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Monday, 19 November 2018

Internship in horrible office part 2

Continuation from Part 1 of internship in horrible office.......

Update schedule :

19/11/18 - updated
20/11/18 -


The eerie laugh and almost dream like smile from the lady in front of me was enough to freak me out.
Instinctively I struggled against the restraints that was holding me.

This is it.

I give up. I want to abort this game.

I don’t care about making money for Olivia and her girls.

This is too freaky for me.

She looked like she belonged to some mental institution.

As the leather chains creaked against my struggle, I realised I can’t abort.
I am unable to abort the game.

I can’t reach for my neck with my hand. I can’t fucking touch the tags together to activate the sensors.

James: argnhhh!!! …

I strained and tried to bring my neck as close as I can to my wrist tag but I was too far away.

It was then I realised there was a ipad on the side table. The screen came on and I could see my vital signs beeping through the roof.

The lady laughed and said the people placing their bets must be on a frenzy right now.

Lady : seeing those numbers…. I think they must be thinking you are going to give up soon.. hahah…

James :arnghhh!!!

I groaned as she took both my testicles in her palm. She closed her fingers around my balls, squeezing them together as I groaned. It was not a hard squeeze, it’s a snug and fitting hold, letting me know immediately that the fate of my jewels is in her hand.

James: no…no… no… please please no… egnhhhh!!

The hold got tighter and tighter.

She is squeezing my balls together.

The feeling just went from uncomfortable to the beginning of pain.

Suddenly she stopped and she slowly released her grip on me.

She touched the tip of my cock again, tapping my pee hole like she was knocking ashes off the ends of her cigarette.

James : erngnghh….

Lady : let us try this again… am I the fairest of them all ??

I immediately nod my head.

She’s obviously mad.

I better do as she says.
I’ll agree to anything and everything.

James: yes.. yes… you are the fairest of them all.

Lady : really ? hahah…. That is so sweet of you…. Hahah…

She picked up her bathrobe with her feet and put them on again. She paced around the room and did a skip of sort on her own like she is in her own world.

Then she doubled back as if she realised she had forgotten all about me.

Lady : My name is Tricia by the way…. Hahha.. your name… your name is James right ?? yes.. I remember your name…

James : yes… yes… my name is James….

Tricia asked if I would like to be released from the harness and I immediately nodded my head.

James : yes.. yes…. Let me down…

Tricia : ok… will you behave if I let you down ??

James: yes.. yes.. of course… I will …

Inside my head, I was already visually raping her. Her tight body separated from me with only a thin bathrobe that was already showing her erected nipples.

I told her to let me down and I will do anything she wants me to.

Tricia : hahaha…. Ermm.. ok…. hahah.. hahah….

She disappeared and when she reappeared, she was holding something that looked like a toothbrush.

She brought it towards me and I could see it needs a power supply to work.

James : what are you doing ?? what is that… what is that ??

Tricia smiled and put the device on a stainless steel trolley that I never noticed was parked at the corner.  

She whistled as she worked, plugging the device into a power supply right by my side.

Tricia held onto my cock and she switched on the wand like device with a brush head.

James : what the fuck…. What the fuck !! .er gnhhh.. ernghhh..  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I convulsed against the restraints that was holding me up as I watched the figures beeped form yellow to red on the ipad, no doubt triggering another round of vigorous betting on me giving up the game.

The wand vibrated in a monstrous speed. Like the electric toothbrush I used in the morning, it’s soft bristles violated my cock as Tricia pulled back my foreskin, exposing the raw head of my uncircumcised cock.


She began to methodically brush my cock head, working right under the folds of my skin before doing a zig zag motion on the sensitive dick head.

I groaned and moaned as I watched my heart rate went through the roof.

The numbing feeling pushed me to the verge of losing control of my bowels.

It’s feels likes me giving my cock a good scrub under a hot shower with my foreskin pulled back, but in this case,  it was totally out of my control.

The vibration struck my raw nerves like a angry pianist hitting relentlessly on the keys, striking the chords like a mad man.


I groaned and shouted until the point I think I’m about to pee then I saw Tricia pushed the vibrating brush head onto my pee hole.

It lasted barely 2 seconds as I felt my soul depart my body as I drooled and I squirted.

I came.

I shot out my load from my cock, sputtering a weak and feeble flow of cum onto Tricia’s hands.

Tricia : oh dear…. Such a mess….

She stopped the brushing and put the tool aside.

Even though she stopped doing whatever the fuck she is doing to me, I was still feeling the after effects.

The sourish and stinging sensation is still present in my cock, spreading throughout my balls.

Tricia pulled out some wet tissue and she cleaned up her hands as she looked at my cock.

Even after squirting out my cum it was still hard and throbbing.

I could not feel the effects of my orgasm, but my semen came out. I don’t know why.

I’ve never felt anything like this before.

Tricia : ok… not bad…. I’ll have you cleaned up….

James : What… what are you doing ??  why are you doing this ??

Tricia : doing what ? I’m just making sure you’re clean…. Giving you a good rub down…. Checking to make sure you are in working order…. I paid a lot for you…. I have to be sure you work…. Right ??

She opened her eyes wider as if she was trying to explain simple math to a school kid.

