My cheating wife from elite school gangbanged by construction workers.

Disclaimer : The following is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual events is purely continental and unintentional. Please read this only if you are certain you are able to accept works on violence, non-consensual sex, taboo & racial issues.

My wife, Yuting, is someone you would love to hate.

She has the typical elitist mentality of someone who goes to branded schools, hangs out with the cool and hip crowd, and even though she studied in Singapore, she speaks with a slight slang.

She comes from a well to do family and has spent her schooling days along the stretch of road known as Bukit Timah. Even though her school is a couple of bus stops away, she gets chauffeured to and fro everyday till she enters Junior college.

I don’t know how many hearts she has broken with her pretty face and shapely figure but I’ve heard stories about her from some of her friends.

Ok, not stories, more of snippets of trivial information.

Yuting was the belle of the school when she was in her teens.

Now that she has finally grown into a woman, she continues to attract stares and envy looks when she dresses up and hit the town.

She has a good shoulder frame set on top of her v-shape torso, her bottom fills up nicely with her perky butt and she is blessed with a pair of long beautiful legs. At 1.65, she’s not really in the tall league but it’s just the proportion of her body that really catches the guy’s attention.

Her breast is a nice full B cup, not too big, but the right size to pair with a nice low cut top. Nothing too eye catching, yet it leaves your imagination running wild, thinking about what would be underneath.

I’ve see her school photos, the way that sleeveless blue dress she wore from primary to secondary school hugged onto her well developed breast. It was no wonder she attracted a few females as well.

Yuting has perfect eyesight, yet for the sake of getting a nerdish look at times, she would put on a pair of glasses. The kind Jap AV stars would wear so you can cum all over her face.

I can only imagine what that did to the poor boys in her same JC class. Occasionally she would still boast about being sought after by 5 of her classmates at the same time, but I would just listen on with a smile.

Having been in a girls school all the way till she’s 16, she enjoyed the attention she got from the guys right from the get go. Yuting was showered with gifts and attention not only from her classmates, even the lecturers loved her as she’s a really bright student.

She scores well, speaks well and has a demeanour that spoke class and style no matter what she did.

She seems like the perfect girl until you get to know her in a more intimate level.

Her dad, my father in law is a small time developer, very low profile. Throughout his career, he has managed to build up his small contractor business, making a tidy sum from tearing down old houses and rebuilding them.

With 3 fully paid properties along Bukit timah being rented out, he started taking things easy when he reached his 50th birthday.

I was one of his first employee, and having choose to stick with him through thick and thin because I know he’s a nice guy.

He pays me well, and on my 6th year of working with him, he introduced his daughter to me over a company dinner.

Yuting was 24 when I was introduced to her officially. The same age which I started work at her dad’s company.

I had seen her a couple of times at the office and everyone know she’s the boss’s daughter. When she comes down to site, I can even see some of the indian workers staring at her.

You can’t blame them though.

Who in the world comes to a construction site in a white tube top dress with high heels.

As Yuting’s father starting to take a back seat in managing the company, he handed over more responsibilities to Yuting and she eventually became my boss.

She may be younger than me but she has a natural bossy attitude when it comes to managing people.

One thing many suppliers and old staff hated was that she talks down to people.

As if everyone she speaks to is beneath her.

Another thing about Yuting was that she hated foreign workers. The manner in which she scolds our Indian workers was very insulting.

She refer to them as dogs, always saying they stink.

“ You smell like a pig “ ,

“ Get your muddy shoes out of my office “ ,

“ stupid Indian “

“worst than dog shit”

Yuting calls all the Indian workers by the same name.

“ Muthu curry”

The fuck is she thinking, I don’t know, but that’s the way she is.

She would look at them in a condescending manner before asking them to do something.

Yuting : Eh…. Muthu curry, bring this over there

Yuting : Eh….. muthu curry, can you hurry up or not… slow like pig….

It’s hard to imagine something with her level of education will say something like that. It’s as if she despises them so much that she can’t bring herself to look at them in the eye when she talks to them.

And these are the very workers that helped her dad built up his business.

Many times I had to apologise to the workers after she’s gone. Sooth a few wounds with some drinks and snacks, telling the workers not to be bothered with her. Thankfully they know me pretty and with a casual shake of their heads, they would wave it off and all would be good, I think…..

Sometimes I would notice a group of them staring at Yuting, whispering and talking softly amongst themselves. Someone would make a comment, and suddenly the rest would nod their head eagerly before breaking into a laugh.

It’s not hard to imagine what they were walking about especially with the way Yu ting dresses and the way she looks.

Now for me,I’m just a simple neighbour kid, my academic results were less than stellar. It’s not uncommon for me to make some grammar mistakes in my emails to clients. Yuting would flare up at me and say my English sucks.

She would also nick pick on the things I do, saying that I’m slow in giving instructions to the site staff and I’m not productive enough.

And the scolding got worst when we started dating.

You must be laughing your socks off by now.

Why would I want to date someone like her ?

The thing is we spent so much time together because of work, somehow, we just naturally drifted closer. It started with the dinners, then the occasional coffee.

Then the movies follows.

I held her hand one evening after rushing out some work in the office and we fucked like 2 sex starved rabbits in the pantry and the rest as they say, is history.

As long as Yuting keeps her mouth shut, she’s not that bad.

Sex was great, especially so after a hard argument in the office. Even though we were officially an item, Yuting would scold me and put me down in front of sub contractors and other suppliers.

