Ebook FAQ

Here are some FAQ regarding the ebook purchase.

Before you buy anything, please know that there are a lot of free to read works available on this blog. They are no less enjoyable than the paid works.

So please don't feel obliged to get anything. There are better ways to spend your hard earn money.

If you enjoyed my work and wish to show your support, get the paid works and come into my world.

What are the payment modes available ?

Paypal and credit cards only. Legal age to use paypal is 18, and you need to be 21 to own a credit card.This is a barrier of sort i guess to sieve out minors.

Please get out of this blog if you are under 18.

What currency will i be billed in ? 

The platform i use primarily is gumroad. It charges in USD. The prices of ebooks are listed in SGD, paypal & your credit card merchant will do the necessary conversion. SGD 5 means you pay only about USD 3.8.

I know it's a hassle but after evaluating a few platform, the current one stands out the most in terms of features.

If you ;

 (transact in USD) Merchant name to appear in your statement will be 'gumroad'
 (transact in SGD via webstore or payhip) Merchant name to appear in your statement will be 'lkjhgfdsa'

What about my privacy ? 

Transaction goes through gumroad/payhip/paypal merchant. Not me. The only information i have of you is the email you used to receive the files. That is all.

I won't even know your paypal account email/details.

Please refer to this post if you would like some suggestions on how to create a discreet paypal account like what my friend 'Ah beng' did.

Can i be a ebook reseller ?

Yes you can. If you have a blog / website / forum page that you are managing and you would like to be a reseller, drop me a mail at ilikeock@gmail.com

All you need is a gumroad account.

It's free to sign up.

We can set up the affliates account and you are good to go.

As long as someone gets a ebook through your link, gumroad automatically splits the agreed percentage and sends it to the respective account.

There are not big bucks to be made here, but if you are looking to make 20-30 dollars a month for your internet bill, it should not be a problem i guess.

Can i become rich if i resell your ebooks ? Something like those online get rich quick business ? 

You are obviously under age. Get out.

I don't have paypal or credit card. How do i get your ebooks ? 

I'm sorry. There are no other ways. I'm pretty sure one day all the libraries in Singapore would carry my books. Try checking in Year 2150.

Is there any discount codes ? 

There might be some available from time to time. So check out the blog often or subscribe to the mailing list.

Why did you not reply my mail ? 

I usually reply all mails within a few days whenever i log in.

I will not reply your mail if you are under 18. I know. It's magic, don't ask me how i know. I won't tell you.

You can try to bluff your way through the email correspondence, but once i get a whiff you are not supposed to be here, i will just send all your stuff to the spam folder.

I'm interested in getting the ebooks but is this legal ? Should i be concern with the transaction in any way ?

A : Honestly, i don't know. If you are uncomfortable with getting anything, please don't do it. There are a lot of free to read stuff in the blog.

As for the transaction itself, so far i have yet to encounter any major problems with the platforms.

Why do you take so long to update ? Can update intervals be shorter ? 

I work a full time job in the day, and i have family commitments. No matter how hard, i will still squeeze out time everyday to do a bit of writing. It could be 5 lines, it could be 5 pages, as long as i have the time to write, i will do it.

I want to write for a living and believe me when i say i'm taking small steps towards that direction.

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