Tuesday, 26 June 2018

An adventure is coming your way..........



Kate .......................................



Do the names ring a bell ? 

You've read 'My adventure in the office' ( MAITO )

What if you can play it ?

What if James has the power to make choices ?

Choices that would determine how the story plays out ? Which girl you get, and how you get her ?

Would you save Belinda ?

Would you exploit Sandy ?

How would you take Kate ?

And when Sylvia ( My brother & sister in law ) comes into the picture , how would the dynamics of James' office adventure change ?

Choices are never easy...................


Lust selection is a PC game developed with the storyline of (MAITO)

All characters, soundtracks, artwork & even voice artist are original and exclusive to this adventure.

The bulk of the work is done by a boutique games development company that i work closely with.

There will be some new twists to the original (MAITO) story for that added spice.

I've seen the gameplay interface. I've also seen the artwork.

Belinda's cold expression.

Sandy's body in the Mercedes.

Kate's smile

Sylvia's gasp.....

I've made choices i never got to do in the original storyline.


This will change the way you view erotic stories.

This changes everything.

Check back regularly for more details, release dates, game play screenshots, character artwork and more.

Are you ready for a new adventure ??


The prison i'm in - Part 2


My plan is to contact Lisa and get her over to Daphne’s place on the pretext that Dawn is now gone.
I would tell Lisa that Daphne needed to speak with her, something along the line of helping her keep a secret so she would not get locked away.

It would also be a good time for Lisa to confirm all photos of her has been deleted.

With Dawn pretending to be Daphne, it would give me the chance to play out my plan.

I have to do it in such a way that Lisa does not know I’m playing her and that Dawn won’t know I’m trying to fuck with her as well.

It will be the balancing act of the century.

Dawn was eyeing me like a hawk as I made the call using her phone. The moment it was switched on, I could see messages streaming in. There were a few missed calls and plenty of notification form her group chats.

My heart was beating really fast when the ringing tone came on. Dawn wanted me to put it on speaker mode so she can hear everything we say.

Lisa finally picked up after 7 rings with a soft voice.

James : Lisa?.....

Lisa : James ?

James : Yes… is me…. Dawn is gone…. Daphne is back but… but there’s a bit of a problem….

Lisa : really !!.. Dawn is gone ?? oh my god…. Thank god… that’s good news !!.... can you get her to fucking delete everything about me…. All the photos…..i cannot imagine if any of those get online…. All my Instagram followers would be gone…. All my endorsement contacts…

James : Lisa wait.. wait… there’s a bit of a problem….

Lisa : What problem..? there’s no problem once that psyco bitch is gone !!... that crazy bitch !!... she’s mad…. Crazy…. I don’t know what is going on in her head !!!

I wanted to stop Lisa form going on but she just went on and on. I didn’t even get a chance to warn her that she was on speaker mode.

Lisa : that bitch…. !! what the fuck was she thinking !!

James : Lisa wait….

Lisa : she fucking raped you hear ?? … she literally violated my body fuck …. I’ve never felt so humiliated before in my life that fucking slut….. I have half a mind to fuck her with her own dildo and watch her squirm….. !!!

I felt my heartrate just go up a notch as I watched Dawn’s expression beside me change.

Her eyes narrowed and she exhaled a breath of menacing air.

I raised my voice a little, trying to get Lisa’s attention.
James : Lisa !! listen … I need your help…. We have a situation….

Lisa : What ! ?? …. There’s on more situation if Dawn is gone…. Better still… you should talk to Daphne to fucking kill her… take some medicine you know…. Just make sure that crazy bitch don’t ever come out again….

James : Lisa listen to me !...

Lisa : Yeah yeah… what !

James : You see…. I got into sort of a scuffle with Dawn….I meant Daphne…. Oh… I mean Dawn… ahhhh.. fuck this…..

I told Lisa that during the struggle, things got a bit rough.

James : I had to tie her down…. And now that Daphne has woken up, she’s throwing a fit about the state she is in….. she’s threatening to report me for rape or outrage of modesty, or basically anything…. I need your help to talk to her…

Lisa : Oh…

James : She wanted to know exactly what happened…. I gave her a brief summary but she wanted to talk to you as well… you know… girl to girl and all ….

Lisa : What about my photos…. Are they deleted ?

James ; They will be… but can you drop by…. And just sort these things out with her…. So we can all move on…

Lisa : yeah yeah… sure… but I’m not free now…. Probably later in the evening…. I can head over after my gym class….

James : Yeah.. that’ll be great…

Lisa : fuck… you tell Daphne I need to talk to her about that bitch inside her head…. I may not get to talk to that bitch herself but I will fucking give her a piece of my mind and let Daphne convey the message… !!

I massaged my forehead and wished I could shout at Lisa to shut up.

Dawn’s face was changing again.

The murderous look was gone and replace by a smirk.

A smirk that I knew would not bode well for Lisa.

After I hung up the call, Dawn looked at me and waited for me to say something.

Dawn  : So… now what ? ….

James ; well… we got her to come over…like I said…..

Dawn  : She’s coming over to give me a piece of her mind….then what…

James ; I’m sure she’s kidding…. She don’t mean it…

Dawn  :We’ll see…

James : Dawn… please… stick to the plan… pretend you are Daphne…. Play the good girl for a while…. Convince her that all is fine….

Dawn  :Yeah. Yeah…. Whatever…. I’ll play the helpless and useless Daphne ….
Now, if Dawn is willing to play her role, the ideal scenario would be to have Lisa there talking to her.

My plan is simple.

The girls talk.

I prepare drinks.

I will tell Dawn I’m going to drug the drink Lisa would be drinking.

Yes. With that same yellow pill.

2 drinks, 1 drugged.

Lisa drinks.

With Lisa immobilised, that would give Dawn her chance to talk to Lisa. Bare her heart out or some shit. That was what I’m selling to her.

Now, I’m not going to drug only Lisa’s drink.

I’m going to drug both drinks.

This way, it protects against the chance of Dawn getting suspicious and switching drinks with Lisa.

It also ensures that no matter which drink she decides to take, she will get drugged.

With both girls knocked out, I can easily tie Dawn up until Daphne gets back, or if needed, force feed her more of the pill until this blows over.

As for Lisa, as long as Dawn is under control. She will be save.

No matter how I see this, there’s no way of this going wrong.

When Lisa comes over, she will be greeted with a sight of Dawn being restraint on a chair. A fake restraint that is. Dawn would not agree to a real tie. It would have to be a fake one where she can easily release herself.

Dawn will pretend to be agitated, choosing not to believe every word I say until Lisa has verified what happened.
She will maintain that her memories are in a blur and everything is in bits and pieces.

I’ll let Lisa help to untie Daphne while I prepare the drinks.

