted confidant. 

What would anyone want to be smuggle out you ask ? 

Well, work permit expired. Committed a crime, who knows. Plently of reason. 

Rizwan told me smuggling people is just hearsay . It’s always someone who heard from someone who heard from someone. 

No one knew exactly how Ah Peng got his goods into the country. Soh told Rizwan that there are rules in trades like this. 

Some questions you don’t ask, the same courtesy is extended to you too when Ah Peng don’t ask you way you want the goods you want.

We got into the car with Soh and he drove us towards the jetty where we will take a short boat ride. 

We arrived in Lim Chu Kang and Soh parked along the side of the road. 

Soh : Ok… Jim your first time here ….. I’ll make the introductions later….

Jim : ok… 

I could smell the saltiness of the sea as we waited near the jetty as Soh made a call. About 5 minutes later, a single motor powered boat arrived and we hopped on. 

Another 5 minute on the water and we docked at a Kelong. 

It felt as if I had just arrived in another world. 

This is not the concrete jungle that we’re used to. Everything here looked so old and makeshift. 

We walked along rickety planks and went under a large tarp that provided shelter from the afternoon sun. A lazy dog bask in the sun as I watch a swam of flies buzz near a line of salted fish. 

A round and stained marble table sat in the middle of the place we were standing at and I assumed it was the dining area. 5 chairs of varying designs and colours were pushed against the table leg and a rusty tin can full of cigarette butts dangled off the side of the table, held by a red raffia string. 

Soh : Ah Peng !!.... where are you ?? 

A thin and tanned man that looked to be in his forties emerged from a room covered by a cloth instead of a door. 

He had a permanent scowl on his face as he squinted his eyes and looked at me. 

Ah Peng : Who is he ?? 

Soh : Jim…. The missing one I’ve been searching for so long…. 

Ah Peng : Ohhh… that one ah… hahaha… finally find liao…. 

Soh made the introductions and it was when Ah Peng started talking that I realised his personality is totally different from his looks. 

At first impression if you see someone like Ah Peng on the street, you would think he’s some gangster wannabe asshole. His tattooed arms, chiselled and tanned face with that perpetual frown, I bet he’s those that would surely get some random spot-checks by the authorities along the street. 

He might as well have the word ‘bad guy’ tattooed across his forehead but I find him to be a very nice and personable person. 

Ah Peng is actually quite soft spoken and even the way he smokes, there was a hint of class to it. 

He is the last person that underage smokers should see. 

Why you ask ? 

Because Ah Peng makes smoking looks good. 

Anyway, after some small talks, Ah Peng took out a large shopping bag of fireworks and handed it to Soh. 

There were all tightly wrapped in clingwrap and Soh took a rough glance at the quantity. 

Ah Peng : I’ll pack them in ice for you…. 

10 minutes later, Nelson and I carried an ice box each, filled with fireworks and a layer of ice with some seafood on top. 

We left the Kelong without anyone so much as casting us a second look. 

The goods were loaded up into the vehicle, then we drove straight to Sentosa and loaded them onto Tony’s yacht.

Easy peasy. Job done. 

Soh called Mohan to send Tony the invoice and that was it. 
Soh told me he knew that there’s an element of risk even though we are doing the delivery, which is why he makes it a point to rotate all the guys with tasks like this. 

Soh : Everyone does it…. We all take turns…. 

25th Jan 2017


I finally mustered up enough courage to call Denise after a whole week has passed. 

I thought it would be really awkward but it was not. 

Denise answered the call as if we were some old friends that knew each other so well that there was no need for any surface greeting. 

Denise : What you want ? 

Jim : I… I just want to call and … you know…. 

Denise : Are you 18 Jim ?.... post puberty ah ?? 

Jim : What the fuck ? …. 

Denise : Then there is nothing to talk about la… don’t be silly… haha…

Denise asked how was I getting along and I told her about the upcoming trip to Malaysia. 

Denise : Be careful…. I know the kind of company Soh is keeping….he’s all about the money… you understand where I’m coming at ?? 

Jim : Yeah… I know… 

Denise ended the conversation casually, asking me drop by her place for a drink after my trip. 

26th Jan 2017


We were at the office early that day because we were scheduled to pick up Ryan first at his house before heading to the airport together.
We loaded our luggage into the vehicles and the group of us reached the condo in town at 9.45am. 

Soh gave Ryan a call but there was no answer. 

He dropped Ryan a message next and was asked by Ryan to send someone up to help him pack and gave Soh the unit number.

Soh : Jim… you go up and see what he wants….. Mohan, Eric , Nelson stay with the vehicles…. The rest follow me to the lobby…

Jim : All go up together la… 

Rizwan : you scare he rape you ah… haha 

Jim : fuck you la..

Soh : Ryan’s text asked for 1 guy…. You’re helping to pack the money…. 1 point of contact for this…….

I shook my head and went on ahead into the lift. 

I got out and was treated to a nice view of the entire marina bay district. Sure is good to be rich. 

I hit the doorbell several times but there was no reply. 

I called Soh on our walkie talkie. 

Jim : Soh…. No reply at the door… can you call him ?? 

Soh : hold on… 

Eric had to buzz in just for the kick of it. 

Eric : Operation saving private Ryan has commenced…. Jim taking the lead….hahah… hiak hiak hhiak…. 

I shook my head and ignored Eric’s comment. 

Mohan chipped in too 

Mohan : D -day brother…. We’re landing at Omaha… ahha… 

Soh : Diam la !! KNN….. Jim… Ryan is opening the door now… 

I told Soh that I’m switching off the walkies in case Ryan hears another one of those stupid comment. 

I heard the door lock turned. 

There was a loud cranking sound followed by the creak of a heavy door. 

The moment I laid eyes on Ryan, my eyes widened and my jaws dropped. 

Ryan : Hi I’m Ryan… nice to meet you….

I double checked the unit number but I was right. 

Ryan is not a man. 

Ryan is a female but I was not stunned by the fact that Ryan is a girl. 

Surprised yes. 

Stunned ? No… 

My jaws dropped not because of how beautiful Ryan is. How shapely her figure was, or how long and toned her legs were. 

My jaws dropped because Ryan had only a top on, totally bottomless below. 

She had on a long sleeve men’s shirt, making me conjure up the image of some hot babes the morning after a one night stand and without clothes to wear so she chose to put on her boyfriend’s clothes or something. The shirt was not only folded at the sleeves, the ends were knotted into a ribbon. 

That was how I could see she was bottomless. I mean her vagina was literally staring at me.

She fucking looked like she’s a cut out from some fashion magazine. 

Ryan is just out of the world fucking pretty. I mean literally in your face kind. She’s has that cool ice queen look but her smile, my god, it would melt anything. 

Ryan : hey… come on in

I hesitated for 3 seconds but Ryan had already walked back in. I followed her into her master bedroom, staring at her backside.

She’s definitely Singaporean from the way she speaks.

I entered and saw a bundle of money on the bed.

Ryan : Whats your name? 

Jim : Jim… my name is Jim… 

Ryan : Do me a favour Jim…. 9k each bundle…. And into that stack of wallets by the side…. Thanks…. I know I’m late… let me get change real quick…. 

She entered the masterbath and left me with the bundle of money, 

Wow. I mean like it’s the first time I’m seeing her and she left me alone with a stack of cash on her bed. 

I shook my head and I grabbed a bunch of 100 dollar bills in USD to start sorting them out.

Before I could start counting, I froze. 

I froze, jaw dropped again and so did the bundle of money. 

Through the reflection in the mirror of the masterbath, I watched Ryan put her leg up on the toilet bowl, sprayed a hiss of shaving cream on her legs and held up a razor. Then in a smooth motion, she bent forward, dragged the razor gracefully up her long leg before rinsing it off at the tap. 

I could feel the hard throbbing of my cock as I stared eyes wide at what was happening. 

I don’t believe this. 

I don’t fucking believe this. 

She bent forward again, pulling up another smooth stroke stopping awfully near her privates as she took another look at her groin area. 

I felt a squirt of my precum stain my boxers as Ryan shrugged her shoulders once and started to shave her nether region.

I blink twice and chuckled softly in the room. 

It was one of those moments in life that you would remember. 

I mean how often does an average bloke like me get to stand in a posh designer master bedroom, with a view of the prime Marina Bay district , a bundle of cash on the bed and a to catch a glimpse of a hot pretty girl in the bathroom. 

Life is truly kind to me that day. 

I looked at Ryan again and she stepped into the shower after removing all her clothes. 

I started to count the dollar bills and 10 minutes later, Ryan stepped out again, totally naked with only a white towel around her hair. 

I could not help but steal a glance and Ryan was grinning at me as if I’m the one that is weird. 

Ryan : Never seen a naked woman before ?? 

Jim : hahah… I have…. 

Ryan : Don’t get ideas Jim…. I’m not interested in men… haha… … be professional yah ? … haha.. 

Jim : don’t worry… you’re not the first client I’ve seen naked …. 

Ryan went to her wardrobe and started to pick out her clothes. 

Her alluring smile and her toned sculpted figure made it hard for me not to keep staring. 

I went back to counting the notes and a weird idea popped into my head as I broke into a smile.

So now is it saving private Ryan , or is it Shaving Ryan’s private ?? 


I separated the bills into stacks of 9k each as instructed by Ryan. 

Even after I was done, there’s still quite a bit of money left on the bed. 

The whole time I was doing it, Ryan was talking to me. It was just casual surface chat, nothing much to it really. 

I kept stealing glances at Ryan’s naked body as she went about her chores. She would ask me a question, dry her hair, give me a reply, check out her face in the mirror, then ask me another question before applying some moisturiser to herself. 

Jim : All done… do I put them in the wallets ?? 

Ryan : hold on… 

I watched Ryan slipped on a grey strapless bra with some kind of shimmer to it before throwing on a casual v neck top in white. It’s not a transparent top although the fabric looked pretty thin and flowly. 

I didn’t see her putting on her underwear but I saw her leg peek out from the sides of the cupboard door as she slipped on her denim jeans. 

With her hair still wrapped in her towel, Ryan came over and helped me with the money. I was tempted to ask her about why she needed us to help move them but I remembered what Soh said. 

Just do what we are supposed to do and don’t ask so many questions. 

After Ryan got dressed, she came over and checked out my handiwork. 

It’s not exactly rocket science, count out 90 pieces and put 1 stack and repeat. 

Then Ryan did something which made me feel a little insulted. 

She retrieved a bill counter, you know, those notes counting machine you get at the money changer, yeah that. 

Then she put each stack in the machine just to confirm there’s 90 in each stack. That was not all, she gathered up the remaining cash on the bed and counted them as well. 

Yeah I know, I’m a stranger after all and this is the first time we’re meeting, still, it did not feel good that someone is questioning your honesty in front of you. 

She is not wrong, but it just didn’t feel good. Like that might as well don’t ask me to do it right ? 

I kept quiet and did not say a thing as Ryan went through the bills before nodding her head. 

Ryan : good….. thank you Jim… 

I smiled but did not say anything. 

Ryan : how much do you make a month Jim ? 

Jim : Huh ? … errr…. 

Ryan : just curious…. 

Jim: 3500…. 

Ryan : ok....

Without hesitating, Ryan gave me 20 of those 100 USD bill, asking if I could do her a favour and make some extra cash. 

Jim : Ermm…. What do you need ? 

Ryan : small private request…. Aside from the main contract….

I looked at Ryan as she turned her head sideways looking at me from the corner of her eye with a raised eyebrow. 

Ryan : I’m not going to eat you Jim… hahaha….. yes or no ? ….

I nodded my head. 

Jim : Ok… sure…. Nothing illegal right ?? 

Ryan : No…of course not… haha… just come over to my hotel room tonight….. 10pm… and keep this to yourself…. Give me your number….

She smiled at me as I tried to contain my excitement. 

“hoe seh liao la ! “ 

“ huat ah !! “ 

Expressions like this popped up in my head like bubbles appearing in some anime cartoon. 

My luck definitely seemed to be improving after meeting up with the guys. 

First Denise, now this hot babe that claims she’s not interested in men. 

What do you think can happen when a girl ask you to her hotel room at night ? 

Come on la. 
Common sense. Ahahha… 

I could not help smiling at my luck as I helped packed the money in the wallet. 

Maybe she’s curious about men after having women for a while or something. Anyway, I’m looking forward to finding out.

Perhaps what they say is true. When you had a good orgasm recently, it shows on your face. It gives off good vibes and attract other females or something. 

Just as i finished up the wallets, my phone rang. It was Soh. 