Tricia disappeared for a while before coming back into the room with another tablet in hand.

She is all smiles as she tapped away.

Tricia : easy money… haha.. this is easy money…. Hahah….

I did not know what she meant and I don’t care.

All I wanted to do is find a way to abort this game.

This is too weird for me.

I don’t know if I’m going to last 72 hours.

Tricia : I know what you are thinking right you… you want out of this game… you want to call it quits but trust me… the fun part is just beginning. Hahaha…

She paused for a while as she looked at me again, checking me from head to toe.

Tricia : you’re a interesting specimen….hahah….so… let me ask you again… am I the fairest of them all ??

James : yes…. Yes you are the fairest of them all…

Tricia covered her mouth and giggled, as if she was suddenly bashful of that compliment.

Then she composed herself and replied.

Tricia : that’s what everyone says…. Until they meet snow white….. right ?? hahah.. hahaha…

Tricia called out towards the back of the room.

Tricia : suwen …..suwen !!.... where are you…. Suwen !!

I saw the curtains at one portion of the room being parted by a hand, revealing a hidden door behind it.

I saw the bare feet.

I saw the shy peek of her eyes.

Then I came face to face with Suwen.

Holy shit.

Snow white.


The first thing that struck me was how smooth and fair her skin was.

She’s really fair but it came with a healthy glow. It’s like she has that dreamy glow of a setting sun cast on her fair skin.

She walked in like a rebellious teenager who is bored of her mother’s nagging.

With her arms folded and a annoyed looked on her face, I watched as Suwen got closer to me.

I could see she is young.

Really young in fact.

I would be surprised if you tell me she is above 20 years old.

Suwen had a pair of white shorts on, the bottom of the shorts, if you are looking at it from the front, angles up towards the exterior, creating a optical illusion of her legs being longer than it really is.

Still, I’m not complaining about the visual treat I was getting.

Her leg is proportionate, the right firmness near her thighs and buttocks as it tapers down to her calves. Even her ankles look deliciously arousing to me.

Suwen wore a white singlet that hugs onto her body like a baby koala latched to its mother.

Her breast is small, maybe a full A cup but the curves gave way to a flat tummy.

She’s not bone thin. When she exhales, I could see a cute budge at the bottom of her stomach. It’s definitely not belly fats.

When she spoke, I could feel the tremble in my cock.

If fairy tales were real, this is how I would envision the real snow white to sound like.

The tone of her voice immediately projected across to me of one that belongs to a good singer.

I think even my ears would leak cum if I could hear her moan in that voice.

She asked Tricia in a nonchalant manner, as if she was anticipating a chore of sort from this evil queen.

I could feel my cock springing back to life as I appraised Suwen’s body over and over again.

Her looks, the sweetness of her eyes, the crooked twitch by the side of her lips as she asked Tricia what she wanted, everything all adds up to her being my dream girl.

The sweet young and innocent dream girl I described about during the start of this story.

Suwen : ya ?? what do you want now ?

Tricia gestured to me and I could see Suwen looking at my cock before looking at me in my eyes.

I felt embarrassed suddenly, aware of how ridiculous I look.

My mind raced to process the thoughts.

Faye wanted me to pass her a message.

She must be connected to her in one way or the other.

Tricia : clean him up…. Get him ready …. For the game…

Suwen : him ??

She looked at me again as if Tricia said something silly.

Tricia : anything wrong ??

Suwen : Isn’t he a bit too young ?? how old is he ??

I felt a mix of insult and hurt as I listened to the exchange between Tricia and Suwen.

Tricia : yes, he’s only 23….

Suwen : Hahaha… you’re kidding right….

Tricia : no I’m not…. He’s a good candidate…..i’ve seen his past performance…. Not too shabby….

Suwen : no way…

She looked at me with a  sideway glance as if this was some match making blind date gone wrong.

Suwen : He won’t last… he’s too young… inexperienced…. This is not fair to me…

Tricia : …. Wow…. You are unbelievable…

I could see Suwen on the verge of losing her temper.

I could not believe how good she looked when she frowned.

If I could get a wife like this, I will do anything for her.

Suwen : but bringing in someone that will obviously not clear the challenge is just wasting a chance for me !

Tricia : well…. Out of all those that are available…. He is the best out there dear… we’re not exactly shopping for fish or meat in the supermarket….

Suwen : I’ll be stuck here forever at this rate… fuck…

Tricia : well… I’m stuck here with you… you stupid whining …..

Suwen : As if it’s not already unbearable ….

Tricia :  oh… in case you haven noticed, the feeling is mutual….

I alternated my head between the 2 girls.

They have got be have at least more than a 10 year age gap but their squabbling made them look like school girls about to get into a cat fight.

James: hey… hey.. hey!!! Let me down… what’s going on… what’s happening…..

Suwen & Tricia : shut up! ….

The 2 of them glared at each other as I looked on.

Tricia spoke first, it appears as if her head is the calmer of the 2.

Tricia : clean him up….i’m going to go get ready…..

Tricia left the room, obviously irritated by the squabble.

Suwen sighed and I watched her head to a drawer in the room.

She opened it and started to take out some wet tissues, alcohol wipes and even a squeeze bottle which had the words ‘distilled water’ labelled on exactly that way I remembered in the science lab.

