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The prison warden part 2

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I left the room and took the lift back down to the first floor.

There were no signs of anyone around except Hailey, Samuel and Pete tucked in a corner of the room.

The men were on the floor, tied up and shaking with their limp cock exposed.

Hailey was shaking as she avoided eye contact with me.

I approached them and I apologised to Hailey.

Julia : I’m… I’m sorry…. i…. I’m sorry for…

Hailey quickly shook her head and said it was ok.

There’s no hiding the fear she had in her eyes.

Hailey : you… you should go….

Julia : ok…. Ok… I’m sorry….

As I turned to leave, Hailey reminded me not to bring any of the things I checked out outside the shop as it will be billed to Samuel.

I nodded.

Stepping naked back out into the street which had turned dark by then, I felt as if I had gone back to my starting point.
A group of Indian men saw me leaving the shop and they jabbed each other on their arms as if considering their next meal.

I quickly ran in the opposite direction much to their amusement. Their laughter could be heard down the whole street.

I went to the first map of the strip mall I could find to try and locate the café Miko pointed to me.

It’s near the revolving sushi place I was at earlier.

I arrived to find it close.

There’s nothing I could do but head back to the inn to grab some food and to sleep.

By the time my body hit the bed within the capsule, I could feel muscles I never thought were there aching.

I curled up into a small ball and pulled the covers over my head.

I was shaking and yet my body was experiencing something really weird, something I could not explain.

I was feeling this aching throb around my groin area.

I pressed my thighs together tighter only to feel the moisture of my vagina rubbing against my own skin.

I tried not to think about it but the more I resisted, the wetter I got.

I resisted the urge to spread my legs and touch myself because that was what I really wanted to do.

It made me feel sick.

Despite all that I’ve gone through, I’m actually aching to touch and masturbate at a time like this.

It’s not wrong, I was trying to argue and reason with myself in my head.

After a long day, I was finally in my own cocoon, my own space where I feel safe and comfortable. It’s not wrong to want to seek a release.

Thankfully the mental dilemma did not last long.

I fell asleep without realising it.

I woke up the next morning and I quickly took a shower and grabbed a bite in the dining area.

All the girls within the dining area avoided me like the plague.

I have no doubts by now word has spread about what happened to Wen and Suzy.

I sat at a corner of a long table that could comfortably fit 8 but no one came.

No one dared to sit at the same table I was sitting on.

No one smiled or attempted to acknowledge my presence.

I ate my bread quietly and I saw a familiar looking girl looking at me from across the dining area.
She looked away when I looked over.

I vaguely remembered her as one of Aurelia’s girls. She ate her food quietly and spoke with no one either.

Aurelia must have sent her to keep an eye out to what I was doing.

I can’t let her see where I’m going.

If she did, she would know I have help. That would complicate matters.

I stood up abruptly just to be sure my hunch was correct and I walked quickly towards the exit. The girl that I marked got up too with her breakfast half eaten.

Instead of heading towards the exit, I went to take another piece of bread before sitting back down.

She caught on to what I was doing but it was too late. She hesitated for a brief moment before doing what I did as well, taking another serving of her breakfast.

I ate slowly and waited for the right moment to move.

I saw a group of 3 girls entering the dining area. They were talking about the clients they had last night, 2 of them were giggling about how small their dicks were and they kept wanting them to moan louder.

I timed my move right at the moment the group blocked the line of sight Aurelia’s spy had of me and I quickly got up.

I dashed out of the motel and into the street. That should give me a 10 second head start at least.

I got to the staircase and immediately mae my way up to the street level before turning a corner to make my way to the café Miko pointed me to.

I was trying to catch my breath when the aroma of freshly ground coffee hit me.

The fragrance of that fresh brew activated my senses immediately and I could feel myself craving for a sip of a good hot cup of coffee.

I peered into the interior and when the door opened, I could hear soft jazz music playing in the background.

There were 2 other girls inside the café and they were talking softly to each other.

They looked gorgeous and fair. Their hair were nicely done up with fashionable curls at the ends. Their nails were manicured and even though they were as naked as me, they looked a whole class better.

I could feel the dagger like looks they shot my way as if to tell me I don’t belong in such a upmarket place.

I looked at their table and I could feel saliva pooling inside my mouth.

They had 2 tiers of pastries and cakes arranged nicely on a bamboo display stand. As I got closer to the counter, I could smell the rose and jasmine scent from the pot of tea they ordered.

Their breast looked too good to be natural and I looked away, trying to fight an irresistible urge to ogle at their body.

The girl manning the counter gave me a wide smile and asked me what I wanted.

My mind flashed back onto the piece of paper Miko gave me and I repeated the order word for word.

Julia : I’ll like a double expresso, a cheese sandwich with an additional sausage..

I could see the girl hesitate for a while before giving me her reply.

Coffee girl  : That…. Is a lot to have for breakfast…. Are you sure…. ?

The look in her eyes told me that she meant it when she asked if I’m sure of my order, or rather, what I wanted.

Julia : yes…. Yes I’m sure…

She nodded and asked me to take a seat.

Coffee girl : I’ll bring you your order shortly…. Please take a seat…

I found a corner and sat down.

Looking out to the street, I could tell this quiet stretch belonged to the upmarket part. Much like what orchard road used to be in the heydays of Singapore.

There are numerous body care shops, massages, spa, and even a hair removal clinic. All of which requires a shitload of Mcoins I’m sure.

I looked at the 2 girls enjoying their morning tea.

I wonder what they had to do in order to enjoy tea in such a place.

The coffee girl came over and told me to follow her.

Coffee girl : hi…. Please follow me…

I nodded and got up.

We entered a door at the back of the café and I saw a flight of stairs leading down. The girl gestured for me to proceed before leaving me alone.

I went down the stairs and open the door.

I was greeted immediately by the smell of popcorns like I just walked into a ticketing area of a movie theatre.

The lounge I was in is empty. There was a couch in the middle and I went over to take a seat.

I barely warmed the seat when someone entered the lounge. I turned around and It was a man. Dressed in a colourful suit much like what I imagine a clown would wear.

He had makeup on his face, giving his features an exaggerated look as if he was trying to look feminine.

He was naked below his waist and I could see his dick hanging limp as he approached me.

I backed off instinctively , worried and unsure of what to expect.

Willy : Hi…. You must be Julia….. Miko told me you are coming…. I am willy….

Julia : hi…. Hi willy…

Willy : so…. Miko…. Tells me you need to make Mcoins…. Fast… hahhaa…

I nodded.

He rubbed his hands gleefully as he looked at me. Willy appraised my body from top to toe.

He came close and he cupped my breast, I was too shocked to resist.

Then he touched my body.

He even ran a finger along the slit of my vagina before putting his finger into his mouth.

Willy : hmmmm… premium… definitely premium… slurpzz…

Julia : what ? ….

Willy : you’ve come to the right person Julia….…. Hahah….

Julia : what… what do I have to do…

Willy : come work in my condom factory….for a few hours… and I guarantee you… hahah… you will make Mcoins at a speed like never before….

Julia : huh ? condom factory…. ?

Willy gave a dramatic bow before giving me a full formal introduction of himself and what he does.

Willy : Welcome….allow me to introduce myself…. And my factory….

Julia : you……… got to be………..shitting…….. me…..

The walls surrounding the lounge rose up and revealed a much bigger space than before with colourful neon lights on the walls at read.

“ Willy wanker & his condom factory “


The bright neon lights blinking and flashing all over me made me think I had just stepped into a miniature theme park.

Unlike a theme park where the flashing lights comes accompanied with music and whimsical tunes, this was totally quiet.
It’s almost like watching a movie with the volume turned off.

Willy gestured for me to follow him into his condom factory and I already had a whole list of questions I wanted to ask.