Then it’s a wrap.

It cannot get simpler than this.


An hour before Lisa is due to get here, I started preparing.

I asked Dawn for the drug and she hesitated before giving it to me.

I did not remove any from the ziplock bag.

I took the whole bag and using a rolling pin, squashed all the pills together into a powder form.

Why ?

So Dawn cannot see how much I take out.

If I have taken out too much to drug one pax, she would have suspected my intentions right away.

This way, by crushing everything, there is no way she will know how much I will use.

I put the powdered drug on the kitchen table before putting a 6 pack carton of coke over it.

James : I’ll pour the drink, put in in Lisa’s one and you can let the drug do it’s work.

Dawn : what if she doesn’t drink it ??

James : She will…. Just get her to keep talking…. I’m sure she has a lot to talk about especially if she thinks she is talking to Daphne about you….

Dawn smacked me across the back of my head before walking away.

I followed Dawn into the laundry room and we went through the 2nd half of the plan.

The amount I was supposed to give Lisa is small, not enough to knock her out totally which means she will still be awake to a certain degree. Half a pill according to Dawn.

That would be the time for Dawn to supposedly talk to her, and if Lisa don’t agree to stay behind and accompany Dawn, I would come in. Dawn said that if Lisa could not understand what she wanted, then I should go ahead and start fertilising her eggs in her womb.

I argued that I might not be up to the task due to the left over effects of the drugs in my body but Dawn asked me not to worry about it.

Dawn : I will make sure you are rock hard when you fuck her…..

Dawn would be documenting the entire ordeal. With that, she would not only have naked pictures of Lisa, she would threaten to upload the entire process of how a supposedly famous media influencer gets impregnated.

If that don’t work, it’s fine.

Dawn wants me to do it again. And again.

In her own words, she said having Lisa in the house is already winning half the battle.

Dawn : Having her here… would help me keep you obedient too no ? hahahah….. I’ll let you fuck her…. And play with her body whenever you want…. As long as you behave…. Isn’t that an incentive ?? hahaha….

My cock throbbed at that sick thought.

It’s like throwing a dog his treat for behaving, only in this case, she was throwing me Lisa.

As long as I behave, she would let me fuck Lisa.

As long as I become her dog and listen to her, I get to do anything I want to Lisa’s body.

Dawn : It’s not like she will get pregnant on the first try…. So I think we might have to try it a few times…. You know…. Pump her full with your semen… haha… that’s quite a sick thought….

I could feel my body shiver as the thought of it actually happening.

I would be the one to get the pleasure yes but I would also be the one to get all the blame.

Imagine having gone from taking an upskirt to raping and cumming inside a famous blogger.

My life will really be over by then.

Perhaps I should have just taken the jail term.

I shook my head and tried to keep my mind clear.

None of this is set in stone yet.

If I play my cards right, I will get to play  both of them out.

Have both of them knocked out perhaps. 2 helpless naked girls.

I could perhaps play with them for a while, nothing crazy that would implicate me of course but touching them. Licking them.

Sucking on their tits and pushing my tongue into their pussy or something.

I was quite tempted to push my cock into Lisa’s mouth as well, her full and sexy lips seemed built for sucking cocks.
She would look good if she’s on her knees pouting while asking for a cock to go inside her mouth.

Maybe some photos perhaps, quickly taken and sent to my dropbox before deleting them from the phone.

Something like this would work.

Daphne would be back, grateful for my help, Lisa would be safe. I serve out the rest of my sentence and life goes back to normal.

Yes, it will work.

It have to.


When Lisa text Daphne’s phone that she’s heading up, I quickly got things ready.

I did a tight knot around Dawn’s wrist behind the chair but leaving the free end of it in her palms. If she wanted, she just needed to pull that and it will come loose. Just before she lets Lisa untie her, she will release it and make it seem like she was unable to ready that free end of unaware of it’s existence.

There was a knock on the door and I opened it.

There she was. Lisa.

She looked good in her gym gear.

Black tight yoga pants that ended above her ankles. Her shapely calves and thigh immediately sent blood into my cock as I gestured for her to come in. She was wearing a loose white top with one side of her shoulder exposed.

The thick straps of her racer back sports bra was visible, the black elastic bands rimmed with neon pink trimmings.

She removed her running shoes, revealing a pair of white socks that barely reached the bottom of her ankles.

Lisa : where is Daphne ??

James ; Inside the room…. Tied up…

Lisa : what ?? why ?? …..

James : She threatened to keep zapping me with the phone…. She don’t believe what I told her about Dawn and what she did to you …

Lisa : let me talk to her…..that fucking bitch ……she needs to do something about her….

Lisa walked into the room and my heart was slamming against my ribcage.

I was worried she would see through the whole ploy but Dawn was amazing.

The moment she saw Lisa she broke into an apologetic groan.

Dawn : ohh my god…. Lisa… I’m so sorry… I’m sorry you had to go though that……

Lisa : Daphne ? …. Oh thank god you are back … !!...

I watched as Lisa went over and gave her a hug before giving her a stern look.

Lisa : That fucking bitch inside you needs to be taken care of !!!! I have a contact for a shrink… quite good one…. I pass to you…. You should get yourself hypnotised or something… then kill her off…. !!

Daphne : i…. I just feel so exhausted… and tired….James…. James told me what happened but… but they sound a little exaggerated…i… I just want to verify with you….

Lisa : oh that fucking bitch literally raped me with a dildo… fuck !... I still haven got over it by the way….arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Lisa clenched her fist and shook them at Daphne before starting to untie her.

Lisa : If I get to see her again, I tell you…. I will fucking do to her the same thing she did to me… arhghhhhhhhhhh!!!!

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and said nothing.

Daphne : I’m so sorry…. Really sorry…. But can you help me keep this a secret…. i….she… I mean…. Dawn don’t really come out often….i also don’t know why she came out this time….

Lisa : you need to keep her under control !!... the way she look at me….. my god.. it’s like she’s infatuated with me…. Like a spurned lover or something you know ahhaha…

Daphne : oh… really ?

I massaged my forehead as Lisa went on.

Lisa : Yah.. that look…. Fuck… that look when she push the dildo inside me…. Fuck her… it’s like my ex boyfriend or something….. the look that knows it’s probably the last time he gets to touch me…. Hahaha…

Lisa added that it was like sympathy sex.

Lisa ; Yah…. Thinking back… I think it’s really like pity sex…. Letting him do it for the sake of doing it… anyway…. Back to this…. I really need you to delete the photos and all your bitch of a personality made me do.

Daphne : oh…sure .. of course….