I looked to make sure Tricia is out of the room.

I have to deliver the message.

The message from Faye to Suwen.

James : Suwen… I …. eRNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

She just grabbed my cock and yanked back my foreskin as If she is deboning a chicken.

James :LerNGHHH!!! aHHH!!! Pain.. pain….

Suwen ignored me and she started to clean my cock.

I could feel blood rushing into my groin as I felt the warmth and smoothness of her hand holding me.

She literally cleaned every inch of my cock with the squeeze bottle before wiping my cock down with the alcohol.

I was totally transfixed by her actions.

My cock, erected and throbbing with it’s dick head exposed is being give a good rub down. I could feel Suwen wipe down even the rim at the bottom of my dickhead, causing me to groan in pleasure.

James :ernghhh.. ernghh!!!!!!!

I panted and I looked at Suwen work without a word. She has definitely done this before.

After shes done, she gave my cock a final rinse before wiping it down with the wet tissues.

I could smell the pleasant scent lingering near my body after she was done.

I snapped myself out of the day dream and told Suwen what I wanted to say,

James : Suwen…. My name is James…. I am a friend of Faye…. She has a message for you….

Before I could go on, Suwen looked up , put her hands on her hips and our eyes met.

Suwen : Let me guess….. she will get me out….

My jaws dropped an inch as I looked at the disinterested look on Suwen’s face.

We were quiet for a couple of seconds before she exhaled and added.

Suwen : many have tried James…. You’re not the first… and you’re definitely not the last…

When I finally got over my shock, I asked Suwen what is happening.

James: what’s the deal with this place…

Suwen turned and I could see she wanted to leave but stopped herself and turned around.

Suwen : You’re a tool… to help us make money…. And we…. Are tools to someone else….

James : what ??

Suwen : give it up James… give up the moment Tricia let you go… you can’t win the challenge…

James: what challenge ?? why can’t I win ?? how does age have anything to do with it…. ??

Suwen looked at me as if I said something stupid.

Suwen : don’t be stupid James….. give it up the moment the rules are explained…. Don’t go through with it…

James: NO… tell me… what do I have to do… I can do it…

Suwen : hahah… I like your sense of optimism…..

Tricia came back into the room and I could see she was eying the both of us.

Tricia : is he ready ??? all cleaned up ??

Suwen : yes… you can clean him up again if you want to…

Tricia : I already milked him….. I hope it last…

James : what is going on ?? tell me … what is happening !!

Tricia reached for the controls and I could hear the hiss of the hydraulics as she lowered me down to the ground.

The girls undid all my restraints and I watched them walk towards one of the curtains in the room. They pulled back to reveal a large barn door.

James : what is going on ?? tell me… someone tell me what is going on !! what are the rules here ??!!!

Tricia : we don’t know yet….hahah… are you nervous….

James: what !!....

Tricia : relax… it’ll be fun for you….. I think…

Suwen : just give up James… don’t need to go through with this,,,

James: what !...

I looked at Suwen, she is giving me advice as if she’s a veteran in this shit.

Does she even know what I’ve been through the past few weeks ?

Does she even know I had to fuck girls against their will ?

She’s probably younger than me by a year or 2.

I felt a shiver in my spine as I watch Tricia removed her robe, revealing her naked body.

I turned to my right and saw that Suwen is also stripping.

She is stripping. Every piece of clothing.

I don’t know what the fuck is going on.

The door slide open, revealing the large interior of a empty warehouse about the size of a football field. Its totally enclosed and I could see 7 doors facing us across the hall. In the middle between us, there are a variety of obstacles much like the interior of a indoor playground for kids but everything is enlarged.

7 doors. 7 doors with varying heights. Some so low that an adult would have to crawl through to get out.

I turned to Tricia and Suwen.

James : Is that what I think it is…. What the fuck… what the fuck do I have to do…. ??

Suwen : look at the screen…

My heart was racing as I watch Suwen start to stretch her legs while totally naked.

A digital display started counting down.

James : what… what…. Fuck…. Tell me something…. !!

The countdown reached 5 and Tricia started running towards the left of the hall.

The digital display changed to 4 and Suwen started running towards the right, climbing while naked up a large ramp.

The number 3 appeared and I saw the light come on for one of the doors across the hall.

My heart was slamming against my ribcage when the number arrived at 2.

I readied my stance to run.

Everyone is running.

I should be running as well right.

The countdown reached 1 and several lights in the room turned on, illuminating a few obstacles.

When I saw the instructions flash out on the large screen, my legs went soft.

James : you….. got to be…. Fucking…. Kidding me….

The door opened and I saw another man climb out.

It finally dawned on me why the girls cleaned my cock.

I need to fuck them.

Both of them.


 In case you are having the image of 7 dwarfs having a mass orgy with snow white, I can tell you it’s not about that.

The man that just crawled out of the hole isn’t a dwarf as well.

He’s of normal build with a harness around his chest. There’s a slim box hooked up to his chest with a timer counting down from 3 minutes.

James : oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck….

I immediately looked around the ground for the girls.

The guy smiled at me and I could see his erection getting hard.

I would have thought that this is about stopping him from getting to Tricia and Suwen but it’s not.