This is just so bizarre.

Condom sales had plunge to the point of companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. Everybody fucks raw these days since you can no longer get any sexual diseases.

The men would not hesitate to fill your cunt up with their sperm.

Willy must have anticipated my questions and he was generous enough to offer to answer any question I might have.

Willy : alright dear… I know you have questions….. shoot away….

He walked with a girlish swagger and honestly, his limp swinging dick is a little disturbing to look at but who am I to comment on it.

My own boobs are swinging as I walked naked beside this strange man.

Julia : I… I thought people don’t use condoms anymore….

Willy : wrong my dear….. low class people….. don’t use condoms….

Julia : what ??

Willy gave me a smirk as he held his head up high.

We walked past rows of framed condoms, all of his creations, customised right down to every little detail.

It was like walking into a condom museum.

Willy : why do some of this rich people wear gloves….? Why do some of the ladies insist in wearing their fancy laced gloves when shaking your hands ???

Julia : ermmm…

I don’t have an answer to that.

I don’t have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with people like that.

Julia : for a fancy dress party ?

Willy : don’t be ridiculous my dear… hahah….

Julia : then why ?? …

Willy paused and turned to look at me.

Willy : because…. They deem you too dirty to even to touch…

Julia : what… ?

Willy : yes… I said it….

Julia : dirty ??? … what the fuck…

Willy : yeah… what the fuck… but anyway…

Willy went on to add that he customised condoms for the ultra elites, politicians, scions , famous actors. Oligarch, in short, only if you have a shit load of money to spend, you can have your own customised condoms.

Willy : the dicks…. Or penis of the rich and the noble….

I shuddered when I heard him said the word noble with a vibrating brrr at the end.

Willy : their cocks…. Are too precious to be rubbing raw against the skins and cunts of mere whores like you…

Julia : what ?!!

Willy : calm down missy…. You’re a prisoner whoring your body for Mcoins…. Don’t act all classy on me ….

Julia : i….

I felt like strangling Willy already.

Willy : sure… you can safely fuck raw nowadays but it’s for low SES people.

Julia : what… what the fuck is SES….

Willy : low social economic status…. Low SES….

Julia : that is such a fucking outdated term….. the whole country is sinking in case you are not aware….

Willy : yeah…. Like I care… ? my clients are international….

Willy waved me off as we got to a small studio with lights and cameras. There’s a pair of footprint on a platform and Willy asked me to step on.

Julia : so you are making condoms for these people… because they want to fuck around and their cocks are too precious to touch the naked skin of the common people….

Willy : yeap… you’re a fast learner…. Some girls couldn’t grasp that even after the fitting….

The platform rotated and I could see the camera taking pictures and videos of my body.

Willy went over to his terminal and I could see the information being transferred to his screen.

Julia : what is this….

Willy : I’m sending your pictures out to my clients….. and see if anyone wants to come to their fitting….

Julia : what is a fitting….

Willy  : to try out their condoms of course….just like making a suit… you need several fittings…. Don’t you know that…. ?

Julia : on me !!?

Willy : who else… me ? … haha.. you are a funny girl….

Julia : you mean I need to fuck them….

Willy : no my dear… you just need to let them fuck you….

Julia : no… no… i.. i… I don’t think…

Willy : too late…. Look…

I could see a blinking acknowledgement on the terminal.

Someone had chosen me for his fitting and I could see the time set for 3 hours later.

Willy : oh… it’s your lucky day….

Julia : what !! wait … wait.. what am I suppose to do…. What do I have to do …. How much will I be paid…. ?

Willy gave me a raised eyebrow.

Willy : hmmm.. you seemed desperate for Mcoins… hahah

Julia : well if I weren’t, I won’t be here !....

Willy : 45…. Excluding tips from the client….

Julia : what… the client gives tips ….?

Willy : yes my dear…. Your body…. Is worth a lot of money… if you know how to use it…. Properly… and look….

Gesturing to the terminal, Willy added that I got an offer almost immediately.

Willy : some girls had to wait a day or 2…… you are quite sort after I must say…..would you say you can squeeze in time for a fitting every week… ?

The shock expression on my face made Willy turn away.

Willy : nevermind…. Let’s see you through the first fitting…. And we’ll see….

Willy brought me to his workshop where machineries and dildos strapped to weird contraptions all designed to test the integrity of the condoms are located.

It felt more like a torture chamber.

I came to a room that looked like a posh hotel suite.

Willy asked me to wait in there and relax.

Willy : have a shower…. Smell nice for the client….soak in the tub if you wish…. Make sure your skin and vagina is clean for the fitting….

Julia : wait.. wait… the client… who… who is he….

Willy : I can’t tell you that… we value privacy here….

Julia : wait… wait…

Willy pointed to the fridge and added that there’s water, snacks and fruits in there if I’m hungry.
Willy : clothes will be sent to you after the clients selects them….we need them for the fitting….

Julia : wait … wait… !!

The door shut and I realised there were no door handles. I hammered a couple of times on the door and I screamed in frustration.

I paced around the room. The bed felt soft to the touch, the furnishings are really nice and even the covers on the bed feels expensive. Probably of a threadcount I could never afford on my salary.

I opened the door to the bathroom and I saw a really inviting bathtub.

Julia : fuck this… might as well make myself comfortable. …

I moaned out loudly as I stepped into the warm bath after filling it with a mixture of fragrant soap and bath salt. There was even a TV in there and I tuned in to the news.

That had to be one of the most relaxing moments I’ve had ever since my life went to shit.

It felt weird.

Almost as if I’m coming to terms with the state I’m in, coming to terms that it’s inevitable that I have to use my body to get what I want.

I wanted freedom.

And it has a price.

My fingers went to my privates and I rubbed myself gently under the soapy bath as I exhaled.

I tried not to think about it.

It’s just sex.

Just a random stranger putting his penis inside my most private part.

Well, at least this stranger would be using a condom….


Jarvis : I’m heading out for a while Lindy… cancel my appointment for the day…

Lindy  :where are you going Boss….do you need me to follow  ?

Jarvis : no I’m fine alone….

Lindy : shall I send the guards with you… ?

Jarvis : no…. tell them I’m off to the country club with the boys….

Lindy  : your father insisted you don’t leave office without your guards…. I’m afraid I have to insist boss….. you’ll get me into trouble….please…

Jarvis : Lindy….

I held her shoulder and pressed her body against mine.

Lindy : ernghhh.. boss…. Don’t…. we’re at work….

Jarvis : I’m going for a condom fitting….i don’t want a bunch of guys hanging around while I get my cock measured….

Lindy  :but… but….

I kissed her and cupped my hands around her supple breast.

Hiring Lindy was one of the best decision I’ve ever made. She’s literally a minx in bed and not to forget, competent in the workplace too. One of the best personal assistant I ever had.

Lindy : boss…. Boss…. Ernghhh..don’t….

Jarvis : hahah… come over to my place tonight….

Lindy : we’re rushing for the presentation to the Khoo industry…

Jarvis : well…. I want to test out my new condoms with you tonight Lindy….

I gave her a playful pinch as Lindy scurried out of my reach.

Lindy : ok… ok… behave yourself…. !

Jarvis : hahhaa….

I grabbed my coat and stepped out of the office to a view of the marina bay.

One of the last semblance of dignity the country has left to offer.

I took in a breath of fresh air as I recalled the images of the girl sent to me by Willy.

The girl I’m going to do my fitting with.

Jarvis : damm…. It sure feels good to be rich…. In this sick… sick world….


I went to my private yacht and told the captain to take me to Coney island.

He gave me a knowing smiled as he gave me the thumbs up.

As we pulled out of the marina, I looked at the depressing skyline of the country. Quite a lot of buildings have fallen into disrepair. Only those within the fake bubble we live in are maintained.

