Saturday, 11 November 2017

Company cruise

Time really flies.

Almost at the 1 year mark in the office.

At this time last year, i was probably bumming around trying to appear busy in front of my family. haha.

Anyway, i'm pretty contented at this new place.

Small office, less politics. Next to none in fact.

Boss is ok, colleagues are nice too. It's a very uncle place to work in a way, the youngest is already in his mid thirties with a kid.

I guess most people eventually reach a point in career where you are just not interested in drama, everyone just wants to do their work properly and go home to their families.

Boss paid for a simple retreat for the group of us.

It's a cruise on one of the liners, come to think of it, it's been years since i last went on one.

Had quite a bit of time to myself during the cruise. I did not bring my family along and after a day or so of informal meetings and performance appraisal, it was just plenty of 'me' time.

Grabbed my laptop , found a table, ordered a beer and did quite a bit of writing.

The feeling is amazing, writing on the deck of a moving ship with the sea breeze in my face.

Worked on a new story line as well, somehow just being away from the daily grind of life gave me more ideas and inspirations.

Thought of a couple of cruise base scenarios that i can work with for future works. Probably one that is based entirely on board the cruise duration. That would be something interesting and new.

Looks like travelling is indeed a good way to search for inspirations. hahaha. Hope my boss would do this every year.

Lost 50 USD at the casino on the ship within 20 minutes. @#$@#$@.... looks like gambling is not my forte. haha.

Performance appraisal is done at the buffet table while you eat. A bit awkward to talk about work while i'm trying to eat a kiwi.

My industry is not exactly in a good shape at the moment but i'm glad to know there would still be a bonus at the end of the year.

Bonus as in AWS, the 13th month. haha.

My colleagues told me our boss would usually add 0.25  to 0.5 to the AWS.

Compared to my friends and some peers, i'm already very lucky.

No increment though, boss made it clear that there would be none for the whole of next year as well.

There's projects for the office but the fees are terrible. Everyone is just trying to survive in the construction industry.

Hope things would get better soon.

The beast within is coming along fine, on track for release in end Dec.



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