Thursday, 23 November 2017

Something new - Wife creampie by stanger

Been seeing quite a bit of video base stories online.

So i did one to find out if going forward, this is something that i can do as well.

Looks simple but i'm not trained in media and editing so this took quite a while to churn out.

Here's a preview clip of what would be coming up in the next couple of days.

** All images taken off the net.
** Story is original

** Updates**

It's completed but before you get it, here's some points to note. 

The file is huge, more than a 160mb. If you want to dl it, do it over WIFI. 

Watch it in the privacy of your room with headphones. 

I mean it. Headphones. It's not all jazzy music. 

Let me know your comments if you have any. 
If response is good, i'll work on a few more. 

PS : You can go through the whole 7 min video.... hands free. Read, watch, listen. 

There...... this should take the stress off being stuck on public transport that don't work

If you only want to watch it a couple of times, gumroad offers a 'rent' option too. 

Stream it as many times as you want within 72 hours. After that it will expire. 

Your choice. 


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  1. Omg Bro. You just up to another level. Constantly evolving and getting more interesting. Been following u for years and must say.. u r the best! Looking forward to ur stuff!