It’s no longer safe driving once you are out of the business district.

The only safe way of getting around is via the water.

With no functioning public pools for the last 30 years, the number of swimmers within the population have dropped sharply.

That’s a given isn’t it, no pool how to learn how to swim ?

Those at the bottom of the social ladder who are struggling to feed themselves would never think about learning how to swim in one of the few exclusive clubs, this compounded their fear of water.

What an irony.

A island city with more and more of it’s inhabitants afraid of water.

I enjoyed the spray of the salty sea as we cut through the waters easily.

I gave a wave to a passing boat , recognising my neighbours who watched me grow up.

The retired couple saw me approaching and they were trying to show me their newest catch from their fishing trip.

Jarvis : bro… I need a couple of hours….. anchor somewhere nearby…. I want to get back before dinner….

Captain : sure…. It’s your dad’s birthday….. you don’t want to be late…

Jarvis : yeah…. He’ll probably nag me to death….

I waved to one of the approaching ferry service as I put on my wrist tag.

The saw the gold rimmed tag and immediately realised I’m a high spender.

They pulled along side my yacht and I hopped on.

There was no need for me to clear their so call immigration.

I was still required to go through a full body scan to make sure no contraband items are brought onto the island.

The ferry service brought me direct to the island, bypassing the larger service that carried the general population.

Instead of landing at the wharf where I would get a welcome by rows of naked women, I was ushered to a private jetty for the exclusive.

I tried going by the main jetty a couple of times, it’s fun and interesting for a while. I mean where else in the world are you going to find a row of naked women smiling as you run your hand through their breast.

This island is a fucking paradise.

We slowed down and the boat drifted the last 20 metres or so through a high mangrove overhang, entering a channel that is barely visible from the exterior.

We were flanked by mangroves on both sides until we reached the small berth that can fit 2 boats. There’s small hut which houses security staff.

2 armed guards stepped out to welcome me.

They scanned my tag and after I stepped though another metal detector, they unlocked a door set in a concrete wall for me.

I entered and stretched myself in the bathroom of a café.

Despite being located in a place like this, the café serves pretty good coffee.

I checked my bearings in the full length mirror and brushed back a strand of stray hair.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I could not help but laughed at how ridiculous I look.

I’m touching 40 but I look like shit.

At least 10 kg overweight, I could feel the weight of my beer belly when I try to run. I haven’t been taking care of myself since I broke up with my girlfriend almost 10 years ago.

Why would I need a girlfriend when I have all the money to spend in a place such as this.

The island prison satisfy all of my sexual needs. I have no need for emotional connection. On days when I’m too lazy to come over, my personal assistant would take care of my immediate needs.

I turned to my side and checked out the side profile of my body before talking to myself.

Jarvis : you are one ugly looking mother fucker…. Hahah

It’s true.

If there is one good thing about a disgusting rich man’s son that squanders away the family wealth while contributing an absolute shit to the household, it’s my complete honesty.

I am brutally honest.
If it weren’t for my money, no women in their right mid would sleep with me, much less perform the sick acts I ask them to.

I left the bathroom and stepped into the café.

It was quiet like always.

I saw 2 girls nicely dolled up at a corner of the café enjoying some snacks.

They cast me a look and I could tell their interest level dropped in half.

Well, what do you expect ?

Some super model hunk appearing out of nowhere and he willingly pays you to fuck ?

Dream on.

The world belongs to disgusting fat fucks like me.

I was not bothered at all by the disinterest.

There are plenty to choose from.

Usually from the time they see what I have on my wrist.

I took my usual seat in the centre of the café and shouted my order across the hall.

Jarvis : 2 Picolo Latte…..and a hot americano….
I did not recognise the barista but she sure did recognise me.

She beamed me a wide smile and said my order will be right with me.

My obnoxious shout must have irritated the 2 classy whores by the booth and they cast me another glance.

Our eyes made contact and this time round, they showed a considerably higher level of interest in me.

The prime reason for that interest has to be my left hand resting on the edge of the table with the gold rimmed wrist tag exposed.

There is a reason why it’s in gold.

I’m a whale.

A high roller.

This essentially meant I had no limits whatsoever to my spending power.

While the other men had to content with top ups and maintaining a credit line, I had none.

There are 8 whales in the entire ecosystem in Coney island women’s prison, and I am one of them.

I smiled at the 2 girls who I bet has started to wet themselves in their vagina.

They uncrossed their legs and crossed them again, posing seductively at me and trying to show off their breasts.

I could not resist a smile.

You might think it’s sick but it’s not.

This is just nature. It has always been this way since the beginning of time.

We are animals after all. Like all animals, the female species seek the protection and shelter of a alpha male. An alpha to fertilise her egg.

Plant a seed in her womb.

It doesn’t matter how advance the society has become, women all seek the same thing.

Someone to protect, someone to provide.

I gave the barista a 5 Mcoin tip when she brought me my coffee and I could almost see the sparkle in the eyes of the 2 girls having their tea.

As I sipped my coffee, I could not help but recall the books I’ve read when I was younger about evolution.

A few hundred years ago, someone like me would probably die of hunger and starvation. There is no way I would be able to attract a mate.
People with personality like mine would not live past the age of 30.

Yet as society progresses, people like me are allowed to thrive.

It doesn’t matter if you are the fastest runner, the best hunter, or you carry the most good looking genes, all of it didn’t matter.

If it did, the old men out in the streets would not be walking around with 20 year olds in their arms and putting their seed in the bellies of girls who just turned 18.

I know it better than anyone else.

Afterall, my step mother is younger than me.

My dad married a 19 year old fresh graduate from one of the top Junior college.

Well, she’s hot, I would fuck her but she’s already carrying my brother in that young womb of hers.

I’ll let her give birth first before I fuck her.

My thoughts were interrupted by Willy appearing from behind the café.

Jarvis : yo !!! Willy…. You disgusting old fuck !!! hahaha

Willy gave me a shy smile.

Jarvis : you still swing around your cock like that ar … hahaha…. No wonder all the girls avoid this place…. Hahah

Willy gave me a dramatic bow and said the suite is ready for my fitting.

Willy : It’s all ready.

Jarvis : that girl… the one you sent….

Willy : her name is Julia….

Jarvis : Julia….nice… nice name… she look like a spunky fighter…. Hahah

Willy : well… hahah… that’s for you to find out….

I slapped my thigh and stood up.

Jarvis : has she done a fitting before ? ….

Willy shook her head.

Willy : It’s her first time…..

Jarvis : hahhahaha…..this… is going to be interesting…. Hahahha

Willy : She… ermm… well… don’t scare her away…. She looked like the type that will bring in more for fittings…

Jarvis : hahaha… are you trying to say the things I do are sick…. ?

Willy : no… no… no.. of course not….

I smiled at Willy’s poor attempt at lying.

Willy pointed the way towards the door and I took 2 steps before stopping by the table of 2 girls.

Both of them look at me eagerly, they are so hot and pretty. Like the classmates I would love to fuck back in my school days. They are probably in their early 20s.

Jarvis : Hi girls….

Girls : hi….hee… heee…..

I picked up a scone from their pasty basket and put it in the middle of the table.

They gave me a questioning look.

I shouted to the barista that I’m picking up the tab for their table.

Jarvis : Put it on my tab…

Their faces lit up and I quickly added something that would have definitely provided good entertainment if not for the fact that I want to meet Julia.

Jarvis : When I come out… the girl with the most of this scone in their vagina…. Gets 10 Mcoins… hahahha…. Barista… !!... help me keep an eye on them will ya ?? hhahaha

I barely put 2 steps forward them I heard the 2 girls screaming and fighting each other for the scone to stuff into their vagina.

