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Fine dining Drinks list

Sensual Singapore fine dining menu for the discerning gentlemen
(Non-consensual / humiliation)

Drinks list

Neon pink sports bra, bright running shoes, FBT shorts and that repetitive gasp of air. Running in the dead of the night in that attire, she's obviously asking for trouble.

Sleazy taxi uncle harbors dirty thoughts about his neighbor . Tight convent school pinafore, sweaty netball attires and she was unlucky enough to be caught smoking.
Underage smokers should be punished. No?

As a responsible tuition teacher, i have to make sure the money of parents are well spent. So a grave offence such as skipping class should be dealt with.
I have to make sure the student doesn't skip class again.

Natalie has her own tumblr blog where she shares intimate photos of her body, without her face of course. What would you do if you accidentally stumble upon her real identity ?

The bride. You know you are thinking of doing it but it's your brother's big day. It's his day or if you are lucky, it could be your day too.

I'm fat, ugly and disgusting. The one colleague you would want to avoid at work, but i share a cubicle with the prettiest chick around. Seeing how pretty she is stirred up emotions that i find it hard to suppress.
I didn't want to do it, but i could not help myself

If being humiliated is your cup of tea, this read is for you. Eating bread smoosh by high heels, forced to shave, forced to cross dress, having your privates teased, drinking spit of hot and pretty girls to quench your thirst. A 5 part mini series

So.... your friend is getting married soon...... but her bride to be needs money
You need a more detailed explanation for this situation?

Don't lie to yourself. How many times have you thought about this as well ?
Join James as he set up an elaborate con, drawing his sister in law in with interpretation of her
Bazi ( 8 characters) and elements.
Anchor that analysis to facts and science of the human reproductive system, what kind of recipe would James come up with ?
One that would get him his sister in law of course.

This piece was inspired by one I read from Melissa who blogs at roughorders.blogspot.
She wrote the original piece from the girl’s perspective and I did one from the guy’s point of
Did this in late July when I was corresponding with her, and yes, she has read it too.
The original piece she wrote is here
All credits for the story line goes to Melissa.

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