Tuesday, 23 April 2019

The shift

I'm sure some of you noticed the slight shift in the way i positioned the sexual and explicit scenes in recent full length work.

Some of you have written to me about it as well.

Yes there is a slight shift in the way i want to structure my writing.

I've been wanting to move away from pure erotica for a while and i'm hoping more attention would be given to the plot rather than just the sexual stuff.

This is why i have been slowly reducing the sexual bits in full length work.

The beast within had 2 main sexual scenes. The milk part and a little with Alicia after the 2nd project and then it's the portion in the villa.

Big trouble in little India had lesser. Just 1 main one with Yiling and barely touching the surface with Xuehua.

I intend to reduce it to just 1 sex scene for the next full length work that revolves around a plot that has more depth.

I won't deliberately skip it if the plot calls for a more sensual encounter but i want to slowly move the focus away from pure fucking.

I'm already working on the outline for that.

Of course, this doesn't apply to some works like ' The facility i work at ' because the story itself is centered around sexual exploitation.

The next one titled ' the prison warden ' also revolves around a dystopia society set in Singapore 50 years from today.

I'm also looking to challenge myself to go beyond what i'm currently doing.

I hope to write a love story in the near future.

A love story with a good plot, one that will stir up emotions and perhaps take all readers back to their dating days when life is good, before the kids come along and your life goes to shit. Hahahaha.

Just kidding.

I'm getting feedback to consider adding some shorter works under the paid category. Something more along the line of a strong caffeine shot.
Straight to the point, a strong enough kick to get the blood pumping without having to go through draggy plot.

To top it off, one reader suggest to price it the same price as a cup of coffee. Not the starbucks kind.
The 90 cent hawker center kind.

I don't know man, doesn't sound like its worth the effort after you minus the fees paypal and the platform charge but what the hell.

What's the point of feedback if i don't at least try it out.

Am going to attempt to launch 5 short works over 5 weeks, at 90 cents each ( discount codes don't apply for these . Sorry )

Motherload 2019 owners don't need to do anything. The 'shots' ( Shorts ) will automatically be uploaded onto the cloud for access.

*Length & number of words will be listed with each shot *

Check page menu on right side of blog for 'Shots' section & preview

Anyway, thank you all for reading and supporting my work.

Drop me a mail anytime.



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