The instructions for me was to ‘connect’ with either of the girls. If not, I would be penetrated by the man in front of me.

I’m not about to get fucked by a gay man.

I dashed towards the same ramp I saw Suwen climb up and I saw the guy climbing up the other end of the maze.

James : fuck.. fuck… fuck !!

He hopped around like a ninja warrior while I was clamouring about like a obese student in a workout class.

I saw Suwen climbing up high, going up the netting to avoid me.

James : Suwen !!.. suwen !!!

My calls must have sounded desperate as I climbed after her.

She’s so fast and nimble. I feel pathetic as I was on the verge of begging for her to slow down and save me.

I looked behind and I could see the man catching up, going through a small tunnel of adult size punching bags that hung and swayed from the metal chains.

Suwen ignored my calls and kept climbing.

It’s common sense.

Which girl would wait around for another man she hardly knew to fuck her ?

Cleaning my cock up is just a precaution.

This feels like those nightmare that you cannot wake up from.
Every step I climbed felt like I was scaling a mountain.

Man : arghhhh!!! Hahahahahaha….

James : fuck… fuck!!!

I barely scrambled up a rope and onto a platform as that gay ass fucker made a jumping grab at my leg.

Suwen is beyond my reach but I could see Tricia leaning against the side of a fireman pole a short distance away.

I started to make my way towards her and she laughed.

A condenscending laugh as if she knew I would not make it to her in time before she slips away.

James: Tricia… wait… wait.. Tricia !!

She laughed and slid down the pole, before scrambling up the end of a tunnel slide kids would have enjoyed.

I turned and that man just made his way up the vertical rope effortlessly.

Man : you have such a nice ass… hahaha.. hahaha… come… come to papa… ahha… haha..

I felt sick as I ran towards the ball pit and dove in. I quickly wade through the half metre deep pool of plastic balls before jumping onto the trampoline.

Suwen was perched on 1.5 floors above me as she looked on. I could see she was trying to hold back a laugh.

I was running around like a helpless naked monkey like some desperate virgin begging for the girls to have sex with me.

James : please … please… please… Suwen… Suwen….!!! Save me…

I heard the splash of the man jumping into the ball pits and I hated that feeling of how helpless I felt.


I turned and I saw that there is still more than a minute left on the timer.

No one is going to help me except myself.

I decided to change my strategy and I concentrated on running away from the man instead of the girls.

I panted and sucked in air as I battled exhaustion. I ran passed a digital panel that showed how hard my lungs and heart is working. The blinking numbers in yellow and red no doubt driving up the bets on me giving it up.

I wanted to give up. In fact, if not for the fact that the cock throbbing fucker is literally right behind me less than 5 steps away, I would have stopped and put the tags together to abort.

I knew if I did that, he would have pinned me down and raped my ass before the countdown could complete.

He made a grab for my shoulder and I felt the forceful dig of his fingers as I gave him the slip, changing directions as I jumped and climbed up the vertical rope with such speed that would have made my army trainers proud.

I could see the guy is starting to get tired but his cock is still erected and throbbing.

I forced my legs to go on until I heard the blast of the horn as the timer hit zero.

The man cursed before laughing as he walked back towards the door he crawled out from.

I collapsed onto a padded ramp as I cursed loudly while struggling to breath.

James: fuck… fuck… FUCK !!!

Clicking sounds that resembled a countdown sounded as I looked at the new set of instructions coming up on the screen.

The rules have changed.

Door 2 and 3 opened and I saw a guy and sobbing girl come out of the door.

The girl cried and hugged onto the guy.

I could hear the guy apologising to the girl, saying that he will clear their debts and ask her not to worry.

Suwen and Tricia immediately came down from their hiding spots and they shouted for me to join them.

I don’t believe what I was seeing on the screen.

I needed to fuck the girl.

I have to fuck that poor sobbing girl while Tricia and Suwen tried to hold back the boyfriend or whoever he is.

A timer started counting. The length of time I take to penetrate and put in 30 thrusts will be the length of the timer on the chest of the next gay fucker.

I jumped down onto ground level and I could immediately see Suwen and Tricia tangling with the man.

His ankles were tied together, limiting his movements onto to his upper body while his thumbs were locked in a thumb cuff, rendering his hands pretty much useless.

Girl : no!!.. no!!!..

Suwen yanked the girl away from her boyfriend, throwing her in front of me as Tricia managed to wrestle the guy onto the ground.

This is sick.

I can’t do this in front of her boyfriend.

Suwen : hurry up!!!

Suwen and Tricia sat on the poor guy as he cursed and looked on.

The girl pleaded with me, shaking her head as curses from Tricia and Suwen filled my ears.

Tricia : fuck her James or we’re all going to be fucked !!!! DO IT!!!

I looked at Tricia and Suwen who are trying to hold the guy down.

The girl is totally naked. I can definitely over power her easily if I wanted to.

Suwen : fuck !! see.. I told you he can’t do this shit !! ..

Tricia: erhhhg!! aRGHH!!!.. drag him away… quick…

Suwen and Tricia half drag and wrestled the shouting boyfriend away before throwing him into the ball pit.

Without the use of his legs and hands, it was near impossible for him to get out of it unassisted.

