Thursday, 19 October 2017

A different perspective

I frequent a few other blogs for stories as well and i wrote a short piece after reading one from Melissa who blogs at roughorders.blogspot.

She wrote the original piece from the girl’s perspective  and I did one from the guy’s point of
view. If you have subscribe to the mailing list or have bought something from the platform before 18/10/17, you should already have a copy in your mailbox.

Did this piece in late July when I was corresponding with her, and yes, she has read it too.

The original piece she wrote is here

All credits for the story line goes to Melissa.

Pretty sure thoughts like this have gone through your head when you are back after a night of drinking.

What do you do when you see a tipsy girl staggering around in her Cheongsum and high heels having a smoke ?

You're tipsy too, and some emotions are just so hard to control.

Now, since we are all law abiding citizens, it is unthinkable for us to do anything more than try to borrow a light and strike up a conversation but let's be honest.

That's not what you really want.

So......... What ever you want to do..... do it in your head..... tell no one.

I'm sure many of you are curious how Melissa look like in real life.

Hiak Hiak Hiak Hiak......................................... *rubs hand in glee*

I satisfied my curiosity a while ago and i'm not disappointed.

To all who has read Melissa's work, i assure you. If you see how she looks, you would definitely wish you could do what she has written on her blog to her.


She's really flexible with her body.

Really really..... flexible....


Talk to her, be nice.

Who knows, it might be your lucky day.


PS : Sorry for the impending flood of messages to your Kik Melissa.... haha.... Time to update that blog of yours...

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