Thursday, 1 February 2018

What comes next ?

Short reads, definitely a lot of short reads upcoming up. Articles as well, have a few of them drafted but no time to get it sorted out.

I'm thinking about the next full length work. Have a couple of concept and storylines i'm working on.

One would be a sci-fi ish piece which follows the schedule of real life train breakdowns. What if there is something living beneath up all this while and all the tunneling works brought them up to the surface ?

What if the cause of all the train breakdowns is not due to engineering issues but rather the whole thing is a massive cover up a war ?

A war that has been happening for years and one that we are constantly losing ?

We're definitely not the first beings to walk this earth......

Not bad eh.... haha... sort of laid the foundation for it in the MRT station scene in the beast within.

Anyway, i don't have enough materials and ideas to make it into a full length work yet but will be exploring this angle that's for sure.

Another idea i have in my mind would be to do a love story.
Cheesy, i know but thought i just might try.

Since i tried doing action and war in the beast within, maybe i can explore a heart wrenching love story that will make you feel the squeeze in your heart ?

If i do, i might just attempt to write as a girl for this. Not sure about this yet but will be looking for inspirations.

If i do either of the above, it might well turn out to be a normal fictional read with hardly any sexual scenes. Not sure if it would appeal to readers but well, you never know till you try.

Since we're at the sci fi angle, i have another concept i'm working on. The facility in TFIWA if for females. I was thinking about how i could expand on that when an idea hit me.

What if a couple of decades down the road, the world had changed so much that men are no longer in charge. That women are no longer the weaker sex. Men reduced to lesser roles, serving as sex slaves to the alpha females.

This would probably be another sick and twisted piece haha.

Had a good break today. One of the rare occasion i took a day off just for myself.
Did some reading, had a few coffee.

Back to reality tomorrow.

Cheers all


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