He was literally drowning in balls.

What happened next took me by surprised.

Tricia came over to me and she grabbed a tuff of my air. She pushed me to the floor as Suwen dragged the screaming and kicking girl towards me.

James : what are you doing !!.. what are you doing !!!

Suwen forcibly spread the legs of the girl as Tricia tried to push me to fuck her.

James : wait… wait… wait !!!

Suwen : fuck her James …. Fuck her !!!

James : wait… wait.. I can’t… wait…


I wasn’t expecting that as I registered a slap on my cheek .

Suwen slapped me.

Snow white slapped me.

Suwen grabbed my face in her hands as she took a quick glance at the ticking timer.

Suwen : Fuck her… James !!! you want to get me out ?? you want to help Faye get me out ?? … then you jolly well fuck her !!!

It was all happening at the same time.

Tricia was grabbing my cock and the next thing I knew, I could hear the boyfriend of the girl screaming and shouting as I pushed my erected cock into his girlfriend as he looked on from the ball pit.

James :ernghhhhh!!!...

The tightness of her vagina activated the hormones in me as I trembled for a second.

The girl tried to struggle but Suwen held her down.

Tricia went behind me and straddled my left calf, pressing her naked body against my back.

Tricia : fuck her James… fuck her or you are not going to survive this…

James :argnH!!!!!

I pushed in and fucked the screaming girl, feeling the push from behind me as Tricia exerted the same forceful push with her palms on my back, egging me to fuck the girl.

30 strokes.

I just need to do it for 30 strokes.

James : ernghh.. erghhh.. aRGHHHH!!!





The horn blasted again and I pulled back, taking my cock out from the girls wet cunt as I collapsed onto the padded floor.

I was on the verge of hyperventilating.

There was no time to rest.

The clicking sound came on again and this time, I saw door 4,5,6 & 7 opening at the same time.

James : fuck… fuck… isn’t there a break for this…

I struggled to get back on my feet and I could already see Suwen and Tricia scrambling up into the maze again.
I tried to stand but I fell as I struggled to catch my breath.

4 guys came out each with a timer on their chest. 2 of them had transparent timers similar to the 1st gay fucker I saw.

The other 2 had timers that are black in colour.

I could see their grins as their eyes searched the maze for Tricia and Suwen.

I saw one of them tapped the other on the arm as they started to head up the maze.

I looked at the 2 grinning gay fuckers who were looking at me.


It’s everyman for himself.


2 of them immediately started walking towards me while the other 2 went towards the obstacles for the girls.

James : fuck… fuck!!

Suwen : James !!! come up !!!

Tricia : James !!! here !!

I scrambled up the ramp and I was perspiring badly. My heart feels like it’s going to burst.

I ran along a padded tunnel surrounded by a web of rope and I could see Tricia running towards me.

When we came into contact, Tricia pushed me onto my back, straddled me and without a word brought me to heaven as she spread her vagina lips and positioned herself on top of me.

James : ernghhhh!!

Tricia : ernghh !!!...

I slid into her as her vagina stretched to accommodate my cock.

Before I could even begin to enjoy the tightness of Tricia’s vagina, I heard Suwen screamed.

Suwen : James !!! fuck !!.. get over here… now !!

I turned and I saw Suwen clamouring up some steps as the 2 guys started to encircle her.

The other 2 that was waiting for me blocked the access towards that part of the maze, licking their lips and stroking their cock.

Tricia : stay here… don’t move… she’ll be fine.

James : what ??!!

Suwen : JAMES !!! FUCK!!! Come over here now !!!

Tricia : stay here… don’t move… don’t move… I’ll let you fuck me….you want ? you want ?/  you like to feel my pussy ??

James : ernghhh!!!

Tricia deliberately squeezed her pussy muscles as I groaned. I was suddenly the one that they need. They needed my cock.

As long as they are fucking me, they don’t need to get fucked by the other men.

Not that I’m bragging or anything but the men had below average looks.

They’re also much older than me, probably in their early forties.

Given a choice, I’m sure girls would definitely go for the younger one.

The younger chap would have fucked less pussy, more fresh, a fresher and more unused cock. The pubic hair on the men are unkempt and untidy.

It’s like they are trying to be tarzan in an urban environment.

My clean shaven cock that has been carefully prepared by the 2 girls would be the obvious cock of choice.

I heard a loud wham and I saw Suwen jumping 1.5 floors onto the padded floor, landing expertly with a roll like a hollywoood stunt woman. I could tell this is not the first time she did such a jump.

The guys went after her immediately and she was heading towards Tricia and me. I could see the throbbing erection those men were nursing. Suwen’s nubile and fair pussy is too good to pass over.

Tricia : ernghh..e rgnhh… e3rnghh…. Nice ??? enghh??/ my pussy feels nice to you ?? erng!!

Tricia was trying to ride me as Suwen scrambled up the maze.

This is it.

She’s going to fight with Tricia for my cock.

My cock is going to save her from getting fucked by the other 2 guys.

1 stranger’s cock is better than 2.

Just when I thought Suwen is going to yank Tricia off, she straddled my head.

I felt her yank my hair upwards and pushed her sweaty vagina into my face.