Soh : Jim … what’s happening ? why so long ?? 

Jim : We’re done… coming down in 5… 

I gathered up the wallets and told Ryan that I’m ready. 

Ryan told me she’s almost done. 

Ryan : You want a drink Jim ? coffee ? … 

Jim : Err… no need… thank you…. you need help with your luggage ? 

Ryan : Yeah sure…

She pulled out a 17 inch trolley case and I helped her bring it out to the door together with the wallets that I was carrying. 

I waited for another 2 minutes before she came out, all smiley and radiant as she grabbed her shades, put them on and gave me a nod towards the exit.

She looked pretty cool I have to admit. 
A black backpack went on her back and we’re good to go.

I entered the lift first and took the back spot, leaving Ryan the spot in front. 

When she has her back towards me after the door closed, I could not resist looking at her figure. The soft material of her top just followed the curves of her body, and the hip hugging jeans disappeared into a pair of dark tanned coloured boots.

With her shades on, Ryan looked like some Korean celebrity while I’m just the assistant pulling her bags. 

Ryan : Remember our secret Jim…. I’ll see you tonight yah… 

Jim : No problem…

Soh came over when he saw me coming out of the lift. 

He walked right pass Ryan and asked; 

Soh : Where is Ryan ?? 

I shifted my eyes towards the hot girl with her arms folded behind Soh. 

Soh : huh ? … Ryan ?? I thought you are a guy….. 

Riona : Haha….. everyone thinks I’m a guy……My name is Riona…..surname is Yan….. the Ryan came from my email …..R…. Y A N ….. haha… but’s it’s ok…. You can call me Ryan if you like… 

Soh : errrr …. Riona ….. sorry for the mixup…. Come… let’s go… the car is waiting… 

Riona walked on ahead with Soh by her side. 

Rizwan came over to me and jabbed my on my arm. 

Rizwan : Knn brother… you take so long upstairs…. Ryan…. Sorry I meant Riona …. Kns ….chio bu la….. got happening or not…?? Hahaha

Jim : Happening your head la… I only help to pack some stuff…. 

Rizwan : She’s hot man….got that classy chic urbanite girl feeling…..i’ll go introduce myself later… 

Jim : Save it… she’s not into men… 

Tommy : What ? … I heard that… really ? she told you ?? 

Jim : Haiyah !.... you don’t believe you go and ask her la… she lesbian la I think….

Mohan and the rest were too surprised seeing a hot babe following Soh to the carpark.

Riona rode upfront with Soh while I was in the last vehicle.

Her luggage and money remained with me. 

Upon reaching the airport, we parked the vehicles and distributed the wallets.

Riona shook everyone’s hands and there was no hiding the wide smile everyone had on their faces.

Riona : Please take care of me ah….. I look forward to working with you guys…. 

I could see the sighs and the sudden slouch of everyone’s shoulders as they smiled a silly smile at Riona. Riona was like the sun and she oozes this aura of cheerful happiness. 

Somehow you just feel your spirits lifted when you are near her. 

Her voice is not the squeaky type you get from the average sweet young thing. It isn’t the hard and gruffy stern voice you get from the old office virgin with a vendetta against the whole world as well.

There is a softness to it, like a melody. Calming, reassuring, and polite. It’s like the voice will only deliver good news. Even her Singlish, there’s this classy zing to it. 

Her ‘la’ dragged on, leaving a tail behind as it gets softer, melting your heart. 

Her ‘meh’ came with a raised eyebrow with genuine curiosity. 

I have to admit, it’s quite exciting to be talking and interacting with her. 

Everyone fought to help Riona with her bag, trying to appear gentlemanly. 

Mohan offered to get her coffee, Rizwan pushed to get the 2 spots beside Riona as we walked and Eric asked if she needed some reading material on the flight. 

Nelson and Tommy cut in front of the group like some rude drivers overtaking on the expressway. 

The made a 180 degree turn, walking backwards as they smiled like a couple of lost teenagers seeing their idol for the first time. 

Nelson : You want doughnuts ? 

Tommy : You want curry puffs ? ….. I like old chang kee….. do you ?? 

Riona : Really ? … hahaha… I like old chang kee too…. 

Tommy : my name will get you 18% off everything….until end of 2017…

Riona : hahaha… really meh ??? 

Tommy : don’t believe you try….

Derrick appeared out of nowhere with a duty free shopping guide and thrust forward to Riona who laughed and accepted it like a actress swarmed by paparazzi. 

Riona : I’m fine guys…. Hahah.. really.. thank you…. 

Not willing to lose out my first contact advantage, I scurried forward and asked Riona if she travels often.

Soh caught up and crashed the whole fucking party when we got to our check in counter, pushing everyone out of the way.

Soh : KNN la!! All fuck off …. Fuck off… fuck off….. 

Mohan : Soh… can you mind your language…. We have a lady here… 

Everyone gave Soh a disapproving look, behaving like saints as Soh gave a thick middle finger to the group. 

Soh : Riona… come with me…. stay away from them… they’re going through puberty again… 

Riona : hahaha…. I think they’re quite cute… 

That’s it la.

The cute word. 

The 10pm meeting in her room. 

Life is beginning to look good for me again. 

The group of us erupted as we squeezed and fought for Riona’s attention as she chuckled and covered her mouth, amused at the attention she was getting. 

She removed her shades as we got to the check in counter.

Soh : Different counter… you all go over there…. 

Riona and Soh went to the business class check in lane while the rest of us grumbled and joined the queue for economy. 

Jim : 45 minutes flight also fly business ah….

Eric : Never ask you fly budget already very good already…. SQ to KL leh…. You take before or not ?? 

Come to think of it, I realised I’ve never took a plane to Kuala Lumpur before, I’ve drove, took a bus but never flown. 

After the lot of us checked in, we went to the duty free shopping area with Riona. 

Like a bunch of school children, we followed her around keeping her laughing and amused with our antics. 

There was never a moment Riona was not laughing or smiling. The more I interact with her, the better I felt about our secret. 

Riona is 28 years old, she is single and she’s the only child. Her parents are retired in Thailand. 

Tommy asked Riona what does she look for in a guy. 

Riona : A little bit of everyone of you lor…. hahaha

The noise we made upon hearing her reply really sounded like we were just entering puberty and seeing a female for the first time.

After a bit of shopping, Riona wanted to grab a coffee before boarding and the group split into 2. Half of us stayed with Riona while the other half literally charged into the café, rounding up tables and chairs. 

Soh whipped out a 50 dollar bill, asking what Riona would like to drink. 

Riona : Coffee… black…. No sugar…. Thank you ah… hahaha…. What about the rest of you ?? 

Mohan : Me too… same same…. Same as you… I like my coffee black as well… haha… 

Nelson ended up ordering the same drink for the group as a few of us pretended to be coffee connoisseur, amusing Riona even further. 

You could tell she’s a little overwhelmed by the attention but she was enjoying them nevertheless.

Riona : now now….. let me be clear on this…..hahahah… I’m… ermm… not available ok…. Hahaha… 

Riona told the group of us that she’s only interested in women. 

Mohan was the first to reply with his thumb and index finger stretched out under his chin, his pathetic attempt at trying a James bond look. 

Mohan : I’m pretty sure I can change your mind….. 

RIona laughed even harder when Derrick won the fight by saying he will change sex. 

Derrick : I will become a woman for you…. 

Soh stopped the banter just before the time comes for boarding and asked Riona if there were any concerns she would like to raise with the team. 

Soh : And stop your nonsense guys…. Don’t forget we’re here to work…. It begins the moment we land… 

The noise volume went down a notch and Riona sat forward and addressed the team. 

Riona : Ok… here’s the thing…. It’s a simple job…. I’ll be making a withdrawal of about 900k in RM… and another 210k in USD….... my client only deals in cash…. So as a member of the fairer sex, my concerns are of course safety…..and I don’t want to get rob hahaha…the money is not all mine…. But I’m still accountable…

Riona’s banker has already made the arrangements for the withdrawal and all, so we just need to make sure she arrives at the hotel safely with her money. 

Riona : There are multiple parties involved so quite a few people will know that I will be there transacting in cash…. This is why I felt I needed some insurance you know…. So I asked Tony for some contacts…. And he introduced you guys… 

Rizwan : Ok…. We’re in the middle of town…. And with a group of us… I don’t think anyone will be making an attempt to rob you….don’t worry… 

Riona : This brings me to the 2nd thing I need to tell you…there’s a 2nd deal that I need to conclude…… at the shooting range …... 

Soh : Oh…. We’re not aware of that… 

Riona : I’m sorry… it’s a last minute arrangement….. hope you don’t mind….

Soh : What do you need us to do ?? 

Riona : Errr… actually nothing…hahaha…. Just bring me to the range safely that’s all…. My business is with the range owner anyway…. 

Soh nodded and smiled.

Soh : No problem then…. All good ! 

Riona : and….. since we’re there…. I’m thinking of doing some shopping…. I don’t mind some company if you guys have no plans…

I was the first to react, immediately putting up my hand.

Jim : Don’t worry… I’ll accompany you as a friend…. No extra charge… 

Everyone wanted in as well and she chuckled, amused by how ridiculous this was getting. 

Riona : No need everyone la… hahaha… it’s going to be so funny with the whole group tagging along as I shop…. Hahaha.. 

Soh : All of you shut up… !.... I don’t mean you Riona… sorry…. 

Soh : I’ll have a couple of them follow you around just to be sure….

Riona : Really !!.. that’ll be great !!! …

The way she lit up with her eyes made half the team at the table went ‘ ahhhhh’ in a satisfying manner. 

Riona : Tsk !... stop it !.... hahaha… 

That jab on the arm she gave Mohan who was sitting beside her was all he needed to lay his life down for Riona.

Soh : I’m very fair one… we will ballot later…. 

There was a short groan as we vacated our seats with Riona chuckling in the background. 

We boarded the flight and arrived in Kuala Lumpur just after lunch. 

After the transfer to the hotel, we did the check in and all we can do was wait for Riona’s instruction. 


Riona told us she was ready and the group of us gathered at the lobby. We had already passed her all of the black wallets that we brought over for safe keeping.

As I waited for Riona, I looked at the surroundings, businessmen, tourist, couples on staycation. Nothing interesting. 

Riona came out of the lift with her backpack and that was when something caught my attention. 

I saw a staff at the reception looked at Riona before quickly looking down at his phone, then back up again. 

I kept my eyes on him as he turned to look at his colleague before lifting up his phone in an attempt to take a picture of her. 

He saw me looking and he quickly stopped and went back to his work. 

I turned and look at Rizwan who was standing beside me and he nodded, he saw it as well. 

Ok, calm down, this could just be us over reacting. 

Riona is hot, definitely a head turner. The staff could just be interested in taking her picture and posting it in some forum as fapping materials. 

We spread the word about the employee and walked out to Jalan Ampang. I told Riona about the staff in question and she turned and looked at him for about 2 seconds. The staff knew she was staring but chose not to return the look. 

RIona : It’s ok la…. He probably thinks I’m hot… hahah… 

It’s a short stroll along the road to Wisma. 

Mohan , Soh and Eric were in the rear. 

Riona , me and Derrick walked as a group as we chatted. 

Tommy , Nelson and Rizwan took the front. 

The 3 group walked with a 5m spacing between us , about the length of a carpark lot. 

Nothing tactical to our spacing either, you just basically walk as a group so we can see who’s in front and at the back. 

It was an uneventful walk, we went to the bank, she did her withdrawal and we walked her back to the hotel. 


Riona went back up to her room, while the rest of us were dismissed. 

She will call Soh when she’s ready to go for her shopping. 


I did not get the ballot much to my disappointment. Rizwan and Nelson tagged along with Riona for her shopping trip while the rest of the group went for foot massages, food and a bit of shopping around the area. 


I was back in the room with Tommy.

We chatted as I waited for time to pass. 

Jim: How’s your grandmother ?? 

Tommy : Still the same… I’ll visit whenever I can….. on days when she can recognise me, she will scold me for taking so long to visit her…. Hahhaa even though I just dropped by the day before…. 

Jim : What about your parents ? … you planning on visiting them soon ? 

Tommy : Perhaps…. Not exactly close to them anyway… it was my grandmother that raised me up….i’ll rather spend time with my Ah ma…. 

Tommy spends his weekend at the nursing home, volunteering his time and taking care of his grandmother. I asked if he’s seeing anyone and he said no. 

