Friday, 6 October 2017

The Angel Program

It's been a good 6 months since it started.

The program is not without it's challenges.

I'm partly to blame because i have no time to manage it actively.

Mails can take days or even a week to get replies since i hardly log in.

Anyway, i'm stopping the Angel program for now. Will be giving it a name change and reserve the 'Angel program' for some spin off series for the Facility.

With the new gumroad platform and it's features, i think there's a easier way to run this little project of mine even without me keeping track of the mails with each individual angel.

I have some idea which i am testing out whenever i'm free. I'll get the details iron out soon for those who are interested.

Here's a glimpse of what i have in mind.

Say maybe a 1 off donation of 40? to redeem a code that would give you access to all new works publish in 2018 ?

Or maybe a donation of 20 to get a discount code for the entire of 2018 ?

Something along this line.

New works will be updated into the server where you can just DL it at your convenience. Sounds good, easy to maintain too.

Anyway, i'm testing it out to work out the kinks if any.

Target to get it out by Dec.

 I'll be sending a private mail to the current Angels to wrap things up.



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