The sales rep from the cord blood bank

Disclaimer : The following is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual events is purely continental and unintentional. Please read this only if you are certain you are able to accept works on violence, non-consensual sex, taboo & racial issues.

Summary : 

Overly eager sales rep follows her customer to his warehouse expecting to close a deal only to find out she's not the person getting a good deal out of it. This piece explores forced orgasm, industrial power tools as sexual arousal equipment and forced squirting, non consensual sex and inter-racial gangbang.

Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with any of the above. 

I certainly did not expect someone to try and sell me something when i was at the Gynae together with my wife for her regular checkup. 

A sales rep from one of the leading cordblood bank approached me and gave me a brochure. Honestly, i would not have entertained her if not for the way she looked and dressed. 

She's a local chinese in her early 30s by my estimates. From the way she speaks and the lingo she used, you could tell she's a home grown Singaporean. 

She introduced herself as Gwenn, and asked if she would briefly speak to me the benefits of the programme. 

It was really a coincidence since i was usually in the room with my wife during the checkup, but on that particular day, i was in the middle of a phone call and i asked her to go on ahead. 

Gwenn sat down beside me and crossed her leg as she orientated her body towards me. 

It was obvious a few other husbands in the clinic was trying to look away as their wives were beside them. 

Gwenn was wearing this light purple blouse and black short skirt. Her smooth white legs were mostly exposed, especially a large portion of her thigh given the way she dressed and sit. 

A trendy pair of ankle boots covered her feet as she brushed back her fringe and tried to sell me the benefits of keeping the cord blood for the child. 

It's not cheap, we are talking thousands of dollars. 

It was enough to put me off but i could not help but listen to Gwenn as she kept brushing back her fringe and holding onto the front of her blouse so it doesn't reveal her cleavage as she bent down to point at the brochure. 

Nothing could describe the look of envy i was getting from a few other men in the room. 

I told her i would have to cut her off because my wife was waiting for me. 

Tom : But i'm definitely interested to know more.... 

I could see the look of delight in her eyes as she asked me for a namecard. 

At about 9pm that evening, Gwenn sent me a message asking when would be a good time to meet me and my wife so she could answer our questions and go through the process. 

I was just thinking about her body and smile so i casually asked about the process through the phone message. 

A flurry of weblinks followed together with a bunch of messages. 

I told her i would think about it before getting back to her. 

That was when she started to get a little less professional in her text messages. 

Gwenn sms : Sure...take your time ok ? .... let me know if you have questions.... if can support me a bit ok ??? i haven close any this month yet.... 

Tom sms : Sure... let me look at it... will get back to you soon.... 

I deliberately waited 2 more days before texting Gwenn again.

Tom sms : Hi Gwenn... my wife in interested....i'm comparing prices between companies... yours is a bit on the high side.... 

Within minutes, my phone rang. 

Gwenn : Hey Tom.... it's different la... cannot just compare by price.... must see the quality of things you are getting.... not to forget the personalised services and all.... 

I smiled and since it was a Friday evening, i got a little cheeky. 

Tom : Wah... you say until like that.... wait people misunderstand.... what kind of personalised services are you talking about ?? 

Gwenn laughed and said she did not mean that but she can guarantee we are in good hands if we chose her company. 

I told her i would have a drink and think about it. 

She texted me a couple more times that Friday evening but i did not reply her. 

Finally at 10pm she asked where was i drinking. 

Tom sms : I'm just about to head back from town, but i'm meeting friends for 2nd round at coffee shop... want to join me is it ? 

Gwenn sms : It's ok la.... i don't know your friends.... another time.... 

I decided to try my luck and told her i can give my friends a miss if she wants to drink with me. 

Gwenn sms : Ok... 

A short phone call was made and soon i was on my way to pick her up from her place in Bedok. 

At 10.45pm , i saw Gwenn come down from her flat dressed in a grey sleeveless dress. It was casual enough but still decent looking. 

The hem of her dress ended a few inches above her knees and she was wearing slippers. 

As soon as she got into the car, she started talking about the cord blood thing again. 

I smiled and drove on. 

Tom : Aiyoh.... but... your company really quite expensive leh.... your commission much be very high.... 

Gwenn : No la.... i'm earning peanuts... 

We chatted casually and she was asking if my wife would be angry since i was out so late. 

Tom : I always work late.... it's normal for me to not go home sometimes.... how about you ??? Wait your husband angry..... come out so late with another man.... 

Gwenn laughed and said she was divorced. 

I pulled over at a traffic light and Gwenn crossed her legs, causing her dress to ride up higher. Seeing her smooth creamy legs exposed at that level gave me an erection. 

She saw me looking and she uncrossed her leg and pulled her dress a little, looking out the window. 

I pulled into the dark dimly lit lane of Targore lane near my office. 

Gwenn : Wait.... where are we going ?? ... i thought you said we were going to drink ??? 

I smiled and said i have drinks in my office.... we can talk there and no one will disturb us... 

Gwenn looked a little uncomfortable as i pulled into the old industrial building. 

She was hugging onto her shoulders as we took the goods elevator up to my office. 

I entered the password and unlocked the door, switching on the lights to the warehouse / office i owned. 

I led Gwenn to the pantry and brought some beer out from the fridge. She did not look very comfortable, especially with all the heavy machineries and parts around on the shelves. 

After a beer and some light chatting, i put my hand on her thigh and she brushed my hand away. 

Gwenn : What are you doing ? ! 

She looked a little shock but i tried again and she brushed me away, a little more angry the 2nd time. 

Gwenn : Stop.... i want to go....send me back now.... 

I smiled and drained my beer. 

Without warning, i slapped her so hard that she fell to her feet. 

Dragging her by her arms, i pulled her over to 1 of my metal storage racks. Gwenn was crying but before she could grasp what was happening, i took 2 cable ties and tied her hands separately to the racks. 

Shock and panic filled her face as i started taking off my belt. 

Gwenn : No... NO!!... what are you doing!!.. HELP!!...HELP!!! 

Her cries echoed in the hollow place, there was no way anyone would hear her. I owned the 2 adjacent units as well and all the windows and doors were sealed shut. 

 A side door opened and 2 men came out, my workers, Samy and Pritosh. 

Samy : Boss ... all ok ? 

I smiled at them as they looked on hungrily at Gwenn. 

Tom : All ok..... all ok.... 


ebook will be available soon.... 

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