Thursday, 1 February 2018

Collector's edition for The beast within

Alright. It's a wrap.

I hope you enjoyed the  read.

The beast within shall remain online as long as blogger is for your reading pleasure.

If you enjoyed the read and would like to get a copy of TBW as a token of appreciation, here's the link to get it. All 500+ pages of it in PDF

Please note, the pdf version is exactly the same as the one online.

It's just for your offline reading pleasure.

The beast within

Also included are a few deleted scenes which i thought you might be interested in.

Now, deleted scenes are not the same as optional reads, as in they are cut out totally. There's no way to link them back to the story since i left it out.

I have deleted quite a few, a lot conversational, but i guess most would be interested in the sexual part so i've kept a few in the collector's edition.

Not long, 5-6 pages each. A typical update for each chapter of TBW is about 20-25, so do your math.

Here's the deleted scenes.

1)  Mecole iced Denise
2) Paige stand in torture
3) Peggy rope scene
4) Riona's room



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