Willy : always the creative one aren’t you Mr Jarvis….

Jarvis : hhahaha…. What you really meant was, always the sick one isn’t it… hahah….

I entered Willy’s condom factory and I followed Willy to the suite.

The suite where I would do my condom fitting.

A place where I can customised the shit out of what I want in my condom.

Willy knocked on the door twice before opening the room door and I came face to face with the girl what would help me with my fitting.


She was dressed in a white bathrobe and she had a cup of coffee in her hand.

Willy : please come in Mr Jarvis….

I flashed Julia a smile but she didn’t return one.

It’s ok.

It’s ok.

I understand.

Willy : we shall now begin the condom fitting….

Jarvis : yes please….


I gave the girl a wink and I could see the immediate look of horror on her face.
It’s as if she finally realised she just made a decision that she would come to regret.

Willy : follow me please … to the fitting chamber.


Why would we want condoms when all sexual diseases have been eradicated ?

Why is there a need for protection when the morning after pill is one of the cheapest thing money can buy ?

The feeling of fucking raw.

The slide of your cock into a naked pussy, wet and moist with juices that never seem to stop flowing, isn’t that one of the most amazing feeling in the world ?

It used to be.

When the revolution came, hordes of men started fucking around without condoms.

There was no longer any need for them. No one was afraid of contracting diseases, no one is afraid of unwanted pregnancy.

Rape cases spiked all over the world.

Condom factory started closing down but the boutique condom makers, the ones like Willy, they saw an opportunity while others saw doom and gloom.

Willy knew there is still value in having a condom.

He began marketing condom to the rich and famous and he poured money into research and development.

Once jus a simple use and throw rubber, the condom now is like a 2nd skin.

You can even say it’s alive.

I entered the chamber which looked more like a science lab with sterile equipment and stainless steel tables.

I looked at the dozen od condoms grew from a small petri dish using my very own skin cells and DNA.

Each piece of condom staring back at me is part of me.

It’s a living organism on it’s own.

I have tried the prototype and I was blown away.

You put it on like any other regular condom but it adheres to your cock immediately and the snugness in which it wraps around immediately hardens my cock.

I could last twice as long with the customised condom and the surface of the condom is self lubricating. It reacts with the juices from the vagina and produces it’s own layer of lubrication.

The resulting liquid is a nectar designed to react specifically with the subject it comes into contact with.

It will arouse her.

It will tease her.

It will fuck with her head.

You cannot deny that despite thousands of years of evolution and collective wisdom, humans are still very much controlled by chemicals and electrical impulses from our brain.

The chemicals our brain releases, forces us to act accordingly.

The condom, produces a special pheromone that reacts with the vagina of the subject, it would give what Willy described as jolts of electric shocks each time you thrust your cock into her pussy.

While the girls cunt is being ravaged by your dick, her mind would be processing all these under the influence of the chemical that is running through her veins.

She would be confused and lost.

She would hate you.

She’s disgusted by the grotesque cock you are forcing into her private but she could not shut her brain off. Her brain would give her conflicting signals that would drive her to the brink of insanity.

Her brain would tell her to hate you but to love your cock at the same time, because you cannot deny the pleasure that the cock is delivering into the vagina and the subject’s brain.

The orgasm would be 3 times as intense.

During my prototype fitting, the orgasm the girl had was so violent that she went into a fit and Willy had to force a dildo into her mouth so she would not bite her own tongue off.

At the 2nd fit, the 2nd girl came so hard that she lost control of her bowels, squirting and peeing in missionary position. She could hardly stand after I was done despite crying non stop as I forced myself onto her.

At the 3rd fitting, as more of my skin cells were taken to grown the 1st batch of condoms, the girl came 6 times and had to be carried off on a stretcher.

What about when the men cums ?

What happens when I’m about to shoot my load ?

The permeability of the skin is mono direction.

I can shoot my sperm out as if the condom was not there but nothing can get pass in the reverse direction.

The velocity of my semen exiting is affected definitely but I would still be able to fill the girl up with my sperm.

With the condom, I can remain hard after cumming for up to 2 hours. There is no soreness, no tiredness, no feelings of abrasion.

It’s like I’m hard and ready to go once again.

That was how I ravaged the 3 girls before me.

Now for the 4th girl.

It’s for my final fitting.

The final tweaks and adjustments for the comments I gave during the 3rd fitting.

I told Willy I was happy but I would want greater feel on the tip of my cock.
I was getting the sensation on my shaft alright but the feeling around the tip is lacking.

I want to feel more around the tip of my circumcised cock.

Not just during the initial push in.

I want to experience euphoria when I withdraw and push my cock back into the vagina.

Willy said he would tweak the structure of the condom but there is a limit on how much he can push the limit.

This is relatively new technology after all.

I told him to just do it.

Now all 12 condoms have been grown out, it was ready for the final fitting and customisation.  

I’m pretty sure I would get to feel and experience the sensation of the condom in it’s full glory this time round.

The last part of the customisation comes in 2 parts.

First it’s the visual and exterior of the condom itself, not the boring plain wrapper.

I have collected young nubile pubic hair from girls in local universities.

It’s a prerequisite for applying to the family scholarship.

Scholarship for tertiary education comes with a price. Despite the ton of information and documents submitted for selection, at the end of the day, I only look at their photo.

Their full body photo that is.

I’ve sponsored girls from all the major university in the country and in return, I own their bodies for the duration of their studies.

I get to fuck them whenever I want and I own them.

This meant I own every bit of their body including their juices, their hair, even their fingernails.

I summoned each girl to my place each month and I take pleasure when I hear them scream.

Their moans of pain then I slowly took my time to choose and comb through their young pubes.

Like like picking fine tea leaves, you go for the softest and the most tender of hair.

That’s what I did.

I combed through their pubes and searched for those thin, fine and tender hair to collect for my condom.

Willy has them ready to be attached to the exterior of the condom.

The hair would not make any impact on the feeling and sensation but it gives a sick kick.

A sick kick for a man like me.

A fetish.

All fetish can be satisfied as long as you have money.

I like the thought and idea of fucking a girl with a customised condom adorned with the hair of the girls I own.

Each time I push into her, I would be rubbing the insides of her vagina with the hair of mostly unwilling sexual partners.

Willy : I have arranged and paired up the hair in the order you specified…. If all good, I will go ahead and attach them to the condom….

Jarvis : yes… go ahead… finish one up first… I want to test it with Julia…. Hahahah…. I can see the eager look in her eyes….hahahah

Willy : very well…. This will take just a few minutes…. I have tweaked the chemical contents as well…..

Jarvis: where did you find such a gem like her….

Willy : it’s a long story…..

Jarvis : hahaha….. she’s better than the 1st three… there is something about her eyes…. That… that fire…. It arouses me… hahaha….

Willy : yes…. That fire indeed….

I rubbed my hands eagerly as watched the 3 robotic hands attached the fine hair onto the exterior of the condom that cost me almost 300 Mcoins to make for each.

As the last strand of hair get attached onto the condom, I started to remove my clothes, unable to resist a grin.

Jarvis : hurry up Willy you old fart…. Hahaha… can you hurry up…. You don’t keep a whale waiting you know that…. Ahhaha….

Willy smiled but said nothing.

The machine stopped moving and I could see the condom is ready.

Jarvis : alright…. Let’s do this… !! hahahaha…..

I waited for Willy to bring the condom to me but he did not move.

Jarvis : what are you waiting for…. ? !! hurry up !!!

Willy : Mr Jarvis…. May I kindly inform you that….whatever the price you paid… there will always be someone who can pay better…..

I was taken aback for a brief moment as I stared at Willy.

Jarvis : what the fuck… did you just say ???

I watch a small side door to the fitting chamber open and I came face to face with a familiar looking lady that I had not seen in a long time.

