Wednesday, 10 April 2019

That dreaded word

I knew it was coming.

It's just a matter of time but i never expected my wife to spring it on me during our holiday.

No we're not trying for another kid, we need to keep what's left of our sanity.
Current ones are more than enough to drive us nuts.

The word I've been dreading to hear is 'upgrading'

We're comfortable in a 4rm flat and with careful planning and a bit of blessing from the stock market, it's been paid off recently.
Debt free before i'm 40.

This is definitely a step in the right direction if i want to write for a living.

However, as the saying goes, 人算不如天算.

Actually the subject has been brought up several times as passing remarks by the missus but i usually just try to change the topic.

There's just too much on my plate at the moment. Too many things on my mind.

It happened during our recent family getaway.

My wife is smart, she planned for this right from the get go.

We were in the city of Busan last month and it was after a satisfying seafood meal. The kids are happily tucked into bed after a day of exploring Gamcheon cultural village.

We're staying in a nice room, with a nice view of the sea.

It comes with a balcony and i was chilling , or rather freezing myself according to my wife by choosing to sit and drink in the 10 degree temperature.

It's really nice to feel the cold breeze, i have a bottle of soju, some nuts and i was editing a chapter for big trouble.

My wife came out of the shower and i could see her tapping on the balcony door, she refused to step out into the cold and she kept gesturing for me to join her inside and i walked into a carefully laid trap.

There are more drinks on the table in the living area, she had set it up before hand.
Lights were off except for the warm glow of a sculptured floor lamp.

I could feel something is off and for a brief moment i thought i was Jeff and i reached behind my back, hoping to grab my knife but i was not fast enough.

My wife pulled me by the hand over to the couch.

Wife : I have something to discuss with you...

My eyes immediately did a quick scan of the living area. I saw her Ipad and a pretty thick folder.

Never mind about those.

My attention went to the pyjama of choice by my wife.

We're on holiday, you know what it's like. It's utter chaos , especially with kids. My own pyjama is a set of old t-shirt and shorts with holes in them. My wife was wearing some old long sleeve tops of mine the past few days with those Uniqlo lounge pants. Nothing out of the ordinary.

That evening though, the woman holding my hand had a different set of sleepwear on.

It was a nightgown, not translucent at all. Very light pink Satin with black lace trimmings. It is short.
The kind of 'wear it to fuck' kind of short.

That was it.

After wrapping it around her body , half her thigh were exposed and she shuffled around in a pair of those silly bunny slippers she bought from the night market.

It was all a very deliberate act to draw me in.

Wife : this is serious ok.... i'm being serious right now dear....

I sat on the 3 seater couch. She took the 1 seater at the side, that happens to be facing the head of the coffee table. Just imagine where the boss sits at a meeting.

She brushed back her fringe and crossed her legs, revealing more of her flesh to me. I could see her adjusting her gown deliberately around her breast while avoiding my eyes.

We haven had sex in almost 3 weeks.

Wife : are you listening to me James ?

James : yes.... are you trying to seduce me or something ??

She hit me with the folder and gave me a 'Tsk'

She could tell i was already wary of her. When the folder open, it felt like Owen giving me a project i don't want to take on.

She started to give me a very corporate presentation of the family's financial situation.
How much we make, how much we put away and a breakdown of key expenses.

She just went on and on.

I tried to interrupt her but she opened the can of beer on the table and handled it to me without even taking a break to breathe.

It took less than 5 minutes for her to seal the deal.

Wife : so.... estimate valuation of our place now is xxxxx according to  TW.....( Brother in law TW is a real estate agent ) ..... we let go of it now..... profit of xxxx.... downpayment of xxxxx.... then we only borrow xxxxxx........then here....I've shortlisted a few potential ones..... and i must tell you... this one....wah... i really like.... it's very well kept....good location....the environment is fantastic...

She put her ipad in front of me to show me pictures of a particular apartment.

I just look at her and said nothing as i let it all sink in.

James : when you say you really like.... does this mean you already been down to see it...?

Wife: yes... twice...  i know the seller.... she's migrating.... we have a very good deal here...

James : errrr...... so... you're asking me... or you are telling me ??

I saw her take a deep breath and forced a smile.

Wife : it's a discussion....James.... husband and wife discussion.. although i would like to remind you that..... i make more than you....

James : ouch.... that hurt...

Wife : My bonus alone... is like half your annual salary... you're underpaid for god sake... talk to that stingy boss of yours..... what the hell....

James : wow... that really helped my ego man... thanks dear...

Wife : and since we're going to be near my parents... they have agreed to sponsor xxx for the house if we get it..... they want to be closer to the grandkids too...

James : Now you are rubbing salt into the wound. No... no way... .. i don't want a cent of your parent's money...... over my dead

Wife : ok fine... i told them you would say that anyway...... so we'll just use ours and we'll be fine on our own....alright then....

James : Wait... what you mean by alright then ? ...

Wife : End of discussion..... we're done...haha

James : what ?

She put the stuff aside, took the untouched can of beer in my hand and put it on the table.

She straddled me on the sofa and gave me the same sweet smile i saw when i was tricked to put my signature on the marriage contract many years ago.

Her arms went around my neck and we kissed.

She looked at me in the eye and said she was just kidding.

Wife : Just kidding dear.... you can say no... i mean it... it's a big decision...

I knew she was not joking, in a serious way, i knew i could say no. She will be disappointed yes but i know the woman i married. She's not unreasonable. She's a gambler though when it comes to issues like this.

She bet to win and she knows her chances well before she place that bet.

James : When did i ever say no to you.. ?

She laughed and ask if her dressing helped.

James : oh please la....... i'm not that shallow....

We left the living room and went into our bedroom.

As i unwrapped my package and pulled off the gown i told my wife i'm going to have a story to tell my mates after the trip if they ask about this.

James : got tricked into a big decision during holiday.... elaborate plan by wife....corporate style presentation...complete with graphs and charts...

She straddled me and just before it all began, she's determined to have the last word.

Wife : ..... you suck at telling stories.... let me do it if they ask....



  1. Congrats on the upgrading though! Does your wife know of your blog?😂

  2. Thank you. No she doesn't. haha. no plans to ever let her in on this.