Tommy : Not exactly young anymore…. I’m quite tired with playing around… 

Jim : Then settle down la… 

Tommy : hahaha… you think that easy ah….. find a girl… she still needs to accept your family and all….. I think nowadays… if any girl hears I have a old grandmother to take care off in the nursing home…. All run far far away… haha… 

Jim : Fuck la… what rubbish… as long as you like each other…. The rest doesn’t matter…. 

Tommy grinned and rubbed his hands together. 

Tommy : Yah… hahah… If Riona don’t mind…. Hahaha.. I confirm marry her… haha

I shook my head and looked at the time. 

I took a shower, changed into something casual and told Tommy I’m going down for a walk and to make a call. 

Jim : You want anything ? … convenient stall or ?? 

Tommy : no need…. Got HBO channel to watch I enough.. haha… 


I took the lift up to Riona’s room and hit the door bell, my heart thumping in anticipation. 

This is it man. 

The door opened and I was greeted with Riona’s signature smile. 

Riona : Hey Jim… come on in… 

When the door open fully, I could feel the stir in my pants when I realised Riona was in her bathrobe. 

As I entered her suite, I saw the clothes she was wearing earlier in the day on one of the chair. Her jeans neatly folded over, her top resting on top of her jeans. Her bra too, and even a plain grey panty. 

Does that mean she was naked underneath ? 

Maybe I’m thinking too much, she could have showered and changed. 

Jim : What do you need me to do ? 

Riona looked at me from the top to bottom before saying something that felt like a roller coaster ride starting it’s ascent to the top 

Riona : You want to change into something…. More comfortable ?? 

I smiled a little awkwardly as I was unsure of what to say. 

What reply can I give to something like this ? 

I just nodded my head and Riona brought me another bathrobe. 

I wasted no time changing, I fucking strip myself and just threw the robe on. 

My dick was throbbing by then as Riona came back with 2 glasses and asked if I would like a drink. 

Jim : Sure… haha.. sure… 

She opened a bottle of duty free whiskey and poured us each a serving after sending a couple of messages on her phone.

Gesturing over to the sofa, I went over and she handed me one. 

We started to chat and Riona got a little touchy, her voice became a bit softer. 

I choked on my drink when she asked how big I think her breast are. 

Jim : What ! ?? err… hahah

Riona : You’ve seen me naked… I’m sure you can pretty much tell… 

Jim : ermm… 34B ?? 

Her eyes lit up immediately. 

Riona : Wow.... you’re good… I was still expecting you to say you needed to touch them before giving me a reply… hahaha…

Jim : haha.. well.. errr… ii….eeerrr… I don’t mind verifying it too…. Hahaha.. 

Riona giggled and gave me a playful smack on my arm. 

Riona : waist ?? … care to guess ? 

This time round I’m smarter, I asked if I could gauge it before answering. 

Riona was sporting enough and she stood up in front of me , took my hands and put it on her. 

My dick was so erected that it was starting to get painful. 

Jim : 24 ?? 

Riona laughed and shook her head. 

Riona : Are you mad ? …. No la… 26 la… 

Jim : Still pretty close… 

Riona : what about the bottom ? 

I let my hands slide down to Riona’s bottom and I could hear her gasp when I gave her bottom a squeeze. 

Jim : 34 ?

Riona smiled and nodded her head. 

Riona : clever boy…. 

This is it. There is no way this evening would end without me getting fucked by Riona by all the signs I’m seeing. 

Riona : I need your help Jim…. It’s important…. Our lives might depend on it… 

She sat down beside me and poured me another drink.

Jim : What ? …. 

I was about to laugh and ask if she’s joking but Riona was not smiling or laughing. 

Jim : err… you’re scaring me.. what do you need me to do ? …. 

The doorbell rang and there was a few hard knocks on the door. 

Instinctively I stood up and looked towards the entrance but Riona asked me to sit down. 

Riona : Relax… 

Jim : Is someone coming ? … do you need me to call Soh and guys ? …. 

Riona : No Jim…. I need you to do something else….. 

She got up and walked towards the door as the knocking for louder and more impatient. 

Right before she opened the door, Riona turned and looked at me. 

Riona : I need you to pretend you are me… 

Jim : What ? … 

There was no time for me to question Riona further as she opened the door. 

Standing in front of her were 4 men. 

I could feel my muscles tightened as I looked at them enter the room. 

Fuck, this is not good. 

The 1st man is short and stout with a large frame. A gold chain with 3 amulets hung around his neck and he has short buzz cut hair. He spotted several tattoos and he seemed like the one in charge. 

The next 2 man behind him were at least 1.9m tall each. They’re well built and from the size of their arms, they could probably break my neck with their bare hands. The last man however, was the hotel staff. 

Yes, that same staff that tried to take a picture of Riona earlier that day. 

I was still sitting down on the sofa, whiskey glass in hand. I was panicking but I tried to remain calm and kept my expression neutral. 

Don’t show it Jim…. No matter what, don’t fucking show you are about to piss in your bathrobe. 

The 4 men walked into the suite and the stout man walked in front of me. He remained standing as he directed his eyes between me and Riona who had just shut and locked the door. 

Riona : Khun Anurak….. thank you for coming…. 

The stout man looked at Riona without saying anything, Anurak, that’s his name. A male angel in thai mythology . 

Anurak turned to look at the hotel staff and communicated in thai. 

The staff gestured his head at Riona in reply. 

Riona : yes……..I am Ryan… 

Anurak looked at Riona for a good 3 seconds before bursting out in laughter, easing the tension in the hotel suite. 

Anurak : I have work…. With Ryan…. Very long….. we never meet….. but I know….. Ryan….. not a girl…. Hahahahaah…… rumours yes…. But I can feel….. Ryan… is man… he like girls…. We talk about hot girls…..all the time…. The things we will do to them… …. hahahahaha….

He turned to Riona and shook his head. 

Anurak : Girl…. Will not discuss the things we talk about….hahahaha…

Oh my god. 

I’m really fucked this time round.

I could see the sparkle in Riona’s eyes as she gave a slight crooked smile without replying Anurak. 

Anurak turned towards me and he came close, I stood up instinctively and put down my glass. 

Anurak smiled and gave me a hug. 

He broke off the hug and shook my hand. 

Anurak : Finally we meet ….. brother Ryan….…. Ahahhaha…….. finally we meet. 



I smiled and returned his smiled, unsure of what to say. On one hand I wanted to deliver a stern look at Riona but seeing the other guys staring at me, I decided not to do anything rash. 

My mind was immediately flooded with the worst case scenario. Honestly I was a little freak out. 

Riona’s kept up her porcelain Barbie girl look and she poured Anurak a drink. 

Riona looked like she was determined to get me fucked further and she emerged with a locked briefcase. 

Fuck. I could feel my heart dropping. 

I’m going to go to jail or some shit. 

There’s no way I can wriggle myself out of this if the police come charging in through the door now. If this is some drug deal, I’m dead. I’m going to get hanged, my face splashed all over the news.

There was a combination lock on it, 3 numbers on each side and she set it down in front of me.

Anurak : come…… let’s do business …. brother… we do this so long over email…. 2 years….but this time… big sum…. 

The whole lot in the suite waited for me to unlock the case. I hesitated for half a second too long as Anurak grinned and raised an eyebrow at me in a questioning manner. 

Then it all came rushing back into my head as I looked at Riona before realising why she allowed me to touch her earlier. The numbers. 

Her stats. 

I turned the combination, 342 , 634. I hit the clasped and there was a click. My blood was boiling as the reality of me being used like this sank in. How could she do this do me. What if I was not fast enough to catch on ? 

What will happen then ? 

Will she step in and rescue me from the awkward situation ? 

I opened the briefcase and my heart just dropped like I fell off a roller coaster. 

All the money Riona had withdrew that morning were inside. Stacks of dollar bills in both RM and USD. 

Anurak gestured for the case and I handed it over to him.

I turned it over to Anurak who took a look at it, flipped through a stack and shut the case. 

Riona : Please check the amount ….. that they tally with….

Anurak waved Riona off in a half hearted manner.
Anurak : I no check brother Ryan….. I trust him….. his reputation….. the best… 

Riona : But it’s cash this time round…. You.. 

Anurak waved Riona away, grinning at me.

There was no drama to the whole transaction, only a fool. That fool is me. 

Turning to me, Anurak looked at me in the eyes. 

Anurak : It’s a pleasure doing business with you brother….hahahahahaha….. people all say you…. man of few words…. Don’t like to talk in real life..…. I like….. I don’t like people talk talk talk…. No do work….. you brother….. no talk…. Make decision..…. I like… hahaha…. You want girl…. Come Thailand find me…. I find you many pretty girl…. Ahahah…

Jim : Next time… next time… 

Anurak : I know what kind girl… you like….i find for you… hahah…. Your messages… and emails..…. Always very funny… hahaha… you like to play girl…. Hahah….

Anurak handed the brief case to his assistant and one of them left immediately with the hotel staff I saw that morning. 

Anurak : Now… business concluded…. About your private request…. 

Shit, what private request ? 

Thankfully Riona was fast enough, she had brought out the wallets with the money and put them on the table in front of me. 

Riona : Khun Anurak….. the price is a bit high….. for this… we were thinking…..

Anurak : hahahha… no high… no high…. Good price….next time I give even better price…. Ryan…… special price for you…. my things… quality goods….and I need to bring them in from Thailand to Malaysia…. High risk… if I know is you…. I would give even better price…. 

Jim : ohhh… errmmm..

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that and Riona stepped in. 

Riona : we were not sure of the range of products you carry…. So we had to go through the intermediary…. If we knew… we’ll come straight to you….

Anurak : Yes yes…. I still need pay middle man…. This one… already good price… 

Riona spoke to me in chinese. 

Riona : 给他4个可以吗? ( can we give him 4 ? ) 

I don’t know what the fuck that means and I just nodded my head as I drank my whiskey. 

4 wallet, each has 9k. 

Whatever personal favour Riona is asking of Anurak, it’s costing her 36k USD. 

Must be one hell of a favour. 

Riona sat down on the floor beside the table and counted out the sum before putting them on the table in front of Anurak. 

Anurak handed the money over to his assistant and spoke to him in Thai. I thought he wanted him to count the notes but it was not. I think he gave him some instruction to split the sum into a few portions. 

His assistant whipped out his phone and read through some messages and began sorting them into different piles.

Anurak made a remark about Riona as we waited for his assistant to finish whatever he was doing.

Anurak : your assistant …. Very pretty … hahaha…. Is she good ?? haha 

I nodded with a smile and decided this was the time to get back at Riona. 

Jim : good… she’s very obedient…. Everything I say… she will do….. my pet…

Riona turned and looked at me. 

Jim : take off your bathrobe… strip…

Anurak laughed out loud and I could see the excitement in the eyes of his remaining assistant as well. 

Riona looked at me in disbelief with her mouth half opened. 

Riona : What ? !! 

Well come on. I walked into her house and she received me half naked, I don’t think she would hesitate taking off her clothes here either no ? 
What’s the worst that can happen ? She can always refuse, I’m already waist deep in shit anyway. 

Jim : Didn’t you hear me…. take off your clothes…

Riona gritted her teeth and undid the drawstring of her bathrobe much to my surprise. I was half expecting her to slap me but she seemed determined to see things through. 

Anurak : hahahahaha…. Brother Ryan…. You very naughty… hahah

Riona removed her robe completely as she took a deep breath and she just looked at me with her angry eyes. 

Anurak : She angry brother…. She angry… hahaha..

Jim : No… she’s not angry… she just shy…

I sat back on the sofa and gestured Riona forward with my index finger. 

She sighed and turned towards me. I sat forward, positioning my face right in front of her vagina. 

I went close and Riona backed away instinctively. 

With her back towards Anurak, she frowned and glared at me, mouthing obscene languages but I ignored her. 

I grabbed her naked thigh with both hands and dragged her closer, hearing a helpless yelp escape from her mouth. 

Riona : erh !! 

Her sudden jerk of her body, plunged herself towards my face, plastering her privates onto my nose and mouth. 

Oh my god, that sweet scent of a freshly showered and washed vagina using the expensive hotel soap and fragrance. 

I kissed Riona on her vagina lips as she yelped and pushed my head again. 

Jim : Did you just push me ?? 

I could see Riona was about to bite my head off but I ignored her. 

My life is over.

I’m going to go to jail, get hanged. I’m not going to see my parents again, this has to be the last time I ever touch a woman before I get raped in prison. I have to do it. 

I got up and I’m determined to milk this for all it’s worth. 

Fuck If I’m going to jail, and this is going to be the last time I touch a boob, I’m going to enjoy it thoroughly. I still haven got over the fact that she made use of me for whatever dodgy deal this is. 