Lisa : Really a fucker that Dawn…. Sigh… I don’t suppose you can let me strangle you for a while ? hahahah … just kidding…

Daphne : Oh..ermm…

Lisa : Kidding la… hahaha…. I feel a lot better after my gym class…. Fuck… lucky it was a dildo fucking me…. I cannot imagine if it was him… haha

Lisa pointed to me and chuckle.

Daphne : Oh… why ? ….

Lisa ; I would fucking panic and freak out of course… a real cock…. I’m having my ovulation period this few days…. Can you imagine what would have happened if he cum inside me.haha…

I almost choked on my own saliva as I watch Dawn look at Lisa, giving her a really sweet and understanding smile.

Lisa : fucking men all thinking about the same thing right ? James !?? well, at least you and Dawn have him under control… he’s quite cute la… I don’t mind having him as my dog as well hahaha….

Daphne  : James .. can you get us both a drink….

Lisa : Oh yes… I’m fucking thirsty…. Rushed her after my gym….

My heart beat faster as I went into the kitchen.

Lisa is so fucked this time.

I wonder what her reaction would be when she realised it was Dawn that she was talking to all this while.

I turned to make sure the kitchen is clear.

I poured a can of coke into the 2 glass and I estimated the amount of powder for half a pill into each glass.

This is it.

It’s almost over.

I went into the room and placed the drink on the small stool beside the girls.

Lisa was still yelping away about her blog and her recent deal with a sportswear maker when Dawn held the drink and offered it to Lisa.

Lisa, without breaking a beat, took it and drank it all.

Dawn smiled and my heart stopped beating for a moment as I prayed that she too would take a sip of the drink.

Even if she don’t drink it all, every sip helps.

The drug was a fast acting drug.

Lisa’s speech started to slow and I could see her feeling confused as her motor skills slowed down by a notch.

She just looked at Dawn before turning to look at me, eventually turning to look at the drink.

Dawn : shhhhhhhhhh… it’s ok…. It’s ok….

Dawn smiled and held Lisa who by then was trembling a little but there was nothing she can do.

She was just shaking and I could see the fear in her eyes as Dawn kissed her on her forehead.

Dawn : We are going to have so much fun together.

She laid Lisa down before turning to me.

Dawn ; for a moment , I thought you were going to put the drug in my glass instead… hahah….

I held my breath and kept my expression neutral.

Take the drink, just take the fucking drink. I was literally screaming out in my head as I look at Dawn.

She took it.

She held the drink in her hand but instead of drinking it, she got up.

I watched in horror as Dawn took the drink, offered it to me and added.

Dawn : drink it….

James ; What….

Dawn : Drink it…..

James : but… but…

Dawn ; you have nothing to be afraid off right ? …. You put it in Lisa’s drink… not mine….

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and held the glass with a shaky hand.

Dawn : come on…. Drink it….

I took the glass and took a large mouth of the coke but I did not finish it.

James : There… happy ? ….

I went on to pick up the glasses and headed to the kitchen on the pretext of cleaning up.

Turning back, I saw that Dawn did not follow me out and I quickly went to the kitchen sink.

I tried to force myself to vomit by digging my own throat but I can’t.

I immediately started gulping down glass after glass of water in the hope that it would dilute the drug in my body.

I turned around and almost jumped when I saw Dawn looking at me.

James ; What are you doing there ??

Dawn smiled.

She came over, took my hand and let me back into the laundry room where Lisa was lying on the floor with her eyes wide open.

Before I could do anything, Dawn held me and kissed me.

She pressed her mouth against mine and by the time I realised what was happening, it was too late.

She had something in her mouth. She was pushing it into mine with loads of saliva.

I tried to break away but Dawn had a grip on my neck.

It got to the point when Dawn was literally spitting saliva into my mouth forcing me to swallow whatever shit she had just given me.

James : bleggrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Berkghhhhhhhhhh!!! What was that ?? !!!

Within less than a minute, I could feel my body shutting down.

It’s like my energy has drained from me.

Dawn too was breathing a little slowly with a weird smile on her face.

She sat down and lean against a bag of clothes, breathing slowly and smiling at Lisa and me.

I could not feel my legs any more and I collapsed beside Lisa who just had a drop of tear roll down the side of her eye.

With much difficulty, Dawn who herself ingested a bit of the drug, spoke in bits and pieces.

Dawn  : those were …… not the only….. pills…..i have…..haha… there’s more….haha… haha….

She took a deep breath and she struggled to keep her eyes open, her last sentence chilled both Lisa and I into our spine as she struggled to stay awake and focus.

Dawn : let’s see…… let’s see who comes out of this first…. Hahah…. Hahahah….

With that she stopped talking.

I stopped moving.

Another drop of tear rolled down Lisa’s cheek and the room fell silent.

There’s only the sound of us breathing.


The fear and anxiety slowly descended on me as I tried to see what is going on around me.

The feeling is really out of this world.
It’s like I’m high on some kind of drug.

It felt good on a certain level when I could feel all my thoughts, my muscles just relaxing. My limbs felt heavy, there was a burning sensation much like the soreness after I ran a marathon.

I could still move my body but everything felt so heavy and slow.

I tried to lift my arm and although I tried my best to lift it up, it barely moved an inch off the ground.

The moment I relaxed my body, it actually felt kind of good.

I could still breathe but I need to take more frequent gasp of air.

My lungs felt like they were not functioning at 100% capacity.

My lips could move as well but they too felt numb, the same numbness you get after stepping out of the dentist after an extraction.

I could feel saliva pooling on the side of my mouth as I tried to take stock of which muscle in my body I could still employ.

I swallowed a pill.

By my estimate, Lisa probably got about 3/4 or 1 pill max.

Dawn shared that pill with me while she tried to force it down my throat.

She probably absorbed 10 -15 % of it max.

I could see Dawn breaking out in a grin.

She was grinning at me before looking at a petrified Lisa.

The look in her eyes is too scary to describe.

It’s like she was enjoying the moment. She enjoyed that fear that she was putting in us in that room.

I don’t know how long has passed but when I saw Dawn pulled a leg up towards her body as she tried to stand up before falling back down onto her butt, I knew trouble would not be far away.

Dawn laughed, giggling in a drunken state as she chuckled at her own fall.

I tried to move my body and realised I could hardly turn my body while Dawn was wriggling her wrist.

I could see Lisa’s trembling lips as she could not even move her body.

I closed my eyes and tried to focus.

Different people have different resistance to the drug. There’s no telling how long it would take for it to be process through my body. I could feel my heel dragging along the floor a little.

I have to keep moving, or rather, keep trying to move.

About another 15 minutes passed and after staggering and falling 2 more times, Dawn got up on her feet, chuckling and laughing at Lisa and me who is still on the floor.

Dawn angled her head sideways and looked at Lisa before saying she looked beautiful.