James : ernghuouoooooo…

I cupped my mouth onto Suwen’s vagina and tasted her in the most vulgar manner I could ever imagine tasting a girl’s privates.

There was no foreplay, no warning, no hesitation.

Suwen just straddled me and pushed her soft slit onto my mouth as she cradled my head in her hand.

Suwen : don’t cum James… this is almost over… this is just the warm up… don’t you fucking cum you hear me ??

James : ernngh… ernghhh !!.. ernghh!!! Rummpp… rusoogmmm….

Suwen kept her eyes forward as she eyes the approaching men.

They were looking at the countdown ticker on their chest, probably praying that I would cum.

If I did, they would be able to get to Tricia and Suwen, but it’s unlikely.

There’s less than a minute on the clock.

This is an easy win.

Too easy in fact.

I licked Suwen’s wet slit and tasted her sweetness. She moaned as she gripped onto my hair as if she was not expecting me to pleasure her love hole.

Suwen : ernghh…. !

The timer ended and the horn blasted again, signalling the end of the warm up.

Tricia and Suwen is all business like as they got up and away from me. There was hardly any emotions on their faces as they ran down the ramp to a side table that has been set up.

Fresh perspiration rolled down their body as I panted and joined them on the ground.

They drank up their water and looked up eagerly towards the instruction board.

I was given a bottle of water as I turned and looked around. I’ve never felt so lost and disoriented before.

I don’t exactly know what was going on.

Looking up towards the rim of the warehouse, I noticed first time that there were an array of cameras pointing at us.

The clicking sound started again and we looked up towards the next set of instructions.

Suwen : fuck !..

Tricia : fuck this….

Whatever the next challenge is, it’s obviously the girls did not like it.

Pervert acts. 

What the fuck do they mean by pervert acts ?

Suwen : Well.. this is the end of the road…. He’s not going to win that fucking pervert….

Tricia : I hate to admit it… but I agree with you…

James : The instructions.. where are the instructions…. What do I have to do ??

Suwen and Tricia did not reply me, they kept looking at the screen.

Their names came up and each was assigned a colour.

One red, one green.

The colours blinked randomly before it stopped.

James : Where are the instructions…. How to play this ? ?? hey !

Suwen cursed as she got the red.

Tricia laughed as she looked at me.

It appears as if the green meant that Tricia is assigned to me for that particular challenge.

The 1st door opened again and this time round a man in his late fifties came out.

He is all smiles as he approached us casually.

Chairs were brought in and placed facing each other.

The man looked like your average hawker in the food centre.
He’s quite fat with a belly and unshaved beard.

His hair is peppered with white and he had this arrogant cocky look on his face.

The manner in which he looked at me gave me the vibes that he looked down on me.

Who the fuck does the think he is ?

I’m pretty sure if this works out to a head to head fucking match, I would surely outlast him.

Vincent : hellow brother… my name is vincent…. Hahaha… fuck man…  you all keep getting younger and younger…. How to win like that… hahaha..haha… you so young… got no experience

I kept quiet as I continued observing.

A table was brought out and placed beside the girls with a variety of everyday household products.

Suwen had an irritated look on her face as if she could not believe her bad luck to be standing on Vincent’s side.

It appears as if we are about to face off each other with a variety of perverted acts.

Vincent : young man….hahaha… I’ve been playing for a long time…. let me show you how to play with a women’s body ok ? hahaha.. hahaha….

As he laughed a camera crew dressed in black surrounded us completed with TV screens.

A double digit digital numeral display took the centre of the makeshift setup.

I get it.

We’re to do sick stuff.

As perverted as possible and someone somewhere will rate us.

Vincent : hahaha… let me show you ok… hahah… let me show you….

Suwen : ernghhh!!.. fuck…

I watched as Suwen was dragged down onto the chair.

Vincent took a glance at the table and grinned. The table consists of stationaries and stuff we use everyday.

There isn’t any sex toys or anything and it’s truly up to your imagination how sick you can get with them and the girl’s body.

Suwen gritted her teeth and looked away as Vincent took a pencil and inserted it into her vagina. He laughed as he twirled the pencil around Suwen’s pussy as if he was sharpening his pencil.

He laughed like a pig , amused at the sick act he is doing.

He pulled out the pencil and showed it to me before sucking it off, tasting Suwen’s pussy.

I shook my head.

This is ridiculous.

Ridiculously boring.

You want to play something like this ?

You think just because you are older than me, more experienced, that means you can get perform more perverted acts ?

The digital numbers jumped to 15 for Vincent.

I turned to look at Tricia who took a seat on the chair as she waited for me to make my move.


15 and Vincent is grinning as if he just performed some miraculous act.

I went to my table grabbed an envelope and told Vincent I’m sending him a letter.

James : Here’s a letter for you….

I grabbed a stamp and to Tricia’s surprised, I pushed it into her pussy.

Tricia : ernghh!!...

I spread her legs with mine and I pushed the stamp into the folds of her vagina, then I rubbed it up and down her wet cunt which I fucked earlier.

Tricia :ernghh… ernghhh.. erngh!!!

I rubbed until the whole stamp is drowning in Tricia’s juices before I brought it out and showed the camera crew.