I walked behind Riona, my hands reaching forward and cupping her breast as she jumped. Not only did I cup her breast, I kneaded them like soft dough, playing with her nipples in front of her guest.

I lifted up her firm breast, feeling the suppleness of her love pillows melt in my palms. God, they feel so good and firm in my hands. Just the right weight and size.

Pressing my nose onto Riona’s ears, I smelled her as I looked at Anurak, giving him a naughty grin. 

Jim : See…. She’s nice…very obedient…

Anurak : hahah…haha… nice… nice… you make me miss my wife Ryan…hahahah

I let my hands roamed down Riona’s body, tracing across her flat tummy and within seconds I touched her baby smooth vagina lips. I could feel her body shiver but there was nothing she could do. 

Anurak whooped a couple of times when he saw my fingers heading closer and closer to Riona’s privates.

Anurak : hahahah… brother Ryan you really know how to play….. … hahahaha…. 

I felt Riona shiver again as my index and ring finger of my right hand parted her pussy lips while my middle finger lingered at the entrance. I could see Anurak and his guy’s eyes widening as I massaged and spread Riona’s pussy lips in full view of them.

I spread her vagina lips, then relaxed my fingers to close them, then I spread them again, then again I relax. Then I spread them wide, scraping the walls of her pussy lips with my fingernails. 

Riona was trying to control her breathing, I could see from the multiple mirrors in the suite that she was biting her lips, trying to control herself.

I kissed her on her cheek before dipping my finger into her vagina. I touched her first at her love hole entrance, then I slowly massaged and poke my finger in, little by little. Every little bit I advance, I could feel the reluctance of Riona’s body as she shivered.

Her legs tried hard to support her body, but they keep buckling. As soon as she buckled, she would try to straighten herself again.

Riona : Ernghh !...gasp !...

By then Anurak and his assistant’s mouth were half opened, grinning and eagerly waiting to see what I would do.

I brought out my middle finger, wet at the tip with Riona’s natural lube. I could feel her breathing increase as she fought to keep her body still. 
Realising that she’s already wet, I put my finger in again, probing deeper this time round. 

I heard a gasp escape from Riona’s mouth as she shivered when half my finger disappeared into her. Her eyes widened as her fingers closed into a fist, unsure of where to grip or hold for balance. 

I dug my finger in deep, turning and scraping Riona’s love hole as she gasped for air and struggled to keep herself upright.

Anurak : ok brother… ok…. Enough… enough… you make me horny…. I also want to play.… hahaha

Pulling it out again, I brought it up against the light of the hotel room, admiring my handiwork. 

Sick I know but hey, I might get shot any minute, or arrested , who knows. 

Anurak : I think we better go brother Ryan….hahah…. things get steamy soon for you hahaha…. 

He stood up, and gave me a card with a email address and a number. 

Anurak : this one….. Personal contact… time….. when you need toys… me…. we cut out middleman…. Hahahah….. I have many many toys…… business wise…. No change…. Use the business mail and number…. Next time I introduce my partner…. He surely like you… hahahaha…. 

I smiled and accepted the card before putting it in my pocket. 

Jim : Take care brother.. 

Anurak : you too… 

We hugged again and before Anurak left the suite with his assistant he paused. 

Anurak : I…. we…. We really appreciate you doing this brother….. all the children…..and the elderly…. They need the medicine….and the villages…. The fighting…. Very bad….news don’t report…..every night…. Can hear gun fire…..

I was stunned for a moment as I just nodded. 

Anurak : I may be a black market dealer…. But I Buddhist ….. my heart good…. I help all…..Muslim village, Buddhist village…. All the children….. I help all….politics no help common people like us… all the medicine…supplies… I no profit…. We only cover the transport….. 

Jim : Oh… yes…ermm.. I really appreciate you doing that….

My throat felt a little parched and dry by then as I nodded slowly.

Anurak : Come find me in Thailand brother….Pattani no place to party…. We go Bangkok… there nice to party… hahah….. don’t worry…. I will make sure the villagers receive the supplies…… I always keep my word….

I’m really fucked this time as I sent Anurak to the door. 

I hesitated to turn around after shutting it but when I did, all I got was a tight slap across my face. 


Jim : Owww !...

Riona’s bathrobe was on and she was glaring at me as she desperately tried to cover herself up.

Riona : You… IDOIT!!!! 

Jim : I…. I didn’t know what was going on !!... you can’t blame me… 

Riona : Those money are for black market supplies…..for the restive south region….it’s hard to procure certain materials down there…. It’s dangerous for everyone !!.... if someone knows you are sending supplies and stuff there…. There’s going to be a serious backlash….it won’t sit well with the government or the separatist movement…. !! 

Jim : but… but… I thought it was a drug deal of some sort. 

Riona raised her hand, trying to hit me again but I ducked. 

Riona : Anurak is a dealer…. He’s connected….. he’s also a fucking chauvinist… … he will not deal with me if he knew I’m a woman !!! I just needed you to front the meetup !!!.... oh god fuck !!! of all the men Soh brought along…. Why did I choose you !!! ??? FUCK!!.. I should have chosen someone else… !!

Jim : you should have told me about it…. ! how would I know ?? you do until like that…. anyone would also jump to conclusion…. 

Riona : JIM !!.. this is serious stuff… people’s lives are at stake…. Villagers get murdered and they disappeared without anyone giving a fuck….

Jim : What’s in it for you then ?? 

Riona : Corporate social responsibility !!….. 

Jim : Bull shit…..

Riona : I move money for a living Jim…. And in that process, I channel some to causes that is worthy ….

Jim : How do you really know if that was the case ?? 

Riona : JIM !!!! 

Jim : fine… fine… ok… sorry… I’m sorry I fingered…. I meant… 

Riona screamed and chased me out of her suite with my finger still coated with her lubricant and threw my clothes out after me.

So much for getting laid. 

Right before I went back to my own room, I looked at my wet finger and could not resist bringing it up to my nose. 

My god. What a waste…… what a waste….

I changed out at the pool and headed back to the room.

I told no one about it and went to bed. 

27th Jan 2017


I avoided Riona’s eyes when we had breakfast in the café that morning. Needless to say, I took the seat furthest away from her.

After that it was an uneventful drive to the shooting range. 

The rest of the guys still tried to get close to her except me. I don’t think it would do me any good to be near her that day. 

Especially not when we are going to a shooting range. There’s no telling what she would do when she gets her hand on a weapon and live rounds.

The range is located in the outskirts of KL, about an hour drive away. 

When we got there, the range owner and 2 of his staff were there to meet us. 

Riona went direct to the owner and they spoke in private up front while the rest of us walked on behind. 

There was a customary tour before the lot of us came to the main event of the day. The shoot of course. 

There was a demonstration and Riona has offered to pay for our shoot as well according to Soh. Mohan was the first to take up the offer. 

Mohan : Riona …. Let me teach you ok…. The recoil…. Is strong… so you must…. 

I did not really pay attention as the rest of the guys continued to try and impress Riona at the range. After all, shooting is a guy’s thing. 

When it was Riona’s turn, I stepped right away then I watch her smile and held up the weapon. 

She gripped the weapon with both hands but before she brought it up , the owner of the range came over and whispered something to her.

Riona : Really ?.... let’s do that then….!! 

Riona removed her safety glasses and followed the owner eagerly towards his office. 

Since I was the furthest away from the shooting gallery, I was the nearest to the office. Soh gestured for me to follow Riona and I nodded. 

I thought Riona was heading to the office but instead she was heading to a smaller building at the side. A standalone structure about the size of a 3 room flat with it’s own bathroom.

The exterior looked normal, like any of those concrete structure with flat roof on the range but the insides looked different. 

A row of expensive looking lockers each the size of a wardrobe lined the wall. Each is about the height of a man, 1.8m tall and 1m wide. Everyone came with it’s own expensive looking lock controlled by a touch screen keypad. 

I was right behind Riona and the owner pointed her to a particular locker that was opened. 

Riona smiled and when she saw me there, asked me to grab one 2 of the black wallets for the owner and bring the rest to her.

Riona : I’ll be fine alone…. Come back after you’re done…. 

Jim : ok… 

I walked with the owner of the range Larry towards the vehicle. 

Larry : You know Riona very well ? …. 

Jim : Err… I wouldn’t say very well…. Why ? 

Larry : Just curious…. Not many girls have hobbies like this…. haha.. 

Jim : Yeah… I think she’s weird too… 

I handed Larry 2 of the wallets and went back to look for Riona with the rest.

When I got to the building entrance, blood left my face when I saw what Riona was holding. 

Or rather, what Riona was doing. 

She held something that is awfully familiar to me. In fact, any guy that has served in the army before would recognise that weapon Riona was holding. 

No, I’m not stunned by the fact that she’s holding onto a M16 assault rifle. I’m stunned by the way she was handling it. She’s definitely used one before. 

A couple of well-practised pull of the charging handles, checking to make sure the chamber is clear. Riona released the handle and squeeze of the trigger. 

Jim : What are you doing ??.... 

Riona saw me at the entrance and asked me to keep quiet. 

Riona : You tell Soh about this… he will fucking freak out… so… keep it to yourself… 

Jim : What are you doing with that…. ?? You cannot shoot that here….you are not even supposed to have that !!! does Larry know ?? !! 

Riona : Larry is aware…. It’s not cheap maintaining a place like this….. 

Without breaking a beat, Riona started to strip the weapon down, checking each part to make sure they’re good. 

I looked behind my shoulder and went forward to the cupboard Riona was at. 

There was another rifle in there, 3 magazines and countless boxes of ammunitions. I could even see the brand of the ammunition. 

5.56 tracer rounds made by American eagle. Projectiles that are built with a small pyrotechnic charge in their base, so when you shoot them, you can see the trajectory the bullet takes. 

How the fuck did she get her hands on stuff like this. 

It was then I remembered the deal with Anurak. 

Jim : Anurak… he got these for you ??? 

Riona : Yeah…. Plenty of them in thailand… if you know where to look….. 

After Riona reassembled the rifle, I watch her start to load the magazine. 

I took a step backwards , shaking my head. 

Jim : I… I have to tell Soh about this…. you cannot do this… you’ll get all of us into trouble…. 

Riona : Don’t be a wuss Jim… I do this all the time back in states…. It’s just so hard to practise in this part of the world….

Jim : Where did you learn to do things like this ?? 

Riona : Oh… you think only you boys can learn stuff like this ? 

She was done with a full magazine and I watch her hold it up as she talked to me. 

I feel quite uncomfortable about this as I continued stepping backwards. 

Jim : Riona …. I … I just want to apologies for how ….. stupid I was last night… 

She looked at me in surprise for 2 seconds before bursting into laughter. Shaking her head, she rolled her eyes and kept the stuff in her cupboard. 

She came over , folded her arms and spoke to me, looking at me in the eye. 

Riona : you owe me this…. for last night…. I’m just going to tell Soh…. That I want some time alone…. All of you can leave…. Come back in an hour…. I’ll be done by then…. You scardy cats can go and have lunch or something….

Jim : Riona… I still think.. it’s not a good idea… 

Riona : I can handle myself Jim…. I’m not a little girl…. I do this like 3 times a month when I was studying…. 

I considered what she said and made her a counter proposal. 

Jim : Tell Soh I’m staying … the rest will follow him… someone needs to keep an eye on you….

You must be wondering why I did this. 

See, it doesn’t look like I can change Riona’s mind, she went through so much to get her toys so she can shoot it, she’s not going to leave without doing it. 

If I leave with the guys, and anything happens to Riona, Soh is going to kill me if he knows I’m aware of Riona’s stunt. If the client dies, we don’t get paid. 

At least if I stay, I can do everything within my capabilities to make sure Riona don’t do anything crazy. 

Riona : Why ? aren’t you afraid of the consequences ?? hahahah… discharging a unauthorised weapon…. Hahah… 

Jim : I’m not touching that… I’m just watching you do it… 

Riona chuckled and shook her head. 

Riona : Whatever rocks your boat man…. I don’t care…. there’s another one in the shelf if you want..….

Jim : No thank you… I’m not touching that…. 

Riona : chicken… haha…. 

I left the structure after I watch Riona locked the weapon in her locker .

Jim : You leaving those here ?? 

Riona : You know of any place in Singapore I can keep them ? …. Duhzz… 

Heading back to Soh and the guys, I could hear the sporadic sound of gunfire from the range. Everyone was having a good time. 

It’s not everyday that you get to fire a weapon in this part of the world. And that you’re doing it for leisure.