Jarvis : ….. you…..

Sister : Hi Jarvis….

Jarvis : what the fuck do you want….

The prison warden said nothing, she just smiled.

That fucking freak.

He creeps me out, or rather, she creeps me out. What a fucking monster.

I thought I would never need to deal with the warden again after registration as a VIP on the island.

Jarvis : don’t waste my time…. what do you want !!...

Sister : I’m gonna have to borrow something of yours….

Jarvis : what…. ?

I watched the warden pick up the finished condom and I went forward to stop her.

Jarvis : hey !!! fuck off !!...

Before I could figure out what happened, I was thrown back onto the floor. My head was spinning and my eyes could not focus.

Jarvis : what the fuck….aegghhhhh…..

That bitch walked over to me and look down on me before putting one of her heel on my face.

That fucking freak.

Sister : Remember….. who owns this place….

Jarvis : arghhhhh… arghhhhhhhhhhhh!! Ok…. Ok… arghhhh

I could feel her heel digging into my face.

If this was the mainland, I would have fucking killed her but this is not.

This is her island.

Weighing the pros and cons, I don’t fancy the idea of losing a playground like this island.
This is something worth swallowing my pride for.

Sister : I need you to do something for me….

Jarvis : ok…. Ok…. Whatever man… what the fuck….

I got off the floor and looked at the girl who threw me effortlessly onto the ground.

Sister : The girl next door…. Julia…

Jarvis : yeah… why ?

Sister : kill her….

Jarvis : what the fuck….

Sister : do you need me to say it again….

Jarvis : I just want to fuck her….

Sister : kill her first… then you can do whatever you want….

Jarvis :that is fucking sick….

The warden came too close for comfort , intruding into my personal space .

Sister : kill her…. Or you will never get to step onto this island again…. Or… are you going to pretend…. You’ve never done anything like this before….

Jarvis : fuck…. that was so long ago..it was an accident !!!

Sister : then make another accident…

She shrugged her shoulders as if it was nothing.

Jarvis : whatever…..fuck…what a fucking day….

I was about to head over when the warden stopped me.

Sister : one more thing….

Jarvis : what… ?

Sister : pay Julia 50 Mcoin first… then kill her….

I stared at the warden with disbelief but she just nodded towards the door.

Just my luck.

I don’t know what game’s she’s playing but I’m just glad I’m not Julia.


End of part 2


Part 3 

I was handed a box with one of my customised condoms as I straightened my shirt.

I looked at the warden and her assistant who just jumped me.

If they ever step out of this island, I would have people take care of them.

I have people I work with too to do stuff like this.

Sister : yes ? …. Are you unsure what you needed to do ?

Jarvis : no…. I’m clear….

Willy was grinning.

That willy old fox. I always knew he is someone who works for money. His loyalty lies with no one else. Perhaps whoever pays him more.

I don’t deny his good work but someone like him, will not come to a good end.

With my anger seething in my stomach, I was about to turn and head towards the room Julia was in when I noticed something.

Something that made me a lot less angry.

Something that made all this a lot more tolerable.

The warden’s assistant was not standing idle behind her.

She was doing something.

She was taking something and she was replacing somethings in Willy’s lab.

Willy : Please…. Enjoy yourself…. And let me know how the condoms feel…..there’s no need to waste the body…..hahhahaha

His grin disgust me but I smiled.

Jarvis : Do you believe in Karma Willy ?

Willy : hahha…. No I don’t…. do you Me Jarvis….. ?

Jarvis : I do now…. Hahahah…. I do now…..

Willy gave me a raised eyebrow and asked if this is me living my karma.

Willy : for all the things… you’ve…. I meant… for all the girls… you’ve… hahah

Jarvis : well… hahaha…. Only time will tell….

Might as well get this over and done with.

I began making my way over to Julia.

Sure, the warden wants her dead but what Willy said is true.

There’s no need to waste the body.

I can fuck her first before I kill her.

I shut the door behind me and I could see Julia backed against the corner of the room. She looked wary and unsure.

Jarvis : Hi Julia…. My name is Jarvis…… nice to meet you….

She was eyeing the box in my hand.

Jarvis : relax…. It’s a condom….. a special one at that….i don’t think you’ve seen one before……

Julia said nothing.

She’s afraid.

I’m not surprise.

I like that look of fear in her eyes, especially when it contradicts the look of defiance on her face.

Jarvis : come… sit beside me….

I’m not about to go all mad man on her.

Chasing her about the room while I try to strangle her.

Yes, I choose strangulation. I don’t want to disfigure such a nice face or to damage that body.

If I choose to strangle her, I could do it when I’m on top of her.

When I’m in the missionary position.

I could be fucking her, with my cock buried deep inside her pussy as my hands slowly reached for her neck. She would never see it coming.

Perhaps this would be a good chance to try something new too.

I’ve never killed someone while fucking her.

I wonder what it would be like.

Besides, this is a place where I can do anything without consequence.

Maybe I would time my move right when I was about to ejaculate into her vagina.

The mere thought of it got me excited.

Jarvis : come Julia…. Let’s get the payment settled first shall we…..i’ll pay you first…..

Julia did not move.

It seemed as if she needed a bit more coaxing.

Something I’m good with.

I’ve always been good at coaxing girls, especially those fresh from college or university.

Julia is older, more matured. More of a challenge.

Jarvis : come on…. We’re all adults…. I’m…. paying you…. Well above the market rate…. For a service you are providing…..this is reasonable isn’t it…. ?

Julia : I ….

Jarvis : No one forced you to walk inside Willy’s shop right…. ? and please tell me if I’m wrong….

I put on my best innocent look as I waited for her repy.

When she did not have one, I piled on my reassurance.

Jarvis : Julia….. you are a beautiful woman….. and I would be honoured….

I shook the box which held my condom.

Jarvis : to test out my condoms with you….

Julia’s folded arms loosened a little and I saw her touching her own neck as she took a deep breath.

Jarvis : come on….sit down beside me….i’m not a monster….

Julia looked up to the ceiling for a brief moment before putting her foot forward.

I resisted a grin as I watch her walk towards me.

Jarvis : sweet…. Please… sit …..

I tapped the side of the bed and I could feel my cock getting hard.

Such a wonderful minx and I wonder why the warden wanted to kill her.

Perhaps it’s another grand scheme of hers.

If she wasn’t scheming about something, she’s not fit to be the warden.

I reached out and I touched Julia’s body, sliding my hands around her waist as she sat down on the bed beside me.

Her skin is smooth, that’s expected. Almost blemish free.

My erection was pushing hard against my pants by then.

Jarvis : so… tell me a little more about yourself Julia….

Julia : can….. can we settle the payment….

I laughed and I tried to cup my hand on her breast.

She backed away and pushed my hands down.

Jarvis : hahahah… hahah… ok… payment… payment it is….

50 Mcoins.

I tapped her wrist tag with mine and I could see the instant transfer of currency.

Jarvis : there…. Done….

Julia checked her tag to verify the payment has been made.

I tried to cup her breast and although she shivered and squirmed, she did not shy away. She did not push my hands away.

Her eyes were directed away.

She did not want to look at me.

I tried to turn her face towards me but she forcibly turned away.

Jarvis : hahaha…..

I know.

I know girls like her.

They are unwilling to face the reality.

The reality that she just sold her body for money. This is why they refuse to make prolong eye contact. They did not want to acknowledge their shame.

I opened a few drawers and pulled out a blindfold.

Julia : what are you doing… ?!!

Jarvis : relax…. Relax…. It’s just a simple eye mask….

Julia looked unsure.

Jarvis : take it as you are… taking a nap….a short rest…. I’ll do what I need to do…. How about that ?

Julia was considering my suggestion seriously. She kept looking at the eye mask before turning back to me.