One of them had his mouth half open. Then I stuck that stamp onto the envelope and I threw it at Vincent who had his eyes wide opened.

James : here… take it…

I threw the envelope with the wet stamp coated with Tricia’s juices at Vincent. The enveloped flew for a bit before it dropped like a falling leave without balance, swaying left and right until it hit the floor.

The digital scale shot up to 60 for me and I could se Vincent is shocked.

You want to play something like this ?

You want to do sick stuff ? I can do it as well.

Vincent : alright….. alright….. this is going to be interesting…. You want to play right… you want to play right ??

Vincent picked up bunch of cotton balls and started to stuff them into Suwen’s vagina.

Suwen :ernnnh… ernghhh!!! Ernghh!!!

With each ball he stuffed, he looked at me as if he was challenging me to do the same.

I grabbed a handful of cotton balls as well.

James : dude…. You don’t need to stuff every fuck thing into their vaginas just because it’s a perverted act…

Vincent : what do you know !!?? …. I have been doing this for a long time !!.. you don’t know anything !!.... I know what turns the audience on!!! I’ll show you… I’ll show you !!! I’ll fucking show you !!

By the time Vincent was done stuffing about 8 cotton balls into Suwen’s vagina, he reached in and dug them out.

The balls, wet and drenched with Suwen’s cunt juices sat soaked and heavy on the palm of his hand.

He grinned and gave me a smug look I cannot stand.

What era did this guy come from ?

The digital scale went to 28 for Vincent.

Vincent took a few balls and put it into his mouth sucking and savouring Suwen’s vagina’s natural lubricant.

Vincent : ehehehehhe.. hahahaha….

I felt a bit disgusted by him.

His actions are crude and vulgar.

I turned to Tricia who was waiting for me to make my move.

I did and one of the film crew that was trying to take a sip of his water choked and sprayed his water onto the floor behind him.


I got Tricia to lie down flat on the ground as I lined up the cotton balls on the surface of her wet vagina. I could see the moisture of her juices soaking into the balls slowly from the bottom as I lined up 4 near the mound of her fleshy clitoris.

All eyes were on me as I stepped to the side of Tricia so I was facing Suwen and Vincent.

I could see one of the crew taking a sip of his water when I bent down and using my rock hard cock, swung right at the cluster of wet cotton balls and sent them flying towards Suwen.


The crew that choked on his drink was coughing and one of his friends started patting him on his back.

I’m not done.

My swing is off.

I only hit 2 balls.

The other 2 balls were pushed and side swiped deeper into Tricia’s wet slit.

I could have used my hand to pick it up and reposition but I don’t want to do that.

Why use your hand when I can use my cock.

I bent and in an awkward position, swung my cock again, hitting one of the wet balls barely a metre away onto the floor.

I watched as the camera filming me tracked the trajectory of the cunt juice soaked ball onto the floor.

Tricia was panting and trying to control her gasps and expressions as she stared wide eyed at me.

I bet I must be the first person to ever do that to her.

Or rather, I’m the first person to use her vagina to do something like this.

I’m still not done.

There’s still 1 more wet cotton ball that is now nested deeper into the folds of her vagina.

I swung my cock against it and I missed, hitting the fleshy lump of the clitoris.

Tricia : ernghhh !!!!!! fuck !...

I swung again and I missed again.

Tricia : ernghhh !!!

I swung several times more and even though I hit the wet cotton ball, it was not flying off.

It was being dragged and smeared around the pubic region of Tricia’s body.

James : arghhh… aeghh.. areghhh..

I smack my cock about Tricia’s pussy and I could see she was on the verge of getting pissed off.

Her moans were coupled with curses and when she tried to push herself off the ground, I saw a one of the crew who was wearing a cap directed his men to hold Tricia down.

“ hold her down “

Tricia : fuck !!.. get off me… get off me !!! ernghhh !!!

They pinned her down on the floor as I continued to swipe and hit her vagina with my throbbing cock.

James : arnghhh !! arnghh!!!

The ball was now swiped to the side near her thigh but instead of swiping it off her leg and finishing my move, I decided to do something more.

Something to get back at Tricia for playing with my balls like it was her toy.

I used my cock like the baton you hit a drum with.

I could see Tricia’s eyes widened in horror as she realised what I was about to do.

I hit my cock onto the fleshy mound of her vagina as she let loose a scream followed by a moan peppered with vulgarities.

James : arGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Piak !!! Piak !! piak !! piak !!

It was painful for me too.

Like someone hollowing out the base of my cock or something.

The reverberation in my cock sent a chill deep into my spine as I hit Tricia’s vagina no less than 20 times.

The erotic thing was that as I did it, as Tricia moaned and struggled against the holds of the camera crew, she was getting wetter and wetter.

Splatters of her cunt juices sprayed up and outwards.

Like the aterial spray of a burst blood vessel, it went out and coat the clothes and arms of the crew involved.

Tricia :erngnh… ernghhh !!! fuck !! fuck !!.. ernghhh !!!!

I panted and got up, catching my breath as I looked at the score board.

The numbers started to climb before stopping at 72.

Whoever is watching this is loving it.

I looked beyond the crew who was shooting the 4 of us and I could see a flurry of activities going on in the background.