Mohan : Riona… come… come… I show you… hahaha… 

She smiled and stepped up to the range, taking one of the preloaded weapon from the instructor and Mohan’s smile slowly faded away as she emptied her magazine rapidly, producing a grouping much better than the rest of the guys present. 

The range grew quiet as Riona laughed before the clapping start. 

Nelson : Riona…. I have fallen so deeply for you….. I don’t know what else to say…. 

Tommy : Riona…. I’m officially declaring I’m coming after you….. are you free this weekend ?.. 

The jostling started again much to her amusement while I remained at the back. 

There’s much more to Riona that meets the eye and I’m not so sure she is the wide eyed spunky chick she is on the surface. 

Riona spoke with Soh, asking him to release the team for lunch as she prefers to practice alone and in peace. 

Riona : can you guys buy lunch back…..Jim can stay here with me..…

Jeers erupted from the group as every asked why I was the one selected instead. 

Soh is not stupid. He is a businessman at the end of the day, even though he agreed on the surface, Soh asked me aside. Perhaps it’s his business acumen, something just didn’t seem right.

Soh : What the fuck is happening Jim ?? … 

If I told Soh the truth, he would fucking flip. Yet I knew if I lied and gave him a surface reply, he would know. So I told him a watered down version of it. 

Jim : I followed Larry and Riona to a private store…. I saw Riona wanting to shoot some rifles from Larry’s personal collection..

Soh : What ? 

Jim : They’re not approved in the range… or rather in the country..…automatic weapons…. I objected of course…

Soh : Then ? 

Jim : You just look at her… you think after all this trouble… her so call deal with the range owner… she will leave without doing it….. I told her I need to discuss this with you but she threw a fit…. Says she’s not going to leave and all….

Soh took a while to digest the information and I went on. 

Jim : She booked the whole range…. Larry and his staff will definitely keep quiet…. I told Riona that we don’t want to be implicated…. So it’s better that we leave while she does it…. We’ll come back after she’s done…. 

Soh : Then why did she ask for you to stay…. 

I turned to look at Riona who was looking at me from a distance away. 

Jim : I told her I would lie to you about it because if not… there’s no way you would leave a client unattended while the whole team heads out to lunch….….this is the only way you will get the team off the range… at least someone must stay with her…

Soh : Soh looked at me before turning to look at Riona. 

Jim : still your call man…. You decide… i’ll do what I can to keep an eye on her…. she can definitely handle a weapon….i’ll just have to make sure she don’t do anything stupid…

Soh nodded his head and asked me to make sure she don’t kill herself. 

Jim : I will…. 

After another 10 minutes of gathering up the guys, Soh left with the team to get lunch at a location 30 minutes away with one of the range instructors. 

The gate was closed, the other instructor disappeared, leaving only Larry , me and Riona. 

I kept watched at the entrance of the standalone structure as Larry and Riona chatted while the filled up the magazine. The sound at felt so familiar and foreign. 

‘tack, tack , tack ‘ 

It felt weird to hear Riona talking about her travels while she loaded the magazine.

I looked at the dozen of lockers in the structure and wondered what other stuff they contained. Do they all contain contraband items ? 

Do they also contain personal weapons other shooting enthusiasts own ? 

Riona walked out of the room with the weapon slinged across her shoulder and I followed. 

Larry brought us up this path that leads up to the forested area behind the range. It was a downhill trek. 5 minutes later, we came out to a clearing with makeshift targets set up. 

There was a table as well, covered with dried leaves and twigs. 

Larry swept it clean and set the magazines on the table. 

Riona : Alright… finally !!.. hahaha… 

She’s strong for a girl, I watch her lift up the weapon, checking to make sure the chamber is clear the same manner I would before squeezing off the trigger. 

In a smooth fluid motion, I watched Riona grabbed a 30 round magazine, tapped it firmly into the weapon and pulled the charging handle. 

Larry stepped back and I jumped when I heard the 1st report from the rifle. There wasn’t even a hint of hesitation.

Single shots came one after another for a while before Riona switched it to automatic. 

She seemed at ease with the strong recoil and the thunderous noise from her weapon. When she was done with her first magazine, I could hear her laughing. 

Riona : hahaha… this feels so good man … hahahaha !!!.... 

After the 3rd magazine, I had to distance myself a little more. 

It’s been a while since I last fired a weapon in camp, I forgot how loud it is. My eardrums were starting to ring a little. Larry had his own ear plugs but Riona was shooting it without any. 

30 minutes later and countless reloads later, Riona was finally done. 

We went back to the structure and Larry left us alone. 

Riona striped the weapon down , checked it again before nodding with a smile on her face. 

Jim : You really enjoy this don’t you… 

Riona : hahaha… I do…. This is a good rifle… 

The rifle looks old, serial number has been filed away. It’s probably from the Vietnam war era yet it’s still study and reliable. 

She cleaned and oiled the weapon as I looked on, humming a popular pop song as she did. 

Riona told me about her time back when she was studying. They would visit these gun shows in those small towns in the states. You can just buy a gun with cash, no questions asked.

Jim : Don’t you have any other ….. say.. more normal hobbies ? ..

Riona : I like girls…. You do too right ? 

Jim : I’m… curious…. What do you do with them ?? 

Riona : hahaha… I fuck them of course…. 

Jim: right…… 

Riona laughed and shook a magazine at me. 

Riona : I could show you….

Jim : No thank you…

I heard several loud honks at the range entrance. 

Soh and guys must be back. 

Riona kept her toys in the cabinet and locked it. 

Riona : gimme a min…. I’m heading to the washroom…

Jim : Ok… 

I watched Riona enter the bathroom and heard the crack of the door closing before the snap of the bolt. 

Turning to look at her locker with a 6 digit combination lock, I fought to keep myself from touching it but I felt like it was calling out for me.

“Just try “ 

“ you never know “ 

Turning to check that Riona was still in the bathroom, i tapped the keypad out of curiosity. 

342 ………. 634

The keypad flashed green and there was a metallic click. 

I kept my eyes at the bathroom entrance and took a peek. 

Just a peek. 

3 seconds later, I shut it. 

I smiled and shook my head. 

It’s not like I would ever need it, but if that day comes, I know where to go. 

Riona came out from the bathroom and we went back out to meet the guys.

Soh gave me a questioning look and I gave him a quiet nod, reassuring him that everything is fine. 

It was then I noticed something about the rest of the team .

Everyone was looking a little glum. Even Riona noticed their expressions. 

Riona : What is wrong with you guys ?? eh ?? hahaha… Come on… Mohan… RIz…. Let’s go shoot… 

Riona put her arms around Rizwan and Mohan a little awkwardly due to the height difference and I asked Eric what happened . 

Jim : Oei… what’s wrong…. Why everyone so grumpy…. 

Eric sighed and said Soh got a phone call. 

Jim : What phone call ?? 

Eric : The client we all hated…. 

Jim : Oh…. Who ?? 

Soh walked up to me and answered my question .

Soh : Mrs Poon…. And her daughter…. 

Jim : Ohhh…. What about them ?? 

Eric sighed and he filled me in about their last job with them. 

15 minutes later i sat on a bench near the structure where Riona’s toys was being kept. 

Shaking my head, I dug into my lunch of fried rice the guys got for me. 

I scooped a spoonful into my mouth and looked towards the small structure.

If what Eric told me was true….. I might just want the contents in Riona’s cupboard for myself.

Washing down the rice with a mouthful of coke, i reached into my pocket and took out Anurak's namecard. 


Doubt i would need it. 

I sighed and ate my lunch, mumbling to myself in the humid weather as Riona's chuckling travelled to my ears. 

Jim : Just make a living Jim...... just make a living....


Who exactly is Mrs Poon you say ? 

She is the nastiest woman you can ever imagine. 
None of the guys enjoyed working with her but its not like the team has much of a choice. 

Mrs Poon is not only a regular, she is also our landlord. Soh got the industrial space on the cheap because of Mrs Poon. 

Instead of Mrs Poon, the guys call her poo behind her back. 

Yeah, as in poo for shit. 

That’s how much they hated her. 

During the uneventful ride back to the airport, I was filled in by my friends all manner of horror that they needed to endure with Poon. 

It’s beginning to sound like a modern day fairy tale of Cinderella and her stepmother.

First up, she’s got to be in her early 50s. 

Poon is short, pudgy and stout like a teapot. 

The manner in which she likes to hold her handbag and rest her hand of her waist made her look just like one. 

She’s rude, looks down on people and just because she is loaded, she gets to do whatever things she wants. 

Poon is like a witch, the same one that your mother tells you would lure you to some house made of candy before she eats you. 

She’s ugly, has a bit of a body odour which she tries to mask with a lot of perfume and she has a blatant disregard for personal hygiene. 

She can get touchy at times, and Poon will not hesitate to touch you in a uncomfortable manner. 

That coming from a guy has to mean something.

Now, these things tend to be a little exaggerated, especially coming from close friends so I took them with a pinch of salt but still, it already left a very deep impression in me. Just looking at how disturbed Soh was from the phone call, I knew it had to be something serious. 

That Poon is a force to be reckon with. 

The trip back to the airport was uneventful. 

RIona kept up with the team’s banter and Mohan was eagerly asking her when would she be needing our services again. 

Mohan : Or…. If you are free this weekend…..hahah… 

RIona laughed as she waved us off at the lobby of her apartment. 

Riona : Bye guys…. I enjoyed myself…. It’s been fun…. Hahaha 

Soh shook her hand and he spoke with her in private for a minute before wrapping up our contract with RIona. 
Riona : Thanks Soh….. look forward to working with you guys again soon.. 

The lot of us went back to our office for a bit of freshening up. It was already 7pm and Soh ordered dinner in. 

Soh : sorry for keeping you guys back…. But we need to get some of the planning done before next job….

As we ate, Soh printed out some emails, made a few calls and one of them to Poon to clarify some of the requirements. 

With a heavy heart, Soh told the team that we have a 3 day 2 night contract with Poon and her daughter Paige. 

Soh : Poon….. ok… ermm…. Jim… you’ve never met her before ,…. So please… be extra careful around her….. be alert… she’s queer…. Ok…. a little…. Eccentric.

Jim : Ok… I’ve heard that she’s quite scary…. 

It’s not hard to see Soh deliberately ignored my comment. 

Soh : Now… this is the first time the entire team…. Is going over to Poon’s place…. 

Immediately protest sounded out from the floor. 

Tommy : Why go her place ?? last time we drew lots…. !!

Derrick : WHAT !!! HER PLACE!!! AGAIN!!!

Mohan : Soh…. Can we don’t do this job ?? 

Everyone was groaning and Soh slammed his palm on the whiteboard several times. 

Soh : We have to do this… sorry…. Not a choice….

Rizwan : ….. I was sexually harassed by Poon the last time round….

I raised an eyebrow at the comment in surprise and was even more taken back when I realised no one laughed. 

It was not a joke. 

Soh : You suck it up and move on…. Part of the job….. she touch only right…. Did she rape you ?? 

Rizwan : Soh… this is workplace harassment… need to protect your employee….. 

Soh threw a pen at Rizwan and told the team that we were needed there for a birthday party. 

Soh : It is Paige’s 21st birthday party. ….. there will be guest…. Drinks…. The whole nine yards and a few of Paige’s friends will be staying over as well….. 

Soh told the team that we will be split up into groups. 

Soh : Poon will have a couple of her friends over as well, so we have 3 teams…. One will stay with Poon….. the other with her daughter Paige….the last time will be on guard duty….

Eric filled me in and gave me a quick summary of Paige

Eric : Paige, like her mother Poon is a bitch….. a total bitch…. Pretty yes…. But fuck…. You see the attitude…. It will make your cock shrink…. She’s a sadist….

To sum it up, Paige is the hot chick you would want to bed when you see her along the street but her character would make you think twice. She’s not the easy type according to Eric, a little haughty and guys are expected to put in effort. 

For Paige though, Eric said she was definitely not worth the effort.

I thought a nasty pair of mother and daughter is all we need to deal with but that’s not all. 

It turns out that Paige is Poon’s daughter from her 1st marriage, there is someone else in the picture. Peggy. 

Peggy is the Cinderella in this sad disturbing tale. 

A daughter from Poon’s 2nd marriage. 

Peggy’s biological father, who is no longer around, is also part of the reason why Poon is so rich today. 

Now, Peggy is never publicly acknowledged and if not for Soh who revealed to the team previously, no one would ever guess a plain sweet looking girl in the house is related to the family. 