Jarvis : Just a short nap…. On a nice bed….

I patted to the bed I was sitting on.

Without warning, Julia took a deep breath, walked over and grabbed the eye mask from my hands.

I smiled.

She put it on and I could see her breathing heavily.

Jarvis : relax… just a short nap…..

Julia lied down on the bed and I feasted my eyes on the body I’m about to defile.

If only she knew this is a nap she will not wake up from.


Julia laid on the bed and I could see her trying hard to control her breathing.

There is something mesmerising about seeing a naked girl lying motionless on the bed. Everyone talks about mind blowing hot sex with a sexy slut, everyone wants a minx in bed.

They want a loud moaner, someone expressive, a girl who toss their hair backwards, cups her own breast, moans in tandem with your thrusting, someone eager to adopt every position you want as you fuck.

All but a few select connoisseur knows and understands the allure of a motionless warm body.

Asleep, peaceful, coerced, drunk, or drugged.

It doesn’t matter.

The scent of unsureness and unwillingness is something not many can appreciate.

I can smell it since I reached puberty.

If not for my father’s money, I would have been a sad loner in school but it’s exactly because of his money and the resources I’m blessed with, that I developed a taste as exquisite as this.

Looking at a unsure Julia reminded me of the time I bought my way into my classmate’s room.

Even after paying her, even after stripping her, she still isn’t sure she wants to go through with it but I gave her no chance to back away.

I teased and prolonged the initial penetration because I wanted to savour that look of confusion.

I held back right until the moment she made up her mind.

That her answer is a no.

Only then would I push in and when I did, I would etched the look of her face into my brain.

That realisation of her being penetrated right when she made up her mind she did not want to be.

It is a mind fuck that would bring about an instant orgasm.

While her mind deals with the repercussions, I would be thrusting my disgusting cock into her.

That’s not all, I like to make conversation with my subjects.

My fuck subjects.

I would ask her in an all innocent voice.

Jarvis : are you ok with this…. ? arghhh.. arghhh… are you ok to see me in school after this… aenghh.e nghhh !! ?? Are you ok to do group projects with me… ?? aegnhhh.. arnghhh

I would keep going until I made them cry.

And I would give them a knowing smile every time I pass them in school, reminding them that I owned their bodies even if it’s for a while.

Many would deny it.

Eventually I fucked so many that they banded together to say Jarvis is delusional. He thinks he fucked all the hot girls in school but it’s not true.

I never said anything because those moments were mine and mine to keep.

I’ve eventually moved on to older women. Fresh graduates, working professionals, and while my experience at the prison island has been great, I have yet to do this to a prisoner before.

It’s either they were willing or unwilling.

I’ve experienced the thrills both ways.

Julia is new.

Something fresh.

I asked her what she did to have ended up here.

Julia : that’s none of your business….

Jarvis : hahhaha….. ok… you don’t look like the uneducated type…..

Julia : just….. get it over and done with !

Jarvis : oh… it doesn’t work like that… hahaha… I need… to cultivate the mood….

If the mood is right, I can be done in 5 minutes, if not, I might take up to 2 hours.

Jarvis : so… how fast this ends…. Really depends on you … hahah

The exasperation on her face was obvious despite the blindfold.

I gave her a few seconds and my patience was rewarded.

Julia : I’m…. I’m a social worker….

Jarvis : wow…. Fuck me…..hahaha… I’ve never done a social worker before…. Ahha… but wait… you meant… you … were…. A social worker…. You’re definitely not one now… hahah…

She did not answer me as  I bent down to smell her tits.

She’s freshly showered, and her perkiness of her breast makes them so suckable.

Jarvis : hmmmm….. hmmmmmm….erghmmmm…

I enlarged my nostril and tried to fit Julia’s nipples into my nose.

I have pretty coarse nostril hair.

I like the idea of tickling the women’s nipples with the hair inside my nostril which is why I never trim them.

Julia : ernghhhh! Ouch !!!

Jarvis : snort…. Gorttt… snort…. Sniff!!!! Hahahha

Julia’s hands were on my head immediately trying to push my away but I held my nose in place.

This is my signature after all.

It’s customary for me to do this.

When I finally stopped, I could see Julia covering her nipples with her palms as her face scrunched up.

It’s not a nice sensation I can imagine.

Just put yourself in that situation.

Sharp prickly hair poking on your erected nipples.

It’s not going to be comfortable.

I could feel the goosebumps along Julia’s skin as I ran my hands along her body.

I spread her legs and there were hardly any resistance.

Taking my box over, I opened it to reveal my customised condom.

I pick it up and I tore open the packaging.

Jarvis : aergnhhhhh !!!

I could not help moaning as the condom touched my cock and it took a life of it’s own, it unrolled along the shaft of my cock.
The sensation feels exactly as if I’m penetrating the wet cunt of a virgin girl.

I could see the fine hair of the girls’ I’ve fucked implanted on the sides.

Julia had some fine hair that looked to be ripe for plucking too.

Perhaps after I fucked her, I shall pluck her hair and add them to my collection.

I pushed my spear tip to the entrance of Julia’s vagina and I could feel the curtains part as if signalling the start of a play.

Jarvis : argnhhhh!!!

Julia : gasp !! ernghhhhh !!! arghhh!!!

Jarvis : arghhhhhh.. arhgh!!!

The condom hugged onto me like a fitted glove while the nerves all along my cock were activated by the squeeze of Julia’s vagina.

I’ve never fucked a social worker before.

I push my cock in as deep as I could and Julia was grabbing the bedsheets by then with her neck fully exposed and her head tilted back.

Her neck looked so inviting that I found myself drawn to it.

My hands reached for her.

I closed my hands around her neck as I withdrew and thrusted my cock back into her, causing her to groan in pain.

Julia : aeGNHH!!!!

Her neck felt warm, I could feel the pulse of her life beating in my palms.

Her hands clasped around my wrist as I thrusted my cock gently.

Julia moaned and gasped, keeping her wrist on mine.

Julia : arnghhh.. anghhh.. arnghhh !!

The more I thrusted into her, the more I felt myself relinquishing control.

I found myself smiling, and strangely excited.

There’s no way the warden would kill a gem like her.

She’s playing some kind of sick game with me.

Or rather, she’s playing some kind of sick game with Julia.

Jarvis : arnghhhhh !!!

I groaned and I realised either way, there’s only one way to find out.

I applied pressure around Julia’s neck and I continued to fuck her.

As the pressure increased, I could feel the increase in her pulse and her grip around my wrist.

Well, if it is indeed a sick game, I hope I’m stopped in time, because if not, I might get in trouble, not for killing an inmate, for getting addicted to this.


*** Julia *** 

I was trying hard not to vomit as the thought of getting penetrated by that disgusting man hit me with full force when his cock pushed into my vagina.

His dick is not big, it’s not long, but it’s the thought of it that is fucking with my head.

I’ve put all manners of stuff in my cunt these few days that I could feel myself slowly getting used to the idea of being used like a piece of meat.

It’s like I’m just hoping this would be over soon.

At least this man is wearing a condom.

I don’t remember being fucked with a condom before, I don’t know what is it suppose to feel like.

Julia : ernghhh!!

It’s a weird feeling.

As his dick slide into me, I felt short burst of  jolt like pulses throbbing in my vagina. You know that kind of jolt when you accidentally hit the soft spot near your elbow, that current of electrical buzz shooting through you arm, I was feeling it in my vagina.

The pulses were stimulating my vagina in spots I never knew could give pleasure.

The man fucked in a pretty awkward manner.

His rhythm of fucking is not consistent.

It’s like he was thrusting a few long and hard one before he slowed down because he had no stamina to sustain his fucking.

It was frustrating and disgusting.