Dawn : You looked really beautiful Lisa…. I really think you are beautiful… haha

Then she started to strip.

Dawn removed the loosely stretched singlet she was wearing and dropped it by her side.

Then she removed the pair of light pink shorts she was wearing.

Both her bra and panty are light grey in colour and I could feel her stumbled again as she came down on her knees to get closer to Lisa.

I grit my teeth and got my feet planted firmly on the ground as if I’m ready to attempt a sit up workout. Dawn used my knees as a support as she dragged herself closer to Lisa.

Dawn : you’re so beautiful Lisa…. If only you would just stop talking…. Like what you are doing now… you would be perfect….really…. you would be perfect… hahaha….

I panted for air as I felt my perspiration roll down the side of my cheeks as I tried to rotate my body.

Lisa could only groan helplessly as I watch Dawn bend over her and kissed her.

Dawn kissed Lisa on her lips and I could see Dawn sucking on Lisa’s lips as she frenched her.

Her tongue licked Lisa’s trembling lips as if she was applying lipstick with her tongue.

Dawn’s hand touched Lisa’s tummy, sliding upwards and pushing up her loose top.

I could feel the first drop of saliva leave my mouth as my cheeks could no longer hold them in.

I tried to speak but all I could managed was a gurgle like a baby.

James : gruuuuuuuuuu……….

Lisa was totally helpless.

She looked on as Dawn’s hands pushed away her top revealing her sports bra.

Dawn : ernngh……

Dawn kissed Lisa’s breast through her sports bra before pressing down on them with her lips, sucking on the bra, trying to extract essence of Lisa’s sweat after her workout.

Dawn : ermmmm…. Ummmm.. ummm.. enrghh.. slurpzzz… erun,mmm….

There was nothing Lisa could do except breath.

I muster up all my strength and tried to turn.

I only got as far as balancing on my right arm before toppling back to look at the ceiling.

I heard Lisa’s first groan and as I angled my head to look at her, Dawn’s hand was at Lisa’s groin.
She was rubbing Lisa’s pussy through her yoga pants.

It started with a sensual slow rub before it became faster.

Dawn kissed Lisa’s abdomen as she rubbed her privates in a rapid manner, eager to get her wet.

Dawn : are you aroused Lisa ?? ….. are you ?? … I know you are….

After a bout of vigorous rubbing, Dawn laughed and pressed her nose onto Lisa’s privates to take a long deep sniff.

Dawn : ernghhhhhh…..uuuuuuuuhhh…..

Then she started rubbing again , determined to make Lisa wet her panty through before she subject her to more humiliation.

Dawn had a delirious look on her face as she quickened her pace of her pussy rub.

Dawn : you’re getting wet Lisa…. You’re getting wet…..you want this right ??? you want this ?? … I know you want this… if not you won’t be getting yourself wet when I touch you…ergnhh… you want this ??

I tried to turn again but this time round I barely got past the halfway mark before my body gave up and I laid back down, panting hard for air. It’s like my muscles were trying to prioritise which of my body functions I needed to survive and at that moment, it was just to breathe.

Dawn exclaimed loudly in the room as her face plastered once again on Lisa’s privates.

Dawn : ernghhhhh…..uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh….. you smell so good…..you smell so good….

I looked at a trembling Lisa who could hardly move a muscle.

Dawn took a couple of deep breath before crawling on her knees to her cupboard.

She opened it and took out the box where she kept all her sex toys.

She took out the same large double headed dildo she had used before crawling back towards Lisa.

I could see Lisa shaking her head slightly in vain as Dawn smiled.

The moment she got close to Lisa again, she pressed her face once more onto her private, sniffing and sucking up Lisa’s wetness with her nose.

Dawn : I’m also wet you know that ?? … I’m so wet already….

I could feel my fingers trying to close into a fist as I watched Dawn tug and pull down Lida’s tight yoga pants.

It took a few tugs before I saw Lisa’s privates.

She was not wearing panty.

Dawn : no panty eh….. afraid of the visible panty line is it ?? …. Hahah…. Wearing such tight pants to the gym…..i can imagine all the attention you are getting when you work out….

Dawn blew onto the neatly trimmed pubes of Lisa’s privates before kissing her vagina.

I saw Lisa tremble as she tried to angle her head to see what Dawn was doing.

I could not feel my bottom and my cock at all.

If I had an erection, I don’t know I have one.

This probably meant Lisa is not aware of what Dawn is doing as well to her privates.

Dawn removed Lisa’s pants totally before spreading her legs apart.

I watched as she took the large dildo in both hands , giggling as she position it at Lisa’s vagina. Then without hesitating, she pushed it into Lisa.

I was expecting Lisa to gasp or moan but there was nothing.

Lisa trembled a little but there was no moan.

Dawn pushed it in probably halfway before removing her own panty.

I witnessed the erotic sight of Dawn using the other side of the dildo on her own pussy as she slide it into her vagina.

Dawn : ernghhhhhhhhhh… ergh… ernghhhhhhh… god…..ergnn… this feels so good… ernghhhhh..

Dawn chuckled as she tried to work up a rhythm.

I continued to try the muscles on my limbs.

Lisa is perfectly safe.

Nothing can happen from being fucked by a dildo by another woman.

I just need to concentrate on getting free and start using my limbs again.

I tried to turn again, groaning and moaning as I tried to get myself to lie on my belly instead of my back.

James : ernguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Before I could complete my turn, Dawn pushed me back down.

I panted for air as Dawn stopped her fucking and dragged me closer to her.

Then she removed my pants.

I could feel some part of the fabric rubbing against the side of my thigh.

Only after the pants came off did I realise that my cock was rock hard.

It was literally throbbing at attention as I witness the erotic sight that is happening in front of me.

Dawn smiled and did the sickest thing ever.

She moaned and pushed the dildo back into Lisa as she started to massage my cock.

I could feel something.

I could feel the whole shaft moving, or rather, an extension of my body moving but the feeling is not of pleasure.

Dawn : ohhh… look… what do we have here….

I watched as Dawn lifted up her thumb and index finger.

She pressed them together before separating them again like she was splaying with a sticky candy. That’s not candy.

Dawn rubbed the tip of my cock, scooping up my precum, chucking as she showed it to Lisa.

Before I could say anything, Dawn did the unthinkable.

She coated the tip of her finger with my precum and inserted it into Lisa.

Lisa gasped and I could hear a muffled groan but that was all the protest she could manage.

Dawn : hahaha… hahaha… let’s exchanged the fluids shall well…. Let’s exchange… haha.. hahaha…

Dawn then began the crazy task of rubbing her finger full of Lisa’s cunt juice before rubbing it all over my cock, coating the shaft of my throbbing dick and rubbing it all over the dick head.