Vincent was fucking mad as he grunted and went to the table with the household items.

He grabbed a spray bottle.

You know those plastic spray bottle you use to water your plants ?

Yes, Vincent got one of those and he made Suwen spread her legs.

Vincent : spread the pussy lips… spread them !!

Suwen spread her vagina lips with her fingers and Vincent grunted as he sprayed her love hole with water.

He laughed and looked at the camera as he did.

Vincent : Pussies are like flowers… they need tneder loving care to grow… hahaha… see..this is how you wet them… this is how you nurture a sweet pussy…. You understand ?? hahah..haha…

Squich…. Squish…. Squichs !!!!

Vincent let loose a few more squirts as the digital scale climbed up to 32.

I turned to look at a terrified Tricia who was trying to get off the floor.

The crew that were holding her down reacted instinctively as if something inside them told them that whatever I was going to do, it would require Tricia to be held down.

They pinned her down again and this time round, another 2 more guys came over.

The camera turned to focus on me and I could see another camera man running into the scene with a 2nd and 3rd camera. A smaller more compact one and one that is similar to a gopro camera on a stick.

Additional lights were being deployed as well to light up the area I was working at.

I decided to go for the same item as Vincent.

To win, I need to beat him at his own game.

I used the squeeze bottle but instead of using the water , I opened the bottle.

Tricia : what are you doing… what are you doing !!!.... stop !! stop !!NO!!! ernghhh stop !!!

I tipped the bottle head first into Tricia’s vagina, letting the cold water flood and drench her already well lubricated love hole.

I quickly emptied the water and placed the mouth of the bottle at the base of her vagina where the entrance to her pussy is.

Tricia : ernghhhh!!! Erngh!!!! Stop !!!

I collected the sacred water that is flowing down together with generous thick dollop of Tricia’s vagina’s juices.

The amount is little but I used my thumb and index finger to milk her.

I milked her swollen clitoris like I would the tit of a lactating mother.

I squeezed and Tricia moaned sensually as her vagina muscles contracted and squeezed out more of her own lubrication.

I milked and milked her, squeezing and pressing her clitoris as her moans turned to screams.

The crew holding her down were transfixed onto what I was doing.

When I collected enough of the wet liquid, I placed the spray head back on.

I turned to the camera men and the waiting crew.

They were all men.

I know what they were thinking inside their head.

Tricia is pretty, she is hot. Her body is desirable. Even a gay man would want to fuck her.

I directed the spray bottle at the camera and paused.

Even before I squeeze the 1st time, the score on the board shot up to 85.

Then I squeezed the bottle , drawing up from the well a good amount of Tricia’s love juices. I vapourised the liquid, sending the erotic scent of her vagina onto the gathering of men around me.

Not once, not twice.

Dozens of times I sprayed.

I sprayed and sprayed until I covered all the crew around me.

Some had their mouth open, some had their eyes closed.

I know for sure everyone is savouring the scent, the taste and the lingering moans of Tricia.

Vincent’s face flushed red from his anger and frustration.

He swiped the items from the table onto the floor in anger as he grabbed his cock and positioned it in front of Suwen.

He’s going to fuck her.

Vincent : I’ll show you… I’ll show you how to fuck a girl properly.

He’s out of moves.

He pushes his cock into Suwen who winced in pain and I could see how disgusted she was with the fact that she was getting fucked by Vincent.

The audience watching did not even wait long to give Vincent his score.


A pathetic 19.

One of the camera turned to Tricia and me and I could hear Tricia begging me.

Tricia : ok… ok  enough… enough… stop James… stop !...

I grabbed the smallest camera from the camera crew and he let me have it.

I looked at the director with a cap and asked if he do a split screen of the 2 camera.

His jaws dropped and he immediately caught on to what I wanted to do.

He radioed to his crew while I used the smaller phone size camera and pushed the lens part into the folds of Tricia’s vagina.

Tricia :ernngh… ernghhhhh !!! ergNH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did not push it in all the way of course.

I let it linger near the entrance , smearing and coating the lens with Tricia’s love juices.

Then I let it slide up and down the folds of the vagina.

While I was doing that, I milked and squeezed Tricia’s clitoris again.

Tricia :erNGHH!!! ERNGHH!!! ENRGHH!!!!

Her head turned left and right as her body tried to struggle against the hold of the crew.

Vincent was grunting and panting as he fucked himself into Suwen.

He was flushing red like he was going to get a heart attack.

Tricia : eRNGHH!! Ergnhh !!! ERNGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tricia let loose a blood curling scream as she squirted a long stream of wet hot female nectar out of her love hole.

I tugged and milked her clit as she screamed and begged for me to stop as I directed a shorter stream of juices at the wet camera lens.

The score board went up to 99 immediately and from what I could see, the whole operation was being brought to a close.

People were running in from the sidelines of the large space.

I was relieved of the camera and Tricia was helped off the ground, screaming and moaning.

She screamed at that she will kill me.

Vincent was upset that he needed to stop fucking Suwen. He was being helped off her and he was protesting that he is not done yet.

Suwen panted on the floor and I saw her cover her face with her palms, wiping her sweat off her brow.

I went over with the intention to talk to her but she beat me to it.

Suwen : where the fuck did Faye find you ??