Monday, 13 August 2018

A better experience for all

One of the most regular feedback by visitors is how unfriendly the navigation on this blog is. 

I know it's a bit messy, i wish i have the time to clean it up properly. There are works all over the place.

It's still very much a hobby during my free time but rest assure i'm constantly working on making things better. 

Been working on a proper webpage on and off and i hope in a few weeks time, the navigation will be a breeze for all. 

The blog will still remain and be updated. 

The new webpage will be easier to navigate for both free and paid works. 

Checkouts and previews will be a breeze and hopefully, the entire experience of reading an erotic novel will be better for all.

Website is live

There are some free downloads for full length free to read works. 

It's still a work in progress,

Feedbacks and comments if any, please send to



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