Eric told me Peggy was not allowed to leave the house, and if rumours by the house staff were true, she has been in the house ever since she completed her ‘o’ levels. Even in he presence of other visitors, in this case Soh and the team, Poon would openly abuse and pick on Peggy.

Eric : Soh told us privately to do what we can to stop Poon and Paige from picking on Peggy during our job…. Very poor thing that girl… Poon made her bring us drinks, take our shoes and socks for us…..

Eric shook his head, revealing a brief moment of anger. 

Eric : Fuck la… I eat so big…. No one fucking brings my socks and shoes to me…. But,,,but that Poon…. 

Eric told me that Poon made Peggy bring all of the men’s shoes and socks to them before they left the house the last time round. 

Eric : We wanted to refuse but…. The whole situation was so awkward…. Fuck… we were made to sit on the sofa…. And that poor girl….. bring our shoes in…. kneel down… put in front of us….then repeat…. KNN I tell you,… Rizwan almost wanted to punch Poon…

No one knows why Poon is treating Peggy in such manner but Soh did mention something about the inheritance. 

Peggy just turned 18 recently, and he believed that she has to suck it up and stick to the household until she turns 21. 

Eric : She’s thin and petite….quite a sweet girl…. Made coffee for us when we had to work overnight…. She hardly gets to rest… they keep picking on her….every fuck thing Poon can think off… she will make Peggy do..

Rizwan heard us talking and he came over. 

Rizwan : Jim I tell you…. That fucking Poon… she will humiliate Peggy in front of everyone…. And I won’t be surprise if she does it in front of you…. Or make you do it… 

Jim : huh ? what you mean ?? 

Rizwan told me that Poon actually slapped Peggy in front of him during the last contract at her place. 

Rizwan : Not only that… she lifted up her shirt…. Just like that you know… tugging and pulling… exposing her bra…. 

Jim : What ?? 

Rizwan : poor girl… can only cry….

Jim : Shouldn’t she do something…. Slap Poon back la…. 

Rizwan : That’s the frustrating thing…. I asked her before if she’s ok…. Peggy just smiled and pretend nothing happened….. like as if she has to accept this….

Eric, Mohan and Rizwan’s last job with Poon was actually a party to celebrate Peggy’s birthday.

Eric : It was fucking horrible….

It was the most depressing birthday celebration ever.

Eric : It was not a celebration…it was held to humiliate Peggy… it’s like they want to make her lose her mind or something…

Jim : What ???

Soh : hey hey hey…. You can talk later…. Listen to me first…

Soh wanted everyone’s attention on the board as he laid out the plan for the team.

Soh : and stop talking about Peggy…. She’s not part of the contract…. Concentrate on Poon and Paige….

Soh : Poon will be playing poker in cash….so will her friends… we’re talking about 50k in cash each that night…

Mohan whistled.

Soh : You want to play ah ??

Mohan : No no no…. please carry on…

Soh : Poon doesn’t want you guys to stand around looking like bodyguards….

Nelson : Yeah…. She prefer us to be gigolos….

Everyone burst out laughing but Soh went on without a beat.

Soh : The team in Poon’s room will mingle….. talk to the other tai tais , look cheerful….

Jim : god… we are being pimped out aren’t we Soh….??

Soh : hey… I’m the boss here… what can they do to you ? just talk to those fucking aunties la… is it that hard… … if you don’t like it…. You can always quit… !

Tommy put up his hand with a snigger.

Tommy : Soh… halfway I can butterfly to the other room or not… hahaha…. They will still tip me right ??

Everyone laughed again and Soh said be his guest.

Soh : 2 rooms….. 2 activities …… auntie playing poker….. and the other is young chicks partying…. So…. Sounds pretty good right …

Eric rolled his eyes and Soh caught that.

Soh : I know no one wants to work with this pair but cheer up…. I’m throwing in a 500 cash bonus…. As long as you make it through the contract…. This contract is worth a lot ok … don’t fuck it up…..

Soh went on to give the team a short lecture, saying that businesses like his don’t get regular jobs sometimes for weeks on end.

Soh : No job I also need to pay bill… pay your salary….pay your CPF…. Who going to give me money ??? you ah ??? KNN…. Got work for you guys to do still want to complain….

Everyone nodded gingerly, grumbling to ourselves.

After going into a couple of more details, Soh wrapped up the briefing.

We were dismissed while Soh remained in the office. He looked stressed out.

The next couple of days were quiet, we had no other jobs and I had the opportunity to spend some time with my daughter. I cannot believe how heartwarming it is to see her smile.

Hearing Tricia call me ‘papa’ over and over again as I laughed and carried her made me realised how much I missed her.

I spent an entire day with my daughter at home after telling my ex wife about it. She was a bit reluctant for me to take Tricia out of the childcare but I told her my parents will be with me.

Everything will be fine.

24th jan 2017


I carried my sleeping daughter in my hand and went to my ex-wife’s place. Was suppose to drop her off earlier but my parents wanted to play with her a while longer.

Just when I reached the void deck of her flat, I paused 20 metres away from the drop off.

I felt this sick feeling in my heart as I watch this good looking gentleman drop Anna off . She was smiling brilliantly at him as they faced each other.

I haven seen that smile in years.

I cannot describe that feeling. It was a mixture of jealousy, anger and just a pain I cannot describe.

Do I still have feelings for Anna ? Of course I do… she is the mother of my child, but did I fucked up my life and throw all these away ? YES! … i did….

I could only blame myself for my stupidity.

I waited for the guy to kiss my ex wife on her cheek before driving off.

Anna turned and she saw me . She was a little taken aback but she said nothing. We stared at each other from that distance for a good 5 seconds before I realised how far we have drifted apart.

Anna came over and smiled as she avoided my eyes before meeting them again.

There is no drama to be had here, Anna is just not the person.

Anna : That’s…… my colleague…. He’s… he’s a nice guy…

Jim : ok….

Anna : I… erm… I wanted to talk to you about it…. I’m just not ready…

Jim : It’s…. it’s ok….

Anna gave me a squeeze on my arms before taking Tricia.

We lingered around for another few more seconds as I filled Anna in on Tricia’s day.

Anna : Jim…..

Jim : Yeah ? ;….

Anna : I.. ermm…. I just want to say… you will always be Tricia’s father….but… we all got to move on…..

Jim : I understand…

Anna : I… sigh…..

Anna was at a lost for words as she looked at me.

Jim : It’s ok… it’s late… go back and rest… we’ll talk about this some other time….

My ex wife nodded and I stayed where I was, looking at her carry my sleeping daughter home.

Well, it’s my lost, my stupidity.

If only I could turn back time.

I was on my way back home and I fiddled with my phone, looking up the missed calls and messages for the past couple of days.

It was then I realised Denise had called me over the weekend but I did not pick up.

Fuck, you must know what I’m thinking now , it’s not fair to Denise but she did say we are all adults no ?

I took a cab over to Denise’s place and she opened the door with a smile,

Denise : so…. What can I do for you today Jim ??

I kissed her and shut the door behind us.

Denise laughed.

Denise : What’s the matter with you ?? crazy ah… haha …

We fucked and I spent the night at her place.

I feel horrible even though the sex was mind blowing.

26th jan 2017


We were all gathered back at the office to prepare for our upcoming job with Poon.

Soh had received more instructions from Poon ranging from plain weird to just bizarre .

Soh : the gates…. Need to be locked…. And manned…..from 11.30pm…. someone needs to be on the porch……guard duty…

Eric : what are we guarding by the way….??

Soh : The doors will all be locked as well after 11.30pm….no one is allowed to go out… hear me… no one….windows…. doors…. Everything… all shut…. Curtains… closed….

Eric just shook his head as Soh asked him to plan out a shift detail whereby the team would take turns to rest and to be stationed at the porch.

Jim : If I didn’t know better, I’ll think she’s hiding from debtors… haha…

Soh : we have everything we need in the house…. A room will be set aside for us to rest….food water….. the kitchen has it…..

Soh told the team to pack clothes as well.

Soh : No one…..i repeat… no one is to leave the compound for the duration of the contract… unless it’s on official duties….

Eric : Go to jail…. Do not pass go… do not collect….

Soh : Diam la !....

The guys laughed as Soh pinned up a drawing of Poon’s residences.

Poon stays along Pierce road in a good glass bungalow.

On drawing, it looks like a fucking palace to us common folk.

Soh : contract starts tomorrow evening….. the schedule is as follows …

27 Jan – 5pm contract starts
27 jan – 7pm Celebrations and guest arrival
27 jan – 11pm End of party…. All guest except those on special invites will leave. Poon starts her poker, Paige has her party with a few close friends.

28 jan – 12pm – lunch party
28 jan – 3.30pm – high tea
28 jan – 7pm – 2nd birthday celebration

29 jan – 9am – send Paige to airport…. Send Poon to cruise terminal…
29 jan – 10am contract ends.

The schedule looked pretty straightforward.

It’s as per Soh’s briefing.

Soh : On the last day….. Paige is going on a trip with her friends….. and Poon is going on a cruise with her tai tai friends….. so… 2 teams…. One heads for the airport… and one to the cruise terminal…. Anyone has any questions ??

No one spoke, a few of us just shook our head a little absentmindedly.

Soh sighed and sat on the table in front of the team. He looked like shit. It’s like he hasn’t slept for a couple of days.

You could see the fatigue on his face.

Soh : guys….. there’s something else…. I need to talk to you…

Soh cleared his throat and addressed the team with his head looking down on the ground.

Soh : You must be wondering….. why…… why… why.. why…. The fuck Poon is going through all these trouble…..having us around… and all…

He looked up and waited to see if any one of us responded but none did.

Soh : Why is Poon so paranoid about security…. ?

Soh stood up and told us that she is not afraid of anyone getting in.

Soh : Poon was worried about someone getting out….

Eric immediately offered up the answer.

Eric : Peggy …..

Soh nodded his head.

Soh : Peggy…. Has not left the house…..for almost 2 years….

Jim : no fucking way…

Soh : It’s true….. I’ve kept in touch with one of the servant…..

It seems Peggy was without a phone, she has no access to the internet, and strict instructions were given to the house staff that no one was to offer Peggy their phones or their service will be terminated immediately.

Soh : The cook took pity on Peggy and asked me for help a few months ago after we wrapped up the last job…..but there was nothing I can do….

The main reason why Poon wanted us around was to make sure Peggy don’t leave the premise during the party.

Soh : Poon would no doubt keep Peggy close to her at all times…. Or making sure she’s busy…. Now…. Officially… you guys are not supposed to know this…. But after thinking things through…. I decided this is the right thing to do…. So…. Fucking do your job properly…. And make sure everything goes without a hitch…. And that Peggy don’t leave the premises…… understand ?

Jim : This is sick Soh….. is there nothing we will not do…. For money ??

Soh : being noble… doesn’t pay the bills Jim…. This is the world we live in….. we will honour our contract ….

Soh wanted us to make sure only guest leave the house and that Peggy did not try to sneak her way out during the chaos.

I shook my head. I can’t believe something like this was happening during this time and age.

I watch Soh looked at the floor for a while as if thinking of what he wanted to say to the team.

Soh : Ok….. you know what is required…. Now I have something else to tell you…

Soh sighed and got up, I could feel a little bit more bounce in his steps as he tore down all the stuff he stuck on the board and started drawing, elaborating his intention as he went along.

The moment Soh start talking, everyone settled down into their seats.

30 seconds in, we were all sitting upright.

Soh went on for a good 15 minutes and no one said a single word as we listened carefully to what he just told us.

The hair on the back of my neck stood on it’s ends as I suddenly gained some newfound respect for this man.

Mohan was the first to stand up, heading over to make some comments and adjustment to Soh’s plan.

Then Eric.

Then Nelson.

Before long, everyone was up on their feet as we gave our input.

An hour later as we stood back and looked at the summary on the board, there was a smile on everyone’s faces.

Soh : It’s not going to be easy guys…..that’s me being honest….

Soh told the team that if there is a chance of it going wrong, he would abort it and save the contract and our jobs over helping Peggy.

Tommy : Soh… nothing will go wrong… you have us…. Haha… don’t worry…

Nelson : Soh… leave it to us….

Soh : Gentlemen…. We will honour our contract to Poon and Paige as promised…..they are still our clients…… it is important…. That we stick to the plan…. Everything must look like it’s accidental, or that the fault lies with them…. not us….

Everyone of us nodded.

Soh : Make use of the time we have in the house….. gather up the things we need….hopefully, Peggy would make it to her paternal grandparents’ house in Malaysia before Poon realises she’s gone….

With another deep breath, Soh looked at each of us in the eye as he nodded his head slowly.