It was humiliating and embarrassing, not just because I’m a guy, it’s also because I’m her boyfriend.

It was situation like this that drove up my sex drive.

One thing about Yuting though, she would never reject my sexual advances. Not that I could remember.

Her sex drive is pretty high, perhaps amplified by the fact that she had spent a good amount of time in the girls school.

It was as if she somehow knew I would want to fuck her hard, pound on her firm toned butt, slam my hardened dick into her soft helpless pussy every time I argued with her, or rather, after every time she scolded me.

I would not wait for her to shower or change.

On days like this I would leave office on my own.

The moment I saw her car pull up in the driveway, I would get ready in the room.

Yuting hardly put up a fight when I grabbed onto her hair and forced her down to her knees.

She tries to put her branded Chanel bag on the table but I would sweep it off and kick it to a corner as I unzipped my pants. Roughly thrusting my dick into her face, forcing her to suck me in her office clothes.

She just looked quietly at my bulging privates, giving me a innocent cock hungry slut look, which usually comes with some half hearted apology.

Yuting : Dear…. I’m sorry…. You know my temper is not very good….

I would thrust my privates towards her, feeling the built up of my sexual frustration coupled with the humiliation at work. Looking at Yuting give me that trying to act innocent look made my dick rock hard.

Then all my anger, my stress and tension would just go away as I look at her obediently take my dick into her mouth. Licking my pee hole and sucking my shaft.

Her blow job is not very good, just run of the mill. I’ve had better ones when I go out to have fun, but it’s not the act itself that turns me on. It’s me knowing that even though she’s my wife, knowing that this girl from a good elite school who owns everything still has to get down on her knees and suck the dick of a simple neighbourhood guy that arouses me.

So what if you are top of the class ?

What does it matter if you are the belle of the school with all the attention showered on you ?

You are still sucking the cock of a neighbourhood kid.

It’s a sick thought but I could not help it.

I would usually end the session after a good pounding for Yuting, making sure she sweats and perspire, drenching her work clothes before I cum deep into her golden pussy.

We have no intentions to have kids, it was something we both agreed on before we got married, as such, Yuting is on regular contraceptives.

This pretty much meant I can cum as much as I wanted into her without fear.

Our lives were pretty mundane and it was a chance encounter I had that I started to suspect Yuting was cheating on me.

The office had just hired a designer from Portugal, and I notice Yuting has been spending a lot of time with him.

There were a few too frequent work lunches and when they started going out for long meetings, I knew something was wrong.

I started to pay more attention to the both of them at work, I had to be sure if not I will end up making a fool of myself.

As I observed the new designer, Mike , I noticed something peculiar.  He was hired to do some design work, but he spends most of the time typing away on his computer.

He shouldn’t have that much correspondence to reply to as he’s only been here for less than 3 months. I have yet to assign a project to him and he was doing bits and pieces of work for a few other team leaders.

I turned to look at Yuting and I noticed that she too will be typing away on her keyboard whenever Mike stops.

It might be a coincidence but I decided to do a more detailed count.

After getting it right about 17 times before lunch, I was pretty sure I was on to something.

Yuting would smile, type away on her keyboard before clicking send.

Mike would suddenly smile, type away before clicking again.

As this series of actions happened in succession, I knew something was up.

1st December 2014



Yuting came over to me and said she’s heading out to meet a client for lunch.

Barely a minute later I saw Mike check his surrounding and left for lunch too.

I immediately got up and the moment Mike went into the lift, I dashed to the staircase, skipping 3 steps at a time to clear the 4 storey building we work in at Outram.

I got to the ground floor in time to see Mike casually checking the surrounding before walking away from the lift lobby.

Making sure I kept a safe distance, I started to follow him.

Mike crossed a couple of roads before disappearing into Wangz hotel.

I doubled my pace but he was gone.

He did not go into the main entrance, of that I was sure.

He went to the carpark.

I went to the basement carpark and I saw Yuting’s car parked right in front of my face.

There was a lift beside her car and I watch the number go up to the 4th floor.

Before I could do anything, a staff approached me and asked if he could help.

Hotel Staff : Can I help you Sir ?

I gave him a look and turned away before replying.

Adrian : No you can’t….

I went back to the office and noted the time that Yuting came back. Barely 10 minutes later, Mike appeared.

Surprisingly though, I was not that mad.

Perhaps it was because I was also cheating on her.

As I look at Yuting in the office, crossing her legs pretending to act all demure and professional, I could not help but think of the fact that she just had her vagina pounded and abused by someone else other than me.

Fucking slut.


A few indian workers came into the office with some site forms and documents for Yuting to sign.

Raja , Vijay and Sumar. They knew some basic English, good enough to do basic administrative work. The moment they entered, I could see Yuting’s face change.

Her blissful fresh fucked mood was gone and she started on her insults and comments about the workers before ending them out after she scribbled and approved the forms and documents.

I saw Raja mumbling something to the other 2 before they laughed at the same time as they step out into the lobby.

Yuting came over to me, asking me some questions.

I could smell her.

I could see her cleavage as she moved my mouse, trying to bring up a document I was working on.

It was then a weird perverted thought crossed my mind.

It was so weird that I was surprised it even came up.


Note : Will be using a folder of pictures from Sylvia's hardisk for illustration purposes. There's a good collection of pictures inside of her in school uniforms. Yuting is modelled and created base on Sylvia's real life profile and looks.

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