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Fine dining selection menu 1 ( Wife sharing / cuckold / swinging / partner sharing )

Sensual Singapore fine dining menu for the discerning gentlemen
(wife sharing / swinging / cuckold /partner sharing)


Singapore is a multi racial society and my best friend is a Indian. All is good but there's just a small problem. My girlfriend doesn't like him for the colour of his skin.
I want to make her like him, because there is nothing sexier than seeing her smooth pale body being pinned under the dark body of my best friend.

My wife thinks that just because she graduated in one of the top elite schools in the country, everyone is beneath her. She treats her staff like dirt, abusing them verbally whenever possible. When I chanced upon her cheating on me, I decided that it was time the staff gets their payback.

How should you celebrate your wife to be's big night ? How about some mind blowing orgasms delivered by other men ?

It's your ultimate fantasy. Admit it.
You can't force her to do it, but you can engineer each step along the way to lead her down a path of no return.

The freelance model that you hired for a body sushi dinner failed to turn up.
It's an important deal for the company that you and your wife set up.

At that point in time, you cannot decide which is worse.
Having to cancel the dinner with some of your most important clients, or to let your wife take the place of the model .


Stella and i are about to try and start a family. Just before we do, we decided to embark on a little adventure to fulfill our dark fantasies. If you ever imagined your wife being a social escort, gangbanged by construction workers, and being used like a whore by strangers, this is for you.

Wife forced to clear her father's gambling debts. If you can't pay with money, you pay with your body.


A different approach to story telling.
Video based.
Expect visuals & audio.

Graphics taken from popular online sources, all masking and mosaic done by original content owner.
I only write the story.

How can you not document such a priceless moment ? 

You come across a page that claims to be able to hypnotise anyone. And the first person that comes to your mind is that hot neighbour of yours in her JC uniform.

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