Then she started to masturbate for me using Lisa’s cunt juice as a lubricant.

Dawn : hahaha… hahaha… so well lubricated…. Hahaha…. Hahaha….

After a few strokes, Dawn would scoop and take more or my precum before rubbing it on the end of the dildo meant for Lisa.

Dawn held up the dildo, waving and showing it to Lisa , chuckling gleefully as Lisa groaned in fear.

Dawn  : I’m going to do it… I’m going to do it ok… hahaha… you want me to do it ??? you want ??

Dawn was literally talking to herself, laughing and chuckling as she went on.

Dawn : answer me please Lisa… hahah.. hhaa… answer me please…. Oh.. no answer ??

Dawn continued to masturbate for me.

I could feel her hand on my cock but I was not feeling anything except constant tugging.

It’s ok, I don’t think I will cum.

No feeling on your cock how to cum ?

The most is just come precum.

I don’t think it will be that bad.

Or rather, I don’t think Lisa will be that unlucky.

Dawn : what was that ? … you want to let your pussy answer for you ?? ok… ok… let me ask her…

Dawn was obviously enjoying herself as she made a big show of asking Lisa’s vagina if she was enjoying herself and wanted more.

Dawn : Oh…. Oh…. You’re getting wetter by the minute…. You must really want this.. hahaha…hahah…

I could see Lisa’s lips moving.

That soundless plea into darkness.

Dawn just laughed and continued stroking my cock.

Then suddenly Dawn exclaimed again.

Dawn : ohh… ohhh… ohh.. what is this…what is this ??? hahaha.. hahaha… hahaha..

Dawn looked at my cock before looking back at me and back at my cock again.

Dawn : Look James… finally… hahaha.. you finally get to cum after so long … hahha… look… look !!

I could hear the genuine excitement in her voice as she showed me the amount of white cum I produced.

They went all over the place, some on my tummy, some leaking down the side of my cock, some on Dawn’s hand.

I don’t believe this.

How could I have an orgasm without myself realising.

Dawn : hahaha… hahaha… hahaha…

Dawn started to scoop and coat her dildo with my cum and by then I could see Lisa shaking her head.

She could finally muster up enough strength to move her head but she could not speak.

All she could do was groan.

Lisa : ernnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…..

Dawn : oh… don’t worry…it’s ok… it’s ok…. Don’t worry… I’ll put it inside you ok…. I’ll put it inside you…. Hahaha…

It happened so fast.

Dawn coated the dildo with my cum, rubbing thick globs of it on the head and shaft of the dildo before putting it at the entrance of Lisa’s pussy.

Dawn : hahaha.. hahaha… well…. Are you ready to let James’s sperm swim up your vagina ?? ..hahaha..hahah…

Lisa : ernghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!

Dawn chuckled before pushing it into Lisa who gasped and trembled for a second or so.

Then without hesitation, Dawn took the free end of the dildo and inserted it into her own pussy.

Dawn :ernghhhhhhhhh…..

Lisa shook her head and more tears rolled down her cheeks.

Dawn just smiled and started to fuck Lisa.

Dawn : push them in ok ?? …. I help you push them in…. push them in….

Dawn tilt her head back and look up into the ceiling as she enjoyed the tightness of her own love hole being stretched.

I gasped and pant before biting down hard on my teeth.

I turned to my left, grunting and straining every bit of my muscle as I finally balanced on my left arm.

I gasped and strained every bit of my muscle before collapsing down on my face.

As I struggled for more air, I saw Lisa’s eyes pressed shut as Dawn increased the intensity of her fucking.

I reached out one arm towards the exit of the room.

James : arnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I grunted and pressed down before dragging myself forward.

It worked.

I managed to drag myself a little closer to the exit.

I grunted and did it again.

James : aarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I did it for the 3rd time before Dawn finally spoke.

Dawn  ; James ~~~~~~~~~

She said my name in a high octane manner like a childcare teacher calling out to a misbehaving kid.

Dawn ; where are you going ??? hahah….

I ignored her and dragged myself closer towards the exit.

Suddenly I felt Dawn’s hand on my shoulder.

She yanked me back on my back and I could see the end of her wet dildo hanging from her own pussy.

The end that had been fucking Lisa’s wet cunt that by then was probably swimming with my semen.

Dawn  ; you have been a naughty boy James….. do you know that ??

I felt Dawn grab my cock, then I felt her spread my legs apart.

James :nn…..n…………….no…..

I managed a weak no as Dawn smiled and positioned me in the same missionary position I would put my girlfriend in before I fuck her.

James : .nnnnnnnnnn…..no….

I tried to move my body but at that point, Dawn just seemed a lot stronger than me.

Dawn : shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. James… shhhhhhhhhh… it’s ok…. It’s ok… SHhhhhhh…

The next thing I knew, Dawn held up my cock, I felt the push of something against my anus, then I gasped in a sharp intake of air before I felt all the oxygen leave my lungs all at once.

Dawn  : shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..shhhhhhhhh….it’s ok….. everything will be ok…


It’s a combination of pain and helplessness as I watch Dawn tower over me.

Her face scrunched up as she tried to pull out the dildo with her vagina’s grip alone.

Dawn ; gasssssssssspppppppppp….. you’re so tight…. I’m squeezing hard you know…. Squeezing hard to pull out… ernghhh….nerghhh…..

James : ernggggggggg….

I was literally shaking as I felt the relaxation of my anal muscle as the large dildo slowly made it’s way out of my behind. The exit process was like a smooth discharge of a day’s worth of shit but right at the end when you think you can relax your muscles, Dawn pushed it back into me again and I was pretty sure my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

I can feel it inside me. It gave me a feeling that my stomach or rather my rectum is full and filled up.

I tried to squeeze, to resist but found myself deprived of the strength.

Dawn groaned as she held onto my wrist and pinned it on the floor.

She bit her lips as I gasped helplessly as she fucked me with the dildo with another long and full stroke.

There was this almost childlike smile on Dawn’s face as she shared the pressure and pleasure of the dildo with my anus.

My toes were trembling. I could feel it move as if I was recovering from a cramp.

I wanted to scream but no sound came out.

Only sissy gasp of moans that would hardly register on the noise meter.

I felt my innards hollow out, them pumped full, then like a vacuum, the pressure left my body before being forced upon me again.

As I locked eyes with Dawn, I started to wonder if this was how all my girlfriend felt when I fuck them

That was not all.

With each stroke Dawn fuck into me, I could feel my dick throbbing.

My erection is starting to come alive.

And Dawn was aware of it.

She can see it happening.

As she pushed the dildo into me, she teased and played with my erection. Her thumb and index finger would pinch me playfully, trying to squeeze my pee hole shut.

