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Retiring this old blog

This site will still remain, so will all the content that has been published. Now that most of the traffic has been directed over to , i shall concentrate on updating the main site.This site will not be left untouched. I decided to use this site to document my journey to write full time for a living. No idea how long it would take especially in this climate but i'm still going to try. 
Full length stories, free to read and paid works will be published and updated at from now on. 
This site will now be used to publish some of my thoughts. The challenges i faced and of course, the rants and ramblings of the average guy in the street with a dream. 
Stay safe all 

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Welcome page

My Site at will be updated faster than this site. 
Please head over for latest updates.
I will continue to keep as a backup
This is a welcome landing page.

Most of these are free to read, some have optional chapters that do not affect the main story line if you choose not to get them.

I've also included a short summary of each piece so you know what you are diving into.

NOTE : Most of the stories are erotic,sexual & some are violent in nature, they are set in local Singapore context. Please do not read them if you are uncomfortable with graphic sex scenes, forced non-consensual sex and sensitive sexual topics.

There are no suitable stories here for you if you cannot differentiate reality from erotic fantasy. Do head over to FAQ if you are still confused.

If this is the first time on this blog looking for a good erotic action story set in Singapore,
check out…


No explanation. No summary.Just little moments that forms part of a bigger picture in time to come.Please do not read this until you have completed the following free to read works ; The beast withinBig trouble in little indiaThe house in bukit timah

                                                         Jeff ( Hibiki )Swissotel StamfordIt’s a view like no other.One that only a select few would be able to enjoy unless you take part in a vertical marathon in one of the tallest building in the country.The wind at that height is roaring by my left ear as I stood on the roof of Swissotel Stamford.There is this unspoken calm before the storm.Storm clouds gathered and I could see lightning in the horizon out at sea.I could smell the rain even before it started.On my right ear, the chatter over the radio waves started to pick up in intensity.It’s going to happen soon.My hand reached for the sidearm on the side of my thigh before instinctively reaching behind my back to feel the reassuring t…

Crossdresser - The first step out

This is a work of fiction. Please do not break the law or attempt any of the stunts in this story.After cross dressing in secret for a long time. It's finally time to step out of the shadows.There are no sex scenes in this piece, but because certain body parts were mentioned, it's still classified under erotica. It all started with some clothing donation.You know, those bags of old clothes that you leave outside your door for the different organisation to pick up for recycling or donation.I remembered I just came back from school and I walked past my neighbour’s place.Mr and Mrs Tan.They were a young couple who just moved in next door and they just had a baby.With the new addition in the family, Mrs Tan, then, a sweet looking 29 year old, had to get rid of some of her old clothes. 2 bags full of them outside her flat for the recycling company to pick up.Perhaps it was because of the thunderstorm, the man never came.The clothes remained outside her door.I reminded them that the…


This is a work of fiction During a guys trip to thailand, James realised his friends like his wife on a level that made him uncomfortable.Especially when they fought to hire a sex worker that bears an uncanny resemblance to his wifeAn all guys trip to Bangkok disguised as a work trip.I'm sure you could pretty much tell what we are up to.Ray, Ben and i do this once a year.We're all married and without kids. The 3 of us would use the pretext of going on a work trip to get away from the wives and enjoy ourselves for a few days.There's no need for coordinated flight schedule and meeting at the airport. We're all adults.There's not need to wait here and there for each other at the airport, we would meet straight in Thailand instead.From there, we would link up, go eat, have massages and of course, go have fun in one of those mega houses. One where you get to pick the girl you want from a large stage like fish tank.It was like any other trip, we have a smoke outside the …