Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The upcoming game ( Lust Selections )

Some more developer updates

I've included in this post the Patreon site for the game developer.
What is a Patreon site ? 

It's a site that allows creators to run a membership like service for fans. 

You can pledge your support ranging from a couple of dollars a month or to be a top tier contributor, in return, you can get exclusive updates, blog story discounts or even the game itself. 

Over the course of the past few months, the developer has poured in thousands of dollars into the game development. 

The artistes have been working and editing their heads off no thanks to the art direction and storyline input from my end as well. Besides the main story line, there are multiple branches within the story that allows you to control the flow of the story. The amount of artwork and writing is quite substantial. 

I would like to state for the record that i contributed absolute zero in dollar terms to the game development so far. I don't own the patreon site and all contribution & support will go to the funds to support the game development. 

I've decided to lend my support in terms of a tier discount level depending on the patreon support level. You can get discount codes ranging from 5-50% off all works listed on this blog as a supporter. 

The top tier supporters would get the game free as well.

My adventure in the office is a long read. You can check out the main story in this blog FOC. 

The graphic novel game will consist of 10 episodes, it is necessary to split them up due to the many branches we've created. Your choices will dictate which of the girl you would end up with and with so many possibilities and artwork, the only feasible way would be to release it in episodes. 

What's in it for me you ask ? 

Well, i get to see a story i wrote being developed into a graphic novel where you can make choices ! 

I'm in the midst of discussing with the developer a token royalty fee for each copy of the game sold.
So yes, hopefully, i can make some coffee and lunch money off this as i work towards becoming a full fledged writer ( both erotic and non erotic ) in a few years time.

Can't live my only life with regrets.

Do check out the patreon site for more details. 

More screenshots and updates from the developer. 

Bedrooms are important places where interesting scenes takes place if you remember.......

Streetscape are important too.

The pubs, the cafes..... each one with it's own story to tell.

Anyone remember the fake photoshoot with Sandy that James did while trying to trick Terry ? 

If not, it's time to re-read My adventure in the office ( Maito ) 


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