Soh : let’s go save the poor girl from the witch if everyone is clear what to do….

It was a great moment.

One that you could bask in as you wait for that awe inspiring quote to end it all and send everyone away for the mission at hand.

Moments like these that would give you goosebumps.

I was excited, exhilarated in fact. There can be no better job satisfaction that this.

I was waiting for Soh to say something inspiring, not just me, everyone were waiting.

That split second, that critical moment.

The mike drop.

I could almost see it coming out from Soh’s mouth but instead of his voice, I head Mohan’s voice instead, cutting everything out before Soh could speak.

Mohan : Soh….. why do I feel like we are the 7 dwarfs trying to save snow white ah ??

There was a 2 second pause as everyone turned and looked at Mohan before we all burst out laughing.

Soh : Mohan…. You don’t chee bye….

27 jan 2017


We were ready to move out. The vehicles were lined up and the team were just going through the items we brought alone.


I was in the passenger seat in the 2nd vehicle waiting for Soh to give the signal.

Derrick got into the driver seat and handed me an apple.

Jim : What’s this ?

Derrick : Mohan la…. He KNN….go and buy fruits…. Say is poison apples…. Just eat la… dwarfs won’t die in this fairy tale….

I laughed as I took it from Derrick.

I said a silent prayer that Peggy would be alright and took a bite of the apple.

One bite, and all your dreams would come true….


We arrived at Poon’s place and Soh wanted us to remain in the vehicles while he talks to the client. 

After a 15 minute wait, we parked the cars by the side of the road and entered Poon’s house.

Soh : come in… Poon wants to talk to all of you… 

The first thing that struck me was how high the ceiling are. It felt grand and welcoming, much like stepping into the lobby of a posh hotel. Needless to say, it’s fully airconditioned and the cold air is refreshing compared to the humid weather outside. 

I was about to take off my shoes when Rizwan told me no need. 

Jim : No need take out shoe ah ?? 

Rizwan : No need…. They all wear shoe in the house one…. Only if you go up to level 2 onwards then take out… 

Jim : Oh…. So weird… 

I saw at least 2 helpers in uniforms standing there at the living room, watching the group of men enter the house. They looked at us warily, no doubt wondering why we were there. That place is massive, I wonder how many staff it would take to maintain it. 

Soh gestured to the spot around the dining area and asked us to spread out by the dining table. 

I feel like I’m some KTV hostess being lined up for selection. 

It’s as if Poon’s entrance was timed, the door to the powder room opening right when we gathered around. 

Poon : Hello boys…. Hello…. Welcome to my humble abode…. Hurhurhur…. 

I finally lay eyes on Poon and I realised her physical description is exactly what the guys describe. Like a teapot, short and stout. 

Her face is hideous, I’m sorry to say that. She’s got quite a bit of fats on her face and they are starting to sag. When she talks, or rather when she moves, I could see her cheeks jiggle.

As she came closer, I could see how thick her makeup was, and with the folds on her skin and wrinkles, I could see the uneven layers and patches. Her fake eyelashes looked weird, they were not crimped properly I think. 

They fucking look like someone taking my pubic hair and sticking them on. 

Poon’s hair is a structural marvel by itself. 

You know the show Simsons ? Yeah, the mum with the hair standing upright. Poon had that kind of hairdo, not as tall of course, but it’s standing alright. 

Beehive, yeah, beehive hairdo. 

She attempted to dye her hair blonde but I could see streaks of silver and black . 
She must have used up a whole can of hairspray to hold up that hair. 

Poon : Oh wow…. I can feel the energy in this room… hurhurhur….heheheh…. young energy…hahaha…

I can’t even stand her shrieking voice. It’s painful to even hear her speak.

Poon : Hellow… hellow… hi there again…. I’ve seen you before…. Yeah.. yeah… nice…ohh.. you…. I like you… you nice chocolate man…. 

My jaw dropped a little when I heard Poon call Mohan a chocolate man. 

Poon went around until she came over to me. 

Poon : Hellow….. I don’t think we’ve met before…. 

Soh : He’s Jim…. A new staff of mine… 

Poon : Jim….hmmmmmm….. Jim…. 

As a man, there is not many times in my life when I can say I felt disgusted by another woman, but at that instance when I see Poon come closer, I felt as if my dick would just shrivelled up and drop. 

I felt like a recruit being inspected as I stood really still. 

Poon’s ‘hmmmmmmm’ came out really low, like the guttural cry of a animal. 

Poon : I like to Jim… hahahah….. I meant I like to go gym …hahahah… I also like to Jeem (kiss ) hahaha… maybe… tonight I can Jeem ( kiss ) Jim in my gym ??? hur hurhur… 

Oh my fucking god I cannot believe what Poon just said to the group. 

I could see the rest of them stifling their laughter as I forced up a smile.. 

Soh : Err… Mrs Poon… so…. About the duties…. 

Just then we heard a loud slam coming from level 2. 

Then another slam. There were voices of a girl screaming at someone then it all went silent. 

Poon : Paige dear !!!... please… we have guest…..

Poon gave us a fleshy smile and said she will talk to Soh about our duties in detail. 

I watch her check me out from top to bottom and I shuddered to think about what was going through her mind. That look was like a mirror. 

It’s the same look I had back in my younger days when I went to have fun in a KTV lounge. The same lustful look I gave to the girls that struck my interest. 

Poon : Soh… my study please….and errmm… hey hey…. Go get the boys a drink…. 

Poon pointed to her helper and waved her hand in the air, her pudgy fingers trying to direct their actions.

The moment Soh and Poon were gone, I could feel the tension go down a notch as they guys poke fun of me. 

Tommy : Jim… you hong gan already…. Gone fuck… hahah

Jim : Fuck you la… 

Mohan : Take advice from the chocolate man brother… you…sigh… tonight I think you… hahaha… you die die… don’t step into her gym…. Confirm you kena Jeem ( kiss ) until you steam… hahaha

I showed him a finger as the helper brought out a tray of drinks. 

Just then another figure came out from the kitchen and I felt Eric nudged me on my arm. 

Holy fuck. 

The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she had to be snow white in this story. 


Her skin is indeed fair but not to the point of being pale. Peggy had no make up on, her shoulder length hair were tied up into a simple pony tail and unlike the helpers what were wearing uniforms, Peggy was in her home clothes. 

A rather old looking T-shirt in pink and white cotton shorts. 

She had this natural pink blush on her cheeks, and as she set down the drinks for us, she gave us a shy nod and a smile before quickly running off back into the kitchen. 
It’s hard to believe a young adult like her was being kept against her will in this house. She looked so pure and innocent.

Eric : That’s Peggy…. She’s not really allow to talk to us…so… if you see anyone around… don’t interact with her… you’ll get her into trouble…

Jim : She’s really beautiful…. 

Eric : She is…. Poor girl..

Jim : Why…why like that ah ?? 

Eric : How I know…. Rich people have their own set of problems…. We won’t understand one… 

We had our drinks and Soh came out of the study 20 minutes later with a few pieces of paper in hand. 

Soh : ok… let’s go talk outside. 

Soh waited for the last man to shut the door to the house before starting his briefing. 

Soh : ok… the guest will be arriving around 6.30pm… buffet guys should be setting up anytime now…. Eric has the first shift at the entrance here….no cars allowed in the compound… tell them to park along the road….

Soh : The neighbours are invited too, we’re not expecting a lot of guest, about 20 at the most….. Poon has talked to the neighbours, as long as you don’t block their driveway, the guest can park along the sides. 

Soh turned to Tommy and told him he will be stationed in the kitchen. 

Tommy : I can’t cook… 

Soh : Nobody asking you to cook…. You’re keeping an eye on Peggy…. She will be there most of the time helping out with drinks and food….. Poon is concerned that Peggy might attempt to borrow a phone from one of the guest…. 

Tommy : what ?? ….

Soh : just listen…. Stay on Peggy…. Keep an eye on her… Nelson and Derrick, you are with Paige…. 

Nelson : What do we need to do ? 

Soh : She’s having some guest over, friends…you’ll be up on level 3 by the staircase….

Nelson : She inviting ministers ah… or her MP…. Hahah… need us to guard the staircase… 

Soh : Just do what they want la…. We are still getting paid…. 

Jim : What about the rest of us.

Soh gave a heavy sigh and turned to Rizwan, Mohan and me.

Soh : You guys will be with Poon inside her entertainment room.

Rizwan : fuck… Soh…. I don’t want….

Mohan : Soh….can change or not…

Soh : The rest are free to change except you 3, Poon picked you guys …. Sorry….

Fuck. I’m starting to have weird thoughts about the gym thing.

Soh : now…

Soh turned to look behind him as he lowered his voice significantly.

Soh : Our main job comes first…. Leave the Peggy business to me for now…

Soh has passed along the message to the servant that he can help get Peggy out using the party as a distraction.

Soh : the message was received by Peggy but she is doubtful we can pull it off…

Mohan : Soh … just run in now, we grab her …. Off to the car then settled…. Case close…

Soh : we can’t…. we have to do it such that it has nothing to do with us….

Soh told the team as of that moment, Peggy is not aware that all of us were in on this, so the only person she would trust is probably Soh.

Soh : don’t confuse her…. don’t say anything to her… we don’t need the heros here….. let me get a read on the situation first…. Then we’ll execute the plan…

All of us nodded.

Soh : ok… let’s go make some money….


Guest started arriving in their fancy cars around 7pm.

Rizwan , Mohan and I were up on level 2 looking down at the gathering below.

Rizwan : This feels so weird man…. And… without my shoes… I feel so naked….

Mohan : KNN brother.. you better pray it’s the only thing you need to take off.

I looked at the guest and I saw Poon mingling around, strutting about like a proud peacock in a ridiculous looking dress.

It’s green, with lots of blink blink, but to me it just looked like a dumpling on her.

I have yet to see Paige yet and I’m starting to wonder if she is as nasty as her mother.

I could hear footsteps coming down from level 3 and the moment the figure came into view, I guess she had to be Paige.

Paige is pretty too, her features are sharp and she has that stuck up OL look you get from busy executives rushing for time in the middle of town. Dressed in a figure hugging bandage dress, Paige’s figure is displayed for all to see.

Nice full breast, toned legs and shapely calves coupled with manicured toes.

Paige has that come fuck me aura that is bound to draw men’s attention despite her age.

She’s young, younger than Denise if I remember correctly.

Her footsteps are light and she melted into the crowd below.

She has that chirpy atas voice with a awkward sounding slang as she greeted the guests.

Paige : Uncle Chia….. I missed you …. Oh Auntie Clara…. How is London ?? …. Dr Peng…..i love the cakes your wife make…..
That pretentious high pitch voice sounded too warm and not at all convincing.

Oh the shudders I get from listening to that.

I shut myself out as Soh finally appeared. He had gone to the kitchen after the briefing presumably to talk to Peggy.

Soh joined us on level 2 and updated us on the situation.

Soh : Ok…. I spoke with Peggy….

Jim : What did she say about the plan ?

Soh sighed and told us something that didn’t feel right.

Soh : She wanted to leave of course…. But she’s not sure if it’s possible….

Soh laid out the reasons why.

First, Peggy’s passport is not with her. It’s definitely somewhere in the house, but she doesn’t know where. Chances are it’s with Poon.

Second, the alarm and CCTV needs to be disabled if we want to sneak her out of the house once the doors are all shut. The controls are all in the entertainment room, Poon will be there with her friends playing poker.

Third , Paige has a habit of harassing Peggy when she has friends over.

Soh : Paige will humiliate Peggy….. for entertainment sake….during that period of time… we won’t get access to Peggy…

Mohan : this is like mission impossible Soh…. Just grab Peggy, we Chiong out of the house….

Soh : Chiong your head la….

Jim : How about we try to keep Paige and Poon occupied…. Then some of us can sneak Peggy out of the house…. Just disable the alarm… or something…

Soh : We can’t… that would mean we failed our duty…. Don’t forget our contract with Poon…

Rizwan : Then how Soh… if I need to sacrifice my body… or my virgin…. It better be for a good cause.

Soh ; Virgin ki lan ah you….

Mohan : hahha…

Soh told us to keep our eyes open. We’ll have 2 nights in that place, so there’s no telling when an opportunity might come up.

He left us and went up to level 3 to update the team up there.

The party had nothing much for us. We ate the same food but from a different portion set aside in the kitchen. Then comes the birthday song.

A expensive looking cake was cut, balloons. Groups of girls posing for their Instagram shots, each trying to show off their naked shoulders, their pouty lips, their hairless legs and how can we miss out their young cleavage.

