Sister in law got drunk during overseas trip

Disclaimer : The following is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual events is purely continental and unintentional. Please read this only if you are certain you are able to accept works on violence, non-consensual sex, taboo & racial issues.

My Sister in law, Kate, is the main cause of friction in the household. She’s a typical tai tai wannabe, and she has never held a job for more than 6 months.

At 26, with a decent degree from NUS, you would think Kate is joining the throng of other fresh grads climbing the corporate ladder but that could not be further from the truth.

She graduated when she was 23, and has spent the past 3 years bumming around, living from pay check to pay check.

Somehow Kate still manage to live a lifestyle many could only dream off. The frequent vacations, chilling at cafes and trying out posh restaurants. Her social media accounts are filled with pictures of her nicely manicured nails, her smooth hairless leg and the dainty high tea she goes to.

In fact I was toying with the idea that she might be doing some freelance escort on the side until my wife revealed that she had no lack of suitors who were willingly paying for her expenses.

Of course Kate will have no lack of suitors.

She’s got that petite sweet girl demeanour that somehow just draws all the guys towards her. She’s not very tall, probably 1.6m, her eyes are big and natural long lashes. If she chose to put on extensions and apply some makeup, she would have to look that no man could resist taking a 2nd glance.

In Chinese, I would call it 勾魂. Loosely translated as hooking your soul. Yet that seductive look is nothing close to a cheap slut vixen, there is something about her eyes that seemed to connect with anyone who stares at them.

I was reminded of her countless attempts to try and pester me into getting her some bags or makeup during my overseas trips. She would go all soft , pulling my hand, swinging it side to side like a helpless little girl, at the same time she would laugh and go ;

Kate : Jack……pleassssssseeeee….haha…. Jack….. pleaseses… haha…

With her head tilted to the side and her eyes fluttering at me, it usually meant a couple of hundreds gone on duty free cosmetics alone.

Jack : Sigh….. ok… ok…

My favourite part would be the moment I agreed to her requests.

She would do a cute ‘yippee’ , punching her hand in the air before giving me a hug.

And that was some hug.

Kate’s breast is a full and supple C cup. I lost count of the times I stole and smell her bras and bikinis that were hanging in the common laundry area.

As I’m currently staying with my in laws in their semi detached house in Siglap while waiting for my BTO flat to be ready, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to indulge in my sister in law’s worn clothes, her soiled lingerie’s and her well worn heels.

When Kate’s breast press against my chest, I could feel time slowed down to a crawl as the soft pillowy breast deflated my lungs, drawing all the air out, the warmth and comforting brush of her breast against mine was the picture of my countless masturbation session.

And the smell, that almost innocent virgin smell of a young fertile woman turned me on in more ways I could ever described.

I’m not saying Kate’s a virgin, she’s had a couple of relationships before and I’m pretty sure she popped her cherry long ago.

Perhaps it was the fact that Kate is my sister in law.

The more untouchable she was, the more it aroused me in a weird perverted manner.  

No matter how stressful I was at work, sometimes all it took was Kate’s running shorts, soaked right through with her youthful womanly sweat to release all the tension that was built up in my head.

Kate is lazy, she would just pull of her running shorts together with her undies, curling and tangling them up together into a mess before dropping them into the laundry basket.

The same laundry basket in the big bathroom shared with me and my wife Karen.

It was an erotic and satisfying feeling, to slowly separate the sweat stained running shorts and her undies from each other. It was a sick thing to do but I could not resist it.

The smell of her stale sweat, the realisation of her privates sweating directly onto the soiled panty as she pounded the track in her short ankle socks and well worn shoes gave me a raging erection everytime.

There was something about Kate’s youthfulness that draws me to her.

Kate’s bottom is shapely and tight, she worn shorts so short and tight in the house that sometimes my in laws would even scold her for wearing them especially when I’m around.

I tried not to be too obvious I was ogling at Kate so whenever she came down in something that was too hard to resist staring, I would excused myself.

The last thing I needed was for my wife or in law to see me staring at Kate’s legs and the small opening between her short thin shorts.

Kate loved to lie down on the long 3 seater sofa in the living room to watch her TV, and whenever possible, I would take up position on the 2nd level of the house.

From a corner, I could look down and stare directly at the small triangle wedge her crotch made on her shorts. I had checked that angle several times before, there was no way for anyone to see me unless they were halfway up the stairs.

Needless to say, I usually excused myself when the entire family is hooked onto some drama which I was not interested in.

I would secretly withdrew to my secret corner, and spend some time touching myself as I stared at the smooth long legs that were resting on the arm rest of the sofa.

If I was lucky, Kate would turn to her side and that would reveal more of her legs, almost to the point of seeing the bottom curve of her buttocks.

My wife Karen and I are pretty close to Kate, she would tag along when we go out during the weekends. She would giggle and say she misses us and want to spend some time together.

My wife usually calls her bluff and says she’s just out to get free food for the day.

Kate : Aiyah…. Don’t like that la……Jack don’t mind right….~~~

She would give me a doleful eye look before linking arms up with me, sometimes placing her head on my shoulders.

Kate : Jie….don’t like that la….. I not so lucky like you to have Jack to take care of you……

Karen : Don’t give me that bullshit ah….

Kate : Haha…. It’s true…. Jack is the nicest, sweetest man ever……if I could I would clone one of him man…. Haha….

Jack : Errr…still….. I’m not paying for your shopping ah…. Haha.

Kate  : no need to shop la…. Just treat me eat will do…. Haha…

Sometimes it can be pretty fun and interesting to have Kate along when I go out with my wife.

My wife is pretty good looking too and with Kate by my side, I would usually get envious stares whenever I walk into restaurants or cafes.

Kate gets a little touchy too when she’s excited.

She would cling onto my arm, allowing me to brush against her supple breast as she dragged me to check out the latest gadgets as she knew Karen is not interested in them.

Sometimes, as if it was the natural thing to do, Kate would just link arms with me as we shopped if my wife is not holding my hands.

Karen did not seem too bothered by what Kate does as she’s her sister after all.

Life is good for me, sex with my wife is pretty regular, and I have a hot and desirable sister in law. On special occasions if I was lucky, I even got a free holiday, courtesy of my father in law who runs his own import export business.

There was one particular holiday however that was special.

One that I would never forget.

And it all started with a series of unfortunate incidents with Kate one rainy morning before our family trip. 

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