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Friday, 29 December 2017

Midway point for beast within

We're at the midway point for the beast within.

If you have been following my past works, you would know it's a tradition of sort to let you guys know where we are right now in terms of the plot. haha.

I hope you enjoyed the read so far.

After the project with Poon and daughters, i'll be venturing into something totally new. Boundaries i have never crossed before.

Honestly i don't know whether it would be well received but i hope you read it with a open mind.

It's going to be painful to read, might be disturbing for some as well.

End of the day, please remember this is a work of fiction, and you should only read this for it's entertainment value.

Writing the drafts stir up emotions i never thought would come up, it's difficult to write as well compared to the sex scenes i'm used to.

The beast is going to wake up soon.

James .


  1. Looking forward to the story. Keep up the great work!

  2. Guess I have to read the finale of Poon chapter, why the beast awakens

    Was Damsel was not really a Damsel at all?