It was a scene right out of every guy’s nightmare or perhaps wet dream if you dig stuff like this.

Paige pouting her lips, angled her shoulder towards the camera with her besties as some poor sod takes the shot only to get scolded for not doing it properly.

I counted an average of 3 takes before they accepted each shot and only after being curated by Paige were those photos allowed on Instagram.

Yeah. Instagram beauties in the making.

I cannot believe the amount of effort they put into taking one picture just to make it appear that they were not posing for it.

I rolled my eyes so many times that evening that I thought it would drop off.


Most of the guest started to leave and Poon was at the door, like the parents of the bride and groom shaking hands of guest after the banquet.

Most of Paige’s friends left as well, only 2 stay behind.

The helpers were already busy at work cleaning up the place but Peggy was nowhere to be seen.


Poon had 3 other friends with her and I watch them laugh and strut up the stairs towards us.

Poon smiled at all 3 of us on level 2 as she entered the room.

Then out of nowhere, Peggy appeared, Tommy following behind her.

I saw them come up the stairs and I exchanged looks with Tommy.

He shrugged his shoulders, trying to say he didn’t know what’s going on as well.

Peggy looked tired and worried as she entered the entertainment room.

Poon : come in boys… come in… don’t be shy… hahaha.. all come in….haha…

I could hear Mohan mumble under his breath.

Mohan : I have a bad feeling about this…

The room was panelled with dark oak and had rows of full height book shelves on the left. On the opposite wall is a small bar, well stocked with an array of whisky. Beside that is a wine cellar, with walls of glass, you can see the rows of wine displayed nicely. That room is temperature controlled and it seemed like you need a password to unlock the door.

Poon : shut the door please… boys… hahah… are we ready to have some fun ??? hahaha… 

This feels really disturbing to me. 

It’s as if the roles were reversed. 

Instead of me and my pals sitting down with bottles on the table and girls pandering to our whims, we were the one standing up and the table of aunties appraised us. 

Oh, what right do I have to call them aunties. 

People would probably call me uncle if they saw me on the road. 

Poon and her friends are not aunties. They are grannies. 

Poon : do you guys drink ?? hahaha…. Come on…. loosen up…. 

Poon gesture towards the bar and Peggy quickly scrambled over and brought a tray of glasses over. 

She set them down on the poker table in the middle of the room and Poon just smacked her on her back. 

Poon : You stupid girl… bring the glasses never bring the whisky…!!.. stupid is it.. !! 

It was a pretty hard smack, hard enough to make Peggy squirm. 

Peggy quickly ran over to the bar counter again and brought out a bottle of single malt that was already half empty. 

Poon : pour for us la !!! waiting for what !!... 

There was this awkward silence in the room as the lot of us guys exchanged looks with each other. 

I’ve never been in such a situation before. If I see someone treating a girl like this in public, I would not hesitate to do something but the situation is a bit special. 

On one hand Poon is the client, and as much as we want to help Peggy, i’m afraid doing anything rashly would compromise the big picture. Seeing how frustrated my friends were, I guess they were pretty much thinking the same thing as me. 

When Peggy poured a round of drinks for everyone, she stepped back and looked down on her feet. I kept my eyes on her and noticed something. 

She was trembling. 

I blinked a couple of times just to be sure as I watch her squeeze her fist tightly. She is definitely shaking. 

She’s afraid of something, or rather , someone… 

Poon and her friends took a glass each and downed it. 

Poon : come boys… come… drink with me…. hahaha

Rizwan : sorry… I err… can’t drink… 

Poon looked a little irritated and she pointed to the rest of us and made us drink Rizwan’s share instead. 

Poon : Chew…. See… which one you like… hahaha… 

A thin lady responded to Poon. She’s tall and skinny and she has to be at least 60 years old. The dress she was wearing was hanging off her thin frame and she had on this pair of thick glasses. 

Her teeth are yellow and they looked a little elongated when she smile. 

Chew : hmmm…. Let me see… hahaha… you sure they can play one or not… hahaha…. 

I exchanged a look with Mohan and I mouthed for him to call Chew. 

Poon : haha.. we are all adults Chew…. So are they…. 

Poon addressed the floor and asked.

Poon : anyone underage here ? hahahah…hurhurhur…. 

I feel so sick. 

The next thing happened so fast I had no time to react. 

Poon just jumped out of her seat and ran towards me. She pressed her palm on my chest and squeezed as I jumped backwards in shock. 

Jim : oei !!!... 

The rest of the guys instinctively backed away as Poon laughed. Her pudgy fingers did the sick motion of squeezing as she chuckled. 

Poon : very nice Jim…. I like it hard… you have nice chest….

Jim : what ??... 

Poon came towards me again and I backed away. 

Jim : No… no … no… stay back… please… Mrs Poon… no… 

Poon laughed out heartily as she gestured towards her friend. 

Poon : Chew….. Linda…. Look…look… hahhaa.. young man scare of me.. hahah… 

Linda was the lady with the same build at Poon. 

She’s a loud breather and she walked with a limp, as if her legs were too weak to support her own body weight. She too had a fleshy grin and her sleeveless dress was squishing the fats around her arms. 

I saw her raised her hands and I caught a glimpse of some armpit hair. 

Poon came over to me again while my friends backed away to a corner like a bunch of girls cornered by cockroaches. They thought they were free but they were wrong. Chew and Linda were up on their feet as they walked slowly towards my friends. 

Mohan had his hands up in front of him shaking them vigorously . 

Mohan : ladies… ladies… ermm…. Let’s… let’s….

Chew : let’s have fun la….hahaha… I always liked men with dark skin… hahah

Fuck. I wanted to punch my way out of these but man, these people are like senior citizens. If I give them 1 hard shove, they might just fall and die. Who knows how brittle their bones are ? 

Poon finally touched me and she held my hand. 

My dick became the size of a mini sausage. Our fingers criss crossed and I could feel her pudgy fingers trying to squeeze it’s way in between. I was shaking as well as the hair on my arm started standing. 

Jim : Mrs Poon….… wait.. wait…

The last of Poon’s guest stood up and poured another round of drink for everyone.

Chew : Nancy… Nancy… you like this kind right… ahhaha.. say no no no type … haha

Poon : Sorry girls… this one is mine… hahah… hor?? Jim ?? come come…. Jeem jeem with me.. haha… 

I looked to the my friends and I could see Tommy desperately trying to fumble with his phone to reach Soh. 

Then Poon fucking grab my cock. 

Jim : AHhh!!...

My eyes widened, unable to believe what just happened. 

Poon grabbed my entire private region and started to knead it like a baker playing with his dough. 

Inside my head I was screaming all manners of vulgarities. 

This is it, I’m going to send her to the floor. 

I heard Mohan and Rizwan’s voice and I saw them trying to fend off Chew and Linda. 

What do you do in a situation like this ? 

I can’t use my strength as a man, but I’m not about to have my cock desecrated by this bunch of grannies. 

Then out comes the money. 

Poon took out a bundle of money and waved them in the air. 

Poon : wooo… woo…woo…. 

If we men did this in the KTV room, I would expect the girls to be swooning around me, but this. This is sick. 

Then Poon fucking took 2 fifty dollar bills and she stuffed it halfway into my pants. Why halfway ? 

Well halfway because I was holding onto her fucking fat wrist. 

Poon : ahahaha..hurhurhurr… 

She had this delirious look on her face as her hand continued to churn and push down, I could feel the notes hitting the tip of my cock which I doubt would ever get another erection again. 

Nancy was on her feet as well by then and I saw our resident playboy Tommy being violated beyond words.

I don’t know how Nancy manage to get Tommy’s nipples in her mouth, smearing his chest with pasty pastel coloured lip stick . Tommy’s face was scrunched up and he was on the verge of breaking down. 

Even Mohan, I could see tears in his eyes as he shook his head. 

Mohan : No… no please… no…ahhh.. ahh… 

Linda too was grabbing onto his private region as she try to stuff money into his pants. 

My life is over. 

Thud thud thud!!!! 

There was several loud knocks on the door and it got everyone’s attention. 

Poon shouted for Peggy to get it, grumbling angrily that she already said she don’t want to be disturbed. 

Peggy turned the bolt and tried to pull open the heavy door. 

I was Soh pushed the double leaf door with both hands, light spilled in from the outside into the dim hall. We’re saved.

He’s like Aragon in lord of the rings, opening the door at Edoras giving everyone what they needed most. Hope. 

Soh : Poon…. We need to talk… 

Poon scowled at Soh’s interruption and she did something no one expected. 

She left me, went over to Peggy and slapped her for no reason at all. 

Smack ! 

Peggy :eahhh!! 

Peggy started sobbing as the lot of us look on in shock.

Poon : You just do your job Soh…. You’re not here to tell me what to do…. 

Then she tugged and pulled Peggy’s hair before violently lifting and removing Peggy’s top. 

Soh : What are you doing ??!!! 

Poon : I need to relieve stress… there’s many ways to do it…. If you are stopping me… then I just have to find another way to do it. !! 

Poon took another glass of whisky and she pulled and yanked Peggy’s shorts to the ground with her fat fingers as Peggy tried desperately to hold on to her clothes.

What the fuck is she doing ? 

Peggy was sobbing and I could see she was trying to control herself from a total meltdown. 

It’s so humiliating, don’t forget there are men around the room. 

Poon took another glass of whisky and tried to force Peggy to drink it but most of it ended down her body, soaking into her bra. 

Soh : Poon… stop…please…we…

Poon : Don’t tell me what I can or cannot do in my own house !!!!! 

The room went awfully quiet as all eyes were on Poon. She is obviously one very sick individual. 

She pulled off Peggy’s bra and panty, her last ounce of dignity gone in a flash as her privates were exposed to everyone in the room. 

Poon : hahahah.. woah…. Supple breast…. Last time mine also like that…. nice or not… hruhurhur…. Hahah..

Mohan could not take it any longer and he decided to step in. 

Mohan : Hey hey.. hey… come on… leave the poor girl alone…. Let her go… this is a room for adults no ?? 

Even Rizwan stepped in.

Rizwan : I’ll drink with you ladies…the little girl don’t know how to drink one la…. 

Poon was laughing and spurred on by the response she got from us. 

She pulled Peggy to the middle of the room and emptied the bottle of single malt on her hair . Peggy sobbed as she looked down and tried to cover her breast and privates. 

Right that moment, Tommy removed his top totally, swinging it in the air. 

Tommy : Come on… you want to play… play with me… 

His chiselled abs drew the attention of the grannies as he gave his top a couple of more swing before throwing it in the direction of a naked and wet Peggy. 

I went over and pick it up, draping it over Peggy’s shoulders. 

Poon came and pulled it off, throwing it on the floor as she laughed. 

Poon : It seems you guys are more fun when you see a helpless girl being tortured no ?? hahahah

Poon asked her friends if they agree and they nodded in agreement. 

Poon : Why ? … you only want to be gentlemen to sweet and pretty looking girls is it ?? you can’t be gentlemen to ladies like us ?? hahahaha…. She stays here….

Turning to Soh, Poon gestured to the door. 

Poon : Your boys agreed to play… there’s nothing else for you here… you can go…hahaha… 

Soh gestured towards Peggy to follow him but Poon was adamant that she stay. 

Poon : She stays right here !!! hahahah …

She went over and grab Peggy from behind, squeezed a breast of hers roughly and played with Peggy’s nipples. 

Poon : I need her…. I need her to get their cocks erected… hahahah.. hhaaha… 

I feel like strangling Poon and feeling her live drain away. 

Poon : I know it’s hard for them to get erected looking at us…. So…. We need a little help…. Hahahaha…

Poon flicked Peggy’s nipples , playing with them as she laughed while the rest of us looked on in disbelief. 

Soh : Jim… come here… 

I went over to Soh and he leaned towards me and whispered. 

Soh : I bribed a helper…. The control for the CCTV is in a louvered cabinet in this room….. disconnect it …… Peggy’s passport is somewhere in here as well…. 

That was all Soh said as he looked at me before backing away towards the door. 

My heart was thumping. 

I was struggling to breathe. 

I looked at Peggy who was now made to lie on the poker table as Poon tried to push her finger into her vagina. 

I looked at my friends who were all looking at me, wondering what Soh said. 

I looked at Poon’s friend’s who were drinking and grinning at everything that’s happening. 

Then I finally turned to see Soh backed out the door before shutting it. 


My friends looked at me , their eyes desperate for some form of instructions, or in this instance, consolation. 

I shook my head slowly at them. 

The message is clear. 

We’re on our own.


Part 2 here


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