Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy new year to all

It's a wrap for 2017.

I cannot describe how much i long for the 31st December 2017 to come.

Personally, it's been a horrible year for me.

There are phases in life we all go through and i can still recall the period when i just started work.

A couple of years in and you start receiving invites to weddings, engagement parties, bachelor nights. Those were fun times as long as you don't think about the burn in your pocket.

After the period of weddings, you will move on to house warming and baby showers.

Full month party, 1st year birthday, house warming in Sengkang, house warming in Punggol. There's a particular period when i'm in Punggol every weekend for a friend's house party. In fact, i'm pretty sure i know someone in each and every estate.

That phase too died down after a while.

You'll eventually reach a point when all your close friends are more or less settled down.

Gone are the wedding invites, the house warming gatherings and the baby showers.

Then came the funerals. I've attended more wakes this year than the past 7 years combined.

Right at the beginning of 2017, a close relative passed on.

Then someone close was hospitalised.

Then another funeral.

And another. They just kept happening.

They were not all my relatives, some were parents of close friends. Really close friends.
Guys close enough to call brother, and even a ex-gf's mum.

One was a friend, the same age as me. I've yet to touch the big 40, and having a friend pass on had a significant impact on me.

He's passed on because of health issues.

I lost count of the times i sat at the round table, with a paper plate of melon seeds,peanuts and sweets topped off with the bundle of red string this year.

I don't know which wake i was attending when it finally hit me that one day this will happen to me as well.

Looking at the people gathered around, i wondered who would be here for my passing.

Colleagues , friends , my kids , i don't know. When will it happen ? Will i be ready for this ?

Come to think of it, i don't even know if i will wake up from my sleep tomorrow. People do pass on in their sleep without health issues too.

It's at gatherings like this when you have time to just sit, zone out and think of how fragile live is.

How long does each of us have ? 80 ? 90 ? If we are lucky.

I'm almost touching the midway point. How many more stories can i write before i leave this world ?
Will the blog one day just stop getting updated because i died and there's no one to inform all the visitors ?

Depressing thoughts.

Moving on.....

Career wise, there isn't much ups and downs. I'm at exactly the 1 year mark at the new office, i'm pretty happy here. Pay isn't much to shout about but at least i'm employed.

Had to deal with some really horrible characters and assholes in 2017.

People that test the limits of your law abiding abilities.

Family quarrels, checked.

Close friends falling out with each other, checked.

Good friend getting divorced, checked.

Good friend and ex-gf getting divorced, checked ( same ex-gf  that mother passed )

Wife unhappy that i'm at ex-gf's mum's wake for too long , checked

Wife pissed that ex-gf was texting me about her divorce , checked.

Wife for no apparent reason refused to have sex with me, checked.

Wife threw away weighing machine because it shows she's 51kg, checked.

It's the 2nd weighing machine she threw away. She maintained at 46kg for the longest time,even post pregnancy after shedding off the additional weight.

She threw away the 1st one last year when it showed 49kg with her clothes on.

The one she just threw away this morning was with her clothes off. I was pretty sure it was 51.8 but i don't dare to mention it and just accepted her figure she gave as 51.

Apologies for the depressing and emotional post. hahaha.

Sometimes you just need to rant.

Here's wishing all blog visitors a Happy 2018.

2018 will be a good year for all of us. I can feel it.

And to wrap this post up, i have a personal message to 2017.

Fuck you 2017.

Fuck you....


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