Another moment she would give my throbbing cock a good grab, holding it in place.

Dawn : you like this don’t you….. you enjoy this James….. hur hur…. Hur hur…. You should be a girl…. Don’t you think so ????

I could only watch on in horror as Dawn suddenly increased the intensity of her fucking.

My mouth formed into a oval as weird unexplained noises started to escape from my mouth.

James : erohhher…. Oerhhhhhhh.. oerereerhhhh… erhggh… erohghghg….

Dawn had worked out a comfortable pace for her.

I could see her chest rise and fall, groaning as she used her vagina muscles to push the dildo into my rectum.

Dawn : ernghhh…e regnnnn.erngnnh…e rnghh… erngh… ernghh….

She was obviously enjoying the feeling.

My fingers tried to clench themselves together but I can’t.

The constant fucking of my rectum is like a spell.

I cannot move, I can’t resist.

The only think I can do was to try and control my breathing.

As Dawn fucked me, I could feel the tip of the dildo hitting me somewhere.

I shit you not, it was hitting me somewhere.
Probably on some organ I could not even identify.

The sourish pain that I recognised would build up into my orgasm started to form.

It was getting stronger with each stroke.

I never imagined I would feel this way when getting fucked by a dildo but whatever button that sick act was pushing, it was doing it right.

I heard a fart.

Dawn laughed as she commented about pushing too much air into my rectum,

Dawn : ohhh…. Someone has a stretched hole now…. Ernghh.. erngfhhh… got…. You feel so good James…. Better than Lisa I would say…. So much more tighter….

James : ergnnhhhh.. gasp.. gasp…. .ernghhhh… st…. ssss…. St……

I could feel myself slowly regaining the use of my muscles.

I could almost form the word stop already.

Dawn : what ?? … what was that ?? …. Hahah….

Dawn kissed me on my lips, and I don’t know why but she deposited a large dollop of her saliva into my mouth.

Dawn ; ermmmmm…mmmmmmm….

We kissed and her tongue was actually churning the saliva in my mouth, mixing it with mine before and broke off. A long trail of saliva hung onto her tongue as she broke off, falling onto my nose and my forehead as Dawn pushed the dildo deeper into me.

James : erngghhhhhhhhhhh…. Erngh…stt…….

Dawn : oh. God…. You’re so tight James…. Ernghh… you’re so tight…. Hahah.. erngh… I need to stop…. Ernghh… I need to stop… haha…. The push back pressure from you… is harder than Lisa….. feels so much better.
Dawn straightened her body and took a breather.

She pulled out, giving my stretched anal muscles a rest and right before I could enjoy the pleasure of having my muscles relaxing, the dildo violated my rectum once more, fucking it’s ways deep into my body.

Dawn chuckled, amused that she caught me off guard.

My body went into a series of short spasm lasting 2 -3 seconds as Dan angled her head sideways. She touched my nipples, flicking and teasing me as she grind herself against me.

If I was looking down from above, the dildo would surely be out of sight, buried inside Dawn’s vagina and my anus.

Dawn was perspiring heavily and I could see She was enjoying herself.

She was literally looking at my erected cock throb with each push.

Dawn : are you enjoying this James ? hahaha… are you enjoying this ?? ….

Dawn lowered her head and started to kiss me.

My lips could register her but I could hardly response. I can feel her nibbling my lips.

I only knew I was drooling saliva down the side of my cheeks.

There was a sudden thud, a commotion.

Dawn turned her head and she saw Lisa started to move. Lisa tried to turn her body but end up falling back again.

Dawn  : hi Lisa…. I can see you are feeling better now… hahah… haha… are you feeling better?? Are you ?? hahah….

Dawn pulled herself out from me and I felt my entire body shiver and go into a short 2 second spasm when the dildo left my body.

I could still see my cock erected and throbbing.

Dawn was talking to Lisa, she seemed to me whispering something to her and laughing at the same time.

I tried to turn my body around and start crawling again.

Right when I tried to make my turn, I realised my erection was getting in the way.

My cock is rock hard.

I made the mistake of leaning on my erection too hard when I turned and it sent a shot of pain into my body causing me to fall back down on my back once more.

I was pretty sure my cock was broken after that but I was wrong.

I could still see my erection.

It’s rock hard and throbbing. The veins on my shaft looked like they were pumped up and ready to go.

I saw Dawn dragging Lisa over to me.

She had her hands under Lisa’s arms, dragging her like a broken marionette doll towards where I was lying down.

Dawn : come…let me help ok…. Let me help you … hahaha.. hahaha…

Lisa : ernghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

Lisa could only groan as she was placed over my body.

I could feel her hair falling all over my face and chest.

Lisa’s mouth was somewhere near the left of my neck.

I could feel her body, her sweat pressing against me.

Dawn took Lisa’s legs and spread them apart.

I knew what she wanted to do.

I could not protest.

Lisa’s body felt warm and she was perspiring badly as well.

I could feel drops of her sweat landing on my body , her hot breath constantly teasing the side of my neck as she allowed Dawn to position her body.

Lisa :erguuuuuhhhhhhhh,… erguhhhhhhhhhh… erguhhh

I knew what I was feeling the moment Dawn lifted Lisa’s privates against my cock.

She was spreading Lisa’s vagina lips and positioning her above my throbbing cock.

I felt the pressure bearing down my me as I whimper in pain.

James : erenghhhhhhhh….

Lisa groaned for a second or 2 before moaning and drooling all over my left shoulder.

Lisa is letting me slide in.

Or rather, It was Dawn who helped Lisa spread her legs for me.

After positioning my cock at the entrance of her wet cunt, there was nothing much Dawn could do.

She just let gravity do the job.

Lisa :nnnooooooooo… ernhiiiiiiii….. ernguuuuuu… no….

I can feel Lisa sliding down.

She’s sliding down slowly but surely, and as she slid down, her tight cunt is pulling back my foreskin.

It’s painful. I can feel my foreskin rolling back.

The pain gave way almost immediately to pleasure as my exposed and raw cock felt the warmth and wetness of Lisa’s pussy.

James :erguh.ernhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

Lisa : erngnhnhnhhhhhhhhhh……

Within seconds, I was inside Lisa.

Totally fucked deep and lodge within her vagina.

Dawn stood up and admired her work, wiping sweat from the back of her hand as she chuckled, amused and pleased with her work of art.

Lisa : err….ergh… noo…. Ni….. no….

I could hear Lisa trying to speak.

James : Li…..Li….

I too wanted to speak but I can’t.

Just a while more.

I’m sure just a little while more and I will be able to speak.

Lisa and I groaned at the same time as Dawn laughed and lifted Lisa’s waist from behind.