I know I hated him, the idea of being fucked by him for Mcoins but my vagina was actually enjoying the fuck.

I’m pretty sure it was the condom.

The condom was the one thing that enhanced it all.

Julia : ernhhhhhhh…aaouuuuu!!!

Jarvis : you like that… huh ?? hahaha you like that you cunt… ahhaah

I’m not going to answer that but I guess there was no need to.

I was so wet.

The condom felt amazing inside me.

If only it was a bigger and fuller cock.

It would have scratched an itch deep inside my vagina that I can never seem to reach with my fingers.

I found myself fighting with my brain, trying to decide whether to moan out louder.

My moans is not for stroking the ego of the man penetrating me.

My moans are an extension of me enjoying the pleasure I was receiving and If I do moan, it’s a display.

A proud one at that. Like a peacock spreading her feathers.

Julia : erGNHHHHHHHHH!!!

The condom feels like it has a life of it’s own.

The pathetic cock entering and leaving me does nothing except delivers the technology the condom holds into my vagina.

I’m glad I don’t need to look at him, with the blindfold, I can pretend this is anyone I want.

A celebrity, some hot models holding me down and fucking my brains out, anyone but him.

I could feel a prickly sensation at certain points. It’s not exactly comfortable, but it’s not uncomfortable as well.

It’s hard to describe.

One thing I’m sure of though, the build up to my orgasm has started the moment the condom entered my vagina.

As the walls of my vagina contracted and expanded to fit the foreign object inside me, I could feel a low drumming sensation building at the bottom of my tummy.

Like a low tribal drum.

Each time he fucked me, the drumming got louder, the rumbling got deeper.

My moans are like the accompanying instruments in the tribal orchestra.

I was actually getting aroused by the sound of myself moaning.

The man kept talking, he was asking me question but they were falling on deaf ears.

I don’t care.

As the drumming in my tummy built up, my breathing started to affect my own moans.

My head was injected with poisonous thoughts of me getting fucked for money but my body immediately calms down those thoughts with soothing goosebumps around my thighs , my arms, my neck and even behind my ears.

If I knew condoms felt this good, I would fuck more.

I would use my cunt more.

Not to give pleasure, but to receive pleasure.

Julia : arghhh.. ernghhh.. ernghhh!!

My orgasm is building, It’s build so fast.

He barely fucked me for 10 minutes and I could feel it coming.

My heavy breathing was interrupted by the feeling of his palms around my neck.

Julia :arnghhh .!!

I did not think much of it because my ex used to do that to me.

Putting his hands around my neck as he came, he wants to dominate me completely.

The pulsing in my vagina got faster and tighter like a tightly drawn bow.

I was about to explode when I felt the increase in pressure around my neck

I managed to suck in another deep breath of air before I felt the squeeze of his hands around my airways.

I gripped his wrist and I started to struggle.

I started to panic.

He’s trying to kill me.

I wanted to shout but nothing came out.

He was still thrusting his cock inside me.

I hit him on his arm and I felt the first drop of tear leave my eye, wetting the blindfold I had on.

I fought and kicked, I pulled of my blindfold and I hammered his arms.

My vision was starting to get blur and I tried scratching him on his forearms.

He was pressing down so hard that I’m sure I would pass out soon.

Suddenly the door burst open and I saw Miko enter the room.

Jarvis : argUHH!!!!

Miko tackled Jarvis down onto the floor and I choked in a breath of fresh air.

As soon as the oxygen rich air filled my lungs, I broke.

I started to cry as I laid on the bed.

Everyone has their limits and I was trying hard to stay strong.

I even came to terms with letting someone fuck me for Mcoins but almost dying ?

I almost died.

I sobbed and hugged myself as I rolled to the side of the bed.

Jarvis : aerhghhh!!! Arghhh!!! Ahhahaha… ahahah fuck you… fuck you all aeghhhh!!!! Ahhaha.. hahaha

Miko forcefully dragged the man out of the room and I heard Miko asking me to stay in the room.

Of course I’m staying in the room.

Where else could I go.

I cried harder when I saw Willy enter the room.

With his wry smile, he explained that sometimes, clients get carried away.

Willy : it’s ok… relax…. Everything is fine.

Everything is not fine.

He was not the one being fucked on a bed while being strangled.

I head rapid footsteps behind Willy.

I looked up and I saw the warden walking straight towards me.

In her long sleeve silk blouse that shimmered like the silver sea, she looked ever so perfect. Her tight black skirt paired with that pair of heels, she oozes power and control.


Sister : Are you ok Julia ?

The warmth of her voice is like an open embrace.

I fell into her open arms and I sobbed.

Sister : It’s ok…. It’s ok…. Don’t worry…

Without realising, I found myself hugging onto Sister, resting my head against her soft breast. It’s hard to imagine those are not real.

Sister put her arms around me and I could feel her pressing her head against mine.

I sobbed and I found myself lying down on Sister’s lap.

And it was then I was reminded of the fact who or rather what sister really is.

I felt not the softness and comforts of a woman’s thigh, I felt the hardness and the growing length of sister’s manhood.

It’s impossible to ignore.

I pushed myself off her thigh and I look at her.

Her face, her features, nothing about her is manly. The only manly part is hidden underneath her skirt.

Willy : let me check on Mr Jarvis…. I shall leave you 2 alone….

Willy smiled and left the room.

The warden brushed my hair away from my tear streaked face.

I felt her hands on my breast and her fingers closed around my nipples.

The gentle twisting made my mouth open.

The warden did not take long to seal my partly open mouth with hers.

I felt my whole body melting away.

I give up.

I surrender.

She can do whatever she wants.

Being fucked by a beautiful shemale beats being fucked by a disgusting fat man anytime.


The prison is a strange place filled with strange people.

I touched the bruises on my neck as I walked slowly along the street leading back to the main strip mall.

This few days felt like a dream.

A few minutes of walking later I could see the shop where I was showcased to a group of students come up into view. A large group of teenagers jostled eagerly at they queued to enter the shop where they would get an education of the female body like none they’ve ever seen.

My legs felt weak as I slowly bent down and supported myself on a pillar.

I exhaled a couple of times before I find myself retching onto the sidewalk.

A few other fellow prisoners near me immediately gave me a wide berth.

I vomited violently, throwing up the coffee and snacks I gorged on at Charlie’s condom factory earlier that day.

I sank to my knees and I started to cry.

Barely an hour ago someone tried to kill me.

He tried to kill me while having sex with me.

What the fuck is wrong with this world ?

If not for the warden’s timely arrival, I would have died right there and then.

It’s a fetish for the rich and powerful, I’ve read about it somewhere before. Being able to hold life and death in your hands as you fuck the girl gets you a high that is impossible to chase and satisfy once you get the hang of it.

Miko took care of that man and I never saw him again when I left the café.

She said he’s gone and there is no need to worry about him.

As I sat on the bed in the warden’s arm, I realised that I’ve never felt more like a woman than that particular moment. I wanted a shoulder to lean on, someone to tell me everything will be ok.

For a brief moment, I thought the warden would provide that shoulder.

Just for that moment, I would not have minded if the warden takes me right there and then.

I’m just too tired to resist.

The warden did not take me. She remained calm and composed as always.

She did not say much, and just asked me to take care.

Sister : take care Julia….

She left the factory with Miko with a smile.

Charlie apologised to me and said that sometimes, clients do get carried away.

He hopes that the unfortunate incident would not dent my confidence in his trade. He walked me to the door and said he hope I would consider being a tester for his customised condoms in the future.

I did not reply and I started walking.

I kept walking until the unsettling feeling in my stomach stopped me from going on.

I wiped the remnants of the puke from the side of my mouth and I felt the touch of a hand on my naked shoulder.

It’s a man, a customer.