Dawn : Let me help ok ?? .. let me help… hahahahaa… hahaha….

Lisa ; ernghh.. ernghh… ernghh… ernghhh……

With her breast pressing against my body, only Lisa’s privates were moving, assisted by Dawn as she moved and lubricated my entire shaft with more of her cunt juice.

Each slide is like a wet stroke of my cock, causing me to moan in pleasure even though I could hardly move my body.

The sensation I was getting on my cock is getting stronger and stronger.

My pleasure nodes is feeling the treat I was being given right then.

Lisa’s wetness allowed my cock to slide in and out of her easily.

It was smooth, like pushing a heated knife though butter.

There was also a squeezing sound. Sound of air being pushed into Lisa’s vagina.

Lisa :ernghh…. Ernghh…. Nerghh…..

More of Lisa’s saliva fall on my body as she was made to service my cock with her vagina.

James :nno….. noooo…. No…..

I finally managed to form a proper word but by then I was already on the edge of my orgasm.

Dawn was totally drenched with sweat as she worked Lisa’s bottom onto my cock like she was pumping weights in the gym doing some high intensity interval training.

Up and down. Up and down, it just kept going.

The feeling of orgasm started to take shape. I could feel the final march of my cum to the edge of my cock.

James : rnn… ernoo…. No.. nooooooooooooo

Lisa could lift her head a little but still not strong enough to get out of this.

I managed to utter the word ‘no’ one more time as Dawn assisted Lisa to milk my cock.

Dawn was literally pushing and egging Lisa to the edge of no return.  

 Dawn panted and took a breather, panting and chuckling.

Dawn ; my god… this is so fun…. It’s like… it’s like working out at the gym you know…. Hahaha… hahaha….haha… oh my god… haha… haha…

Dawn wiped her perspiration and went to the kitchen.

My cock was still throbbing inside Lisa. Firmly lodge and ready to fire my load into her.

I felt Lisa using her chin as leverage to try and push herself off my.

She grunted and managed to do it, supporting her arms by the side of my neck.

Lisa : ernghhhhhhhhh… erhghhhh !!!!!!!!!!

It took all she had to lift her head up from my body.

Her face was about 30 cm away from mine.

A mix of tears, saliva and perspiration dripped onto my nose and mouth as Lisa locked eyes with me.

I could see the anger in her eyes as she no doubt blames me for the drug I slipped into her drink.

I shook my head.

I wanted to tell her not to move.

James :nnn…. Nooo… no….

I wanted Lisa to stop moving because I can hardly control myself.

I’m almost cumming but instincts told Lisa to get away.

To lift herself away from my cock so as to get to safety.

Lisa : ernghhhhhhhhh….

As Lisa grunted, she squeeze her vagina muscles, triggering a series of chained events.

James :ernnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

My eyes widened as I gasped out a loud moan.

Her bottom trying to lift up with a squeezing cunt only help to milk my primed cock for it’s semen.


Lisa realised what was happening and she screamed.

Lisa : NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ERNGHHHH !!!!!

I came amidst spasm, jerking my pelvis upwards as I fucked my cock deep into Lisa, depositing my cum inside her pussy, staining the path leading to her fallopian tubes.

Dawn came back from the kitchen with a drink in hand, chuckling and slapping her thigh when she saw the state we were in.

Dawn ; hahahah…. Hahahaha… you guys are so cute you know that… hahaha… hahaha…

I groaned and groaned as I could feel myself shooting squirts of cum into Lisa.

Lisa’s body rubbed and gyrate against my body, desperate for a way to escape but the was none.

I was lodged in deep inside her.

Our reproductive organs were fused in the heat of love making.

Lisa : erGH >.. eGHHHHHHHHHHHH … NO!!!!

Lisa collapsed onto me, and I could feel her full body weight.
She just cried and I panted , breathless and trying to suck in more air for my lungs.

Dawn left us the way we were and it was a good 20 minutes before Lisa made another attempt to dislodge her pussy from my cock.

I still had an erection but it was not as hard.

I could feel blood rushing into the rest of my body.

Strength was returning to me but I remained still.

I don’t want to show anyone that my strength is returning.

It will be my trump card.

Lisa covered her face with her palms, sobbing as she curled up into a ball.

Dawn came over, smiling as she sat down beside Lisa with a cup of freshly made coffee. I could smell the fragrance from that brew.

Dawn had a crooked smile as she blew on the coffee before taking a small sip.

Dawn : Why are you so sad?? ….why ?? hahaha… haha…

She tried to stroke Lisa’s hair but Lisa pushed her away.

Dawn : hahha….why so upset ?? … hahah…. Silly girl…. I’ll wash up for you in a while…. Dress you up in some nice clothes ok ?? … hahaha.. haha….

Dawn got up and I could see she was heading towards the bathroom.

She’s going to shower from the looks of it.

This is it.

This is my chance.

The moment I heard the shower come on. I gritted my teeth and grunted , turning onto my belly in 1 fluid motion.

Using every ounce of strength inside me, I pushed myself of the floor. I managed to get on my knees, I can do this.

I grabbed the wall and lifted my body off the ground.

Seeing what I was doing, Lisa did the same as well.

She almost grabbed onto the nearby sofa for support.

James : get….. get…… get her phone…. Phone… call…. Call…..help……

This is getting out of hand.

I cannot imagine being fucked in my rectum again as I staggered towards the kitchen.

Lisa did not say a word but she kept crawling.

She kept crawling towards Dawn’s mobile phone.

I went to the kitchen.

I went straight for the drug inside the bag.

It was right there where I left it.

I panted and forced my shaking hands to steady itself before opening it and emptying the lot into Dawn’s coffee.


It was all I could managed before I collapsed back onto the floor.

Lisa on the other hand managed to grab the phone.

With trembling fingers, she hit the dial button.

I could see a list of frequently contacted numbers from where I was.

I saw a familiar name.


Yes, the officer which started this all.

James :kk…. Karen… Karen… she’s… she’s the officer in charge….

Lisa hit dial and the call connected within seconds.

Plastering her face onto the phone, I could hear Lisa blurt out her desperate cry for help.

Lisa : karen… help….. Dap….Daphne’s place… hurry….

I leaned against the counter and heaved a sigh of relieve as Lisa broke down again.

She cried and screamed into the phone .

James :hide.. … hide the phone…

Lisa caught what I was trying to imply and she pushed the phone, sliding it under the sofa.

15 minutes later Dawn came out of the shower.

She flashed me a sweet smile and she went for her coffee.

Drink it fuck.

Drink it !

I was literally screaming it in my head and Dawn did drink it.

She drank all of it.

I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh of relieve.

It’s over. Finally.