He was grinning at me.

He looks younger than me, probably a fresh graduate spending his father’s money.

Man : you ok dear? … you’re my type… hahaha…

Julia : fuck off….

He chuckled and I swiped his hand away from touching my breast.

The man lifted his wrist tag and he wanted to pair up with me forcibly when he saw the amount of Mcoins I have.

I saw that hesitation in his eyes.

That’s right, I forgot about the 50 Mcoin payment I just received.

I pulled my wrist tag away and saw that he has only 2.56 Mcoins. That’s his allowance for the day and he probably has no plans to waste it on a rejection

Julia : hahaha… oh… that’s a bit lacking isn’t it….

I could tell he was pretty irritated as he backed off and gave me the middle finger.

There were a few lingering stares from other men and girls on the streets but they moved on once there was nothing more to see.

I looked at the balance I have in my wrist tag.

It’s 61.35 Mcoins.

I didn’t keep a detail track of my balance but the 50 Mcoins changed everything.

I walked in the middle of the street in broad daylight with my head held high for once.

I made eye contact with the men putting their eyes on my body.

I eyeballed sleazy old men stroking their chins.

I stared at the obviously inexperienced young chaps huddled in a group deep in discussion.

Men approached me.

Of course they approached me.

Before they could get near, I merely flashed my wrist tag.

The number alone was enough to turn them away.

No one wanted to risk a rejection. That’s a solid Mcoin gone to waste when you could fuck another willing girl to your heart’s content.

I made my way back to the capsule inn i stayed in and I went on to take a shower.

After the hot shower, I took my time to dry my hair before walking back out into the street.

This time round, I’m not alone.

I could see Aurelia’s girls following me.

I turned around and they made no attempt to hide their presence.

I smelled fresh and I could feel the wind in my hair.

Walking past a small bar, I turned and looked inside to see that it’s filled with mostly men. The girls that were in there were on their knees.

Yes, the men were drinking while the girls were sucking their dicks.

The men chatted and laughed as they rained peanut shells on the bodies of the girls blowing their friends.

Some laughed openly as they tried to feed peanut to another girl.

On the side, I could see a small table with men gathered around gambling.
They were wagering their Mcoins into a common screen before shaking their dices.

I saw a girl moaned loudly as the men forcibly pushed the dices into her vagina before asking her to squeeze it back out into their palms. Then they laughed loudly before shaking the dices in the container.

It’s sick, but then again, what have I see so far in the prison that is not sick.

I don’t know what has gotten into me but I felt like having a drink.

My body moved on it’s own as I pushed opened the pub door and stepped in, crushing clusters od peanut shells beneath my feet.

The bar grew quieter by a notch before it went quiet totally.

At least a dozen pair of eyes were looking at me as I made my way to the centre of the bar.

Julia : do you mind ? ….

The 2 burly men blocking my path parted ways for me as I rest my hand on the bar counter, proudly displaying the balance on my tag.

The girl tending the bar asked me what I want.

Julia : give me a whisky…. Make it a double…

I was about to pay when a old man offered to pay for me.

Old man : I’ll get that… hahah… wow…. It’s been a while since I see a lady walk inside her…. On her feet… hahaa

The men in the pub laughed as my drink was served to me.

I raised my glass to his to thank him for the free drink but said nothing.

Old man : so… how many did you have to fuck…. to save up to that amount… hahaha

The men laughed louder and again, I said nothing.

As the fiery liquid warmed my tummy, I could feel the rising heat in me.

I could not tell if it’s the alcohol or the humiliation I’ve suffered for the last few days.

Old man : you are not mute are you….. ? hahahah

“ maybe she sucked so many cocks she went mute … hahah “

“ she swallowed too much liao I think … hahaha “

“ I think she deep throat too much hahaha “

The old men ignored the comments and waited for me to reply him.

I didn’t reply him though.

I just looked at him and finished my drink slowly before setting the glass down.

I took turn with my eyes, making eye contact with each of this men in the room.

There’s literally nothing stopping them from ganging up and raping me right there and then, and I could see everyone of them already doing it in their head.

The only thing stopping them is the rules.

Rules they abide by because no one wanted to risk their membership into this paradise.

For every girl that you cannot get, you can easily find 10 more to take her place.

And right now, as I looked defiantly at the men eye raping my body, I am effectively telling them what they didn’t want to hear.

They can’t touch me.

“ Beep ! “

The beeping happened so fast I didn’t have time to react.

The old men walked up and paired his wrist tag with me, grinning widely at me.

Old man : I want you so badly… hahaha….

I looked at the displayed transaction and I rejected it by matching his 1 Mcoin offer right there and then.

A flurry of groans and whistles filled the bar as the men could not believe what they just saw.

Several clapped and jeered as I crossed my legs as looked at that old man.

Old man : wow…. Hahhaah… just wow…. Hahah

He laughed and raised his hands to calm the younger patrons down in the pub.

Old man : now… now….

The pub grew quiet as he old man said he has been partying on this island for the past 3 years.

Old man : never once…. Never…. Has any girl reject me before… hahaha… hahahah…..

He then turned to me and gestured for the dices at the gambling table.

2 containers were brought over right away together with 5 dices each.

Old man : your rejection… only makes me want you more… hahaha… hahah

He flashed his wrist tag and I could see a balance of 11 Mcoins.

Old man : I want you lady…. Hahahah….i want you….

I looked at him and finally spoke.

Julia : 11 mcoins ? that’s hardly enough….

Old man : hahaha… hahah…..

The old man pulled gestured for another serving of whisky for me before pulling up his sleeve a little more.

The wrist tag is not showing 11.

It’s 110.

He has 110 Mcoins in his wrist tag.

He grinned widely at me as the men in the pub started to encircle us.

Old man : I want you… but…. You’re worth 2 Mcoins at the most… maybe 3…. For that attitude….hahaha…

Julia : for a moment I thought you wanted to do this until my balance run to zero….

The men in the room laughed.

It was a ridiculous idea.

60 Mcoins could get you 60 girls in the prison.

No one would spend that kind of Mcoin on one.

Old man : that don’t make sense to me but tell you what…. I like you….hahaha…. 10 Mcoins….i lose… you get 10 Mcoins…. If I win….hahahah

Julia : you get me ?

The old man gave me a wink and raised his glass to touched mine.

I could see Aurelia’s girls looking at me from outside the pub, they’re probably wondering why the fuck am I not making my way over to her now that I have 50 Mcoins.

Old man : what say you ? hahaha what’s your name lady … ?

Julia : Julia…

Old man : Julia…. Hahaha…. Do we have a deal… ?

The bystanders brought over the gambling screen that was being used at the small table and put it in between me and the old man.

He did not hesitate, he immediately tapped his wrist tag and selected 10 Mcoins.

Julia : I’ll play with you…. But not with my body…..

I tapped the machine as well and selected 10 Mcoins and the pub erupted with cheers.

The old man grinned and nodded his head.

Old man : it appears as if……hahaha………I have to empty you first….

I finished the 2nd drink and my face scrunched up as the drink burned my throat on it’s way down. Hissing loudly as I exhale, I said the same thing to the old man.

Almost the same thing actually.

Julia : Not if I empty you first….




  1. Hi bro, dun feel offended, I believe readers don’t mind waiting for your updates cos it’s just that good, but can try to set for urself a more realistic update schedule? Obviously u cant keep up with it, so just be more flex with if you are busy, better than not meeting ur timeline and apologising for disappointing ur readers :)

  2. Hi, no offence taken. The fault is mine. I've not logged in for a while.
    I understand when you are coming from. The dates are a schedule i hope to adhere to but it's been a challenging week both at work and home.

    I shall remove the update schedule for this work temporarily.
    The dates shall reflect only on the days i've updated.
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