5 minutes later, just when Dawn was about to drag Lisa into the shower, I heard the doorbell ring.

I broke into a smile and I was elated beyond words.

Dawn went to take a look through the peephole.

James : hahahah…. Hahahaha… it’s ok Dawn…. It’s all over… hahaha… hahahaha….

Dawn ; what did you do ??

The knocking on the door got more intense and I could see Dawn taking a few deep breathes. She was touching her chest.

She was feeling the effect of the drug.

I smiled as the look of horror spread on her face.

Dawn glared angrily at me.

There you go bitch.

Dawn frown and she panted for air before slowly sliding down on the floor.

The knocking on the door continued and Lisa shouted.

Lisa ; help !!!!!!!!!!!  help !!!!

Dawn frowned, and she tried to crawl towards me but she never made it.

She knocked out before she could reach me .

My mouth felt dry as I closed my eyes.

The knocking continued and Lisa shouted again.

Lisa ; Help !!!!

Suddenly my eyes opened.

The hair on my arm and neck stood on it’s ends.

A cold chill ran down my spine as I heard the jingle of keys.

I heard the lock come apart.

The bolt of the door snapped back and Karen pushed the door open, taking in the scene in front of her.

Lisa ; thank god…. Thank god…. Hahah… please… please help us…..

Lisa sobbed and prayed, thanking her lucky stars as she looked at Karen while a terrifying chill ran through my body.

Why did Karen have the keys to this place ?

I locked eyes with Karen and in that moment, I saw a crooked smile form on the side of the lips.



This cannot be.

James : NO!!!..NO!!!!

Lisa : yes…. Karen… he.. he raped me… James raped me….. he drugged me….

James : NO.. Lisa… no.. they’re together… they’re in this together !!!!

Lisa looked at me as if I said something ridiculous before turning to look at Karen.

Karen did not say a word.

She went to check on Dawn on the floor.

I saw the door being shut and the bolt being locked.

James ; No… no….

I saw Karen took something out of her pocket and everything went dark.


When I work up, I felt really tired.

It’s as if I had a really long sleep.

I sat up and realised I was wearing a sleeveless dress. I was also wearing bra. I lifted the dress to see myself with a pair of panties on and there was even a panty liner attached to it.

I touched my cock, it was still there but flaccid and lifeless.

I looked around and I was still in Daphne’s place.

My face felt weird.

I went to the mirror and realised someone put on make up for me.

I could hardly recognise myself.

I was wearing a wig. My eyebrows were trimmed, I was wearing fake eye lashes. I had foundations on me and I was wearing a pink lip gloss.

I tried to stand up but I fell.

There’s no strength in my legs.

James : anybody there ?? !!

A figure appeared at the door.

It was Lisa but I could hardly recognised her.

Her hair was cut short. She was wearing pants and a tight t-shirt.

I could see she was wearing a tight tube top that presses down on her breast.

There was a bulge in her pants.

James : Lisa….Lisa… are you ok ?

She walked over to me and I saw her unzip her pants.

What the fuck is she doing.

I watched in horror as she pulled out a dick, a fake one that is.
It’s a dildo strap on.

James : Lisa…. Lisa … what are you doing….

Suddenly I heard familiar voices at the door. It was Dawn and Karen.

They were talking and smiling.

They too came into the room, surrounding me.

My heart raced as I looked at Dawn who too unzipped her pants, revealing a similar strap on.

Karen did the same thing too.

James : No… no….what is this… no….

Karen  ; This is the program remember ??  

James : No… not like this… not like this…..

Lisa pushed her strap on into my mouth and I gagged but was held in place, forcing me to suck.

Dawn made me masturbate for her strap on, the resulting push from my hand giving her clit a good massage from the knob at the back of the strap on.

Karen lifted my dress. My heart was racing.

She pulled down my panty.

James : erngh… ernhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


James ; ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daphne : James !! James !!! JAMES !!!OEI !! OEI !!!!

I jumped up in cold sweat panting as I looked around.

Daphne was sitting right there with a questioning look on her face.

Karen was there was well. There is a doctor and another nurse tending to me.

James ; What happened ?

Karen : You blacked out….

James : huh ?? I blacked out….

I was aching all over as I listened to the conversation around us.

Karen  : Daphne, the voltage is too high…. Need to lower it… his body is unable to….

The voices trailed off after that.

I was in a daze.

The next thing I remembered was Daphne coming into the room where I was in.

She bent down, looked at me.

Daphne : you got the balls to take my upskirt…. Then don’t pretend to black out on the 1st day…..

James : What ?!

Daphne walked off, leaving me alone in the room as I tried to deal with the mind fuck I was getting.

What is this ?

What is she talking about.

How can this be the 1st day ?

I remembered something.

The paper clip. The safety pin. The 50 cent coin.

I crawled towards the kitchen and went straight to the spot where I had hidden them.


It was there.

They were all there.

Daphne : James !

I turned out and saw Daphne narrowing her eyes at me.

Daphne : you have been very naughty.

James : Are you Daphne or are you Dawn ??

I watched in horror as Daphne looked up towards the ceiling of the kitchen and signalled a cut sign with her palm.

Daphne : he knows….. do it again….

James :NO.. no… what… what are you saying … do what again !! NO!!

I saw the all the lights outside the window go dark all of a sudden.

The entire living room wall came apart revealing a large warehouse of sort.

I was shivering in fear as I looked at the team of support staff behind it.

They were all girls, all women.

I saw Karen with a phone. Lisa was drinking a packet drink.

I saw Dawn. No. Daphne , No. Goddess….

My god.

They are identical.

There are 3 of them.

They all look the same.

James : What is happening here !!

No one paid any attention to me as I caught a glimpse of what’s happening in the background.

Another guy was being dragged, screaming and crying before being strapped onto a stainless steel table.

They were hosing him down like an animal.

I could hear the boom of a PA system telling the staff that trial 6B is in progress.

Karen : ok… let’s do this again….

Lisa gave me a wink with her boyish haircut as I felt my testicles shrink to the size of a pea.

Lisa was typing away on a tablet of hers before speaking into the headset she was wearing.

Lisa : Facility 3.0, test subject 01, Trial 7.

After she spoke, Lisa turned to Karen and added something that sent a knife like chill straight into my heart.

Lisa : Karen we’re out of time…. He needs to take his first client tomorrow….

Karen : he’ll be ready… don’t worry…..

Lisa came out and checked the collar I was wearing as I looked at her.

This is not happening.

I fucked her.

She was crying, screaming.

This is not real.

Lisa : Alright guys….. one last time….. let’s go…

The staff moved out of Daphne’s house, the wall of the living room came back in together.

The windows lit up.

My heart was slamming against my ribcage.

And I blacked out again.


The end